Handicapped Drivers

I cannot stand being behind handicapped drivers. Most of them turn corners as slow as molasses, and a great many of them have hit there brakes in front of me while trying to merge onto a damn interstate, where everyone is going at least 70 mph. You think you can merge at 30 mph? I would love to see that in my rear view mirror as you idiots are bore down upon be a tractor trailer. EAT MY DUST! And can you at least drive the goddamn speed limit when other people can't pass you!? They act like they're afraid of driving, for fear they'll hurt themselves and acquire more disabilities. And to you fags who are going to try to reply to this and call me a prick and an asshole, UP YOURS! This is not intended for all handicapped people, just the ones who drive like lobotomized chickenshits!

New Car Owners 2

I'm getting tired of it all. I go to a local food mart and find some prick in a new vehicle takes 2-4 spots for their new car. Hey, I do understand their desire to keep it nice, but "Hey doofus, you'd better treat others good, otherwise you'll get keyed like crazy again and again!" I'm not complaining about the SUVs, but ALL NEW CAR OWNERS! Like I said. "Park it right, or say goodnight!" (To your paint job that is)

Interstate Drivers 3

I have to drive 40 minutes of interstate every day to and from work. This lovely hour and 20 minutes each day is spent with some Indy 500 driver on my ass the entire time. If I can smell what you ate for breakfast, YOU ARE TOO DAMN CLOSE. Do you really need to drive at 100 miles over the speed limit? All of the interstate I travel on to and from work is all 55mph. One stretch is a hang out for state troopers and i see at least 2-3 troopers in the morning and 2-3 at night. Why are you riding my ass flashing your lights for me to get out of the way or speed up when there is a free lane beside you? I don't drive in the HOV lane. But after 8am its free to everyone. Get in the HOV and pass me you asshole. And please make sure you are doing at least 75 when you go by the state troopers to make your ticket worth while!

I'm so sick of driving 65 all the way to work with some guy on my ass flashing his lights and honking because he's too damn lazy to get in the left lane next to me to pass me.

Get off my ass people! This is not the Indy 500. Where are you going where you need to drive 80 miles an hour to get there? Oh your headed to work? Do you really want to get there THAT bad? Trust me, I've never been that eager to get to work!

People that speed and drink drive 4

I am angry at those people who think speeding and drink driving is "cool". Those who think that should be branded as "Morons". Many people have been killed because of exactly that. Unless all you men and women wake up to the fact that this is not cool, you will one day wind up in a car accident and either kill yourselves, your mates or lose your license. Don't speed and drink drive...it will be too late when you kill yourselves.

*Note from Anger Central
As long as these idiots only kill themselves and do no harm to others or their property, let them kill themselves. It will help clean out the gene pool.

Bus Drivers 5

Bus drivers are the lowest form of humanity.

I'm so pissed off and full of loathing for them, because of their immoral, backstabbing, two-faced way of life that seems to be a requirement for the job. They fuck with your head, lie like a rug, and expect you to just put up with it!!!! If you for some reason decide to stand up for yourself, watch out! They'll all gang up on you and twist shit around to make YOU look like the bad one! The irony is, you were the one wronged!

It seems unionized people these days can do no wrong, and get away with anything, from lying about an std to cheating on your wife! America is truely going to Hell in a handbasket! There is no justice in this country, none at all, especially with freaks like the ones who work for the public transit system in Maine. The invasion has begun and the madness is spreading, people! And there's nothing decent folk can do about it!

Drivers 6

Ever have those days in the neighborhood when everyone puts junk out on the street? Well, if you're gonna look at it, WALK down the street! Don't drive! I was on my way home from school today, very excited to be in my own house. This stupid woman was going 5 MILES AN HOUR, RIDING her brakes, looking at all the shit on the side of the road. We were in a residential area, so passing was not a possibility. SO, I beep the horn, just a little beep, to give her the message that I'm in a hurry. So what does she do? She flicks me off and goes even SLOWER! I finally found a side street to to turn off on to get away from this freak. If junk is that important to you, take your damned time and WALK down the street and look. DO NOT block the freaking road!

Driving way to slow has got to be the one of the worst mistakes drivers make. It's like, yeah, go the speed limit, but you also have to go w/ the flow of traffic! If traffic is moving at 35 miles per hour, DO NOT go 20! When the light turns green, GO! Don't sit there and wait 10 seconds before you decided to move. Don't go 5...then 10...then 20...hit the accelerator! Move the car! Maybe I'm just impatient, but green means go, and I am just fine with speeding ahead. Some of us have places to GO! Turning, too. It isn't necessary to slam on the breaks going around turns. Don't worry! Your car's not going to flip over! You're not going to careen out of control! Just turn at a normal speed!

Bad Drivers 7

How hard is it to comprehend speed limit signs in a city? I'm not talking about speeders (they're the good drivers, BTW) I'm talking about those morons ahead of me who REFUSE to reach even within 5 MPH of the posted limit. And of course, if they do somehow manage to reach it, it takes them a full mile just to accelerate to that point. Literally. Goddamnit, you assholes. Get off the road, and let those of us who need to be somewhere actually GET there!

Drivers that hog the road 8

These morons piss me off! Who the fuck do they think they are! We have to share the road, your car cannot take up all of the road. You don't own the road for fucks sake. Just because there is no line in the middle of the road or if there are no other cars on the road, doesn't give you the fucking permission to take up all of the road! Learn to fucking drive morons!

Drivers from Ohio 9

All Ohio drivers should be pulled from their cars and shot at the side of the road if they leave their state. Why? Because you will never, ever, meet a group of drivers that is more sheep-like, timid, moronic, sheep-like, dull witted and sheep-like. I know you have a neo-Nazi state highway patrol that writes tickets galore just for going 0.00541 mph over the limit - but ONLY IN OHIO, you dumbfucks! When you're out of Ohio, get the hell out of my way so I can drive the posted speed limit in MY state, not the state you still think you're in...you losers.

Old people who are licensed to drive 10

AHHH YOU DRIVE ME NUTS!! The other day, I was driving to the supermarket, and just as I went past the green light, some OLD BITCH just zooms infront of me and makes a left turn. PEOPLE LIKE THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO DRIVE! I say, if you're over 75, your license needs to be revoked! I remember when I was in line to get my first driver's license, some old man who could not walk correctly, could not see, could not hear unless people had to yell, actually got his license renewed!!!!! THIS IS CRAZY!! ALL elderly people present a hazard to anyone and everyone. They stumble around mindlessly, talk like they are drunk, and they get pissed when teenagers do crazy things in cars, well next time don't be so damn hypocritical!!!!

Parking Spot Thieves 11

I'm angry at people who steal my parking spot. If its obvious that I'm pulling in, DON'T FUCKING SPEED UP AND STEAL MY SPOT! Good God, what the fuck is wrong with these people. It's not just teenagers, but stupid women yakking away on their cell phones. Also, you don't have to go fucking 40 mph in the damn parking lot. Some bitch shaved my back bumper going 30-40 mph while I was slowly backing out, but luckily she got the most damage. the whole side of her brand new lexus suv was ruined! AND I DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY A DIME! Hah!

Visiting Drivers 12

I live in a resort town in the Northwest. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day many people from near and far come to enjoy our town. We welcome visitors. We need the money. But what pisses me off is these folks driving slowly in front of me on side streets. The side streets in my special routes around town. The ones I use to get to work. To get around.  They are admiring the sights (lots to look at in our town) or maybe they're lost. Going 5 FUCKING MPH! With me right behind them. HEY! I'm not on vacation! I live here. I work here. I know where I'm going and I want to get there TODAY! PULL THE FUCK OVER AND LET ME BY! You can resume your crawl then.

Slow Drivers 15

I am angry at slow drivers. They are some of the most inconsiderate assholes on the face of the earth! I would really love to know what the hell makes them think that they're entitled to go under the speed limit in perfect weather conditions and keep other people from getting where they need to go. Here's a thought for all those slow drivers...you're probably going to get to wherever you're going anyway, so why not just pull your slow ass off the road and let people who aren't afraid to go the speed limit get where they need to go?! Is it really that friggin hard?! If you're too old, scared, etc. to do the speed limit, then you shouldn't have a license!

Drivers 14

Why the hell to people have to drive their car like it's an 18-wheeler? If you're in the right-hand lane, making a right-hand turn, don't turn left! Your frickin car is more maneuverable that you give credit for! You're not gonna hit the damned curb.

