computer over killers

these assholes piss me off. you don't need a fucking gig of ram to keep your system running at top notch, that is fucking uncalled for. you don't need a geforce radeon 5438435 to run pong. you don't need a titanium steel comp case with more lights on it than my Christmas tree. if you're one of these people, you are a fucking dork.

*Note from Anger Central
We beg to differ with you. :)
(The webmaster just finished building a 2.8ghz system with 6 36gig drives, (two mirrored, 3 RAID 5 with one hot spare), 1.5 gig's of RAM)

hackers 2

I don't know who it is, but FUCK OFF!!! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT FROM US?!? We have nothing valuable on our computers. WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?!? I NEVER did anything to you (if I did, GET OVER IT!!! I don't even know who you are) and you FUCKIN' PISS me off!!! I bet you're the asshole who keeps calling but won't say anything.. then DON'T call!!! I bet you've been driving around here, too. STOP FUCKING WITH OUR INTERNET!!! All we do with our computers is e-mail, internet, play games and work.. like anyone else. I see no reason for your interest in us or what you want. Our life and what we do on the computers is no one's business. Aren't you TIRED of us, DAMN IT?!? GET A LIFE.. FIND BETTER THINGS TO DO.. or at least go hack someone else. I would think the average computer without a firewall would take less effort to hack, but you insist on being an ASSHOLE!!!

You're NOT doing anything good through it or benefitting from it. You think it makes you smarter? You think it makes you better than me? Have some INTEGRITY in your life. I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU OR HOW GOOD YOU ARE AT ANYTHING!!! I COULD CARE LESS IF YOU THE RICHEST, SMARTEST PERSON IN THE WORLD.. I COULD CARE LESS IF YOU WERE PERFECT!!! I will NEVER EVER respect someone who shows none for me. You want attention and approval from your online peers? PATHETIC!!! Go make some REAL friends. Do something good with your life, because trying to be the world's best hacker is like trying to be one of the world's biggest nerds.

You may know I like challenge in life, but you're just being an ASSHOLE. When I want a challenge, I will choose them and ask for it. Life is challenging enough when I don't ask for it. When you life is over, what is all this STUPID hacking going to mean? NOTHING,ABSOLUTELY FUCKIN' NOTHING but being an ASSHOLE who WASTED their life away. Fuck off, fuck off.. FUCK OFF!!!

Software developers 3

Here is what makes me mad - I see a great description for some software for my computer. It looks like it will help me do something much quicker and easier. I download the demo - and then I end up spending 20 hours trying to figure out how to make it work because the developer is a weird geek whose intuition is from another planet. The icons are unidenitifable. The pull down menu doesn't make sense. What should take one keyboard move will take 5. The help instructions show that the developer must have been on acid when he designed the program or he is an attention deficit special ed student. I call up tech support and their attitude is that I must be stupid if I can't figure it out. Excuse me, you weirdo, no one could figure this out because you designed it with a warped sense of why people perform this particular function. I end up deleting the program and am pissed that I was taken in by yet another piece of crap.

Hackers 4

I'm pissed because some idiots have decided to create a worm that's fucked my computer all because I have Windows XP and use the internet. I don't care what you think of Microsoft or "the man" or whoever, don't fuck up my day with your stupid viruses -- if you're so good with computers, get a damned tech job. Because of that damned Blaster worm I have to use AOL now. HAPPY!?! Eat shit and die, hackers!

Hackers 5

I'm angry at the dorks who have decided to inundate people's computers with viruses. My computer has been screwed more than once and that pisses me off! I hope they catch those guys and put them in prison, so their punk-asses can sleep with Bubba for the next 20 years.

So now, I've had to spend ridiculous amounts of money and time trying to prevent any further attacks. Hate Windows/Microsoft/Bill Gates -- SO DO I!!! Don't make people suffer for it by damaging computers. Get off your butt and get a life and leave us hardworking folks who pumped half their $$$ into their computer alone!


