The bastard that broke into my car

Ok, I was working last night and I was having a pretty lousy time working due to the British summer heat. You know, it goes from freezing cold to blistering heat and we all complain about it. Anyway, I was in a pretty foul mood due to the heat, the crappy dance music and the moronic customers when someone told me that the door on my car was open. So I went to check it out and found out to my horror that someone had indeed broken into my car. I say broken into, they didn't need to force the lock, which means the security on my car is laughable. Anyway I have a look around at what is missing, I find that the person responsible has taken the bit that clips onto the front of my stereo (ok, I stashed this, but they found it. I should have taken it out of the car I know, kicking myself now) and had stolen several of my CDs that were in the car too. Bastard!!! I'm actually more pissed off about the CD's than the stereo bit. But I want to know, what sort of person takes the front part of the stereo and not the rest of the unit. Which, to be honest, wouldn't be too hard to steal anyway. Fucking stupid thieves. And that is why I'm angry and getting drunk.

pedophiles 2

it fucking pisses the hell out of me me that someone would actually be fucked up in the head enough to get turned on by young children. what the fuck is wrong with you all? you little cunts are all sick fucks, and that's putting it mildly.

you should either be shot or at least be in a mental hospital until you die. it's appalling how these days many little kids(mainly girls) are being violently kidnapped from their homes, raped and sometimes even brutally murdered. don't you people realize how much HARM you are doing to these young children? some of them end up fucked up for the rest of their lives. the younger a child is the less he or she knows about sex. so when terrible things like this happen to them they become literally brainwashed into thinking that this is a normal part of life and then they act out in sometimes outrageous ways. thier lives are ruined. so all you people out there who are thinking little boys and girls get your jollies going, listen closely; EAT SHIT AND DIE SICKOS!!

it's one thing to be a little bit perverted. i myself am a fetishist but not at all in a sick way. i cetainly am not turned on by little girls! that is beyond sick. it is PURE EVIL. i have no children of my own but if i did and some little
freak decided to victimize them i swear to god i would instantly decapitate him with my bare fucking hands. you people seriously need to die.

stupid lowlifes who kill their kids 3

why am i so damn angry? i'm glad you fucking asked! why the fuck is it that i seem to be the ONLY FUCKING woman who can't get pregnant? i use the fucking ovulation predictors and everything else and NOTHING!!!! i'm so fucking SICK of being the only one of my friends who is barren & has no fucking kids, while these fucking lowlifes on welfare have kid after kid and kill them, drown them, toss them off building or just plain fucking abort them because it's too inconvenient to have a kid, and they have no money for fucking CONDOMS! so why the FUCK should my husband & i be punished for being stable and having good job and not being able to get fucking pregnant? OMG, i could fucking SCREAM i'm so pissed off!!!!!!!

Car Vandals 4

I get the first new car of my life (my previous car was a 74 Dodge Dart I had 10 years ago). So far, it has been the victim of a dent & run in the parking lot and a keying. The keying happened after I spent a good deal of money fixing a dent & run & a sideswipe of a double parked UPS truck (that one was partially my fault), which was blocking the line of vision. I didn't park too close to anyone, I didn't take up 2 spaces or do anything else annoying. The lot wasn't even that full. But some pathetic waste of a human being had to scratch it up because he/she is too lazy to work for something like this himself/herself. Here's the punishment I suggest for car keyers:

  1. Take the implement they used to damage the car and use it to disfigure their face

  2. Take their favorite possession, be it a CD player, etc. and let the victim run it over repeatedly w/their car.

The keying was last night. At first, I wanted to use the implement they used to key the car to cut out their hearts and run over the hearts. But, aside from the fact that it's a bit harsh, I don't know if they'd live long enough to see me running over their hearts.

Employees that steal 5

I am pissed off at a certain employee at work. She is extremely dumb, she has a face that resembles no emotion, and she steals money from the register. I know it's her, yet all these fucking laws protect her. I can't fire her as she will sue me for wrongful dismissal. Doesn't she get enough money here? Who the fuck does this ignorant cunt think she is? When she is finally found, her ass is going to court. She can pay back all the money she has stolen.

