Stupid Fucking Lyman 101

Fucker broke up with me in bed. In a hotel. On a vacation. Lying there naked in bed he lets go a litany of reasons why "it's not working for [him]". My dogs are too hyper; I spend too much time volunteering in the evenings; I'm poor. Fucker always hated that I don't make a lot of money even though he inherited so much that he doesn't even have to work at all and drives a middle age crisis Porsche.

THEN, after driving back to our hometown quietly, with me crying, he calls 36 hours later to say, "Hey! What's up?" What's up? Are you fucking kidding me? I'm trying to adjust to being newly single, that's what's up you stupid fuckwad. He actually had the nerve to say that he didn't break up with me, was I crazy? HUH!? I let go all over that prick.

And of course he couldn't handle any of it and got really, intensely, scarily hostile to me telling me that I "will not yell" at him. It's like that movie Gaslight - he tries to make me feel crazy by repeating that I'm the one who's nuts.

After all the back and forth yelling I force him to prove his worthiness in having me back. He is dead silent. Of course! Because he doesn't want ME, he just wants a warm body! But he asks if I'll meet him for brunch so he can make amends and I do. I meet him at HIS favorite restaurant. There is the saddest bouquet of grocery store flowers at my place. I try to understand that it's an effort. I make him do the talking. He doesn't really say ANYTHING, though. But knowing this won't work ultimately, I agree to "take him back".

After 10 days of no communication or contact, he wants to go to lunch. Like everything's fucking normal. It was very calm so I made my move. I told him that I just couldn't get the feelings back after he initially broke up with me. He said ok. We agreed it was a bummer and too bad, well we tried. Gag. But after that, things were fine.

For a week. Then he asks me to lunch. Again at HIS favorite place (a long drive from the office) and I say no, having a very funny feeling about this invite. I say it has to be within walking distance, I'm not taking a two hour lunch.

He wanted to know why I ended it. I told him that I'd told him that day. He wasn't convinced; he wanted "the truth". He was so fucking hostile all over again and I couldn't have been more tense. Everything about my words and body language said don't go there. But he kept persisting. He couldn't handle it. He had no control and it made him so goddamn mad. Too fucking bad. I gave it right back to him, and he got so frustrated on the walk back to the office that he stormed off.

To this day we still say NOTHING to each other, big fucking baby. He got offered a job away from me that pays more and offers continued benefits since it's the same employer. Big loser didn't even take it. After wasting the agency's time with interviewing and pretending to want the position. Such a fucking loser. He'll never have the marriage or the children he wants. HA! Fuck you Lyman!! You're a fucking loser!

And he doesn't even know how to kiss!! The first time he kissed me, the tongue was rock hard and met my mouth ten minutes before I felt his lips. GROSS!! Who the hell taught him to kiss like that? Jeez! And staying over at my house ALL FUCKING WEEKEND? Even goddam Sunday night? Even after I suggested that it'd be better to sleep at our separate homes that night before work the next day. His self-centered reply? "Oh, that's ok." WHAT? NO IT'S NOT!!! As if I'm just suggesting something? GOOD RIDDANCE, FUCKWAD!!!

my former fiancÚ 102

Dear Mr "I have to be liked by everyone"
"I have anxiety that is off the charts"
" Can't sleep at night so I pop Xanax, like breath mints"
"If I get a divorce I will have to give up half my MONEY to that lazy ass unemployed cow"
Now that we have established who you are.....
Let me tell you what you are, Mr. Duplicity.
A liar without cause or conscience. Your wife is welcome to you ....because you are both cut from the same pattern (It's called perpetual victim...)
As for you Mrs. C....
(I know I should be kind to the elderly, weak, sick bitch, but..)
You are a first class manipulator, bravo. You know all the right buttons to push.
Here's a tip: Your husband is not a walking ATM.
The new walking cane is a masterful addition to your act....
Maybe, your psyhic predicted you would need the cane because you are a sexless, if needing soccer crone with a bowl haircut and a BIG ass.

Congratulations, you win...nothing

My libertarian ex-boyfriend 103

Back when I dated him, he had long, hair, and he was learning French so that we could move to Canada and escape the Bush administration together.

NOW, you have a buzzcut, and you carry around a gun. You've labeled yourself as a libertarian, and now you believe EVERYTHING that libertarians go by. You want to vote for Ron Paul, because you think that the Department of Education is anti-Constitution and you want it removed. You hate universal health care because the government shouldn't be involved in the health of even people who need the help.

The ONLY people who would benefit from libertarianism are: 1. People who are already rich and want to get richer by exploiting others, and 2. People who live in the woods who want everyone to stay off their land. And #2 doesn't even count, because a libertarian society would allow corporations to crap up the environment enough that your compound won't be sustainable.

Seriously, get a clue. Be a Republican if you want to be an ass. At least they would fund public roads and the post office and Amtrak. Stop being a Paultard and come back to reality, and start putting return addresses on your mail again. The government isn't really out to get you, idiot!

*Note from Anger Central
While we agree with you about Ron Paul, (He is a nut and doesn't understand the Constitution he claims he supports), you are at the opposite end of the spectrum. This isn't the political section, so we won't go into details here. Now, as to the ex-boyfriend, how much to the IRS ding him for? Or was it some other agency that bashed him? People change as life experience hits them in the back of the head with a 2x4. Hopefully you'll survive when it happens to you. Have a nice day! :)

a girl 104

why are some people so fucking good at stabbing you in the back? I mean one minute you are fine then the next they go ahead and fuck your bestfriend. what the FUCK! why is does it hurt so much to realize someone didnt really love you. why cant people be fucking honest god damnit fuck having relationships all together. the truth is so easy to tell but people insist on lying to eachother to protect them from the truth? it doesnt make fucking sense. im sorry but you cant expect someone to forgive for that shit, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH god this is so fuckin pissing me off what a bitch are all girls like that? i really hope not.fuck this im gonna go drink

ex-love 105

she cheated on me, dumped me for a friend, continued to see and sleep with me. Now won't even talk to me, see me or reply to a msg. its important stuff that i need her to sign i dont even care if she wants to avoid me but the lying is so annoying. How could i hate someone i used to love so much. And how could she not even care

Donald A 106

Well, to be brief and to the point, I'm rather fed up with ex-bf's who feel the need to hang onto material possessions LONG after the relationship has ended, as a pathetic form of "payback". After nearly a year, isn't it time to get on with your life? In spite of all attempts during said year, to retrieve such items, it's next to impossible, when you still cannot attain it, WTF? Pathetic. Simply pathetic. Go find your strippers and hookers, and allow me to have back what I owned long before I wasted 4 years with you! Perhaps if you so chose to, you could save enough money to purchase what you're trying to steal from me, if you only laid off the strip clubs and the junkie-hookers! Do I want you? NO! I only want closure. Big difference.

Desperate Ex Wives 107

I'm not saying all first wives are desperate my husband's Ex sure as hell is. Maybe it's because they have kid's are because she's an addict with control issues or maybe...just maybe it's because her mother fucked her up by marrying 16 TIMES!! I don't know and I don't care what her reasoning is for being so hung up after two years. She uses the kid's to play her games and is mind fucking THEM in her sick efforts to keep her claw's in their father. This woman is a total waste of space who should of never been blessed with her children. There is no concern AT ALL for them, it's just all about her and my husband. She introduces herself as, I shit you not, "The bearer of _________'s children." How desperate does that sound to a complete stranger. She doesn't even take care of the kid's she "bore" the stupid bitch! They live with us! Move on are not part of our family.

Ex Wives 108

What is the problem with these fucked in head bitches? What part of "I'M NOT MARRIED TO YOUR BITCH ASS ANY MORE" don't they understand. Why is it they think that they can call us any time they want just to bitch about how we fucked them over. You need to move the fuck on, CUNT! What about the way they fucked us over, ripping kids away from our arms, having the fucking shisters, that they are fucking, take half our shit, what about that you fucking whores! Go eat shit and fucking die.... cunts!

Ex-Girlfriend 109

My girlfriend of over 3 years was cheating on me with some tool for months before I found out. I devoted my life to her, was head over heels in love, and even considered marrying her. What a mistake that would have been. She is a stripper and having a hot sexy piece of ass like her blinded me to all the bullshit I had to put up with. My friend told me to make a list of all the bullshit I don't have to deal with anymore now that I'm not with her. So let's begin:

Oh. My. God. Why the fuck did I spend over 3 years of my life with this girl??? That's what a cute face, big boobs, and a tight ass will do to a man LOL!!! I actually feel a little sorry for the sucker she's with now, the poor guy. He has no idea what he's in for. I even tried to warn him lol! Serves him right for stealing another man's girl. HAHAHAHAHHAHHHHAAA they are made for each other!

stupid ex boyfriend. 110

My boyfriend promised me that he'd never have sex, nor do drugs. i hadn't talked to him, or really seen him for 6th months. turned out he's had sex, is a addicted to drugs, and is a stupid slow asshole.:/

That really pisses me off!!


