non tippers

We've all seen it. People that make those of us who work in the service industry run our ass off and stiff us on tips. We rely on those tips to accommodate our wages so we can live too. I work in the gaming industry and when someone bingos for $12,000 and leaves a $1 (one dollar) tip, that is an insult to the card sales person who is dead on her feet from running cards to them all damn night. I had a winner in pull tabs one day....he bought $10 worth of tabs in 2 jars and won $800. Wanna know what we got out of it? ZIP, nadda, nothing. Not even a thank you. Then the guy expects us to go out of our way to serve him the rest of the day with no gratuity and we have to continue giving "service with a smile". I don't know if some people are just stupid or stingy. LET ME GIVE YOU A CLUE>>>>PEOPLE IN INDUSTRIES LIKE RESTAURANT WORK, BARTENDERS, AND GAMING EMPLOYEES ARE PROVIDING YOU WITH A SERVICE, WHEN YOU DON'T TIP, THAT IS AN INSULT TO THEM. If you don't want to tip cuz your just an ass, then go buy a sandwich and a six pack of beer from an off sale, then go home and do your gaming on the internet. Leave the open seats for people who appreciate good service and have enough class to show that with gratuities.

idiots 2

Stupid people who are all mouth and no trousers really make me mad! There's this one woman I clean house for every weekend, I'll call her Suzanne. Her sister Julie was ok with me until recently -- then started going around telling everyone I'm not doing a good job.

You think you can do better, big mouth? You talk big but you're not willing to take the responsibility of what it is that I do for even a day. You never had a problem with me before. Prove you can do a better job and keep it up every single day or go back to sucking your chimp boyfriend's dick -- I've had it with losers like you. You continually demonstrate your amazing capacity to be pathetic. You made a heroic effort to goad me into getting into a big confrontation with you, well I'm not buying it, big mouth. Looks like a certain person needs to stuff their penis back where they had it beforehand. :)

eBay buyers 3

Selling on eBay is a task for pure masochists. Buyers are a fickle group. They never praise the sellers who are forced to take a hit out of their own pocket if shipping goes over what the seller charges, but the second it costs even a penny to ship below what was paid, they accuse sellers of "gouging" them.

I'll celebrate the day one of these people even bothers to read the item description. If I had a camera, I'd have a photo up. If I took paypal, I'd say so. And does the "will only ship to the US" really apply? Of course not!

And by the way, when you win an auction, and the seller sends you an invoice, you have no excuse to send payment after a payment reminder is sent(often done after no payment has been received in a remotely timely manner).

Don't even bother leaving these idiots feedback when you get payment, let them leave feedback first. Otherwise, you may not get any.

customers 4

Some people think they are so goddamn important. I work in a hair salon and we all strive to be courteous and helpful to our customers, but some people are never happy. It kills me when people get pissed when they can't get in exactly when they want, often on short notice. Like they are the only people in the world. And then when they get there they practically want you wipe their butt for them, and even that isn't good enough. The worst ones are often, but not always, of a certain religious persuasion with six letters and starts with a J. Forgive me, but it's true!

I think all people in the United States should be required to work in a service job, whether it be food service, retail clerk, receptionist, for at least 6 months. The world would be a much more compassionate place. It should be a requirement for citizenship!

Customers 5

I work in food service. Actually, I work in a coffee shop, so there's some major customer service happening here. Yet, people are just RUDE! I mean, isn't it obvious that I am trying as hard as I can? If I wasn't, I wouldn't have the job! Someone came in the other day and asked, "Do you have any FRESH coffee?" Right off the bat. Well, this is probably the best coffee shop in town, so yeah! Of course it's fresh, freak! Another one that pisses me off, people you have to spoon feed. Questions like, "Do you have coffee?" "What kind?" The coffee of the day board is right there on the wall. "What sizes do you have?" They're all displayed on the counter. "What flavors do you have?" I mean, it goes on like this for quite some time. One woman took 15 minutes to order! She just sat on a stool staring at the menu, so I waited a while. No answer. So, after a couple of minutes I went on to the next person. Mid-order, she butts in and starts giving her order while the other man is talking! Have some respect, people! Another one that really gets me, mispronounciations. I mean, if you pronouce Mocha as "moe-cha," then you do not belong in a coffee shop. Then, there's the adults who believe they are still little children, and come crying to me when the Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean machine eats their quarter. They come running up to the counter, demanding another quarter. Please! I am not a mechanic, I do not know the inner workings of the stupid quarter machine. But then, when I DO bring out a quarter and get it to work, I get comments like, "so, how many does it give you? like three?" WELL, if you are not satisfied with the number of candies then GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! Don't waste my time!

work 6

I am a sturdent and I work at the cinema. Just becuase I have to wear a rubbish yellow and blue uniform people think I am a dumbass and treat me like dirt They snigger at me when I am cleaning the popcorn form the floor. Laugh at the rubbihs baseball cap I have to wear. Peopple think that when they do something that they are soooooo funny and that I haven't seen/heard 200 people say that already. People demand to be served quicker when I am already working my ass off. I hate the general public.
Today for example I have been cleaning the screens for 10 hours in 26 C temperatures. popcorn and other rubbish all ovetr the floors. I have to keep bending downa nd use those rubbihs sweepers to collect it with. Then I had to empty the bins inot a big compactor and it stinks like hell.

Clerk; not slave! 7

People who come into stores and make huge messes and expect the clerk to clean it up. I can't stand when I have just gotten done clean up an area at work; and a group of people will come in, make a mess and then look dumbfounded when some little kid slips in the mess that they had made. I get in trouble with the boss, and the kid gets bruised. It's a no win situation.

Wal-Mart Customers 8

I am angry at some (by no means all) of the customers at my WM. When I am off the clock, that means I am on my time and will not in any way help you or humble myself in your presence. In fact, I probably won't even acknowledge you unless I know you personally. I am not your slave and I DO NOT work for free. And if you so much as hint at having an attitude, I will turn my back on you and ignore you, or just flat-out tell you I couldn't care less about your issue. If you keep pestering me I will get the police involved. To sum up: y'all leave me alone when I am off the clock.

customers 9

I work for Famous Players, a theatre chain in Canada that is owned by Viacom and I'm one of the cleaning crew there in a downtown Toronto location. I'm totally disgusted by the movie goers there because of their behaviour. They defecate on toilet seats, vomiting on floors, vandalizing washroom stalls, stealing shakers on the condiment stands, falsely accusing employees of wrong doing that they don't even commit and so it. I have a problem with a man who has this gangsta machismo going on because he doesn't apologized to me what he did to me. I worked on the condiment stands with most shakers filled with popcorn seasonings that all have wires tied to counters with holes on them. Some shakers have no wires and sometimes they got stolen. I was in process of filling up ketchup or catsup powder. This guy who came from behind me without knowing and grabed one of the shakers, he pulled the shaker regardless it was pulling my wire and it spilled my powder. He didn't even say nothing and gave me a deadpan expression on his face. I just want to say to him if he ever found out this website to eat shit and if you are a gangsta, I hope someone will come after you with your attitude like yours.

The customer ain't always right 10

Customers can get downright ugly. I once thought "The customer is always right" but it ain't always so.  I work at a Texaco station and we get rude people in there all the time. When you say "Hello" they just ignore you. And then everyone wonders why employees at gas stations or fast food restaurants are rude and crabby. Don't people know its in their best interest to be polite to hard workers in the service industry even if we are not making great, respectable wages?

I've also work in other retail stores. If people pay for their purchases with a credit card or personal check and you ask the idiots for their ID (it's store policy, not mine), they either do so relunctantly or flip their lids. At one time, I was told that "Your fucking policies are fucking bullshit" I mean, come on, there's a sign or a decal right in front of them stating that IDs are required. Read it! It's not in Arabic, Russian or Swahili, but in clear American English. Some customers go to the extreme to demand to know my name ("Hey! What's your name?" - my name badge is right on the shirt, dumbo) and to speak with the supervisor just over a simple and quick glance of an ID or any other silly complaint they may have!

So the saying should really be: "Customers always have issues". It just takes even one jerk to ruin the day. Idiots.

rudeness 11

I work in a public library, and I am so SICK of the people who come in and yell at us about fines, lost books, no available computer times, etc. "I never checked out that book!" is the usual whine we hear. Of course! We had the Library Gremlin check out the books on their library cards and are just laughing "tee-hee" behind our hands at their consternation and bewilderment!... although I must say there are times when we +ahem+ make mistakes, most often people just forget they got the book, or let someone else use their library card, etc. We are NOT public punching bags! We work damned hard at what we do, for 1/2 the wages you could expect for someone with our backgrounds, schooling, and intelligence, and we love working with books and solving reference questions for people. That's why we stay, underpaid and overworked, at a job that can be shitty.

People have gotten so much ruder and nastier over the years, it's amazing. They come in with several children and just turn 'em loose, so the little brats run screaming and hollering and play peek-a-boo in the stacks. Mom (or Dad) plops her (or his)ass down at the Internet computer, gets that glazed look on her/his face, and that's all she/he wrote. We end up having to "babysit". Bull shit! I have worked here almost 9 years and I can't believe how people *don't* raise their children to be respectful anymore, and to SHUT UP!!! Then we have the little turds who come in after school and start signing up for internet time. Every day is just a zoo after school. We have only a few Internet computers and the kids all want to use them, look at stupid lowrider pictures and waste 50 million sheets of paper printing them off, and congregate in big clumps of noisy, mouthy little shits that we get to police and eventually kick out of the library. Our library is fairly close to the schools so people think we are a handy babysitting place for the after school crowd while Mom and Dad are still at work or hitting the bar after work. What fun! I guess that's all for now, I have lowered my stress level. Thank you for listening.

Rude and Ignorant Customers 12

I hate rude and ignorant customers. It just takes these idiots to ruin your day. We are trying our best to make a good impression and give our workplace a good name and these idiots act like they can't give a shit with their miserable mood and/or lack of manners.

What's the matter? Didn't your parents teach you manners when you were young? I suggest you learn some manners. How about a please and thank you, and don't demand things either. That pisses me off the most. And learn how to pass money rather than throwing it on the counter. We are not fucking peasants.  The next time you come in and you are rude, we will treat you like idiots and give you a taste of your own medicine.

Demanding Customers 13

I am pissed off when customers come in and demand that things go their certain way. One lady demanded today, that we have a Ice-cream holder to hold the ice-cream cones, because she can't hold one. When I politely told her we don't have one, she barked at me, "Well Get One!". Fuck off moron! Everyone else manages without one, so fuck you.

Also, those that demand that a price be lowered because it is too expensive, I'm sorry. Don't get up me, I just work here. Go somewhere else if you don't like it and leave me alone. Starving people would be thankful for this.

Lastly, people who are fussy about how their food is served, stay the fuck home. I don't want to hear it! Sometimes you just feel like screaming at this idiots to fuck off, but unfortunately you can't. No wander fast food workers have got it bad, they put up with all the dickheads of the earth.

Customers 14

Here's a clue for you lame brained idiots that call businesses to make appointments. Get yer shit together before picking up the fuckin phone! That means getting your calender and a pencil, and having an idea of what is a good time for you so you can make a decision in a timely manner. Not saying "uuh, uuhh, oh no wait, I think I've got to take Timmy to the orthodontist for a new retainer and I never know when I'll get out of there, how about the next day, oh no, can't do that, what about....what about... what about...., are you open tonight, oh forget that, that won't work, uuuhhhhh, uuuuhhh. Do you morons think you are the only people in the world? Other people are on hold and I've got actual work to do while you hold up traffic with your brainlessness. You idiots should be sentenced to receptionist work camp and be forced to answer phones from dumbasses just like your fucked up selves.

And another thing, when you make an appointment it's your responsibility to keep it. It's not our job to call YOU and remind YOU of the appointment YOU made. All it takes is a calendar, a common and widely sold item. Why in the whole wide fucked up world would anyone make an appointment and not write it down? What the fuck? We have enough work to do for the boneheads we work with without having to hold your hand and wipe your ass too.

And for the record, it's mostly men, the true babies of the world, that expect this special care taking. Like any service person is your personal secretary. You don't have to be courteous, accountable, or thoughtful. Barking like the dogs you are is the best you can do.

Hotel Guests 15

I am the manager of a rather large hotel chain. I am young for the job I have & I think that maybe part of why I get so damn annoyed with the guests. Everyday, they ask 100% stupid questions. "Where is the ice machine", well dumb ass guest number 350, you had to walk right past it to get in the lobby, humm. I WONDER WHERE THE ICE MACHINE/SNACK MACHINE/SODA MACHINE IS? I am in all rights a servant to your needs when you check in, but come on! Enough is enough! I had a woman come to the desk, rant rave and have a 3 year olds hissy fit because there was a pebble on the floor behind the door. A little tiny rock, that I am sure came from her shoe. Needless to say, she did not get a discount and came an inch from being arrested/removed because she was disturbing all the guests. I do not hate the guests, if it were not for them, I would not have a job and the economy here would collapse. BUT, I can reserve the right to secretly flip you off under the counter with a smile on my face. I can only listen to a pathetic story about your dog/kids/trip here. Does no one understand, I DON'T CARE, I'LL NEVER CARE. AND ANOTHER thing... you are not God, I do not worship you. You are the customer and I have to be nicer to you in the hotel then if I had met you on the street. Hell, If I had met you on the street, you would be laying on the street by now. Yelling only causes me to ignore your problem/request. If you have an honest to god problem I swear I'll fix it but if you come to the desk (has happened so many times) and yell at ME because it is raining and I did not tell you 5 months ago when you made your reservation it would be raining during your vacation. Yup mirror mirror on the wall, I do look like God/Mother Nature/The climate witch. Sure Mr./Mrs. Guest, I made it rain just to piss you off. Happy it worked. Get a grip people. I have and I will again throw you out of my hotel IN FRONT of every other guest you pissed off with you nasty ways. I cater to you, but only for so long.

Rude People 16

I am sick of having to serve rude and demanding people. This includes disabled people. Three people pissed me off today. Here goes:

  1. There is a lady that has trouble controlling her bowels and cannot walk properly. Thus, she has to drive around on a special bike for disabled people. I was just behind the counter talking to the boss when she rocks up. She honks her horn, startling all of us and I have to drop everything and serve her. And she is very fucking rude and demanding too. "The usual!", she barks. "What is the usual order?", I politely ask. She acts like she is annoyed at me and has to state her order, as well as accomodate her needs. I hope she dies very soon, the fucking bitch. And the next time I hear that fucking horn, I'm going to take the shotgun and shoot her and her fucking bike to hell!

