Ignorant Computer Owners

I'm sick of rants from ignorant, lazy computer owners who complain endlessly about being victimized by viruses but are too stupid to take obvious and simple precautions to prevent attacks on their systems. If you don't update your operating system, don't use a firewall, don't use mail filter software and don't use anti-virus software and try to download Kazza so you can steal MP3's then you are not a victim, you are the problem. The vast majority of script kiddies that potentially make everyone's life miserable could not exist without the willful laziness of computer owners who refuse to take simple safe computing precautions. Complaining about being attacked when you do nothing effective upfront to prevent it in the first place is like dropping your pants and bending over at Pelican Bay Prison and being surprised when someone cornholes you.

anti-geeks 2

these type of people annoy me hating geek for being able to make viruses and fully utilize computers. they are usually the braggers who say they rule at video games that say its not fair if you p00n them on a video game because you took the time to learn how it works. Sadly these people are stupid cuss too much and dont realize the nerds they are making fun of can make life in the COMPUTER-age living hell

Too many idiots on the internet! 3

The internet used to be a helpful tool in getting information on anything. Slowly over the past decade, it has sunk into a playground for idiots. When you ask for advice online, you have to dig through all the idiotic and abusive comments to get anything useful.

On a popular website yesterday, I asked the community on how to get an entry level temp job in data entry. The results? 45% told me to show off my breasts at the job interview. Another 45% told me to fill out a job application. Thankfully the last 10% informed me that I could go to a temp agency.

I feel like the internet is becoming more and more like the movie Idiocracy with Luke Wilson.

Modern Internet Users 4

I hate when I'm trying to talk about something online and somebody derails the conversation and changes the subject to sex.

And if I try to steer the conversation back to it's original purpose, I'm considered a "loser nerd who can't get any."

Fucking bullshit. I hate Web 2.0.

Merkava 5

For the uninitiated, Merkava is a handle belonging to a poster that used to frequent a forum called Garage Journal and now spends his mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends on Garage Gazette instead. The 'Gazette would be the hang out of degenerates who couldn't follow the rules at Garage Journal and, like all petulant children, when called on it they picked up their toys and ran away to play somewhere else with people who could tolerate their bullshit.

Now my beef isn't really with the 'Gazette, to each his own and honestly some of the gripes seem legit. No, my gripe is with Merkava and how he conducts himself over there. I've been lurking over at the 'Gazette just for shits and I am simply amazed by how much of a pathetic fucking douche that this guy has revealed himself to be.

Recent example? There was a thread at the 'Gazette about, of all things, refraining from bashing Garage Journal. Apparently even the disgruntled masses at the Gazette site were tiring of their own whining. Anyway, long story short, as soon as Merkava hits the thread, he's laying into Garage Journal again, bitching and moaning about how unfair it was he got banned, how the site owner is unreasonable, how he was mistreated, Boo fucking hoo and the whole nine yards. Even other people on the 'Gazette site were telling him to let the shit go and move the fuck on with his apparently miserable life, but this sack of shit couldn't help himself. Post after post in that thread, he has to continue his whining and bitching about Garage Journal.

The facts are the facts. This asshole broke the rules, more than once. He started fights over there, deliberately, with his ridiculous ranting and obnoxious behavior that someone invariably called him on. He was known to throw temper tantrums on several occasions and go into seclusion for a while before he posted again, apparently trying to fish for sympathy and see if people gave a shit that he disappeared. Yes, he was that fucking arrogant and that far up himself.

In the end, he spit in the site owner's face one fucking time too many and started posting links to the 'Gazette, which is a big no-no. The Garage Journal's traffic is a source of income for the site owner and it is free, no ads of any kind for the users, 100% totally free. That means you have NO fucking right to break the rules and drive traffic to a competing site, especially after you've been told not to. You'd think people could understand this and appreciate the site for what it is, but I guess Merkava's head was just too far up his ass and that he thought he was fucking special.

So the piece of shit got banned, for life at that, and now, probably over a year or so hence, he still can't stop fucking whining about it and hasn't gotten over it. I feel really sorry for the kind of pathetic, self-aggrandizing, hypocritical and narcissistic prick that can have a chip on their shoulder over a fucking website for over a year and not let it go.