And that goes for the Mental Midgets that park diagnally in a parking lot, especially a parking lot for someplace small, like a library or something. One more thing: If you go to a gym (read: spending hundreds of dollars a year for the privilege of doing manual labor), you don't need to park right next to the gym. You're healthy, walk a couple of extra feet. You don't go to a gym to get into fist fights over a parking spot right next to the gym! Darwin's got it backwards! The turtle on the Galapagos Islands weren't dinosaurs, they were and advanced human civilization.

Parking lot morons 15

What the hell is wrong with people in the parking lots. For one....why in the fuck do people feel the need to sit and wait for a specific parking spot for 15 minutes!? Jesus christ man...you got legs! Yes, you do! You can utilize those things to cover the extra 30 feet you need to walk from parking a little further back. Just park the car, go inside and get your bag of catfood then get outside and get fucking lost! I know you feel that parking spaces are indictive of your standing in society, but they're not, its just a flat area to park your goddamn lexus. I can't stand these freaks who drive up and down the parking rows looking for that exact right spot. Have we become such a lazy people that we can't stand a little 50 foot walk in a little bit of snow? Hey guess what? i walked about 75 feet the other day in freezing cold rain without and umbrella. I fucking survived too man!!! No shit, it's possible!

Driver on Harvard 16

There are some pretty stupid people on the road in Louisiana - way too many for my liking. This one particular asshole in front of me yesterday was doing SEVEN miles per hour in a 20 mph zone (no, he wasn't old). And, as if that wasn't bad enough ... he was also stopping where there were no stop signs or lights - not to mention the huge wide turns he was making. Had a really bad feeling that this guy was heading exactly where I was going. Sure enough, he turned into the Burger King parking lot and damned near caused ME to get in an accident. And men have the nerve to bitch about the way we *women* drive .. HA! That WAS a man behind the wheel. At least when I'm driving from point A to point B .. I'm courteous and pay attention to what the I'm doing. Motor vehicles *can* be lethal weapons people .. so lets wake the fuck up!

Sunflower seed spitting woman 17

I was driving behind this woman who kept tossing these things out her window every 20 seconds or so, and I couldn't figure out what the hell it was. Her hand went from her mouth to out her window, and these little "things" would fly back towards my truck, and I'm thinking what the hell?? From hand to mouth to out the window over and over and I'm getting pissed because her slimy spitty seed shells aren't just plastering themselves to my car, but she's actually just throwing her trash out on the street like it was nothing. Hand to mouth to window...hand to mouth to window.. and the bitch had two American flag stickers on her goddamn car like she was proud or something, yet she continues to fucking toss her saliva coated leftovers out on the street into the wind where they bombarded fellow Americans who were unfortunate enough to be behind her sorry lazy ass. Isn't that like shitting in the bed you sleep in? Well, naturally I passed her the first chance I got, and she just keeps on feeding her face while she turns the corner. I hope she had pieces of seeds stuck in her teeth and didn't know it. Yuuckk.

Turn Signals 18

To all you inconsiderate self centered idiots that think everyone on a bike can read your mind. Wake up and look around. As a biker I’m entitled to a portion of the road too. If you feel we should be on the side walk with the pedestrians you’re truly the idiots I believe you to be. When you run the yellow and a biker sticks his bike in you way and traps you in the intersection, Tough. Yellow means you better stop because you might get stuck in the intersection, but if you feel it means punch it to beat the red, FUCK YOU TO.

Put the phone down, drink the coffee and then drive to work STOP READING THE PAPER AND DRIVING, Slow down and calm down and your life will be much more enjoyable and you may live longer to. Next time someone on a bike gets in your way think about what you’re doing. Did you signal to let them know you wanted to make that turn? 99 percent of the time the answer is No. So to all drivers who think they know how to drive YOU SUCK

People Who Park on the Side of the Road 19

I understand that some people may not have room to park their cars in the driveway, but I drive to school everyday down a rather narrow road made even narrower by the fact that a whole stretch of houses have perfectly good driveways with cars ON THE EDGE OF THE ROAD- Road=Driving space, Driveway=Parking space. It's hard enough to have two cars going in opposite directions down this road and have space, then, there isn't room to pull over if need be (jackasses who take up 90% of the road are a whole 'nuther story) I get parking on the side of the road in a downtown area, that's fine, but neighborhoods are not the same. If there is space in the driveway, or if you can park a little less into the road, do it. There, I feel better now.

Double Parking 20

You know what really cheeses me off? It's those morons who think that their cars are so great that they need to take up 2 or more spots. Like seriously, it's a damn car. If you were so fricken great and high and mighty and actually meant something in this world, you'd have a designated parking spot for you and your fucken shitbox. But you're a nobody, so park normal like the rest of us.

Teenagers Who Drive 21

...should learn to understand that courtesy and a modicum of respect for your fellow man are GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!! Some young girl and her gentleman friend tailgated me for a mile while I was behind a rather slow moving vehicle. When I braked and gestured to her, signifying that she was following to closely, when gave me a disgusted snarl and flipped me the bird, then proceeded to tail me even more closely for the next half mile. When we turned left, she whizzed by me while she and the boy continued to flip me off.
WHY are people so irreverant???

Of course, this angered me to the point of seeing COMPLETE RED and I followed her for five streets trying to put the fear of god into her, and when finally I was next to her screamed "LEARN TO BE A GOOD FUCKING HUMAN BEING, BITCH!!"

Okay. Great. Thanks. Now you've actually angered me, a person of relatively sound mind, into acting like a crazed lunatic in the name of achieving some measure of personal justice. Those fucking kids should be lined up and shot, rich ass irreverent self absorbed scottsdale children.

car doors 22

are some people fucking blind when opening their car doors at a parking lot?????! why do i return to my car after a quick shop only to find that the inconsiderate fucking bitch/bastard has dented my not so cheap car with his/her car door!!!! expensive car or not, NOBODY SHOULD DESERVE TO HAVE THEIR CAR DESTROYED BUT AN INCONSIDERATE IDIOT!

Drivers who don't yield 23

i have seen this every day since I've become a volunteer firefighter and that is people not yielding the right of way to emergency vehicles. A blue light is asking for a courtesy -- that means volunteer firefighters are beating a path to the station. And a red light with siren means get the fuck out of the way -- its not a courtesy -- THAT IS THE LAW!!! Yet here are all these people in the way and not one of them cares to let the ambulance or fire truck by. I hope you know that could be your father, your brother, or even you in that meat wagon that we're trying to get past your idiot ass, to the hospital. Just remember that the next time your big meeting or business lunch takes precedence over the sirens.

Inconsiderate People in Parking Lots 24

"I'm angry at people who steal my parking spot." This statement was posted on this site. I don't agree with it. A parking lot is a FREE FOR ALL place as long as it doesn't say "Reserved" or "Handicapped", ANYONE can park there. I get angry when people are so inconsiderate that they hold you up and block even being able to back up for a space when the people in the space are still getting there groceries or whatever they bought into their car. They don't even have the engine on or back up lights on. If I see a person with a blinker on waiting for a spot, the person that is waiting for that spot DOESN'T own that spot, it is a FREE FOR ALL lot, then you SHOULDN'T get mad at someone for getting it before you when you are sitting there holding up THEM, when they may not even want that spot. One time I was at Wal-Mart and they had a van in front of me. They also had a truck behind me. I was LITERALLY TRAPPED! This van kept sitting there and I didn't honk. It was at least 2 to 3 minutes and they decided to drive off because the people were taking to long. WHY are people so inconsiderate? Why not try going towards the side of the lane instead of blocking the middle of it? When I see people coming, I MOVE out their way. I think of other people's feelings. If I get there before you, I GET the space. Oh well, that is the way it goes. You shouldn't be mad at them just because you want to block the lane. I didn't even want the space that the person was waiting for. It was unfair to me and the person behind me that we had to sit there for 2 to 3 minutes or so for NO reason. The person was only thinking of "THEIR SPACE" and not of ANYONE else in the world that wants to get down that isle. Other people in the world have lives too and want to get into the building and NOT wait for SOMEONE ELSE to get a parking space.

Driving on Hy 25

Traffic slowed and stopped on Hy 18 (WA). I momentarily swerved onto the shoulder just to see what the deal was, but the idiot in front of me took this as some kind of personal insult. As we traveled along he took it upon himself to several times go very slow until I caught up only then to take off like a bat out of hell into the next county.