Thank you Anger Central for letting me vent my anger!

Online auction sellers 6

I am extremely mad with online sellers who sell fake designer stuff passing it as authentic. I have been conned several times and lost so much money because of this. I'm mad at myself for being so gullible! Why can't online sellers just be honest? I had one where I bid on the item, the con-artist ends the auction to sell to me and then demands payment immediately. I found out later the item she claimed to be authentic was NOT authentic because she copied someone else's auction description and photos and was trying to pass off a $20 China knock-off as a $1000 item. These people are thieving scum. I refuse to hand over my money. Because they rip people off, I hope it will one day come back to haunt them. Fuck them all off the planet.

Teenage Drink Stealers 7

I work in a restaurant where we use the "honesty policy" when it comes to fountain drinks, which means that we basically give them a cup when they ask for a soda or for a water. Why do 80 percent of teenagers order water and then steal soda? Considering we charge a buck for a soda with free refills, I don't think we're exactly killing them with costs. And then they think they're getting away with it cuz we can't say anything to them. God forbid they get embarrassed for doing something wrong. What if our criminal justice system worked that way? Seriously, what are people teaching their kids these days? Just think about this... if all the stolen sodas were paid for, everyone working that shift could make $2 more per hour. Thanks a lot you little brats. Hope that $1 soda is worth going to Hell for, SINNERS.

Dishonest people 8

I am sick and tired of having to deal with people who sare supposed to be doing a job but just can't be arsed to do what they say they are going to do!

I have tried to upgrade my Sky TV package, and what happen? I have 2 weeks of people telling me what I want to hear to get me off the phone. I have tried to do several things and people have promised they will do something or send something and it just doesnt happen.

I supposed when i was 18 I worked and didnt care - it was a job that paid me money so I could go shopping and go out with my freinds. But now I'm older I feel I have a responsbility to do the things I say I'm going to do so people dont get let down and feel the way I do. even my boss trells me not bother calling people back, just to leave it for someone else to deal with. Why??

I am waiting for the day when someone I make arrangements with actually sticks to it and doesnt disappoint me - but I suppose it will be a cold day in hell before that happens.

Sick Perverted Asshole 9

This has to be the most sickest crime ever a man in his 40s drove his truck in front of a school wth the car door open and was seen masturbating in his truck. I mean to jack off in front of a school now thats just sick.

This guy did it again but this time at the city park and the guy this time was spotted and now it's on the local news(where I live)I hope this masturbating asshole gets put in jail because thats sick, perverted, and just playing nasty. Lets just hope he dosen't strike again.



Internet Scammers 11

How stupid do you think people are? Shame on you for annoying smart people and preying on less-savvy people with your phishing scams, bogus jobs, "cheap medications", and lottery schemes (I could go on but won't). Shame on you too for creating viruses, spyware and malware that make my computer run slow or disable it completely! You're obviously intelligent -- why don't you channel that energy somewhere useful?

Sexual Abuse 12

I am angry because a boy sexually abused me years ago and has not been punished. The people assigned to deal with it are completely incompetent, inconsiderate, condescending and incomprehensibly, unjustifiably stupid. This guy made my life hell and he remains the most popular guy in the entire grade. It is as if he is rubbing in it my face, like he did his tiny, insignificant, grotesquely small dick. I hope that he dies of gonorrhea from his dog or brother or whoever it is that he viciously commits foul, depraved acts of sexual deviance upon while they cry out to be killed and for it to end now.

Since that, I have thought about him every day. I don't want to though. It is as if he has done a giant shit on me and now he wants me to eat it. I picture him hanging upside-down by his dick (if anybody can spot it) crying in pain. He begs for mercy as my everlasting, volcanic anger subsides. His agonizing screams anesthetizing the pain he has caused me.

However, I know that this will never happen and every night I struggle to accept it as I try to fall asleep without attacking the nearest person by whipping them with their own intestines.