WOW.. WHAT A TOTAL SLUT. I'M SO ANGRY AT CHARITY!! We were together for over 4 yrs. Now i found out she was messing with this girl Ashley for over a month. AND a stripper named ANGEL. WOW.. UH.. NASTY MUCH? I REALLY wish i had some tequila and a bat. I want to Carrie Underwood her truck!!!

I found out yesterday. I threw a 'WHORE GARAGE SALE' in my front yard w/ her clothes. Too bad it didn't rain before her bff got there to pick them up. I was going to set them on fire, but then it would mess up my yard and probably get me arrested.


Worst of all, the girl she's messing w/ HAS a girlfriend AND is built like a 13 year old boy! GROSS!

I HATE YOU and hope the stripper gave you CRABS!!!

YOU LOST EVERYTHING because you're an selfish slutty alcoholic

Ex-GirlFriend/Fiance 112

When I was 17 I met a girl in my highschool seminary. We started dating and we became a couple. We dated for two years until we were 19. I then decided to leave on a religious mission for two years in a foreign country. She encouraged and approved of this and promissed to wait for me. She requested that I buy her a ring and I did. She cried and proclaimed her "true love" for me and I did the same.(only I was telling the truth and the worst part is so was she) Well I went and she wrote me for about a month. She wrote me a couple letters about how she loved me and was having a really hard time without me; crying all day etc. Oh and to tell me some guy she didn't like liked her. It was some guy from highschool that I never met but she did mention him one time that he was always trying to ask her out and she just didn't like him. This was a few years before I met her(oh did I mention that she said he was a millionaire) Well she said this guy likes me but I dont like him. He's really annoying and short and repulsive and besides she loves me and Im way better than him. Well, so she wrote me for a month than I didn't get a letter for a couple weeks. I didnt think anything because it took a really long time to recieve letters on the other side of the world. Then, yippy, I then recieved a letter from her. Opened it. She writes," I getting married in 3 weeks to this guy. Ive always loved him." I recieved another letter at my request for more explanation. She clamed that she never said she would wait for me. That she was waiting for this guy while he was on his religious mission. I requested my ring back she agreed. My mother went over to her house to get it and she refused to talk with my mother. Then 2 days before the wedding she writes me and says she is having doubts about marrying him Then a couple days later I was able to phone her. This was after the date of the wedding, but I didnt know if she went through with it or not. Well her mom picked up when I called and shrieked oh heveans she went through with it sob sob sob. And then she cried for about 5 min then she handed the phone to her. She didn't say anything at first than she cried for a minute and said with a gulp, You have to realize that me BLANK are meant to be together. I said ok and hung up. Well than a couple weeks later I recieved a letter from her parents that she had made a mistake. They were confused because she was acting very strangly and she kept saying that she was repulsed by this guy. Well I spent the remainder of my 2 year mission crying all day(seriously 20-24hrs a day) I had no reason to come home and even feared it so I stayed. Well I eventually came home and it got worse; I cried even harder. I failed all of my college classes and could not keep a job. The only job I could keep was working graveyards, I cried the whole time and didnt do my job but nobody noticed so it worked out thank God or I would have ended up on the street. Well I toughed it out for 1 year then I decided to go and get help from a therapist. She truely was an angel sent from God to help me. She talked with me for a few months and I began to feel better. I still felt like this happened just the day before and was utterly hurt and CONFUSED. Well one day I was walking through the mall and I saw her with her husband. I had spent the past few years thinking about what I would do if this happened. Well, I walked up to her and said hello. She saw me then pretended she didn't see me and she kept walking. I just walked away. Well that hurt alot and I worked up enough courage to call her the next day. I was sick of this and was so confused and hurt that I was this close to dying. I didnt feel like I wanted to kill myself but I wanted to die so it would just stop and I might have killed myself. Well I called her and she hung up on me. I called again and she hung up on me. I called again and her mother answered.(I wasnt expecting her to be hanging around at her parents house but she was; yeah real grown up and mature;not) Her mother, this sweet woman listened to me. She talked with me for a long time because she is a sweet wonderful person and because she was just as confused and hurt as I was. Well I convinced my ex to talk to me a few days later. She was very defensive, rude, uneasy, secretive, and caught in her webb of lies. Talking to her made me feel heeps better and reduced the confusion because what I had suspected had happened really happened. While I was in therapy I requested that she analize what happened and specifically what she was thinking and why she did those things. My therapist refused at first but I was able to convince her to do it. What she said really helped me and it was exactly what I initially thought was happening and also what I believed had happened after 4 years of thinking about it. That she was sad and vulnerable causing her to be mentally weak and he was manipulative. She had to make up all those false stories so she could justify her actions and than her delusion she created so she wouldnt have to face reality. She sunk far enough into the delusion that she bagan to truely believe it and it became her pseudoreality. It's just sad. I feel bad for her. This way of life tears her soul apart from the inside all day long, but at the same time its to hard to break out of it. I wish I could help her but I cant. And that I believe today that doesnt have to make me sad too. I can be happy without her. In fact I feel I can be happy alone but also with a spouse someday too. People get sad when someone they like does'nt like them back. Try loving someone that loves you back but gets tricked into marriage while your on the other side of the world and has to live the rest of her life(and eternity according to my religious belief) with someone they dont really love; just a sad delusion. God that hurts. God is up there scratching his head on this one wondering what he is going to do. I dont think this is what he was going for. I firmly believe that God will rectify this in the end(by the way I was mad at God for a long while but now Im not) Well Ive run into her 3 times now and she is a bitch about it. I also have run into her father, brother and best friend. They all are still really confused about it and are just plain pissed off underneath.( They show there true emotions with me then they have to act like everything is peachy in front of her) Shes a coward, weak minded and dishonest. She is very stuck up too. I now know of many characteristis I do not want in a spouse. So thats good. Well here 5 years later Im still mad, but to tell the truth Im still love her. Im not in love with her, but I do love her. It still hurts and I think about this often. Ive done all kinds of therapy to help this but I fell in love with this woman and I think I will love her for the rest of my life. People say oh you dont want her shes this and that. But if being a not perfect person makes her unlovable well nobody deserves love. I knew she had bad qualities and I was going to love her anyways. Ive dated alot since. Well, tried to date. Most of the time I get stood up. And when they actually show up they cant stand to be around me and cant wait to go home. And to make it even worse I had a girl at the university who was doing the same major as I am( I had to switch cause they kicked me out for failing all my classes, but Im 10 times happier with this major now!!yippy!) We had classes together for a year and I liked her as a collegue at first than we became friends. One day I realized that I liked her and then I realized amazingly that I had fallen in love with her. It felt real good. I asked her out and we had a great time. I asked her out again but she was busy then she went through her period and she couldnt manage to talk to me or just plain do anything so I just waited(sure she has bad periods but so does everygirl else and I like her anyways, anyway) Well I was unable to date her for awhile and I havent seen her over the summer break. Im kinda mad cause she liked me back then this break happend and she kinda acted like she didnt like me but she was just being shy but I was unable to persue her that week because I was kinda sad that week about all this ive been writing about, which is freaking gay. Well I havent seen her over the summer break. I find myself thinking about her often. I just plain like her. Honestly Ive fallen in love with her, not in bad way but a good way this time. But, Ill just have to wait and see how things go next semester. I think she feels the same way and things will unfold pleasantly. But if that dont which they might not it will suck, but Im ok by myself so it will be alright. This could turn out to be the thing that will end my 5 year depression and turn into a really happy time. But if not Ill be alright and keep goin. Well Im a completely different person. I like differnt things, have different aspriations, and am much more mature and happy. I know my ex cant be truely happy in her current situation, she just cant, but I firmly believe that God will rectify this in a beatifully justful way. Ad Deum amici mei.

death 113

So your dead and am I'm left without the most important thing in the world to me. You came, and now your gone. God took you from me, which makes me angry, but i believe everything happens for a reason. So whats the reason for this? Am i supposed to become a stronger person because of it? BECAUSE I HAVENT. I can't even leave the house without becoming instantly insecure. People judge people, people lie to people. Why can't they see that we're all just the same. WERE ALL PEOPLE, SHARING SPACE, SHARING LIFE, EXISTENCE, AND ......... LOVE? LOVE? BECAUSE I DONT FUCKING FEEL IT!!!!