  2. Pain in the ass 9 year old. I am in the middle of serving and this little snot nosed bastard interrupts me and tries to force me to clear his table. "Please fuck off, I am busy", finished with a kick in the arse. Perfect. Though I would be in trouble with the boss, the police, and the parents.

  3. Fussy customer. This dickhead takes at least forever to order. She cannot decide what to eat and feed her fat face. Not to mention she is morbidly obese, and about close to getting shot in the head. She is very fussy and claims she is allergic to certain products. Advice: Stay the fuck home. And her friend looks like an absolute hippy who looks about her late 30's with some mental disorder, tries to crack onto me. And she puts her dirty bare feet on the chairs. I had a good mind to tie her up and stuff a sock in her mouth. How good that would look!

That was my fucked up day. How was yours? Until next time, fuck you and good day.

All customers 17

I get very angry with all customers, but more specifically... well all customers. I work at McDonald's and it sucks. Some guy came through the drive-thru the other day and took forever to order as most people do. IT'S FUCKING MCDONALD'S.... THE MENU NEVER CHANGES!!!! This douche bag asked if we serve cookies. I politely advised him yes, cinnimon cookies. When told what kind of cookies we have, he then went on to ask if we have raisin cookies. If we had raisin cookies, I would have told him that... it is not like we have them but keep them a secret. Then, he asked again if we had raisin cookies... I told him again we do not have raisin cookies. The third time he asked my blood pressure was about 300/300 and I told him we don't have raisin cookies. He said I sounded fustrated. NO SHIT I'M FUSTRATED... YOU ARE STUPID!!!! He then said he didn't want his order because I wasn't nice. Well, if people only got food when I was nice to them, there would be alot of hungry people in the world. Additionally, he should try being less of a dumbass and maybe people wouldn't be angry with him. I had to resist the urge to hurl the food at him and smash his face against his steering wheel. ALL PEOPLE SUCK AND SHOULD DIE.

Lying Customers 18

Lately it seems that every freaking moron on earth wants to come into my office and give me some cock-and-bull about how one of my employees who happens to not be in that day told them they can have this or that, or better yet, tell one of my employees that I said they could have this or that on a day I am not in. I wish these idiots would piss off and crawl back under the rock from which they came. And although I do not believe in being predjudice, they are all from the same dang part of the world which I will not mention. GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM, WE DON'T WANT A BUNCH OF LYING, SNEAKY, CURRY-SMELLING, IDIOTS TAKING UP OUR TIME TRYING TO GET OVER ON US.

Customers 19

one day this lady went came in bojangles n ordered her stuff n it came up to like 6 somethin n she gave me a 10 n i gave her her she took her stuff and left....she comes back 15 mins later talkin bout you gave me the wrong change i gave you a there werent any 20s in the drawer cuz my manager had came around an collected the bigger bills b4 she im tellin her that she gave me a 10 n she started a scene n i was about to flip on her when my manager came around an was like just give her the change even if she did give me a 10

customers 20

I am an employee at an admissions office front desk for a community college. I've only typed one sentence and I bet you already know where this is going. I have never met the most impatient, stupid, illiterate, ill-mannered, lazy, ignorant assholes on the face of the earth. It seems almost everyone can't complete a simple one page admissions application without telling them to complete it. If they had gone to a four year university, their applications would be spit back out like bad sushi. Ill take they back, they cant fill out ANYTHING without having me to tell them to complete it. And then after they give it back to me, they still have places left blank, even a whole page blank! Don't get me started on their attitudes. They want me to solve the world's problems when I just only met them 15 seconds earlier. If you demand stuff and get pissy, I'm just going to take longer back there. You have to give respect to get respect. Bitch, your stuff was messed up years before I even started high school. Maybe if you would have finished school then and not had your legs open like a ho, you wouldn't be here bitching to me. That's another thing. 90% of the people who gripe and complain are people who like to wait to get things done at the LAST MINUTE! Of course all of your classes are going to be closed, class starts tomorrow. And most of these time, these same illiterate people come to turn in their applications, and ( You see what I am talking about, I just got interrupted by some guy turning in his application, which wasn't complete, so I gave it back to him, and he still turned it in incomplete, I HATE MY JOB!) they don't provide any copies of their transcripts. THIS IS COLLEGE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! IT IS EXPECTED YOU PROVIDE ALL TRANSCRIPTS WITH YOUR APPLICATION, THIS IS NO DAMN SOUP KITCHEN! And another thing that pisses me off: idiots who think that I have "Made in Japan" tattooed on my back. I am not a robot, and I have a lunch break and a life, like everyone else, so don't fucking ask me why I'm not

Bitchy wives 21

They just don't like me. I'm the single niece of the hostess, I have big boobs, there's no one here to steer me in and they don't like me to be joking around with their husbands and whatever. Maybe they're just having a bad day, maybe they hate me...but why should I care? The End.

business 22

I'm am a manager of a screen printing shop and what angers me is customers who give you NO time to process an order they wait until the very fucking day they need it to order it. I know it's the way of the world but fuck it's annoying. WHAT WOULD BE THE MATTER WITH ORDERING IT MORE THAN ONE FUCKING DAY AHEAD OF TIME. I'm pissed off and tired.

White customers 23

I own a restaurant serving authentic Chinese cuisine that serves mainly the local Chinese immigrant community. Most, but not all, of the white folk that come in here annoy me. For example, they demand things that aren't listed on the menu nor can be considered truly authentic Chinese food. Why are they asking for chop suey, egg rolls, sweet and sour pork, moo goo gai pan and the other greasy MSG-laden Americanized Chinese crap? This is not Panda Express. Then, they order a certain drink or dish (such as jellyfish appetizer) and decide they don't like it and demand in a haughty "We're better than 'Orientals'" attitude that I take it off their bill.

*Note from Anger Central
I don't suppose you are located anywhere near New Hampshire by any chance? Ever since I went to China I've detested what is laughingly called Chinese food here in the U.S. And I am sure my fiancée would love to have something to remind her of home. :)

Customers 24

I worked in a book shop and before that a phone shop - and never in my life did I even consider how fucking rude, lazy, incompetent and bastardly fucking customers can be! In the phone shop they'd storm right up to the desk and without missing a beat start off on a rant about how they can't work their phone/handsfree/charger. Well here's a goddam tip you stupid retards - IF YOU CAN'T GRASP TECHNOLOGY VERY WELL, DON'T BUY THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY MOBILE PHONE AND THEN COMPLAIN BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO FREAKIN OLD TO USE IT!

I mean, what do you want me to do? There was this one old guy who made me explain for ages how this (very simple) phone worked - and everytime I used the word "basically" he would interrupt and say "why are you using the word basically? that implies there is a base to what you are saying" WHAT? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Fuck right off!

Then there was this old bag in the book shop - called us up and asked me to pick some kiddies books off the shelf for her to look at when she came in (in a rush don't you know, because she was taking her fucking brat grandchildren to the theatre). So I waste my fucking time doing that, knowing full well she'll probably not like any of them, and it's no surprise, how the hell am I supposed to know what your goddam grandchildren like you lazy bitch? And lo and behold, she comes in and looks at each one, chucking them down on the desk and saying "no, no, no" to every single one. So excuse fucking me for trying to help your god forsaken flea ridden cause you bitch. Why do they think we are there to be there slaves? WE are people too you bastards!

Customers 25

I fucking hate working in call centre and I hate more when you get some lazy arsed customer on the phone and the first fucking thing they say is "DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN WAITING" "AND ARE YOU BUSY TODAY" I feel like saying no I'm painting my fucking fingernails! DIPSHIT! Why the fuck do they think it's my bastard fault that they cannot get through and that we ain't doing out fucking job... I want out of the shite job so I am just sarcastic back to the little shits now!

*Note from Anger Central
Been there, done that, and all I got was complete burnout.
(Call from Sr. VP. "Increase my mailbox size now!" "Umm, I can't per policy without permission, or I will lose my job." "Do it or else!")

Impatient Customers 26

Every single shop you go into, you have to queue up and wait to be served. It irritates me when you have someone either impatiently waiting and finally ranting on how long they had to wait, people who jump the queue, or those that wave their arms in the air as if they are waiting to be rescued.

I hate those that complain that they have to wait for a long time, if you can't hack it, please fuck off and come back when its not busy. Especially you silly pensioners that cannot wait at all, and say that they don't have all day. For fucking Christ's sake, you retirees have ALL day to wait, what's your hurry? You're only going to die one day. Go somewhere else or stay home if you can't handle public life. If we accidentally stuff your order, shut the fuck up and wait. Boo hoo. Get over it. Do you want it or not? Because we can just refuse service.

To the queue jumpers, learn where the end of the line is, and wait your fucking turn. This includes those arrogant pricks who are in a "hurry", youths with "attitude", and the ignorant. To those that wave their arms or their money as if they are important or they don't know that it is not their turn, you will either be told to piss off, or you will wait longer.

customers 27

i am so sick of customers. not all of them, just the stupid ones. i have worked in restaurants and hotels all my life and i guess after 30 yrs, someone forgot to tell me i was a glorified nigger. heres some advice for the stupid, ignorant fucks that should have been aborted:

  1. watch your food in any restaurant because if you act like an asshole, we will spit in your food, drop it on the floor, and/or something else really disgusting

  2. snapping your fingers, banging on the counters, clearing your throat, etc. will not make us work faster. in fact, it makes me move much slower

  3. if i said we were out of something, i don't have anymore rooms available, we don't sell that anymore, etc. that means don't ask me if i'm sure. duh you fucking retard, didn't i just say that? no, i was just seeing if you would waste my time and ask me if i was sure.

  4. when you call to make a reservation, get your shit together ie: credit card, date of arrival, stupid hotel club numbers, etc. no i cannot hold while you pull your head out of your ass. i don't fucking care why you are coming and who you are seeing and blah blah blah. i work near the grand canyon. hmmm... let me guess why you are coming. oh wait, i don't give a fuck!just get to the point dickhead.

  5. when you go through a drive-thru, have your shit together. if you don't know whats on the menu, get your fat ass out of the car and go inside.

  6.  if you have a valid complaint, fine, but don't yell and throw shit because you make yourself look like an ass and no one is going to give you the time of day.

I definitely think everyone should work in the service industry for a couple of months because you inconsiderate assholes need a little pay back. the next one that acts like i'm their personal slave, i'm going to have to slap the fucking piss out of you

House Hunters 28

One month ago, my husband and I placed our house on the market. Today - one month later - I am filled with absolute LOATHING for the people of this area in general. Why? Here ya go ...

For starters, our home is 54 years old. When my husband & I moved in 4 years back - we did LOADS of renovating - new flooring in the kitchen, new carpet throughout the entire house, added spacious decking in the front & back yard, erected a wooden privacy fence around the entire back (taking into consideration this is a half acre lot, just that cost quite a bit) not to mention the 2 ponds & landscaping which pretty much turned our backyard into a private mini park, a new gas stove, all new plumbing last year, and a brand new roof just one month ago. Regrout both bathrooms - yet, kept them as original as possible - the tile IS 54 years old, but in excellent condition - and MUCH easier to keep up than that fake marble shit everyone seems to love. The bathtubs? Good ole cast iron that will last *forever*.

So, what do people say when they come through here? They whine about old kitchen cabinets ... guess what? You are NOT going to be able to fit nearly as many things in the new fancy *looking* cabinets as you will with these. They whine that the carpet needs steam cleaning ... what am I supposed to ... shampoo the carpet every fucking day?! What in the HELL do you expect with potential buyers tramping in and out of here - carpet clean enough to eat off of?! And then you whine that it needs a fresh paint job on the inside - why in the hell should we throw our fucking money away when all YOU are going to do is slap whatever colors you like on the walls if and when you buy it? And of course, then you cry that it only has 2 bedrooms - excuse me, did you NOT read the fucking contract? WE, THE OWNERS, are MORE than willing to replace the knocked out wall
to give your lame ass a 3 bedroom house should you wish for it. And the one that really makes me want to knock your fucking heads off - "the lighting in the kitchen isn't modern" UM - we just replaced the fucking lighting in the kitchen TWO FUCKING YEARS AGO - FOR CHRISTMAS SAKE - THIS ENTIRE HORRID STATE OF LOUISIANA IS 50 FUCKING YEARS BEHIND THE TIMES AND YOU ARE GOING TO WHINE ABOUT LIGHTING THAT IS TWO FUCKING YEARS OLD?!!! Next bastard that says the magic phrase is getting his/her block knocked off with a cast iron skillet. <--- Same goes for the next person that says "ooooh I LOVE the ceiling". You scream about the clutter in here. What is the clutter? The very *neatly* stacked boxes of OUR personal belongings. OF COURSE THERE'S GOING TO BE BOXES IN HERE YOU STUPID FUCKS - just in case you haven't noticed we are packing in order to MOVE, and as we have NOT yet found another house - this is the only place we have to put them! Kindly try and get that through you THICK FUCKING HEADS. We are literally bending backwards with allowances out the ass for you pathetic, greedy little ingrates, and all you can do is whine, moan & complain.

After all of the fucking money we have poured into this house - I am SICK AND TIRED of people walking through here crying that it's not "modern" - well again, excuse the fuck out of me but - to the best of my knowledge, this house DOES have properly functioning INDOOR PLUMBING - "modern" to any person with a *properly functioning brain* means that you don't have to stumble your pathetic little ass to your FUCKING OUTHOUSE in the middle of the night to take a leak.

Hmmmm ... so, why are we looking for a place in a nice rural setting (hopefully OUT of this shit hole state!)? To get the hell away from silly, pretentious, "big city" dwelling, suburbanite redneck ASSHOLES like you! You're not trying to "keep up with the Jones's" - you're trying to out do them! Give us 4 walls, a good roof, septic system, well water, 2 or more acres, a simple quiet life & we'll be happy. City life SUCKS ASS!

