Most employees are decent and hard-working. But there are some lazy ass pricks that are under the delusion that not only does God, the Government and their mother owe them, so does their company and boss! Well F**K OFF! All the damn lawyers have made it impossible to fire your ass, because you can sue if I look at you the wrong way! Time for some F*cking TORT REFORM! Sometimes (not often) I wish I was an employer in some third world country, so when my employee pisses me off, I could kick their ass out the door--literally.

Thanks Anger Central!

*Note from Anger Central
You're welcome.


If I get any extra charges on my credit card statement for anything I didn't buy.. I will know the first person to accuse. I know that bitch doesn't like me, and she's probably STUPID enough to use my credit card # and name to buy something online (I'm sure she was thinking about it when she was staring at my card on the cash register). I KNOW A WAY of finding out.. so no one can fool me. I feel like backfisting her. A tip to everyone: be VERY CAREFUL who you give your credit card to when you buy something.

Even if she doesn't buy anything with it and decides to spread crap about my name online.. people should have enough sense not to believe every bit of BULLSHIT they come across, especially on the Internet or from people who don't even personally know someone. At least half the stuff on the Internet MUST BE BULLSHIT.. are you so naive? Unfortunately, many people are too stupid to consider or find out the truth of something and spread it anyway.

excuses 3

I'm not sure what category this falls under so I'll leave that to you. I'm angry because i'm a manager of a small business and what REALLY pisses me off is lateness from my employees and the retarded, silly excuses they come up with. Here's a few:

  1. I forgot to put gas in my car the night before and ran out this morning.

  2. The fog was really bad and I had to drive slower.
    (Then if you KNOW it's foggy out when you wake up LEAVE A LITTLE EARLIER11)

  3. I was fighting with my girlfriend all night and didn't get any sleep so I slept in. (Well that sure is my problem isn't !!)

  4. I thought today was a holiday. (that is my all time favorite.)

These people must think I just climbed out of the banana tree and the worst thing is is that I have to answer to the owner when he looks at the time cards and asks me why the fuck these people are always late and why I can't control it. Well I can't fire the whole shop, I just keep growling everyday and listening to these asshole excuses. Maybe if I let a few go then the rest will smarten up. They're lucky they don't have MY boss. Thanks for letting me rant.

*Note from Anger Central
The fog one could be real. Sometimes the weather forecast screws that one up where we live. As for the others, fire them!

employees 4

Damn employees, why is so so hard to show up and do your job, I don't care your girlfriend is mad at you who cares she's ugly anyways. do your job you buffoon or like Donald ill fire your ass. damn people are just stupid today hell maybe I should do the job myself and fire all there asses.
But I am too damn stupid. and the worst part is I have to pay them for being monkeys that couldn't eat a banana if it was peeled but they forget I am the one that has to write the paycheck maybe someday ill use there excuse " I forgot" and not pay them on a Friday yea , that's the answer because stress balls are a damn joke threw that stupid thing out the window.

employees 5

I manage a business and we are quite productive but you know what REALLY PRICKS ME OFF? Some people treat the plant like it is a dump. I had to go away on business the other day and when I came back the plant looked the WWE had just had wrestlemania in there. There was tools and supplies strewn all over the fucking place. My boss the owner is a neat freak and if he EVER saw that my ass would be grass. Last week I went out and bought a pack of pens because I got fucking tired of hearing people say to each other "Got a pen". TWO DAYS LATER I got up from my desk and went out to the production area and what the fuck did I hear? "Got a pen Ralph?" I think they all lost part of their hearing after I went ballistic. I don't even want to know what I'd find underneath tables and presses and cabinets if I ever decided to look. I'd probably be able to have a fucking yard sale! They're going to shape up or they're going to hit the road Jack!!! Fucking pigs!!

lazy employees 6

Why is it that this day and age employees do not want to work for their pay check? We own a restaurant and it seem to be getting worse and worse. just last week, we caught a chef making free meals for his father and friend. What happened when we pulled them up? Fuk you they said, i'm not putting up with this shit and then they walked out. Oh! thats right, how dare we say anything, we can afford for staff to feed their familys! And then their was the staff member who was in debt to a bunch of bikies due to drugs. So how did they pay the bikies back? With our food of coarse! Including fresh meats.A broken fingernail will stop people from working these days, but come a public holiday, they will find any excuse to keep working, oh i think the carpet is a bit dirty in thet corner over there, I better stay and clean it. But I suppose with wages only getting less and the cost of living getting higher, theres no real incentive these days. no wonder people are happy on the dole.