I am so infuriated with hackers! I am a single mother and use my computer for my online store! this is where most of my income comes from, and thanks to stupid, low-life hackers that create viruses to destroy your computer, i lost many sales last month, and ended up standing in the fucking welfare line, just to be able to feed my children and pay my rent!!!

WHY DO THEY DO THIS CRAP TO INNOCENT PEOPLE? Punishment for hackers is a slap on the damn wrist when it comes to us "little people". but if we are a big corporation, hell, you get 20 years in prison for hacking into their systems! Ok, they hate bill gates because he has MONEY!!!! If they think they are SO much damn better, let's see these hackers come up with a better operating system!!!! Let them make money of their own, and maybe give bill gates a run for his money!!! C'MON hackers!!! Don't be pulled into this tech hating crap! Do some good with the knowledge you have!!!! My kids don't need to be raised on welfare just because some rich-bitch 14 year old high school geek had nothing better to do while his parents are too busy with their wealth to supervise and spend time loving their kid!!! I WORK for a fuckin' living, and when these childish hackers learn what work is.......lemme know! It's time for them to stop hiding behind these computer screens and get in touch with the real world! yeah, that's right, jerking off to a fucking porno site you losers doesn't mean you are in touch with the real world, it means you are a wanker who can't get laid because you are too afraid of rejection........rejection is a part of life.....grow up and face reality. Hackers are ANTI-SOCIAL LOSERS!

Hackers 7

I am angry at hackers (more specifically virus-makers) for obvious reasons. They destroy people's computers for no reason. There is no point. They sit in their room picking their noses and pushing their thick glasses up on their nose on Friday night while they work and work to make a horrifically complicated virus that can bypass all the anti-virus programs, and they send it to all of the people with lives that they know. And they don't get a cent in return. Only gratification that some stranger is upset because the captain of the football team pushed the hacker into a locker that day. That'll show those mean strangers. The hackers could get a lot of money with their computer skills, but that would mean for them to quit eating Doritos all day and, you know, maybe talk to people.

If a virus-maker is caught, the cops should force him (I’m assuming it’s a man) to eat his computer, and sodomize himself with each wire, until they’re all in. The really thin wires that he probably wouldn’t notice should be tied to serrated needles and shoved into his urethra. The biggest wires should be put down his throat, and eventually come out, (whichever avenue isn’t important) and plugged into a wall. Then they should turn the computer on. If he doesn’t die from that, that’s when he has to start eating it. Once he eats it, he has to be dragged around outside by all the wires, until each one comes loose. At that point, the hacker would probably be in a state of pain-induced psychosis, so he probably wouldn’t appreciate any further punishment, but after a period of undeserved mercy, they should pull out one of his eyes, and cram a space bar into the socket, and then put the eye back. Then he should be pelted with keyboard keys until his skin is completely purple everywhere. The swelling would probably kill him, unfortunately. If it doesn’t, another round of keyboard keys should make for some fun sounds, and maybe stabbing the bottom of his feet repeatedly with plug prongs and making him walk on broken, jagged computer parts. I guess he should then be put in a cage in the middle of town, and people can spit on him until he starves to death.

Spyware Motherfuckers 8

Thanks for crashing my computer to the point where I had to reformat my hard drive & reinstall my modem. You suck. I'm sending you the bill for my time, work in restoring my computer and the $5 I spent at an Internet cafe when I couldn't get access to my pc. Oh, and you're no better than horse thieves & should be treated as such.

*Note from Anger Central
We feel your pain. The webmaster has spent hours at his real world job cleaning that crap off of systems. Check our links page. We have tools there for cleaning that crap off of systems and blocking it from being installed in the first place.

Hackers 9

I am frustrated, angry and pissed off beyond explanation because these damn geeks keep screwing with my computer. The holed up losers who play with their computer instead of finding a girlfriend (which they can't anyway) have messed with my computer, time after time, even after I have formatted my C: drive. I'm angry with those bastards and I will either find software or bid one of the larger anti-virus companies in finding the software to track these geeks. I really doubt they would ever touch a keyboard again, knowing that I (or the rest of the world) could find them.

