little bratty kids

I hate little bratty kids! God they irritate me to no end. Today for instance I was at the mall and some brat was telling his fat bitch pregnant mother for some M&Ms and he threw a tantrum because she wouldn't let him have any. Boy I am glad I don't have any kids. They are so bratty and obnoxious. I don't care what people think, I chose not to have kids because I don't want to end up with some bratty rugrat. I am so happy I am childless, when I was in my early 20's I thought of having kids but after some years seeing kids and their angry mothers in stores having their bratty psychotic kids screaming and yelling if they didn't get what they want. I am so happy I chose not to have kids, I am now 30 and thought of already getting my tubes tied because of stupid bratty kids!

Bratty Kids 2

I am angry at kids because they whine too fucking much and scream all the time. I also hate how stupid little girls stare at you and keep looking at you for hours and be annoying, and little boys are too active and a huge pain in the ass. I am also angry at how stupid children ask a bunch of dumbass questions that are obvious and think they are cute, they also say stupid things to get some fucking attention. They are fucking loud and dont listen and want to be in charge, fuck children!!!

children 3

I am so sick of destructive children. It's really pissing me off when I look at all of my possessions that have been destroyed! What the hell is their problem? So you're bored. . . Go find something to do. Like you don't have enough toys? You need to trash my things?!? GRRRR. . .

Boyfriend's Kid 4

I am angry as all Hell at my boyfriend's 19 y/o KID, and I do use the term with all seriousness!!! The kid is a rude, disrespectful little SOB whom I'd like to shake some Goddamned sense into, if that's even possible!!! He's never met me, yet is doing his damndest to make my life a living HELL! Prank phone calls, obscene phone calls, HARASSING phone calls, all the while laughing in the background like a fucking baboon!
(Keep laughing, ya little punk! The police will be paying you a visit!)

The fucker had the nerve to call me up and pretend to be the manager of a company interested in interviewing me, which I stupidly fell for! When I called the company to check up on something, it turns out this "manager" didn't exist! When I find that little puke I'm going to kick his sorry ass into the middle of next year, no ifs, ands or buts, except for maybe some butt kicking! I am sick and tired of these spoiled brats thinking they can get away with their childish fucking games. I'm gonna teach them a lesson, and knock them down a notch! My best advice is if you're going to date someone, make sure their kids aren't old enough to talk, or better yet, completely non-existent!

bratty brat children 5

Wow...I Loathe the youth of AMERICA so greatly... today I was at work to pick up my crappy ass paycheck and this little (like 6/7) bitchy girl goes to me, "are you looking for Stephanie?" (the owner of my job) and I was like no hun, i am not. and then i was talking to my friend and said oh i wonder where she is anyway and another little bratty brat (her brat sister) heard it and was like, "umm, my sister just asked you that..." I looked at her and almost drop kicked her...I think children who are younger then 10yrs old should speak when spoken to...Some of them are cute, however the rude ones need their asses beat once in a while...

Babies 6

I hate babies. You know why? Oh, there are just so many reasons. I hate babies because they're loud. People think babies cry, but no, they don't cry...they SHRIEK. Babies also smell. I mean BAD. The things that come out of my dog smell like roses compared to a loaded diaper. And I'm sorry, but what is so cute about having a baby throw up all over you? How irritating to have to walk around with a towel draped over your shoulder just incase the little crotchnugget might do the technicolour yawn all down your new Hilfiger shirt?

Babies drain you of every cent you've ever earned and don't even appreciate it. Hell, even when they're 20 they don't appreciate it. Babies take away your freedom, they keep you up at night, and they aren't even cute. Infact, babies are downright ugly. 99.9% of them resemble that Stay-Puff Marshmallow dude. Or in extreme cases, the Michelin Man. Oh, how adorable...quick! Throw me that towel on your shoulder, 'cause I think I'm gonna hurl.

The worst thing about babies is that they grow up to be loud, obnoxious kids. Go and read the "Children" rants on this site, there's a very good comment about children under 10 and how they should only speak when spoken to. I'd have added the fact that anyone under the age of 16 should be herded into the sewers to live a secluded existence for all eternity.

There is only one good thing about babies...the fact that I will never, ever have one. I'd be a horrible parent, anyway...the type to shove the kid under the bed or into a dresser drawer when it gets too loud, possibly mumbling, "shaddaaaaaaap" in the process. Man, I hate babies.

Women with babies 7

UGh!!! Just the memory of that day makes we want to vomit! I was watching a dance performance at a local inside hockeypitch minding my business when this woman asks if the isle seat next to me was taken. I said no although this meant I had to stuff my winter coat, gloves, scarf, hat, and bag into my lap. So then she sits down with her god awful i-became-a-mom-so-i-had-to-cut-my-hair-into-a-short-man-do, baby in one arm diaper bag in other. Her approximately 4 year old sat behind me and proceeded to kick the back of my chair for the next hour. The baby screamed into my ear like a tortured raccoon while the mom made goo-goo voice at it. Then the man haired mom whipped out her breast and started to feed the disgusting offspring promptly leaning on me, her bare flesh almost touching my arm. This is about the most physically uncomfortable situation you can be in with a stranger. After, naturally the baby starting chugging up something yellow and smelly, happily spraying chunks at me. Just typing this is activating a PUKING REFLEX! GET ME A BUCKET AND A GUARANTEE THAT ALL DISGUSTING BABIES AND MOTHERS ALIKE WILL BE KEPT IN QUARANTINE UNTIL THEY LEARN TO Contain THEIR FUCKING DISGUSTING BODILY FUNCTIONS!!!

Two Juvenile Brats 8

I am pissed off at these two mongrel juveniles aged about 9 and 8. They are rude little cunts and they need more than a kick up the arse. They need to be picked up by the ears and shaken. They have no manners, they are uncivilized, they steal, they were climbing on top of a war memorial one time and playing on it (very disrespectful and an adult would go to jail for that) and they are little pains up the arse who really need good role models instead of hanging around losers or they will end up in jail in ten years time.

unruly children 9

There is nothing that aggravates me more than listening to loud ass screaming out of control children. The noise of little shitty kids screaming at the top of their little lungs and running around knocking shit over makes me want to punt them to the fucking moon. I cant go anywhere anymore and listen and put up with that shit and the parents are like "duh look at little Billy isn't it so adorable listening to hear him scream FUCK NO IT ISN'T and wouldn't it be cute when I slap the taste out of junior's mouth for giving me a damn headache with his screaming. Everywhere I go I gotta put up with this shit; in the mall, the stores. I just love having some little shit run me over with one of those tiny ass carts they have. And finally the movies this is when I have zero tolerance for any shrill bullshit. When I hear a kid screaming I'll say I didn't pay $8 to listen to your fucking kid scream now shut him up or I'll shut him up with some fucking electrical tape. Now I'm not saying all children are brats. Just the bratty unruly ones piss me off.

Step Children 10

I believe ADHD stands for "lazy fucking bastards". 'Cause that's what they are! And by the way, chronic fucking lyers and theives. Wouldn't work a job if their life depended on it. Daddy dearest takes care of the little shits. A bunch of lazy ass pigs--can't even brush their crummy teeth. A clean house is a myth to these shits. I live in a perpetual insane assylum. The kids tell their mentally ill/alcoholic mom what a piece of shit their dad is and then they tell us what a piece of shit their "mom" is. People get the message--do not--I repeat DO NOT marry a person with children. It fucked up my whole life. I work for a living and make good money (really) and for what? Supply these lazy assholes with all their material bullshit. They have no heart--they are selfish fucks. I have no children of my own which means my ex isn't dragged into every (fucked up, mind you)situation. I'm the fucking mom around here. I take care of ALL their shit. And what do I get, I get this 17 year old fuck head (who knows everything) telling me how to chop vegetables. He barely passes school. I'd get my ass kicked if I did what he is doing! He treats girls like shit--like all they are is a fuck for him--little prick. Trust me--stay single--celebacy is ok--especially after having to deal with these inconsiderate, spoiled, disrespectful, lying pieces of shit...fucking losers--I got tricked.