Staff are Never Happy!!! 7

I own a medium sized trucking company with 20 employees. We buy all the best equipment, then it gets broken damaged or lost. We pay the highest wages in the industry, But they're all still broke because they piss it away at the bar. We provide medical and dental plans, Yet they never goto the dentist. We have monthly meetings to find out what's on their mind, but they save all the real problems for the bar and never share thier concerns even though we want them to!!!

Every Christmas we throw a big party but everyone complains about the venue or food. We always ask the staff for ideas on what they want to do, but they can't think of anything. So this year we had a simple brunch. Then when I heard all the complaining ((WHY ARE WE HAVING BREAKFAST??? THAT SUCKS!! WHY CAN'T WE DO SOMETHING ELSE??)) Fucking lazy pot smoking, functional alchoholic morons!!!

I started off as a trucker 16 years ago and worked my way up to the top. They are unprofessional slobs who will never be more than a bunch of sticks in the mud. Forget trying to make them happy. No wonder bosses become assholes. It is much easier than giving a shit!!

Employees 8

People make me angry. I don't want to be a manager anymore, in fact, I'm aiming not to be a manager in next job. They're a liability.

I have this one FUCKER, who never does any real work - you have to spend loads of time chasing him up for weeks, then if he ever does it, spend twice as long fixing and correcting it. He had some work to do today - he got it at 12pm and he had ages to do it - sent me a fucking email at 11pm saying "please find attached my work" ... and forgets to attach it, with some whiney bullshit about being out of the office tomorrow and not being back until late evening


He brings out the worst in me, seriously, wormy cock-munching shitfaced excusing bullshitter. Fucker. I just sent him a polite email suggesting he's a fool and forgotten to attach his work, but you know what the worst thing is? I hate myself for not being more of a bastard to him and bollocking him. I wish I could tell him he's a lazy fucker with no social skills, tact or integrity. Brown-nosing yet does nothing. All I end up doing is give him a slight sliver of my frustration but just want to say

"no. that's bollocks. go sit in the corner"

My stupid assistant drives me nuts 9

My assistant drives me nuts. she doesn't remember shit, except to answer her cell phone. Never does she what she did or the facts our f'ing cases! Then when questioned, and she can't remember, hello, she acts like my questions or f'ing mental chess, i.e., she acts superior! Like I have f'ing problem. Well, her problems start at home with her f'ing meth boyfriend with meth mouth--hey may be that's the reason, she can't remember shit and has a princess attituide. F'ing A! Why do have to put up with this shit! My boss tolerates too much and would never believe that she might be doing drugs, can't remember shit, and is always late. Then acts superior superior when confronted with her incompetency! Wow meth is good shit! too bad it rots your brain and teeth!

My damned assistant 10

My assistant is a stupid, control freak princess who, when told to do things a certain way, for a good reason, still does it her own way without discussing it with me first, rolling her eyes all the way. She answers to MY boss too, and has worked out that if she is rude enough to me I won't approach her with work I want done, then pretends to get angry when I do the work myself (I guess because not doing it would make her look bad in the eyes of our boss - much better that I appear to be the bad guy.) She is also, this way, making me appear incompetent - i.e. the boss thinks I can't delegate! I know it is professional jealousy - she would love to make the money I do etc., but she hasn't got the goods. Her designs and writing are naff, she's slow. She can't manage time. Infuriating. She is a short, dumpy, middle aged frump with numerous issues.

Employees 11

I am a young, female in a frontline management position for a large company. For the most part, the employees at the place I work are wonderful - great attitudes, easy to get along with, hard workers.

There is only one person I do not get along with. This person is the source of my ire. He is what my parents would call a "shit disturber". The type of person who loves to cause trouble, push the limits, bend the rules. They are never responsible for their mistakes and will lie, cheat and steal without remorse (and lie, cheat and steal more when caught).