Computer Geeks 10

I love computer geeks...There is nothing that makes me more happy then downloading spyware/malware/scumware/trashware and having it mess up my P.C to the point of having to replace the whole motherboard :). I love the 3,000 porn pop ups that i get when ever i download some type of scumware it really makes my day. Thank you computer geeks for ruining my computer and making such nasty programs that trashes the computers of many people world wide. God bless your sumtty souls...By the way I'm being sarcastic and I really hope you vile sucm bags get wires shoved up your butts and someone downloads you with scumware/malware.. I tired to download Kazza and my Computer got over 155 viruses and well... that was the end of it i had to spend 25 bucks to fix it...Weep...

Online Video Game Nerds! 11

I am so damn angry at these F'n online 24/7 gotta play nintendo or whatever all the time so I can "own" everyone homos. Get a life, you know a computer tan is not attractive, and suntan is, you f'n geeks! I hate it when I go and play a game online only to be playing against tools who know every glitch and every cheap ass way to win a game. F OFF! Go play with the other 24/7 gaming nerds on your own private servers, don't ruin everyone elses on the public ones, go get some self esteem and leave those of us that play games once a week alone. Put the game jeanie, game shark or what ever the hell else your using down... Seriously get a life!

FYI "owning" people at a video game or domintating online shooters isn;t something to be proud of you DICKS! I lose b/ I have a life, you win b. you DON'T...NOW FUCK OFF and leave the rest of us normal people alone!

spyware 12

these assholes that sit around making spyware and all that other trash. so they can sell us all of there anti-spyware that is actually another form of this spy shit.then the way they get your money is to ask for your credit card #'s for the spy shit that your trying to get to fix your pc and then they go online with it and buy all kinds of shit that we get billed for and then were brooke and the fucking stupid fat kid has a fucking stupid new giga processer or some stupid shit like that they should have threr there computers shoved up there fucking asses untill they fix all the shit they stirred up and when there done cut there fingers off so they cant do this shit anymore beacause they are all fuckups and retards dicksuckers and homo's that beatoff looking at gay donkey porn beacause they are allfucked up in the head they dont know whats right any more

computer geeks 13

I fuckin hate computer geeks and the fact that they are multiplying and some people actually think its cool and can actually understand computer shit. For fuck sakes get a life with a real hobby! how the fuck do these little vermin get attention and even paid?!? give me back the good old days when u could only play games on consoles and computer geeks were beaten for being shit smears on the face of humanity. It makes me wonder why there is racism in the world when there are so many of these little bastards to pick on, we should go door to door and fuck these bastards up. Lazy cunts need to get away from their computers and get real jobs.

*Note from Anger Central
Now now my young luddite. This is a site for angry people, not morons who can't even figure out how to screw in a light bulb. Might we suggest you stop dictating your rants and go back to your career digging ditches and cleaning up after horses?

Video game nazis 14

I am angry at people on the internet who scream through thier microphones about what you can or cant do. These retard 9 year old gamers who play Call of duty Modern warfare 2 (Mw2) and fucking blast the volume, about OH MY GOD YOU ARE A NOOB AT THIS VIDEO GAME BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. I mean, who gives a shit if I am beating them, and thier egos can't fucking take me getting a kill on them. Hey, message to all itiots, IT IS A FUCKING VIDEO GAME. It isn't designed to be taken seriously, it is a hobby people do to relive stress, so you don't go crazy studying notes over and over or doing loads of homework, obviously it's for more than that alone (Like sheer fun) but you should NEVER take it seriously, I think most people with an IQ over 20 points would agree with me

P.S. This site is awesome!!! If I made a few spelling errors sorry.