What kind of a fool is this?

About 10 miles later he exited doing the angriest ‘you may now pass me gesture’ that I’ve ever seen. What the hell?

If I had wanted to insult you, it would have been obvious - even to someone that lives in Auburn. (See, now that’s an insult you idiot). Only fight battles that are actually real. People think they are so smart when all they really know how to do is be a slave to their own fears. I don’t want to know what problems my fellow drivers have – I just want to drive.

stupid people who use cell phones while driving 26

I am really pissed off at these idiots who talk on their cell phones while driving. They are such idiots! If someone needs to use their cellphone they should park somewhere and use their phone but to call someone on their phone while driving is so self centered. >:(

They don't realize that it is so dangerous to do that while driving and they are not paying attention to the road and then they get into a car accident. I hate cellphone users! >:(

Drivers 27

d'ya know what really pisses me off? its these 4 wheel drives every fucking soccer mom in the country has. seriously they have one kid swimming around in the back somewhere amongst all those foldable seats their pet fucking chiwawa lost in the deep recess that is their boot and a good rule of thumb is the smaller the woman the bigger the jeep. ya see them struggling to see over the steering wheel while perched on as many phone books as possible. and the worst thing about the whople thing is they cant even drive the fucking thing. they spend so much of their time trying to get the sodding thing to move that when they do move they dont bother to check if anything is in their way and even if it is then they've got big fuck off bull bars so that if anything is in their way chances are they'll kill the poor sod and wont have to pay the insurance bill. as long as they can display proudly their "baby on board" sticker(what do they want a medal because they work biologically?) they dont give a fuck about anyone else on the road just as long as mommies little fucking angel gets to and from soccer practise in an immaculately clean 4 wheel drive that has seen about as many countryt roads as the owners have seen the poor fucker they backed into in the car park!

kissers 28

People that sit in their car, at a stoplight that turns from red to green, only they are too busy kissing each other to notice. So, I beep at them and of course they get mad at me. WHAT THE FUCK? Don't get mad at me - you stupid fools. There is a line of cars in back of me and we all want to go - so put it back in your pants and lets move. If I was a cop, I'd throw them in jail. ASSHOLES.

people driving in cars 29

Lately I've been really hating 80% of other motorists in Columbus, Ohio. Are you fucking people morons or do you not realize gas prices are about $3.00 a gallon and you big SUV driving-soccer mom blabbing on your cell phone assholes are just burning through gas by roaring up to a stoplight at 55mph and tailgating me. Back the fuck off! Did you not notice in driver's ed (of course most people in this god-forsaken hillbilly nouveau riche shithole they call a "city") probably flunked the part about being A CAR LENGTH BEHIND THE OTHER DRIVER. I am waiting for the day to slam on my brakes while one of you tailgating bubble headed blondes is on my ass---hello assured clear distance you stupid fuck. I hate you all. I hate in the morning when you fucking BMW/Audi/European-flavor-of-the-day driving businessmen can't go the speed limit--oh wait a minute, fuck the speed limit like 35mph, try about 55mph through an access road of a mall. I hope you run some innocent pedestrian over, get sued by their family, lose your fucking car and get thrown in jail and fucked up the ass hard. Oh and lets not forget about the Nascar drivers on the outerbelt. Oh yeah. All you impatient 9 to 5 losers pissed off at your piece of shit existence and the lack of gray matter between your ears, all I can think about is squirting out another kid to fill up my mini van and where I can find the latest trendy crap from some boring department store. Do the goddamn speed limit. Did noone ever tell you speed kills? Everyone is just so horrified and shocked *gasp* when theres a fatality on one of the major highways around here. Whatever, the next time I hope its one of you fucking piece of shit drivers here in Columbus, Ohio. You suck so bad. My middle finger to all of you.

Drivers 30

I get so pissed at these stupid people who pull out in front of me causing me to stand on my brakes when all they had to do was wait for 10 seconds for me to go by then they all but get out and push the car. Lead, follow, or get out of the way motherfuckers! It's dumbass idiots like you who causes accidents! I also hate the dumb fucks who back up without looking. I don't know how many times I have seen people get in their cars and then back out without even turning there heads. The ones I hate the most are the smugfaced sumbitches who turn in front of you as if you are not even there, like the asshole today. If I hadn't had my baby with me I would have let you hit me, you buttfuckin cock flosser, then I would have me a new car. WATCH OUT WHERE THE FUCK YOU ARE DRIVING!

Selfish Drivers 31

Remember in kindergarten when you learned how to wait in line, take your turn, not shove, etc? Do you still need a teacher to stand over you to make sure you do this? Try stopping at the stop sign. Try getting up on time so you don't have to cut everyone else off on the way to work. You wouldn't do this if you weren't protected inside a car, isolated from everyone, (who would publicly stone you if they could) would you?

Parking Space 32

Why the fuck are the British so god damned selfish parking their shitbox cars? My useless unemployed lazy-arse builder of a semi-detached neighbour and I both have to park on the street as there is not enough room for 'off-street' parking. There is space in front of HIS house for HIS car, and equal space in front of MY house for MY car. But instead, he takes up the whole bloody space so NO ONE ELSE CAN PARK THEIR FUCKING CAR! Why? He can't be totally blind. And surely he recognises when he steps out of his car into my garden he's overshot his own space leaving none for me. Although he's a wife-beating wanker, he's not a complete social reject as he can occassionally carry a conversation when we meet (although he's as thick as two short planks). I just can not fathom the internal workings of a brain that behaves this way. It defies common sense. I'm absolutely fed up to the back teeth with this curtain twitching vehicular game of parking one-upmanship for anoraks. Somebody MAKE IT STOP.


I cannot stand stupid lazy idiots that have a car and don't want to wait to let me cross the street!

Unfortunately for me, I do not own a car not can I afford one at this time so I walk. I walk to work, to the store. I basically walk my ass everywhere I have to go and occasionally, I also take the stupid bus, which I have to wait for and often times, freeze my ass while waiting for it or sweat my ass off depending on the weather. All that while seeing stupid lazy people get in their cars to simply go to the corner store to get some milk or bread.

There have been times when I lived in Chicago and had to wait for the stupid bus which was always late. One day after work in the middle of winter for almost a full hour: 10 below zero temperature, at least 12 inches of snow on the ground, snow blowing in my face, standing on the corner and just seeing all the stupid assholes driving comfortably and warmly in their cars while they just stared at me as they passed by and I felt like I was going to freeze to death,I felt my hands, feet, ears go numb while I cursed under my cold breath. I always wanted to yell at them and say: What the fuck are you stupid lazy assholes staring at?! Fuck you! You sons of bitches!

Stupid people who have cars often take for granted that they can comfortably get around anywhere and whenever they want. So excuse me if I call you an arrogant ass when I hear you complain about your 2yr old car and say that you want a brand NEW luxury car!

slow drivers 34

We've all been there-- late for work, running errands on your lunch hour, or just trying to get home. Whatever the reason, you're in a hurry. Yet, you're stuck in traffic behind some slow-ass douchebag who just manages to slip under the yellow light, getting YOU stuck with the red. Well, to all you people out there who do this, drive the fucking speed limit or don't drive!! If you're lost, PULL OVER! But don't make us late due to your lack of consideration!

Inconsiderate Drivers 35

I'm angry at drivers who know that a lane is ending but wait until the last minute to merge. Instead, they drive as fast as they can to the front of their lane and then expect someone to let them in. I can understand if someone is unaware that a lane is coming to an end but if you are passing construction and see large signs with "RIGHT LANE ENDS IN 500 FT. MERGE NOW" do it.

I'm angry with drivers who turn in parking lots the wrong way then look at you crazy when you try to get past them to exit the lot. You know, that's what the directional arrows are for. This includes those who drive through one spot in the other lane and into the parking spot in the lane that you are in. If you want this sopt, then do like everyone else and drive around to the lane that it is in.

I'm angry at drivers that either drive too fast or too slow. If the speed limit is 45 and I'm going 45, get off of my bumper and go into one of the other available lanes. If you want to go 30 mph when the limit is 45, and I decide to pass you, don't wait until I start to pass you to speed up.

I'm angry at drivers who turn out in front of you (tires screeching) across three lanes of traffic and get right in front of your vehicle, when the other two lanes were completely empty. Then they slow all the way down and go below the limit. If you were in such a rush to get out into traffic, then don't slow down now.

