Lost Love

I thought it would be easy getting over you.... I was wrong. You obviously didn't have this problem. Within a month of our breakup you had already found a new man. So much for always being close... So much for growing old together... So much for the five years that I wasted because I bought into the B.S. you were preaching about always wanting to be with me.

Maybe it is my fault. Maybe I should have held back more of myself. Maybe I should have shared more of my feelings with you. Then you might have had a harder time tossing me by the wayside if you had understood the depth of my love for you.

I never imagined that the breakup would last. It should have just been a temporary hiatus from each other. Some time to realize what we meant to each other. Of course, I realized this, but you, instead, decided to move on to the next guy. Did the time we had together really mean that little to you? How could you let all this time pass without even contacting me? I would like to know how you are doing and I would like to believe that you still care how I am doing... Maybe not..

I am angry because you made me feel like a sucker, because I believed that we were meant for each other while you were just passing time with me. I am angry because you moved on with no difficulty and yet I am still crushed by the loss.

Ex Husbands 2

I am really pissed off at and tired of my ex idiot and his hose monster wife. The latest thing they did to piss me off was hosting a web site where they said she was mother to four kids. Three of which are mine, and even though they don't live with me, they know who their mother is. And its one thing for her to call herself their mother in private but to make a public statement on a web site to that effect is something else. Then the bitch tried to sit there and say I was ADHD or otherwise mentally ill when I angrily emailed them and called them on what was a blatant LIE (another one.... and this is rich.... she said I tried to starve my children... NOT TRUE!!! She makes these accusations without a single shred of proof. My children always had enough to eat.)

On top of it they are bilking an unsuspecting public for tons of money with their bullshit so called "Counseling" services... beware!! You're going to pay $2800 for a seminar in which this bitch will tell you you're a mental case if you say anything against her. A therapist should not be using condescending terms like "little girl" when addressing the former wife of her husband. Oh I forgot, the college dropout turned "honorary doctor of divinity." See, Margaret... People can change... these two keep changing for the worse! "Light in the Darkness" which could very well mean "Light in the Tunnel turned out to be the headlight of an oncoming train."

I knew there was a reason I divorced my husband -- he's a control freak and on top of it delusional -- aliens are kidnapping him and putting implements inside his body, so he says. I remember he used to line the windows with aluminum foil to keep the aliens from reading his mind and I am not lying about this. I remember leafing through a two inch thick sheet of paper from MUFON, a leading expert network on UFO's and saying to myself, "Oh yeah... he's gone!" If this man is now an expert of any kind on either spirituality or the human condition, I am Mickey Mouse! To think I gave him my heart, my viriginity, my hand in marriage and nine years of my life really annoys me and it was all for what? To be subjected to more of this BS? Forget it! About the most I can say of you, buddy, is that you gave me three beautiful, gorgeous, ethereal with their blonde hair and blue eyes children. That's it. I will NOT be relegated to the status of a throwaway birth mother. I'm going to come back one day and when I do we are all going to sit around and whup your ass! :)

Ex-Boyfriend 3

Ex - such a little prefix that says so much. Well, this guy was a friend of mine, and didn't have good luck with women, and it seemed like the poor guy just couldn't get a break. And I was sorta attracted to him anyway and we started going out. It went well for a few months and then he started getting super-clingy. At first I thought this was kind of cute and it meant he liked me, right? Then little by little he wanted to be with me ALL the time, and I didn't have any time for other things - like going to visit my parents or seeing other friends or really much of anything outside of work. And if I told him I was busy (Heaven forbid I take a day away from him to get my car fixed, or go see my dad once a month!) he'd whine and get sulky and go drink alone to the point that he had to stagger home, because he sure as hell couldn't drive. I tried to talk to him about the problem, but it was like talking to a brick wall - a moody brick wall. I was not allowed to have an outside life. So I broke up with him.

Problem solved, right? Not exactly. Now he's spreading nasty rumors about me and he's spoken to me directly exactly ONCE - to explain to me how immature I am, how much I'll regret treating him so badly, how sorry he feels for me because I am so messed up in the head. Yadda, yadda, yadda. The only thing I regret is wasting almost half a year with him, and I'm thinking that his long list of "exes" is only going to get longer.

Ex-Girlfriends 4

I'm (still) angry at you because of the way you dumped me without dumping me. You never said 'goodbye', 'give up', or 'get lost'. You just left me. I also hate how you used me. You saw me as an easy mark instead of a genuine, sincere, loving person. Too many times I took care of your life's little trivial issues only to find out I was freeing up your day so you could run around on me. You ask for time, I find out you're shagging your ex from Las Vegas or Los Angeles. I lend you my laptop and ISP, you posted personal ads. I give you my heart and soul, you slow-dance on it with another.

How many times were you chatting with your next man while talking with me? How many times were the little treats you brought actually leftovers from the previous night's date? I'm almost done. But truly wish that you get yours in the end. You're a lying, selfish, backstabbing little monster and deserve to be treated the same way you treated me. I love you - I never blamed you for anything, never saw a flaw in you. As my time draws short, all I can think of is all the mistakes I made with you.

Thanks for nothing, girls.

ex 5

I am angry ....sooo angry because my ex boyfriend just wont quit! he is taking things to far! he needs to mind his own business, it is not up to him who I hang out with. I don't know why he thinks he has a say in it but he sure as hell doesn't! he is also trying to get others involved. I am 17 years old , and I am seeing someone else now and my ex thinks he should get a 40 year old to "break" the guy im with now. this needs to stop! and honestly what kind of 40 year old would interfere with a teenagers life? I think they all need to grow up and stay the hell out of my life!!! arrrggghhh it makes me sooo freakin mad!!!!!

ex boyfriend 6

I'm angry that after nearly 3 years he dumped me in an email! He called it a break, and said he'd be glad to sit down and talk more if I wanted, but then he didn't call when he said he would. I think it may really be a 'break' because there has been no exchange of property, and I may take him back, but I'm so mad that after over 2 years, he couldn't give me the decency of more than a email!

ex boyfriend 7

I am angry because I put up with my ex for 3 months, when I should have ditched his arse after 3 days! He was like an old woman! Nag, nag, nag...not to mention neurotic! I made an off-the-cuff remark one time and this freak was still complaining about it a month later. He would be on the phone to his mother and then I'd have to hear all about it. Like whatever his mummy said was gospel. He talked non-stop about his previous girlfriend, to the point where I was going to scream if I had to hear her name one more time. He would drink beer EVERY night. His breath stank of it and he was getting a beer belly (yuk!). He would wear sandals with cut-off jeans and think he was the epitome of style. He never bothered to get his drivers license or to go anywhere overseas (and he's 35!). He lives in the same daggy shoebox-size apartment since university and still has posters all over the walls. Most of the time when he's at home he doesn't even bother to get dressed. He listens to old people's music and lives a boring, insular, self-obsessed life. I am angry I wasted time on this wanker!

Ex Boyfriend - UK 8

I hate that I still see you, with the woman (someone I knew!) you got off with last year. The fact that you always have a slimey grin on your face...like you've gotten away with something! The fact that you got off with her in front of people I knew and then when I called you and you told me about you being with "someone else"...thought I already knew because some of my friends were there. You actually thought that someone else was going to do your dirty work for you. YOU MISERABLE CREEP! I just wish that you and her would disappear off the face of the earth! I wish I never had to see either of you again! OK, so our relationship wasn't easy....but just the day before you went off with her I asked you if everything was OK with us. You said yes. I even packed your bags for your weekend away!!! I left you a love cheque for 20 kisses on the pillow! And still you have the nerve to smile at me!!! GET LOST!!! And as for her...well, she's more mixed up than I was....she blackmailed her ex husband into marrying her, by stopping eating for gawdsake...no wonder he was cheating on her...the marriage lasted what?? 2 months??? You probably deserve each other! Neither of you have any shame. You didn't get away with anything, what goes around, comes around! I just want you to both GO AWAY! GET LOST! BEAT IT! SCRAM! With your smug faces and smug smiles. I have a new life now...with someone who will never make me feel like you made me feel, life would be just great if you didn't keep popping up! BOG OFF!!

Ex lovers 9

It's been a month, but I still can't believe what you did to me. After a year and six months, after all the lies of eternal love and of us growing old together, you just decide "it's best if we became friends".

God I hate you for just leaving me the way you did. Of lying to me. Of making me realize that you can't trust people. You simply can't. Good bye H****, I hope that someday you realize your mistake and suffer the pain that I feel now myself. I hate you.

Billy (ex-boyfriend) 10

I am angry not only at myself for blowing a perfectly good relationship, but the fact that I've tried to make peace with this person. We all make mistakes, and I can completely admit that I was not in my right mind (I have been dealing with Bipolar depression for many years undiagnosed) now that my mind is quite clear I can see the damage I have done to my life. The only fact that pisses me off about him is that he ended a 5 year relationship over the phone, not directly speaking to me, but a family member (which makes it more embarrassing) I wish him well, but I really would like to have my say...I didn't waste the 5 years for nothing!

boyfriends suck 11

Men are all scum sucking pigs of the fiftieth degree!!! Carl, my flea ridden anal retentive pock of existence - who kept flaunting words of love and longing has now decided that I am just not worthy of his time ... oh no ... unless of course the cock sucker wants to have a romp! Oh yeah, then it's perfectly ok to call me up. Then I catch the mofo in an internet dating line! What the hell I ask ... oh just getting rid of old ads and such. YOU ARE A BLOODY LIAR CARL!!! You are looking for booty - I know all about your LAME ASS excuses!! I know what a fucked up weasel you really are. Sweet and caring MY ASS! Cowardly and FUCKED UP is more like it. Do you really think I am that fucking STUPID that I wouldn't figure out your pathetic schemes? Did you really think I am that hard up that I need to follow your sorry ass into this fucked up relationship? Do you really think that when you come looking for me that I am going to be around? SAYONARA SWEETHEART! This is one darling love that is NOT going to fall for your "charm" or your fucking apologies. You are just a plain old PIG! May your new fuck give you all you deserve - and may the doctor not be able to cure it!

Stupid Ex 12

I'm angry because you were really just a selfish little child inside. You gave me lots of really nice things, and we went out a lot. But you were really just thinking about your needs, not mine. After I kicked your ass out of my life, you made things really painful. It took three years to finally get past the stalking and all the angry and hurtful letters you sent. I wanted to tell you off the way you wanted. I wanted to scream and rage on you. But lately I just wanted to apologize. I knew that was all you ever wanted from me - just closure. I'm angry at myself for closing up and moving on. I know that I treated you like shit, it tears me up every time I think about it. You were a really nice guy, and I didn't appreciate that. I was glad that you you moved and started to make your own life. But it made it hard to find you. I know you gave me plenty of chances, but I was healing slower than you were moving. Four times in a year? I'll never understand what you were running from or for. But I honestly tried to reach you. I know that doesn't matter now, I just wanted to tell you how genuinely screwed up I was, and that I didn't mean to be such a bitch all the time. And now I am sorry because I found out that you went and got drunk again and killed yourself. You were so selfish that in your last motal act you take five other innocent people with you. I'm pissed that I wouldn't help you when I could. And I'm very angry that you didn't use the brilliant mind that God blessed you with to do something inspiring with your life. You deserved a hell of a lot more that I could give. You deserved to be alive and making a good name for yourself. Now my friend is just 'the drunk driver who killed five others'.

My stupid ex boyfriend 13

This is the second time he has broke up with me. I shouldn't have went out with him this time. I really thought he changed but obviously he didn't. He wrote me a letter saing how much he still liked me and how pretty I was. He is really stupid. It only lasted 4 stupid days if you include the day he broke up with me. The same amount as last time. I should have said no and i might have if he didn't sound so sweet in his letter and at the end say i love you always. He is a stupid liar. He broke up with me in an e-mail! Last time he asked my FRIENDS to tell me he wanted to break up with me which was as mean if not meaner than an e-mail. And the worst part is I had finally gotten over him when he asked me back out again. I have a good feeling that this time getting over him will be alot eaisier considering how he is a liar and an awful person who I wish I never met.

boyfriend's ex-girlfriend 14

Because his ex-girlfriend (of eight years) is living in a fantasy world where she wants to pretend as if they were married and that the two kids (both have different fathers) are my boyfriend's kids but they aren't even from my boyfriend. She calls him all the time and plays on his heartstrings about her kids missing him (one's 11, one's 20) Yet the 20 year old is over ALL the time. He's a loser who mooches off my boyfriend all the time and irritates everyone. No one in my boyfriend's family can stand this woman and my boyfriend has no residual feelings of romance for her at all. He's just too nice too tell her to leave us alone. His niceness is one reason I love him soooo much. But this has been going on for two years now. He knows how I feel about it. It makes me want to just beat the crap out of her, which is saying an awful lot , because I am very laid-back and approach life in a very gentle manner over-all. This chick must be about as sharp as a beach ball. She just won't give up and get a life of her own. I just want her to disappear from our lives permanently!!