Just a few simple requests to anyone looking to buy a house - try, if at all possible to have an OUNCE of vision - imagine the house with YOUR things in it. Imagine the house after the steam cleaning & ozone shock treatments, imagine it with your favorite colors on the walls. Keep in mind what the homeowners are making allowances for. Your snide little remarks are damned near pushing THIS homeowner over the edge. If you don't like our home, just shut the fuck up and look at the more expensive one for sale down the block. Oh, and stop screaming about the price tag - for your information - do your fucking research - it IS priced right for this area. Think it's expensive now? If we get one more fucking ridiculous offer for $10,000 less than what the MUCH SMALLER HOUSE/LOT NEXT DOOR sold for, we WILL be turning this thing over to a contractor. Sure ... we'll take a loss, but then, we'll have a good laugh - because then you assholes will have a *legitimate* reason to scream about how much it cost.

On a more personal note - to the "nice lady" Cynthia - who was looking for a house for her son ... you KNEW UP FRONT that the house is 54 years old, you knew of the improvements we made - you said that you were interested and would call me when you were ready to come over and have a look. I wasted an entire day carrying my phone around and waiting for you to show up. I could have run errands that I've been trying to get around to for a week now. I intentionally stayed home, because YOU wanted to come over. I ended up finding out from YOUR SON that you drove by, looked at the OUTSIDE and decided it was too old for your liking. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! For one, you KNEW the age of the house WAY before your little drive by - two? Well, it wouldn't have killed you to pick up the phone, call me and say you changed your puny little mind. Guess you were too embarrassed though, to admit how shallow you are. Speaking of shallow, the only reason you DIDN'T stop to take a look inside is because you saw window a/c units. Allow me a moment to stamp
out your (and everyone else's) fucking ignorance - there may be a *demand* for central air, but window units ARE more cost effective in the short and long run - we should know ... we've had both. Not to mention, the newer models (like we have) ACT EXACTLY as central air does, cutting on & off to keep the temperature steady throughout the house. AND, if you had bothered to stop and TALK to me, you would have discovered that the *heating* is central, that the ductwork is already present and we are making an allowance for central a/c. Too bad your stupidity made you keep going - because your son really liked the house - but wow, I guess his happiness is not of great importance to you, is it? And you're a *therapist*?! Pffffth.

*Note from Anger Central
We take it you are selling your home yourself and not going through a real estate broker? The Webmaster's mother is a retired broker and ALWAYS made sure the home owners were elsewhere when she showed the house. Your rant explains why this is a good policy. :)

Information! 29


Complaining Customers! 30

I'm so tired of these prima donna attention seeking idiots throwing their weight around as best as they can down the phone evey time they get through to my call center. "Your company is doing this and that and everything is going wrong and blablabla". Sorry love, for a start, it's not my company, it It was, I'd pay two hundred sorry bastards to form a human shield between me and the customers' verbal abuse, while I raise my prices through the roof and bleed the bastards dry! Oh hang on, that's exactly what the owner of my company has done.
Customers are so god damn stupid - "I'm not happy with your service, so I'm not going to pay!" Fine! That's great! firstly, I don't give a shit, it's no money out of my pocket, secondly, it won't fix the problem any faster, thirdly, my company has 13 million customers and you can do what you want to us, but you won't achieve jack shit, you won't even be a blip on our radar, and fourthly, the computer that runs your damn account will take you to court anyway.

How can you be so far up yourself to realise that when I say there is no supervisor to take care of the call, it is because there is no supervisor, not because of the other reason, which is that you're too god damned stupid to take what you're being told, the best way to solve your stupid problem - in past your thick fucking skull! Complaining doesn't make things happen faster, it just means that you get recorded as a habitual complainer - that will make us NOT want to talk to you, and NOT want to deal with you, and NOT want to HELP you!!!

And as an afterthought, don't threaten me down the phone. The closest of you sorry bastards is 300 miles away, and because I'm outsourced, you're talking to someone who doesn't even WORK for the company you have a grievance with!!

Don't pay your bill, Don't reply to our letters, hell, talk to the newspapers about the company, take the company to court, threaten all you want, I do NOT care! It does NOT hurt me, which is only fair, because while all your problems are MY fault, until you came on the phone shouting and bitching, I'd never even heard of you!

Now pay your damn bills on time, so I don't ever have to talk to any of you. And if you do feel the urge to dig through a water pipe and then bitch at us for paying someone else I've never heard of to put it there, at least wait until I'm in a less shitty job!

Psycho Bitch Moms  31

I work in retail for a well known clothing chain, mostly teenagers shop there but anybody can wear the clothes. Anyway when the teens and young people come in, they are nice and fun to work with and they are always appreciative. But when they show up with their moms, get ready to get nuked.

You can spot them a mile off, big butts encased in midcalf length trousers (what ARE those), and godawful short hair that sticks out in crazy directions, usually dyed to mimic their long faded youth.

These gals are the biggest pains in the ass on earth, angry and demanding, especially if we don't have thier size but, per company policy, offer to order it (we pay shipping) yet they snipe at us because they don't want to wait. I'm so sorry that we don't have the clothes that fit your big fat ass, go to the treadmill and work off some of your meanness! Oh but since Oprah pins a medal on them that they are doing the most important job in the world they think they are hot stuff. No wonder today's kids sleep around and take drugs, being raised by these banshees!

Bad Tippers 32

Okay you fucks, listen up. I've never been a server, but my husband, and a few of my friends, have been, and I'll tell you what.. For those of you who think that the servers at the places that sell "low quality, germ laden food" get good wages, WAKE THE FUCK UP! $2.13 an hour is what most of the servers at places like Denny's, Perkins, Steak & Shake, Winsteads, etc. make, so they SURVIVE on tips. Could YOU live on 2.13/hr with little to no tips? I don't fucking think so. So before you start bitching about that 15-20% gratuity that most places prefer you tip, and before you start leaving pennies in the ranch dip and quarters stuck underneath upside-down water glasses, USE YOUR FUCKING BRAIN AND THINK ABOUT WHAT MOST OF THESE PEOPLE NEED TO LIVE ON! OVER HALF THE SERVERS YOU'RE BITCHING ABOUT ARE TRYING TO SUPPORT THEIR KIDS OR THEIR TUITION FEES, YOU DUMB FUCKS! Now, while I will agree that there are some servers who are so bad they don't deserve a tip, most of them are just doing their best to get YOUR shit together, as well as a number of other peoples'. So, please, pull your HEADS out of your ASSES and learn how to be DECENT HUMAN BEINGS. Thanks.

Idiot customers 33

I believe people who work in the Customer Service Industry should be the highest paid simply because they are the ones who have some of the most stressful jobs since they have to deal with the rudest, most ignorant, condecending assholes and bitches on a regular basis! And whoever invented the phrase: "The customer is always right", should be no@! wait! Should be stripped down to their skivvies, hung upside down and whipped within an inch of their life.

Who the fuck does the ignorant general public think they are to treat the people they are expecting to get help or service from, like shit? Do you stupid morons not realize that if you are rude and ignorant to us we will be the least willing to help you or even listen to whatever bullshit is speweing from your traps?


rude, ignorant, inconsiderate customers 34

I have been holding this for so long and for years I have been hoping to find an outlet to vent the source of my anger, stress and frustration which has also caused me to have health problems.

I have worked in the Customer Service for over 10yrs and I am so tired of ignorant people who act like they own us or are above people in Customer Service.

For years I've heard everywhere and from almost everyone people complaining about bad Customer Service they received or rude Customer Reps. they dealt with. But nobody ever seems to talk or hear about our side of the story- the constant BS we have to listen to and stress we have to endure because of it. Not only does it seem that Customer Service positions are the lowest paid, least desired but the ones who have to deal with the most BS on a daily basis. Why is that? And by the way: The customer is NOT always right!

But it is that belief which I think mainly drives the typical and ignorant customer to think that they ARE, no matter what they do or say. I believe the communication problems between us in Customer Service and them (general public) starts when they, the uneducated/uninformed customers approach us with a problem and/or complaint in a rude, aggressive and even condecending tone, without clearly stating their issue or concern and then expect us to fix their problems and also be nice to them. Well, Bull sh*t! I am done being nice and they can either prepare themselves with the correct information, talk to me in a professional and respectful way as they would expect me to do or they can take their BS and shut up because they will not get anywhere! They might just end up talking to the DIAL TONE. LOL (and they have when I was on the phone).

One day, I hope that the wrong idiot doesn't catch me at the wrong time because I might run out of patience and simply react in a way that I think they deserve and for mine and their own sake, I hope I don't phisically show them where to get off!

So in closing, my final thoughts: Rude, ignorant, and inconsiderate customers can go to hell!

*By the way, I always try to be professional, prepared and nice when I approach somebody in any Customer Service-related position when I need or want something because I know what it feels like to be on the other side. But not all of us are like that either.

I am a server, not a slave 35

Everyone in the the US and Canada (I'm American, but there seem to be some pissed off Canadians posting, too. Also, I love hockey and by association like Canadians.) should be required to serve tables once in their lives. Maybe then I wouldn't have to deal with so many idiots. Here's what pisses servers off.

This annoying customer I deal with 36

There is this one customer that I get every Sunday that I can't stand! Every Sunday he places an order for 8 dozen donuts and if his order isn't exactly 8 dozen, he shits himself. He'll actually count them. What a loser. And if I jip him one or two donuts, he'll come back and whine. He's chinese or japanese, and he brings his co-workers in with him to pick up the order and I refer to them as the "slanty-eyes". One time he pissed me off so much I spit in his donuts. Hopefully they were nummy!

*Note from Anger Central
Hopefully you realize you committed a felony you racist jerk.

Lottery customers 37

These people are the bane of my existence. My job would actually be tolerable if it weren't for the asswipes that expect me to stand there at the damn lotto machine putting in slips or ripping scratch offs for 1/2 hour - hour at a time. This is a convience store, not a wait on the middle-aged - elderly curmudgeons that have nothing else better to do than waste their money store.

1. when I say that you can only place one bet without writing it down on a slip, that means ONLY ONE!!! That does not mean giving me one number and except me to put it in four different ways!! THAT IS FOUR SEPARATE BETS, GENIUSES!!

2. do not come in at seven o'clock in the morning and expect there to be three hundred dollars in the register and then yell at us when don't have it, telling us we are incompetent and don't know how to do our jobs. If we were allowed to keep that much money in the drawer, we might as well tack a sign on the door that says Please come rob us, we've got plenty!

3. do not ask me 'Is this one a winner?' Honest answer: PROBABLY NOT. If one more person asks me that, I will set their ticket on fire.

4. Last but not least, please stop coming every few hours asking what new scratch offs we have. It is the same as it is last time. I don't control the state lottery, I am just forced to sell it to you.

Adopt a kitty, go to church, visit your grandkids, just so something besides harass me all day long.

P.S Tell Mrs. Webmaster not to worry, she'll be getting road rage along with the rest of us in no time ;-)

*Note from Anger Central
She already has it. She could make a member of the People's Liberation Army Navy blush when she gets ticked off.

customers 38

I am a 21 year old college student in Massachusetts and have been working in retail since i was 16. I have worked for Gap, Victoria's Secret, Cingular, I have even telemarketed and none of them can compare to the frustration of working at a gas station.

I understand that people working there may be white trash or uneducated. But if you think we are so stupid and illiterate then why do you try to leave it up to us to figure out what pump you're on. I worked on a major highway it is pre-pay (for those that don't know let me educate you real quick, it means you have to pay first prior to pumping)and we had 26 pumps.

- don't come in and argue with me about the fact that you have to prepay, they want me to start the pump, their argument is that if they want to fill it then they have to come in again to get the i know we are all lazy, but either way youve already come in you're going to have to come back...

- Don't throw a twenty on the counter and walk out, i have 26 pumps i can pick one and you can go figure out which one it is, or you can just tell me the number.

- $30 on that black car over there, (usually said when theres 15 cars pumping and more then one look black,)ill look down at the register, then let the customer know that i don't have a "black car" button, i have 1-26 asshole. And i am a lowly cashier why do people feel the need to impress me with the make of their vehicle, like oh the silver mercedes, or the bmw, i will usually respond with whats a mercedes? or point to a silver kia instead.

- Just to let everyone know it is possible to fill your car up even if you have to prepay, but if you put $50 and it only takes $43 then we obviously keep the change. Sounds stupid right, then why would you ask.

- Customers who want to fill their tank up and prepay cash inside, how can you prepay if you are filling it?, ... estimate, leave an amount then come and get the change of whatever you dont use. whats that? you said you have NO Idea , what is it a rental or did you just get the fucking car yesterday! how does anyone have no idea?

- Don't come in and say over there and make a hand gesture in the general direction of all the pumps. and often we have vendor trucks in front of the store, so dont tell me its over there behind that coke truck. there are about six pumps behind the truck.

- Lastly "What pump are you on?"the most common answer... "I dont know"... and people actually think that this is a sufficient answer. if you dont know what pump you're own how would i? and believe it or not i actually need to know the number in order to give you gas, this is not an optional answer.

Some register rants
- dont complain in line about the line and how you're late for a meeting when you are waiting in line just to buy a snickers.

- I am not mapquest, I suprisingly do not know where everything is.if you think people at gas stations are dumb, why always stop there for directions, stop at a bank or a law office.

- Yes germs are everywhere, but if i hold my hand out dont slap you money on the counter instead, if i had some horrible life threatening contagious disease the last thing i would do is work here. if you throw your 20 at me for your gas you better hope you dont have change coming back, because its coming back to you the same way. people toss their money at me but get alarmed when i toss it back at them. I dont care if you are paying in all change im here for another 3 hours, but dont scatter it all over the counter and leave

- for most us working at a gas station it is not our career and i defenitely dont get paid enough to do it with a smile. so stop telling us to smile!

Although it was one of the most frustrating jobs it was actually nice to be considered so worthless because i said whatever i wanted to whoever i wanted, by the time i stopped working there i had no filter, i really did pretend to look for the "red car" button, I did ask people if they just got the car yesterday, i did throw people's change all over the counter, i did pretend the lottery machine was broken on more then one occasion, and thats what got me through. I recommend it for that type of job. In higher end retail its better to do the opposite, i got through that by being agressively nice to anyone who was rude to me.

