the naked critic

he is just a jerk. when people make a fucking mistake you should see where they are coming from before you tell them that your fucking stupid, sad alcoholic nowhere life is ruined. i never meant to make things hard for you and your psycho wife. i thought we were friends and you treated me like a stupid piece of compost you dickwad. And THEN you tell me that you are still MY friend? Like you dont have to apologize for hanging up on me? Telling me to fuck ogff cause I ruined YOUR life? I hope you get crabs!

Critics of work 2

I'm annoyed at this person who made an uncalled comment about me, and not my work itself. Bad critics piss me off. I'm a critic, everyone's been a critic of something before, but when someone humbly asks them for their opinion on a piece of work/writing, there's no reason to attack their person! 'Humbly asks' doesn't mean the person lost they're backbone and became a fucking invertebrate like those idiotic spineless critics!

I ask for crits on my work, and people have and can verbally ripped it to shreds. I don't mind; I take it with a pinch of salt, and if it's helping me improve my work, why not? Unless I added some fucking 'tude to the piece, people can say their own too. Some people also can't be pleased (some prefer a better style), but you have to know the difference between constructive criticism and blatant insults. But when they attack people (esp. on the internet, where they are the BRAVEST), people get annoyed, and have to REASON with them to think before they type. Shit, it's the inconsiderate pricks! You can think about your comment/reviews for days!!! It's not like a conversation where your tongue slips!

To all the good people who crit my work so it will improve and draw better art, I thank you with all my heart. I also thank Anger Central, for letting me rant.


fat people critics! 3

it just makes me so angry when a skinny hot looking girl looks at yu and say something like omg i like your hair... or i like that top .. wen you noe that their really thinking omg yu fat ugly whore lose some weight! its nt easy being fat y should they criticise us? arghh they make me so angry!

People that don't know what they are talking about 4

I am getting really pissed off about idiots who call Thrash Metal "trash metal"!! No, they aren't trying to insult it, they just think that's what it's called. What a retarded name nobody would name a legit genre "trash". Some people are so fucking stupid!! UHHHH!!!

Name Calling 5

I am angry because people keep calling me things that frankly I do NOT like being called. I do NOT like being called emo, goth, ETC. I'm just very angry and upset that people would say things like that to me. Get over it people! I'm different. I am as I am.

body image 6

I'm pissed that for the majority of my teenage life I lived in South America and was constantly criticized for being too skinny. So I gorged and gorged to get some curves downing whole medium pizzas and large sodas in one sitting, almost throwing up. I ate so much, I finally gained your damn 20lbs in 5 years only to move to the US, and now I'm too fat for the standards here! WTF just pick something!

Rant Complainers 7

This is a site for people to vent their anger out and I have a problem with idiots who complain about people's rants saying "People who rant on this site have no lives" or ""If your so angry take care of your problems yourself and stop complaining on it on Anger Central" I have a question "Why the fuck are you idiots on here complaining about others' rants? chances are your the type of people who get talked about on AC and get ranted about and decide to take your butthurt on every other ranter on Anger Central. You idiots are nothing but Trolls you'd rather piss off the already Angry Anger Central Community just for attention because you're nothing but an Attention Whore if your angry at other people's rants than it's your own fault because you are probably the reason they are angry. Why don't you all just take your bullshit and go cry about it on Justrage? Well it's Because you're all scared that the idiots who comment on their will chew you up. So to those who rant about other people's rants your the ones who need to get a life and stop coming up on here just for attention and go fuck your stupid idiotic selves.

*Note from Anger Central
There's a reason we don't have comments on the main site.
Actually there are two reasons. ;)

Complainers 8

Anger Central is the funniest website ever. I don't usually complain or get angry over stuff, but this website is so funny so I'll add my own post.

That being said. it sucks when people complain about my life when my life doesn't even effect them. Sorry you are so offended at myself and other people when we didn't even bother you in the first place. Stop butting into my life and demanding what career I should have, what friends I should hang out with, what my hobbies are, what I eat, and how I dress. How about you take a chill pill, calm down, and live your own life?

I've had this problem with family members, neighbors, random people on the internet, and coworkers. Not everybody, just a select few people. Just let me live my life.

Thank you Anger Central, and everybody who is reading this!

*Note from Anger Central
Welcome aboard. Please pass us around. :)

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