Jariv 114

Why, why, why did i let it come to this? I knew you were going to lose interest in me again, it was only a matter of time. You always do this!! Why can't you just love me like i love you? Am i so horrible? What's wrong with me that you just can't LOVE me? We were together for so long, and just like that it was enough for you. You know, if that was all.. maybe i could have had peace with it, but no. You keep on stringing me along so that when you feel fcked up i am always there to make you feel better. You use me and then leave me all alone to pick up the pieces.

Now, we're at j-and-t chapter 1956801 and you've done it again. A few weeks back, you said you loved me, you wanted to see me, have sex with me, live with me. Now, you don't even call and i get to watch your screen name change in one flirtatious phrase (meant for one of your sluts) after the other. You can't do this to me!! You are just such an incredible ASSHOLE! I really wish that you will become miserable, that you drop out of college, that you never find a good job and most of all that you never find any happiness with anyone. You are heartless and evil and i wish i never met you...

ex-lover 115

You little fake ass scumbag, you who think you are so "nice", yeah, right. No way, you came across so charming, so personable but in reality all you were was a dumb ass little boy in a man's body. You never grew up. Oh, but what I really hated was your constant chatter about your dead wife. Geez, I got so sick and tired of hearing how wonderful she was, I was essentially competing with a fickin' ghost! I got so sick of hearing about her and her cancer that now I hate it when I see "pink" and blau blau blau on women's breast cancer.

You totally blew it buster, you and your whiney ass hormonal outrages, you a man who acted like a PMSin'g female of the worst degree! Gee whiz, what a piece of work you were and still are.

You and how you blew up at me when we were getting ready to go on our little trip. How you pouted, ranted and treated me like crap and I'd done nothing absolutely nothing wrong. Only later did I learn that you have "issues when you leave on a trip and have to leave your home"...give me a fucking break!

But the stupid, childish and most cruel act towards me was when I fell and shattered my knee. I had surgery, you were supposed to take care of me, but the next day and I was completely unable to take care of myself. You and your friend went off to pursue your selfish ass hobby, you left me alone when I so needed help! How dare you think you are somehow a decent person, you are not, you're only a selfish, self-absorbed shitty person and I hate you! and thank goodness you are out of my life for good! admittedly I am angry at myself for allowing you to do all that you did to me...ARGH!!!

boyfriends ex girlfriend 116

She won't leave us alone. I've been with him for over a year now. We have a lease together. She has to live her own life. I want her to stop obsessing over me. I' better. She was left for a reason. I hate it that she will not move on. She will not let anyone live any life unless she's part of it.

*Note from Anger Central
There is a term for people like this. The term is "Stalker." Tell her to stop and that if she won't you will get a restraining order.

selfish ex boyfriends and other friends 117

(i'll just call him M ..) anyway... I was in love with M ever since I first met him, and after all that time I picked up the courage to ask him out. He said yes and we started going out, I felt like the happiest person in the world, and I loved everything about him. But my fainting started getting worse a few weeks ago (i have problems with fainting, im going to get it sorted out at hospital soon.)my fainting has been really bad for the past 3 weeks, and every time I fainted, he wouldn't help. The last time I fainted he just stood there watching... other times he would walk away. but his friends got angry with him for not helping, and he started ignoring me. And just 2 weeks ago he dumped me, he told me it was because of exams, but I asked his friend and he told me it was actually because of my fainting. now he doesnt speak to me.. he just ignores me. all because of my fainting.. and now people are slagging me off behing my back saying that i fake fainting for attention, and that i dont eat food, and that i lie to my parents... which is all bullshit! M and his friend also said my fainting was annoying because it happens all the time... what a pair of selfish cunts. dont they think i'm annoyed too with my fainting?? I want it to stop because its pissing me off... But how can they stand there complaining about it? i'd like to see how they wound feel if they fainted twice each day, got dumped, then slagged off behind their backs!! I cant wait to leave this shit hole of a school, and all the fuckers inside it! I loved M more that anything and he threw it all right back in my face just because of fainting.. something that i cant help! and to make it worse he lied about the reason to break up! what kind of self-centred, stuck up bastard stands there and does nothing when their girlfriend faints? if he was the one fainting i'd be doing everything i could to help, and phoning him up asking how he was. And as for all the bullshit and lies.. it just goes to show what good friends they really are. what a bunch of arseholes... but the thing that hurts most is that deep down, despite all my hatrid and nger, i still love M... and i dont know why, how pathetic... I still gave him his xmas present last week. i hope when he opens it that guilt and regret stab him like a million little sharp needles all at once, and painfully. I just want an apology and to get my fainting sorted out... fucking selfish stuck-up-his-own-arse uncaring prick.

Psycho Ex Wife 118

My psycho ex-wife blessed with Borderline Personality disorder. Ruins my life and the lives of other adults. Now she is focusing her psychosis on my son. Her plan; get me fired, after waiting 2 years have me lose my girlfriend, and I get to move again. Oh yea; $57,000 of debt. She is a man eater, but she is hot!

Selfish ex-boyfriend 119

What was I thinking staying with you for three years? All you have going for you is good looks and a big c***.

And as if that weren't enough, I'm pretty sure you cheated on me.

I'm so glad I left. I'd rather be a nun than spend the rest of my life with a bastard like you. I feel sorry for your next girlfriend.

So what if i spilt the milk! 120

I am very angry because I have been recently dumped by my girlfriend due to spilling the milk! What is wrong with this world???

Fucking fat ass hole! 121

I really pissed off of my exboy friend who really don't want to get rid of fat . i do like some sport and when he asked me for a sex so I really can't make me sick of it . how Can i make love with a fucking pig so I stop did that for many year and now I have perfect husband who have nice body and firm like me ............ fat body never ever turn everyone on ...fuck off fat ass hole and get to exercise sicker.

Damned ex boyfriend 122

I'm not really, anymore. He's gone, but I would like an opportunity to vent all about it. My ex'partner' of four and a half years lives a few minutes away but could never see me during the week, which was an issue, when I gave a damn. Slowly I stopped loving him and there are several choice instances that still make me mad whenever I think of them. The time we went to an opera matinee, me all dressed up in my finery, including high heels. He suggested afterwards we take in an exhibition several blocks away and knowing the corn on my toe would give me hell, I said it was fine if he went but I wasn't up to it. He threw a hissy fit - complaining we never did what he wanted and it was so bad I ended up buying flip flops to go along just to shut him up. He didn't offer to pay for the flip flops. Another time, he played around with a photo of me at the beach, photoshopping me into a Barbie shape then emailing it to me. He thought it was funny. On Valentine's day, he came and threw a bunch of flowers in at me (it was a school night) then left. He let me cook every weekend, without so much as boiling himself an egg, but as a treat last time I saw him offered to take us out. Then made me pay half. (because I earn much more than he does) If I couldn't sleep in my bed, he'd let me (every weekend for four years) go to the back room to sleep without once offering to take turns. He gawked at other women whenever we went out until I got my figure back and various other embellishments but he didn't bother to clip his nose hair. He hasn't had a haircut for over a year, doesn't care what I think of they way he looks (uggh). He throws hissy fits. The last one occured because I handed him his meal the day after he 'took us out for dinner' and walking away said that 'next week I'm not waiting on anyone". He walked out very upset, telling me to eat my food, my resentment was terrible, etc. and I let him. Usually I'd suck up. Bet he's wondering when I'll approach him. Never. Never. Never. I'm freeeeee!

Cheated 123

Fuck that bastard cheating scumbag! I met him on the net and thought he was a nice guy! But noooo!

He was just an ugly guy with a lowly education and even his "illustrious" family background turn up to be a fraud! And he still wants me to go meet him in that backwater place of his? Go screw yourself, I wish you get trampled and gang raped by cockroaches.