I now feel a bit better.

Thieves 13

Who the hell needed my scratched up Beetle hubcaps so bad last night? They weren't worth anything to anybody but me. Now my car looks just as ghetto as everybody else's. All while getting get some friggin' tacos for my family. Thanks a bunch, I hope you hurt your thieving little fingers when you pulled them off. And I hope you get your little asses kicked when you try to sell them. Yeah, the dealer wants $60 for them - when they aren't all scratched up. You'll be lucky to score $20 for the set. Here's an idea, get off the rock, get a real job, and stop stealing from hard working people just trying to stay afloat. Remember, karma is real.

Pedophiles 14

I'm angry because i'm 14 years old gosh darn it!!! I tell you freaking pedo's this and you still have the eff-ing nerve to talk to me. NO! I am probably stupid enough for even giving you the time of day but im not rude. I'm tired of all you creeps acting like you're my friends when you really just want to get with me! Seriously find someone YOUR OWN FREAKING AGE! *cough,cough* CHRIS!!! your 24 and pretty ok looking. You can get someone else. So get off my case you eff-ing pedo!!!

People Stealin' My Fruit 15

I want the whack jobs who continue to steal my fruit out of my yard to die from rancid diarhea of the brain, mount, and butt. I hope the fertilizer that I use to make the fruit sweet and delicious reacts with their natural butt juices and causes them to live short and have not prosperty....Thank you for allowing me to rant.

Thieves 16

Today, I was with my friends at a park just talking and having fun. I left my skateboard ten feet away from me and 2 kids stole my $180 dollar bamboo skateboard. Thats weird that in my nice neighborhood i can't trust anyone. Oh and the city police station is right across the street.

Thieves 17

I tend to lose things of value quite regularly which is why when my wallet was stolen on thursday i naturally thought I'D misplaced it. However, deep down I knew I had my wallet, and keycard, drivers licence etc, in my schoolbag and had not touched it all day! Since I had no clues as to who took my wallet I cancelled all my cards and went through the motions but on Friday afternoon a customer at my workplace came in (I wasn't working at that time) and used MY staff discount card! I came in to work that night and at the end of the night I was counting the coupons and discount cards received and noticed MY card on the pile! I was CERTAINLY CERTAIN that discount card was mine and promptly told my boss about it (ironic hey? thieves obviously didn't know where I worked!); I asked if he could describe the person who gave him the card and he said they were wearing a blue uniform (the uniform from MY school) and looked around my age. I asked if I could look over the surveillance cameras to see who the person was because then I could tell the school principal they had cards from MY wallet. My boss said that camera footage of a person with the same coupon as me (only staff have access to the cards though!!)isn't enough evidence to accuse someone of stealing and he won't show me the footage. The only people who could have taken my wallet were in my grade and, as I know the hours which my wallet was taken from my bag(the only lesson my bag was left outside the classroom), if I saw the footage I could determine whether they were in my class or the two nextdoor (only three classes in the building at that time of day). I can't accuse them of taking my wallet but surely they would have something to do with it or would know at least who gave them the discount card. Those people are so low; it makes me very angry that they think they can get away with theft, I'm going to the school principal and I AM going to get them suspended when I find them!!

Petty theft 18

I work at subway and the other day my friends came in and ordered a chicken sub, being my friends they pestered me to put extra cheese for free so I did because a slice of cheese is worth like 10 cents! Anyway, when I got to the register, I pressed that I'd made a veggie sub and thus charged them $3 less than they were supposed to be charged. My supervisor saw this and spoke to me after about it saying "don't do that, if the boss catches you, you'll be fired." Then the supervisor said he wasn't going to tell the boss but consider it a warning.

So the next week I ring up for my hours and I've got no shifts!! My boss then rings and says that he wants to speak to me, he looked over the footage and saw me give my friends chicken instead of vegetarian and that was stealing. He said I was terminated for breaching policy and was untrustworthy... I lost him $3 whole dollars which must have hurt his wallet immensely!! I offered to give him $3 back but he'd made his decision. I guess now I'm jobless for the christmas period which is fantastic!!!