This man is twice my age and has worked in the field I am in for some time. He has been in management before, and therefore believes that he knows everything there is to know about my job. He then proceeds to judge everything I do, and make loud pronouncements to anyone who will listen (including my superiors) about my performance. Fortunately, my superiors are aware of his personality type and take everything he says with a grain of salt.

Within 2 months of being hired, he was the shop steward for our department. He was also on the safety committee. He used his "authority" through these positions to cause endless grief for myself and my co-workers. EVERYTHING is his problem, even if it has nothing to do with him. If you are talking to someone across the room, he will walk across the room and stand directly between you and the person you are talking to just to listen to your conversation. Despite the fact that he recently quit both the union and safety committee position because they were "too stressful", he continues to act as though he has some sort of authority... which he does not.

The worst thing about the situation is that he is of a minority, and therefore has made himself practically untouchable. Short of doing something blatantly illegal, he cannot get in trouble; my managers are too afraid that the discrimination card might be played. This has angered his co-workers since now it seems like he can do things against our policies and get away with them. I have been told that I am "biased" and am not allowed to discipline him in any way. Yet I am his direct supervisor - figure that one out.

My only consolation is this (and I hope that it eats him alive and keeps him awake at night): I am half his age, I am of a gender that he considers inferior... and I am already making more money a year than he has IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE. When I am his age, it is likely that I will be a manager of an entire department or possibly facility, making six figures a year... and he? Judging from the way he behaves at work, he probably won't have enough money to support his retirement and will be working at McDonald's just to make ends meet.

It probably drives him insane. He is extremely vain, and very proud of his current (the highest in his life) wage. I hope he chews nails every time he sees me smiling, knowing full well that he will never, ever surpass my accomplishments.

You know what? I'm not angry any more.

Student Worker 12

We have a student worker who when we can get work out of her is great. The girl will come on time but proceed to talk anbout her disfunctional family in the most annoying nasal voice there is. SHUT UP AND GET TO WORK ALREADY! I don't care about your soap opera reject family. I have had to deal with worst problems in my life but I leave those at home. You are not paid to gab for 30 minutes at a time especially since you are here only 5 hours a day. Your graduation day can't come soon enough.

Stupid employees! 13

I don't like any of these employees at this stupid ass job i have! They are all ugly, ghetto, stupid, old, fat, gay, dumb, ignorant, etc! i want to be around good looking, classy, intelligent people, like myself.... but for some reason, never am! FML!! why can't i ever get what i want!?

Lazy Employees 14

I have worked very hard over the years to get where I am today. I am a partial owner and manager of a small company in the construction field, and up until now we've only had a few employees, all of them decent people who are competent in what they do. Lately we have hired on a few more employees as our business is expanding. Why are these people so lazy, ungrateful, and inept? I'm heavily pregnant right now and I still do more work on site than these bums! The funniest thing was one day when I went out to supervise some newbs, and clearly they didnt know I own 49% of the company. They just figured I was a regular employee and started whining and bitching about work right away. They were on the jobsite that day to cut down a tree, with brand new top of the line equiptment to do the job. After 20 minutes they dull the chainsaw blade and start crying about how hard the work is. I suggest they get the filing kit out of the truck and tighten the chain while they're at it. They look at me like I'm on crack and say, "This is insane. The boss should have got a big loader in here to do the job." and I replied, "Do you know how much that would cost? For a small tree like this we are using saws, not renting a loader." Than later on the same day I offer to grab everyone a coffee, and before I get in the truck one of them says to me, "Hey we should see how long we can 'milk' this job for." Meaning lets stand around doing nothing/working as slowly as possible to rip off the company because we're lazy, horrible pricks. I said that would be pretty fucking stupid since I'd be milking myself, and if you are incapable of working hourly unsupervised than I'll be changing your rate of pay to piece work only. Lol the look on their faces!!! Suddenly it dawned on them that I'm not just your average peon in a hardhat, I'm the forewoman! You should really be careful about what you say at work, especially if you don't yet understand the company heirarchy. In any case they've since been let go for lazy bullshit excuses and not doing their work. The excuses ranged from "I had to sleep on a church bench last night and got no sleep because of my drug addicted roomates, to I just broke up with my girlfriend and I can't work until my bloodwork comes back." I am not here to babysit you and your problems buddy - I'm only interested in results and quality workmanship. Leave your personal problems at home, for fucks sake. If all your interested in is doing the least amount of work for the most amount of money possible than go work as a gas jockey or at a fast food joint.