Ex-Girlfriends 124

Well, everyone knows how it goes with exs right? Don't you just hate it when they give you excuses why they broke up with you and skip the true part? Well i guess my relationship was a lie for almost a year and a half. We always told eachother how we would'nt ever break up because of friends since like, the first month. Well on out year and a half anniversary thing (she insisted we celebrate every fuckin month)she goes up and tells me she has to break up with me because she dosen't want to loose her friends over me (her friends hated me because I "Took her away frim them" when she hung out with them every fuckin weekend and went out in gang wars apparently in Phoenix BULLSHIT!). She picked a perfect time to do it too, I almostgot in a fight with a huge guy cuz he was always stalkin her (Im a freshman, and hes a junior... in JROTC... so he does military training and all that when im a bag of bones and some brain matter that can jump like a fuckin acrobat, so yeah i was pissed as hell over that already). We break up, a week goes by and I learn the bitch gets plastered and makes out with one of my best friends who was BAKED. FUCKED... UP... another week goes by, she goes out with my OTHER best frind WHO IS A SENIOR BY THE WAY! What a whore right?? I know. Now she calls me a manwhore for hugging a girl who is practically my sister and I've know her since before Jesus was born. Thank god Im not emo


My Ex-Girlfriend 125

God dude, what the fuck is up with exs?! They NEVER fucking leave you alone!!! Everytime I give one of my friends a hug and she just happens to pass by and see it I get shit for it. Come the fuck on!! She made out with one of my BEST FUCKING FRIENDS AND WENT OUT WITH THE OTHER!!!!!!!! I get shit for hugging someone she knows man... seriously WHAT THE FUCK! All I want from her right now, yes even more than for her to shut up is for her to give me back my t-shirt. Its a Linkin Park Concert tee and its FUCKIN AWESOME... but she has it... Well A. if you see this, FUCK YOU!

Ex Boyfriend 126

I'm angry at the waste that I dated for 2 yrs. I am angry that I wasted 2 yrs of my young life trying to conform to someone's insecurities and be that women he wanted me to be ( his mother or something like her). I'm angry at the fact that I let him control my life, right down to my friends. I'm angry because he still can't get over the fact that I dumped him and don't want to talk to him. I am angry because he got my family involved in his bullshit, I am angry because he's short, deceiving, manipulative, ugly asshole that thinks he can control me and still get pussy on the side. I am angry that he used the internet as a tool to be manipulate me and continues to do so. I am angry because he's 31 yrs old and cries like a little girl. The only thing I would say that I'm not angry at, is the sex. Which is what got us to this point. I am angry because even though I don't go ANYWHERE he still thinks I'm out creeping with some other guy. I'm angry because he doesn't think I'm entitled to live my own life, go to school, go to work. I'm angry because he tried to marry me into his controlling life. I'm fucking angry and I fucking hate him, because he still tries to talk to me even though he's talking to other girls. I'm angry at the fact that I trusted him, even though I shouldn't have and he looked through my phone, stole numbers and stole the keys to my car right out of my purse. I'm angry!!!! And fuck him, and I think he's bi sexual too!


Selfish. Liar. Cheat. Irresponsible. User.
Manipulator. Alcoholic. Chain Smoker. Cheapass.

Yep, I was engaged to this loser THREE times within 4 yrs. Caught him online with a DATING PROFILE in addition to texting/calling women BEHIND MY BACK. Including XMAS DAY. I spent a crapload of money on this guy ( never took ME to a movie - no dinner out in 4 yrs except the FIRST one to "WIN ME OVER" - I paid for his grandsons' birthday/Xmas presents since he was "BROKE" but he always had money for HIMSELF. Racing gear - car parts - THE FINAL STRAW? Found out he'd bought ROSES - SEX TOYS - MONEY FOR VIAGRA? - DINNERS - SHOWS - and COCKTAILS for women he hardly knew. I never got a birthday present. Asked for a Xmas card? JUST A XMAX CARD from him? NEVER GOT ONE. I got NOTHING after I decorated the whole house. Cooked for him ALL the time - spent thousands of dollars and bought HIS groceries. What did I get? The SHAFT. Said he LOVVVVVVVED ME?? OK. Also addicted to porn. Kicked his ass to the curb after wasting 4 years of my life BELIEVING HIS LIES --- He was married twice and the last woman he was with?? HE WAS CHEATING ON HER WITH ME while she laid dying in a nursing home.. Did I know about her? Only when I found sex toys and feather boas in a dresser in HIS ROOM. Guys can be such dogs.

LADIES - DO NOT IGNORE THE RED FLAGS. DO NOT BELIEVE THE BS. WATCH THEIR ACTIONS!! I am so done. Never again. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. Oh, and he promised to pay me back for things I bought? When donkeys fly out my butt... and yes, the moon is made of cheesecake. Can anybody say JERKWAD?

Hope he dies alone.

ex loves 128

AAAARGH I am so angry at my bastard ex boyfriend! I thought he was so different to all the others, but it turned out he was just the same! THEY ALL THINK WITH THEIR DICKS. It's disgusting, sleeping with tons of different girls, he's like a male whore! I have been left so heartbroken while he boats he ''could have any girl he wants!'' I hope he catches something nasty and his penis rotts and falls off! thanks for letting me rant!

husband's ex-wife 129

This white trash piece of shit, parasitic whore uses her handicapped 19 year old son (who is not my husband's biological child) to extort money from my husband constantly. My husband is a fucking dumb ass spineless wuss for even adopting the fucking kid in the first place. He adopted him the same day he separated from the cunt because "it was already in the works." I hate that fucking lazy bitch and her retard son. I hope they both run off a fucking cliff - and SOON.

stupid ass ex boyfriend 130

So that fucker dumped me a week ago, after making all of these goddamn promises of how he would "never hurt me and always be there for me" BULLFUCKINGSHIT! I knew I could never fucking trust him. The reason why he dumped me? Apparently because he didn't even want a girlfriend, and missed that we were 'bffs' Even though he hasn't made ANY effort to talk to me after the break up, NONE. I know it's because of someone else, it's fucking bullshit. He always bitched about everything. He's just a fat fucking asshole with nothing better to do now a days then fucking wank, lie, and bitch! That asshole has no idea how the real world is anyways.

Ex-wife 131

I'm so angry at my ex-wife. She just decided that our marriage wasn't worth saving. We both had our issues, but at least I was willing to deal with mine. And then when she decides we can try to work it out, she just decides all at once, after a few months, that she doesn't want to anymore. Relationships are work, and apparently you were too lazy to try to work on it. You only care about yourself. You want to act like a teenager again, instead of an adult. Fine, enjoy your life. You're going to be one lonely person.

ex boyfriend/babydaddy 132

  1. Met a postman.

  2. Had some fun. Had a lot in common.

  3. Told me he loved me.

  4. Got me prego. (yes, knocked up by the postman)

  5. He FREAKED out. (I did too)

  6. He didnt talk to me for a couple days...several times..just because.

  7. I tried to stay positive, hoping things would work out.

  8. Had said child... (Pushed out without drugs, NOT in hospital)

  9. Realized he is IMMATURE and SELFISH, doesnt care about anyone but himself. Wants to do what he wants on his own time. (must be nice!)

Now I'm a single mom, struggling, trying to find SOMETHING positive in my life while he pretends nothing is wrong and tries to act buddybuddy with me! JERK!

Must be nice to be a guy and shirk responsibilites and go on with life as if you are the only thing that matters! (I SCREWED UP MY BODY AND LIFE FOR YOU AND THIS IS THE THANKS I GET?!...women/moms are COMPLETELY underappreciated!)

*** I don't know of ANY human being that would just walk away when the person you SUPPOSEDLY love is crying. WHO DOES THAT?? (he did...several times...then acted like nothing was wrong and "I love you". A$$HOLE)***

ex-wife 133

I fucking hate my ex-wife. We were together for 9 years, the last 2 of which I spent taking care of her when she got too fucking drunk. Then she cheats on me. I am such a pushover and I thought that I could help her with her alcoholism and I spent the next 7 months trying to get her help with her depression, anxiety, alcoholism, insomnia . . . Even while she was seeing the same prick she cheated on me with. The guy is like 60 years old and she is 27. Talk about daddy issues. She is a fucking nut case. All this stress affected me more than I'd have ever thought and I've been struggling with anxiety for the last year. I HATE that fucking, cheating, whore, bitch!!