Merkava is the absolute epitome of a fucking douchebag site visitor and the kind of blatant troll that brings down good sites. He was constantly pitting members on Garage Journal against each other with his shit and he was a total Snap On fan boy and Craftsman basher, to the point that it became irrational and even annoyed the other Snap On fan boys -and- the Craftsman haters.

What's really sad is that some people on the 'Gazette site even posted in that same thread about not bashing Garage Journal and told Merkava that maybe he should just apologize to the site owner and try to make amends. Nope, the asshole wouldn't have any of that. Apparently doesn't think he did anything wrong. Personally I couldn't be happier with his arrogance and the decision it helped him make. Garage Journal is better off with that piece of shit and I hope he stays gone.

Merkava and people like him really piss me the fuck off. I can't stand that assholes like this can't just grow the fuck up and move on, not even over a website where they were RIGHTFULLY banned for KNOWINGLY breaking the rules. It does, however, make my day to know that this piece of shit is still fucking stewing over it day in and day out and that he has no fucking life. I hope the site owner at Garage Journal feels the same way.

Merkava, on the off chance that you're reading this, grow up, stop being such a fucking baby and move on. Garage Journal got along fine without you and nobody misses you and your shit. I really enjoy the fact that you're not polluting every other thread with your rabid fanboy nonsense, picking fights and talking shit for the sake of it about products you've never used and fantasies that you made up about country of origin missing from Snap On tools. The place is better off without you and I'm glad it still pisses you off that you're no longer welcome there. Assholes like you never grow the fuck up and that's why you should never be allowed back. Fuck you, you miserable, pathetic fucking man child. Grow a pair and grow the fuck up.

Wannabe computer geeks frequenting message boards 6

I miss when the internet was an epic frontier on getting information. Too bad you loser computer geek wannabes ruined it!

You claim that I'm stupid and computer illiterate because I wanted a second router for my internet connection? It's because I don't want to mess with the only router in the house! If it goes out, then my family gets pissed that we have no internet connection!

Internet tough guy, you act like you are so great with computers. When I asked you how much do you know about computers, you told me you didn't know a damn thing! Loser!

Try getting off the internet and let the adults handle things.

Ignorant Internet posters 7

I think people who claim to be intelligent or educated but can't spell and make major grammatical or semantic mistakes need to be banned from posting on the Internet. You are not helping your case when you post something that my 7-year-old nephew or a non-native English speaker would know is poorly written.

I think people who spew any kind of hate speech need to be isolated and have all their methods of communication confiscated. No phones, no computers, no television, no radio, and just for good measure, do a quick surgery on their vocal cords. For that matter, do a quick surgery so they won't be able to breed either.

Fucking yolo. 8

Why the fuck are these teenagers on Facebook typing "yolo" every goddamn second. I know it's a fucking acronym for You Only Live Once, but WHY. Has this generation of kids become so fucking low that they have to "express" a statement or feeling by using a FUCKING acronym or GODDAMN TEXT LANGUAGE? I'm enraged by this.

Macintosh Users 9

People who use Macintosh computers are always so uptight about how fucking great they are. Macintosh are good for office productivity and that's about it. They are awful at processing round objects, (anisotropy) and cannot muster up even the lowest-resolution textures. The people that use them are even worse. Often times, Mac users pretend they're invulnerable to viruses, simply because no one makes viruses for mac. Malware designers want to target a larger number of computers, i.e. windows.; so stop acting like your computer is impervious to error.

