I don't know why you and I lie so much? Has it ever occurred to us that when we lie, it tears a little bit of our heart and soul. It angers me that you can marry someone fifteen years younger than you who morally took six years of your life, changed you into something that you are not, manipulated you into something that you should be, and made you completely miserable. I'm angry with myself that I am still with a guy, who proposes to me for about three years, and we have very lousy sex, who is only with me because of money, but I can't leave him because we have been friends for nine years. And if I broke it off, I would be the worst person in the world for ever leaving him?

Do you know how stupid it is that we both love each other and we have nothing to do but suffer the consequences of cruel fate? If it angers me then it must anger you. Why aren't you with me, you say and why am I not with you, I say. It angers me how you and I could be such "stupid people".

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