Babies 11

I hate when some dumb bitch goes to a public place and brings along her little screaming crotch nugget! I was in a movie theatre with my ex-boyfriend and this lady brings in her screaming baby and bloated retarded daughter who kept yelling throughout the movie. I also hate when stupid ass mothers change the diapers of their babies in public restaurants! What the fuck are they thinking? That's fucking unsanitary! I don't want to see baby shit while I'm eating a delicious meal! And I'm sure a lot of other people will agree with me on this! I also hate when teen girls talk about how they want a baby and then get pregnant and live on welfare. FUCK! GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES!

KIDS 12:

I'm so goddamn angry at my GF's kids. They are mouthy, bothersome and the two boys 16 and 14 ARE FUCKING USELESS!!!

Grown-ass Step kids 13

My husband is a real asshole. He claims he's this great Christian(who barely goes to church). He doesn't think like the normal person does. He has these 3 grown kids from a previous marriage that he refuses to let grow the fuck up. Not only that, they use him because the only time they want to be bothered with him is to get money from him. They all have kids of their own. They direspect him in the worst way, such as cuss and threaten him. He feels obligated to them because he divorced their mom and she brainwashed them against him. She chose to keep his kids away from him because of the divorce, but he paid child support.His kids are terrible and ruining our relationship.We fight all the time because of the way they take advantage of him.I have a amall child with him and I want nothing to do with his older children because of everything that has went on. When we first started seeing each other I never had to deal with his kids, and now it seems like everytime I look around, he's forcing one of them down my throat.I have tried and bent over backwards accepting his kids, but, now I am tired. They are too unappreciative. I tolerate them for my husband. I am always polite and pleasant. He asks me to play chauffer for them while he's working, tells them to come to the house when he knows HE won't be there (only I am). Therefore, I have to play Miss Hospitality to them. My husband doesn't really want to be bothered either. Deep down, he liked NOT raising them. He enjoyed his freedom away from his kids.Although, he won't ever admit to it.What makes him think I want to bothered with his kids and grandkids? When I try to tell him how I feel about his kids, he says that I just hate them. That's not all true. I think its wrong for him to make me do things I don't want to do. I think its wrong for him to volunteer me for things that I feel obligated to do after he's volunteered me to do it.I have a 13 year old child too, from a previous relationship and I NEVER let my child impose on him or make him do things for her he doesn't want to do. He knew when I married him, I didn't want to play "Mommy" to his kids. At that time I was free from my own child. He only takes care of my child because she was MY package deal. He ONLY supports her financially!Everthing else is up to me, because he barely holds a conversation with her. He acts more like a drill seargent, giving her things to do around the house. He's not a positive father figure because he's NEVER told her "I love you" or has given her so much as a simple hug or words of encouragement.He claims that I am so mean but, he's just as mean as me when he wants to be. He claims he's not, because being mean will stop his blessings from God. He's such a hipocrite when it comes to the Lord. Not only that, his kids live elsewhere, but they got so much control over what's going on in MY house that I feel like my own home isn't even mine anymore. He let me know that even if wer'e not at home, they can come on in and do whatever the hell they please. Not only that, he told me that if his kid has someplace to go, if I don't take him, and if I'm not using my brand new $35,000 car,he can drive it. The same car that he brags to everyone and tell that he bought for me. They already smashed theirs up, didn't have no insurance and got suspended drivers license. Every car he bought them, they sold them as soon as they got them or tore them up. None of them are working, just passing the time getting high and drunk off unemployment, welfare, and illegal activity. He thinks he can do this because the car is in HIS name only, I'm only on the insurance. Not to mention, HIS name is on the house, mine is only on the deed.My name isn't on anything because of my credit. Its as if he doesn't respect my feelings and have things done HIS way. His kids are grown, why is he still treating them like some damn babies? Every problem they have, he can fix it.Yet still, he complains how badly his kids treat him and how they use him. People says he's a fool for allowing them to treat him this way, I agree. He says they are waiting for him to die so they can see what are they going to get.I believe it. His daughter once commented that if he died, I won't get anything! He's MY husband! Everything he has belongs to me.That's nerve. My husband is in his early 40's, I'm in my early 30's. His kids are in their 20's.I never did ANYTHING to his kids. NOTHING but be polite. My husband KNOWS I like to be left alone (I'm a homemaker) and he lets them bother ME when he's at work because they think I have nothing to do. I choose to see them only when I have to. I am a stay to myself kinda girl but, I have a very strong personality because my mouth is sharp. I let people know when to get the fuck off. I'd be wrong and it'll cause a lot of conflict in my house if I did just that to his kids. It may be wrong but I don't do the "kid" thing. I never dated men that had TOO much to do with their kids.I know it may sound selfish, but my husband is selfish too.I just simply don't want to be bothered with them. Those are HIS kids, not mine! He don't want to be bothered either because he's always trying to put them off on me. He gets mad when I tell him I want my own peace and quiet from them. It would be fine if he told them to come by when he's here, on his off days so I can leave the house and do what I want to do, but he won't. He needs to stand up, be a man, a respectful husband and keep my life seperate from his grown ass kids.His kids wants NOTHING to do with me (and never has) and I feel the same about them.

my bratty kids 14

 SOmetimes I just want to die they are so mean and horrible. I love it when I have to work all weekend. They drive me nuts. My 12 yr odl cusses me calls me bitch and fatass. When I try to spank him. He fights me back. Then he runs to daddys house. He is an angel there. I can't take it any moe. I just wish sometimes he would stay at his dads. I can't take anymore It's just unbearable somedays. What did I do wrong for them to treat me like this.

idiot ass kids 15

I hate whiny ass kids who think they have to cry at every motherfucking thing. It drives me fucking crazy. Why do they have to ask every fucking stupid question they can think of when they watch a damn movie? How the fuck do i know why some retarded cartoon did something? Why can't you learn to wipe your ass without throwing shit paper in the trash. My septic tank works here. Why the fuck do you throw stupid ass temper tantrums when you don't get your way? It's not gonna change my damn mind and give you that 3rd bowl of fucking cereal you little pig. I know this sounds harsh but i am so tired of spoiled kids who don't get any discipline at home and then expect to get there way here- we have rules here- and if you are gonna scream kick and whine you can do it in a room by yourself til you calm down you little mf'er. Fuck this.

other people's kids 16

I have 2 kids...they aren't always angels by any stretch of the imagination least they have some f'ing respect! I watch a little kid every day. She wastes food, breaks toys, and some of my things, whines about not getting her way, looks at her reflection and dances around going "i am so pretty". What a vain little brat! My kids have a good self esteem but my God, they know what is inappropriate! Why can't people just teach their kids some f'cking respect. Also this little friend of theirs is a f'cking mongrel! she spits, bites, kicks and then laughs! what a bitch! It makes me so angry that parents these days have gotten so LAZY that they do anything to make their little brats happy and don't take one minute to use some f'cking discipline. Parents are so afraid that their little kid is going to hate them that they let them get away with murder. If my kids grow up to hate me (which they wont) at least they will have a brain, manners, and something to give to others instead of being self absorbed little crap holes...