Would you fire one of your employees over petty theft of this amount?! I know it was wrong to do but I've seen my supervisor take subs and cans of coke for free each shift, surely that's costing more than $3? Oh well, for $9.50 an hour and no penalty rates on weekends, let alone public holidays as well as 4 hours per week maximum, no flexibility (my shift each week I am not allowed to change- I take it or leave it). Plus with no pay slips and not even a group certificate, I can't be bothered working there anymore anyway! It was horrible!!!!

I'm more pissed off than red-faced angry but my rant is still relevant!!

thieves 19

Fucking piss ass thieves make me mad as hell. If you can't get off your sorry ass and get a job like the rest of us then too bad. I work my ass off to buy my material things...only so some lowlife dick can cut the lock on my storage building and steal stuff. Stuff that's irreplacable to me but useless to you. As in the boxes of my grandmother's quilts or my grandfather's hats, and they are deceased. Or how about my personalized stockings for my children. Useless unless your kids are named the same as mine they're no good to you. Drug addict or just stealing for no reason is wrong and GOD help you if someone ever catches you messing with their stuff. Thieves are cowards and pieces of shit who can't take care of themselves so they rob others to fulfill their needs. I say fuck a thief, burn a thief at the stake. We should cut off his right arm!!Get a job loser!!!! And try paying hard earned cash for something. And if you ever do, well I hope someone breaks into your house...FUCKER!!!

Murderers 20

Murderers are the most depressing pieces of shit that have impacted my life. When they kill people, they cause emotional pain to the victim's family and friends.

I had an old friend, and I was going to visit her in person after 15 years of being away. But now I can never see her because some drug dealer murdered her. I hope that asshole realizes the pain he causes people. If you have to kill people over drugs, then you should drop the habit because it's hurting people.

*Note from Anger Central
As of this posting a lunatic in Norway has set of an ANFO bomb and murdered some 82 people on an island. Norway doesn't have a death penalty or life without parole. may we suggest life in an electric chair for this nut?

Vandals 21

I work at a movie theater during the weekends, and I'm sick of the vandals that come inside and damage our property. It started when these punks decided to collapse the chairs and rip off the arm rests. Even with the security cameras, the managers won't do anything about it.

As of recently, the vandals damaged our arcade cabinet by chipping a humongous hole in the bottom corner of the wooden case, stripped off some of the rubber, and shoved a toy under the entire machine.

I don't get why the managers are so relaxed about this dangerous, abusive, vandalism. A year ago they were militant about kicking out disruptive people, and now they don't care. This workplace is a mess.

People who abuse disability 22

I have several neighbors who claim to be disabled yet I come home from work and they are working on their house or doing various side jobs to make money... riding their horse doing various activities that they have told the state they are not able to do this is complete bullshit! It makes me so mad considering I was just diagnosed with a life long debilitating disease multiple sclerosis. I continue to work my ass off every single day and pay taxes but because these lazy people want to milk the system is very unfair I wish there was a way to call people like this out.

Plagiarists 23

I'm angry at plagiarists. I'm watching these Rich Dad Poor Dad videos on Youtube, and some random wannabe business owners keep reuploading the same videos while adding commercials for their businesses at the end. These unoriginal fucks claim they can help other people, but they have to rely on Rich Dad Poor Dad to get their point across. These plagiarist bastards won't be getting anywhere in life. They use Rich Dad Poor Dad video clips about why it's good to change your values and own big businesses, and then you get to the shitty company advertisements at the end that was filmed in somebody's home with a crappy microphone telling you why it's so great to run a small business out of your home. Fuck these stupid assholes and the idiots that support them. They only use Rich Dad Poor Dad to promote their businesses because Rich Dad Poor Dad is popular. Those business owners don't even use the information in those videos, they just trick Rich Dad Poor Dad fans into watching advertisements for their shitty businesses. Fuck these people.

