Exchange student from Austria

 OK, so we thought this will be great! It started off well, he is really nice, thoughtful and helpful around the house, that's great. Then his mother returned to Austria, and it started. He eats us out of house and home. It doesn't matter what we buy for ourselves or even if it is for our 3yr old son, he will eat it, without asking as well. you go to have some, or get it and it's gone. He eats 2 bowls of yogurt and museli and 8 pieces of toast in the morning, after school, another 2 bowls of yogurt and museli, 2 packets of magi noodles. He has gone through all our stuff and just uses what he wants when he wants. he has even gone through my sons room.

Just so you know the student is 17 years old. He did not bother to get us Easter presents, meanwhile we spent 30 dollars on him. We drive him to school every morning, an hour each way so 4 hours of driving every day, no thank yous nothing just, I need to go to this party etc, He has taken over our computer, downloading 500 songs when he only here for 6 months, and telling us that maybe we should get a bigger plan to accommodate him. He takes pictures of himself on his phone downloads them to the computer and then looks at them repeatedly (we watch him from the couch and laugh) we can never use the computer when we need to, (we run 3 businesses form home) when we tell him we need to use the computer he just says uh huh and will not move.

He challenges everything you tell him to do, eg please rinse the plates J$#%^N. Him: Why should I do That? what I want to reply: BECAUSE IT'S MY FU*%KING HOUSE! but I can't. If he wants me to take him some where and I can't he will ask why and what I am doing that I can't take him. he constantly expects us to pay for everything from phone credit to wanted items and we get no financial assistance from his parents for his stay, no petrol money no food money, he gets 100 dollars a week from his parents to do what he wants with. And we pay him for the work he does in our business ( he complains that it is not as good as Austria )

I am so sick to death of having to deal with him. Our lives are suffering because of him. and we still have 2 months to go before he goes home. his parents have just spent 3 weeks in Italy yet they can't give us money for his costs. They expect us to still look after him while they go around Australia before they take him home, but they can't give us money. He breaks things and doesn't tell you, he spilt a full 2 liter bottle of cordial on our 3,000 kitchen rug and didn't tell us. We finally figured out why the rug was sticky after we noticed the cordial bottle missing. He is SO rude! I just can not get over it. It goes so much further than the little things I have mentioned. Never Ever Again. NEVER thanks for this awesome site, :)

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"Ready! Fire! Aim!
Congratulations, you have just encountered what is commonly known as "Eurotrash".

Eurotrash: noun.

  1. "A certain people and outlook, those who are products of a sneering, overly-socialized culture who take perverse pride in their stylized, postmodern, lazy lifestyles, and those who would choose to emulate this."

  2. "Post-modern, degenerate, trendy, or out-of-style European cultural phenomena masquerading as avant-garde High Art. Its origins are primarily German/Austrian but have extended to France, Scandinavia, and Italy with success

  3. "A human sub-phylum characterized by its apparent affluence, worldliness, social affectation and addiction to fashion. Males are characterized by a semi-slovenly appearance (including half-shaven faces), greasy hair, rib-hugging shirts, tight jeans and loafers worn without socks. Women are easily distinguished by anorexia, over-bleached hair, gaudy jewelry, plastic surgery (particularly breast-enlargement) and their attachment to the male species. Both sexes greet each other with “air kisses,” immediately speak of their last trip (often Paris, Rome, Majorca), spend hours at “see-and-be-seen” restaurants and exhibit a world-weariness and pained sense of irony."

  4. "Superficial, arrogant, narcissistic, well dressed, metrosexual, says "darling" to all women, drinks wine during the day, wears tight clothing (especially jeans), doesn't wear sneakers other than to work-out"

  5. "(oxi-moron) One whose effortlessly impeccable style, tasteful understated elegance, and continent-hopping savoir vivre, is manifested in one's daily presentation---including, but not limited to: choice of words (few and articulate; loudness only permitted for Italians...from Italy, not Jersey); multilingual accent (reflecting upbringing by French nanny, German-Swiss headmaster at boarding school in St. Moritz, and a touch of "ivy-league American" from countless summers at parent's Easthampton residence and study period at Brown); choice of clothing (at least 3 pieces orchestrated in natural fabrics of varying textures and varying coordinated colors--but not varying quality--only the finest, bien sur); places frequented (ultra-modern Ian Schrager hang-outs, gourmet shops, 'historical districts', museum cafes, etc.; not Starbucks; never shopping malls); lack of familiarity with cheap, disposable pop-culture ('Britney who?'); and of course, a command of the "I-don't-know-what": loafers without socks; cigarette smoked like '40's film star; collars on polo shirts turned upwards; selects unadvertised fragrances; almost entirely void of visible logos (exceptions: family crest or personal monogram; crocodile, polo player, and "G") employs the 'kiss on either cheek' greeting. The word Eurotrash should only be used on the west side of 'the pond' and in relation to the bland, Puritan, mass-marketed, shrink-wrap ped, petit-bourgeois style rampant in America."

The above definitions were located at the Urban Dictionary

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