Lying Little Spoiled Bastards 17

My g/f has 2 of the brattiest friggen kids that were ever born to a human being. They are so lazy they can hardly even breathe without help from Gramma (who is a cunt and the ring leader) or from their Mom. Heaven forbid if they are made to do homework, clean their rooms or hell, even brush their cruddy teeth. Which by the way are gray. They have the shittiest smelling breath I've ever been assaulted by. Comb their fucking hair??? Are you dreaming? They don't even wash the shit. And talk about liars. They wouldn't know what truth was if it bit their crusty ass. Their rooms are so friggen filthy and stinky that when and IF the little bastards ever move out, their rooms will need OSHA and DES to get them livable again for humans. Its probably the crusty socks and underwear in the corners and under the beds causing most of it. But it could just be them stinking the place up too. I make the little fuckers bathe when they are here but they spend lots of time with the Evil Gramma too. She doesn't give a rats ass if they ever bathe or even if they smell like a rats ass for that matter. But truthfully I bet I move out before even the 16yr. old does. He is going to be in 10th fucking grade when he is 30 yrs old. He's such a loser. He's been thrown out of band, football and soon to be school because of his grades. Not because he's stupid or can't get good grades. Simply, because he's fucking lazy and thinks he can do whatever the hell he wants. Long story short I hope their Mom and Evil Cunt Gramma live a long and misery filled life living with the little worthless bastards they've worked so hard to create! To everyone reading this: REMEMBER, KIDS ONLY DO WHAT YOU LET THEM DO, BEAT THEIR ASSES AND MAKE THEM MIND OR YOU WILL BE THE ONE PUNISHED FOREVER!

spoiled children 18

My girlfriend has the most spoiled brat 4 year old daughter. She is always whining and crying when she does not get what she demands. she sleeps with us, she insists on us doing everything for her even the simplest tasks. she asks for food then wont eat it and tells us to throw it away and bring her something else. she wants a new toy every day. so much more... i am going to break up with my girlfriend because of the spoiled brat. i love kids but i can't stand being around this spoiled brat.

100% pissed off 19

I am sick and fucking tired of kids (teens and below) stealing stuff like in schools and on buses. Like when i was coming back from from a shopping centre on the bus a few months ago i was sitting next to a friend when my nintendo ds fell out of my pocket and i let him play it for a little while and he gave it back and when i didn't know it fell out of my pocket when i was about to get off and when i was home i couldn't feel it in my pocket i was distraught, the stupid bus depo wasn't open when the bus depo was open the ds wasn't there i was so muthafuckin pissed off. the next week i over heard 2 primary school kids saying boy in year 5 found a nintendo ds on the bus with Super Mario 64 DS in it game (the game i lost with my ds) and the kid who found the ds told 1 of the 2 kids (i heard talking about him finding it)i heard stuff from him that i was told from 1 of the primary school kids like im having trouble getting it unpacked like how fucking long does it take to unpack ur stuff in a new house i waited weeks and i got told by one of the kids in his year that if i keep nagging him for it he won't give it back (stupid cunt). Then my Mum wrang up the school and told the deputy principal about the story she calls the kids mum and the mum said i'll give it back striaght away. Half an hour later she says why should i give it back (bitch). The Next day the kid got a lecture about taking the ds, the kids dad tried to find the deputy and have a go at her for lecturing the kid (asshole) and then she told us to go to the cops and we did. My dad told the cop what happened and they told him they need to know like the kids address, parents name etc.It took me a while to get the mums name but my parents gave up In the end how unlucky am i some lying fuck stole something that meant so much to me if thats not enough his family are a bunch of lying cunts who shouldn't be on this earth I am going to kill that cunt if i see him on the street.

Stepson 20

This boy has lived with me for 10 years, many mental health issues, I've advocated for him to get special education, I've done everything that his fucking drunk-assed mother can't bother to do. What do I get out of it? Nothing. His father even said yesterday that he thinks that his own son will hurt me, if not kill me. WTF? I don't want anything bad to happen to him but I fucking can't stand living with him. His moods, his emotional and verbal abuse, I live in a prison. We have to lock up things, have video monitors in the house, my daughter has to lock herself in at night in her room, peephole in the bathroom (I'm not even going to go into that one), snacks locked up, belongings locked up, his clothes in my room because he won't change his clothes...I am so, so tired of him. I wish he would run away, go live with his mother and see what hell that will be in comparison. I am counting the days until he's 18. Oh God, forgive me, but I just want PEACE. And now, because I saw the look that he gave me yesterday, I'm scared to death that he will kill me. He's fully capable and he's certainly pissed off enough. How the hell did I get so LUCKY?

step child 21

Married 2 years. I have 3 teens of my own and one red headed step daughter. She is the most spoiled brat I have ever known. Daddy always overcompensating to her. "Daddy, I want my OWN kitten" 'Ok, let me drop 100 beans right away! She does not have to eat at the kitchen table or has any rules. If i say NO I am a big bad evil witch. when I do she RUNS to Daddy! Muah muah! she told me no! then he comes running and gets all nasty.She tattle tales endlessly on my kids which pisses me the f off. When she does she says,"Are u going to say something BAD to him/her?" With a shit eatin grin pasted on.I do not want to raise this kid, she is the daughter of satan. Mine will be grown soon and there is no way in hell I will raise that little monster!

Children 22

I am sick and tired of people trying to convince me to have children. Children piss me off so much. For instance, my fiancÚ and I decided to splurge and go to a movie. This was the first week the Chronicles of Narnia was playing and we knew it would be busy so we arrived early. Ten minutes into the movie this fucking bitch arrives with her two little condom malfunctions ages 5 and 7 approximately. The bitch looks around and there are no empty seats in the front and turns to look at my fiancÚ and I and goes "Jesus fucking Christ weren't there any previews". So I tell her "Yes there were about fifteen minutes ago". So of course there just happens to be three seats directly in front of us. Throughout the whole movie the two kids were talking loudly and standing up and putting their jackets on and off and the mother yelling "shhhh!" "Be Quiet". Then the fucking cunt of a mother gets up to go to the bathroom and comes back and starts talking very loudly, asking her daughters what happened. Throughout the whole movie they continued to be very loud and stand up and flip open cell phones so that the light radiates throughout the whole theater. I was relieved when the movie ended so I rushed to the closest door. The door was heavier than I expected so I had to let go as soon as I got through it. Then I hear this "smack" and a little kid starts screaming and crying. You'd never guess who it was. One of the fucking brats. I grabbed my fiancÚs hand and ran for the door, stifling my laughter. As soon as we got out of view, I told him what happened and we both had a good laugh.

*Note from Anger Central
You should have children. Don't you realize what a profit potential they are? You can rent them out to all these parent wanna be's and make a bloody fortune! ;)

juvenile brats 23

I am as angry as a hornet at juvenile delinquents and parents who think there kid can do nothing wrong. everything was so quiet in my neighborhood until this kid reached about eleven years of age. he is now about 16.over the years he has damaged the paint on my truck about seven or eight times. let the air out of the tires. stolen the stem caps. trashed a tree and tried to ruin another one. so i caged the tree in and he still tries but fails to get amount of threats to beat him up have worked. talking with his yuppie mother did not help. all i get was my son is a grade A scholar and a star athlete get out of here you piece of ---- you psycho. i finally got the police to speak with the parents but it did no good. first time i tried to get the cops to go they needed the house address, even though i told them the exact corner his house was on. funny cops have no problem finding paid details. oh yeah some of this graffiti has been shaped like male genitalia. now that his buddy has his learners permit they have taken to driving up and down my street with him standing on the back of the suv flipping me the bird and yelling homo. i am not gay. but i think i cured him of this habit. the other night i rounded the corner and caught them just as they were starting there little run. i chased behind them at speed. you should have seen that little bastard trying to hold on. too bad he did'nt fall. don't think i will be seeing him around anymore. haa haa.