"Holier Than Thou" Ex-Boyfriend 134

We were together for 3 years and I am so tired of this 'holier than thou' shit of yours. I know that I have issues, but so do you. You have hurt me so much and for every time you have hurt me, you can't even bring yourself to apologize. Out of the 3 years we were together, I have only received maybe 3 sincere apologies for the many times you have hurt me. You are not capable of examining yourself and recognizing your own faults. By the way, for your information, the reason why I don't have sex with you is because you can't even hold me when I feel like my world is crashing down. The only time you show affection is when you want sex and if I'm not in the mood, you get an attitude and treat me like shit. I can't even talk to you about my problems because every time I try, you bring up some stupid bullshit argument that we had in the past that doesn't even matter. Then you tell me I can't get over the past, how typical of you. I hate your double standards. You can talk to other women on the phone, you can hug another woman, you can go to the bar by yourself if you want, and you can leave to go on tour for two weeks, but if I want to go to the mall by myself, you get all pissy and think I'm going to cheat on you. I can't even LOOK in another man's direction without you firing off on me. I've caught you looking at other women before and I never cared because it's NORMAL to look. Look, but don't touch. The one thing that really burns my ass is the fact that your friends can't see through your shit. I can still remember the times that we went to shows together and I heard some people that you know talk shit about me when the music cut off and that's how I know you talk shit. You are a good guitar player and I think that's the reason why people look past your bullshit. It really burns my ass that you have always tried to make me look like the bad person in this relationship. You know what, I am a little crazy and I'm perfectly okay with that. I wouldn't change it for anything. I personally don't fucking care what you or some your friends think because you all have one thing in common that I can't stand, HUGE EGOS and "I'm so much better than you" attitudes. I gave up 3 really good friends of mine just to please you because you didn't approve of them. One of them did have a substance abuse problem, but so fucking what. You are a DRUNK. Yes a DRUNK. YOU HAVE NO ROOM TO TALK. You can deny it all you want but that's what you are. I'm going on my 9th day sober, which is something we were supposed to do together, but you are too much of a fucking drunk to follow through with it. Wow, another promise broken, I'm not surprised. You love to blame me for your drinking habit. You tell me that you drink because we don't have sex, well gee. I am so fucking over your shit. You are all talk and no action. So run along, go to the bar, and go fuck whoever you want to because I don't give a shit anymore. I would rather be alone than be with somebody that treats me like you do. Go harp on somebody else. On a final note, I am going to take that trip this summer, WITHOUT YOU and the reason why I vent on the internet is because you don't want to listen to me.

P.S. I don't believe that somebody tried to shoot you when you were walking down the road. I think you were just making that shit up in hope that I would come pick you up and that's why you are still walking. Have a nice life.


He never told me he was living with someone. These are a list of the excuses he used to avoid seeing me on a weekend day.

His son had the flu.
His son flunked the SAT.
He fell down the stairs and had to go to the ER.
He had to rake leaves.
He had to shovel snow.
He was burnt out and went hiking.
His father was dying.
His daughter visited from out of town.
His mother was staying with him, after his father died.
He had to go to Czechoslovakia on a work assignment.
He had to go to Tennessee to visit his best friend.
He had to take his son fishing.

The list is really endless.

I found out one day that he was living with someone through a very simple, free method which was basically a search of the internet and connected a few dots. It cost nothing and took less than 15 minutes.

Finally, I dumped his behind.

Why do I still feel lousy? No man ever lied to me before. I feel like an utter schmuck!

Ex Girlfriend 136

My ex is the biggest fucking psycho bitch I have ever heard of!!

We broke up a few months back because she was messing around with my best friend behind my back... Lately she has been begging me to take her back... "oh I miss you so much" and blah blah blah. Unfortunately for me I still had feelings for the girl.... I grilled her for like 2 weeks about who she's been seeing and whatever to make sure she would never do it again. I start seeing her again and we sleep together a few times.. I decide to make her dinner one night. All is going well and we are having a good time. I notice that she has been on her phone for a while. When she was busy i saw she had a txt from a guy I had never heard of. I read it and she was telling some random how much she wanted to fuck him!! While we were hanging out! And thats not all.. she was also txting my ex-bestfriend about how much she loved him..

Unbelievable. I kicked that stupid fucking bitch outta my house. Called my ex bestfriend up at 2 am. Told him what was up and both of us are never talking to her skanky ass again. I didnt know scum like her even existed.. No soul. Fuck nearly killed me. Im pissed. I probably will never trust a girl again. FML!!!!!

her&him 137

He told me he loved me, he also tells her that he likes her then he flirts with others. Now him and her are going out and she's boasting to me about it. I want to scream and shout at her, but I can't...

Fucking Bitch 138

Aight so heres the deal my girlfriend is going to the stupid Kenny Chesney country concert. I asked her not too talk about other guys etc etc. and guess what the bitch does. "hey guess what kenny just took his shirt off and some boy called me hot and gave me his number." WHAT THE FUCK! so i tell the bitch waht the fuck did i say about talking about other guys? then she sends me a picture of her and THIS OTHER GUY! so i just broke up with that bitch haha

ex-husband 139

He is a fucking dillhole with short man's complex. He is the same height as me and he TALKS DOWN to me. I cannot reason with him because he is so fucking irrational.

Hey dude, either

a) come out of the closet already you fucking homophobe. You will be much happier living your life as a happy gay man, instead of a bitter pretend hetero.

b) fucking MOVE ON. You were an emotionally, economically abusive control freak. I didn't cheat on you like you want so desperately to believe.

c) go to therapy. It will help. It helped me (honestly).

ex boyfriend 140

i talked to my ex boyfriend for a LITTLE while, so he treats me like fucking SHIT for a WEEK straight after i bring him lunch to his god damn job, act like the sweetest gf in the entire world and do everything to get him to forgive me. then i find out all of these asshole comments were just "tests" to see if i'd put up with it all to get him back! HOW can he play games like that? and then he goes and snorts heroin cus he's "depressed" but I'M not ALLOWED to get angry?! and he wants to get married. WOW, so what will happen if we got married and had children and one day we had a fight.. he'd just walk right out of the house to go do some drugs cus that's how he deals with EVERYTHING cus he can't be a MAN and DEAL with his emotions.. "sorry kids, daddy is a drug addict." HOW PERFECTLY PLEASANT! thanks SO very much for giving me a miserable damn week while i do nothing but try to help you and then because you get pissed off you go and snort some more heroin. and God knows he won't fucking call even though i broke up with him for it. he just doesn't give a FUCK about anyone, he will ALWAYS choose the drugs over me. i'm going to go flush my head down the toilet now...

new husband 141

Married 15 months ....and were split cheating no lying ..just control issues. He wants to be the dominant one and me be the lil wifey. Here's the deal...I work longer and harder than all bills...takes care of MY house he moved into..and makes sure im there for him in the bedroom. Im ok with all that....but when a bickerment starts off over ANYTHING..that's when things get outta hand! I don't have a say so no matter what..and when I try to chime in ..I get told to shut up...cussed at then that's when ill stand up for myself and cuss right back..then he escalates into spitting in my just blown away by that! I should have left then and there! Its a marriage I believe in for better or worse. So I has even resorted to him putting his hands on pretty brave..I do not hit back..I just walk away. That was the last time. He now has moved out..been 3 weeks in happy he moved outta my house but I want to make it work...just don't think its gonna happen heart wont let me. Theres NO communication at pretty depressed but I know it'll be for the best for both of us.

Ex-lover 142

Fuck you, real men work. I don't care what the unemployment rate is in Ohio. 90% of the workers have jobs. You could have one, too, if you hadn't fucked up by dropping out of college, and then screwed up every job you had.

And then you decided to tell me that you had fallen in love with someone else, someone who had bought you a car.You visited her and got to see her house, so much nicer than mine, and she sealed the deal by buying you a car. Then you had to play me to keep the eBay account open.

You are such a fucking asshole. If you had been honest, if you had told me in Denver, you sleep with lots of women, and this was going to be a casual fling, I could have accepted that. No, you had to feed me your load of bullshit about, "oh I've loved you for years and wanted you" and "I love you." It must have been me telling you it had been 15 years of celibacy, so you knew I'd fall for that crap.

And that line about Marah and a 3-way, that was the test to see if I'd be OK with that. And I flunked.

Well, ha-ha on you. Had you been honest with me from the start, I might have been able to come around to the idea of sharing you, especially if I had known from the start that you can't keep it in your pants. (My friends are right: you aren't poly, you're a cheater. A poly guy would be honest and introduce all his women rather than sneaking around.) Heck, I might have even been up for a 3-way after all. But with your lying, you guaranteed that if I ever see Juli, I'll want to bitch slap her.

You must have shit bricks when you misinterpreted my hotel reservation as an announcement that I was coming down to visit. Man, now I'm glad I had decided against going. What a birthday surprise THAT would have been, not that you've been there for my birthday before.

And now I have to wonder. That whole wild goose chase with the car in Montreal--was that an excuse to go out fucking someone else? Back in January, when I didn't see you all day--were you off fucking someone else? Did she go down on you?

Ultimately, I have to wonder if every word out of your mouth was a lie, and that includes "and" and "the." I trusted you. I TRUSTED YOU. I let you fuck me without condoms for 15 months! Who else were you fucking then? I TRUSTED YOU with my eBay account. And you have the nerve to whine when I struck back. You fucking baby. Man up.