Customers at Gas Stations 39

There is something about filling up a car with fuel that brings out the best & worst in people. Unfortunately, the worst ones are the ones we tend to remember. I don't even know where to begin. The overall operation of your typical filling station with convenience store is fast-paced. All you need is one ass-hole to ruin your night. Between watching pumps, waiting on customers inside, lottery customers, car wash customers and your ever popular "I'm lost & need directions" customer, its all you can do to keep a smile on your face. So next time you decide to stop in & buy you a pack of smokes & a tall boy, don't ask me why I am not smiling or if I am having a good day in a smug, sarcastic tone....until you have worked my end of the counter, you will never, ever, ever know what it can be like. I think everyone should have to work one 8 hr shift in a place like this & maybe we would get more respect. Here's a few more areas of major irritation:

Playing lottery??? Have your form filled out. Don't ask me how to play when I have a line of customers heading out the door during rush hour, stand to the side & wait til the mob dies down.

Can't find your carwash code on your receipt? Get your glasses on or learn how to read...its printed in bold letters CAR WASH CODE. BTW, we give you 14 days to use your wash. Unless we are living back in Noah's day, we never have 14 days of continuous rain. Don't come to me whining that your ticket expired because of the bad weather days or that you live clear on the other side of town & you havn't been around to use it...tough shit, not my problem. 14 days folks!!

Demagnatized credit cards...people, take care of your cards! Our pumps won't read demagnatized cards outside. We have to stop what we are doing & key the damn thing in. That slows us down. Don't blame us...we have your card for all of maybe 5 seconds to run thru our machine. You carry it with you 24/7. I actually had a lady accuse us of damaging her gas card (gee, guess it had nothing to do with all the credit cards she had shoved into her bulging wallet that was buried in the bottom of her bag).

Unsupervised children...nothing is worse than seeing several run thru the door & straight for the soda fountain, bound to make a mess. They pull out every lid, splash soda everywhere and yes, they even drop full cups of soda on the floor. Where's Mom? Outside in the car yacking on the cell phone...don't get me going on cell phones! This one takes the cake...the ever popular "I fill up several times a wk, shouldn't I get a discount or free carwash". Listen here Buckwheat, I pay the same price that you do and no, I don't get free carwashes either. I visit my neighborhood grocery store several times a week and they don't give me anything for free. Don't act like you are doing us a favor by buying fuel from us, we all have to have it. It is a necessity, not a luxury.

Bitchy Older Customers 40

There is nothing worse than a bitchy moneyed customer trying to purchase a bra. We are forced to wait on these ridiculous cunts like slaves every day, measuring their sagging, pendulous tits for that "perfect fit." If something goes wrong, they don't just politely let the people in the fitting rooms know by using the system we have--they wail like stuck sows until someone is forced to come running to shut their greedy, fat mouths. Oh God, it's terrible. They're so rude and ugly with their arched brows, SAT vocab words and vein-ridden tits.

Customers 41

When you read the jackass customer stories, chances are that they're from an employee or manager. Well, this is from a customer, me. I was at 7-11 the other day and was buying something small, like a bottle of Gatorade. I go to the counter to pay when this huge lady just starts going at it with the clerk. She was complaining about the SI Swimsuit Editions and Maxims for sale by the register. "How can you sell this garbage?!" she screamed at the young teenage female behind the counter. "This is just utter filth!" My fists were clenching in and out. However, I decided to stand my ground thinking that she'd just get over herself and get out. The cashier kept telling her "Ma'am, I don't determine what gets sold in the store. That's up to the management". She repeated this about 5 times to the fat behemoth, but she refused to listen. She just kept spouting off about morals and "The decline of decency", etc. After about 10 minutes of this, I had enough. I said, "Look lady. Get the hell out of the way so I can make my purchase". She whirled around, just utterly stunned. She must have been surprised that I was only 15. She trundled out of the store, grumbling all the way. Hey, I wanted my Gatorade. She deserved every word of it.

Inconsiderate customers 42

My beef is with customers that come into stores and trash the place. They treat store associates like their personal maids. Where I work, we spend time folding shirts and jeans so that the tables look nice and neat for the customers. We also hang the clothes in order by color and size. This takes time. Then the customers come in and flip the shirts and jeans over and toss what they don't want back onto the table in a pile. When we try to fix it up, we find shoes and other things that don't even belong there underneath the mess. They let clothes fall on the floor and they don't pick them up. I watched one customer drop a blouse on the floor and then she actually kicked it out of her way and kept shopping. What a pig! When they look at clothes that are hung on hangers, and they don't want to buy them, instead of hanging them back on the stand, they just shove them in or drape them over the stand. What the fuck?? I swear, it looks like someone's sloppy ass bedroom. And I'm so sick of customers who try on shoes and when they don't want to buy them, they step out of them and walk away leaving the shoes in the middle of the floor. I'm sick of customers who bring clothes into the fitting room and when they decide that they don't want to buy them, they leave the close in the fitting room bunched up in a pile. It looks more like someone's dirty laundry than new clothes that someone else will probably buy. And when they do bring the clothes out of the fitting room, they hand the clothes to us, again, bunched up in a pile. What are we, the frig'n laundromat?? How difficult is it to put the clothes back on the hangers or fold them up? What the hell is wrong with people?? Our store gets so trashed that sometimes I feel like just walking out the door. I know of a few people that have gotten so fed up that they did quit. One woman went to lunch and never came back.


I work at a seafood Alabama...yes can you imagine how much white trash goes through the doors??

First of all...10% tips were 10 years ago...its 2006 you should be tipping 17-20% for good service. FUCKING wake up old people. There's nothing like when a customer says how good everything was and they leave you a 10% or less tip. WTF is wrong with you!?!!?

Today I had a lady complain that her fish was too FISHY. She didnt even ask nicely...she just started bitching. What the fuck makes you bitch at a person you don't even know!?!?!! PLUS ITS FUCKING SNAPPER...YES IT WILL BE A LITTE FISHY. DON"T FUCKING EAT ALL OF IT AND THEN COMPLAIN. I MEAN WTF is wrong with these people?!?!?! Why do they need to feel so god damn important?!?!

CUSTOMERS WHO BITCH: Do you believe in karma? Well you should. One day it will bite you in the ass. Think how you would want to be treated/tipped for your good service. And...if your going to a nice restaurant...dress nice. Did your parents ever teach you anything?? I mean im fuckin 19 and i know that.

*Note from Anger Central
Wait until the Webmaster's sister in-law arrives. She will be in AL with her new husband, Buddy. There is no tradition  of tipping in their home country, and they would consider it to be an insult to be offered a tip.

Stupidity and rudeness at work 44

I work at a department store, and the people that shop there are idiots and are very rude. I/We bust our asses at that god damn store everyday, and that still isn't good enough for them. EVERYBODY wants to be waited on, hand and foot, on every second. We apologize for not having the merchandise they desire, but that isn't good enough for them... they want us to pull them out of our asses. They also insist that we DO have what they're looking for, when in fact that I know for a FUCKING fact that we've been sold out of it for the past three weeks. So don't try to put it past me that "you saw it yesterday", when, "I fucking worked yesterday >_<". Also, stop interrupting me when I'm on the phone with a customer trying to help THEM out. I know you all want to be helped out all at once, but I'm only one god damn person. If you can't wait your turn, feel free to walk your ass out the store and into another one. So damn rude. I hate it. If you can't see this phone that I'm talking into, then I will buy you some prescription glasses. No, this isn't a personal call. No, you aren't the only one in the store that needs help. And one more thing to add about not having things that you/they want... Don't get pissed the fuck off when I tell you that we don't have something in stock. That's something that I cannot help. Keep in mind that I only work there part time. I don't actually run the store. I just work on the floor. You wanna complain to the executives and the distribution centers. Don't call me a bitch because we moved on to our next season and no longer have: pool chemicals, kiddy pools, air conditioners, blow up pools, swimming goggles, patio furniture, etc. I can't keep up this 'nice-guy' facade anymore when people are constantly being a bitch to me. It's damn hard. Ease up, you assholes. Oh, and I almost forgot to add that you shop like dirty rats. Just because people are working the floor doesn't mean that they're there to baby-sit your children in the Toys Department, or even clean up the shit you and your children didn't bother to put back up after looking at them. Hello? Courtesy? Is that you? No, I guess not. You wouldn't like it if I came into your home or workplace and started messing around with all your shit, and not doing a damn thing about it. Like that one bitch tonight that was testing out all the toys. She took almost 4 peg hooks full of toys down, and didn't even bother to put them back up. Fuckers. Dirty fuckers. You cause me so much grief. And what's the deal with opening up everything and having the contents of the item strewn across the whole department? Someone please tell me what the fuck that's all about. That's so dirty. There are sample models out, but no, that's not good enough for you. You've gotta rip open every tent, every sheet set, ever bag of socks, unravel all the towels... and for what? For you just to buy the "nice and undamaged" items, while the ones you just fucked with, nobody wants to ever touch. Keep that in mind the next time you go shopping. Anger vent done.

Nasty, Ignorant Customers 45

This hasn't happened once, but TWICE! I brought home a can of peanuts and when I took off the plastic lid, I discovered that the safety seal had been removed. Someone had opened the damn can of peanuts and put them back on the store shelf. I had to throw them away. Fuckers! My husband brought home a can of cashews the other day. I saw them on the kitchen table and again, I lifted the plastic lid and saw that the safety seal was still there. But on closer inspection, I could see that the seal had been pulled up already, so I figured that my husband had already opened them and so I ate some. Today, he comes to me and asks about that can of cashews and I find out that he NEVER opened them. This means that some dumb ass, ignorant, nasty, customer (or maybe an employee!) opened the can, ate some and put them back on the shelf. What the fuck is WRONG with people! Damn!

asshole customers 46

I have had it up to fucking here with these people. I am tired of getting bitched at over things I have no control over and/or not my fault. I work at a video store, and I cannot tell you how many times customers have yelled me claiming they returned their rentals even though the computer clearly says they didn't. Of course, it's our fault because they totally brought them back and we just didn't check them in properly, so guess what? We have to go look on the shelf anyway even if we know that they are full of shit. After these fuckers rip me a new one after not finding their supposed returned rentals they storm out. And can you guess what happens next? The rentals they were completely sure that they turned in days magically appear in the drop box an hour or so later!! And do we even get an apology from these assholes?? Hell no! Man, I wish people would get fined for rude and stupid. Trust me, their would be no national debt if that happened. Thanks for letting me vent.

Rude Customers 47

I am 16 work at an electrical shop that my father owns. I've had experience there since I was 8 years old and I can proudly say that I know electronics pretty good.

So one day this motherfucking faggot with hair coming down the middle of his back stumbles in and throws his cigarette on the front doormat. He walks over to me and asks "Hey I'm looking for a plug for my welder." I replied, "Okay, what voltage and phase?" (Which was a valid question). He looked at me blankly so I explained that there were different plugs that could handle different amounts of power. After hearing this he simply says, "Well it's obvious you don't know what you're talking about so find me someone else that knows product in this store, kid." I was ready to beat the shit out of him but I kept my cool and got another salesman that was "Over 20." The faggot customer walks over to the salesman and says "You should get that skinny brat fired, he doesn't know what he's talking about." What the fuck? I would have gotten him his plug and sent him off on his merry little way but noooooo I don't know what I'm talking about! Anyways I lost about 80 bucks in commission that day so to sum it up I'm pretty pissed off. I hope that fucker finds his way here and reads this.

Dumbasses 48

I probably work for the same company as the person in rant 46, Tired of these stupid dumbasses that come into my store after 10pm on a busy weekend and whine and cry that the big named movies are all rented out! Well genius maybe if your ass came into the store earlier perhaps the movie you want would still be in, and dont whine to me that you've been to 5 or 6 stores and cant find nothing blah blah blah, its bad enough Im spending my weekends putting up with you dumbasses, dont expect any sympathy from me.

customers 49

I work in retail and sell electronics. I am so fucking sick of fuckwits bringing back shit that just clearly isn't broken. They fucking throw it at your face and chew your arse off. After which you push the "ON" button and get it working perfectly. Whatever happened to reading the manual you dipshits. Common sense is not so common anymore. If i gave the fucking thing to a chimpanzee they would be able to figure it out eventually. Then they always want a new one... what the fuck am i supposed to do with a used dvd player? As far as I'm concerned they can stick it up their fucking ring hole. Sometimes i get so angry I want to tell them to do me a favor and never come back. I don't want fucking dimwits shopping at my store. Fuck them, fuck them right in the arsehole.

Customer's Bullshit. 50

Lets start out as saying that I fucking hate customers. They disgust me. I've been working at Albertsons for about a year and a half now, and I've never seen exactly how stupid people can be until I started working there.

  1. if you're a customer at a grocery store... don't sit there and make everyone wait in line while you're taking your sweet time trying to find the exact change.

  2. Don't act as if the cashier is the one responsible for not having a certain product in the fucking store. You retard, it's not like we make and ship the shit. We have no idea.

  3. Don't you dare go fucking complain to our boss us because we're talking to another customer trying to make our day a better one and your fat ass is "late" for a meeting... COME EARLIER. Lol our bosses laugh at you anyways. They could give a shit less what we do.

  4. Take your carts back up to the damn store! You lazy ass. 5: Don't ask for help out because you have 1 kid.. I've seen people with

  5. kids take their stuff out and be okay doing it...

  6. Speaking of kids... don't leave them in the damn cart and expect the bagger to put shit around them. TAKE THEM OUT.

  7. Don't throw your damn money on the table. Hand it to us. and

  8. If you don't want something.... either take it back or give it to us. Don't leave shit in the isle or leave it at the check stand. HAND IT TO US. We'll take it back for your lazy ass.

That's all.

Fuck Customers. 51

I'm sick of customers that think they buy 10,000 lean cuisine meals and then ask us for help out to their car, and make us put it all in their car, and they ride around on those little motorized carts so they don't have to walk, not to mention they park the closest to the store as possible. I hate customers. Lazy ones even worse. Fucking die of starvation before you come in a grocery store and think you own the place or be respectful.