People Who Would Do Anything for 'Likes' in FB 10

I hate people in Facebook who posts a bunch of pictures that will make a dumb person 'like' the picture because the person who uploaded the picture told the viewer to do so. I hate those people! I saw a lot of gruesome pictures that will make you cry and they use those pictures to get likes. For example, last week, I saw a baby infant breathing through a tube with veins on the baby's head due to some serious illness. if you care about the baby so much, first, why don't you specify what illness the baby at least? And secondly, all that bitch posted was the picture and these words

"Like if Yhu Think Dis baby iS cutee"

Seriously, what the fuck? (Sorry about the vulgarity, but yeah, I'm pretty angry all right) Or something else like posting a kid who has cancer and asking for likes by saying "Like if you think he/she is beautiful". We ALL know that cancer warriors are beautiful! And these dumbasses who comment on the post asking for likes, for friend requests in return. SERIOUSLY?! When Facebook was born I thought, "Oh, a new social networking website~ I hope this will be much cleaner than MySpace" and "Oh, you can see their last names, that means it's safe here." In less than a year, you see a lot of people with really long and fake last names that doesn't make sense. I can just make a name right now. "Ricky Fucksthembitchescauseimfineashell. I might be over-exaggerating, but you get my point. I just hate people who follows 'mainstream' lifestyle in fashion, cyber-ethics, etc. They should be ashamed of themselves because what are they doing now, is just plain stupid and sometimes offensive. WE GET IT! I ONLY LIKE IT BECAUSE I LIKE IT, NOT BECAUSE I WANTED RANDOM FRIEND REQUESTS!

Oh, and I think I suck at grammar so... I'm only angry because of attention whores in Facebook.

Yelp! "Elite Squad" 11

I'm an avid Yelp! user, I enjoy the reviews and being able to say my piece about some of the real shitholes I've eaten at. Unfortunately, the one thing on Yelp! that chaps my ass big time are the vast majority of the "Elite Squad" assholes.

Apparently if you Yelp! enough AND kiss the right ass, you get this official "Elite Squad" status bestowed on you a year at a time, and people go completely fucking apeshit for this nonsense. Furthermore, those who manage to acquire the title, seem to think they are somehow better than the rest of the site users. The snobbish attitude that they put forth not just in their reviews but all the chatting and discussions on Yelp! is bordering on a fucking circle jerk. Nowhere on the web will you find such a collection of narcissistic, Jersey-shore wanna-be, "I'm all that because the Interwebz gave me this badge" douchbags in one place.

Just about every other person that has "Elite" status has some profile pics that reveal them to be either a guido-looking faggot or some stupid primped up whore with cleavage showing. Half of their reviews are complete shit and poorly written, but sure as fuck, they've "friended" a ton of other Elite Yelp! folks and they've given each other compliments ad nauseum too. Circle jerk doesn't even begin to describe it, but that's the best analogy I can come up with.

I'm sure there are decent folks in there who just have a passion for Yelp! and put a lot of substance into their reviews, but the vast majority of 'Elites' that I've seen have just been self-imported, stuck-up, 3rd grade level writers that can't review worth of shit, but have no problem uploading dozens of pics of themselves at the Yelp! events and everywhere in-between. Photos of food and restaurants? Yeah not so much, mostly just "look at me!" bullshit.

I've never been into Yelp! or any other website enough to make my entire social life revolve around it, but apparently there's no shortage of people that have nothing else to live for. The vast majority of these clowns need to get a fucking life and grow the fuck up. You're not important, you're not a good reviewer and people are not going to Yelp! just to see and hear about you. Nobody cares about photos of your tits, your dog/cat/horse/etc. and nobody gives a fuck about your wedding or a marathon you were in or anything else. People go there for reviews of restaurants and businesses and that seems to be the last thing the Elite squad folks are interested in contributing to the site. Go back to Facebook where you attention whores belong.

Internet Tough Guys 12

It pisses me off when some jackoffs on Youtube or somewhere else wants to make a video talking shit about another Youtuber, unless they are a troll than why the hell are you making a video making fun of somebody's video doing commentary as a way to get yourself attention? It's fine to make rants about trolls that are making people miserable, but making a video talking shit about somebody and exposing them is completely disgusting and the youtuber should be thrown in jail.

Seriously why do you sick fucks want to expose somebody on the internet; do you not like their opinions and views on stuff, so you just want to mock them and possibly cause them to commit suicide? It's really disgusting that idiots on the internet half to go and try to ruin somebody's life like that by making fun of them just because of something they did in a video, not only that but if you disagree with them, they'll harass you next.