*Note from Anger Central
Can we say restraining order? Sure we can!

Randolph 15

This guy is the biggest ManWhore on the face of planet! He couldn't be honest about anything if his life depended on it. He gets away with so much crap because of his money and position and HE MAKES ME SICK! Oh, yeah, one more thing. He has a big weiner, but doesn't know how to use it. The 8 or so times we had sex, I NEVER ONCE HAD AN ORGASM!! I hope he gets syphilis and it rots off!!!

Boyfriend Lies 16

Angry that I feel for a guy that treated me like a princess. Find out he breaks up not cuz of his divorce issues, but because he's been emailing/talking with another girl the WHOLE time with me. Doesn't help that met through online dating. So Angry at myself for falling for him and believing he loved me enough....I'm angry at dishonest people. The truth HURTS but lies DESTROY. Now I have no idea what is truth or fiction.

dating 17

This bitch that I was dating thought she was slick. Don't get me wrong I got what I wanted, and she was good. I let this bitch deposit a few checks into my savings account, being a nice guy seeing how I was dating her. Well after I told her to take a flying leap, come to find out the checks that she deposited into my account (and immediately with drew from the account) bounced to the freaking moon. So I gave my bank all the information on this bitch that I have. I hope that they press the proper charges on this bitch and put her dumb ass in jail. Now I am sitting with an account that is over drawn and I am in the middle of a divorce/custody for my daughter. Not a good time for this crap to happen, all because I was being a nice guy, from now screw that. I am not going to do a damn thing for another woman. I got screwed by my wife that wanted to be a slut, and now financial by this bitch. I am starting to wonder are all woman nothing but bitch's?

this jerk i have been seeing 18

At first I liked Ellery, but now he is telling me that he got a girl pregnant and now he says he doesn't want to see me anymore. What the hell? I have nothing to do with the slut he got pregnant and now he doesn't want to see me because of that? That is really screwed up. This guy is really mental I swear.

*Note from Anger Central
You're better off without him in our opinion.

Ex Boyfriend from hell 19

You try to be nice to someone from your past and they threaten to kill themselves and pin a note to their body to have the cops call me so I have to inform his family! What the hell is that? Are there other people out there like this jackass or am I the only lucky one?

ex boyfriend 20

he completly screwed up! i took him back 4 times after he had dumped me and this time he ran off with another girl that 2x him now he thinks i want him back! he keeps telling me 'hes changed 'and he screwed up' i no he bloody well screwed up! now hes flirting with my best mate and is still all 'oh i love you' arrrr i hate him! blocked him now and deleted his number! man dat felt good!


OK well I am seriously with a passion angry with my ex-boyfriend He is a flucking bass!!! We met through a friend who we will call *Jane* It was love at first sight or so I thought I was in love he was amazingly kind cute and funny After 3 days of hours on the phone he asked me out and of course with googily eyes I said yes. So we went out and our dates were usually him coming over to my house because he could drive and I cant. Well after a week he stood me up. It was so embarrassing because my parents knew and now looked at him for what he really was but I still liked him. Then after two weeks he starts saying I love you. And he would constantly tell me how beautiful I was and how I was the only one. What a crock of bull- I cant believe I fell for that shic!!! Okay and after two weeks we had done no more than kiss and cuddle but he had stood me up twice- and I told him that standing me up was not going to work. Then I went on vacation for 5 days and we talked over the phone and I told him I loved him to- because I did. At that point he had fooled me so good I was fooling myself. Right so I come back from vacation and my birthday is Tuesday. We were talking Sunday and he said hey I'll take you out to eat for your birthday Monday because he had a game on Tuesday so I was all excited. Then of course he stood me up for my birthday! And of course I forgave him and went to his game on Tuesday-my birthday. Did he care??- NO!!! Why?- because he is scum from Hades. Right so we've been together for like oh 3 weeks and I am really in love with him because I believed the lies that he loved me to and the other sweet crap he fed me. So I gave him pleasure with his pants on and my hand. Okay and after that I guess he decided it was okay to stand me up another two times making a total of four and not call me anymore. Though, I did find out later every time he stood me up he would call *Jane* and laugh about it. He thought it was great to make me cry and hurt until I feel asleep. Then after two weeks (so we'd been going out for 5 weeks total) he called me and acted as though everything was a-ok and I let him have it. I told him he was a jerk-he treated me like shic- I deserved better- that he had lied- that his actions were opposite his words. He agreed with everything- restated that we were still together- and said that he was stubborn and not giving up on us. Then he said he'd call me back but he had to eat supper. He never called back but a week later *Jane* called me to say that he wanted it to be over. Apparently he liked another girl for THE WHOLE TIME MORE THAN ME. Apparently he went out with me TO MAKE HIS EX JEALOUS Apparently he is a LYING FLIPIN BASS HOLE a STUPID DUMBSHIC GOD DAN MOTHER FLUCKER!!! I strongly dislike him with a passion. Then according to *Jane* he said that I gave him pleasure SIX TIMES!!! what THE FLUCK IS HE ON?! HE IS CHICKEN SHIC PUSNY! I AM VERY ANGERED WITH *JANE* FOR LYING TO ME ALSO BECAUSE SHE KNEW EVERYTHING. I AM ANGERED WITH HIS EX JUST BECAUSE! I STRONGLY VERY PASSIONATELY DISLIKE WITH ANGER HIM BECAUSE HE IS A LYING FLUCKIN BATARD WHO USED ME FOR HIS OWN SELFISH PUSNY REASONS!!! FLUCK HIM AND I HOPE HE GOES TO HELP!!!

Ex Boyfriend 22

Men are Bastards. My lovely boyfriend dumped me on xmas day!! Happy xmas eh?? Best of all is that we were in Dublin with all his friends and I am from New York. Oh I hate him, I spend xmas day crying, but had noone to cry to cause everyone was in the US.

Ex boyfriend! 23

I'm so fucking pissed off at this sonofabitch. I ran into him today, we broke up about 5 years ago and this fucking dickhead is still pissing on me and my fucking new fiance. He still calls the house when he's fucking drunk threatening me and my fiance. He still fucking makes snide fucking remarks about me when he sees me. My fiance punching him in the face and the fucking restraining order still isn't enough for this prick to leave me the fuck alone! I"m so fucking livid and fed up with this cow's asshole! I wish I was a fucking rich bitch because I sware I would pay someone to demolish him off the face of this earth. It seems to no end how this fucker harrasses. Its so fucking pathetic! 5 Damn fucking years asshole, get over the fucking fact I found someone else and get a life and grow the fuck up, your almost 37 and you act like a jackass kid. FUCK YOU AND FUCK OFF!

G.D. 24

I'm pissed at a certain asshole named G.D. who was my ex-boyfriend. He is a fucking sadistic bastard who enjoys sitting on his fat 400 pound ass and treating other people like shit. He's a fucking bully too. He beats up on his elderly aunt all the time. One time He even hit me with a lampchain. I'll not forget that he also went on a "suicide drive" with me in the car.

He kept throwing violent fits so I told him to seek anger management or I was leaving. He refused and threw another violent fit so I left and then his cousin who is a white trash teen mother starts saying stupid shit about me how if I loved someone, I'd stay no matter what he put me through. I hate G.D! He's shit and so isn't his redneck family.

loser boyfriend 25

I think my ex was looking for a mother not a lover. he was the laziest man I've ever met and he never trusted me or let me have any freedom. he even told me he didn't know why he trusted me. he hates me being away from home at university and blamed me for him dropping out of his own course last year because I wasn't living away from home with him. he wouldn't let me see my male friends, even when I introduced him and suggested that he would like them and we should go out together he refused. he felt obliged to tell me where to work and who to see. he even went mad at me because I wanted to lose weight and when I did he said it was so I would get attention from other guys and not for myself. we were engaged and both couldn't wait to be married and together, until he told me I was not allowed to have children...to which I told him to pack his bags and we broke up. he constantly sponged money off of me and never remembered birthdays or valentines days or any days that were special. now he ignores me and refuses to speak to me. good luck to the next woman he gets with, you'll need it love.

ex 26

My ex left me about two years ago now and I'm still severely heartbroken. Probably always will be too. Normally I would be well-N-truly over such a split, but this was different: I really, genuinely loved and adored this person; we got on like it was meant to be; we were both having the most amazing time together, her included. She ended it after a complete misunderstanding on my part, which I apologized for - profusely!!.....To her.
Did she give me a chance?? No!!!! Instead she callously shut me out; ignored my phone calls, emails and texts. Every way I tried to maintain contact with her in fact.

Her last email sent to me indicated nothing about us splitting definitely, unless I misunderstood 'hi...been busy lately...Love you though...Contact you soon...' No 'Good bye' then????? Nope.....

I waited for a reply - did eventually get one aswell - almost a friggin' year later!! Not only that, but she came back into my life with (new) boyf in-tow. They must have got together almost immediately after we split. (Endless love eh???!!! You're so special ???!!!.. some things she said to me). After she returned into my life, we talked about the split (apparently done by me), I did agree to be friends with her (there are reasons for this that I can't go into on here), but I've found it incredibly difficult being her friend knowing that she is snuggling up to some other guy; sharing their lives like we did. She's even hinted at still wanting to be with me (during fall-outs with her current boyf), but it amounts to nothing: only an endless false hope of a 'maybe' reconciliation of our love, for me. How long do I have to wait??? You know how much I love you...You know I'm genuine.

If only you knew the pain you brought into my life daily: all the pain I suffered during the time when you had shut me out competely; all the pain caused during the time since you re-established contact with me.. Not even an apology from you.....friend. Just false hope...

Ex Husband 27

My Ex makes me angry because he is such a mama's boy and doesn't take responsibility for anything. I took care of his ass for years and when I finally got tired of that he's not even answering the petition for divorce or paying child support, what a looser! I'm so much better off!

ex-fiancť 28

My ex fiance thinks he's slick. Him knowing I had no interest in marriage goes and buys a 9,000 dollar engagement ring and asks me to marry him in front of people we know. Me being a sweetheart says yes because I don't want him to feel like an asshole in front of everyone. The engagement only lasts 2 months because I could not take it anymore. I give him back the ring and move out. I end up hanging out with him a few weeks later and he starts bitching and moaning so I tell him shut up I never wanna see him again. He then breaks my arm and 4 of my ribs. Now the only time I see him is in court. I should have just called my friends from around the way to beat his ass. If your in a relationship with a selfish contolling asshole GET OUT! IT'S NOT WORTH IT.

Ex Boyfriend- PR!CK 29

oh my good god i never thought i could hate someone that i loved so much but i really do. we were together for 6months and he was "soooo in love" with me and then he just dumps my ass & he moved on within a WEEK!! & then he comes crawling back to me not sure if he's still in love with me and we end up being together as a one night thing and next day he realises how much he loves her!!!!!!!!!!! he is a no good pr!ck and is practically blackmailing me- if i tell anyone the truth about what happened hes gonna make me out to be some pyscho bitch who wont leave him alone which is pure pure lieeesss!!! auuurrrggghhh!!! he is such a bad person i mean he is really a terrible terrible guy he has not a stitch of care for anyone else in the world but himself, i hate him, i hate him, i hate him!!!!!!!!! I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!

angry ex-wives 30

I am sick of my husbands ex who uses their kids to play games because she is jealous,even though the marriage ended because she was cheating. And in their own house! She is a crazy bitch who lies and will do anything to keep things messed up for everyone. And the courts are NO help. Let the bitch shed a tear and get the kids to lie because of the lies she has fed them and she gets what she wants. Make sure she gets her support but ask to see the kids and it's hell no. Ask for help and the lawyers drain u dry without doing a thing.

Brandick My Ex 31

I invested 8 years into a stupid relationship with this ignorant bastard. Gave him my virginity. Put up with his jealous asshole behaviour. Had his friggen CHILD for goddsakes. I decided to move out and try and repair our relationship while NOT living together because he kept saying he couldnt support me and OUR son. I move out, upon being reassured he loved me and wanted to be with me, and less than a month later he's banging a crackwhore. A dirty crackwhore. A NASTY disgusting crackwhore. And so now, he's playing dad to her bastard kids while neglecting his own son WHOM he has the balls to say I'm keeping him from!!!! He is a creep and a cretin and I hope he gets some nasty, incurable STD.