My Boyfriend's 14yr old daughter 24

Why am I angry? Well lets see....could it be because this girl is selfish, manipulative, conniving, lying, deceitful, self center, disrespectful (especially to her grandmother) !! She uses the excuse that her mother walked out on her and her father when she was younger as an excuse for everything and anything that goes wrong in her life....Daddy buy me this Daddy buy me that....and she LIES right his face and he eats it up !! He's never grounded her - he's more of her buddy than her parent - feels he needs to "make it up to her" what her mother has failed to give her all these years.....its unbelievable....he doesn't even live his life as an adult - he lives it as her buddy....he doesn't set good examples for her as a parent should.....and i can't stand it anymore!

Brat Kids 25

I can't stand most kids. The problem lies with the parents, though. I think the parents need to start raising them better, teaching them manners and disciplining them more. If you're too lazy to raise them well, don't have them.

There are some kids that live next door to us. Everyday after school they come home and scream, slam doors and act like punks. One of them threw melon rinds all over the hall way. These brats just don'r have enough to do. They need to get involved and stay busy. Join a sport or an after-school program or join Boy/Girl scouts. Then you won't have any time to act like an idiot.

Husband up Son's Ass 24/7 26

I cannot stand my husband 75% of the time because the only thing he gives a shit about his is job, his sports and #1 his piece of shit asshole, irresponsible 16 year old son. My relationship would be perfect (I swear) of it was not for this damn kid. Even though he walks all over his Dad (his Dad and I were married a few months back - second time for us both - we are in our 40's) and treats people like shit, his Dad still continutes to put him on a pedestal and he will jump every time this kids asks for anything. I have not said more that 50 words to this kid in the past 5 years. Truly. God forbid I discipline him and God forbid his Mom (she is a whole 'nother story - rag ass, stupid bitch)or Daddy discipline him cuz oh poor kid is a product of divorce, so might as well hand him everything on a silver platter cuz his Daddy now has a new wife. Don't get me wrong - I love my hubby to pieces, we have so much in common, have the most awesome time (and sex) together, are very spontaneous, agree on every aspect of home decorating and for the most part are extremely compatible. But, I cannot talk to him about the son, at all. It always turns into a fight. No matter what I am never right about this kid and God forbid hubby should just flat out tell him "she is my wife and you need to get over yourself. It has been 5 years since your Mom and I split up" All I want is this kid out of my life so I can live a normal life. How mean, he's only a kid, but..

Stepdaughter 27

She is an 8 year old demon! She is a spoiled brat because her father kisses her bratty ass. She is the rudest child ever conceived . . . she breaks and steals my daughters stuff, lies, throws repulsive tantrums, and makes me hate her. She actually writes all over all of furniture with a freakin' Sharpie marker - WHAT 8-YR. OLD DOES THAT CRAP? And why doesn't her wimpy-ass father BEAT HER FREAKIN' ASS? I love him, but his shithead kid is ruining our relationship!! I sure don't let my kids get away with that kind of garbage! I'd like to put her evil little self into a catapult and send her to the damn MOON! Manipulative, sneaky, lying little gorilla-faced brat

children 28

I am sooo pissed. I was watching a bratty girl after her mother was arguing with the stepfather. The mother left for a half hour because the stepfather stormed out of the house and she went to find him. The mother asked me to watch her daughter. Usually her daughter is respectful but today she was such a brat. She told me that she hated me and started to yell in public! She said that I was ugly and that I was stupid. I told her that I was going to tell her mother everything she had just done but the little brat told me that she did not care and that she always gets her way. She told me that she was just going to start crying and make up a lie to her mother so that I could get in trouble. I wanted to slap the crap out of the little brat but God forbid that I do because than I will get in trouble. Then when I told her mother (when the mother came back a half hour later), her mother yelled at her, but when I glanced away, from the corner of my eye I saw her smiling at her daughter. I was thinking, 'How the hell is her daughter going to respect anyone if you are not even taking me seriously?' I couldn't believe it! I will never be the same with her daughter again and refuse to ever watch the little prick again.

bratty children 29

I can't stand, no, I HATE, bratty children. Was just at the Post Office today, waiting in line for no longer than five minutes. In front of me was a woman with her kid, who could not go for 5 seconds without calling out loudly "I'VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH!!!", or "I'VE BEEN HERE FOR 30 MINUTES!!!", while yanking on his mother's belt. His mother, the stupid fool who spawned this little hellion, proved abundantly who was responsible for training this brat... she says, "Be good, and I'll buy you something" - to which he responds by throwing himself into the glass display case full of stamps and packing materials. I was almost praying that it would shatter and take him out. Finally (it's amazing how some people can make 5 minutes seem like an eternity), they made their way up to the service window - mom needed a money order for $5. No joke. For Christ's sake, woman - just mail out a frigging greenback, okay? And keep that hellspawn at home. In brief retrospect, I should have started this up by saying, "I hate bratty kids and the completely moronic dopes who whelp them", but what can you do...

Picky Eaters 30

I was helping my mom at vacation bible school this week and everyday I find myself getting more angry and a bit crazier. So many of these children won't eat anything because "ewww, I don't like that!" Son of a bitch, I spent hours making this shit for your spoiled ass, and it's the parents' fault. Parents need to learn one sentence... ready? "Quit your bitching and eat your fucking salad!"

Children in Retail Stores 31

I used to love kids, but now, whenever I hear an annoying, high pitched voice that can't form complete sentences and speak properly, I want to strangle them with a bra (I work in a lingerie store). So here is my list:

1. Children who run around our store, in and out of the racks, under tables, sometimes even behind the counter. So you kindly come up to the child under a table and say, "honey, you can't run around under there because sometimes there are sharp metal bits that stick out and we don't want you to get hurt," and then the kid either tells you to fuck off, or goes running to his/her mommy, and then they get all pissy because you are concerned for their child (ie. don't want a lawsuit because our adult store not being child-friendly). No, you cannot run behind the counter, ESPECIALLY if we are busy. There are two tills, and it's hard enough to serve customers maneuvering around your coworker, much less when have some whiney little brat trying to play hide and seek.

2. Parents with fucking triple strollers, I apologise if our store is so terribly busy that we put someone in the handicap fitting room long before you even entered our store. I'm so sorry you're an idiot for not realizing that you are an exception to the norm, and that not every one of our changerooms is handicap-large and fitted with a change table... that's disgusting, and also the reason we don't have chairs/benches in our fitting rooms.

3. What I like to call the "21st century family", coming into my store. Overweight, overtired, and clearly mentally understimulated mother comes into my store, pushing a fully equipped, state-of-the-art stroller for her baby, with another child running around the store with enough energy to power the entire state of New York. And so I wondered what could possibly make a kid this hyperactive. Then I looked at the stroller, and saw, not to my amazement, a bottle of coke, a bottle of pepsi (presumably one for parent and child), and a massive bag of popcorn. It was 10:30am! Who feeds a child under five that disgusting shit anyway? So the kid ended up running into a hanging rack (basically a pole with metal rods coming out to hang lingerie on, with an attachment for a sign, encased in glass, on top to display the price). Now, hanging racks are quite heavy WITHOUT clothes on them. This one had clothes on BOTH SIDES, and the kid wasn't even hurt! He just kept running around! The entire rack, however, came crashing to the ground, and the glass sign broke. The mother tried to spank her kid, but gave up after he bit her several times. She did apologise profusely for the damaged her hellion had caused and even offered to pay for the sign, but good god! What do you expect when you feed him sugar, caffeine, fat, and salt for lunch!?!