Unprofessional Old and Fat Kroger Employ 15

All I wanted to do at Kroger was to get a certain amount of soda off with their deal and get some money off with some coupons, but this fat and old as fuck bastard working at Kroger clearly can't do a goddamn thing right and has to be a fucking asshole too. He then says that he doesn't understand how coupons work when clearly the amount was totaling up on the screen but this stupid motherfucker clearly can't get that in his brainless head. Then he asks why I even bother shopping here buying pop from here and not get pop from his house? First of all you stupid fat fuck why are you even working here if you can't figure out how digital coupons work as well as telling me not to buy pop here. Why don't you quit your goddamn job if you're going to act that unprofessional and disgruntled. I told the manager about this fat, miserable old fucktard and hope he gets fired because Kroger doesn't need unprofessional dickheads like this bastard working their if he can't even act professional and knows what he's fucking doing; if it was Legal I would rip that mustache right off of his face and beat the hell out of him for how dumb he is. If you're too old and stupid and don't know how to act professional than you have no business having a job in the first place.

Ghetto Trash Pizza Hut Worker 16

I am so pissed off at this stupid ghetto trash lowlife bitch who decided to piss me off by fucking up my order, I said I wanted no cheese and not only does she have a fucking attitude with me over cheese because she's too goddamn lazy and selfish, she threatened to call the cops on me over a fucking Pizza. Bitch if it was me working here and I didn't put cheese on your Pizza; you would call the Cops on me because obviously all of you low IQ losers clearly have a obsession with misusing emergency lines when it comes to food; you know what it's obvious Ghetto Trash like you don't deserve a job because obviously you're too goddamn fucking stupid to do that right, also fuck KFC too I will no longer give any fast food places where a bunch of uneducated, pot smoking hood rats work because they clearly don't know how to act professional and they wonder why they're always broke too. Also I remember seeing video of a some fat cow of a manager harassing customers at a Burger King over their order or a Dollar Tree Manager being a bitch to customers. You Fatass fucking cows don't deserve to be managers of nothing, you all need a fucking sledgehammer taken to your fat fucking stomachs; and also to the fucking Ghetto Trash bitch I hope you get shot for being a piece of trash; ya'll act like you're tryin to make a living yet you all still screw that up because you Ghetto Rats are too goddamn stupid and also fuck Black Lives Matter too because unless you all get some goddamn sense and actually get your goddamn shit together than you know what maybe ya'll would actually have something in your life to be proud of but since ya'll are too fucking stupid, guess what you ain't get nothing from me.

Nasty Applebees Employee 17

I went to order food from Applebees Carside to go and saw a man with no shirt on and his pants sagging down revealing his Underwear. I was so grossed out and to make things more appalling, the sagging man was an Applebees employee. thankfully that wasn't who served me my food, but if it was I would not accept any food from him and instead ask him to put a belt on because nobody wants to see your dirty underwear out in public. My God doesn't anybody ever wear belts anymore, or know how to use them? Employees please wear pants that fit and most importantly, WEAR A BELT.

Christmas Decoration Store 18

I am so pissed because I was at the Mall and wanted to take a look inside this nice Christmas Decoration Store and this soy boy faggot worker gets in my business telling me I can't take pictures so I left. This is a fucking Christmas decoration Store ok first of all no employee has any right to harass customers with their phones and what they do is none of your damn business. Ok first of all you all have cameras and shit to catch shoplifters and if people take pictures it's usually to show their friends places and even get you more customers but guess what you aren't getting any more customers since you think it's ok to bother and harass customers for having their phones out and you know what I would encourage all don't go to these types of stores because these idiots clearly don't want customers so just avoid them and take your business elsewhere, fuck this store and the soy boy faggot who ruined my day.