Ex-Fiancť 32

After 5 years of being together and our marriage in two months, she dropped the bomb shell. ďI donít want to be married, I donít want to be with you, I donít want you.Ē She held all this in for 5 years, never really told me how she felt. I realized that I have caused her pain, I would find fault with everything she ever did. I would argue and try to make her see my point of view. She never let on that she was thinking of leaving me, damn if you would have just told me how you felt. Really told me I would have understood.

She told me to move out, I didnít have anything but I moved out. Found out later that she was banging one of her colleagues 4 days after we broke up. Ainít that some shit. A man 10 years older then her, chubby as hell, but she says they were made for each other. He understands me and listens to me when I have a problem she says. And so they are still together and I am not the person that I was. I have gone to counseling and have actively worked out my demons. And I did have some big demons; I didnít love myself and couldnít truly love her. I messed up big time, I was so immature and now Iím so angry. Angry that I let it all fall apart, angry that I couldnít see then what I see now, angry that I would treat someone with so little respect, especially the person I was to marry. Iím angry at her for moving on and not looking back. Iíve changed, I know it is a clichť, but it is real for me. Iíve never worked harder at anything in my life as I have in making myself a complete person. I love myself and have become independent. I realize that I donít need her in my life, and now Iím angry that when I realize I want her in my life she wonít take me back. My anger burns like a thousand suns.

Sometimes I call her and state my case, I say all the right things, and I back it up through my actions. I can do anything and achieve anything that I desire. But she wonít give me the chance to do the thing that I want to do most. I want to get back with her, I want to love her better then anyone else can. I want to show her off to the world and let everyone know how special she is. All these things I want and I canít have because she doesnít want it and it infuriates me. She is entitled to her own opinion and her actions but we could be amazing together. Her man now might treat her well, but that pales in comparison in what I could provide. She is missing out on the best thing in this world and she doesnít even know it. She is missing out, I am wonderful. Why does she let the past blind her from what I can see? Damn we made some mistakes, she tells me to go out and find someone else. That I donít know how good it can be, and she isnít right for me. Damn her let me decide that for myself, everyone has their quarks and I have learned to appreciate them. Iím angry that Iíve spoiled what I had and wonít ever be able to get it back.


I used to date this POS and I found out that he is not all that he seems. I found out the hard way. In the beginning, he portrays himself as being the greatest man you will ever want to meet. Then, just when you think things are becoming serious and there may possibly be a future with him, he bolts. He uses the excuse..."maybe I'm meant to be alone". He asks you to understand and then leaves it up to you to make the decision as to whether you want to continue to see him or not on the basis that he doesn't want the "serious" relationship and there are no guarantees. He tells you that he really cares for you but he doesn't love you like he should or he loves you but he's not in love with you. He tells you he's sorry that he hurt you. Well no shit! Here's the real kicker, the whole time he's dating you...he's also banging an ex-girlfriend. After the first 9 months of he and I being together and after he knew that I had begun to fall in love with him, he totally blew me away with he wasn't "looking for anything serious" bit. I'm not the first woman that he has done this to and I'm sure I won't be the last! He doesn't deserve a woman!

Boyfriend left -no goodbye! 34

Would you be somewhat mad if you boyfriend just...left you. Yeah, no goodbye, no reason, no argument. He just dissappeared! I havent heard from him in one whole month! I dunno about some people but I think that if you love someone you just wouldnt leave them alone for so fucking much! I still get sad sometimes. What did I do wrong? Even if he comes back to me...I dont want him back. He is prolly fucking all the bitches he wants as I type. And thats why I liked him. He had supposedly changed. I am so so mad at him. I think its gonna take me awhile to forget about him because I still love him. "C" Where are you!? Love and hate are right next to each other. I just hope hes doing alright and living happy.


Yeh Thanks a heap...thats great...yup...thanks for NOTHING! 15 months of crap... thats all this relationship has been (if I could even call it that) Im angry at me for letting you abuse me and Im angry at you for being so low down and heartless that you couldnt even tell the truth once. I didnt know one person could lie so much...lies to cover lies...what was the friggin point. Why bother? Why waste my time? Im sorry I just dont get it....you must be really twisted up inside to be so callous and blatantly cruel.You break my heart...

ex-loves 36

My bitch of an ex-girlfriend calls me up at work to tell me she's getting married, and can I come to the wedding? Then she asks if she can ask me some questions:

  1. Was I able to buy large enough condoms in the country she'll be moving to her with her husband?

  2. Can I recommend any love poetry she can read as part of her vows?

  3. Could I do a favor for her boyfriend?

  4. There's this guy in her scuba class who she thinks is cool. Do I think it would be OK if she developed a friendship with him? (Poor guy, he'll get fucked over like the rest of us.)

So I get to the wedding, and find out I'm one of only two guests on her side. The other guy has had a crush on her for years. Before the ceremony she asks me where she should wear her fucking garter, and pulls up her wedding gown to show me. Then she asks if I can take photos of the ceremony. I can't believe she would be so deliberately cruel, or that anyone could be so emotionally and socially obtuse, so I agree. And now the fucking bitch has named her son after me. What's worst is that everyone who knows us both thinks she's perfectly sane and nice!

ex boyfriend 37

You slept with me every night until then, told every sweet word. We had no problems. No signs. And then you fucking left me for that ex-girlfriend. What was going on in your mind? You didn't talk to me after leaving me for her. I hate you so much for that. I hate you. Just total quiet. I missed you but I was mature enough to go along with it if you were going to give me the respect of being what we were before we dated, friends, because we lived together. You were my best friend then and I really needed you to at least ask how I was doing but you are a fundamentally selfish and immature person of the worst kind- because you have a conception of yourself as so fucking magnanimous in your puny mind. Instead you confined things to your convenience and made me feel horribly ashamed when I would want to still be friends with you. You couldn't even let me have my dignity after it all ended. If you ever want to talk to me again, don't give me a selfishly worded apology months and months later just because your identity survives on appearing popular and well-liked. Fuck off. Because you are embarrassing me and you. Me because I want to forget the gaping span of time that spent lowering myself to your intellectual level and telling you that everything you said was profound, you because you are an embarassment to humanity. Your fakeness, your plagiarizing of other people's ideas (including my own), your entire sense of self that is founded on normalizing your stupidity and making it cute. Stop capitalizing on innocence you don't have. The only words I ever want to hear come out of your dumb mouth if I have to are that you have brain cancer or your children with that girl were born as mentally disabled as their father. I never, ever, want to see your pathetic face again. Get aaaaway from me!!!

Ex Wives 38

I am angry because my husbands ex wife is a money-sucking bitch! I am angry because my step-children think she is a goddess and when they visit they go back home and give their mother a full report of what they did and what my husband and I said while they were there.

Ex Girlfriend 39

Im angry and hurt that you used me to satisfy your own emotional insecurity. Im angry because when you gained your own confidence you threw me out of your life like peice of trash. Im angry with you because you are the sole reason for all the pain, sorrow and anguish in my life. I hope one day you find the pain you have caused me.

Ex-husband 40

I am so angry at my soon to be ex husband. After 22 years of marriage and one 15 year old son he has decided it is not FUN anymore. Excuse me, did our marriage certificate or son's birth certificate have any 100% "FUN" guarantees? We had many great years and when the going got tough he got going - to two bimbos! And he had the nerve to take our 15 year old son on dates with him!EEEEEEEWWWWWWW! Good riddance!

Ex-girlfriend 41

I am angry at my girlfriend!! even though we have only been together for less than 2 years, i still remember all the sweet things you used to say to me and then suddenly one day, you decided that 'we should be friends instead'. i couldn't believe it, your excuse was that you are too young to tie down to anyone. why didn't you say that before we started? if you told me 2 years ago, then the pain i am having now would be a lot less!! you are selfish and only think for yourself. i hate the fact that you can get over me so quickly while i am still suffering from the breakup. it's not fair, you should suffer too!!

my husbands ex-wife 42

I am angry because my husbands ex wife is a crude uneducated bitch who takes every chance to butt in to our marriage. They have been divorced for 22 years. He got custody of four small children (seven to six months old), when he was in the army on duty to be called at any time. That is what a sorry person she is.

She had her son carry her down the isle at her own daughters wedding, before Diane walked down it herself. She lets out these yells at in appropriate times. Ex: At our granddaughters kindergarten graduation she screamed as tiffany was getting her degree. Everyone turned to see what nut was causing such noise. Tiffany had no one looking at her when she got her diploma. Diane quit filming and missed a moment forever. This woman wants all the attention. She waited till I walked away from my husband to go running up to him, she stood there looking up at him smiling like an idiot. My husband ignored her but still, it pissed me off. I was willing to be nice, till she had her daughter Kathy call me and tell me all kinds of stuff from my husbands past, (he had already told me) She thought I would leave him I guess. Kathy was talking to her from our house and she told kathy her jeans were sticking to her thighs, because she had sex with her husband earlier. Kathy was repeating everything she was saying. I told her to stop, I did not want to hear that kind of crap. They were laughing. I thought to myself, you nasty bitch! Have you not heard of washing or at least using a wash rag for gods sake. This woman is very short, she is as big around as she is tall, she thinks she is all that. She wears tight jeans ( you cans see all her cellulite through the jeans) with chains etc. Her hair is long and stringy, she thinks it looks good!! Ha! The kids have been turned against my husband by her and they are always demanding money or something. They are spoiled and do not care about their father. We have gave so much money we dont have what we need. Now we have cut the money, they wont come around nor will they let the grandkids see us.

We decided to cut all contact, my husband was being hurt day after day. Know we have peace, but we do miss our grandkids.

Ex-Guy-Friend 43

I am so angry or more like hurt by this guy that I was involved with for a year and an half. He was not exactly my boyfriend because we were never quite in a committed, mutually-agreed upon boyfriend-girlfriend relationship (not by my choice). When we initially hooked-up, we were both on the "rebound." We both did not want to be involved with the emotionality and involvement of an actual relationship; but having physical needs; decided to become intimate (sexually). This experience was intense and passionate; we were with each other almost every night. After four and an half months of things going this way; my feelings grew--I wanted a serious, committed relationship. I shared my feelings with him and I told him that in light of how we actually hooked-up, I completely understood if he wasn't prepared to commit to me, but also that I needed for him to be honest with me. At that time, I was completely ready to part with this guy on good terms. He told me that he was tired of being alone and that he was ready to take what we had seriously. His "taking us seriously" lasted all but three days. He stop calling and I was completely devastated because before this I was able to keep my feelings at bay; but after he lied and stated that he wanted what I wanted, I fell head-over-heels (not to mention that he totally rocked-my-world in bed). For the next six months after this situation; we got together off and on; between him going away on business 3 weeks to 3 months at a time and at one point wanting to work things out with his ex.; we still had intense sex as frequently as we could but it was very limited. After awhile I decided that I deserved better than what he was prepared to give me; I stop calling him and had put myself on the path to getting-over him. His calls increased and he seemed desperate to be with me. I gived him an ultimatum and again he said that he really wanted to be seriously involved with me (this lasted about a month). I realized that he was pulling-out again and making excuses about being together when he did a no-call, no-show on Valentines Day. Now, I totally vowed not to give this jerk the time-of-day ever again. Honestly, I was successful for about two and an half months of not ansering his calls and just enjoy being single. Every now and then I gived in and had sex with him, but I kept my emotions under control. It did reach to the point the I let it all out and told him about himself and how he had been treating me for the last twelve months and that I don't want to have any thing to do with him anymore. He sort of broke down and professed that he really was afraid of falling in love and that he really liked me and knew that he could fall in love with me. He agreed that we were dating and this was to be one step away from becoming serious (that he needed to take baby-steps). I had been so involve with this guy for so long that I didn't want to not-give-it-a-try. As you may have suspected, this truse didn't last very long; but unlike the previous episodes, this time I got pregnant. Since I am a senior at an University and the mother of a child with a speech impediment; I really could not have a baby (especially for this in-decisive jerk who just wanted to string me along and play with my emotions). I told him my decision about the pregnancy and asked him for the finances to get an abortion (this guy is the owner of two businesses and was paying a thousand dollars a month for his ex's apartment before we got together and apart of while we were together). He said he would pay for some of it and that I would have to come-up with the rest. Ouch. Fine, he agreed to pay most of the cost, but the agony came from the hell he put me through when it came to giving me the money. I told him about the my situation when I was two weeks pregnant and after constant calling, pleading and begging; he finally begrudgingly gaved me the money (after about two months). I went ahead and had the abortion which was extremely physically and emotionally painful. Since giving me the money, dude hasn't called, nothings. I feel so worthless. The most hurtful part is that I still love him. Why do I love him after all he's put me through and especially since he doesn't give-a-damn about me.

ex-boyfriend 44

I am so angry with my ex, Trent from Saskatchewan. He frequently stood me up when we had plans (with no call to inform me of the change in plans...just leave me standing and waiting) and then would avoid me for days so I would cool off and not be mad. He was very irresponsible and dishonest. After breaking up with him, I found out he was using online dating services the entire we were together..with paid memberships! He was even advertising online for sexual encounters with single or attached women. Great! He refused to give me back the key for my house until I took a male friend with me to get it. I also found out that while we dated, he would come into my house while I was at work (I work nights) and snoop and use my computer. Following the break up, he has been spreading so many nasty rumours about me around the town we live in that are completely untrue. He is even spreading the rumours to people in the city where I am from. I have actually lost friends due to these rumours. I have proof of what he is saying about me and I have proof about him being on the websites while we dated. Did I mention that he took me ring shopping (even told my mom about it) and was moving into my house? And it all started when he had to convince me to date him in the first place...saying he had liked me so much for so long. I fell for all of his lies. Why do people find it so easy to lie?? With all of the people in this town who know about him and his pattern (he does this with every girl he dates...then accuses them of cheating on him), why wouldn't anybody warn me about him? And what do I do about him and the rumours? I feel so helpless!!

did he cheat 45

three months may not be a long time but it game me enough time to develop feelings and care about you. Everything was fine on my part and I was happy as could be. we spent most weekends together talked on the phone everyday. I tried my best to make us work more fool me. I thought I could trust you how wrong can someone be...