I'm angry at drivers who don't use turn signals, especially when changing lanes.If you want to get over, turn on your signal and I will let you in. Don't drive side by side with me for half a mile and expect me to get the idea.

I'm angry with drivers who speed in school zones while the light is flashing, the crossing guard is directing traffic and kids are out and about. Or the ones who don't speed in front of the school itself but once they figure they are a safe distance away begin to resume normal speed. Just because you pass the school building doesn't mean that you are in the clear. There are signs posted that read "END SCHOOL ZONE", at which point you may continue at your regular pace. If I am still going 20 before I reach the end of the school zone, do not honk at me. I am in the right. Be patient, wait the 50 yards, then go about your way.

I'm angry at drivers who run red lights. Two or three cars may be able to make it through the yellow light but if you are fourth or fifth don't attempt it. You know that by the time you get to the light it will be red, so slow down.
I'm angry at drivers who are waiting to turn left when the green arrow is on but miss the arrow. Instead of allowing the opposing traffic (which now has the green light and right of way) to go, they catch on to the tail end of someone who was in the process of turning while the green arrow was still displayed. Sometimes they make it, sometimes they get stuck in the intersection and sometimes they get honked at by the oncoming traffic. How would you feel if you had a green light but could not go because someone decided that they did not want to wait their turn?
I'm angry at drivers who stop to have a conversation with another driver they know (who is in the opposing lane) and block traffic from getting by. Pull over or get on your cell.

turn signals, dammit....use them 36

That little stick thingy by your steering wheel has a purpose. No, it is not there for decoration or your amusement. It is there to use when you have to get into my lane, turning onto another street or parking lot, etc. I am sick and tired of having to slam on the brakes all the goddam time because of some dipshit who can't properly use their vehicle and its equipment. God forbid if people should have to show a few moments consideration for others. I am so sick of this crap.

school bus drivers 37

Damn Arrogant Bus Drivers! I am so damn sick of school bus drivers thinking they own the fxxxxxx road. I had stupidly parked my van with the tail sticking out a bit around the corner. This stupid idiotic bus driver didn't know how to over steer and complete his turn so he was pissed off. I just happened to be coming back to my vehicle at this point and I tried to hurry and ran to my car to try and move it. (I was only gone from my vehicle for 2 minutes if that). The fucking bastard school bus driver opened the bus door and said "How do you expect me to turn the corner?" in a sarcastic manner. Well, fuck that. Shit, if you have to be so fucking rude then it is your fucking problem and I hope you run into the same thing everyday. Well, you know there are other drivers that need to use the road too. I have to admit it was my fault but what is with that holier than thou attitude. Fucking asshole! Bus drivers are not the only ones who are running on limited time. Everyone's day is still 24 hours! Fuck these lowly scam low wage earning, pathetic, idiotic, intellectually challenged bus drivers.

impatient tailgaters on the roads 38

The thing that makes me so angry is that I'm powerless. People are attacking me on the roads and I am powerless to stop it.

What the hell makes people think its ok to position themselves up my arse? If you gave them a gun they wouldn't point it at my head. If i was walking slower then them in the street they wouldn't poke me. So why do they fly at me in their scary 4x4?! Even if i was a bad driver (which i am not) it is an in-excusable, dangerous, manipulative, nasty move to make.

I am such a calm driver - nothing ever bothers me. I will happily adapt to the speed of the vehicle in front if i need to - it's not a problem. When you go out on the roads you should expect that you can't have it all your own way. If someone makes a mistake then i forgive them and let it go - i make them too occasionally. If someone does something vindictive to me on the roads - i let it go - thinking of SAFETY BEFORE EGO. Anyone who doesn't have this attitude should not have a license. The only thing that really gets me worked up is when someone tailgates - especially lorries. Apart from the fact that its just pure nastyness from someone who doesn't even know you - its bloody scary.

The other week i was driving up a really long winding 60mph limit A-road. I soon became stuck behind a lorry doing 50. This was fine with me. There were no opportunities to overtake, but 50 is fast enough anyway isn't it? However, the lorry behind me didn't seem to think so. He should have been doing the same speed as the lorry i was following anyway. He tailgated me for miles and miles. I was scared and angry and my heart was beating so fast. He was so much bigger then my knacked out old 306 and could have crushed me instantly. He was never going to get an opportunity to overtake on that road anyway - and it was very clear that it wasn't actually my fault - as i myself was following a slower vehicle. He was just a nasty bastard - plain and simple. Now other road users may have responded with bad behavior themselves, but being a safe driver i had to let myself be walked alover by him. I pulled over to let him past when i could, and my god did i beep my horn for as long as i thought he might hear it. I pulled back in behind him, keepng a safe distance - where i watched him nearly kill himself trying to overtake the lorry in front. What a fucking tosser. All that dangerous crazy driving and where did it get him? Two vehicles ahead - at the risk of all our lives.

People just have no common sense! They seem to think that they have some sort of god given right to drive exactly how they like - and if you don't want to do 90 up the motorway then there is something wrong with you and you must be punished. What about equal rights? I like doing 70 up the motorway. It feels safe - especially in my old car, I use less fuel, i KNOW i won't get done for speeding, and if an accident happened i couln't feel guilty for going too fast. If other people wanna do 100mph thats fine by me - as long as they don't risk my life doing it. If i'm doing 70 up the middle lane and that ain't quick enough for you then tough. Overtake or keep a safe distance. It's my road too. Stop intimidating me!

*Note from Anger Central
Depending on the state you live in, and how brave you are, next time some moron is tailgating you, simply lock up the brakes and let him hit you. Provided you are properly prepared and choose a good location, you should walk away with no to minor injuries and a large settlement check. ;)

Dumbass Driver 39

We were delivering my sick sister some potato soup then this idiot in front stops only to shoot fireworks out the driver's window the fireworks did go off and the morons drove off. If there were any cops around he would've been arrested but he got away. Oh and if you are wondering the driver is from Ohio. I don't know who the hell this guy thinks he is he could've seriously hurt someone else driving along or could've ending up hurting himself. People that stupid, dumb, careless, and retarded shouldn't be allowed to drive or live for pulling a stunt like that.

Stupid drivers 40

Stupid drivers really tick me off. There's a couple types that in general piss the hell outa me: the stupid (usually a stuck up girl with rich parents that buy her the latest stupid trendy car, and she thinks that cuz shes hot she does not need to obey traffic rules) girl on the cell phone who pays no attention to anyone else or even the road signs and lights, the idiot who paces with you while you try to change lanes, people who cut you knowing full well that the space isn't large enough for their honkin SUV or whatnot, idiots who follow emergency vehicles right on the tail fuckin come on give em some space you fuckers, and the lil faggot who 'pimps' his rich daddys 'whip' that drives like a moron to get attention. HOly crap man, I know I am not the only normal driver out there, but to have to deal with these people EVERY fucking drive, makes me so mad. Oh yea and another type, the guy with a slow car that tries to look big....these types of people typically drive in sunfires, civics, neons or whatnot, and then cut people and tailgate extremely, like what do you have to prove? That you're a moron in a piece of shit and are a compromise to public safety? Sometimes I wana just buy a machine gun and have a turret stickin out my side window, then hire someone to be my gunner. The only way to deal with stupidity, is to eliminate it. What better way than to kill stupid people?

Brake-happy drivers 41

It is way too easy for people to get a license to drive these days. Any fucking retarded moron can get on road operating 3000 lbs of steel at 80mph with 10 million other fucking morons every day. Does this seem like a fucking sensible thing to do? If you like ride your brakes, you should be banned from living in metropolitan areas. You should be forced to live in the middle of fucking Kansas or in the deserts of Nevada. It takes only 2 or 3 of you fucks during rush hour to create a traffic jam. I am fucking sick of slamming on my brakes because the traffic comes to a complete stop suddenly and then realize that nothing happened except that you shit-for-brains are riding your brakes and disrupting the flow of traffic. Warning to you fucks... be on the look out next time you hit your brakes for no reason...there may be a monster truck with steel reinforced bumpers slamming into you and clearing off the road and into a concrete wall... where you fucking belong! You have no business being on the road. You have no business driving. Your parents should have killed you for being a goddamn moron. And if I see that you are riding your brakes because you are on the phone, I swear I will not only cure this world of your diseased existence, I will also hunt your whole fucking family down and rid the gene pool of your sub-par low-quality genes. FUCK YOU AND YOUR FUCKING FAMILY!