4. Children who come into my store and think they're cool when they buy thongs. Girls who don't even fit our bras yet come into the store on a cell phone saying "like" and "ohmygod" a million times a minute, and pick out the ugliest, gaudiest thongs and g-strings. Or else they gawk at the garter belts and say "ohmygod I have to get this for my boyfriend he'll be like so in love with me". YOU'RE TEN! GO PLAY WITH BARBIES OR LAWN DARTS OR SOMETHING!

5. 14 year old girls who come in and think they're the shit, so when you greet them politely, they either smirk at you, or grunt. I've started just ignoring them if they ask for anything. It's so tempting to say, "oh sorry, by the way in which you grunted at me, I didn't actually think you were capable of forming sentences, so when you spoke, I thought I was just hearing voices". You dumb fucks. Do you think I like smiling and saying HI! to everyone who walks through the door? The least you could do is answer back politely, and this game of charades will go by a lot faster and smoother.

6. Whiney children in general, outside my store. There are benches across from us for the men who don't want to come in with their wives/girlfriends/etc. A snot-nosed little bastard was whining at his dad (he even had those insufferable half-rollerskate-half-shoe-wheely things). He must have been between 5 and 8, and from what I could here, he wasn't even talking.. he was just making disgusting whining sounds mixed with yelling while skating around shoppers that he almost runs into. And then he climbs on top of the back of the bench and holds on to the tree behind it, swinging around on the trunk. And the dad just sat there. I kind of wanted to smack the kid. I kind of wanted to smack the dad.

little girls 32

as a girl scout counselour i shoudnt be saying this but i FUCKING hate it when little FUCKING snot nosed bratty brownie girl scouts go to camp and use the portable toilets and say little shitty things like,"eeewww!thats gross!" or "put your flashlight down there!" i mean maybe it woudnt smell so bad if you little fuckheads didnt eat so much sweets all day and complain all the damn time about your "tummy" aches AND THEN go to the fucking toilet all day and not PUT DOWN THE FUCKING SEAT!!why are little girls so obssessed with toilets anyway?Thats fucking disgusting!i take the little brats on hikes (its hell trust me) and in the middle of the hike i have to hear,"i have to go potty!" ,"me too"so i nicely take them all and all they do is play in the bathroom!little monsters!also,if we are giving candy out of the kindness of our hearts they all say,"oh i didnt get one!" "she has more!" "i dont like that kind!" "she wont trade with me!" ok little lesson for you parents that are thinking about your "little angels" to girl scouts,at least make them a little RESPECTFUL and SOCIALLY ACCEPTBLE before you do!!

Children I nannied all summer 33

I have resentment toward these children (a girl, 6, and her 7 year old brother). Because of them, I am not sure if I'm so crazy about the prospect of having children anymore. These kids are the absolute worse children I've had the misfortune of taking care of. First of all, they fight like cats and dogs all the time and it makes me want to die. Secondly, the little 'boy' if I could call him that, only speaks in a whiny tone of voice. He never speaks normally, just whines 'can I have a snack? Can I have a friend over? Can I watch TV?' AHHHH. I have no patience for his whiney little butt. Thirdly, this 'boy' is horribly rude to adults. He showed me absolutely no respect for the whole summer I was with him, and would even go ape shit on me if I told him what to do. And, not that this should bother me, but he also ran like a little wimpy girl. It was quite humorous. I needed the comic relief. His sister was better at listening to me, but she had the pissy attitude of a teenager.

children 34

I'm working as a nanny for two boys, ages 6 and 3, and I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT. I'm supposed to work for another six months, but I plan on leaving early because I can't stand the little monsters anymore. All they do is whine and cry and fight with each other over toys. The youngest one always demands for things, like "Juice! I want juice!" and if you literally take TEN SECONDS to get it, he starts throwing a fit. If he asks for the littlest thing and you say no, he throws an absolute screaming tantrum. They're complete slobs, they get food all over themselves no matter what I do, and I just want to throw the plate on the floor and mash their faces into it! Last night the youngest refused to eat his dinner or dessert, no matter what I tried, and so he went to bed with nothing. Of course, this morning he woke up at five o'clock and start screaming "I WANT CHEESE! IT'S TIME FOR CHEESE!" I wanted to rip him out of his crib and slap him until he shut his damn mouth. I've come across a lot of children and these are by far the worst. The parents are to blame, too, because they hardly ever pay any attention to the kids. They just expect me to deal with them and keep them out of the way. Why the hell did you have two children if you only want to see them one hour a day!?

*Note from Anger Central
Ahh for the days when you could administer a little corporal punishment. ;)

 F****** Step child 35

We could all sit here and moan about our wife's, and other people in our life's. The bottom line is if you don't like where you are change it. My situation is different though...

I am married to a wonderful woman who make's me happy, we have 2 wonderful children that I live for, then there's the step child that I took on.. she is a lazy, dirty no good brain dead bore. I knew when i married this woman that I was taking on her child but GOD why do I have to put up this this wretched child spoiling everything we do and build. My own children are being affected by her.. she doesn't do a thing to help around the house but EXPECTS everything done for her an my wife obliges.. She's f****** 14 and hide's dirty underwear around her bedroom, lie's smokes and basically comes between us at every chance she gets... When I meet her she waited to call me Daddy, fuck only for the money I give her otherwise I get in the way of her.. I would leave my wife who by the way is the love of my life but I know have 2 children of my own so am stuck and have to put up with this ungrateful brat.. only another 2 years and she's out on her fuckin gear!!!! be aware of step children from hell..

Nazi kids 36

I'm sick to death of the little nazis living down the street from us. They are the meanest, rudest little bastards I've ever seen in my life. They think they own the entire street and try to keep my two kids from playing with any of their friends. They also will go out of their way to try and get all the other (usually nice) kids to start picking fights and calling my kids names. My personal favorite, is that fatass bully who tries to come between my son and his friends by telling the friend to go play at his house and leave my poor son by himself on the street. asshole. Oh, and don't even get me started on the new names they've been calling my poor son. Now their calling him a retard. Nice huh? Just you wait you bunch of sniveling shits. your days coming soon enough.


Thank God for this website, I am not alone. Step-son is Satan's spawn. Ignorant, stupid, lazy, smelly, can't fucking read, doesn't care, no hygene having lanky piece of shit. His "mother" is his "hero" according to his myspace. Oh, that stupid crack whore who never showed up in court to keep you? That cunt who used to beat her husband (now my husband), gets stabbed and run over by her drug dealin boyfriend in a semi, is in a wheelchair now, had a fund raiser for her claiming she was a victim of "domestic violence" yet she is the poster child for it? And the BITCH LIVED! AND, she has the audacity to still call me a bitch on the phone? She's lucky I don't push her fucking wheelchair out a 50 story building right into a fucking wood chipper and then toss her kid in after her. I wish he'd go live with her if he loves her ass so much and quit making mine and my childrens lives a living hell. DIE! Scrubbed my fucking toilet with his toothbrush, I feel a little better.

Rock Throwing Retards 38

I swear I ought to murder these 3 little black kids this is not racist but this is the last straw these 3 ought to be shot and be set on fire I don't give a fuck how old they are, they're mentally retarded and are always throwing rocks at whoever they see but NO MORE! they've put people in the hospital and their dumbass mother lets them stay out all night to cause trouble.

Yeah why don't you try throwing rocks at all the gangstas and African American adults yeah because they'll get the holy shit kicked out of them and they'll deserve it and if I see them coming to my house I'll shoot all 3 of the little retards and as for the little fat ass yeah I'll throw bricks and cinder blocks at his fat ass for being the leader of the rock throwers and cut the throats of the other 2 loud ass retards.

There parents ought to be locked up to for their stupid ass children If I was their Father and they were doing this I would send them all to Boot camp.