Your girlfriend is a moron. She has no taste in literature (Tolkien needs an editor, says the girl who couldn't compose a sentence without either a typo or spelling error) and hasn't figured out that you have a standard line of bullshit that you used on me, and it worked so well, you used it on her. And look how it paid off! Cash for traveling, a trip to Montreal, and a car, who knows what else. Keep working it, sweetheart, maybe she'll get the house in the divorce, and you can suck all that money away from her.

Oh, and incidentally, I resent being compared to your stupid cat. "Like trying to explain physics to Miss Jackson." Like you can explain physics, you moron.

I can't tell you how tempted I was to tell Naomi we had been having an affair for almost two years. You say she's awful, but how much of that is a lie? God, David warned me and I still went ahead and fucked you. I am an idiot.

And I could tell Juli's husband she's fucking you, and tell Naomi, her suspicions were correct, you WERE fucking Juli (and shame on you for acting like she was delusional, you bastard) and maybe you were telling the truth when you said Juli's husband was violent (almost broke her leg? What's up with that?) and racist, or maybe the poor bastard is just worked up his wife is fucking another guy while she's married to him. I would be. And where the hell was he when you spent 4 days there?

I keep coming back to your lying. You could have had it all--a wife, a lover, and a screw on the side--that would be me--if you had just fessed up from the beginning. You said that you don't deserve this hate from me. YES YOU DO. You crapped all over me, you could have broken to news to me at several points and you didn't.

I still want to hurt you. If I can figure out a way to do that without being caught, I'm seriously contemplating doing it. What stops me is doing so is work, and you aren't worth the effort, you scumsucker.

Oh, and have a good life. I will be well-off in a few years when I get out of debt, and Steven is out of the house, and you will still be living in a shitty little apartment, screwing everything in panties, still married to Naomi, and slowly dying from diabetes. I'd love to know if you'll go impotent before or after they amputate your leg. You will die in poverty, alone, because you can't sustain a relationship, and you'll screw this one up. I hope your idiot girlfriend has an easier time of it than I have had.

Oh, and if that's her in the picture I found online, way to go, you idiots. Both of you are cheating on your legal spouses, so you pose for a picture with your arm around her, and let it get posted online. If I can find it, so can Juli's husband. And his lawyer. I guess she doesn't want to see her kids again.

I hope that your financial situation continues to spiral downward so you can't afford to go traveling. But you always manage to suck the money up somewhere, don't you?

You're almost 56. Grow the hell up.

EX boyfriend 143

You are a worthless old PIG!! It's been a year and 4 months of hell with you! you kept begging and apologizing and blaming me and making me think that I was imagining things, that i was crazy. You cheated and womanized and treated me badly and ignored me to break me down and control me. I let you do that to me because I did not realize what was going on. You demanded me hug and kiss you and never bought me anything or took me for dinner. You argued with me and made me cry many nights just because I was having fun with my family and friends. You tried to make me feel crazy and threatened me with getting sectioned. You used me and lied to me. I was just something for your amusement and pleasure. You never helped me out when I had no money for food for months and only game me money if I borrows it and gave it back. you made me sleep with you when I did not want to. You humiliated me in public and shouted at me. You shoved and pushed me in the house when no one was around,you swore at made fun of me. You disgust me! I will never believe the lies. I am breaking away from you and getting my life back together. I will survive! U sad excuse for a man. I hope you will pay for all the abuse you caused women and got away with.

Ex-girlfriend you aint shit 144

You are so full of yourself that you can't see that all you are is a piece of ass to me and these dudes who you swear want you. Don't come to me this time again asking for a commitment after you have your sixth child because I will tell you fuck naw go back to them thugs you love so much. You are an ugly duckling whose head is bigger than her ass and it don't take much for a guy to get in those panties. All he have to do is smile in your face and convince your ugly ass that you look like Beyonce or Halle Berry and those panties will come off.

Josh 145

JOSH B. HE'S MENTALLY ENSLAVED ME. I THINK ABOUT HIM ALL THE TIME. I couldn't get him out of my head and he took advantage of my love. He's broken my heart countless times with his selfish, womanizing ways. His ways with words always drew me back. He broke up with me on valentine's day. what a fucker.

I dated him for over a year. I loved him. I gave him my virginity. I gave him everything. And what does he do? He shits on my soul. We dated for a year, with a four month gap in it. During this, at one point he led me on, didn't tell me I was a "side girl" and then later wouldn't commit because he was going to move away, then had sex with some girl, THEN thought about committing and said: don't worry, I'm not seeing anyone now or planning on it. then three weeks later decides he wants to get a girlfriend where he is and tells me on valentine's day.

*Note from Anger Central
This is a combination of two separate postings. Sounds to us like you're better off without this jerk.

soon to be ex wife 146

so after 5 years of marriage, 2 kids and a hell of alot of mental stress, i finally moved out. We make the same income yet somehow this bitch thinks shes entitled to an obscene sum of money every month from me. She refuses to compromise on anything in the divorce and im getting to the point where i just want it done and over. her douchebag boyfriend of 3 months just got introduced to my sons. what kind of 28 year old boy without kids is interested in a 35 year old woman who is getting divorced with 2 kids? She put on a ton of weight when we were married, never wanted to do anything, never wanted to go out, stopped doing alot of stuff in bed, and was generally just a bitch. now shes turned into a party girl and suddenly wants to go out all the time. it sucks knowing that she didnt want to do that stuff with me. i gave her everything and got nothing in return. im fucking pissed that somehow im still the one getting screwed.

selfish ex bf 147

I was pregnant when he walked out on me the first time, he didnt even see my baby until he was 7 weeks old. He gradually squirmed his way back into my life and we got involved again. Then a few weeks ago he decided he doesnt want to be with me he wants to meet someone else to settle down with. I am trying so hard to be friends with him for my sons benefit. He is an alcoholic and when he has had a drink he is really nasty. Couple weeks ago he said because of one mistake he is going to suffer for the next 18 years. And i still love him ffs. He today decided to push my out of his flat and threatend to call the police if i didnt leave wtf. Maybe i should have just done what other women do and refused him access but i was trying to do what was best for my son. Him and his social life comes before everything else. He also doesnt see my job as important which really gives me the hump. Just because i work part time and dont earn as much as him doesnt mean my job is not important. I am sick of him trying to make it seem like im to blame for everything that is wrong in the world and putting the phone down on me when i am trying to resolve issues with him.,

ex boyfriend 148

My asshole of an ex boyfriend is the biggest lying jerk i have ever been so unfortunate to have met, let alone have had a relationship with. In the begining of course, everything is great, at last my dreams have come true! Skip a few weeks and he shows his real colours.

I put up with his shit for the next 3 years. Put up with him paying me no attention, ever. When we went out I talk to myself because he always has his fucking headphones full blast in his earholes. Sorry I'm that bad to have a fucking conversation with. Please tell me your meaning of a relationship? I thought COMMUNICATION was a big part of it, no? Apparently you're stupid music is too good for you to part with.

Fed up that you had no money, well whos even more fed up when you spend all of hers! Yeah you just took and took and took. But of course you have completely forgotten how much of my money you have spent and had no intention of ever giving back. Even when you finally get a job you smoke it all then want me to buy you more cigarettes. Completely unbelievable. Leave me sitting watching you on your stupid computer game for hours after hours. Sitting, staring, wishing you would remember I was still here. Threaten to leave when I dont tell you what you want to hear but nothing you ever say to me is bad. Because I'm mental, a head fuck apparently and you feel ever so sorry for my parents for ever having me in the first place.

Plus the fact that you are so horny as hell you ignore me all day then wish to jump on me when you finally realise there was another human in the same room for the past 12 hours. And when i say no just carry on because you've had such a hard day, and you are way to horny to listen to me telling you no. Maybe the music in your ears left you deaf?

Also, bringing your shitfaced 'friend' out so he can "test me" when i have just been diagnosed with depression really makes me feel on top of the world.

And when i finally get rid of you, you dont leave me alone. Even though you have found a lovely new girlfriend who isnt anything like me. Isnt mentally derranged, doesnt get jealous, and is so super horny she will jump on you whenever. So if that is the case, why dont you leave me alone like i have asked you to for the past week straight? Honestly, you will never get anyone like me ever again and I hope this girl sees you for who you really are before it's too late, or maybe she can give you a dose of your own medicine, eh? That would make my day. So grow up, stop pretending you're over me when you so obviously arent. Get a goddamn grip on your shitty life and get the hell out of mine. Tomorrow morning my number shall be changed. Then you are gone for good. Wish i never met you, you lazy shitfaced pathetic selfish bastard.