Hackers 15

I am so fucking tired of these no life pieces of shit. Seriously, they should fuck off. My computer just got a serious virus, and I found out it is being used to send loads of spam, and maybe even mess up websites. Apparently, it is trying to tell me that I don't have antivirus, and must ''buy it now''. It even gets so much warnings, that I couldn't even use it. I'm on my laptop now, and tried to see how to fix it, since my computer is virtually unusable. But guess what! 4 Trojans found on my first try! At least I removed them successfully. I'm seriously getting a mac for my next computer.

*Note from Anger Central
1) Stop using Internet Explorer
2) Keep your AV subscription up to date if you use a commercial version
3) Wipe and reload your system after backing it up. (Google DriveImage XML)
4) Stop surfing porn sites with javascript enabled
6) Don't think the Mac is a panacea. Hackers are starting to target them now as well

Computer Techs. 16

I am a "learning" computer techy. I have many questions that I research by myself and find the answers to. But sometimes google isn't enough and I need to talk to real people. Of course I go to other smarter computer guys. Why does it seem like they are all assholes?! I can't ask one question without someone complaining about my question. They neglect to remember that everyone was at that spot at one point in time.

*Note from Anger Central
Hi there Newbie, our first question is, "Did you read the MAN pages?" :>
Every single tech has gone through this. Consider it a right of passage. Wait until you do a stint on a helldesk, then you will know why we're all assholes to newbies.
In order to fully understand us, you must read the Book of Simon. Right now, you haven't even reached the level of PFY. Once you have rm -rf * from / and then recovered from that unassisted, then you might be worthy of having your questions answered.

Angry people playing online games 17

I get so damn angry when people get online, play video games, and bitch and complain about how everyone else doing better than them is a computer geek with no life b/c they won. It doesn't take time to get good, I can win almost any game my first time trying, and I only play about once a week. Don't blame other's for your lack in ability.

Viruses 18

I'm angry because people are rotten, they try so hard to disguise their viruses in seemingly legit programs just to fuck you over. If someone ever brags to me they made 'an 3pic hx0r virus L0lll@@' I will slap them in the face repeatedly. Fucking skiddies.

Computer geeks 19

Well, maybe this would go better under "peoples"?

Everytime I try to talk seriously (not IRL) to the persons who call themselves geeks, they begin insulting me (big insults, ones who would translate as bitch, slut, etc. not funny ones) and then they say they were just trolling, but sometimes when I insult them because I'm really pissed off they kick me... and talk to me about respect and being polite, yet I never talk about these kind of things (respect and politness) and still am being insulted? (don't talk about it because people who does often are aggressive when you just felt on your knees and said some impolite words or some events like that)

What is a little fuck off to a stack of sluts, bitch, go fuck yourself?

Now, you just said you were using Ubuntu for a while since 2005 actually, to 2009 but every time you manually upgraded it since the existing installation it would become less stable, and they insult you and say it's because your hardware is a piece of shit?

Yet, they don't know what types of RAM are in their old computers or in their courant computer, just how much or they start listing OSes and you say "OpenVMS" and they ask you "What?", and they always talk like they were smarter than you and were omniscient, if you ask them to stop talking to you like that they say you have your periods.

I could leave, but there are also some people I really enjoy talking to out there.

*Note from Anger Central
Reminds us of all the newly minted MCSE's that HR sent down just prior to the Y2K stuff. Every single one was tripped up on how to make a boot disk....In DOS. The Webmaster will admit that he had forgotten, but it took him 2 minutes to look up the command switches.

I hate Hackers/ viruses 20

Thanks alot. now i cant log in to a website that is detrimental for my new job!!

Unfortunatley i would never have downloaded any of your bullshit. but I just moved back home, and my drunk mother and 9 year old little brother accidentally downloaded all these viruses to my computer. its beyond crazy how much SHIT is on this computer. and i mean VIRUSES. I hope you little bitch see me typing this. i cant wait for you to get arrested. i have family in the FBI bitch! see ya soon

Hackers 21

I'm sick of hackers going to one of my favorite websites, and exploiting flaws in the chat room just so they can harass everybody! They type abusive and pornographic messages to the community, get around bans, and steal everybody's identity!