Then you just suddenly told me we're over its not working? It only took you over night to change your mind lose the feelings you had for me. I know another girl was to blame but I guess I'll never know the real reason as your reason was excuses I didn't know you at all The grass isn't always greener and I hope you find that out. We not only lost each other but a great friendship we had

Ex-girlfriend 46

I hate the fact that you expect others to be so fucking considerate of your moods. Oh, poor baby! But when the shoes on the other foot its time be practical isn't it darling! Really, I shouldn't be bothered by what other people should, that's right isn't it? I must control these temper tantrums, you know the good person is inside me right, you fucking patronizing bitch. I suppose hiding on the inside of a vodka bottle is coping well right?

I suppose being all lovely and nice to everyone but turning the deeper emotions off when you feel like it and expecting me to just go with you flow and not have my own reactions is normal right you selfish little cow?Forget the fact that I have treated you like a Goddess. Or that I am the only man you can really trust. Fuck that! And now you won't let me know if you are seeing someone else. Smells a bit fucking fishy to me babe. Why do I give a fuck anyway? And why am I being faithful to someone I'm not with? What the fuck is wrong with me? I am angry that I have not got that balls to just fuck off and find someone else. I love you. And it is a weakness. I hope I get to fuck out of my system and you with it. here I go!

ex boyfriend 47

He is just a complete idiot. He lies when he doesn't have to and makes a mess of everything. It's a year and a half later and his crap still finds ways to infiltrate my normally drama free existence. He promised the world and couldn't even deliver the city we live in. He lied to his wife who after 2-1/2 years is still not his ex. He lies to his kids. He lied to me. And now he's been caught. It just didn't have to be that way and that is what really pisses me off. When he let him self be really happy he never lied, but that was the briefest of moments. And now all who have been touched by him are angry.

my husbands ex-wife 48

I am angrry because it is the holiday season. The kids started calling and coming around because they want their presants. My hsubands exwife is still butting in and making my life miserable. She is one low white trash bitch. Every time I ask one of the kids if they will be here for christmas, they say they are going to spend it with their mother. That is fine, I dont really want them here, because all they do is talk about thier mother. I am sick of hearing the virtues of her when I know how low she is. What a cheap whore. She sends messages through the kids (grown) telling my husband how she remembers the good times they had, or that she misses him. They have been divorced for 22 years!! Come on give me a break. She has gone through two or three men since my husband. She told the kids, that she knew my husband better than me. She thinks that she is pretty, she is as tall as she is round. Her hair is long and stringy and thin. She thinks she looks good and believe me. a fourty three year old woman does not look good when she is trying to look eighteen. She dresses inappropriately, for her age. The only job she could find is to drive a school bus, where she hooks up with the young boys that ride the bus toschool. This makes me sick because the boys call her judy buttbomb. They laugh at her behind her back. She drinks on sundays and drives a school bus on monday. I think she is endangering the children. I have thought about turning her in, before she comes in with a hangover and wrecks the bus, hurting someone. Anyway I have vented and hope she gets caught having sexual relationships with her students that ride the bus.

ex-husband 49

Yeah, and my ex-husband emailed me,, when I was out of the state working, that he didn't want to be married anymore. This was one week after he had come there with my children. What a wimpy ass SOB! Then during the separation he whined about not having enough money to live on when he is a multi-millionaire. I was a full time mom during our 20+ marriage as well as a part time professional while he worked 14 hr days building up a big career. I took care of the kids, house, yard, financial stuff and was a faithful wife while he farted around with his work wives. You can bet that I fought hard to get my fair share of the money! But even so I live a financially stressful life while he is living high with his farty GF. He can go shit in a swamp and I hope a 'gator bites his ass!

Insane Ex-wife 50

My boyfriends ex-wife is pathetic. Eight months after their divorce (which she filed for) she calls him screaming angry then crying hysterically, incoherent, drunk most of the time and sometimes threatening to harm herself. She left twenty-six messages on his answering machine and another sixteen on his cell phone in twenty hours time when we went away for one night over the holiday. Why? She needs to get herself a life, move on and grow up. She's a basket-case that no one feels sorry for. It pisses me off because she succeeds in upsetting him to the point that he gets cranky with me when I've done nothing to deserve it.

Ex Wife 51

Dear Amy,

I am angry with you for denying your child a father. I am angry with you for abusing your son. I can't believe you are going to marry ex- con who has been convicted of child abuse himself. It makes me sick to know you enjoy using your child as a pawn. I am angry with you for using a father's love against him. But most importantly I am angry with myself for hating you.


Your Ex Husbands best Wife.

Natasha 52

I am angry at Natasha, a girl I knew since I was 16. (I'm now 24) She is my best friend's cousin's sister. I've cared for her for a long time, and I thought she felt the same way. After all, she showed all the indications, we were close, she held my hand a lot, always looked into my eyes, told me things she didn't tell anyone else, etc. To be fair, she'd met a guy 4 years ago and had a kid by him. He was seriously messed up, and he was kind of a stalker. E-mails, constant calls, the works. They were on and off, and she'd always told me she wasn't sure she loved him, and that I was better than him in every way, so I figured I'd be around if she decided he wasn't right for her. I know it sounds strange, but I figured she was worth it. I thought I knew her, and awhile back, she finally broke up with her boyfriend! I thought, "This might be my chance!" She called me, and told me she wanted to spend New Years with me! Yes!

Fast forward to New Year's.
Natasha and I ended up going to some cowboy bar with my best friend's parents. Not my thing, but decent enough... We danced, had fun, and when the ball dropped, we kissed...and it was the most wonderful, magical moment of my life. Everything just faded away. After that night, we started seeing each other, for a week, and things went pretty good. No, it was great, I played with her son, (he loved me) and we would kiss, cuddle, and talk about what we wanted to do in life, friends became lovers, and for me it was a dream come true. Then Friday came.

I'd spent most of the day after work with Natasha napping with her and her kid, and things seemed pretty cool, then night came and we went outside on the porch, and she told me she wanted to be alone for awhile, and date other people, and she said she wanted to say this to me by e-mail, but since I was there, I might as well hear it. Also, she was going to go back to her ex-boyfriend's place to spend a few days. To top it off, she told me her family put her up to being with me, and she didn't really like me the way I liked her.

Upset and pissed weren't the words for it. I had never been hurt so horribly. To make matters worse, Her aunt told me Natasha went to live with 5 guys + her now boyfriend again, and she'd been talking with him about getting back together the whole time she was seeing me. Gee, thanks. Info I never wanted (or needed) to hear. Her boyfriend then started sending me gloating e-mails about how he got her back and how I lost, or whatever, Then Natasha sent me e-mails saying how I should apologize for thinking bad about her for doing all this to me, and she never wanted to talk to me again. I had never felt so bad in all my life, I hid in my room and didn't eat or sleep for 2 days, I just kinda lay there, pissed at the whole deal. I had done nothing to deserve this, and yet here I was, getting kicked in the nuts constantly, and my family thought it was funny. (Imagine how much that helped.) After that, Natasha's aunt (my best friend's mom came to my house while I was at work, and tried to steal my mother's pills! My mother caught her in the act, and called the cops on her. Wonderful way to cap things off, I tell ya. Imagine having to call your best friend and tell him that, (it wasn't fun.) Luckily, he's mad at his mom, not me. I'm now considering moving away from where I live, to my best friend's place in another state. (as Natasha's family lives only a 5 minute walk away from my house) and I'd really rather not have to see Natasha again. I still feel broken and hurt over this, I knew her for such a long time, and she completely screwed me over! It sounds like I'm whining, (and I hate that, but I just can't get the pain out of my head.

This is the price I paid for being a nice guy, I suppose. Her whole family takes my side on this. They admit she's screwed in the head, and she shouldn't have thrown a great guy like me away, and I appreciate it. However, I still feel played, I'm tired of being people's rebound man, and I told her the only thing I apologized for was knowing her in the first place, and to burn painfully in the flames of Hell, then I blocked her and her bitchboyfriend's e-mails. So there's that.

Women always complain that they can't find nice guys, but when they do they treat them like this and the nice guy disappears...Hmm..wonder why. I am now quite angry and bitter over this, and I hope things get better soon, I don't know how much more of this I can take. I realize I'm not the only one who goes through a broken heart, but damn man, you gotta admit, it's a lot to take in at once. I guess I wanted something I can never have, life isn't like the movies, that's for damn sure. The good guys lose more often than not here, while the villan goes off with the girl.

P.S. I wish the webmaster and his new wife the best, you're a lucky man. Hope your site keeps going. Maybe this new year will hold good tidings for some of us.... God knows some of us could use a brighter future.

stalker ex-boyfriend 53

I can't stand my ex-boyfriend because he's a little dumpling of a man who wants to stalk me for no other reason than the fact that he can't move on. Why would I ever get back with a guy who cries the minute you tell him to get lost? I can do soooooo much better than him. I mean, this guy actually cried in the middle of a club because I didn't want to talk to him. Seriously, who cries in the middle of a club? I'm not talking misty eyed. I mean full on bawling like a five year old that just dropped his ice cream on the ground and watched it get ran over by 18 wheel semi. So this goes out to Sagar of New Jersey: MOVE ON NOW OR I'M CALLING THE COPS!!

Questionably Gay ExBF 54

I'm angry because I found that awful picture of you doing things guys shouldn't be doing to other guys when they're dating women. I don't know if I could have dealt with it in a vacuum, but you made things so much worse with the other things. gay.com?? myfirstanalf___.com? I mean, and you sat there and told me with a straight face that I had nothing to worry about? Fine, so I was blinded by naivete.... and what I thought was love, but you abused my kindness. You drove me crazy. And just when I freaked out and starting fainting due to stress, you took off.

The best part, you heartless jagoff, is that you told people how awful I was. No, actually, what's worse is that you have come after me several times since then. You apologize and throw out pretty words and then you push me away. Push, pull, push, pull. I think you have some very serious issues and should perhaps consider seeing a psychiatrist. You're a total mental case and I'm tired of being pulled into your manipulative web of lies.

Oh, and for the record, I am so absolutely disgusted by that picture. It's fine if you're gay. But don't pull women into your life if you are. Because that's mean and it hurts people. And that makes me incredibly angry. You are a careless person. Take your pretty words that you offer out like rice in a Chinese restaurant.... and eat them.

a horrible ex  55

I am angry at you at myself at the entire situation...How could you? How could you be so cruel? after loving me, which I believe, was with your heart and soul, you just stopped. I understand that relationships donít work out Ė but you traded someone who you said you loved and wanted to spend the rest of your life with for a newer younger blonder model. AND you CHEATED on me and lied about it, then broke up with me over the PHONE while I was on vacation with my parents!!!??? WHO DOES THAT? You are a coward in the worst way possible Ė and then while I was crushed and broken hearted, a mere shell of my former self crying my self to sleep nightly Ė if I even ever got to sleep Ė you were out and about parading her around the city Ė as if I did not even exist and was not a person with real feelingsÖI just donít understand. I donít understand how all of the sudden you were some different. I know this is not a hate site and I donít hate you but I do believe in karma and if there is any ANY justice in the world than I can only sit here and wait patiently for you to get what you deserve.

ex 56

He never calls me. Never wants to talk online but acts romantic around me. Don't get me wrong I'd rather him just tell me he doesn't want me or something but nope he doesn't seem to do that or comprehend that that's what you do. I wish he'd grow up and stop playing games. He does that well. I hate this crap. He's lied to me so much and always accused me of lying. Especially when we weren't together he was seeing someone else and when we got back together he said he didn't but he admitted to hanging out with her. at first then later admitted he was with her. Again I wouldn't be mad if he didn't lie and just told me the truth. But why can't anyone tell the truth anymore?!!!! EVERYONE IS HIDING SOMETHING!!. I had these petty mind games. I'm done.

