Mailing list "Elitists"

I'm angry because these dickbelts think that they are better than everyone else. They think that they are sohhhh privileged, well guess what dickbelt? You are just another humanoid! No better than the rest of us who are trying to learn something and all you can say is RTFM?

They think they know it all, but in truth, they know nothing, they just want to make the whole damn globe think that they do. These self-righteous fagins have no use to you and I, so we are best avoiding having anything to do with them, killfile them, or at best make fun of them, but don't take anything they say to heart, they are not even real persons.

I believe in reading all manuals involved with what you are doing, but if it does not make any sense, I WILL ask for help, and if you tell me RTFM, you will see my killfile, and I will not ever help you when I become an expert, if there is really any such thing. Because Mr./Ms. RTFM, you are the one who needs educating worse than I do.

katie paula and jens mom

my mom works her fucking ass off so she can have riding lessons with me at our stable because its fucking ridiculously high priced. the little brat who gets her own horse katie never stops fucking bragging about her pony and how EVERYTHING has to be perfect for her. i cant help tack the horse up because "shes sensitive and she needs experienced people to." ive had 5 fucking more years than shes ever had but because i WORK to be around horses im fucking shit to her and she treats me like it too. paula, my trainer, favors her because shes fucking loaded and shes going to pay the stable shitloads of money for her horse to be taken care of, and then she never even fucking thanks the people that clean up her shit. katie, if youre reading this, GO TO HELL

and jens mom: who the hell do you think you are? your daughter has no talent so youre bitter to the people who spend hours working for one fucking lesson while your daughter gets her 2 ponies and rides gd noes how many times a week because youre fucking money makes up for any talent she might ever need. then whenever i have a problem you look at me like im shit because im not as fucking rich as you and i might never get to own a horse. and paula, you bitch, you just go along with whoever has the money. you dont have anything but the stable for you, so you think you can treat anyone who cant afford their own horse like crap. favor the rich ones, theyre the ones that can afford the outrageous boarding fees at your stable. stuck up bitches, fuck you all

Self righteous people 3

I am sick and tired of self righteous jackasses who run, walk, jog and bicycle down the road in my way I have to slow down to 15 miles an hour or less and they will not get the hell out of the way, so I won't run their fancy asses down and get sued.

They think they are being so healthy, when they are breathing in car fumes. I believe the little bastards want to show off how pc they are. That makes me SICK. GO FIND A DAMN PARK AND GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!!!!!! They think it is all about them. I NOT am talking about people who HAVE to ride a bicycle to get to work or home, but FANCY PANTS DO-GOODERS WHO WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT THEY SOOOOO WONDERFUL, SCREW THEM.

The Gym 4

Ok so what the fuck. All these fuckers in the gym that are roided out of their mind give everyone dirty fucking looks every 20 seconds. They think their tough shit when there in their but when someone like me who does just as much weight on every exercise or even more WITHOUT THE HELP OF STEROIDS they decide to give me the hairy fucking eyeball and get in my way and throw their pussy ass weights around me when I'm trying to exercise. WTF dude Don't be angry at me because I'm younger and stronger than you were at my age. I train fucking hard and sacrifice alot and endure a shit ton of pain to get 2 my strength and health. don't think your billy fucking badass when your lifting weights and you don't have to pay attention to what the hell is going on around you and you end up hitting me in the fucking leg because your ass is swinging the weight off the rack and aren't PAYING ATTENTION TO WHO ELSE IS IN THE GYM..YOU PIECE OF SHIT. Fuck you and your steroids i'm a real man i don't use that shit i can get big w/o it because i have the heart for it, don't be pissed at me because of that. And when your damn girlfriend checks me out and how fucking hardcore i am in their don't get all passive aggressive with my ass I'll snap your fucking neck. I don't give a shit how strong you think you are when you square up with me you'll get your block knocked off you can guarantee that. So try me fucking meathead i may not have the mass but i got strength and quickness and I'll knock your big pissed off ass out. Learn how to spell your fucking name you idiotic steel lifting needle in the ass roid raging jackass.

Entitled Black Women 5

I am so angry at fucking Black Women and how they think White Women are entitled when these dumbass loudmouth bitches are way worse. Hey Black Women if someone needs to get something at a store than guess what that doesn't give you the right to tell them to step away from you; you don't own the goddamn store you rude ass trashy bitch. Clearly most of you blacks are so goddamn uneducated and most of you spent more time in school getting into fights and being disrespectful and less time learning. So I say how about you get out of my goddamn way you uneducated piece of trash and she slaps me and I hit her back. Listen here bitch you want to start a fight i'll be sure to beat the fuck out of you, and to the uneducated woman at Target who went apeshit on a white woman in front of her Kid, I would beat the fuck out of you and take a pair of pliers and rip every one of your teeth out of your gums and punch you in your throat. Hell I think all Black women needs to have their teeth ripped out of their gums and a punch to the throat and to choke on their own blood.

You know fucking Black Women really are nothing but garbage they expect all men to treat them like Queens and instead of treating their Men like Kings they instead treat them like their ATMs. Most Black Women don't even look for intimate relationships they just look for whatever Man they can sleep with and have a baby and go on Maury Povich to find who's the baby's daddy. Most Black Women are Prostitutes and instead of finding a Man they can start a family with they instead sell themselves for sex. Also to a ranter on here talking about some Crackwhore on here. That bitch is no friend to anyone she sounds like pure uneducated trash and if I ever find whatever Brothel this bitch named Liza is prostituting herself at, I will be sure to rip every one of her teeth out of her mouth and punch her right in the throat, believe me I will fight Black Women and these loudmouth entitled bitches really need to get what's coming to them. Also to you idiot Teen Mothers who got Pregnant in Middle School yeah most of them are black and let me tell you this you stupid ass N word bitches need to wait until you are in your 20s or 30s before having your first child when you find a real man to fall in love with, get married, and have a family. Maybe then you ignorant trashy bitches won't be on Maury Povich crying all because you can't find your baby's daddy. Grow the Fuck Up Black Women the entire world doesn't revolve around you.

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