Chris, I am angry with you. You are the most annoying fuck in that lab on Tuesday mornings. Every Tuesday morning you come, ready to work on your history and English papers, knowing damn well how to write them, how to research, what to include, etc. You only ask for my input because you want to hear your work "praised." Well Chris, damn it, I think you're an idiot. No, you won't hear any praise from me. You combine your stupid, assinine questions with that low, mumbling voice of yours and that "I hate the world and the world hates me" look on your ugly face. And when you want my attention, you fuckwit, don't just clear your damn throat, cough, or say "Um..." Use my name, for God's sake. God knows you've visited the lab on my watch enough to know what my damn name is, let alone the fact that I've reminded you to use it on numerous occasions. You dysthymic fuck, if it weren't my job to put up with your immature, childish, depressive ass, I'd tell you exactly what I think of you. I've tried to like you, because I think we should generally give other human beings the benefit of the doubt if we at all can, but I just don't like you. I suppose you'll just keep dragging your depressed ass up out of bed on Tuesday mornings and coming into the lab like you always do, and I'll just have to keep being angry about it.

Christina 2

If there is one woman who’s picture belongs beside the terms shallow, backstabbing, underhanded and black hearted, it is you Christina.

You told me a sob story, made yourself appear weak, afraid, and in need of someone to protect you. However you managed to learn to manipulate people, you learned well. You knew that I always broke off relationships after 3 months…regardless of how they were going, because you knew that I don’t like attachments. But you had to be the one to try and break the walls down. And you damn near succeeded. What you didn’t count on was me taking some time to sift through your bullshit to get the truth.

The truth is that you didn’t get your job, or any of your work promotions by merit. You fucked someone in a position of power to get a solid letter of recommendation or an outright transfer despite your inexperience and lack of skill or work ethic.

No, you did not leave your ex-fiancé because he was a do-nothing loser. He kicked you to the curb once he discovered you were fucking around and only staying with him because he bought you things you wanted. The man worked his ass off for you and you spit in his face. And he wasn’t the first man you did this too. You really need to blab less.

The only time that you are in a conversation with me, and are comfortable, is when you are lying. Remember the, “My ex-boyfriend is coming to town for work stuff, and he needs to stay with me because he doesn’t have a car,” conversation. Hell, I gave you the rope to hang yourself on that one, and already had one foot out the door. I used to work a job where I was lied to every day…what, you think I didn’t learn to recognize tells?

I could make this list several pages long, but I won’t. Suffice it to say that you are the true incarnation of evil, and someday you will cross someone who is violent, or vindictive, or will destroy your life in some other way. Here’s hoping that I read about it in a newspaper someday.

I have to admit that I enjoyed calling you out on your crocodile tears when I told you that I was washing my hands of you. You really revealed your true colors then. You didn't get to use me like you did the others.

I will always loathe you for making me even consider caring about you. You are the incarnation of evil, and the cross you wear around your neck doesn’t hide it. Please go die in a fire, humanity will be better for it.

To any of my friends who stumble upon this little gem, and it somehow sounds familiar: Yes, I am still pissed off that you didn't warn me about her sooner. Friends are supposed to do that kind of shit when it is called for!

*Note from Anger Central
Just an FYI. When we created this page, we used the generic "Chris." This way we can combine both the male and female targets of people's anger. :)

Chris 3

I am pissed at this dense, incompetent, fickle, goddamn fool of a band captain in my highschool marching band! I have been in this band for 4 years now because I love music and want to contribute to this band program, and he thinks he can just waltz right in for a year and fuck up all our traditions!!!

We have many traditions during football season: dancing in the stands to different drum-caidances, a certain style when we march formally in public, etc. Chris has fucked up ALL of our traditions by "making his own"!! CHRIS, I DON'T EVEN CONSIDER YOU A TRUE STUDENT OF THIS SCHOOL, MUCH LESS A MEMBER OF THIS BAND!!! He's taught the already ignorant-ass freshmen the wrong dances to the wrong caidances, improvising on many of our songs (he plays the baritone, now what the hell is that going to add to the song if he improvises on a baritone???), and the worst of all- grunting during our formal marching. AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!

You must understand, the band marches down the school hallways before every pep-rally. I usually go with them, but this one day, I decided to stay in math class and finish some notes. Now, I already thought it was dumb for Chris to get the rest of the low-brass thinking it was "cool" to grunt during the caidance while marching, but When they passed my classroom, I felt like killing myself. Once they let out a big "HAAGH!", the entire class, inluding the teacher, laughed! LAUGHED!!! FUCKING LAUGHED!!! OMG CHRIS, YOU ARE MAKING YOURSELF AND THE ENTIRE BAND LOOK LIKE A BUNCH OF DAMN FOOLS!!! YOU THINK YOU ARE SO PRIVILEGED TO BE A BAND CAPTAIN, BUT YOU DON'T EVEN REALIZE THE BAND DIRECTOR CHOSE YOU BECAUSE YOU WERE THE ONLY SENIOR WHO TRIED OUT! *YOU ARE PATHETIC!!* I SWEAR TO GOD I WISH YOU WERE DEAD JUST SO YOU WOULD STOP MAKING US LOOK LIKE A BUNCH OF STUPID CUNTS!!!


Chris 4

I am angry at Chris. This boy is such a whiny bitch. He is sooo bitter because the girl he liked has a boyfriend and he takes it out on her. Like it's her fault she doesn't feel the same way. He refuses to be civil to her and makes fun of her all the time. He openly mocks people with eating disorders to hurt her, even though he was only attracted to her in the first place because she was anorexically thin. And then whenever he gets drunk he tells me about how he doesn't like getting wasted and people who do are stupid. Meanwhile he is drunk of his ass, his face clearly flushed from all the vodka he just downed. Stop being such a bitch, Chris. Please.

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