Men can handle real woman 57

I'm am so flipping angry simply because me and my boyfriend just broke up but he is still hanging out with my mother and telling her to tell me about his new g/f, and how shes so much prettier than i am and blah,blah,blah! he hates me because he thinks that just because i'm dating his cousin now i cheated on him our whole relationships (it wasent the WHLE time) *wink* well i just wish he gets over him self and realizes what a mistake he made, lol but let me tell you i'll never go back to that peice of scum of the bottom of his own ball sack!

ex girlfriend 58

Why am i so damn angry ? Well, we used to live in different cities. So we'd travel 100miles to see each other for 6 months before she made the move to my city. Once moved in and i helped her find a great job,she basically pretends i don't exist and don't matter to her in our apartment, a different damn person. Never having the nerve to talk things through, just ignores me as her partner until i crack after 2 months of this crap. She moves out, leaves me to sort out the apartment etc and bills. Then she calls me months later to meet, i do, says she wants to try again. Even though every part of me says "don't" i say well lets sit down and sort out what the hell went wrong 1st. she agrees. but no, this was a lie, i was the back up guy as i find out she has been out with other guys since. Now u think u know someone, but u have no idea. im still scratching my head about everything, stil angry. its actually changed me towards relationships i hate to say, im now that bitter guy that wont get to emotionally involved and not really give a shit as look how putting your heart and soul into something turns out. what goes up must come down, and i have to say, its hardly worth it in the end.

Ex-Boyfriends 59

ANGRY isn't quite the word for what I'm feeling right now! In fact, I don't think there's a word STRONG enough to describe it; let's, for lack of better phrases and words, say I am DISGUSTED, FED UP, PISSED OFF, AND ANGRY that ex-boyfriends have to behave like pathetic little chicken-shits, rather then the "macho" and "capable" MEN they are SUPPOSED to be! HA HA HA. What a JOKE!

I broke up with this fat-ass, buck-toothed (what teeth he has left, anyway) insensitive, intellectually-challanged (i.e. RETARDED) jerk about two months ago! The split was hostile and bitter, and the day I moved out, I was in no mood to drag my ass. Packed my stuff and left! Stupid me, and yes all you cynics, I know this is partly MY fault, left behind a few things. A few valuable things.

I messaged him several times, both via e-mail and cell phone, asking POLITELY, to return my things. At first, he would reply, but wouldn't give me a definite time of when and where, he would return them. IT HAS BEEN 4 WEEKS NOW, and the fucking pussy has changed his phone number, AND e-mail, so I now have absolutely NO WAY to retrieve my belongings!

I took a ride up there the other night (24 miles away, mind you), hoping to confront this creton and give him a piece of my mind and a swift kick in the ass, but to my surprise, HE DOES NOT LIVE THERE ANYMORE! I COULD HAVE STRANGLED SOMEONE AT THAT POINT, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO REMORSE, PREFERBLY HIM!

I am assuming he has gone back to the "wonderful", "beautiful" (500 lbs of beauty), "faithful" wife he was "divorcing", so that he can get cheated on (with HIS OWN BROTHER; she even had his kid!) and used again. Apparently that is what he prefers, over someone who takes care of their appearance, has a brain, and some motivation. Whatever. I don't fucking care.

But, instead of running away like a little bitch, he could at least be a MAN and face me long enough to do the decent thing, and return my stuff. I am the one who put up with all the bullshit he dished out, and yet I still get fucked over! Christ, I wish some men would either grow a pair, or have a fucking sex change! These freaks have no claim to their gender!

My ex 60

Iím so angry at you for leaving me when I need you the most. Apparently all that we shared for three years, all the love and problems we encountered together couldnít keep you from hurting me the way you did. Too many times I believed you, but I should have known better that people who love you do not wish you bad on your 19th birthday and forget to buy you a present. But how can I forget you when we shared our first big love the first time we had sex, when it meant something to me. Sadly you havenít grown up; you still are a boy, incapable of dealing with problems. I tried breaking up with you, but you kept making me go back. Then you broke up with me, and for six months you kept fooling me that you needed time but you still loved me and we would get back together. What was I to you? Free sex?

A few days ago I really needed to talk to you, you didnít pick up the phone, I was really depressed and I needed you. I needed you so much, I was trembling, wanting to hear your voice. What an idiot I was. You send me an email saying you gave your cell phone to a friend to keep you away from that drama and stuff. Now you send me another e-mail saying: ďI have found a new girl, bye my dear.Ē And I am really angry because she is ugly, fat, and so gullible. Thinking about it, I am angry because you are jealous of the girl you shared so much, yet gave so little. You were always jealous that I am pretty and guys stare at me. You loved to tell me how I was to thin and made fits when I wore skirts or skinny jeans. You hated it because I overshadowed you and now I am mad that you have the guts to blame me for everythingÖbecause I am so difficult. I am angry because you changed so much, that when I look into your eyes I canít figure out where did the old ***go?

I am angry because I know I should not cry a tear for you. Angry that I gave myself to you hoping, I really did, that we would have something special that would last forever. I was such a dreamer, thinking you wouldnít change in California. NowÖI am sick and tired of being depressed, constantly crying, because I am angry that I might never love. It seems like the worse part is not you leaving me, but love leaving me behind. I am angry that I donít believe I would ever find the right guy.

Ex-boyfriend 61

I'm angry cause we broke up, and you made me feel like I was a horrible person, and that I didn't matter to you. I hate you because I opened up to you, and you used it against me. I hate you, cause I've missed you for so long, and now just realized it was a waste of time, because really you aren't who you were pretending to be. I hate you cause I loved you so much. I know that doesn't make sense, but I'm left with all these horrible feelings. I'd like to say I hope the best for you, but I don't..I hope someone makes you feel how you've made me feel. I also hate who I became when I was with you. I hope I never see you again, and that one day, I forget I even knew you.

ex's 62

i'm angry she broke up with me over the phone heartlessly without a single nice word and when i tried to get her back it didnt mean anything to her anymore all the i love you's she said and all the i cannot live without you's that i took to heart shes a heartless bitch. but you know what we should all stop crying and get on with our lives and make somethings of ourselves. Yes thats rigth we should love ourselves and strive to accomplish as much as possible in life.

ex boyfriend 63

I was seeing someone for 5 months who had me completely fooled. I broke up with him two weeks ago because i was tired of him not appreciating things. Over the past two weeks I have tried to get my things back....ya he is such a loser that he didnt even have a bed, so i got him a bed, a kitchen table, a leather recliner, a computer desk, dishes, and pots and pans, adn a tv. Well he left the tv out in the rain today for me to get while he was at his ex girlfriends who apparently is his new girlfriend. And the new girlfriend text messaged me today saying that they have been having sex all along on my bed. Ya thats what they like to do, text message because they dont have the balls to pick up a phone and call. They both are pieces of shit who deserve each other. They are both lunatics and messed up in the head. She used to call me to tell me how messed up he was and I didnt believe her, now I know I should have. Shes just the dumb one for going back with him. At least I will learn something from this...u cant trust anyone. I hope they both rot in hell.

Ex Boyfriend 64

I am beyond angry at my ex. We had dated for 15 months and I think likely the first 3 were the only good ones. During that time he has broken up with me multiple times, then 2 weeks later would said he can't live without me in his life. He has gotten me the worst possible gifts. For example, he tells me that holidays don't mean anything to him but birthdays are the most important day to him and he makes a big deal out of it. So my birhtday comes around and he gives me this lame ass card that says inside he was going to get this or that for me but for whatever excuse he could come up with he didn't but instead he got me the porn channels from the cable company as my gift that should just keep on giving! He was manipulative, selfish, shallow and a complete arse! But I kept going back to him. When he asked me to move in, it took 6 months before it finally happened and after 2 months he told me I had to move out b/c his ex gf (who he has a young daughter with) told him she wasn't comfortable with me there. GET A FUCKING BACKBONE YOU WANKER! So, I move out (gladly by this point) and that started the last few months of slowly not seeing each other until he breaks up with me on my favortive day of the year (St.Paddy's Day) on the weekend we were supposed to go away together. In the entire time we dated, he only came to my place 4x, I would always come to his house. After 2 weeks, he does his usual e-mail to explain how all this somehow was not his fault but the entire world is against him and he just couldn't handle us as well! To J: You need to seriously get some help you FUCKING ARSE! Stop playing games with me, stop calling me stop just stop! I am tired of one week you telling me you need me and then next week telling me you don't "need" but just said it b/c it is what I needed to hear at the time- I don't need to hear any stupid thing that comes out of that ignorant mouth of yours. You are totally oblivious of your total insensitivity to me; I tried, I changed, it was never enough for you. I kept ignoring the ambivilance you felt and I am angry I lost myself over you. I loved you but you need to FUCK OFF FOREVER!

husband's first wife 65

this bitch has been harassing us for 13 years. no matter how much money she gets, she wants more. he got a 30 dollar raise well she wants 15. who the hell goes to court and argues for 15 freekin dollars rather than go out and get a job? she hasn't worked for 8 years.

meanwhile while we had custody of her kid for seven years i worked to support her and we didn't ask for anything from this bitch and we let her see her kid whenever and even drove her if we were going that way because hey we're like NORMAL people.

but the second she gets her back guess what? one day late child support? papers on the door. and she's cheating on her current husband and everybody knows about it even the child and the court couldn't care less. they act like we're crazy and that it's no big deal.

then there was the time she accused of of sexual abuse.. that was a load of laughs and cost 13,000 to defend. yeah folks and why isn't our house fixed up and why don't we have a nice car like her so we must be bad parents oh yeah judge.

plus she is a psycho, kicking out windows and stabbing people with pencils and shit but she moves to a different county and gets custody wtf?? and my husband doesn't stand up to her like i think he should he is scared i can understand that cuz she snuck in his house and stabbed him. not with a pencil with a big fat butcher knife. oh yeah so it was 10 years ago believe me he still wakes up screaming, yeah judge he should be over that by now.

but he got caught smoking pot so she gets the kid, oh smokin a doob that is sooo much worse than being a psycho freak stabbing the shit out of people!! not that i like that either it sucks but goddamn, what is worse, being a dumb doofy guy hurting people by accident or being a dedicated predator trying deliberately to cause another human as much harm as possible???


ex's 66

Ex lovers so damn evil!! They plague you and then your new partner for weeks, months even years after breaking up! They claim to be treated badly by a boyfriend that doesn even exist, 'accidentally' send explicit messages to you intended for said fake boyfriend/s, make up a stalker so you'll walk with them everywhere untill you realise its bulls**t, then threaten to commit suicide all because of you! And what for? To make your life without them as miserable as possible and destroy any new relationship you have the audacity to begin! But when they do this do we ever think 'ohmygod, I miss natasha so much, to hell with my awesome new girlfriend, I have to ask her to marry me now! No! We think 'get a grip you malicious cruel childish little girl and get onto Anger Central. I sorta feel better

Vincent Asshole 67

Vincent I am still extremely LIVID with you! Years ago you knew how i felt about you. All the things you said. When i first met you,i was very very smitten. And i thought you felt the same for me. Some of the fellow officers told me you were single. For a long time, i kept wanted to see you again. Months later i found out you just got married. I never felt so humiliated. You made me look a Fucking Damn Fool!! I heard this from another officer. And another officer told me over and over again you got married. I never felt so hurt, embarrassed and ashamed of all my life. He's another Fucking Jerk!!!!! Like you. He also didn't give a Fucking Shit about my feelings! I felt extremely bad and hurt!

Did he or you Fucking care?? NO!! One night i left or message to call me. What the Fuck you did? You told me NOT to contact you again!!!!! You also said you did'nt know me. You acted like i never even existed in!

Then later i found you told the Fucking police, that i was harassing you!!!!! To this day,I FUCKING HATE YOU!!!!! I HATE you for humiliating me!! If i was such nuisance in your life,Then why the fuck did you said all that BullShit?