*Note from Anger Central
While people who ride their brakes are annoying, you are a flat out threat to society at large. Try taking a chill pill and relaxing for a while. BTW, Mrs. Webmaster has a habit of driving to slow, but that is from a lack of experience. She is getting better. And f you were to make a threat of violence towards here, you would have the entire crew at Anger Central looking to cover you in honey and bury you in a hill of fire ants under a hive of African killer bees.

Mother Truckers!! 42

A long time ago when my dad drove a rig, he said that the truck drivers were the most considerate drivers on the road. And he was right. Nowadays, most of these jackoffs (not ALL of them) are just cranked out juggernauts behind tons of steel. These assclowns mess it up for the rest of the hard working guys by using America's highways as their own personal racetrack, even in areas such as I-40 going from Nashville to Memphis where the roads are narrow due to construction. By their competition to get nowhere fast with each other and playing "tag" at 80 miles an hour just to get some ass from a skanky "truck stop lizard" (read: hooker) on route 66 is just f*ckin ridiculous. Some of them are hyped up on speed and No Doze and you know that's yet ANOTHER disaster waiting to happen!

I think the whole concept of "If we stop, America stops" is taken way to seriously and gives them a sense of entitlement to whatthefuckever! So, slow down, take a 12 step program and remember to watch out for the rest of us, ya fuckers!!!

Old people Driving 43

I'm sick and tired of old people in Buicks holding everyone else on the road up. Some of you old farts don't realize that some people actually have places to go and things to do. Maybe you old people should think about that before the next time you decide to drive 45 on a rural highway or 55 on the interstate in the fast lane. Jesus Christ, we are not driving Model T's and steam engines anymore! Modern cars will not explode if you drive them over 55MPH, I promise!!! You people are the perfect example of why most people need to have their driver's license revoked after turning 70. Watching you at a 4-way stop is hilarious and nerve-wracking at the same time. You think you're safe if you let everyone else go first, even if it's your turn. But not when I'm behind you. I love blasting the horn and after a 2-second delay (since old people are slow and dumb) seeing your hands jump and glasses fly off your wrinkled head, as you empty your bowels into your depends. So while you're in a car with other old people, which 99 times out of 100 is a Century, Regal, Le Sabre, or Park Avenue, stop talking about Wilford Brimley's prostate surgery, Walter Cronkites liver spots and Helen Dorfenburger's bunyans flaring up, and start watching the road and remembering how to drive. Jesus everloving fucking Christ!!!

Passing lane 44

I hate people who drive in the passing lane FOREVER! Its a passing lane, its for passing you stupid fucks! I should not have to go around you into the other lane because you have parked your stupid ass in the PASSING lane. Get your stupid inconsiderate head out of your ass!If you are too stupid to fucking realize this lane is for passing than you should not have a drivers license you stupid dumb inconsiderate pieces of shit! Get the fuck over or stay off the road!

drivers 45

im angry at people who dont drive properly. they change lanes without putting on a turn signal and cut people off and its your fault cause you dont know what they are thinking. are people fucking retarded. im angry cause everyone is in such a rush to do shit that they dont even notice what is around them. since when did driving become such a hard thing. get off the fucking cell phone and stop singing your stupid raggy ass song and concentrate on the fuckers that are around you so you dont cause accidents and $1000's worth of damage and injuries. get your fucking heads out of your asses people and stop making it hard for people that know what the fuck to do on the road and how to drive properly. most people that have a licence wouldnt even pass a test if they had to sit in a car with a driving instructor. then they have the gall to yell and swear at everyone else for not knowing how to drive. why dont you learn what the fucking road rules are shit heads.

 Line Cutters 46

I was leaving Big Lots until some bitch cut in front of me I swear If you cut in front of someone you need your ass beat this goes to show you the stupidity in most people I swear if I see this bitch again I will beat the shit out of her and kick her in her head and break her car.

Drivers 47

I hate hate HATE bad drivers. I hate these people with every fiber of my being.

  1. Speed limits are there for a reason. Follow them. And I'm not merely talking about speeders, tough they are pretty annoying. So what, you don't feel save driving on the highway. So what, you feel like you'd save an extra drop of gas by driving at 55 mph. If the speed limit on this highway is 70 and you're driving at 55 or 60 or whatever please don't wonder why you're being tailgated or passed by every driver in existence!
  2. Turn signals are a vital part of the driving commute. They tell other drivers when you're planning on turning and it also tells the other drivers when you're planning on changing into other lanes. For the love of all that is holy in the universe PLEASE start using the signals. And for the record, if you turn the signal on as you're halfway into a turn or if you're already in the other lane, that kind of defeats the purpose of the turn signal. :)
  3. Stop acting like you don't know how to drive in bad weather. I'm talking about two extreme factions here: the jerks in the 4X4s and the idiots that are all "OMG rain we must slow down to 20". First of all, you're not invincible, and driving at 70 mph in extreme rain or whatever is BEYOND irresponsible. Secondly, slowing down to 20 mph or 15 mph is not safe. It is stupid and is representative of all things irritating in this universe.
  4. Final part of the rant--selfish drivers. These are the drivers that cram themselves up your exhaust pipe because you're driving at or only 5 mph above the speed limit. These are the drivers that plaster themselves in the left lane when they aren't speeding or passing someone, just to teach another driver a lesson. These are the people that think they own the roads and everyone should bow down to their driving habits.

Dumbass Drivers 48

To the fucking idiots who dont pay attention to whether or not the light is still red or that it has actually turned green....WAKE THE FUCK UP. Because of the fact that you have an attention span of a gnat doesn't matter to me, what matters to me is the fact that I am right behind you while you are stopped at a green light, and to top it off, you dumb motherfuckers usually find out that the light WAS green when it is already turned yellow, so that you can slip on by why the rest of the common sense enabled drivers get the red light AGAIN.

Driving 49

People are so selfish they will risk the lives of others to get one car length ahead on a crowded expressway. If I ever get a terminal illness, i am just going to get an old chevy and ram people who risk other peoples lives while driving. I actually followed someone into my company once with my son in tow (daycare on site) and said "excuse me, but you risked this little boys life a few minutes ago, and now we are here at the same time. Next time we discuss this outside" I was taught compassion as a child, but I am just so sick of the public in general. What really pisses me off is most current auto accidents are caused by overly aggressive driving, confirmning people suck and are morons.

Teenage Driver 50

I am angry at the teenage driver in I'm sure his parents jeep cause lord knows he cant afford such a vehicle with his flipping burgers job. I am angry because he drove very slow and when stopped at the stop sign he didnt put a signal on and he didnt go when he should have! I was on my way back from lunch on a time schedule and this crap head was making me late! Then I tried to go around him and he sped up which almost made me wreck into an oncoming car! I hope and pray that this teenager dies in a car wreck soon. Most teenagers need their license revoked cause none of them can drive they are too stupid and sloppy to know how to. I hate that teenager and if i see him again he will be praying to God that I spare him his life. What an idiot duesche bag! I hope you choke on a dick. Queerboy!

 the way people drive 51

The stupidity of other drivers is absolutely endless. They purposely, and senselessly endanger themselves and more importantly, the lives of other drivers. They are the ones who, when the car in front of them turns right, they veer over into the left lane, into ONCOMING traffic to get around. What the fuck is wrong with you? I wish I had a dollar for everytime one of these assholes has almost hit me head-on. You have got to be the most stupid fuck brains on the face of the earth.

My other favorites are the dick heads who pull out in front of me and then drive 10 miles below the speed limit. You are such stupid assholes, and the main reason I don't carry a gun. I would most surely do major damage to the ass end of your car. Then there are the shit for brains people on the interstate who drive in the left/passing lane and drive the speed limit or below. Get in the right lane already, you stupid fucks. The fast lane is for passing assholes like you, not for you to get in and take a Sunday drive.

I am angry because of a road rage incident 52

I am extremely angry because I was a victim of road rage today. I was on my way home from the store and I made a left turn well ahead of some shit for brains man with a pony tail in a black Dodge Nitro, he had blue tube looking things in the back of his car. This ass wipe proceeds to crawl up my ass, passes me, and then stops dead in front of me. He would go a few feet and stop again, and did this several times. I could see this cock sucker ranting and freaking out at me. I was finally able to turn right and get away from this mental case. I hope you read this you piece of shit, poor excuse for a human being. Fuck you, you fucking fuck. I hope the next time you do this to some one, they pull out a gun and shoot you in the crotch, several times. I hope you your rage, or the result of it kills you very soon, you motherfucking ass hole and total waste of space. Again, FUCK YOU.