Home Wrecker Slut 149

Tried to break off the relationship with my GF for more than a year, she threatens with suicide, violence, verbal abuse and harass me at work and home. She thinks she can control me for she is able to come in and harass me at work and place phone calls to my friends. If I do not return her phone calls, she sends these abusive sms texts and once just turns up my office and making a scene. Or just would not let me out of my house to work. She comes make guests at my house, which I do not welcome her. When she sleeps in my bed, I pound the heck out of her, copying all the scenes from the porn movies, just treating her like a hooker, no emotion, not a word spoken, just pure animal sex.

My ex-husband 150

I lived my life for everyone else for 20 years and now after a divorce I am left with nothing! I hate everything and nothing makes me happy. I hate my ex husband for leaving me with the responsibility of taking care of our kids. He is a disgusting pig. I hate myself for trusting him. Sometimes I just want to die.

Nosy exes 151

Ugh I just HATE nosy exes!! Who they think they are?? Imagine someone brakes up with you, and starts shoving his nose in you business!! My ex boyfriend who broke up with ME BTW, keeps checking my facebook EVERY TIME he logs in!! Okay yeah I found that out by checking his wall as well, BUT ONLY ONCE!! And that was because this wasn't the first time we broke up! I dumped him 4times but 3times he begged me to make up and the 4th time which was the longest time we weren't seeing each other, we started checking each others walls like pathetic losers and then I asked him to make up again but the 5th time HE broke up with ME! And I think he did it because he wanted revenge for the last 4times. But I mean, COME ON!! YOU broke up with ME!! Stop shoving your fucking nose in MY business!! I mean, if you wanted me why did you dump me then??? The other day I wrote about fuckin' liars like him on my wall and he wrote complains about on his own wall!! If you are FUCKIN' brave enough tell it to myself damnit!! He is JUST like a high school girl. He keeps doing this and GOD I swear he will NOT stop this until we make up again!!! Which is the mistake that I will NEVER EVER make again! I even changed my status to 'in a relationship' so he will leave me alone, but I swear if he keeps his nose in my business I WILL LET HIM HAVE IT!!! I JUST HATE NOSY PEOPLE and I thank God I'm not one myself. The only time I was, was the time I said, and WE BOTH DID IT!

Ex boyfriend 152

Why why why did you fuck my life up, when I asked you to face up to the hurt you had caused me you just said "don't e mail me any more". Fuck you Ivan. I hope you die in a horrible car crash, or something. And failing that, look at the ridiculous utter pointlessness of making someone feel so worthless who you apparently loved, and who definitely loved you. It didn't have to be heavy, what sort of pathetic amoeba can't even be friends with someone who just wants to make them happy and who bloody well DID make you happy you liar. Bye.

Ex Love 153

Kylie, or is it MissK or Kitten or just plain whore these days? After all your words and promises and plastic emotion you now sit back and laugh with your fake friends about the damage you've caused my family and I.

Yeh, too right I'm angry! How the f**k can I be happy when the one person I have my entire self too could do what you have done over the past 3years!! I made mistakes and was the first to admit them and fix them. You made mistakes too but somehow your twisted mind blamed me

You promised me so so so many times that you would always be by my side yet you had your legs spread for half of Melbourne and then coming home to me each night. You made sure that the loss of my children and the grief I was suffering was just a show for you, some form of f**ked up game where you'd push me into situations you KNEW i wasn't able to deal with....I dont know how many times I told you but I guess from your seat watching me implode was some form of entertainment??

You made sure my career was completely ruined and unrepairable to the point where I had to hurt & roll an Ice dealer to pay for my mothers funeral!

You stole the last remaining possessions that I had from my children, knowing the sentimental weight they had.

You promised and promised that I was the only one, that you could never be with anyone else, yet website after website shows you slutting up for a webcam audience or dating site profiles lining up endless blind dates with internet randoms just to get your fill of random c*ck and you moved on so easily & made sure everyone you met was filled with your twisted f*cked up lies about me & us

You promised and promised that you were my Angel.....yet after 6mths of no contact you now sit hidden away watching me drown as my Mother ticks off her last days Dying of cancer knowing I'm supporting my family but laughing at the fact I have no one to turn to for any form of emotional support.

You intentionally have sat and systematically ensured that every bit of good or normal in my life has been taken....and it means nothing to you. It's all just a fun game for you and your 'friends' enjoyment.

You think I'm going to forget? I meant every word I said and Karma is a motherf*cker so the one thing I have to look forward watching your life, friends and family crumble into the pool of loss and misery you made sure I'm left with. You're nothing but a plastic, self righteous slut Kylie and I wish you nothing but pain & hurt until you die. And I pity anyone who lets you into their lives. You burnt me.
You burnt George.
You burnt Rick.
You burnt your Mother.

Look in the mirror and realize what a piece of shit you are, the best thing you can do for everyone around you is end yourself.....go and meet your 'god' you preach so much, you've already been judged and your god wouldnt piss on you to save you so here's hoping you burn for eternity you nasty whore

ex-gf 154

My ex-gf is a fucking bitch. I gave up everything for her and she becomes the ultimate cunt. I helped her with bills including a car payment for a pontiac that is now repossessed! Karma needs to hit that fat porker in the ass.

Ex Girlfriend 155

Fucking ginger cunt cheated on me with some guy with a broken leg, dumped me said it was my fault cos apparently i only think of myself ( utter bullshit) the bitch forgot my birthday, and is now asking all my friends to fuck her, just to piss me off. somebody pass me a gun plz.

ex husband 156

I am angry that I wasted more than 2 decades of my life with a man who verbally and emotionally abused me. Words cannot describe the rage and hatred that I feel. I have been treated like a housekeeper/cook/spermbag. He wanted a woman who would cook, clean and keep quiet. He wanted me to be overweight so that other men would not look at me, he would say bad things about me to my son, relatives and friends. He would always complain about my cooking and everything else I did. I hate him and I am glad he is out of my life. Finally, I am free to be myself, I don't have to walk on eggshells, watch my facial expressions and worry about when he would next become enraged with me. Thank god I am divorced!

EX Girlfriend 157

This fucking bitch. She fucking turned my best friends against me, stole money from me behind my back, and whenever i would want to talk about things that were bothering me about the relationship, she would freak the fuck out! She could always have her fucking opinion about everything but if i had a fucking opinion it was the end of the fucking world. And finally when i left her fuckin ass and moved she kept my dog from her and threatened that if i came back to even see him that she would call the fucking police on me!! What a fucking C U Next Tuesday.

Ex-Wife 158

I can't believe the hell my ex wife still puts me through. I am the one who posted earlier about doing all the work around the house, taking care of my children yet she complained about everything I did.

Found out she was having an affair a least a year before she told me and our children on New Years Day she wanted a divorce. 4 years later and she cuts my time with my children, trashes me and my family to my children, and wants to control everything I do. If I had cheated on her, abused alcohol or her or the children, I would accept my consequences. What stinks is that she is the one who had the affair, she is the one who filed for divorce, she the one who trashes me and my family to the chilren, she is the one who drinks too much; yet I am the one who had to pay the consequences of her actions. Why? Because I am the man. The law and our society seem to think if the women is the cause of the divorce, she still gets to have the children and use them to take out her hatred on me. I am trying a new business and she is even trashing my business to anyone she can. I always treated her with respect, and this is what I get? It's not enough she gets what she wants, she is trying her best to make sure I fail in business and hardly ever see my children. What a hateful, egotistical, crazy bitch. Never imagined someone could be so evil. I really hate that bitch! She needs to be put in a straight jacket and locked in a rubber room. Crazy, pcycho bitch!

Ex-wife and military retired pay 159

Most people know that military retirement pay was redefined from 'reduced pay for reduced service' (because you can indeed be recalled in a national emergency) to 'community property'. Meaning my ex-wife who was cheating on me, leaving a massive email train of proof of adultery but filed for divorce in a no-fault divorce state (meaning adultery doesn't matter), gets a big chunk of my retired pay for the rest of her life. She had no problems with complaining about the service before I retired, and now has no problem collecting money from it.

She's divorcing hubby no. 4, I was no. 2, and has been collecting longer than she and I were married before I retired. She says she is entitled to that money and she'll keep collecting as long as she keeps breathing.

Ex Girlfriend 160

Really? Eight months later and you're still trying to talk shit about me all over town? Well, guess what? It didn't work the first time, and it's still not going to work. You're most likely still bitter because you realize just how badly you fucked up.