The cops in this town are just as bad because they don't do jack shit and for that they all ought to be fired and the kids should be either struck by lightning, run over or murdered and I don't care if its mean; look I don't hate kids and I respect every African American out there but these kids have no respect at all and should be severely punished and the parents should be locked up and executed.

In fact I think all mentally retarded children who does this shit should also suffer a devastating punishment because if you can't respect your elders then you should get what you deserve.

bratty little kids 39

Everytime i go to the mall these bitch mothers bring their crying rugrats to the mall with them screaming and crying all the time. How do they deal with them crying and screaming? If i was them i would get the brat a muzzle! I am so glad i decided not to have kids, all they do is shit their pants and cry all the time. Next time i go to the mall i am bringing earplugs! I am now 35 and ever since i was in my 20's i decided not to have kids and i think i made a good decision! They are no good for anything except for making noise!

bratty little kids 40

For years I see mothers with their screaming whining little kids and i have made a decision about me not wanting kids in my future. It is just not for me. Being pregnant for 9 months and getting stretch marks and changing a baby's dirty diapers for 2 years is not worth it. I rather have a cat, at least they shit in a litter box and you don't have to change their diapers. In the middle of the night you have to wake up at 2 in the morning to a screaming little brat and change their disgusting diapers yuck!!! I personally think it isn't worth having kids, what if you aren't a good parent and the kid grows up to be a criminal? Then they blame their parents telling them they were bad parents, would you want that kind of responsibility? I know I wouldn't. I definitely have made up my mind, no kids in my future. I am happy taking care of my guinea pig, he is so much easier to take care of than a smelly little thumb sucking diaper soiling rugrat.

Crying Babies and Unruly Children 41

Word to the self-centered and/or oblivious parents out there: Your baby or toddler is the center of YOUR world, not the center of THE world. What ever happened to social courtesy? If you're in a public venue where others are paying to enjoy a nice meal or to hear the dialogue in a movie, and your infant starts to cry or your young child begins to have a meltdown or otherwise behave in an ill-mannered fashion, that is your cue to get up and leave. I have never hesitated to report such offending behavior to a restaurant or theater manager, and I will continue to do so. Again, your child is not the Sun, and everyone around him/her is not a planet. Control your child's behavior or kindly go to a McDonald's PlayPlace, where your offspring can add their crying and shrieking to the already present cacophony.

bratty kids 42

I really hate bratty kids and their stupid parents who let them act like maniacs in public places. I work in a medical office and you wouldn't believe what these fuckers do. They jump on the couches, clear off counters full of brochures, roll up and down the hallway on the doctor stools, try to steal anything they can't put in their pockets, throw things at patients cars, windows or anything moving. Unbelievable! The idiot parents just wonder I see so many school teachers about to pull their hair out. I've had parents request drinks and snacks for their demons--like we run a snack bar or something.

One brat brought in a toy gun after being told to behave by our receptionist. He was waving that thing around the front desk saying 'nobody talks to me like that". People better learn how to control and teach the maniacs or opt for birth control and/or abortion.

Badass Kid 43

ok so there's this little badass 5 year old girl going on 25 and GOSH She is the worst her parents dont discipline her or anything like 1 time i had to babysit her and she was like eewww i hate boys they're retarded and she said kneel down so i can give you something BOY SHE GAVE ME SOMETHING then she fucking punched me in my damn face and walked off GOD!!! that was just my damn boiling point!!! I wanted to fucking Punch that little bitch but something stopped me i knew i was gonna get in trouble if i did she is an asshole! she cries everytime she doesn't get her way she slaps her dad and one time her dad and mom were talking about his parents and she butted in and said "Who cares about your parents I mean they're dead get over it!!" I was just shocked i would've beaten her ass so good!!

*Note from Anger Central
Judging from your writing ability and grammar we would guess you are 16 or less years old. You might want to work on that a bit. Now, the "Little Darling" that punched you. If the parents will not discipline the little monster then refuse to sit for them any longer. In fact they should give that brat a few swats on the fanny. Your restraint in NOT doing so does show some good judgment on your part. If you need assistance from your own parents when dealing with these people then ask them. If they are like the Webmasters parents they won't tolerate that sort of behavior in others. This kid is a spoiled brat and unless the parents do something now, she's going to end up in jail down the road. Again, speak with the parents. If they refuse to back you up, tell them that you are no longer available and then talk to anyone else they might want to hire and explain to them what they are in for.

Filthy Neighborhood Kids 44

Every Neighborhood has kids and in my neighborhood I've seen the most stupidest kids ever, they're nothing but a bunch of stupid, nasty, white trash hellspawns i've ever seen. They run around half naked nobody wants to see your nasty butterbellies they scream and fight each other, seriously how can they're parents be proud of these little dumbasses, they're rude to adults these retards need a BELT taken to them but they're parents I don't see them because they're sitting on their fat lazy asses instead of watching their kids run around in a BAD neighborhood where they could get in serious trouble.

I'd like to know how they act in school because the way they act in public there's no doubt they get sent to the principal's office and as for classwork yeah All F's they can't pronounce words right they don't even do homework or study they just wan't to act like Fucking idiots in public. They also run around outside with no shoes on now that is complete white trash there, the sidewalks and streets are dirty and they run around in both socks and bare feet when they could end up with a disease. These idiots all need to act their age they're an embarrassment to themselves and the community I hope these pigs get evicted; both the trashy kids and their filthy parents and go back to the trailer park or get Nanny 911, Maury Povich, or Steve Wilkos to discipline this poor, disgusting excuse for a family.

Lying Kids 45

I was stupidly willing to babysit this devil-spawn neglected eight-year-old kid and his not-yet-wrecked baby brother for a neighbor. I put the baby down for a nap and relaxed for about two seconds because the older boy showed up after school and asked where the baby was. I told him to stay out of the back room and let the baby sleep, but it was like I was speaking Chinese or something because the kid RAN to the back room and woke the baby up and made him cry. I went to calm the baby down and told the little boy to go play. He wouldn't. He came in and woke the baby back up quite a few times, making him cry worse and worse each time. Finally, I told him to go outside and stay there until his mother got home, which was like, in an hour. Instead, the boy ran to his aunt's place of employment and told her that I was being mean to the baby. I got the baby down again finally and went looking for the little boy to see if he calmed down enough to come into the house and talk about what happened. he was gone and I freaked out. His aunt showed up and told me what happened. I told them that was too horrible of a lie and that the child is no longer welcome in my home.

Neglected Kids 46

Whenever there is a neglected kid in the neighborhood, wherever I live, they always find their way to my home and then will not leave. To make it worse, my husband feels sorry for these little pukes, so he lets them wake me up in the morning and bother me while I'm sick. When you ask them to leave, they cry like you killed their dog and everyone feels sorry for them but me. Parenting your inconvenient kid is not my job. Teach your man to pull out and keep your little negelcterinos out of my home.

stupid children 47

Ok, so I'm a bitter slave waged cart pusher...and I've come to notice some things about people that have been causing my asshole to itch, more than usual. Specifically these kids who trail around their government aided parents, thinking they're shit, jerking around in and outside the stores like they just got injected with a lethal dose of dumbass. So, the other day I was sitting in my office (smoker's bench), and this excrement of a kid came greasing his way over to the cigarette tray, mumbled something about those oversized bouncing balls in the store, picked up a cigarette butt and vacuumed that shit right up. You probably guessed it, but the mother just kept walking to her car as if nothing happened. So while the mom was putting up the groceries, I yelled at the kid "Hey kid, what the hell you doing?! could of just bummed one!" My ass was safe though, the mother turned her head and called her son over in a different language. In short, I think that the plight of stupidity will decline vastly when people get back to habitually beating their kids when they insist on doing something stupid (as a rule of thumb, all the time, or until they quit their bitching and develop reasoning). It's not cute, and it's for damn sure not funny.