To The Bastard That Couldn't Wait to Get Home 53

I'm pissed at fucking moron drivers that speed because they can't fucking wait to go home. It's not like you're about to take the biggest shit in the world, and if you were, did you really have to fucking tailgate me and flash your highbeams? You're fucking goddamn lucky I didn't slam on my brakes; I really wouldn't mind watching your body fly through a windshield you mindless fuck.

By the way, I was eight months pregnant when you were tailgating me and flashing your highbeams in the fucking rain at 10 o'clock at night. Do you know what can fucking happen when you do that? People can fucking drive off the road because of your reckless ass driving. If I drove off the road and died, and you were caught, you'd be fucking serving a few terms in prison for killing me an my baby.

I hope satan shits down your throat as a welcoming gift.

"No Clue" Drivers 54

There are two things that anger me the most with drivers.

1. PEOPLE WHO TRAVEL THEIR ENTIRE ROUTE DRIVING IN THE PASSING LANE. These people prove their stupidity when they stay put in the passing lane, while next to them, they see a countless number of other vehicles fly pass so as to get around them. Are they that clueless to that fact that they're blocking people from driving straight thru? .......... Of coarse, let's not forget the other idiots that travel in the passing lane. Those are the idiots that like to drive the same rate of speed as the person next to them. Their stupidity shines thru when they decide to REMAIN driving in the passing lane because you pissed them off by riding their ass, blowing your horn, or flashing your lights in an attempt to get their attention. If they had an ounce of sense, they would realize they left you with NO CHOICE but to do those things. But no....their closed minds are only thinking about how much of an asshole you are. Again, are they that clueless to that fact that they're blocking people from moving on?

then there's.......

2. THE SELF CENTERED PEOPLE (aka "PRICKS") WHO THINK THEY ARE TOO GOOD TO WAIT THEIR TURN TO GET OFF AN EXIT (OR WAIT THEIR TURN IN ANY SITUATION). It makes me so angry when I've been waiting in line only to have some prick shoot up to the very beginning of the line and cut right in. These pricks force their vehicle in, which in turn, forces others to brake. For the most part, the only reason we brake is so we don't damage our own vehicle. Believe me, its not because we would like to let you pricks in. What I would give to own a piece of shit so I wouldn't have to brake. I would love to hear some prick explain to a deputy why his/her vehicle is on the outside of the highway line. Not to mention, why is it not in line with the rest of the vehicles.

On the other hand, if it is an emergency situation, then do something to show it. Wave a towel out your window, blow your horn, etc. There are things that can be done. There are ways that you can show it.

Thank you for the opportunity to vent. For me, it doesn't come out as good in writing. But it sure is safer. It's good to also read I'm not the only one having issues with this...........

Street Racers 55

Those damn street racers get me pissed off because they are always racing in my neighborhood at night when people are trying to sleep for christ sakes!I hope those street racers crash or blow up with their show-off asses and if they are gonna race why not join NASCAR or some other shit like that.I hope they die so I can get some sleep!

Drivers 56

Why can't people understand that 30mph or whatever is the speed LIMIT, so that is your maximum safe speed. They don't make these up for the fun of it, they do it because it is unsafe to go faster than that. Seriously I have had people shouting and beeping there horns at me for doing the speed limit, not under but as dead on it as I can get, people even over take me for doing 20 in a 20 zone, you know why it is a 20 zone, because there is a fucking primary school on that road and this happened to be at 0830, when there are little kids running everywhere but no, little kids would never run out because they saw there friend on the other side, would they? No mater what the conditions people still overtake me no matter how unsafe it may be, it is a joke when they overtake me because I am doing 30mph and then drive in front of me at 31mph, I end up behind them at the next traffic lights most of the time, it's silly, unneeded and unsafe. You think people would see the L plates on my bike and be a little more kind but sadly no, there right behind me and if had to break sharply they would be right into my back.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster has been known to sacrifice large numbers of speed laws on his way to his real world job. However, you are in error when you say that speed limits are done for engineering reasons. (At least that's what it looks like you're saying) The highways are designed to handle speeds over 80 miles per hour, and this was for cars built 40 years ago. Cars are a lot better handling these days. The actual unsafe drivers are people like you who form "Rolling roadblocks." It has been determined that if you allow traffic to reach it's natural flow, accidents generally decrease. Sorry if you don't want to hear that. :)

Drivers 57

people that turn onto the road in front of you like they are in such a damn hurry but then proceed to drive 5-10 mph under the speed limit. What the fuck are they smoking? if you wanna pull out in front of me then at least have the curtiousy to step on the god damned gas pedal and go the speed limit. I done using the brakes, you probably wont learn until I tailgate the shit out of your asshole.

Lack of "Common Courtesty" & Appreciation of.. 58

Alas, I've "got many rantings"... I'm from England/Wales - so my ranting might relate to my perception of "our" culture only, don't know... :(

Driving: why do people "just have to get in front of you" - only for my "meeting up with them" at the next set of traffic lights

Driving - On the UK Motorways, ignorant people just "stick in the middle lane". Alas, legally, we can't "undertake" (i.e. pass), a car whilst we're in the "slow lane". e.g. I drive in the "slow lane", about to "overtake" the "snail" in the "middle lane" - he/she is still "too slow" for me in the "middle lane", so I have to move over to the "fast lane" to, legally, "overtake" selfish & naive drivers. Even when I move, eventually, move back to the "slow lane" - "they don't get the message" - Are they Selfish, Stupid ("unware of our Highway Code"), or don't "simply give a ****!
Driving - why don't drivers use their "indicators" as to where they intend going.. "are the rest of us supposed to be telepathic/psychic"...

Driving - " :) - "don't even get me 'started' about the amount of idiots that don't put their Car Lights on at the appropriate time"

It Seems that once a driver has passed his/her driving test, that's it - a potential "ticket" to be as rude, ignorant, and inconsiderate "as possible" - "after all" - there's no "Quality Check" on a driver's behaviour/technique once they've got the "golden ticket".... AND YET, the UK is making "life a hell of a lot more difficult" for potential new drivers to pass "the test"... SHOULDN'T THE FOCUS BE ON EXISTING DRIVERS ALSO - erm, nope - it'll affect the "Car Tax" income to central Govt...

Drivers on Their Phones 59

I still don't know why I'm still living after all you bastards on the road that nearly ran me over. There's a reason people are advised to to WATCH THE ROAD AT ALL TIMES! I'm a careful guy and I look all four ways (because of you guys) and keep on the lookout for morons like you, and even then, there's one person out there I suddenly notice speeding and texting happily accelerating to over 60 miles an hour in a 45 zone. Heaven forbid that you can't tell your friends you'll be at the next party, you expect that everyone will yield for you?! And you have the audacity to blare your horn at me? Not only did you run a red, you nearly made me your hood ornament and almost caused an accident with 3 different cars! I swear, you nutjobs need your licenses revoked, and some prison time won't hurt after you run some helpless pedestrian over.

Aggressive, overly confident drivers. 60

It's tough trying to drive on the interstate. There are thousands of cars, side by side, all speeding towards their destinations. You may think that inexperienced drivers are the once at the most risk for causing accidents.

I disagree. The most dangerous threat on the interstate are the overconfident drivers. They think they are so better at driving than everybody else, so they drive aggressively. When others need to switch lanes, they speed up and block everybody. They are quick to abuse their car horn and give the finger.

Everybody on the interstate needs to get somewhere. Stop disrupting traffic and abusing other people. You are making things worse for everybody.

Bad Drivers 61

Within the last two weeks, I've been rear-ended once, sideswiped in traffic once, and nearly t-boned another car who pulled out perpendicular to the moving traffic and stopped there, blocking both lanes, to wait for the other lanes to be clear so he could continue across the road. I am angry at people who assume they are the only ones driving cars on the roads at any given time. Or maybe they feel that they can do whatever they want and there will never ben any consequences. I don't know how people arrive at these notions - I mean, we all have to take a written test and then go driving with an examiner to get a driver's license, so presumably each of these people were able to use their brains enough to do that at some point in the past.

Once you get a driver's license, you don't get to throw all the rules out the window and behave as if you own the road. I'm angry at the bad drivers who assume this, and I'm also angry at the state, because they are the ones who gave these morons their driver's licenses in the first place. Is there no screening process anymore? Maybe there should be intelligence testing as well as driver testing, when you go for your license. Maybe we ought to be weeding the stupid people out before they cause accidents.