Fare-Evading Passengers 52

I ride buses and trains frequently and am so angry at the people who board the bus through the back door or get on the train without paying their fare. I always pay my fare when boarding a bus or train, and will admit once that I was forced to board without paying because of a sort-of emergency. I was even asking people if they could spare $0.30 so I can buy a ticket. I am talking about the people who ride without paying because they are too cheap to pay $1.50 or even $0.50 for seniors. I mostly see these people in Chinatown in San Francisco and they are mostly Chinese elderly who are used to having their Chinese government subsidize their bus rides. That's not the way it works in the US, you have to PAY TO RIDE.

wal mart 53

i work at wal mart and i hate the customers so bad. it seems like the dumbest, most inconsiderate people come in to shop. first of all, the express lane is for 20 items or less. im so tired of people coming to my register with a buggy full of groceries and trying to fit it all on that tiny counter that is made to hold about 20 items instead of the 50 items some dumbass is trying to put on the counter. second of all, NO ONE GIVES A FUCK IF WINN DIXIE HAS GRAPES FOR 99 CENTS A POUND! if you want grapes for 99 cents a pound, go to winn dixie. dont come to me with your little sale paper. and NO.. you CANNOT buy tobacco at any other register than the tobacco register. DUMBASS!!! i cant stand people who come in and expect me to do everything for them. no i do not care that i scanned your beer 2 times. go to customer service and leave me alone. i swear im not a people person as it is and these people just work on my nerves. if i am off the clock, dont talk to me. i wont acknowledge you. i dont want to hear about how i can really help you out. why dont you help me out and go run your car into the nearest lake. ive been standing on my feet for 9 hours. the last thing i want to do is make your day better. another thing i cant stand is when i have my light on and someone will ask "are you open?" NO im not open- im just standing here for my health. get a life and go shop somewhere else

Customers. 54

I cannot stand customers. They make me angry because:

  1. Even though they come in the store every day, they still don't know when to slide their card at the checkout.

  2. They leave their kids in the cart while they're checking out and expect the baggers to put groceries around their kids. Take them out for crying out loud.

  3. Don't ask for paper and plastic. It's time consuming and very annoying.

  4. Even though the customer see a employee outside working their ass off to get carts and bring them in.... they still have the nerve to leave their cart out in the parking lot and then complain about being fat.

  5. Don't come to a cashier and start yelling at them because we don't have what you want. We don't order the stuff or make it and we are not managers.

  6. Cans and Bottles in California have a CRV charge.... so many people stare at the price and ask us why their soda is 1.10 when it says 1.00 +CRV.... if you don't know this... then you don't belong here.

  7. Don't tell us you want paper bags just because you want trash bags. Just ask us for extra bags and we'll gladly give them to you just to get you out of our hair.

  8. Our managers couldn't care less what we do. So if you have a complaint about us... go ahead and tell them. We just laugh about it afterwards.

  9. Seriously... if you can't pick up something by yourself.. then don't buy it. We do not like helping you out. You annoy us. [That's the honest truth]

  10. Just because you have a kid doesn't mean that it's okay for you to say yes to help out. You're just being lazy. I've seen mothers with 5 kids come in and say no to help out.

Grouchy Elderly Customers 55

Old people! You have got to love them.... NOT.
I work for a company where about fifty percent of the customers that come in are old people. Some of them are hilarious as hell, and some of them are as sweet as they can be, but the ones that come in with a shitty mood piss me the fuck off.

What pisses me off is the fact that the market I work in is a small one in particular so everything you need is packed together, and the milk is in the back- you would think that they would just get their shit and get the hell out, but oh no! Whenever they come shopping around they waltz all over the damn store for forty-five fucking minutes to an hour, only to buy a fucking half gallon of milk!

Another thing that pisses me off is when you try your best to be nice to them and smile at them, they give you a nasty look from the minute they step in-

and when we are out of something they want or need, they get in my face and bitch me out, the jowls on their face jiggling back and forth like a damn gobble neck from a thanksgiving turkey! What is worse is when they have a horrible case of Halitosis and it smells as if they brush their teeth with cat shit!

I'm thinking to myself, what the hell is their problem? I want to ask them if they have their depends on too damn tight!

customers 56

I work a fast food Job in Oklahoma- It is an ice cream store not to mention, we make burgers and fries, and have a grocery market attached to it.

What pisses me off about the customers is the fact that we cannot get one intelligent person to come in and make an order and decide what the fuck they want. Instead they come sauntering in like they are fucking royalty and speak down on us as if we, the workers, are uneducated people! Then they have the audacity to scrunch up their faces with the biggest looks of stupidity, and then ask in their hick accents, "Where is the menu?" When it is right in front of their face!

Another thing that pisses me off to no end is when people who barely know a word of English come in through the drive through, and expect us to understand what they are saying, and when we don't understand them, they have a fucking attitude with us! COME IN SO WE CAN ASSIST YOU IN PERSON IDIOTS!

One more thing that pisses me off! When I am working the grocery retailing area trashy assed government mothers come in because we accept food stamps- so these women have like five or six kids that were only conceived for the purpose of welfare money and they jump all over my ass about my attitude and say that I should be happy because it is a beautiful day. That is when I want to say, I can't enjoy the day because i am to busy working for your sorry ass who is on welfare and food stamps!

Clients 57

I am so sick of fucking clients. We run a financial planning business and we have made our clients a LOT of money over the years. This one couple in particular - we made them over $1million PROFIT in the last 4 years and they have the hide to yell and scream and abuse our staff when the market's down and the value of their portfolio drops by 10%. They're crying saying we've lost them their "life savings" and accusing us of not providing them with enough information about the risks of investing. We have signed applications that you've read the information pointing out in clear black and white that you knew what you were investing into had risks. But of course - you've never received that information. Yeah right.

Dumb fuckers. Greedy arseholes like you deserve nothing. I hope you enjoy living in your waterfront mansion until your dying days when you realize that there is no-one to give all your money to and your existence has contributed nothing to society.

Hmm - perhaps I might send you the bill for the food you consumed at my wedding you pigs.

People I serve at the Olive Garden 58

I am a server at The Olive Garden and I'm angry at the dumbfucks that walk through the door everyday. Not everyone that eats there, just the idiots. Let me begin by telling you a story. Today I asked the lady at my table what she wanted to drink and she said " What do I want to drink me?" what the fuck does that even mean. Then they said they were ready to order and proceeded to stare at the menu for another 5 minutes. And the woman said "I always get the soup and salad but I never know which soups you have" If you always get it, then how the fuck do you not know which soups we have! And then her dumb fucking husband pointed to the appetizers and asked me if those were the soups. Are you illiterate? A 1st grader could tell you that those aren't the soups. Then after they ate, she pointed to something on the dessert menu and asked me what "no sugar added" meant. Are you serious. I said, "It means no sugar added" and she said Ohhhhhh! Like now it made sense to her. What a fucking idiot. And they left me 2 bucks.

That brings me to my next point. If you can't afford to give me a decent tip then keep your poor asses at home. I make $2.13 and hour fuckers. And people who order soup and salad are the worst. It's a really great deal because it's only $6.25 but that doesn't mean you can give me a 1 or 2 dollar tip assholes. Guess what....I have to dish that soup out myself and I have to run back and forth doing it for you 5 times you fat fuckers. TIP ME!

And when I ask you a question, don't stare at me like a fucking baboon. If,"What can I get for you to drink" is really too tough for you then you should probably leave now because the questions are only going to get harder.

And if you see me struggling,reaching across the table to pick up YOUR dirty plate, would it really kill you to pick up your lazy arms and hand me the damn thing. And wipe those snooty looks off your face. You're at the olive garden, not the fucking Ritz. Just because you cashed in your welfare check and came out to dinner doesn't mean you're princess for a day.

Use some common sense when you go out to eat people! And if you're rude to me, I'm going to be rude back to you. Learn how to be a decent human being for christs sake

People who call my office 59

  1. Please get your facts straight and know *why* you are calling. I can't read your mind, you know.

  2. Please get my boss and coworkers' names right, or at least attempt to do so. Oh, and it would be nice if you got mine right, too.

  3.  I have three other phone lines to keep track of, plus other work to do. Please do not keep me on the phone for 20 minutes rambling about your life. Don't take it personally; some of you are really quite interesting, but I'm not paid to listen to your life story.

  4. "Administrative assistant" is not a synonym for "stupid bimbo." Neither is "woman," for that matter. If I need the spelling of something, I'll ask you.

  5. When you're registering for something, don't tell me "My credit card is on file." If you register online, it's not -- it's encrypted so only our bookkeeper has access to it. If you used a hard copy form, yes, I have your information, but I have better things to do than dig for it.

  6. Salespeople: No means no, and "Take us off your list" means "If you don't, I'll report you to the FTC and the BBB."

  7. Collectors: Yes, we owe you money, and we have every intention of paying it. Could you please limit your calls to once a week, use live people (preferably native English speakers) rather than recordings, and stop abusing our poor bookkeeper?

  8. If you call to register for an event at 5:00 p.m. the day before, you're not going to get a printed name badge or pre-printed professional development certificate. Deal with it.

$2 Tippers 60

TWO DOLLARS? Two fucking dollars? What the fuck am I going to do with $2.00? TWO! You made me go fetch your jam (not jelly, you made sure to let me know there is a difference), your straws, your plastic utinsils, or more insulting, "hot" water to dip your forks in to "clean" them. The "hot" water I'm handing you from a tap is nowhere near as hot as the high pressure dishwasher that cleaned your silverware, and certainly not hot enough to You handed me your plate without looking me in the eyes once and somehow spilled the words "That shit nasty, I'on't whoahnt it" out of your mouth. I hope I captured the phonetic poetry of the garbage you communicate with. It's truly something to behold, hearing someone of such intellectual insignificance try to belittle you with their mastery of English bastardization. You fucking KNOW I have to put up with it or it's my livelihood I'm sacrificing. You fucking animal. How a human being can do that to another and feel you are entitled to be pacified is beyond absurd. I see "you" a thousand times a night. Somehow this behavior is tolerated in your community, and you bring it to my place of employment that tries to provide good food at affordable prices along with TABLE SERVICE. You ARE NOT skilled enough to instruct a cook who speaks barely a word of English to burn your buffalo wings just how you like it. You don't have to get your ass up out of your BOOF SEAT to go get your own food, get your utinsils, fill your fucking iced tea that you made me sweeten for you beyond all bounds of tasting any tea anymore, clear away the ridiculous mess you left behind your savage feeding frenzy or make change for your $100 dollar bill, that I KNOW I will be lucky to see two of those precious American dollars come back to me. Fuck that and fuck you. TWO DOLLARS IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE TIP, no matter WHAT THE BILL IS. If you are going to go out to eat, BE PREPARED TO TIP YOUR GOD DAMNED WAITER. It is through some congressional oversight that restaurateurs are allowed to pay waiters $2.77 PER HOUR. The theory is we put on a dog and pony show for the presentation of your fucking steak and eggs and you tip us directly for our hard work. Oh, but here's where the restaurant owners get us by the balls a second time. We (the server!) pay the host, the busboys, and for some reason the bartender OUT OF OUR TIPS! MY TIPS. So, your $2 tip on a table of 4 people with a hypothetical (that means imagin-urry) bill of $80 only pays for part of the $3.20 it COSTS ME for your ass to sit and eat. The theory also expects you to tip me $16 on that $80 bill, but no chance on God's green Earth are you going to let $4 slip away from your budget for EXCEPTIONAL service fit for classes of people FAR more deserving and appreciative than you. Stay the fuck out of my society, or at least behave with some common sense and dignity so I can pity you for being broke and just wanting to taste things you can't normally afford. Fuck you.

Fat Customers 61

I work at <deleted to protect the poster>. To sum it up quickly, I take the order, scoop the ice cream and charge the customer for it.

No group of people causes me more anger at work than fat people. I would dare to venture that 90% of the time a fat person will act rudely to you in a manner that suggests it's somehow your fault he's in the store getting ice cream to supplement their girth. You'd think they'd be nice to the person who's giving them sweets. NOPE!

That's basically all I do all day, since the majority of our customers are fat as hell. Stop coming to <deleted to protect the poster> you fucking whales! Or better yet, keep coming to <deleted to protect the poster> but DON'T take out your insecurities and frustrations about your weight on me or my crew. It's nobody's fault but yours that you're eating yourself into an early grave.

Nitpickers 62

Out of the multiple things that irritate and piss me off about this lil ole lady nitpicker, one stands out above the rest. It's something that's never going to happen, ever. Our cash customers are contractors and working men...and many keep their cash in their pockets where it gets crumpled, dirty and sweaty. So what, right? Big deal, I'm happy to have their business. lil ole lady nitpicker gets pissy about ANY paper that's not perfectly flat as if it's never been touched. BUT...SHE COMPLAINED (with the pursing of her lips) AND SAID "Oh, I wish the men would iron their money!!"


Cinema Patrons 63

I'm a theater usher for a largest cinema chain in Canada and I know I may get in trouble for this but I need to get this out of my chest. I am very angry at this very fat man who threw a childish hissy fit at me for patrolling during a showing of Where The Wild Things Are. I was told to patrol the theaters for troublemakers and for the film quality, etc. That man came out middle of the show and threw a hissy fit that I am patrolling the theater by going up and down the steps of each aisle. That is the standard procedure of the job. The man has no right to throw a hissy fit at me because I would do anything to accommodate him. I would have listen to him if he have behaved like a grown man. To that fat ass who pissed me off and you know who you are, you are a big piece of fucking shit. You are not a man but a fat pig. I don't deserved to be treated like shit just because I am doing my job. How about I go over to your business someday and throw a hissy fit. Would you like it? But again, you would do anything for money by sucking my dick. You are nothing a disgrace to yourself and your family. I hope we will meet again because karma is a bitch. This time I will be your boss, fuck face. You are placed along with racists, killers and rapists. You are a scum of the planet like them and I am damn right.

Bloody Customers! 64

I work in an electrical retail shop. I am young and very short, so most people don't treat me seriously or just blow me off. I can get by that, and usually get my petty revenge when I find that damn product they were looking for. BUT, some utterly refuse help from me and go so far as to call me stupid and in the summer I had one 80 year old fucker tell me I should go back to damn preschool! The dumbshit! Then the assbreath went over and gave one of our nice technicians, who had worked for us for many years, a hug. WTF?! Apparently he had known him for a while. Earlier this summer, some nice customer came in and I helped him and another of our employees get him the lense. 10 minutes later he comes in and accuses us of stealing his old lense! Then he told me to "shut up, you don't know what you're talking about". BLOODY HELL!

Non tippers 67

I'm angry that stupid stingy people will order $29.75 worth of pizza and then give me $30. and say keep the change. I'd be happy if I'd even get 10% and that's actually too little tip. There are a few customers who know how to tip and to them I'm grateful, but they're few and far between. I depend on tips for almost half of my income each month, come on people get a clue!