girlfriend kids 48

I really wouldnt care if they died. And their young kids. I think to myself whats with me. maybe because their not mine. But i prob. wouldnt feel this way if they werent such idots. The older ones a lil brat that thinks that nobody likes him. He ran away a few times last year cause his mommy got mad at him. WTF is wrong with you, is what im thinking. He has a nice home, you get food, cloths, toys, no body abuses you and you gonna run away like you have the worst life possible. He's always talking about what? i really dont care because its usually some nonsense or something i already know and he's tellin me like i havent went to school. He not mature for is age at all. He uses big words that he dosent know the meaning to. Its the end of the world if he can't go outside because of something stupid he did. And then want to complain to me talking about how he's a bad person and i don't know half the things he has done. Boy i wish i could have slap the hell out of him. NO I dont know and dont care, cause he hasnt been through nothing compared to me or anyone else. Talking bout he get so angry, ok that happens get over it, cause he has nothing to get angry about. OH your daddys not here poor baby, some people dont have parents you little azz. He seen his father like one time in years and got all happy. Thats cool i guess. when i was he's age i could of cared less about my real father, except for the fact that he could give me back child support. If he really cared he would have been there, and instead you acting like a fool and giving your mother a hard time. He's mother doesnt even like him as a person that much. He dosent do well in school, always puttin his foot in his mouth, cant do nothing for himself, complains about doing little ass chores, and thinks the ghetto cool. Now his brother on the other hand is a whiney, greedy little baby. Always asking for something to eat. can i have this and that and what do you have, can i have some. No greedy little fag. And than starts crying over a video game thats not even his in the first place. The two of them start arguing over who can play the game when they got three other systems. Shut the hell up and go pick another one. Than its im bored, ok than go outside. 10mins later its my brother left me, i scrapped my leg, im hungry, what are you doing? Just go play and leave me alone you little tard. By now im pissed cause they already woke us up all earlie bi@!hing about the game or its whats for breakfast, or just to talk or their tv's are on blast. If i havent gotten up and made something by now go get a dam poptart, ceral something. But even than its what kind can i have, can you go get this, or i dont know how much. Then our room is like the dam family room and my girlfriend dont ever want to shut the dam door. So they this come in and out as they please being annoying. Trying to watch t.v on the bed than have the nerve to ask to change the channel. No dum f<@ks, theres 4 other t.v's pick one! And if they want attention they sure aint getting it that way, and im not going for it. I could stand this from a toddler maybe 6,7 but they gettin to old for this BS.I dont know if i should blam their mother or if its that their just plain stupid. Its prob. both

Children 49

Some friends and I were in a museum. Suddenly, this little kid is running around screaming that horrible grating high pitched "GHIII!" noise it makes. Its mother, with her oh-so-yummy-mummy outfit is like "Awww, you're gonna be a racer, aren't you, baby?

Then, the kid notices me and my friends. Now, we just so happen to be goths. This kid comes running over to us, punches my friend in the leg, hurting her and then proceeds to grab hold of her EXTREMELY expensive skirt and PULL!

So I say to it's mother, "excuse me, can you ask your child to let go of my friends skirt?" and she goes all "victim" voice and starts going: "my child has a right to be in this museum too! she's only a baby." Then, later, we see her letting her child go past the barriers, then its BANGING on the aquarium while making that horrific noise again so the museum staff ask them to stop and the kid LISPS (in a put on voice) "I'm pwaying dwums for mummy!" ARGh then that bitch says "these weird girls (one of us was a boy, he wasn't happy) are bothering us." but luckily the guy believed us. Plus there was a stupid cow breastfeeding and insisting on subjecting us to the sight of her nipple which had "lovebite" type marks all over it, when she saw us looking disgusted, she kicked off saying it was perfectly natural. i told her it was perfectly natural for me to have a big steamy dump but i dont do it in public.

Children 50

I have a co-worker who I don't have to see often as she works in the field, which is lucky for us. She has these two rotten kids that are with her 100% of the time (seriously, they don't go to school or something) that she has no control over- they're obviously attention-starved being that she's a gross, malnourished, chickenhead redneck who spends all her time ignoring them. These two shits came into the building with her and she asked them to sit up front in the reception area while she went to go chat with her girlfriends in the back. They proceeded to LITERALLY RUN SCREAMING THROUGH THE BUILDING, moving chairs around, asking stupid questions ("DO YOU HAVE ANY CANDY? DO YOU HAVE ANY FRENCH FRIES?"), flipping the lights on and off, yelling at my co-workers, fighting with each other, and on and on. It literally was like watching a movie, they were so outrageously ill-behaved. Redneck-girl didn't give a shit; she stopped in for like a second and was like "No, don't do that, seriously you guys, stop- Oh, whatever." and then promptly went back to ignoring them and making these kids everyone else's problem. My boss sees the idiot kids a few minutes later and tells them to behave and redneck-girl comes up front and gets all huffy, like "How dare you speak to my special snowflakes in such a way?!" Fuck you and your rotten kids. The next time I see them I'm going to drop-kick them through a plate glass window into the street. I want to hang a banner on their house that says "Congratulations! Your entire family is a waste of air and government benefits. Go die in an alley somewhere."


what really pushes me over the edge is my 7 year old little bratty ass sister. according to the parents, shes a fucking princess. hence, SHE ACTS LIKE A PRINCESS. everything has to be her way. this here, this now. i want this i want that. do what ever the fuck she wants. when she wants. and when she doesnt get what she wants, she throws a stupid fuckin tantrum. i could say one thing like, "stop eating around my laptop, your getting crust and shit on it, ITS NOT YOURS STOP DISRESPECTING MY SHIT." then she'll bitch to the parents and ill get my ass chewed for it. or somone will ask her a question like" do you have any home work?" she'll start whining blah blah blah "i dont know how to do my science" in a little snotty voice. ill tell her to stop whining. and ill catch heat for it. another thing that pisses me off is why the fuck does a 7 year old shit her pants still. shit her shit there. and she gets fucking rewarded for it. i hope she takes a shit in school and gets laughed at by all her stupid little brat friends. i wanna donkey punch every stupid little bitchy brat friends, and every other lil shit out there.

Children 52

I hate lazy fucking parents who cannot raise their damn f*cking horrible kid(s). I am currently spending a horrible X-mas holiday at home with this bratty 4 year old who cries and whines about everything! She's always saying "I wanna go home" when she doesn't get her way. (bitch, say it again and you might!!) It is the things she whines about that piss me off the most. Things like the dog going to the effing bathroom when she wants to play (which is all the time), I tell her not to feed the dog table food, she cries, I tell her not to throw the ball AT the dog when she's playing fetch, I tell her not to throw the ball down the stairs into the living room (my parents' house is NOT childproof and they worked very hard to acquire some of the things they have displayed). Besides the dog, she creeps around in my room when I asked her not to, she watches the nicest TV in the house all day with f*cking cartoons, she never eats a meal only junk food and sugar and she just cries, whines and expects attention whenever the word "no" comes out of any of our mouthes! It is taking all I have not to run away to my apartment at school or sit in my car and hot box the sh*t out of it. Her caretaker, a relative I love dearly, cannot control this monster! She is trying to give the parents a break (the mom I want to slap the sh*t out of for this). They don't need a f*cking break, the bitch needs to do her job and at least put that thing in time out. I am not a violent person and I don't condone in any way abusing a child but a quick tap on that ass would do the no-neck monster a world of good in the long run. When I tried to tell her not to do something and I didn't pay attention to her whiny bitch ass, my family thought I was being mean! I thought I was going to scream! Now they're mad because I avoid the brat at all costs but it's the only thing that keeps me from spanking her bratty ass and putting her in permanent time out! She has ruined my holiday, which has been stressful enough and made me seriously resent my entire family. I cannot wait to go back to school the DAY after X-mas!!