People in cars 62

I hate when people try to scare me off the side of the road or prevent me from crossing the street when I'm riding my bike. I stay to the side of the road and don't try to ride with the traffic. Yet I always come across some assholes who try to be bullies on the road and whiz right next to me when they have plenty of room on their side of the road. I know they get super close to me on purpose because they are pissed and jealous that they suck at riding a bike and are too lazy anyway.

These same pricks think they are being clever by playing "chicken" with me by inching their car forward when I have the right to cross or they turn pretending they are going to hit me. It is as if they are trying to say, "This is my fucking road stay the hell off with your bike."

However, thank you to the other people who are normal and not sociopathic drivers. I live in Chicago by the way and a lot of people ride bikes so it isn't as if I am not the norm.

Because of these wanna-be bullies I have developed a fear of being hit by a car while riding or even walking across the street for the past 3 yrs. I don't think I'm being paranoid either. I know some of these crazy people are just looking to cause trouble anyway they can. All I have to say to them is "Learn how to get off your fat ass and see how good it is and fun it is to ride a bike in the city. Then you'll understand why we do it instead of trying to hit us."


crappy drivers 63

I have decided I hate about 85% of all drivers on the streets and highway(yeah there's only one but that's another rant) of Tucson AZ. I hate all of you dipshits that are moving but continuously hit your brakes. WTF? I hate all of you on a two laned streets that ride side by side basically"holding hands" with another car, both going 5miles under the mph limit for miles, so no one else can pass. Get the fuck out of the way! I know there's only one real freeway in town so maybe you don't understand, but when entering the freeway from an on ramp you need to go faster than 35 or 40mph to merge, or the drivers doin 65+ will hit you and everone behind you right in the ass! You are creating a fucking hazard shit for brains. I also hate assholes who floor it to pull out in front of me, and then go 15 mph, so that I &the people behind me have to slam on our brakes. Either wait or fucking accelerate jackass! Oh, and if you are going slowly only to speed up so another driver can't get in the lane youre in, you're a selfish asshole who probably pushed other children out of the way so you could be "first" to go to recess as a kid. Grow the fuck up. The road is not the place to act out your neurosis and inferiority complexes. Have a good day and fuck you very much Tucson drivers!

Drivers 64

New drivers to Alaska

I am so sick of all the newbies coming here to my home state of Alaska and then not realizing that there's snow 6 months out of the year so they drive like shit! No you don't need to go 70 mph and ride my ass through Anchorage while it's snowing! That's probably how so many drivers wind up in the ditch! Its slick out and thats why we slow down a little for the present conditions. On the other end of the spectrum, yes it's snow, so learn to drive in it and not go 20 mph like you did in the lower US when there's omg 2 inches of snow! We typically see a light snowfall on any given day of 4-8 inches. And contrary to popular belief, ya don't need a 4x4 3 foot lifted beefed up monster truck or a supersized ugly vehicle to make it through the snow! So many others like myself actually drive low riding sedans and make it around just fine. After all, Anchorage is a city with plowing services. I doubt you're trying to drive up the side of A mountain on your way to wherever you're going! So learn to drive in the north if you plan to move here, otherwise stay the fuck down there in Sunnyside, wherever!

scooter people 65

Who the fuck let these ignorant scooter-drivers on the roads? These pieces of shit cant do the speed limit and dont mind holding up those of us that can. Half of these people are riding scooters because they got too many DUIs and aren't even allowed to drive a fucking Pinto anymore. What stupid fuck politician decided to let the knuckle-dragging rednecks drive these buzz bomb hunks of shit on our roadways?

Most of them look like elephants riding toothpicks. I swear i hear the fucking scooters saying 'kill me. please.' Half of them are going on beer runs for their equally moronic redneck pals and think that if they're not required a license then 'what the fuck must not be required to know how to drive either'.

I'd like to just reach out my car window and push the fat fucks over into the ditch where they fucking belong. Simian, cousin fucking, shit stains around the asshole of life.

Make up your Fucking Mind Bitch 66

It really pissed me off today off doing errand and as i'm going the speed limit some stupid bitch in a purple nissan is going slow in the middle of a road there's no where to go around because residents have their cars parked by the curve so I don't know what this dumbass is doing is she going or stopping or is she parking seriously make up your fucking mind you fucking idiot there are people behind you who need to go not to mention there could be others and you could very well cause an accident all because you're too busy lollygaging in the road while other people are behind you. Themn you finally pull over and have the nerve to try to talk shit and have an attitude bitch don't have a fucking attitude with me I don't cvare if you're a woman next time i'll get out of my car and throw your ass out and beat the shit out of your stupid ass all because you're too much of a stupid bitch who can't drive and don't deserve a liscence also you're lucky I don't have a gun with me I would shoot you in your face through your fucking windshield next time you try to have an attitude over something that is your own fault and decide to take it out on people behind you trying to get somewhere all because you're too busy digging in your fat ass not paying any attention to the speed limit or other drivers or the road in general. Hopefully this stupid bitch got her dumbass in a car accident and died for her ignorance, stupidity, and attiude or got shot or got her ass beat or put in jail there really is no sense in just wiggling around like a retard not making up your mind starting and stopping on the road when you have other motorists behind you and having an attitude over your own stupidity seriously if you're too much of a stupid bitch to fucking pay attention and drive then your dumbass doesn't deserve a liscence. God I hope this stupid bitch gets a dose of Karma for her her stupidity.

Insensitive Taxi Driver 67

Yesterday, 6 pm I decided to take a taxi to home. The moment I sat I checked my wallet and found out I have no coins, so I gave the driver a hundred peso bill (that's the only money I have in my wallet then) and told him I don't have coins (or change). Then the driver told me (in our local language) 'Hey miss you want to ride on a taxi but you don't have coins?' etc. etc. He kept on saying things to me like that over and over until after a kilometer I told him that I'll just get out of the car, but he was so angry he said 'You want the police to give me a ticket if I drop you?'. Then he started talking again: 'Miss you want to ride on a taxi but you don't have coins?'. Then he told the other passenger, 'Hey dude will you just give this girl ten pesos?' (ten pesos is the fare), then the guy at the front seat said 'No I don't know her', his tone was like being disgusted to the ''girl''. The next 5 kilometers, he (the driver) still kept on saying 'You don't have coins but you want to take the taxi'. I don't know what to say, I have no choice but to ride a taxi, that's the only means of transportation from my work. And they usually ask for coins only in the morning, not in the afternoon or evening. If I only knew what will happen I should have walked home even If it takes me 4 hours to do so. I was so mad I just cried, I was thinking of jumping out of that car. Then the girl beside me (I think she's a crew in some of the restaurants near our office) patted my arm and said 'Don't worry, I'll take care of it', then she gave the driver ten pesos. I told her I can't pay her now for I don't have coins, but she only smiled and said it's okay. But still the driver started (again) saying 'You don't have coins but you want to take the taxi'. And before we 'came out' of the taxi (sorry English is not my first language), I heard the driver say (again) 'You don't have coins but you want to take the taxi'. I was so mad I forgot to look for the driver's name and the taxi's plate number. I know I should have brought coins (I've used up all my coins on the other taxi that I used when I went to work), but I know he shouldn't have treated me like that. If he can't give me change it's okay, he should have said so in a nice way. He doesn't need to tell me those words. I felt like he's telling me that I don't have the right to take a taxi because I don't have coins.

Women Drivers/Cellphone 68

I am pissed. Getting so damn sick of these crazy women drivers where I live. And before all y'all get all pissy, I'm a chick so I can fuss about it. To be clear and specific, it's not all women drivers...there's a certain group that I'm talking about here. The idiots who drive their SUV (it's always a suv these type trundle around in,) yak on their smartphones, and chug on a couture coffee all at the same time. And if you could do all that without being a dumbass on the road, I would salute you. But you don't. You drive with your head stuck up your own ass. You're more concerned about running your mouth on that phone than watching out for your own safety or the safety of other drivers. I swear I've had three of those types almost hit me this week alone. I had to take the ditch for one of them bc she was riding right down the center of the road. The last one pulled up on a stop sign and don't even look before pulling out. It's a STOP SIGN. Not a speedbump! Fucking STOP. I almost ran into the side of her. And if you blow the horn at them to bring them back to sweet reality and keep them from causing a damn accident, they throw up their manicured nails and wanna act all ghetto, like it's YOUR fault! Sometimes I can't tell if all that blonde hair dye has gone straight to their brain or if they're purposefully trying to inconsiderate. Yeah it's MY damn fault that you almost caused a collision cuz you're late for a appointment at some damn salon. Bitches, maybe when somebody does finally ram right into the back of your Tahoe while you're puttering along with your head in the clouds, you'll learn to wake the fuck up and pay attention! Idiots!!