I'm so sick of this shit. Today I got home after a long day shopping, and I tried having a discussion about the DVD I bought. Then some hacker somehow started posting dirty messages and pictures under my name! And the guy I was talking to lost all respect for me! The chat room is not supposed to let people have the same names, and the hacker got around that rule somehow!

I'm sick of fucking internet punks and hackers causing trouble for everybody else. Get a fucking life, and I wish I could kick your asses.

hackers 22

im pissed off cuz i got a virus. thanks asshole for disguising it like it was a windows phishing filter alert. i lost everything for the moment, but i had made double back ups before. so i formatted, reinstalled everything exactly how it was, i still have everything and now my computer is even faster than it was before.

so it just goes to show that sometimes even your pointless little efforts to ruin someones day just made their life even better. and yours a little worse.

plus, now im a smarter user. never again will i fall for your tricks. any pop ups and im disconnecting from the internet, shutting down and restarting without even TOUCHING the pop up. if it comes back up without an internet connection, then and only then will i click it.

what goes around comes around. karmas a bitch.

computer forums 23

computer assholes who think they are far superior to all of humanity.. why, yes, i do understand that because the entire world is moving in the direction of more and more and more and faster and harder and more technology, that the need for understanding and navigating computers is at a fucking climax. but damn, mother fuckers, chill the mother fuck out with your condescending, hypoFUCKINGcritical bull shit. i will not say you are nerds, because thats just stupid. nerd means opposite of hip. not fucking smart. you guys have a gift, yeah sure. nerd is like your kindling to the fire, in the hipster age. and you arent even super intelligent!!you just know how to fucking use computers! it helps if you have linear thinking, and understanding of math, yeah, sure. but you fucking learned it, the shit dont come out of your fucking veins like a sci fi movie, and you are one with the "other side" of inner inter net dimension.. these fucking people piss me off so fucking much. there is none of them with fucking respect and polite manner. i try to learn from the "best" of you, and for that i get smacked down? i asked for help on learning on my own, not asking you to fucking fix my computer. people think "we on internet, i dont have to be nice, because my dick is so far up my ass in reality and id never say anything. but on the net, better look out 15 year old kid, i will tear you down so hard you will never want to come back and then.. then we will have it all to ourselves, where we can do whatever time wasting fake internet shit we want all day with no noobs to ask such stupid questions that i forgot i ever asked myself because i didnt, i was born with skill.." no. get fucking real. have some god damn manners. and stop saying shit like "common sense" because common sense aint so fucking common, if you had any common sense.

spy hackers have no soul 24


Comment Trolls 25

It pisses me off when you want to comment on a video you like or discuss a New Topic; there's always some idiot who always post some stupid idiotic comment or reply to somebody; just for their own personal amusement. They go and make a name on Disqus and when they do, they reply with idiotic things like for example: some idiot from California who comments on stories from West Virginia goes around telling people "to go back to their job; and that people deserve their misfortunes cause they're lazy." What makes you think you know what people do with their lives; chances are your probably some welfare leaching, lowlife trash, with no job, and does nothing with their life than to troll News Articles; hell I see you got two accounts. it also pisses me off when people make multiple accounts on websites; seriously are you that fucking insecure with daddy issues in your life that you want to make multiple accounts to piss people off? How would I tell it's the same person, the writer writes similar messages in their stupid posts; if you've got that much time in the world than why don't you go out and get a fucking job instead of telling people how to do their's; and don't make up some bullshit saying you make $300k; I find that to be bullshit; people who make that much money have way more class and mannerisms than a piece of trash like you; and I hope you continue to fail in your pathetic life, and may one day a Tornado may blow your house away so we can talk crap about your misfortunes, loser.

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