It didn't start off bad. Had a lot of common interests and a lot of common goals, used to have interesting conversations and fun excursions to different places. I remember some of those times quite fondly, but it was pretty much all tainted later.

I can blame myself for ignoring the obvious, glaring red fucking flags. Take it from me, gentlemen, any woman who was with upwards of ten men before she turned twenty, it ain't gonna work out. You can't turn a whore into a housewife. Believe me, I fucking tried. Hindsight is truly 20/20 I suppose. All of these men 'friends' that were like 'brothers' to you, nah, backburner dudes you were waiting to monkey-branch to after you took me for all I had. All of these conniving, cackling ass hens you called your 'sisters' or best friends? Complicit in helping you plot and milk me for all I was worth.

You always needed something. And me, being the fucking idiot that I was back then, obliged you. You needed your car fixed. I took care of it. You needed this and that for work, I took care of it. You wanted this, you wanted that, you wanted a ring to show off. I took care of it. Then, when your mom and dad [who are wonderful people by the way] were sick of your whoring around, man-hopping, and disrespect were on the verge of kicking your ass out, I paid upwards of 1600 dollars to rent a place for us to live. Bought furniture, food, dishes, all kinds of shit. Got you a new phone when you broke yours.

The entire time we lived together, you had the audacity to bitch at me about my drinking, about spending my own FUCKING money, to bitch up a storm whenever I spent time with friends and act all suspicious when I was out late. I told you exactly where I was going, what I'd be doing, and who I was with, and even offered that you could come with. Nope, you elected to stay home, give me the silent treatment, and act like a passive aggressive cunt when I returned home. Meanwhile, you could do whatever the fuck you wanted, wherever you wanted, with whoever you wanted, I didn't know shit and if I asked about it or showed even the slightest suspicion, it was World War Fucking Three. Fight Night at the Fucking Apollo, where you'd cry and complain and bitch about me not trusting you, while I sat on the couch and found solace in beer while trying to cope with that fucking trainwreck of a relationship.

The mental and financial abuse continued and peaked. I was willing to overlook all kinds of shit and work through it regardless. Two weeks later, I hear: "I'm not happy. I'm not ready to settle down just yet."

Fucking bipolar much? The teeth came out. Boy, love can change to hate pretty quickly. So after you and your friend pack up your shit and leave, there I sat in an empty house, minding my own fucking business and drinking a few beers, trying to piece together what remained of the fucking life I had planned, the cops show up. You thought you were going to get me put in jail and fuck my life even more. Luckily, those cops turned out to be some cool fucking dudes, and I caught a ride with them back into town.

Then you call me eight hours later, sobbing, scared that I had been put in jail. Bipolar, once again. Guess what? If I was in fucking jail, I wouldn't be answering my fucking phone, would I? You can't have a fucking cell phone in jail. You apologized and I said alright, I'll call you tomorrow and we'll figure this shit out.

You tried to act like everything was okay then. Then the money-grubbing started once again. I need this, I need that. Nope. You can go fuck yourself. I put close to four grand on a losing horse, in this case. I ain't giving you another fucking dime and you can count on it. Find a quarter and call someone who fucking cares, bitch.

Blocked your number, then I start to hear from other folks around town that I'm a woman-beater. You talked your new man into calling me up, threatening to kick my ass, and when I explained the situation to him, he realizes that the crazy is too fucking heavy for him too and dumps your ass the same fucking night. Nobody believed you the first fucking time, because I know a hell of a lot of people around town. They know me and most of them like me. I have a good reputation. They fucking know better. I've done well spreading the word of your fucking actions and I'll bet you can't find another man to fucking cheat in this county by this point, you gold-digging whore. You say you're afraid to come into my workplace? You ain't afraid. You know people there know me, and they know you're a cunt. Several friends of mine were ready to jump down your fucking throat about the way you did me, too.

Then I return to the house I rented to get my shit out before the month is out. Couldn't fit all of my stuff into the policeman's car. I arrive there to find that half of my shit is missing. So now you're not only a gold-digger, but a fucking thief too. And a stupid one at that. You really think I'm not going to notice that my lockbox is gone? Remember, I said I'd have the fucking county Sheriff out at your house in a heartbeat and they'd take your sorry fucking ass to jail while you cried? That put the fear of God into you, and you returned it. Thank fuck you weren't intelligent enough to unlock it.

And now you think it's going to work out differently, eight months later? You're still eating sour grapes while I've moved on to a better way of living? Get over yourself, bitch.

Also, for all of your experience and talk, you sure were a dead fuck.

ex wife 161

This narcissist bitch not only cheated on me while I was taking care of our children, she still trashes me to them. Luckily, they are adult enough now (late teens and early 20's) to see how crazy she is. My younger daughter decides to spend my birthday with me, her mother calls her up demanding she leave and come to her now. she is with me on father's day, her mother calls up and demands the same thing. She calls my older daughter and asks her what she is doing, when she tells her she is with me, her mother lets out her disgusted sigh and needs her to to come help her right away. If she doesn't get her way, she takes it out on the daughters, so they give in to keep the peace. She threatens to take their cars away if they don't do what she wants. I could go on with many more examples, what really sucks is the fact that if I were to take this to court, the courts always favor the mother. If I were ever late returning them to her, she would threaten to call the police, if she were late bringing them to me, Oh well, I have to live with it. If I take anything to court, I would lose then have to pay her lawyer. If I were to call the cops, it would be ignored, if she were to call the police they would take it seriously and assume I am in the wrong because I am the dad. We have been divorced for 10 years now and I still have to fight just to keep a relationship with my daughters. I now have a second marriage and guess what? Her daughters are very fond of me, plus I don't interfere with their relationship with their father. Meanwhile, my daughters' mother's current marriage can only survive by having the husband work an entire state away from her during the week and most weekends. Yet, despite all this, the law still favors her over me.

Divorce 162

I am fed up with my soon to be ex wife, the fucking bitch sold my PS5 that I bought with my money all because I didn't buy an air purifier.

Buy your own damn air purifier because the fact that this bitch is now selling my PS5 that I bought with the money I bring home while her dumbass sits at home all day.

That Playstation 5 was suupoosed to be for the kids but yet her dumbass can't stand it when me and the kids play video games and I am so fed up with her and her goddamn controlling behavior so you know what I am officially filing for a Divorce.

I am fed up with her and her controlling behavior, selfishness, all about her bullshit because all she cares about is herself. She never gets the kids anything, she spends more on herself than she does with the kids, she won't let the kids play video games, she never wants me to have my friends come over but she'll allow her dumbass friends over; but selling my Playstation 5 that I bought for the kids a system that is being stolen by scalpers everywhere all because I didn't get her an air purifier was the last straw, and you know what i'm taking custody of the kids, her dumbass is on her own.

Let this be a lesson to you stupid bitches out there that hate it when there men are playing video games. You wonder why you're single and why you can't get a boyfriend it's because you dumb selfish bitches act like the whole fucking world revolves around you. If you destroy or sell a man's video game systems than you just signed your divorce papers and became the reason why we broke up and you have no one but yourself to blame you selfish dumbass bitches.

Dumbass Crackhead Ex Boyfriend 163

I am done with my soon to be ex boyfriend and his lazy, selfish, dumbass who would rather smoke his damn crack, play video games, and fucking harass people online than grow up and act like a fucking adult.

I have 2 Kids from my ex husband and this asshole who i've been dating for only the past year and a half never does a damn thing for them. He never bought them a damn thing for Christmas and instead used the money he got from his last job on drugs and crack and I have told him to get out of my house and e is NOT to smoke that shit around my kids.

Instead of playing Video Games with my Kids, he's playing online with kids from across the Country and is always talking shit about them and it pisses me off that he won't play with mine saying "he don't give a damn about my kids or anyone else's little bitch ass kids" and after he said that I smacked him right in his gap toothed face and then he punched me in the face saying fuck me and my kids.

After that I told him I was done and then he says "Baby give me another chance and you know maybe i'm just an idiot for giving him another chance because his stupid ass won't grow up and change.

One day when he was out smoking weed with his crackhead friends playing Call of Duty I found out on his computer that he had sent pictures of his penis to women online and harasses them into sending pictures of their breasts. I was so pissed that he would go online to sexually harass women into showing him their breasts and then it got worse.

I went to get the mail and received a letter from some woman from another town that they were suing my soon to be ex for harassing her son online and for telling him to go kill himself for being a "Bitch Ass White Boy Loser."

After that I texted him and told him we are done, I threw all of his shit out of my house, and changed the locks.

His dumbass is gone from my life, he's a loser who will never grow up and change and I doubt he ever will.

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