 I'm still hurting over this. I hope you get a nasty divorce. I hope your wife leaves your arrogant stuck up ass!!! If only your wife knew what was going on years ago. You are a poor excuse for a human being. I will never forgive you. You sure had your nerve. Accuse me of stalking harassing you. Got married knowingly how i felt about you. I thought i would have chance with you. What did you do. Get married. I never existed at all. You never once thought about me. Expect to make me look stupid. Well thank you for humiliating me. Thank you for breaking my heart. Thank you for hurting my feelings. Thank you for stalking accusation. I hope someday you read this.

*Note from Anger Central
Regards to the "Stalking," you are very close to the line. Walk away and chalk it up to a learning experience. Do NOTHING to harm anyone or violate the laws. You are better then this.


No names so we will just call him "Mr.Wonderful",(or so he thinks!!)I had a 10 year relationship with this man and have 3 wonderful kids with him.I give him credit for alot that he has accomplished, like being clean and sober for 2 yrs now, but since his turn around we have separated and the reason his parents whom he has had nothing to do with since 1992,before I was in the picture and may I also add do not like mixed race people decided to "swoop" in when he was getting treatment and take over, they even tried to tell him I had a new man and it was one of his friends, that caused alot of drama needless to say it broke us up because this relationship is not what he wanted afterall!!!!He still tries to dictate my life and the kids he has no interest in the things they do at school unless he is in the spot light.He spends more time with his friends , in the mirror, on his new motorcycle,or buying himself sneakers that match every outfit he has!He makes me sick the jerk drunk that I loved used to make sure all the bills were paid and that we came first talk about your complete turn-around? What has happened ?All I know is that life really stinks does anyone else feel what I'm saying? It takes everylast bone in my body to keep from knocking him out,seriously.What I would give for him to pick up a beer and DRINK UP


I AM SO pissed at this bitch-in-law, sorry but that is what she is plain and simply. I have been with her son for 10 yrs and in that time we have had 3 awesome kids,in 2003 the bitch and the rest of the family decided that they wanted to have something to do with my boyfriend and our kids at that time the kids were 5,6 and 8 WOOOOOPEEEE!I was totally kicked from the whole piture! I spent Thanksgiving and Christmas afternoons by myself!!I finally worked the nerve to say something to him and he talked to his parents---The response oh I'm sorry she is more than welcome to have come?WHAT? Real cute after the fact!!So New Years I finally met them all was good---or so I thought.You see they don't like me because Iam a mixed race person and that is not normal well half of our US population is!!DUMBASSES.My boyfriend had a drinking problem and decided it was time to do something about it while in treatment they insisted I bring the kids by so they could spend the weekend with them, I did and brought one of his with me so I did not get lost on the way home, The fuck faces told him that I brought my new guy friend with me when my boyfriend got out he thought it would be better to live with his mom and dad for while within three weeks I had papers in my mail box he wanted custody of my kids !!!!!On what grounds? I didn't make enough money to support the kids UUUMMMMM hello This man just got out of rehab!!!!! Needless to say he ended up figuring out what mommy and daddy were all about and I got custody of my kids but when he finally found out about them TOO late he has since lost his job But now acts just like them He thinks he is better than everybody else FUCK OFF To him and his worthless ass tramping hypocondriac mother and stupid fucking father.Let you all rot in hell together!!

Ex Boyfriend 70

I am angry at Mr. Ed, the horse's ass. After I kicked him out for having his new "girlfriend's" phone number all over the celly bill that I WAS PAYING FOR, he strung me along for three years via telephone/ scattered visits, telling me he was in love with me and wanted to come back into my life. I really loved him and bought it. He'd asked me all this time to put myself on a shelf, do without sex, I was 38 and wanted a child, he told me please wait so that we can have a family together. Meanwhile, he went and made a life with some bitch and he is totally unhappy. I call and try to maintain being friends but the ASSHOLE is cruel, sardonic, ascerbic, and seething to me. At the same time he tells me he wants to remain friends? Mr. Ed: You were a waste of THREE YEARS and I should have gone off and had the baby I always wanted WITH ANOTHER PERSON WHO ACTUALLY CARED. You and that bitch can rot in your own filth! *She has one of those hoarding behaviors and when I saw their place once there was shit everywhere, so much you had to make a path through it*. You are IGNORANT WHITE TRASH and I WASTED MY PRECIOUS TIME ON YOU. I WILL HATE YOU UNTIL I DIE.

Ex Boyfriend 71

I am angry because I had the perfect relationship 5 years ago , the perfect man. I was so blind that I let you go. Now I would give anything to have you back. I feel so angry with myself , sometimes I want to cry and in the silent of the night I pray God that someday you think of me and might call me. I know that I will love you forever, you will always be my true love and I will always be the idiot that let you go.

ex boyfriend 72

I am angry because of the year I just spent with my ex boyfriend. I was 17 when I first started seeing him, and he was 25. His life was a damn mess and he seemed like he was going to get it all back together. One thing lead to another and he ended up moving into my dads house with me. After staying there for about 5months we had to ask him to leave because he wasn't paying rent and his money kept on disappearing. After he moved out of my house he floated around and we still dated. As time went on he just got more and more whiney and I just couldn't take it anymore. I stuck through it until recently he got another job at a hotel, which he lives at as well. Things started to get better but his money was still mia. After I opened my eyes I actually tried to find out where it was going. To my horror it turns out that he had been doing crack and cocaine the entire time behind my back. I never felt such a whole in my heart, I've never trusted anyone all that much, and for the first time I actually did just to find out that too much trust results in having a crakhead for a bf...

Horrible ex fiancť' 73

I did everything for him. We were together for nearly three years, and during that time, he made every excuse he could to not get a job, to not go to school, to not do ANYTHING except spend time with me (between my classes/job) and spend time with friends (drunk, every night).

He lied to me about everything. I spent thousands on him. Yes, I'm smarter now. I'm no longer a doormat. The asshole has other people paying for his lifestyle now. I hope karma bites him in his worthless ass.

Ex Lover 74

I hate you because the way you made me feel. You made me doubt my worth as a person. You just dropped into nowhereland and left me to rot as I repeatedly called you hoping for an explaination. You couldnt even give me a fucking explaination! Did you really think I was obsessivly calling you to stay with you!?! You're fucking scum you fucking jerk. I feel like a worthless piece of shit because I told people you broke my heart. You broke my motherfucking heart. Not because I loved you, but because I cared and you couldn't even give me fucking closure. You have ruined relationships for me. If it wasnt for you, I'm sure I wouldnt be petrified of getting close to someone. I shared my world with you and you treated me like a piece of worthless trash. Thank you, for potentialy ruining my future loves in my life. Godfucking damnit I wish I never met your sorry ass. Then it just wouldnt hurt so damned much

The Worst 75

I am furious with my boyfriend, I'll call him "S". I just broke up with him for the final time. We were together almost 3 years, I just got back from being at the cottage for 5 days and when I got back he was in a very bad mood so I was asking what was wong , what did I do? He would just say"I am just mad at the world", we went to bed and he would'nt come near me, but that is normal I have done experiments and not touched him for days and in return I don't get touched... so the bad mood went on for 2 days and on the second day we had reservations at a hotel, so we went, I begged him to come out of it,to try and let it go, crying like a baby telling him how painful it is to be treated like this, and all I got from him was indifference and hate. He has never said "I love you" even though I begged for it, and if I asked he would say yes he would say he did. He was emotionally withholding. He says such nice sweet things to me only when he's high! Now I will mention some of the horible things he has done in the past: I had surgery, but we had a little fight right before, so I had to take a taxi back and take care of myself and he did'nt call me for 2 weeks.. did'nt let me meet his mom for 2 years, hung out with ex at last years christmas, when he could have come to my house, has physically abused me, took me to the wedding of a man who raped me and I did'nt know who he was!! Has cheated on me, abused my dog, used me like crazy!!! I might come back, because there is so much more and I need to purge this crap!! I am done with "S"!

The lowest ex-husband 76

I divorced my ex-husband over seven years ago. We have two children who are 11 & 12 years of age. Due to the high cost of living in CA, we are relocating to VA. The kids have always lived with me, and spent minimal weekends with their father. Needless to say, they chose to stay with me and move to VA. We are scheduled to leave on Monday 7/31, to make the journey across the US, and my ex-husband came by tonight and took my daughters dog. He gave her the dog as a puppy, and because we moved to an apartment, the dog has been staying with him for the last year. Last week I picked the animal up, starved half to death flea ridden and took him home with me, bathed him, shaved him, bought frontline to control the fleas, and bought enough food to feed him well through August. Now the police will not do anything because it is a civil matter, so my daughter is reduced to tears. She saw the condition of the dog when I brought him home, and she has been the one feeding him to ensure he is no longer starving. Well now he is gone, and her father is not returning any of the calls to her or any of us. I am frustrated and angry, and do not want my kids to see my rage. I just hope he is happy with himself, and feels satisfied that he broke the best little girls heart in the world!

*Note from Anger Central
Might we suggest a call to the ASPCA?

Bastard Love Interest 77

This FUCKER that i know off, let's call him R. I have pined for R as long as i can remember, and I can remember tripping over myself just to be with R and talk with R because his mere presence gives me the light of day. You can get my point that I was pretty infatuated with R.

Anyway, R has relocated to another continent and, even though I had expressed my feelings for R before he left, and after he promised me to keep in touch via e-mail, he didn't reply to any of my desperate emails for a whole fucking YEAR.

Alright, I could manage. I could manage the immense heartbreak and the worry for R. Not that he cared in any way. I send one last hopeful mail and when he FINALLY sends me back an e-mail after a whole year, it's a crappy little birthday reminder junk mail that's registered to his name. I e-mail him, and that's when he finally corresponds to a happy little me.

After a total of 9 e-mails, he stops. Even when I went over to the same continent as he was, he didn't even bother to call or even write a bloody fucking letter. Thie ruined the whole of my holiday as I had wild fantasies of say, meeting up with R and catching up with the last year that he ignored me.

So then, he recently comes to visit my country. And...he doesn't tell me that he's visiting even though we IMed each other last week, doesn't even call me (I kept my mobile number for the sake that he should call me) and he goes and snogs my friend and roclaims his undying love for each other. How do I know all this? It's because the bimbo friend of mine told me.

When Bimbo asked R about me and said hi for me, R goes, "She still remembers me?" and that's it. OF COURSE I REMEMBER YOU, ASSHOLE!!! I have dilligently e-mailed and IMed you in the hopes of getting to know you better and ask continously about your life and you can't even bother to remember me?! Bimbo doesn't speak to you for years and you wind up loving her madly during the three-hour interval you had met up with her?! Fuck you!

I don't know why I still obsess over R. I can't even fathom why I still even give a damn about him! It turns out that he blossomed from an ugly, typical, average fuck into some sizzling, tall Romeo. I was infatuated by ugly, average fuck and I'm still infatuated by sizzling Romeo. My feelings haven't changed a bit and I'm pissed off that he doesn't even acknowledge that! Bastard still doesn't remember my birthday.

Ex-Girlfriend 78

What the fuck? I don't even know what happened. We date for 2 years EVERYTHING is perfect. We barely fight. We love each other. We love being with each other. We can handle each other. You tell all of mine and your friends how we are so happy. How YOU are so happy. You weren't manipulative. You weren't a liar. You were a good innocent person. You enjoyed sex and wanted to have it more than I did (which I thought was impossible). Then BAM. Out of nowhere. We break up. No explanation but its mutual that we should take a break, but we still act like we're dating so we go back out. Then one day you don't call me (you always did every morning to wake me up just to say 'I love you'). I don't hear from you ever again. You won't answer me and you ignore me. I don't exist to you anymore. You just plain flat out leave me with a confuse and broken sloppy heart. I CANNOT get over this without any closure. I've tried and tried so many times and so many way. I've tried to ignore my heart. But I just cant anymore. I just CANT. I cant ignore what my heart is always feeling for. I want to forget. I want to leave this behind but its so fucking heavy on my heart and my conscience. It wont go away. Why did you leave me like this? I loved you. I LOVED YOU. I thought you were so different from the rest. Apparently you're just like them all. What a disappointment. How can I forget this? How could you forget is? Goodbye.

ex bf 79

My ex B..That'll work out for this subject. Yes B is my ex boyfriend who consistently lied and belittled me. He's one of those arrogant types...always the best and correct. I used to drink once in awhile... But anytime I did he'd tell me I couldn't talk to him and we should break up.. This was pathetic because...After we broke up....We got back together and he started getting drunk and using hard drugs all the time. I never did once while we were together..only drank a few times if any. He was such a hyprocrite all the time. He belittled my going into a Community College...But he doesn't even work or go to college. At least I have a life ahead of me B. You belittle my intelligence and you can't live up to being in a top University like you said you can..You don't even go to school. Any bit of enjoyment I had he would consistently belittle my tastes... Always... Anything you can think of...Music, games etc.. Alwyas he was better and he had better taste...Who cares.. fuck. He was A Pathological Liar I found out... He lied about major events in his life, he lied to his brother about me doing something to him I didn't, Lied about everything he could, Abuse..major black lies. I am not low enough to really say them... But fnally I ended our ties and when I did he as always placed the blame on me. It wasn't me it was you. After I broke up with him he called me later on to break up with me...which was very much like him. Making no sense and pathetic..I'm done with him completely. He tried to pull a pity party on me as Borderlines tend to do. He was very abusive in odd ways...telling me I was too weak and pathetic at times. Just plain belittling me. Funny enough back to our break up my neew wonderful bf was at my house when he broke up...It was great and finally I can breathe. I'm angry at him to this day because of the time I wasted on him...The feelings I had for him were lies and i'm not hurt at all..I just am embarrased for him....and he'll realize someday that no other girl will put up with that either...He isn't as intelligent as he brags about. B remember how stupid I was? Well I had the brains to give you up and if I were as dumb as you claimed I would still be wasting my precious time on you and your pitiful self.

my ex-husband 80

I am angry at my ex husband for many things. But there is one thing that i am most angry that and it will never fade. After, abusing me and controlling my life. He dare to said in front of the judge that he wasn't sure if our baby is his. Oh my god! I was so mad and hurt, it feels like part of me couldn't believe what he just said. i feel so hurt that i just break down and couldn't even look at myself and the mirror and said whatever. but i prove him wrong. He was trying to be a smart ass, so that he wouldn't paid child support. god was on my side though god prove him wrong. i am happily married now with my husband, he love my daughter very much and together we just have a new born. i just wish that one day my ex see his website and know how angry i am with him. How can a guy hate his own child so much just becaue he hate the mom?