computer technology stalking 24

Thanks to our district attorney and hackers, my CRAZY EX HUSBAND w/a 4 YEAR RESTRAINING ORDER, has been allowed to cyber stalk me NON-STOP!!! He has interferred w/my jobs and job search, made me look crazy, ruined my relationships, got me evicted because I caught my neighbor stealing from me(found my property in the pawn show), long story short, known my EVERY MOVE!!! People do not realize how much we depend on our technology to be "safe", but when someone PENETRATES your life cyberally, there is almost no way to stop them!! IT CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE!! I DON'T CARE HOW STRONG YOU THINK YOU ARE!!! TECHNOLOGY IS OUT OF CONTROL AND BEING ABUSED BY THE WRONG PEOPLE!!! HEED MY WARNING!! Rewatch Enemy of the State w/Will Smith. It CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!!

This is a man whom has defacated on my deck in front of our children (knowingly), drove and tryied jumping from our Suburban Z71 at 80MPH w/a full trailer being pulled, seen by our children throwing himself down the stairs(to get me to come out of the bedroom), tried strangling me to death as our 3 year old son, sat at my head crying, as he yelled, "I am going to fucking kill you right in front of C******", sexually raped me, abused me and my children; EMOTIONALLY, PHYSICALLY, FINANCIALLY, AND EVERY OTHER POSSIBLE WAY!!! And to top it off, he now has custody. Thank you hackers and those who pass on ways for my EX to CONTINUE ABUSING ME!!!! Thank you MR. District Attorney for putting him on 2 years probation of no drinking, for TRYING TO KILL ME!!! (Only one of his long history of violence!!)

Frauds 25

I'm fucking angry at frauds at the internet. They create websites claiming to be experts at selling online and claim to have lots of experience and success, but when you follow their advice it doesn't work out. It seems like everybody has advice and none of it is legit. I'm tired of being let down. You fucks need to stop fucking lying on the internet because I'm tired of being tricked!

Prisoners 26

I just watched a TV show about prisoners, and I can't believe they are proud of the pathetic life they made for themselves. They are so proud of acting like thugs and fight other people to appear tough. They sure act like they are strong, but they only attack other people if they are new to prison, weak, or loners. They won't attack a strong, well established prisoner that belongs in a gang. Not like that's any better. I'm just happy that I'm not a moron and I've never been to jail in my life. I don't have to waste my time in prison and I can make something of myself and experience freedom. Fuck prison.

Criminals 27

Or rather, how criminals get treated. Note, I'm talking about the ones who get out of prison and are TRYING to go the straight and narrow. I have no sympathy for those who just go right back to crime. The ones who want to become productive members of society... but there's no way for them to. It'll be impossible for them to get a decent job due to their criminal record. Many times, they can't even get a job at a fast food joint. Banks may well not give them loans due to their history, so trying to start their own business often isn't an option.

So what do they do? They either become welfare junkies or begin committing crimes again. If it's the latter, they'll be thrown back in the big house for another round, and then they'll be right back where they were.

I'm sure that this will get a bunch of snarky comments from the webmaster, telling me how I'm "uninformed" and such, if it even gets published. But still, feels good to say that.

On another topic, I'm surprised there aren't more rants about school.

Thieves 28

Are you kidding me? You tried to steal from me. If you don't think I'm going to react with violence, you're quite wrong.

A little background: I was suspended after I caught someone breaking into my locker. I proceeded to attack him, and we got into a brawl. I only roughed him up, a couple cuts and some bruises. He'll be fine.

The dude started crying after we were broken apart. Pfft, I wanted to break your arms, and was fully capable of doing so. Count your lucky stars and stop moaning. Walk it off, you pussy. Of course, then again, it's unlikely I'm going to hear the end of this, ever. I'll probably be labelled "Most likely to be seen on the news someday" or some bullshit like this. If this kid tried to pull this in the real world, he'd likely be shot.

Of course the dude played up his injuries, so he got a slightly shorter suspension. I did hear, though, that his parents beat the crap out of him when they found out what he did. I even heard that they approved of my actions.