*Note from Anger Central
You'd love the Angry Webmaster's father. he always over tips. The Angry Webmaster? He's one of the cheapest SOB's you'll ever meet. ;)

cell phone customers 68

I work in a call center, customer service and 1st tier tech troubleshooting. I have lots to complain about but I'm sure there's not enough room to share it all. Here's a few things you need to do when calling in for help or questions:

  1. When I ask you how can I help you, don't tell me "I dont know, you called me". Hmmm sounds like you owe us some money soooo pay your bill by the due date and we wont bother you.

  2. If you are having problems with your phone and need assistance, please call us from another phone/landline/payphone. We cannot troubleshoot while you are on the phone, DUH!!!!

  3. I'll be more than happy to change out a phone for you, make sure you have the phone available when you call!!! Don't tell me to hold while little Johnny tries to find the phone, there are other callers waiting.

  4. Don't yell and scream at me over federal fees and state/local taxes....I pay them too. Talk to Uncle Sam about it.

  5. Don't call in pretending to be a female when you are obviously a guy trying to get his services restored cuz your girlfriend cut you off. You probably deserved it you dead-beat.

  6. Don't let you toddler play with your phone! Ive watched people leaving WalMart letting their teething babies chew on their cell phones. You are the ones who will be the first to call us and say 'My phone is not working. I dont know how it happened, what do you mean it's not covered under the warranty? I didn't get it wet!' And we are made out to be the bad guys. Moisture is moisture, we know what you did.

  7. Dont call me from a bar, disco, party, family reunion with all the noise & screamers in the background and tell me you can't hear me. Go to a quiet place moron!!!!

I have much more to print but I will end it here. Hope you get the picture. I really think there should be a law as to who can have a cell phone. Maybe they should be required to take IQ tests, brilliant idea!

Bad Customers 69

Dear Bad, Bothersome Customers and potential Customers...

I became a costumer because it gave me the chance to make a living while doing something that I loved. And granted, many of you who have ordered from me have been thoughtful, patient and considerate. There are some of you however who seem to think that you can treat anyone anyway you like simply because you've decided to patronize their services.

Here are a few things I'd like to set straight with you:

I am not fucking Walmart. You can't get the ball rolling on a transaction and then decide to suddenly pull out because you've changed your mind. It is to your best advantage to develop a good relationship with me so I can custom-make your item to your wishes. You do NOT develop good relationships with people by promising to send them 500 bucks and then deciding Whoops! You wanted to spend that money on a car instead. If you're in a Walmart and you pick up an item and then change your mind about it while you're heading to the store exit, it is acceptable to put it down somewhere and walk out. It is NOT acceptable to do that with someone whom you hope to have a long-term working relationship with. You'd better have a damn good reason for canceling your transactions and if you don't, then please go blight some other poor costumer's life with your thoughtlessness.

But Oh!, you say, I have a perfectly good reason for canceling my transaction! My parakeet/mom/brother/best friend's sister's former roommate is sick/dead/injured in a tragic kitten stampede and I no longer have the money to send to you! Okay. Unforeseen things happen. But they suspiciously seem to be happening to people a lot lately. (Like, 5 times in one month to five different customers.) Either that's the largest stretch of random bad luck I've ever seen or people are deciding to cancel their transactions and are giving me acceptable-sounding yet completely bullshit reasons for doing so. I know the economy is bad. I know Christmas is coming up. I know a lot of you have just lost your jobs. And I know if you don't have the money anymore, you can't send it to me. Fine. I can't rant at you about the slings and arrows of unfortunate circumstance. But what I do ask is that you MAKE sure you have the money that you promise to send me on hand BEFORE you promise to send it. Don't tell me "It's on its way!", remain silent for two weeks, and then when I e-mail you asking where the money is, say, "Oh, I'm sorry. I was going to send it out to you but then this bad thing happened to me and I'm afraid I'm going to have to cancel our transaction." Well, thanks. Thanks so fucking much. Do you have any idea how damaging that is to my psyche and to my love for this type of work? Do you have any idea what it's like to anticipate the arrival of a large amount of money--to feel the pressure start to lessen and to know that you'll be able to get by just one more week--only to have that money and hope snatched away from you at the last second? And don't try to make me feel sorry for you by playing the Sympathy Card. I hate that. Because no matter how bad things are for you, if you're relatively healthy then YOUR life is NOT going to out-suck mine. And why does my life suck so much? Because the people who promise to send money to me won't send it! I'm trying to do something creative for a living for a deeply-niche clientele in a SHIT economy. Life was hard enough when things were good! (And don't say "Well, why don't you do something else for a living?" I WOULDN'T have to do something else for a living if everyone who promised to send me money would just KEEP THEIR PROMISES! Everything would be just fine then.) If you're ambivalent about ordering something from me, then don't order it, or take some more time to think about it. I'm okay with that. But if you say "Yes" and tell me you'll send me money and then don't for ANY reason, I'm going to be pissed off at you. I won't be able to help myself.

People who write in to me asking for long, detailed, step by step advice for the costume project they're working on. I never hear about you offering to pay me for said advice. Not once have any of you done so. Don't be offended if I tell you politely to fuck off and go figure it out for yourself.

People who receive commission quotes from me and who say "That's too expensive!" Chances are you're a cheap bastard because I always price everything I do at the lowest end of the commission scale. (I'm pretty cheap myself so I always price things out at the price *I'd* be willing to pay for them, which is pretty damned reasonable. ) If you don't want to pay more than 50 dollars for a fully lined, custom-fit futuristic space uniform then you're in the wrong hobby. (May I suggest you do something more appropriate for someone as out of touch with reality as yourself, like playing Russian Roulette with a semi-automatic pistol?)

People who receive commission quotes from me and who say "Wow! That's cheap! I thought it was going to cost twice as much!" If I hear that I'm going to immediately double the quote I sent to you. Why the hell would you tell me something like that anyway? Do you WANT me to be pissed off at you?

If you order something from me and expect your boyfriend to pay for it--and then break up with said boyfriend, YOU are still on the hook for the costume. You must still pay for it. Don't try and tell me "Oh, but you can just sell it on ebay!" That costume was made to fit you and only you. And even if I could list it on ebay, ebay is full of cheap bastards looking for bargains. I could never get them to pay the amount I charged YOU for it. And even if I could, listing fees, final value fees and paypal fees are going to take a huge chunk of whatever money I get for it.

If you have any problems with my work or with my customer service skills, how about telling me about it instead of bitching about it on 8000 forums? I don't need passive-aggressive bullshit from people too cowardly to have anyone think badly of them. What I need is honest criticism so I can improve the way I do things. How am I supposed to know that I'm a "bad communicator" if you won't even tell me? (Seems to me YOU'RE the one who has problems with communicating, not me...)

Well, that's all I have to rant about for now. I'm hoping no one gives me further reasons anytime soon...

Stupid Customers 70

I worked for a while in a restaurant and stupid customers piss me off the most out of all things.

For example, this one bitch came in (we'll call her Jane) and orders a a Crawfish Bisque soup. This was one of the dishes that took a while to make so we told Jane ahead of time "This should take about 10-20 minutes." "OK", she says. LITERALLY 2 MINUTES LATER the bitch has the guts to ask for me and say "Why is it taking so long?" I controlled my indescribable rage and politely told her about 10 more minutes. When we get it to her, ungrateful as all hell, Jane says "Well finally! I've been waiting here half an hour!" As part of policy, I tell her to enjoy her soup. The moment I turn around she screams "THERE'S A BUG IN THE SOUP!"

(Keep in mind that this is Crawfish Bisque, and for those of you not from the south it is known in other parts as "crayfish". They look like a cross between a roach and a lobster). I'm starting to lose it, and I say "Well, crayfish look like that but they are not bugs, I assure you." Guess what I get back? "NO FISH LOOK LIKE THAT! I'LL HAVE YOU FIRED FOR TRYING TO POISON ME BECAUSE YOU'RE JEALOUS OF ME!"

She flings the crayfish out of the Bisque and expects me to clean it up. I'm finally in the kitchen when she screams yet AGAIN, "WHERE'S THE FISH? THE MENU SAYS CRAY F-I-S-H!"

At this point I just leave on my lunch break to avoid losing control and taking a cleaver and decapitating the piece of hellspawn.

I later found out she left without paying but the manager later found her and got her arrested. The only thing good about this incident was that the bitch got what she deserved.

Stupid and Inept Fast Food Customers 71

I work at a fast food place at the moment. This is not something I plan to do forever, as it's a stepping stone, a way to make income for now while I work towards my educational goals. What I'm about to rant about is people who would probably assume I'm stupid or at least inferior because I work there, but end up themselves failing so hard at something that should be very simple: ordering greasy junk food from burger joint.

I'm not someone who patronized very much fast food growing up, but I know how to order food in a drive-through. I knew even before I ever worked fast food that you should most likely have an idea of what you're wanting before you pull up, and that taking more than maybe 15 seconds to decide would be highly obnoxious. I always figured if I were really indecisive, I'd want to go inside and order at the counter instead of sitting in my car staring at the menu for several minutes. I also always figured that it would be obnoxious to change my mind to something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from what I just ordered after the cashier had already told me the total. A great many people don't consider any of this.

I shit you not, I have so many people in a day on the drive-through do this to me. REALLY? It's fucking fast food, but it can't be fast if you take several minutes to order it and keep changing your mind! If you're a really pokey or indecisive person, come to the counter and mull over this apparently MAJOR, life decision at your leisure, but get the fuck out of the drive-through, KTHX!

News flash: cashiers don't give a rat's ass about you giving them exact change. They care about brevity of the transaction so they can move on to the next. Often while you're trying to fish out enough pennies to pay exact change from your cup holder and the cracks of your car seats, the next person is ordering indecisively and often unintelligibly and the cashier has to basically wait for your ass WHILE trying to punch in this R-tard's order who's at the speaker. Most competent people have their wallet out and money in hand, but the stupids always pull up to the window and it's like they just realized at that very moment they may be expected to pay. The women who have to dig through deep, enormous, disorganized purses to find a tiny wallet are the worst.

Handing me a bunch of sticky quarters is really obnoxious, especially when the substance of this nature is questionable (how the FUCK did these coins get so sticky? ewww!). Actually, sticky or wet coins of any variety should not be considered acceptable currency, and cashiers should have the right to refuse it! Don't fucking LICK your FINGER to separate bills and then hand one to me, you sick fuck! I still have to handle food, asshole.

The mind-changers are the worst of the lot, honestly. The slow people piss me off, but the mind changers are the most annoying, because then I have to call the manager over to completely alter the order, which is a huge pain in the ass. Then I also have to yell at the sandwich makers not to make the food because it's changing, which is cumbersome when you have a bunch of cars lined up in the drive-through during a rush.

Allow me to bitch about special orders! Not all of them, mind you. Reasonable ones, like taking off the onion or pickle, or plain, etc. That's easy enough to deal with. The ones I hate are the people who basically want you to make a custom burger with all these wacky toppings. "I'll have the fat bucket burger, but uh, what comes on that?" [cashier tells fucktard customer that it comes with bacon, lard, tallow, 8 beef patties, pickles, onions, lettuce, and cheese] "OH! Well can I have that without pickles, onions, lettuce, tomato and cheese and add mustard, ketchup, add tomato and bbq sauce! IS THAT POSSIBLE? They always ask if it's POSSIBLE. The temptation to mess with some of these people borders on irresistible. But I digress; The technology where I work is about 15 years behind the rest of the fast food world, so it takes forever to enter these very special sandwiches. Then they keep plowing through the rest of their order rapid-fire, all the while sounding like they have a mouth full of cotton balls.

Voice volume at the speaker. Don't whisper, don't mumble, don't talk unintelligibly, but for fuck's sake, you don't have to SCREAM. When you do that it sounds all blown out and about impossible to understand. When you speak clearly at a medium volume, provided there isn't a lot of background noise, that should be sufficient. Again, if you talk like your mouth is full of marbles, and that's just how you sound, you should consider the walk-up counter. It really takes about the same amount of time to be served there.

Don't order like this:

I want 17,000 number 5 value meals, 20 with no pickle no onion, 20 with extra cheese gloops, 40 with no mayo, 70 with extra butt-fat, etc.

I think at most fast food places, the register's system works like this: the cashier punches in the value meal, then the size of the value meal, then the drink. After that, they can make modifications to the sandwich. If it's not like that, it can sometimes be that the size of the value meal is entered first, then the number and drink. Either way, fucking wait to tell the cashier your modifications until after you've gotten the fries and drink size and flavor decided.

Oh, and fucktards, don't say, "regular." Nothing in the fast food world is "regular," mmkay? Most places it tends to be small, medium, large and sometimes a word indicating that it's a fucking assload of fries and a big-ass drink that you shouldn't be eating because it's enough to feed four. Also, don't say you want a medium DRINK when you're in the fucking drive-through. What, do you expect there will be a self-serve drink station at the window you pay at, you knuckle-dragging morons? Tell me what flavor of soda you want, dipshit, because I'm the one who has to pour it!

Don't order anything like this: hiIwantacheeseburgerwithextrapickleandonionnolettuceaddmayoaddmustardholdthebaconwithextracheeseasmallchocolateshakeandalargeorderoffrieswithextrapacketsofketchupinthebagBYE! Just don't. I can usually keep up, but the 15-year-old technology at my workplace can't.

Some people who work in fast food may be there because that's what they're capable of and not much else, and occasionally some of them aren't highly intelligent. That being said, it's unfair of someone to automatically assume because someone works fast food that they're somehow an inferior being.

The more you cooperate, order intelligibly, speak clearly, and know what you want before you place your order, the smoother the entire process will go.

Your order may occasionally be botched due to human error. Occasionally, the wrong order gets handed out by mistake. Don't stomp your feet and yell at the cashier. Do NOT resort to insulting the staff, either, as some of my most "special" customers have done. Raising your voice only makes you look like a hot-headed asshole. Chill the fuck out because we're not talking life and death, here. If this is the worst part of your day, you're damn lucky so STFU! Calmly tell them what the correct order is and have your receipt. It's on the damn bag. If the food is wrong, keep the receipt and bring it back. We'll fix it without you screaming at us, blow-hard. You do make yourself look stupid if you ate most of it and THEN come in complaining that it was wrong.

