Dan the jerk

I met this guy Dan on AOL in June and he seemed nice the first few times we met but i just got a few annoying text messages from him asking me if i want to fool around, what an asshole he is! Is that all he thinks of me as? What a jerk Dan is! I am not his little slut to be on his beckon call but he seems to think that in his perverted little brain! He tells me to come to see him, i don't like to be ordered around especially by a jerk like him! I blocked him on my cell phone so i won't be bothered by his stupid and annoying text messages, i am really sick of his spontaneous calls, he calls me 2 months later after i saw him which was back in October, what is wrong with this guy? I asked him why does he wait 2 months to call me, and he told me "i have been busy with work." Yeah right! Busy being with some bitch i bet! >:( The guy is 31! He acts more like 15, he should grow up!

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