It's obvious that you people are nothing but garbage trolls that have miserable and pathetic lives and want to take your insecurities out on innocent youtubers just to make yourself feel better, and yet you tell people if trolls are bothering you, than ignore them and not act butthurt over it. First of all why are you telling us to ignore trolls, trolls should not be ignored, they should be reported and have their locations found by the Police and arrested, also it's fucking idiotic to use the word butthurt as another attack against your victims, have you ever felt physical butthurt, obviously you haven't because your dumbass parents never had the balls to take a belt and whip your ass with it, unless you have felt physical butthurt in your life than you shouldn't even use such a retarded word to throw as an insult to the very victims you continue to harass.

 It's even getting worse, these same jackasses are now exposing people's facebook and twitter pages on Youtube to make fun of their victims for their own personal amusement; that's absolutely sick, you think you should tell people how to live their lives, yet obviously you have none of your own if your going to cyberstalk people on Facebook, just to make fun of them on your Youtube Videos, that right there makes you a hypocrite, and obviously your sorry no life ass should be locked up in jail, yeah you talk so much shit online, let's see how your sorry ass would stand up to real criminals that got sent away for first degree murder and rape, and you don't have a keyboard and webcam to defend yourself, hell I would love to see a sorry sack of shit like yourself talk shit to somebody in person and that person was 6'r and 300 pounds and takes MMA, you would get the living shit kicked out of you, if you tried that Internet tough guy shit to them and I can guarantee you, that you will end up sipping meals through a straw for the rest of your pathetic life, and not only that but your youtube channels need to be banned permanently and your ips sent to the Police, seriously people if you hate somebody so bad, than why don't you be a man and either tell that person to their face why you don't like them, or leave them the fuck alone, instead of trying to ruin somebody's life for your own enjoyment, you sick fucked up human trash.

*Note from Anger Central
You're lack of punctuation displeases us.
Trolls are jerks. Occasionally, they go after someone who does fight back and has the technical whither all to track them down. The last time we heard of something like that happening, it was a technically savvy sports figure who was getting trolled on twitter. He located the troll, and went to his neighborhood. When the troll showed up on line, he started tweeting out that he knew who the troll was, and that he was just down the street. He continued with "I'm parked outside your house." "I'm getting out out of my car." "I'm walking to your front door." "I'm ringing the doorbell."
The troll at first thought it was nonsense and continued trolling until the doorbell rang. Then he wet his pants. :)

Twitter Unfollowers 13

If you're going to follow me on Twitter, than why the fuck do you go out of your way to follow me and then unfollow me after only following me for a short time. It is so goddamn stupid, are you using me to get you to follow you, well guess what I don't play that way. If you didn't want to follow me, than you should'nt have done it in the first place you fucking talentless cunts, ok I can't be on twitter all the time, I have a life outside of twitter, and what's even more annoying is when they refollow you and do the same crap again, it's clear Twitter is full of Attention Whores that think it's a game to play follow and unfollow, if you want to follow me than do it, if you don't want to, then move along and stay off my profile than because i'm not going to follow any of you idiots that just want to follow me just to get a follow back and unfollow me soon after, go waste your time somewhere else and find a nice dick to suck you worthless and talentless attention whores.

*Note from Anger Central
Anger Central does have a Twitter account and we post to it from the Blog primarily and also from the Main site. However we don't spend a lot of time on Twitter. If something important is going on, we might log in and see what's what.

Youtube Dislikers 14

It really is annoying when people dislike your videos and never give a reason why, what did I do wrong? So you're just going to leave a dislike and run like a coward. It sucks how a lot of idiot trolls just feel the need to dislike your videos just to prove how stupid they are and what's worst is you never know who dislikes your videos; if I did I would go to their channel and dislike every one of their videos if they have any, and if they don't than really that shows you are a coward. It really is irritating when people dislike your videos and never explain why, other than being pure chickenshit.