On my end of things, especially if you approach me in a civil manner about the botched order, it'll be corrected VERY quickly, with a smile, and you happily on your way. I will always be apologetic about the food being messed up, because we try to do it correctly every time, so it's not like it's OK that your food was botched. It is not becoming of you, however, to come in snorting and pawing the ground like a bull about to charge just because the sandwich maker forgot to hold the mayo or because a new cashier got mixed up and handed out the wrong bag. The Earth will continue orbiting the Sun, so fucking CHILL.

Cheap-ass customers 72

Seriously, if you're going to go to the most expensive pizza joint within 20 miles, don't bitch to me about the price! I'm not going to give you a discount just for asking, and if you don't like it, go eat a cardboard pizza from the $10 pizza joint! Our shit's so expensive because we actually make everything ourselves - we could do $10 pizzas just as easily if we got them all in every day from a freezer truck. Hell, it's not like you're gonna leave a tip anyways. I swear, I get to watch my drivers go home every night with at least $30 cash in their pocket, while I'm lucky to make $2 a week in-store.

Unreasonable Customers 73

I have had it up to here with rude, abusive, unreasonable assholes who seem to think that those of us that work with the general public are there to be your personal whipping post. Just because you can't seem to control your own lives there is absolutely no reason to take it out on us. If you can't stand up to a bitchy spouse or control your bratty kids, or whatever the fuck your problem is, that is not our fault. If you feel that the solution to said problems is to argue with, belittle, or verbally abuse someone who is simply trying to do his or her job and who cannot fight back, well, then, you are a fucking coward.

People who obviously have no idea of what it's like to work for a living are the goddamn worst. People like us that bust our asses and pay taxes are the very reason that you cocksuckers get to cash your goddamn welfare or Social Security checks each month. If it wasn't for us, you might - GASP!-actually have to fucking WORK for a living! My "favorite" are the obnoxious old biddies that think that the whole world owes them something because they made it to a certain age without dying. Especially if they've never held a paying job in their lives. Get the fuck over yourselves. Respect is earned, and it goes both ways. Just because you have spent the last fifty years of your lives as glorified prostitutes doesn't mean you get to treat the rest of us like shit.

People like you want to bitch and complain about poor service all the time, but at least fifty percent (if not more) of the time, the problem is staring right back at you from the mirror. Those of us that work with the public are doing the best we can to support ourselves and our families. Most of us are way more knowledgeable and educated than you give us credit for, and we do want to help, but not if you insist on acting like a fucking two-year-old the second that you don't get your way. See, I don't have the problems that you have with poor customer service when I go out, because I know how to act like a fucking human being. You may want to ask yourself "If I am always getting bad service wherever I go, what's the common denominator?" Just so your fucking head doesn't explode trying to figure it out, I'll give you the answer: IT'S YOU.

Customers 74

I've worked in call centres for years now and the worst customers to speak to are the 'CEO/Manager/business owner/partner/s' who call up. It usually starts with 'YOU didn't do this, WHY haven't YOU done that?!'

Listen buddy, a)I didn't do ANYTHING, I'm just a phone bitch that has no control over anything, certainly not your $20,000 contract with us. b) Quite likely it's YOUR employees that fucked up, and our company did exactly what your company asked us to do. I can tell by your lack of knowledge in what your talking about that you quite clearly didn't make the original request and got one of your minions to do it instead. Maybe if you actually found out what was going on BEFORE you start screaming abuse we'd all be better off c) Saying you 'don't have time to discuss this' as you're a 'very busy CEO/Manager etc' is a bit bizarre seeing as YOU rang US to discuss it and you still manage to have enough time to shout at me for 10 minutes.

They're patronising, over indulged wankers who are used to talking to people like crap for a living and expect they can do it to everyone else as well. Well matey, I don't give a shit who you are, or high up in your crappy company you are, you're a cock and can fuck right off.

ignorant 75

At my job I have to deal with customers. Occasionally I get a customer that speaks the worst broken English. It never fails that they tell me, in a condescending tone, that it would be nice if I learned to speak whatever their language is. FUCK THEM. I don't have time to learn ten different languages, maybe they could learn some fucking English so I don't have to waste my time trying to figure out what they are trying to say/pantomime to me.

Customers 76

My weekend job is so boring and backbreaking. Customers constantly spill their fucking food and drink all over the floor and seats. Jesus Christ, do any of you have any fucking manners? Are you this much of a slob at home? Fucking pieces of shit. At least I don't have any middle aged adults throwing temper tantrums like I encountered last weekend.

People who Fight in Restraunts 77

Ok eating fast food does make you do crazy things like call 911 which is already listed but this is more focused on idiots who trat places like McDonalds and Burger King like the Jerry Springer Show. Seriously why are grown adults acting like animals out in public i'd like to know what is running through their minds I mean over food orders other personal stuff is it worth going to jail and not to mention causing property damage to the places you fight in. Such examples include a woman attacking McDonalds workers and smashing the drive thru window all because Chicken McNuggets we're not available at the moment; seriously at that time I hungry for a sasuage biscuit I mean really. Then some Trailer Trash Fatass in a Whataburger talked too much shit and literally showed his ass complaining about a Cheeseburger and got his ass whooped; seriously how about the taste of that. I mean really what the fuck is up with grown adults and getting into fights in restraunts not to mention one time at Burger King some guys were throwing chairs at eachother and almost tore apart the Burger King. Seriously if you have a beef at a fast food place please take it somewhere else for god sakes parents bring their chioldren to eat there you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Customers 78

Customers are absolute idiots. The other day a lady came in and asked me why the butter she wanted had 30% more free, and if she could get the smaller one because; "I don't want this much". damn fool, it was free. fucking free. Somebody else asked me where the milk was, fucking idiot didn't think to look in the dairy section she just walked by. And then fucking everybody just stands there the cashier bags the groceries, nobody thinks to help her if there's not another employee there helping her. Fucking customers. I could go on, but this made me feel a little better, thank you Mr Webmaster.

Stupid customers 79

I am angry and stupid fucking people that call to make hotel reservations. I am angry because they interupt me and ask questions that have either already been answered or that if they just shut the fuck up they would be answered. I am angry at customers for assuming we are finished with their reservation even though I was obviously in the middle of confirming everything before they so rudely interupted me to ask a question like "what time is check in?" Hey genious, since I am CONFIRMING your reservation logic would tell you I will probably go over that! Then, after answering said question they state something like, "ok, thanks!" and get ready to hang up. Um, Hello! I was in the middle of fucking speaking! When I am finished I will then ask if their is anything else I can help with. This is a good indication anytime you are doing business over the phone that the agent is finished and that unless you have any other questions, concerns or changes that now would be a good time to state them. Wait until we ask and if we didn't answer your question then ask it. We generally have certain things we are required to tell you. if you're making a hotel reservation it should be obvious we will tell you check out and check in times as well as the cancelation policy and price. Considering these are logical things you would need to know! Don't interupt and ask fucking questions wait until I'm finished and then ask! Also, if we're sold out, I'm sorry. The hotel isn't endless. We don't have contractors on site ready to build anytime we need them. We have a limited amount of rooms. Sometimes it happens. I can't do anything to change it. If we had rooms I would book for you. Telling u were sold out when we really aren't would get me fired. That's not a risk I am willing to take.

Taco bell customers 80

I just got back from work today (which is labor day) and had to let everyone know how much of a piece of shit you are when you come into a fast food place on a holiday and order $40 worth of food when only 3 people have been scheduled because it is a holiday. We were busy enough to have 6 people there and every 5 min there were families coming in and ordering $30 - $40 worth of food on top of drive through being backed around. And on top of that we have the boss getting angry because our drive through times are terrible, when I am in the top 3 fastest people at making food and I cant make it quick enough then that means that you need to go the fuck back home and cook for your fucking family. I could have jumped over the counter with a chair and beat people. And all of you teenagers in school that thought since you didnt have school you should go out with your friends and buy a bunch of fuckin food. Today has contributed to my insanity thanks to all of you douchebags out there that didnt stay home when you fuckin should have!!!!! btw im aware of all the grammar fuck ups and dont care

People In Grocery Stores 82

I hate grocery shopping. I just want to do my business and get out. I swear people get in my way on purpose. See me coming? Then why do you park your cart next to another lollygagger in the aisle and start staring off into space like a half-retarded tree sloth? As luck would have it I've (again) chosen the cart with one squeaky wheel and one wheel with gum stuck to it - you can't miss me. SQUEAK-THUMP-SQUEAK-THUMP and there your are, oblivious as you park your cart one one side and walk to the other side and stick your fat ass out as far as possible. Why do you do this?

Let's keep things moving along, shall we? This goes for the checkout line as well. Place your shit on the belt. Reach your little piggy hand for the divider so I don't have to reach around you and earn one of your dirty looks or ineffectual comments. Pay attention to what's going on around you. The cashier is speaking to you - HELLO? You should have had your card or cash ready 5 minutes ago and you wait until everything is rung up before you start fishing around for shit. Why do you do this?

Now we're in the parking lot. If you can't manage all 4 of your children you should have long ago employed some form of birth control. Too late? Then at least keep them from running, skipping and pirouetting behind cars with their backup lights on. Also, if you are not handicapped, why do you need your SOs to block traffic so you don't have to work up a sweat walking to a parking spot?

JUST LET ME GET ON WITH IT! Feel free to gawp endlessly and pick your nose and stand around with your thumb in your ass with that blank stare on your face while your children scream and destroy everything. Just try to make an effort to let those of us with lives get something done.

Customers 83

Customers complain that cashiers are so rude! but what they don't understand is we have to put up with your shit all the time. We have to hear you bitch about the prices we have to hear your kids screaming threw the line, Then you come threw 20 items or less line with your wic and 400 different transactions!
Don't people get it don't use the dam 20 items or less for a buggy of 300! The customers don't want to wait for behind you! Don't get mad with us because your debit card's don't go threw if the register still holds your total its because you still own the money don't cuss me out becauses you can't pay your bills don't leave your trash and babies dippers on my check out line!

You want to get in and out of the store fix your products right So you can get in and out of the store faster! If you put your veggies and meat together that is how I'm going to bag them!

Because it takes us 3 to five minutes to fix your crap so your bleach won't be with your clothes! Just because you had a bad day don't give it to us I don't want to hear your shit! Some customers are wonderful but others are just plain bitchy as hell!

Clients 84

I really HATE when my client's confuse a graphic designer with tech support. I design your brochures, websites, create great works of art. I'm not your fucking tech support. I will NOT teach you how to use Internet Explorer as its a sucky browser. I will NOT teach you about Facebook, or how to create a Paypal account that you want included in your website. GET A FUCKING IT PERSON and leave me be designing!! Just saying, it really is pissing me off.

Black Friday Shoppers 85

I swear Black Friday shoppers need to be put in a cage because EVERY YEAr people act like animals over anything in the store. Walmart was the worst they actually opened up their Black Friday deals at 10:00 on Thanksgiving Night seriously people would rather be comfortable in bed not to go out shopping and look what it caused World War 3. In Los Angelas it looked like the WWE's Royal Rumble the police had to be called in to pepper spray people to maintain order; worst of all some stupid mentally retarded bitch pepper sparayed other customers all because she couldn't get what she wanted yeah act like a fucking brat you wonder why I hate women. Pepper spray is for defense mechanism so unless someone was trying to steal something out of your hands there is no excuse whatsoever to mace people in the face you lucky I wasn't there I'd have my gun and i'd shot you in your brainless head you fucking stupid mentally retarded ass little bitch. Also at my loccal Walmart people brought their little hellspawn brats to snatch everything for their parents also old ass prunes standing in the aisles they had absolutley no business at all being at a Walmart on Black Friday worst of all people getting into brawls over kitchenware. Way to go Wal-Mart you have completley ruined Black Friday you should've just opened at 5 in the morning like other places so most people could've gotten their sleep instead you caused riots all over. Walmart I hope your Ceo get's locked up for his idiotic idea of starting Black Friday on Thanksgiving night when people should be in their homes sleeping after eating a big turkey dinner. Goes to show you Wal-Mart doesn't give a shit about anyone, and as for the idiot customers fighting over everything in the store they should all be locked up in cages and be put on display at the zoo for acting like the animals that they are. Don't be suprised if Black Friday gets cancelled all because the people who shop on Black Friday act like blood thirsty animals over store merchandise to get for Christmas, don't be suprised when you die and end up in hell for your Black Friday bullshit every year.

Customers 85

I work for a fast food company, with the title "Customer Service" but the kind of customers I come across are IMPOSSIBLE to provide service! I know there are others out there who work crummy minimum wage jobs that already give them a hard time. To have to deal with bosses, others employees, stress, lack of money, etc makes anyone angry; but to add to it, having to deal with the customers who are sometimes completely out of control, that act down right criminal, it just wants to make you scream! I want to have a domain where people can talk about those customers who made them so angry, that way, they don't run the risk of getting fired from whining so much while working!

Don't hold up the line 86

You know what's rude is when people hold up the line at places like McDonalds or Walmart and you know what's even worse the attitude they give you when you call them out on it. Yeah I'm at Mcdonalds along with other customers waiting to get service and some fat ass cow is talking to the cashier woman this cow isn't even in line and is talking to the cashier while the cashier should be serving a line of customers. Then after getting fed up with waiting I told this bitch to fuck off and she gets pissed because I embarassed her. Really if you're not buying anything and you're standing here talking a bunch of shit with a cashier while she's suppose to be doing her job than maybe you oughtta take your fat bitch ass out of the McDonalds and save your convorsation for somewhere else some of us are waiting we got things to do you know. Also if you got a problem with me embarassing you then get over it because the only problem is you and your mouth holding up a line of impatient customers and al;so bitch I suggest you not get defensive with anyone again because they might pull a knife or a gun on your fatass; so to all of you idiots out there don't hold up the fucking line while there are people waiting to get served you idiots.

customers 87

Being a cashier has caused me to loose all hope for humanity. It has caused me to despise the majority of humanity actually.

First of all, how can these customers even find their way to the store when they don't even know how to slide their own card and choose between debit or credit????!!! the fucking directions are all on the screen in big easy to see letters.. for the dumb fucks the important keys are even color-coded. omfg ignorance in its most extreme form. and the fucked up thing about it is most people who come through the line are dumb like this. This shit is annoying as FUCK!!!