Street Racers 69

On the list of "stupid shit you shouldn't do", I'd say "going 80 MPH on a road meant for 35 with lots of tight turns" is near the top. I say, if people have accidents while street racing, we should just let them bleed out right then and there. Hey, it would remove idiots from the gene pool. But, nope, too immoral, I guess.

Also, Angry Webmaster: On my previous rant, I made a typo, accidentally saying "85" and not "55". Forgive me.

*Note from Type Anger Central
We would have corrected it when we saw it.

fat cunt in jeep 70

Did your fat ass really have to cut me off to get into McDonald's? Hope you choked on your food

Slow Old Driver 71

Old People if you can't drive but half the speed limit than get fuck off the goddamn road. This old bastard was just creeping down the road and there are others cars behind me and this fucking old dickwad is holding up traffic. Then the mother fucker finally pulls over and let's us through but not before i yell Old Dickhead through the car as we finally pass him only to stop at a Red Light and the old man catches up to us not before having an angry face and pointing through his closed window at us before turning the other direction. Seriously you're the one driving slower than a Goddamn Snail and you got people behind you that have fucking places to go and you're going to get pissed at us, here's an idea next time grow a pair of balls and actually get out of the car and i'll get out and knock your goddamn dentures right out of your fucking mouth and also do everyone a favor and stay off the road before you cause a fucking wreck, in fact I hope you end up in one and that way this world will have one less miserable old man out of the fucking way, fuck you and get off the goddamn road you wrinkled faced old dickhead.

Bad driver nearly causes accident 72

2nd night in a row, I was driving home down a busy road back to my house. Some driver pulled right out of a poorly lit intersection and nearly hit my car! Both times I had to serve to avoid an accident, and honked to get the car to stop! I'm so fucking pissed! I don't want anybody to hit my car. I paid so much into this! Will you watch where you're going? Stop and watch before turning at the intersection! We have the right of way. You have to stop!

Stupid Bitch Driver 73

It pisses me off how stupid people are, such as the case of some dumbass bitch who nearly hit me with her car, as I was leaving a yard sale today, not only that but this dumb bitch forgets to park properly as her car is nearly out in the road nearly blocking the road and almost blocking my way off the street; was you in that much of a hurry to buy some useless junk to possibly hoard your house up with that you forget that there are other people who was shopping here and need to get out you selfish dumbass bitch. Then I rolled down my window and yelled "LEARN TO PARK, YOU STUPID, DUMBASS BITCH" loud enough for everybody shopping at the yard sale only for her to flip me off and I flipped her off back, this bitch is lucky this is a yard sale because if there were no witnesses around I would beat the hell out of this dumb bitch. People that goddamn negligent and stupid should not be allowed on the road period.

Dumbass Truck Driver 74

Truck Drivers really fucking piss me off, why do these companies hire such brainless, uneducated, dumbasses to take the wheel of an 18 wheel semi truck? Well guess what one dumbass truck driver nerly killed me today by not turning his goddamn blinker on to let me know he was going to turn into the other lane that I was trying to get in myself, but no this fucking idiot goes and turns in just when we were about to make the turn. Luckily we were able to stop the car and avoid almost getting killed and at the same time with several other cars behind us, could have also been severely injured too all because this fucking idiot cares more about his fucking paycheck than the safety of other drivers that you are sharing the road with. Some people really shouldn't be allowed to have drivers licensees due to how reckless and stupid they are, nearly causing me to die and possibly injuring other drivers, I hope this asshole loses both his job and his license because people that goddamn stupid have no business on the road at all.

Selfish Drivers 75

Hey idiots; do you see there is a Cop with someone pulled over and that I need to get in your lane; yeah to you selfish assholes who wouldn't let me in your lane and could have gotten me a ticket all because you just couldn't let me squeeze in; I hope every single one of you assholes all get in a wreck. People that fucking selfish shouldn't be allowed on the road at all.

Dumbass Shuttle Bus Driver 76

I was just picking up my medicine from the Pharmacy until some Dumbass Shuttle Bus Driver parked her van almost nearly hitting the back of my car and then blocked me in just to let out her passengers. Apparently this dumbass Ghetto Bitch clearly has no business driving any sort of vehicle if she clearly can't pay any attention when it comes to how to park a fucking shuttle bus. You wonder why I was sitting next to you running my gas; I wasn't there watching you take your damn time getting your passengers off I was waiting for you to move out of my fucking way. Then she finally gets out of the way wasting 5 fucking minutes of my time all because this broad can't park a fucking Shuttle Bus the right way without blocking somebody in, the least she could have done was apologize to us; fucking idiot. I reported her to the Bus Company I hope they fire her dumbass.

Stupid Woman Driver 77

I was nearly hit by some stupid Bitch after I had the way to cross the road and keep in mind it was a Red Light and Some Dumbass Fucking Bitch came close to running me over and was going way too fast and worst of all had her Toddler in the Front Seat without a Seatbelt. I yelled FUCK YOU STUPID BITCH but if I had my Car i'd chase her ass and rear end her and run her dumbass off the road.

I hope a Cop catches her and arrests her for speeding and Child Endangerment, whatever your fucking hurry is was unnecessary and you could have run me over, caused an accident, and got your child killed because you're dumbass is in some kind of ridiculous hurry.

It's dumb bitches like her who shouldn't be allowed to have a Driver's Licence or a Child because she doesn't know how to take care of either.

Stupid Bitch who wouldn't go at the Green Light 78

It pisses me off how fucking stupid people are. Some dumb bitch was sitting at a green light holding up traffic and after honking my horn the bitch finally moves just as the light turned yellow; not only that but she took off and nearly hit another driver; I really hope this stupid bitch does cause a wreck because idiots like her have no business with a driver's licence. Hell she seems like one of these selfish morons who are panic buying everything in the stores because judging by how she wanted to make sure her selfish ass wanted to be the only one to cross the green light, she also sounds like the kind of person who would stockpile groceries just to make sure no one else gets any. It's a shame during these times that people think of themselves as self important and everything is all about them yeah "Me First everyone else last." I hope whatever meth that bitch is cooking burns her trailer down and kills her.

Stupid idiot parked in my place 79

I found a good parking space and had my blinker on but some old moron barreled into my parking place and nearly hit my car.

I was mad as hell and yelled at him that Was My Parking Place that I was trying to get into before his old stupid ass decided to snatch it and nearly hit my car.

Obviously this stupid old fart isn't paying attention and cares about no one but himself I slammed my foot on the gas and rear ended his truck, put that parking brake on my car, got out of my car and the moment his stupid old ass stepped of his truck I tackled him to the ground and punched this old fart multiple times in his wrinkled old face and then I slammed the door of his truck on his head and told him that was MY parking place I was trying to get and he nearly caused a wreck trying to get mine and said a stupid old fuck like him has no business driving and to go home.

I unfortunately had to leave this Walmart because the Cops were called but I can assure you to any of you stupid old people who do this shit should have your Driver's Licenses taken from you and you should be forced to stay at home because the only thing you old dumbfucks are is a public nuisance.

Stupid Drivers 80

Does anyone in this fucking town no how to fucking drive anymore? Yesterday some stupid bitch nearly backed into my car as I was going into the Drive Thru at the Pharmacy, I mean does this stupid bitch not realize I'm behind her and she came close to hitting my car as I honked my horn and yelled out of my window "Learn to drive you stupid bitch." as the moron drove off before going to get my prescription at the pharmacy.

The other day some morons were holding up traffic as I was looking for a garage sale in the neighborhood. They were going only 20mph as I finally honked my horn and told these morons to "get off the fucking road." These fucking morons actually stooped at the same garage sale I was going to and then the slow as bitch yelled at me for honking my horn and I told the stupid bitch "that her slow ass needs to get off the fucking road because a stupid bitch like her can't drive for shit." The stupid bitch left the garage sale and good riddance because I wasn't in the mood to start a fight at a Garage Sale because of dumbass women who can't fucking drive and should never be allowed to have a Driver's License.

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