EX Boyfriend & EX Friend 81

I am angry at my EX boyfriend because we were in a relationship for a while and he told me he wanted to have kids and get married, so we planned on it. I just found out that Im pregnant with HIS kid and everything was fine until he met my 'so called' friend Cheyenne. Well, I didnt trust him because at the begining of our relationship he cheated on me with his EX, and then the other day he told me he thought I was a whore when we first started dating. Then, the very next day one of my other friends told me he was going out with Cheyenne. I was really REALLY heartbroken considering the previous day he told me how much he actually loved me. He broke up with Cheyenne and me and him started going back out. A week past and we thought things werent right between us, so we decided to break it off until we thought things through. Well, the next day I went to my friends house and had fun with some of my friends. He told me he had sex with Cheyenne, and that he wants to have a commited relationship with her now. He tells me he will still be there dor the baby...but he doesnt want anything to do with me. I think he will as soon as he gets everything figured out because, he tells me hes sorry. I love him more than anything on the planet. I told him I wanted to have his kids, I told him I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. I really hope things work out soon, because this is really putting alot of stress on me. I just wonder...did he really love me? Did he really want to spend the rest of his life with me, or does he want to with this slut? Thats why I am angry.

ex-boyfriend 82

I have never felt so much pain in my entire life. I never knew just how much a broken heart could actually hurt until now thanks to my mean ex. Since he ended our relationship everything has gone down the shitter; it's been over 6 months and I'm still trying to pick up the pieces. I can't eat, sleep or even think properly anymore thanks to him. People even commented on my weight loss.

The reason he wanted to break up? His asshole buddy had to fuck up our relationship by sayin we never argued which supposedly was 'WRONG'. Him being my exe's friend unfortunally influenced him.I'm sorry, but since when has this motherfucker been a relationship expert? AAAHHH,it makes me soo goddamm angry.

Then my ex decides to rip my fragile little heart apart by saying he wasn't ready 4 a 'real' relationship.NO BUT HE'D RATHER PISS ABOUT WITH STD-INFECTED STUPID SLUTTY WHORES.Then a few months after we broke up I find out he has a new bitch of a gf!WTF?What the fuck did our relationship EVER mean to you?!? You never,ever even bothered to at least call me ONCE to see whether I was ok.NO TEXTS, FONE CALLS, LETTERS, NOTHING. Not even a birthday card. How can you be so HEARTLESS and 4get about me soo quick while I'm still sittin here cryin over you. I hope you realise your mistake 1 day and bitterly regret it.

My husbands ex horror 83

Im angry because my husbands ex is a pain in the ass. She Has four kids from different fathers and she only wants them for child support. She never buys them anything she uses the money to go out. Her oldest child is 10 and he already has 3 felonies. I know "10" and he already has felonies. She does not know one shit about racing kids. She has been with about 5 men after she divorced my husband. We are worried for the kids. I wish she would read this and get a grip. Jessica put your dirty ass feet in the ground and learn how to be a mother you dirty slut. Life is not about money. Fucking Vega wake up and smell the coffee your kids need you not a dirty bitch who is selfish and only cares about money.

My EX Must Die! 84

I am so fucking angry I want to blow up the whole world. Or at least the little, miserable corner of the Bronx where my ex-boyfriend lives---That lying, freeloading, vicious back-stabbing, washed-up, fat, old whore! I supported him for four years, took care of him, nursed him back to mental, physical, and financial health, then when Iím taking care of my grandmother while sheís dying, he does off and has an affair! And thatís not enough. Once he starts his affair he starts demanding that we move across country, at my expense of course, so that he can be closer to this other guy! He actually expected me to give up my whole life and get myself thousands of dollars in debt to move us across country so that he could be with someone else. Then while my grandmother is on her deathbed, he goes on vacation to go be with his other boyfriend (mind you he refuses to pay rent or bills, but has money for vacations and drugs!). She dies, while Iím holding her hand and talking her through her death, and heís busy screwing someone else! And while heís gone all his friends tell me theyíre so sorry for me that heís leaving me and not coming back! News to me! I wish! Then he comes back like heís doing me some big fucking favor! Oh thanks! Then I decide to give him one last chance, and explain to him that look, you have to help and pay rent. Itís not fair. His response is to throw it in my face that heís cheating on me! I packed up all my stuff in one hour and walked out! Now he wants to be friends! Whatever that means. Cause now I find he had this blog where he would ridicule me behind my back. Unbelievable. But the thing that has me the maddest is Iím really mad at myself for allowing myself to be treated like this! Thanks!

my fucking bum ex boyfriend 85

I started dating this guy when i was 16. He fucking got me on drugs, ruined my modeling career and moved into my parents house. we housed and fed him for two years, cleaned him up and everything. He drove my car and used my cell phone for two years. When i told him he had to quit drinking and smoking pot or I would leave him, he ignored me. The last 6 months i asked him to get out of our home and he wouldn't, he said he had nowhere to go. I loved him and didn't have the heart to kick him out. I had lost all my friends, so i made a new one. He slept with her and one day without any warning never came back and moved in with her. i fucking hate him so fucking much, i wanted him gone and i'm better off but not even as much as a fucking goodbye or thank you to me and my family. they can live a happy chemically dependent life together, i hope they fucking die

Loser Boyfriend 86

I am so angry!!! We broke up yesterday. Over the last 2.5 years that I was a sucker to be with him, he cheated on me several times with several people, gave me an STI which luckily I could get rid of, stole and lied to me and would not let me have any freedom whatsoever. I loved this man with all my heart, but he is a pig! I would have definitely broke this off sooner had I not gotten pregnant with his twins. Now I have to support us all on my own with no help from him cause he can never ever get a job and keep it for more than a month or 2 two or three times a year. God, I feel like such a sucker

Unfaithful Assholes 87

And that is putting it "lightly". If anyone knows of a stronger description for an unfaithful, lying sack of shit who should just crawl back under the rock he came from, let me know! You know who I'm talking about....JOE....hope you read this, you ignorant, self-centered dickweed!

Fucking married jack-asses screw around on their wives, and then blame the "other woman" when they get caught. Of all the fucking nerve!!!! It takes 2 to tango, dim-wit!!! Why should your victims pay for YOUR choices, decisions, and fuck-ups??? Hmmm??? We don't have to! It's YOUR decision to fuck around. No one has tied you up and FORCED you, you fat-ass piece of whale blubber! HOW DARE YOU FUCKING TAKE OUT YOUR BULLSHIT LIFE (which is one never-ending lie), on ME?

Tell me to lie to your fucking wife....tell her it was a wrong number. And I was stupid enough to do it! Just the audacity of you, you fat-ass, limp-dick! I'd like to have your nerve and arrogance. I could conquer the world! Ugg. Men....if you're going to get married, TAKE THE FUCKING VOWS SERIOUSLY! If ya can't do that, or have even the slightest inkling that you might not be able to, then don't victimize two innocent people when you discover your infidelity problem. Because I didn't cause it, and I can't solve it. Sew your fucking crotch up; I don't care. BUT, DON'T YOU DARE TAKE IT OUT ON ME, THAT YOU CAN'T KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS, mother-fucker!

 And yes, your wife is finally going to find out what kind of scum-sucking maggot she's married to. That way, she'll still have a chance at finding someone OTHER THEN YOU, who might actually be decent and HONEST. I hope to find someone, too. Lying prick. Go fuck yourself and the horse ya rode in on.

One Man I Ever Loved 88

I'm still so angry at you and it has been over six months since you left!! Not that you left but you made me leave!! I lost it all, our kids are now yours, our home you have, our friends are no longer mine. We had it all and we dreamt so big together. I wish you would come back and that our worlds could be one again. I thought I was strong and when I realized that you were going to win the fight it made me so mad at you. I have nothing and yet you expected us to be friends after five years!!! I haven't seen or heard from you in 6 weeks now. I wish I could hear your voice again. I wish I didn't feel this way - to be mad or in love with someone means they are still in your life....I wish I felt nothing so that you would be gone.

Ex bf 89

When will he ever learn?? Story is, he and I used to go out, and that only lasted 1 month. Before that we were very good and close friends, and dear lord, but no one had warned me that going out with a close friend is the worst thing you could do!

So after we broke up, he and I decided we'd become friends again, just like before. Of course that never worked out. I even cried a few times because of what he'd done or said to me!!!

He keeps saying how he wants us to be mates and all, but really I don't think he's even fucking trying, what with all the careless remarks and comments to me that makes me cry!

And, one time i was telling him about how i had a dispute with this girl, and that i'm no longer talking to her and , i totally feel his support and sympathy. NOT!her friends, he never believed me, not even a single word. NEVER. All he had to say after my long story was "oh, that's terrible." WTF??? Omg

Worst part? He now has a girlfriend of 2 months, who also happened to be of the same nationality as me, AND that she's only 15, compared to him being 18! So basically, i'd feel pretty inferior considering that i now feel like a freakin' second-hand cos i'm an older version of Asian girls, therefore 'second-hand'. Turns out his new gf 'hates speaking' her own mother tongue, AND that she's one of those teen wannabes who think they run the whole freakin' school.

And, NOW my ex has to pester me! He gets me to talk dirty with him just so he can 'get off', and continues to flirt with me and texts me- even at 2am when i'm asleep! I so should've deleted him from my contacts a LONG time ago. Once, i told him, "don't you have your girlfriend to do that (talk dirty etc) for you?" and he just acted as if he hadn't heard me! I've even warned him that his gf could find out and once threatened to tell her!  I should never have met him in the first place, so I didn't have to go through all this fucking pain- and for what? Just so i'd learn not to be so trusting in the future!!! Well i've learnt my lesson alright. Ha, I told him one time that I'm glad i'm never going out with him again, and he took that seriously.TAKE THAT YOU ARSEHOLE! LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU BASTARD!!! GO FUCK YOUR OWN UNDERAGED GF FOR ALL I CARE, JUST PISS OFF!

Ex-Boyfriend - Wasting 11 years of my life 90

I guess I'm more angry with myself then with him. I knew 2-3 years ago that the passion was diminishing, no romance, no intimacy just this mundane relationship. I should've ended it a long long time ago. Instead we got engaged nearly two years ago however he recently determined after years of me suggesting therapy or working out our issues that 'things' weren't going to work. So a few days before Christmas and about 6 months or so before we were to wed he decides he needs to 'find himself'. I'm angry because I spent a third of my life with him, angry that after he asked me to move in (5 yrs ago) that he wants me out in 2 months. Angry that he believes he is being noble by 'letting me stay' in his house of which I've contributed a sizable amount for revamps/renovations. On top of that - he is interested/dating (I'm sure has done more) in a co-worker who is 25. He actually said that he would like a relationship that is 'challenging'. Who the hell says that? I got a challenge for you. Try sleeping with a clear conscience after what you've done to me. It hasn't even been a month and he wants to know if I've found a place. WTF!? My saving grace is knowing that what goes around comes around and I will be soo much independent and stronger for this. He was never supportive - emotionally, or physically. He was anti-social and after the first 4 years stopped the wooing/romantic process. I hope the next chick doesn't waste as much time as I did with him. He will never be happy because he is selfish and a miserable person. Thank you for setting me free you bastard!

ex-boyfriends a hyporcrite 91

Ok, so my ex boyfriend and I decided to try and be friends after we broke up. I mean, over all he is a relativly cool guy. But now he is just pissing me off! He says he wants to do one thing and then when I say ok, he goes and wants to do something else. He said he wanted to only talk in person because we were having to many fucking conversations by texting and shit, now when I say I want to meet up to talk, hes like "god, we are having a fucking conversation on the phone (texting). Why do you want to go ruin it by meet up in person?" FUCKING DUCHE! MAKE UP YOUR GODDAMNED MIND! He cant take the blame for anything; everything is my fault. It could be raining outside and he would blame that shit on me.