Block Happy People 15

It really pisses me off how some people on Social Media find it funny to make plans to talk to you and show interest in being friends with you only to end up blocking you without explanation. I'm serious it makes me angry how I make friends on social media, talk to them, they seem interested in being your friend and then they block you and never have the fucking balls to tell you. What the fuck did I ever do to you. you know if you didn't want to be friends with me than you shouldn't have sent me a friend request or accepted mine or started talking to me in the first place. I honestly don't know what the fuck goes through people's minds anymore for them to just randomly block someone and never give you an explanation beforehand; I swear I think the entire human race needs a hammer taken to their heads. It's the catfish douchebags who really don't need social media because that's bullshit how you want to just block people instead of making friends. The block button is meant for blocking internet trolls, ex girlfriends or boyfriends, or people who harass others and unless if I am one of those than you have no reason to block me. Jesus Christ it makes me wish there was never block buttons on social media because people clearly don't know how to use them properly, and to those who block me on social media I hope all of you fail in life and that you end up with no friends in your life, because if you're not good enough to be friends with me, than you're not good enough to have any friends in your life, period.

Annoying People on Facebook 16

I am so angry at those who I find myself friending on Facebook because I accept their requests and they end up bugging me. How do they annoy me you ask? First i'm talking about the following types of people.

First there are the ones who you have little to no contact with at all on Facebook who likes every single one of your posts you upload and it makes me think this person is obsessed with me. Then you realize that when they message you when you really don't want to talk to this person and they keep spamming you with messages and worst when they start asking you for favors and then say I don't half to do that for them. Then why the fuck are you bothering me to do a favor for you to someone I don't even talk to? You're just some annoying bitch who wants attention, go the fuck away and bother someone else. Needless to say they even say shit about my real friends all because they are jealous of them. Seriously get yourself some fucking help, I don't know you, you're annoying as fuck and all you want is attention and you also seem more like a stalker.

Then there is the Video Caller; I only do video calls with close friends like if I was gaming with a friend but then you have those annoying idiots who call you on video chat and never asked you first if it was ok to do so. There is this creepy bitch who friended me and let's just say after I stopped messaging her she started to video call me twice. If I didn't answer the first time than i'm not going to answer the second time and this stupid bitch didn't even ask me if it was ok first. Note to all, if some creepy looking bitch tries to video call you and doesn't ask you permission first than block her she's a female sexual predator. Not to mention this bitch kept sharing every time I posted on Facebook which makes me believe this bitch is a stalker so I immediately blocker her ass for good, keep your children safe from creepy bitches like her.

Then there's the you're being rude if you're ignoring me fucktard. I'm talking about the type of person who messages you constantly and if you don't immediately respond back to them they say you're being rude for ignoring them. No idiot you're the one being rude by bothering me and then calling me rude for ignoring an annoying idiot like you. Fuck Off and go bother someone else.

Then there's the thirsty gay guy that you friended who starts hitting on you. I don't swing that way. I love gay people and have no ill will towards them and I don't mind talking to them but there are certain boundaries that you don't cross such as trying to ask me to send pictures of my Penis just to satisfy your sexual fantasies or messaging me to meet up with you. First of all I have plans to meet with friends and you get jealous and say that i'm not making time for you. We're not in a relationship you dumbass, I don't even know you and you're getting jealous all because I want to hang out with my real friends while a thirsty faggot like yourself can't be respectful and craving your sexual desire from me. Not to mention if they see me talking to a girl they get instantly jealous and start talking shit about that girl, and I tell him to fuck off because you're never going to get my dick in your mouth and you need to fucking get laid and get a life. Oh but then they try the whole being the victim of discrimination because they're gay, no asshole i'm not discriminating against you the truth is you are annoying as fuck and you also make the LGBTQ community look bad with your thirst for sexual attention and then playing victim when you don't get your way, I hope when you do finally find the dick you want to suck I hope you choke on their cum.