There are good parents in the world :D

Scalpers 29

You know what pisses me off are these selfish pricks who buy hundreds of the same product and then sell them for double of what it's worth, why do they do it; because they are nothing more than a bunch of thieving low life scalpers. These scalpers don't want anybody to have what they want to get especially toy scalpers who buy thousands of toys from places and sell them for double just to make cash for themselves, and also there's ticket scalpers who also do that, it's like they don't want any performers to make any business or have any attendances all for their own retarded reasons.

Recently Nintendo released a popular brand of collectible figurines that can be used in their games called Amiibos and there has been a high demand for them, however some retarded internet troll who hates Nintendo has somehow pre ordered over 100 of the figurines, just so that none of their fans or anyone who wants to buy them. So you're just going to hoarde figurines of characters you hate just so your sick, pathetic ass can laugh at others who want them and can't have them, if anything this guy needs to be pulled out of his parents basement and get a beatdown, especially considering how much of a loser he is; plus i'd like to know how he was able to have the money to buy out all of the figurines, considering 99& of most trolls don't have a job and pretty much live in their parents basement talking shit about people online all the time for their own amusement, and I seriously doubt he has rich parents too, this guy does not look like anybody who has doctors or lawyers for parents, in fact if I were his parents i'd make him sell or give all of the figurines back, and never let him out of the house ever again. If anything I think the Police should track the guys records because the only way I think that he got the money to pay for the figurines is he most likely robbed a bank or hacked into a bank to steal money from it, that's my guess.

Scalpers need to be stopped they are no worse than any other form of criminal out there, that wants to take away from every hard working person. Scalpers i'm sure have no jobs at all, most likely stole money, are greedy, selfish, and overall need to be locked up or get a beatdown in the middle of a dark alley. My message to a lot of companies out their, if you see anybody buying multiple versions of the same product stop and think, do they really have that big of a family, or are they looking to scalp your products, if anybody tries to purchase 10 or more versions of the same item, you tell them no, that they are limited to a certain number, and if they can't take no for an answer, either ban them from the place of business, or call the cops and have the would be scalper put in Jail. One of these days, justice is going to bite these idiotic scalpers in the ass, either someone will outsmart their crooked ways, get arrested, or have their location found and get a beatdown from angry customers that the Scalpers pissed off, I really think that after all of the stupid shit these idiot scalpers have pulled, I think it's time to make more stricter laws when it comes to scalping, so that way everybody gets what they want in a fair way without some loser taking it all for himself.

Sick Fucks 30

This group of thugs decide to kidnap a Special Needs Boy all because he doesn't agree with them they decide to live stream on facebook tormenting the poor kid. If that were my son I would see to it these lowlives get a livestream of being tortured in prison, better yet I would love to take Neegan's bat or a gun and just wish nothing but violent harm. You say you hate whites, I say I hate you for even breathing on this planet, lowlife trash like you don't belong on this planet and I wouldn't blame a cop for wanting to shoot you cause you all deserve it, no wonder the rest of the human race hates all black people i say hang these 4 wastes of life and better yet I hope they get every one of their Goddamn internal organs ripped out of their worthles bodies and rip their flesh off their bones,. Yeah I say burn these lowlives and I hope their blood stains the grounds of the prison that they rot in forever

*Note from Anger Central
These scum were nice enough to provide the prosecution with sufficient evidence to put them away for a good portion of their lives.
The only thing we have an issue with is the "Hate Crimes" charge. We are opposed to that charge for anyone since it's basically a thought crime.
Besides, you have kidnapping, extortion, assault with a deadly weapon, civil rights violations, yep, plenty to lock them away for the rest of their lives.

Murderers 31

It sickens me when people feel the need to take someone else's life. The asshole that streamed himself on Facebook killing an elderly man was just absolutely disgusting, after that ran away like a pussy only to see that he is now America's Most Wanted Man commits suicide taking the pussy's way out like any murderer would. It pisses me off how this sick would rather take his own life instead of being a man and and let the Cops arrest him and send him to prison or kill him, because I would have no problem with the Cops shooting this sick fuck because it's bullshit how some murderers would rather be pussies and commit suicide and not face the consequences like a man. I feel like murderers should be treated the same way pedophiles get treated in prison; not only that bu I say why don't we facebook stream burning this asshole's body, i'm just so enraged by this that it just makes me wish to see murderers get seriously destroyed.