To all you EVIL “customers” who get off bullying a store employee who can't cuss you out, beat the shit out of your ass, or even show the slightest hint of the natural human emotion of anger on our face due to your shit because we can get fired..ALL of you are a bunch of fucking COWARDS. Think of that the next time you bully an are a trashy, fucked up, coward who needs their ass beat.

If I could get away with it I would beat all of your fucking faces in!!!!

And the customer is NEVER always right… fuck that rule. And fuck you company for backing that shit and letting these evil minions get away with this shit!! All of you deserve Karma and I hope she is one hell of an ugly bitch to you.

Customers 88

You customers piss me off thinking I am here to serve you even when you treat me like the dirt beneath your feet. Just because I work at a generic dollar store does NOT mean that I am a high school drop out with 5 kids at home, so STOP ASKING. Who taught you manners anyway? Maybe you can borrow some of my 3.5 college GPA to grow some brain cells.

When you come into the store, how about you go look for an item instead of barking at me and wanting me to walk you directly to it, all the way at the back of the store, when I'm the only cashier and I can't leave the register.

How about you open your damn eyes and look to see which register has the light on before asking me which register is open. How about when I'm not standing at said register, you GO THERE ANYWAY because THE FUCKING LIGHT IS ON and unload your merchandise instead of rubber necking trying to find me and screaming HELLO!! at the top of your lungs.

And when I cheerfully exclaim "Hi, how are you?!" how about you FUCKING ANSWER ME. Bitch I don't give a damn how you're doing but you can at least find some fucking manners and say hello. Especially you rich bitches, you're in a fucking DOLLAR STORE buying DOLLAR MERCHANDISE so don't act all high and mighty thanks.

Grow a fucking brain. I may be here to "serve" you but I promise that term is relative and if you want my service how about you treat me with some respect first.

Impatient Customers 89

These asswipes think that fast food at a small business should come in less than 5 minutes like a McDonalds. News flash - this is a small business and we don't have the resources or manpower to even compete with one of their franchises. They just sit there giving me the death stare while I'm doing the work. God forbid if your order takes 7 minutes while I'm ringing up tickets, preparing food and cooking (I can't just assemble food like an established fast food joint, everything has to be fresh), and serving it to multiple customers. The manager is out on delivery and the other delivery driver doesn't come come to work until 2 hours later. All in all, I'm working on 10 customer's meals by myself in the course of 14 minutes. "I'm sorry ma'am, this order may take a longer time than usual, about seven minutes. No one is here to help me. Please wait two more minutes.", as I say that in the span of about 8 seconds. I'm being as efficient as I can possibly be, and this customer is still unsatisfied that her food came in 6 minutes, 42 seconds. Eat shit lady, I have to do this on my own until the manager comes back and helps me. And PLEASE, PLEASE REMEMBER WHAT YOU ORDERED, AND PLEASE FORGIVE MY DEGRADING MEMORY WHEN I'M BUSY. I can understand that people forget that kind of stuff whether they're pissed or not, and I do the same thing, especially when I'm about to collapse from exhaustion. Don't look at me like I'm a third class citizen just because I can't handle 10 orders in 5 minutes all by myself, from the ticket, cooking, and serving. I'm doing the job of two to three people. I bet your high school jobs weren't nearly as hard as what I have to deal with.

Unscrupulous Customers 90

"The customer is always right." Bullshit. Sure, most customers are nice and respect that a business needs to make money, but then there are those that they're smart enough to play the game and try to screw me over. There are three kinds I hate with a passion.

1. "Naw naw naw, I want more." "Naw naw naw, can't you cut me a break?" "Naw naw naw, I said I ordered (something they didn't order). Do it over." You just love to beg. You stupid dogs, if we weren't in the red, we would personally put a ban poster with you and your family's name on it. We know you constantly try and cheat us, and in our faces too! No, I can't change your order once I serve your food. No, I can't give you free food under any circumstances. No, I can't "be a bro" or "hook you up" to you and give you 6 extra stamps for your card. No, I cannot compromise, I'm only a cashier and the cook. I take specified orders FROM THE MENU, not custom orders your gaping, fat mouths! If you want to complain, take it up with the manager. I'm sure he hates you guys tenfold, because he's the one that deals with the money he loses in dropped customers and the free food you desperately beg for.

2. "Uh, I'm missing 2 chicken wings here." No, we at the restaurant are OCD about this stuff, and WE DON'T MISCOUNT THESE ORDERS. YOU GOT THAT? WE COUNT YOUR FOOD ITEMS BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER PREPARATION, COOKING, AND SERVING. We want customers. Why the hell would you accuse us of cheating you? And it gets worse. Some idiots come up and say this shit when they blatantly show they're wrong. 10 piece wings? You only got 8? Oh, that's odd, because in your order that you just returned, there are eight uneaten wings, and the bony remains of the other two somewhere in the fries, plus I saw you eat. By the way, you have some hot sauce on your lips, and chicken in your teeth. Don't bullshit me, jackass. AND DON'T TALK WITH YOUR MOUTH FULL!

3. "Here's 17 dollars, now can you get it done?" Uh, NO. It costs $20.12 at the rate of 6% tax, and you obviously aren't short on money. I just saw your fat wallet full of bills of varying denominations. I really hope that 20.12 receipt is an unlucky number for you and sends you straight to whatever hell you believe in, where you get to watch your worldly possessions burn and disintegrate before your eyes, including your fucking money!

You shit lickers should try and run a business, see how it feels. You guys are the anus of the consumer society, and I genuinely feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with you cheapskates. You guys are the reason my boss takes his stress out on me! You guys are the reason we come up 20 dollars short on our cashier report! You guys are the reason that I have my paycheck docked every time you visit!

We don't want your business. Oh, by the way, for that one customer, we made one mistake. We actually put in one extra by accident on your order. We found out minutes after you left and called back saying you had 5 missing. Stupid fucker.

*Note from Anger Central.
First, did you see the moron who berated a young lady at the Tucson Chick-fil-A drive through window Aug 1, 2012? She was very professional and he was a moron. Now he is an unemployed moron since he posted his stupidity on YouTube.
Second, last Tuesday the Webmaster went out for dinner and a movie. The server reported that he wasn't able to get the Webmaster the draft beer he wanted. They had run out of CO2 for the pump. Did the Webmaster berate the server? Nope. His comment was "How is this possible? It's the political season. There's CO2 being generated all over the place!" The server laughed at that. The Webmaster's first rule is Always try to make life as easy as possible for customer service people. It pays in the end."

Finances 91

Ok so here it is, I work as a pizza driver. All day and night I drive up and back down roads to bring this miserable tri town area their food its boring it puts wear and tear on my car ad the pay is shitty, but the part that gets me the most is the ignorance of the country inbred fucks that I'm forced to interact with. Now I can withstand so much but when people make my job and life shitty that's when I put my foot down. For instance I get it we are in a recession but that's no excuse to not only stiff me for driving 15 mins. One way then 15 mins back for .23cents but to add ontop of that a personal insult like " I'd tip you but I smell smoke on your breath and idont want my money going to your vices" bitch wtf?! Really just Amit that your a poor piece of shit that can't substain a reliable income instead of making it seem like a personal flaw on my behalf and that's why I can't make a income. It pisses me off when poor people act rich and spend freviously but yet at the expense of another shoot them down. Ontop of that I had this one lady pay for a order that was $17.64 with a $20 then called back my boss and said I stole her $20,... Really? How is that justified someone please tell me. So I get suspended for a week after begging and pleading I wasn't guilty and the only way to keep my job was to pay her out of my poor ass pocket no not the company that banks 10 grand a Friday and to add further insult when I give her the money back I ear we turn to her family and say before the door close, " look mommy or free dinner guys, that's how you do it"... Omg really I'm glad your fat asses ate like kings for one night while my children had to eat Ramon for breakfast lunch and dinner for the next two days. So to keep this short and not rant all night I'll end this with one last personal thing to say. If you can not afford to order out then don't! Don't be a dick and roll random hard working people under the bus cause your hick ass is to country to get a job so you have to suckle off uncle sams tits to survive and yet some how still manage to buy your okleys and NASCAR shirts and jeans. What ever poor people piss me off and now I'm pissed and angry for being one also, cause now I'm a Hippocrate happy asses??

people who shop at woolworths 92

the other day, i went to this womens house and noticed she had bought a bottle of peanut butter... WOOLWORTHS PEANUT BUTTER! doesnt she fucking know the only difference between this peanut butter, spars peanut butter and no name (pickandpay) peanut butter is the fucking price. so ive decided to go buy them and ask her to tell me the difference between them. stupid bitch shopping at woolworths!

*Note from Anger Central
Woolworths is still in business? The last one near Anger Central closed decades ago.

Un-clean waxing clients 93

I am an Esthetician and do a lot of complete bikini aka brazilian waxes. What annoys me is when clients show up for a wax and I have to deal with a client who is not clean and fresh.

Please, please, please, show up clean! Bathe and shower as close to the appt time as possible, no bloody tampon strings, don't go for a run or workout right before the appt without showering etc. Common fucking sense, ladies!

Please use as many disposable soft cloth wipes that I leave out for you while you get un-dressed/ready for me and make sure that you WIPE YOUR ANUS AS WELL AS YOUR VAGINA. Some clients don't use the wipes properly or at all because the disposable garments that the client wears is white in colour and will show any poo residue or other crotch filth! In that case when this happens, I don't care if it is embarrassing for them or not...I grab a wipe or two with my gloved hands and wipe them clean myself!! Im sorry but I don't want to see or smell un-clean clients!!

So one more time...PLEASE BE CLEAN because you don't want to be known as the smelly women!!

Movie renters 94

I'm so angry at people that don't return their movies on time, then bitch about the late fees. Motherfucker, just turn in your movies on time if you don't want to get fined! And don't keep the movies if you don't want to pay for the entire movie! These stores need to buy back the stock you took from them! Learn some responsibility when borrowing things from others!

Nasty People at Walmart 95

I was waiting to get some food from the Deli at Walmart and I immediately lost my appetite when some trashy people passed by me stinking like shit. How low class can you be to go inside the aisles of Walmart and leaving your God Awful stench everwhere you go. Couldn't it hurt you to at least take a fucking shower before going anywhere, there are other customers and nobody wants to fucking smell your goddamn nasty odor. If I was the manager of that Walmart I would kick those trashy assholes out because that is absolutely unsanitary going into a store smelling like a dead unwiped ass; next time please take a fucking shower and be sanitary and respectful of others before going out in public ever again.

Nasty Customers 96

Mr. Webmaster i'm glad you don't shop at Wal-Mart and specifically the one I work at because the other day I went to go find any clothes or hangers in the fitting rooms and I found turds laying on the floor and puddles of piss. What kind of sick fucks uses the fitting rooms as rest rooms? Anybody who takes a shit in a Wal-Mart restroom is clearly either drunk or stupid as fuck; I also found a pair of dirty drawers laying on the floor covered in shit laying on the floor.

It is just so nasty when people use rooms that are meant to change clothes in as restrooms, not to mention in the restrooms how so many nasty ass people take shits and stops up the toilets by using a half a roll of toilet paper to wipe their asses with and we end up seeing turds smeared all over the walls and floor. Do you all shit like that at home? Don't even get me started on people who fucking masturbate in the restroom or even one time I heard a guy in the fitting room making a lot of noise and after he left I found cum inside a pair of jeans meant to be sold.

Then there are the unwashed people who come in stinking worse than shit out of fat people's asses and have never taken a bath in their miserable lives and they spread their God Awful stench all over the store especially in the groceries. That is just unsanitary and if I was allowed too I would throw your asses out and never let you back in until you take a fucking shower.

Then I saw a man walk out of the restroom barefoot; now that is really unsanitary, you actually want to walk barefoot in a place where people piss and shit. What's even more fucked up the guy started to smell his feet in the store as employees and customers witnessed a grown man smelling his feet in a public place; fellow employees came to escort this foot smelling idiot out of my store I swear I am going to work at Target from now on too many nasty ass people at this one Wal-Mart.

Subscribers 97

You know it really is a lot harder being a Youtuber than it looks when you find yourself making more videos to get more subscribers and yet some people really act like ungrateful selfish brats anytime you make something to please them and they unsub from you because they hate it. Well you know what fuck you, you can go to Hell, I don't want your support anyways you spoiled ungrateful brat. You know I have a life outside of Youtube and shit, I can't fucking make videos every day just to make a bunch of losers who have no videos of their own happy well guess what it would make me happy if your fucking phone or computer explodes and kills you in the explosion. I don't make a new video or live stream my subscribers drop why because my subscribers clearly have no fucking life at all and I wish they would all just end theirs because i'm sick of these losers unsubscribing from me over the dumbest shit because I have a life outside of YouTube, because you don't like my video, you think i'm ignoring you when you keep spamming my chat on the stream, acting entitled, guess what fuck off I do what I want, when I want don't like it fine go fuck yourself and I hope you fail at everything you do in life why don't you go make your own videos instead of constantly annoying the fuck out of me demanding me what to do I demand for you to go kill yourself and go burn in hell you ungrateful, spoiled, lifeless fucktards.

Idiot at Wendy's 98

I remember years go when a rant on here talked about Fast Food workers bathing in the utility sink, well it's happened again. This time a Wendy's Employee posted a video of his stupid ass getting into the sink and bathing in the Kitchen. Now instead of doing their fucking jobs they make a video of the idiot taking a bath in the sink, is this supposed to be some funny prank well guess what it's only funny until your dumbasses gets fired for being unsanitary. I for one won't be giving Wendy's my business in fact I would suggest to anyone to please be careful whenever you go eat out because you never know if any of their dumbass employees have given themselves a bath in the kitchen sink when they should have been doing their fucking jobs and keep in mind these are the same idiots that want a wage increase. how about you do your fucking jobs and stop being idiots then maybe you could earn more instead of playing stupid pranks that got your stupid ass unemployed.

Stone Cold ET 99

Some weirdo wearing an E.T. Mask pulled up to the Drive Thru at White Castle today and he was trying to sound like Professional Wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin and the guy kept talking about wanting to eat damn cheeseburgers, recess pieces and just kept talking and talking would not shut up and was talking about wanting to whoop someone's ass and i'm starting to lose my patience with this guy. He took off in his car but I can't stress enough to tell what an annoying douchebag this guy is and that's the bottom line because I said so.

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