And another thing is his fucking ex-girlfriend. When we first started going out, he would only talk shit about her and say what a horrible person she was. This went on for the first month or so. Then, when we had our first big fight, we agreed to meet up in person to talk things through. Then he read a comment my cousin posted about him on myspace. It kinda said that he was over reacting about things and needed to calm the fuck down. Then he told me it was all my fault and he didnt want to see me. So I was trying to convince him to come talk to me. He finally agreed but said "your lucky I have an awesome ex-girlfriend. She calmed me down enough to talk to you. " awesome ex-girlfriend? What happend to the bitch ex girlfriend you told me all about? huh BABE? So it turns out he had been talking to her for a while and they were all buddy buddy again. DAMMIT I HATE GUYS RIGHT NOW. I think I am swearing them off and going lesbian.

Lance A Boil Part Deux 92

I finally managed to kick Lance to the curb a couple years ago. Does he go away? Hell no. The idiot, every time, will leave me alone for months then, just as I'm close to feeling normal and living a normal life (whatever that is) he pops back up in the picture. Or tries to, anyway. He could truly fuck up a wet dream.

He claims that he has all these friends in high places who will pounce and put me in my place if I dare to talk about how he treated me or how he is trying to fuck with me now. and he supposedly has a girlfriend now so he doesn't want me anymore. And this is supposed to hurt me..... HOW??? He's also "sorry" for the way he treated me, and I should believe him.... WHY?? If you are truly serious about getting on with your life and being happy with your present girlfriend then GET A LIFE!!!! FUCK OFF AND GO AWAY!!!!! DO NOT TALK TO ME, PERIOD! I could care less.

*Note from Anger Central
You might want to let him know about the various anti-stalker laws out there and that a court order would be rather annoying. If he doesn't get the hint, slap him with a restraining order. Then he can post here about how angry he is at you. :)

Katie 93

I am soooo damn angry because...

My boyfriend of two years and I recently broke up. I am devastated. One of the issues surrounding our break up was his need to date other people-to see what is out there if you will. We discussed this and decided that is what we would do this summer. Little did I know he got a head start back in January. With KATIE.

I knew I didn't like her because she was always leaving him little flirtatious messages. My boyfriend kept telling me I was being ridiculous-that they were just friends. Turns out I wasn't being so ridiculous. He went to a movie with her, and had phone convos with her. He asked her, if he broke up with me, if she would go out with him. And of course, she said yes.

Now I know, I know, I should be mad at my boyfriend. But I am also livid with her. She is 19, a freshman in college, and average looking. True, she is 5'9 and skinny, but as far as facial features go, I am far more beautiful. AND I am 22-more of a woman than her teenaged ass. And I am a reporter. And she is a fucking freshman at some shitty state school. I, obviously, have it going on. And she sucks. And most importantly, she doesn't know shit about my boyfriend, aside from the fact that he is cute and funny. And she thinks she can just fucking flirt with a guy who is attached? Does she now know how zealous I am about our love? Does she not know that you just are not supposed to do that to another chick? Does she not know that if I ever lay eyes on her I will level her ass?

GUESS NOT. Well, Katie dear, ignorance is not bliss. Keep your dirty paws away from what is not yours.

There's a chance the ex and I will get back together, and from that day forward, as God as my witness, I will not allow her to communicate with him. Or else.

*Note from Anger Central
Now now, no threats of violence please. We don't need the subpoena, thank you very much. And as a reporter, you really need to check your spelling.

ex-girlfriend possessed by Evil 94

My girlfriend of 5 years has recently invited the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Ė Cheeseburger, French Fries, Ice Cream and of course the insidious Ho-Ho - into my once healthy home. Apparently about 2 years ago she was sitting at a cafť harmlessly eating a garden salad when the Mark of the Beast (McD****ds) laid itís unholy eyes upon her. Within minutes she was forced to partake of the unholy sacrament (Big Mac Combo), which lodged itself within her bosom (actually her stomach). Yea within a fortnight (read: 3 days) itís unholy brethren (Pizza) was summoned forth and lo they became Legion. And verily Pestilence (Take Out) covered the land (she went from 120lbs to 180lbs+ in under 2 years).

Exorcism of the Demon (~60lbs of congealed blubber) has proven futile. Verily I anointed her with the Word of the Lord (Jenny Craig) but the Demon has proven to be a trickster and crafty beyond the yen of mortal men (a few weeks later a couple boxes of frozen Ho-Hos and several gallons of ice-cream snuck into my downstairs freezer and hid themselves under packs of frozen veges).

A second exorcism (Weight Watchers) also failed to cast out the Stain (they would actually drive directly from Weight Watchers to the buffet Chinese restaurant). And verily she was cast from the inner circle for the Legion caused her to Speak in Tongues and offended those who wished to pay homage (she was fired from her job as a sales manager for being rude to a customer who asked her not to eat while assisting her).

Since that time the Evil (watching TV all day and ordering fast-food on my credit card when Iím at work) has continued to reveal itself and the cries of the dammed (bitching, moaning, whining, complaining etc) are manifest. And lo the tax collectors of Rome (******* county) made known their displeasure (you sit around all day, never help with the bills or groceries but still have cash for a 2-week $2500.00 Ďgirls onlyí holiday in Cancun with your stupid friends).

And there the Evil Spirit has found home amongst the shadow and ashes (sheís been off work for over a year and despite having a university degree refuses to look for a job and just sits there collecting unemployment insurance).

ÖAnd there while alone she was visited by many (I just found out that she been having an affair with a former co-worker while Iíve been holding down a night job in addition to my full time day job to help pay for her car)Ö..

ÖAnd there her portrait appeared and despite being bathed failed to depart (you took pictures of you and your b/f having sex in my house with my camera Ė guess what bi**ch an HD card is only empty when you remember to empty the trash!)

ÖAnd verily her portrait was shared amongst the masses (Iíve emailed copies to everyone on your mailing list Ė including your parents)

My Hope of Salvation (throwing your fat a** out of my house) is nigh, for she has been condemned to the Pit of Sulfur and Brimstone (listen up buttskank Iíve packed your bags, changed the locks and had my lawyer sign your stuff into storage - go live with your chubby-ass sister and her loser husband and get out of my life). Bwahahahahahaha!

p.s. The motions were filed the day you left and the county sheriff will serve your papers as soon as you clear customs. Iíve been told that itís not a good idea for me to be there in person but still I wish I could see the look on your face. BTW: I also faxed a copy of your $2500.00 Ďgirls-onlyí holiday trip to the county unemployment insurance office Ė have fun collecting. Bwahahahahahaha!

*Note from Anger Central
When we saw this one come in we couldn't wait to post it! This has to be one of the best rants we have seen in a long time. If the papers haven't been served as of this posting, may we recommend a close friend go with the sheriff with a video camera? This will be a classic YouTube moment!
Oh screw this! It's going up tonight!!

Former boyfriend 95

I am angry at my former boyfriend because he is self-righteous and hypocritical and doesn't see it. He started out about marriage, kids, values, how good a Catholic he is, how he would never sleep with someone unless he felt strongly about them and cared deeply. Fast forward to our sleeping together, me spending 1000s of dollars to fly up and visit him (on his invitation), his introducing me to his daughter and family, and he starts acting like a jerk, doing subtly mean things, but yet still talking a good talk. He was reeling me in verbally but his actions were pushing me away. Of course, I saw it, but I didn't want to see it at the time. I am so angry at him for being over 40 years old and still not knowing himself, for not having worked out his divorce in his head (that happened 10 years ago), and I'm mad at myself for not recognizing everything sooner and telling me to go to Hades.

Ex Boyfriend 96

He told me two weeks that we should go on a break. We met up to "talk" a few days later and he had mentioned that we shouldn't have sex or date anyone else at this point because we are just on a break and will eventually get back together. His words... so a few days later I phoned him and asked him about our situation, he said he is not gonna say anything at this point. I didn't phone him for a few more days but then he phoned me. He said that we can get together on Tuesday and that he misses me.

Tuesday comes along and he phones me but he says that he can't hang out today but will phone me later to "talk". The phone call never came so I phoned him and he didn't pick up. And then I received a text message from his phone and this is what it said.

"This is Len's girlfriend I think Len should come by and drop off your stuff so you can get some closure"

When did he get a girlfriend, why did he lead me into thinking that we are going to get back together. Asshole!! And a coward...he had to get his "girlfriend to break up with me". Whatever...I'm better off, I just miss him and I hate how things turned out..

But I will find someone better...

I Hate My EX girlfriend 97

a few weeks ago my girlfriend and I had a a bit of an argument on saturday evening everything said she took the wrong way , in the final week we were together she wrote out this really long lists that contained all my faults in the relationship , OK so I'm very very imature , I'm too childish , I'm too closed minded I don't give things a chance , I tryed to be someone I wasn't , and a whole bunch of other crap that she already knew about before we started going out she knew me for nearly 2 years as neutral friends & bassically she knew what I was like and should've known what to expect , anyway cos things didn't go t,o well that saturday we both decided that it was best all round if I didn't stay over night and just saw her on monday so everything went fine on monday we made up and did everything together then fast forward to Tuesday morning she calls me to tell me how great yeaterday was and she was glad we fixed things , late on Tuesday night I got back from shopping cos I was going on vacation exactly a week later anyway I got back my cell beeped me and It was a text from her saying YOU'RE DUMPED and that was it I got no contact for nearly a week and she tried bullshitting me with saying it was an accident she didn't mean to do it like that she must think I'm a real dipshit if she thought I was gonna buy that and I didn't enjoy the holiday either cos I was grieving over her now I hate her guts I did everything I could in that relationship and I just get Kicked in the Fucking Teeth for my trouble I put everything on hold every monday so that I could go and see her all the way in Bedworth ( north warwickshire UK ) paid £ 10 .00 in bus fare and Put up with a load of shit from her when I'd only been there for about 5 minutes , I wasn't happy before she came into my life but I wasn't misserable on anything like the scale I was during about the final 3 weeks of the relationship I'd became more and more misserable and then after her finishing got a hell of alot worse but now I just feel angry and bitter towards her , Kim if you are Reading this FUCK YOU I HATE YOUR FUCKING GUTS YOU LOUSY UNGRATEFUL SKANKY BITCH I HOPE YOU FAIL AT COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY AND YOUR LIFE SUCKS EVEN MORE THAN IT DOES OR BETTER STILL I KNOW YOU SLEEP AROUND ALOT I HOPE YOU GET INFECTED AND DIE YOU VILE SLUT

ex girlfriend 98

I was this girl for six and a half years, I was going to ask her to marry me but she found out about it and wrote me an email saying she's not ready to get married. Two months later she decides she doesn't want to be in a relationship right now, she wants to go to law school and figure out what she wants to do with her life. So she broke up with me through an email and completely stopped talking to me. I'm going crazy and it doesn't seem to bother her at all. Basically I've discovered she is a heartless bitch and I guess I was wrong about her for the past 6 years. So she can go to hell.

Brigitte 99

I once loved her, but now I hate her...detest her. Hell there is not a word in the English language strong enough to convey to you how much I despise this bitch. Why, you ask? Well for four years I wasted my youth with her. I put up with her fat future faggot bratty ass kid, in fact I put my goals and dreams on hold to support her and her fuck trophy (from a previous marriage mind you), basically abandoned my friends to be with her, when all I was was live in dick/babysitter. I sacrificed a lot and and for what? her to turn her back on me when needed her the most. FUCK YOU BRIGITTE, I HOPE YOU DIE A SLOW, PAINFUL AGONIZING DEATH!

bitch ex-wife 100

That slut is turning my son against me. Why? because SHE left me and is jealous that I moved on and re-married to a beautiful woman who my son adores. So what does she do? She refuses to let me see my son. I've tried to get the courts to intervene, but we all know how fair family courts are to men, and on top of it being black is another strike.

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