Then there's the annoying narcissistic collector who always brags about the stuff they collect and try to shove it down your throat. First there is this one girl who leaves rude comments talking about how they are a better collector than you, and ask very stupid questions on posts and leaves you really annoying messages and guess what they are blocked. I also was reading a rant on here about some guy named Jonathan who I think may be the same guy who was desperately craving my attention to collect Yugioh Cards and trying to control what I buy as well as constantly try to video call me, insult the stuff I did buy and anytime I called him out on his stupidity he then starts playing victim saying i'm overreacting, he then starts stalking me and my friends and spreads lies about me to them. This guy is creepy as fuck he really seems like a predator and i'm sorry to the victim he kept bothering on here this asshole needs serious counselling.

Then you have those who comment on your stuff talking about themselves to try to snatch attention for themselves off of your posts.

I swear Facebook is so full of narcissists, annoying people, and attention cravers that it's just so hard to enjoy social media without some fucktard with Daddy Issues craving attention. So I hope you look carefully at this list and beware of all of those annoying types of people on Facebook.

Twitter is a Site for Attention Seekers 17

I am so sick of people on Twitter who clearly have no life and will try to make anything trend because of how bored they are with their lives and will look for anything to cry racism or sexism over just to get the attention they desperately crave.

News flash people if someone has any criticism towards Black People, Hispanics, Asians, Middle Easterners then it's NOT RACIST. Reeducate your dumbass and learn what Racism is before you comment Racist on Twitter on something that isn't and get your fucking facts straight before you say Racist because it's the easiest way to get attention on Twitter.

It's not Racist to criticize people of other races and unless something discriminative was said like the N Word that it's NOT RACIST.

It also pissed me off that morons on Twitter tried to Cancel Charlie Brown Thanksgiving because the Black Kid was sitting at the end of the table like why the fuck is that racist? If it was Charlie Brown himself sitting at the end of the table it would be racist to white people but it seems like in any media when a person of another race is seen doing anything it's considered racist but these Cancel Culture Attention Seeking Losers are the ones being the racists wanting to have a Black character removed for being too racist.

Also Aunt Jemimah Was never a Slave and it's not racist, I bet you morons who bitched about Aunt Jemimah only eat with Great Value Brand Syrup with your Welfare Checks because you losers refuse to work real jobs but refuse to work real jobs because Working offends you losrs. Again it goes to show how uneducated these morons truly are.

Then there are the morons who cry sexism anytime they feel that Whamen are being misrepresented or being sexualized, or if men are being aggressive towards Women.

Why is it fair for Women to hit Men but Men can't hit Women? I would never hit a woman but if some bitch hits a man than that man has every right to hit back and if a man hits a woman than the woman should hit back. Men and Women are equals but you have stupid bitches on Twitter who hate all men thinking men are rapists and abusers.

But if a man hates all women and wants to see women gone you bitches get in a fucking outrage but you think it's ok to wish all men were gone but if someone wants all women you gone you bitches get triggered about it like grow the fuck up. The world doesn't revolve around you and if you can't take take the consequences of your own stupidity than don't Tweet simple as that you stupid bitches.

I hate these so called Independent Women who don't need men well guess what Men don't need you either in fact you stupid bitches have always needed men. Men and Women both need eachother to survive and keep the world populated without one or the other than Humanity would die out. But sometimes I wish we all did go extinct because of the stupidity of Woke Pundits who crave attention.

Another thing that pissed me off when some stupid bitch on Twitter called a Video Game Character Sexist when he's not. I'm talking about Ryuji from Persona 5 and some stupid attention seeking bitch on Twitter called him sexist when he's done more to help the girls in the game and is a mama's boy so why would he be sexist? Obviously this bitch just wants attention. She also bitched about guys who wear Graphic tees like this bitch must be so bored with her life she looks for anything to shit on and makes herself look like a stupid bitch.

Why does Twitter's Administrators allow this shit because if I was in charge of Twitter I would drop the banhammer on any of these woke morons and never allow them on Twitter and the punishment would be so severe these losers would never turn on their computers ever again.

If some stupid bitch could get shit all over her for trying to Cancel Stephen Colbert years ago then these Cancel Culture Fucktards deserve to be shit all over for their toxic stupidity and never ever be allowed to use the Internet ever again.

*Note from Anger Central
The average amount of time we spend on Twitler per day is less then 10 minutes, and is used to push up now posts from the blog.
Otherwise, we ignore it.

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