Racist Ex Employee 19

So you want to know why you were fired it's simple we don't get customers in this restaurant because you wear one of those stupid Trump Hats. Guess what you wear that Hat and you can take your racist redneck ass somewhere where you can get hired not in my restaurant and also don't you ever call my employees Illegal Immigrants because the only Illegal I see is anyone wearing Trump Hats and I have thrown out many of these inbred hicks and stupid old men from my restaurant and if you dare call ICE I will put a restraining order on you and have you arrested. I have no tollerence for Russian controlled Republicans and Racists Rednecks in my Restaurant and I hope your Uncle is burning in Hell for being the Uncle of a Racist Loser such as yourself.

*Note from Anger Central
Well, We have another barking moonbat. Typical of your ilk, you see a Trump supporter and you scream racist.
As for getting a restraining order? If this person has hard evidence that you are in violation of federal statutes, you're the one who will be needing a lawyer.
Your threat to file a restraining order if this person calls ICE will be thrown out by the courts. In fact, you could be charged with obstructing a federal investigation.
The problem with the Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazis such as yourself is you project what you are onto others.
I have yet to meet a liberal such as yourself who wasn't an out and out racist.

Fast Food Employees Bathing in Sinks 20

What is it with this trend of Fast Food Workers filming themselves taking a bath in the sink at the restaurant they work at? Recently a Wendy's Employee got himself in Hot Water after he posted a video of himself bathing in the sink at Wendys, now I want to know why are the employees doing this shit when they should be doing their damn jobs? I mean number one I remember years ago some ex Burger King Employee got himself fired for taking a bath in the sink at Burger King yeah that guy got fired and I don't know if any company would hire someone after learning that they got fired for taking a bath in the sink. I mean would you hire someone who got fired from their previous job for bathing in the sink? I wouldn't hire somebody who would get the health inspector on my ass just because they care more about their views on YouTube or Tik Tok than their Paycheck at their regular job.

Now just imagine if you were eating at Wendys and saw the employees bathing in the sink ? Would you eat there Mr. Webmaster and imagine the outrage if those employees began walking around the restaurant naked. Fast Food Employees please take a bath at home or ask someone to take a shower at their place not in the sink of the restaurant that you work at.

Lazy Air Conditioning Repairman Never Showed Up 21

My Air Conditioner started malfunctioning last week when it didn't blow any cold air and the temperature on my thermometer kept rising so I called an Air Conditioning repair service to schedule an appointment and they said they would arrive at a certain time.

Hours passed by and I tried calling them and I received no answer and then their office closed which meant that these bums never showed up when they were supposed to to come fix my air conditioner.

The next day I called and again no answer so I left them a message on their answering machine telling them i'll go find a different repair company since this one is too goddamn lazy and incompetent to do their fucking job.

It really makes me so fucking mad when companies take advantage of their customers who's air conditioning isn't working properly and needs repaired before summer starts. I wonder how these lazy ass employees provide for their families since they are so goddamn lazy and don't care about their jobs, and never show up when they said they were going to show up and never bother to answer their fucking phones.

You know why a lot of companies lose money it's because of lazy, incompetent employees who don't care about the customers or their jobs. If we had more harder working employees who did care about their customers or answer their phone and let you know if they weren't going to show up and reschedule but since employees nowadays would rather take advantage of their customers and never show up or answer their phones, it's easy to see why these companies lose money, and i'll find an Air Conditioning company who can and will do their jobs.

Foodfair Employees Arguing 22

I was getting a few groceries at Foodfair and as I was looking for sausage I heard two Foodfair Employees arguing and cussing within earshot. Now I would normally ignore arguments in a grocery store but this was between employees who were arguing over their jobs and saying fuck to eachother which is unprofessional and inappropriate while on the job.

Like seriously nobody in the store wants to hear two employees argue, keep your fucking affairs at the door.

I told a cashier what happened and she was very upset and will let the manager know because there is no excuse for arguing and cussing while on the job in front of customers.

*Note from Anger Central
Sorry, couldn't resist. :)

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