Swatters 32

It really pisses me off when some loser has nothing else better to do in their life than to fucking swat somebody for no reason while they're doing a livestream on Youtube or Twitch. So some dickhead decides he doesn't like this streamer, holds some sort of grudge against them, so they cal lthe Police and make up some bullshit lie telling the streamer has got a weapon or is holding people hostage at their location, the Cops go over and the poor Streamer gets Swatted on Livestream with the Streamer scared to death and the sick fuck that calls the Cops gets away with abusing 911 for their sick personal amusement. Recently a user on Twitch was streaming on a Plane until some retard decides to phone in some fake bomb threat to their location ends up causing the Plane to make an unexpected stop, delaying everyone on the flight for hours, all because some retard who has nothing else better to do with their life just wants to be a fucking scumbag. Also recently some kid and his buddies were doing a stream on youtube and were getting something to eat from Wendy's and what happens; some dickbag sends the Cops to their location; the poor kid is scared and is most likely traumatized after the experience, all because some fucking loser just wants to act like a fucking piece of shit. These fucking Swatters need to have their phones tracked down and be found and have the Swat Team drag them out of their homes and lock them up for life for nearly getting someone killed for their own sick, personal amusement.

*Note from Anger Central
This was placed under criminals since "Swatting" is a crime. People can be killed due to this including police.

The Asshole that Punched a Child 33

Some white trash loser decides he hates black children and makes a claim that they were threatening him so he punches one of them after calling one of them the N Word. What really pisses me off is how this asshole makes some bullshit claim and gets off from our idiot court systems who obviously pick a bunch of gutless and brainless morons to be the Jury; same idiots who let that fame whore Casey Anthony go free, and that bitch is going to burn at the cross; yeah save your fake alligator tears off the tv you fucking moron. In fact I wonder where the boy's father was because if I was this boy's father and I found out you knocked my son's teeth out I would hunt you down and beat the goddamn shit out of you until you can't even stand up; I pray for justice for this family and that the sick fucker who punches this poor boy gets a taste of karma.

Pedophilia is NEVER OK! 34

I am so enraged at how Pedophiles find any way they can to excuse their sick actions against children. There were posters that I saw online of someone defending pedophilia saying Pedophilia is ok as well as mocking the LGBT community saying those who hate Pedophiles are Pedophobic. That is the stupidest thing I HAVE EVER HEARD, Pedophobia, that is a word that should never exist in ANY language. If one thing Pedophiles should have a phobia is the law and sooner or later all of you sick fucks are going to get locked up, this sick fucks don't deserve to breath the same air as any other human being and they all deserve to be roasted over the flames of Hell. I hope all Pedophiles in this world are all brought to justice.

Teenage Thug that Robbed a Little Kid 35

I am so angry after hearing about some lowlife Teenager robbing a defenseless little boy in South Carolina with money he was raising to get a lawnmower to mow lawns for his neighborhood. It's pathetic, you must think you are real tough to rob a little boy's lemonade stand just because he has positive and constructive plans for his life and you're just some lowlife loser who i'm sure makes F's in School and most likely does drugs and smokes pot. I really hope they catch this teenage Thug and if that was my son who this bastard robbed, I would put a gun on him and see how he likes it. Deer Parents please discipline your fucking Kids and if they want to act like thugs, he's a solution. Beyond Scared Straight; then these little wannabe thugs will get a taste of the real world.

Scammers 36

It angers me how a bunch of idiots with too much time on their hands thinks it's funny to call my number and say I owe them money or face Jail Time. First of all you don't work for my company and two you're making illegal scam calls to target the hard working people while you lazy bums who don't work think it's funny to take our hard earned money, you fucking losers.

You're not getting my money, you want money get a job and stop calling my number because I don't owe you a goddamn thing you fucking idiots. I can't wait till the Government puts a permanent stop to these scam callers and lock them up in Prison for life.

Lowlife Loser Who Attacked an Elderly Woman 37

I am angry after a video surfaced on the internet of some lowlife thug attacking an elderly woman on a Subway Train. It is very pathetic you really are tough beating up an elderly woman who can't defend herself and what's even more pathetic is how the idiots on the train couldn't have bothered to beat the fuck out of this lowlife but instead record it. If I was there I would have put this loser in a headlock and beat the holy fuck out of him, and then throw his ass off the train. It's so disgusting I hope this loser gets the fuck beaten out of him in Jail.

Michelle Carter 38

Fucking Michelle Carter is a stupid attention wanting bitch that drove her Boyfriend to suicide and is only getting 15 Months, bullshit this fucking bitch deserves 15 years and a knife stabbed deep into her Vagina Again and Again. If I was her boyfriend and she texted me to go kill myself I would text her back and tell her to go kill her ownself before I do. Believe me Michelle Carter would be dead today if she were my girlfriend as what I would do to her would make anything out of Nightmare on Elm Street look like a Disney show. As I would puncher her in her stupid looking face multiple times than stab her multiple times, slit her throat, stab her vagina, cut her tits and set her on fire. Fucking Court systems needs to stop giving Women lighter sentences they deserve the fucking electric chair. I hope every inmate in the Prison she goes to drags her stupid ass out of her cell and violently stabs her, chops every limb of her off, rip and tear every singleone of her internal organs out of her body and set her on fire. Let's make sure this bitch doesn't leave Prison Alive this stupid cunt deserves to die a very violent death; let's kill this bitch and set her on fire.

*Note from Anger Central
While she does win the "Worlds worst Girlfriend" award, We've had some serious issues with the charges brought and her conviction on.
Massachusetts prosecutors have a long history of railroading people into prison on questionable charges.

Shoe Thief 39

I was at Walmart looking for a pair of shoes for whenever School opens up and as I went to try on shoes some weirdo came over and he grabbed my shoes and I asked him to put them down, and then he started running with my shoes.

I gave chase to the shoe thief but I was running in Walmart in my socks and the floor was slippery and there were so many dumbass people in the way and I ended up slipping and falling on my face nearly crushing my glasses as I could hear some shoppers laughing at me.

My Mom caught up to me and went to go find an employee as my knee was bruised up from the fall as a Walmart Employee approached as we explained what happened. My socks were dirty from running and my knee was sore since I wore shorts today.

Walmart decided to sell me a new pair of shoes which was good and all but i'm so pissed and so are my parents, and I hope that creepy man who stole my shoes in Walmart gets caught.

Idiot at the Theater who Attacked People 40

I was watching Shang Chi in a Movie Theater and I won't spoil the ending but I wasn't able to enjoy it become some idiot in front of me for some reason started punching the guy sitting next to him for no reason as soon as the audience began clapping.

The idiot then started punching the person in the next seat down and punched the guy in front of him and I went over and asked this loser what his fucking problem is and started punching me too.

I was taken back by the punches as he then started throwing popcorn and threw a soda and it hit somebody with it and that person was steaming mad.

The idiot then went over to another row and started attacking a random person before the guy who got hit with the drink tackled the Movie Theater Hitter and started punching this stupid idiot.

I then also took the opportunity to get payback as I punched this idiot multiple times in the face and kicked him in the head and kicked him down the aisle of the theater.

Theater Security came in and broke up the chaos and thankfully dragged the Movie Theater Attacker from attacking anyone else during his punching rampage.

My Movie Theater experience was ruined by this fucking idiot and I hope he gets the fucking shit kicked out of him in Jail since he wants to fight so damn bad.

*Note from Anger Central
We gave a lot of thought to this one. We've had a few come in that were obviously spam and also pushing violence.
However it does seem that this one is legitimate.

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