Disrespectful/Mouthy Kids 53

I am so fucking sick of disrespectful/mouthy fuckin' kids. I'd like to knock the shit out of them. All they want to do is what the fuck ever they want and eat everything in site. If you dare say anything to them they get all mouthy and I'd like to knock their damn teeth down their throats

children 54

Becuase I'm sick of stupid parents who don't disipline their children correctly! I babysit 4 kids ages 1-7 and they are the stupidist kids i have ever seen. The five year old is the worst!Hes always yelling at the top of his lungs, and hes disrespectful and always has to say something rude when he leaves (like lets get out of this stinky house, or lets get a new babysitter!)Today he stuck his hand down his siters diaper, and thought it was funny to wipe poop on my floor! He is the dumbest five year old I have ever seen! I want to get up and slap the crap out of him, but my 3 year old stabed him with a tumb tack, so that made up for it!

BAD KIDS!!! 55

I HATE having to put up with BRATS!!! Kids these days are undisciplined, disrespectful and just plain MEAN!! I HATE coming across these F*CKS in my work!! The parents think that just because they're on an aircraft, that their parental responsibilities are suspended!




Stepsons 56

My 15-year-old live-in stepson came home drunk last night for the first time. Not sure if it was his first time drinking, though. I knew something was up last evening when he and his 2 friends came in the front door and went straight upstairs. I told his father that something was up, but he told me not to worry. His father and I had plans to go out last night to friends, but I told him to go out while I stay at home because I didn't trust the boy. And I was right! Within 5 minutes of his father going out, the boy and his 2 friends told me that 11 more friends were on the way over and that they were going to have a drinking teenage party. I told them that absolutely no way would that be happening. I rang his father and he had a chat with the boy. The boy promised that he wouldn't drink and then said that he was going out to a friend's house instead. So the boy and his friends went out. And for an hour I felt guilty for ruining his night! The boy fell in pissed drunk at midnight. His father did nothing and told me that he would "have a chat" with the boy in the morning. The next day, his father "had a chat". That's it, a chat. Nothing more. No punishment, no consequences, no withdrawal of privileges, nothing! I hate this boy at the best of times. He's lazy, selfish and arrogant. He expects to be served like a king. He gets his dinner served up to him every evening and he doesn't bother putting his plate away afterwards. He gets driven to school every day by his father - his school is a 5-minute cycle from here! I ignore the boy most of the time because I fucking hate him and his self-centred, "serve me" attitude. And I hate his father right now, too. I hate the unfairness - as soon as I do anything "wrong" in this house, I get pulled on it immediately. But the golden child can get pissed drunk and nothing is said! What a great fucking house to live in. I FUCKING HATE THE BOY.

Bratty ass shitbag kids 57

I can't stand bratty ass shit bag kids!My girlfriend has a seven year old little girl who cry's about every thing all the time.well today the little smart ass called me a loser and her mother became histairical with laughter,I replied with "and you are a little scumbag".Mamma wasn't laughing any more,and was actualy pretty angry.Teach your kids some fucking respect people!!!I fucking hate kid's and won't hesitate to let any one know this!

My boyfriends little brother 58

Well, this kids seven, he acts like he is three. He runs around his house in his underwear, refusing to get dressed. he is allowed to play R rated video games, such as zombie games. He eats all the yoghurt in the fridge making himself sick, and quite frankly his vocabulary matches a 3 or 4 year old. He is very, very badly behaved, cries at the drop of a hat, example, his more mature friends (the same age) get sick of his immaturity and leave. he talks to his mother in a way that is so disrespectful, and disgusting for a seven year old lad. His 12 year old sister isn't half as bad but is very immature for her age. Lack of discipline drives me MAD. Giving a child free reign of the house and allowing him to rule the roost, eat what he wants and behave how he wants, is very damaging to his development I believe. Its not his parents fault, they have to work and have to go out once in a while or they'd go mad! but it leaves my boyfriend, a 15 year old boy to discipline and cope with them both. She is 12 and they don't even trust her to be in the house by herself, meaning he doesn't get a break with the babysitting unless one or both parents are in. It drives me bonkers, his little brother behaves so badly that I end up telling him off myself. It is disgraceful!

The popular kids 59

Kids are horrible, and most are cruel jerks. The make me wish my high school years were faster so I could get out. They don't how much they hurt you, just so they can get a laugh out of it. God I hate them!

Visiting children 60

If anything is a sign of how well children are raised, it's how they behave when they're visiting someone else's house. I can't stand children that run amock in someone else's home! If I were the parents, I'd be mortified that I apparently did a lousy job of teaching manners. My stupid relatives have been visiting ALL DAY and I am counting the seconds until they get bored and get the hell out, because until then, I am stuck locked in my room. Why? Because their youngest crotch dropping is driving me crazy. He barged into my room even after I closed the door, which is rude as hell in itself. I finally locked it to have some peace, and the bratty little shit tried to open it. He started knocking, and when I didn't answer, the little bastard actually started pounding and kicking on the door! Finally I yelled WHAT?! He wanted me to open the door and I told him to go away because I'm busy. I heard him say something about wanting another candy cane - after I'd given him one earlier and I saw him throw it away after licking it maybe five times. Fucking wasteful little piece of crap. Every 15 minutes after that he comes to the door to knock and try to come in again. When I was a kid, another person's house was where you were to behave with total courtesy and respect, and you sure as hell didn't go into rooms with closed doors, or bang on them. I hate visitors who hog up your entire damn day, and I hate their bratty wild ass children. I would never impose myself or my kids like that on anyone. Are some people really that clueless?

this little brat I know 61

Oh dear god, this one little brat I know is the worst. I thought my brother was annoying, but this dipshit really pushes it. For one thing, he screams, whines, and hits his mother when he does not get what he wants. (he is 10 btw). My brother and him used to be friends, but my brother doesnt want to be friends anymore. Sadly, when my brother tells this kid to not come over our house, guess what? HE BREAKS IN THROUGH OUR WINDOW. Another thing, once the kid wanted to have a sleep over, but his mom said no, the kid goes apeshit on us! He starts crying and breaking thingS. Also, for his Christmas, he got about 20-30 presents and starts to complain about how shitty christmas was, I mean wtf!? Overall, this kid is a stupid, annoying, ungrateful, not potty trained (he still shits his pants XD), little retard

Kids 62

I am so tired of these pain in the ass kids everywhere! I was at a nice restaurant trying to enjoy my meal but here comes little junior son of a bitch screaming his ass off at the table right next to me. When I turned around and asked the parents "would you please keep your baby quiet? He is really bothering me.", they acted like they didn't even hear me! And of course they did nothing about their screaming whining ugly ass baby. I was about to ask the restaurant staff to help, when the jackass family did something that made me want to vomit. They sat their nasty baby right on the table with the food! His shitty diaper was flat on the table! All I could think of was how many people may have done the same thing to my table. I couldn't finish my meal! I yelled at them "what the fuck is the matter with you!? You just put a pile of shit down on the table! Take your ugly ass shitty fucking baby and get the fuck out of my sight you stupid fat fucks!" They of course did not go anywhere and the manager came running over and told me to leave. I stormed out the door just seething! Nobody wants SHIT where they EAT! Let alone constant screaming from some worthless fuck baby! And even on the airplane in first class! I was sitting in my first class seat waiting for the plane to finish boarding and here comes a woman carrying a screaming baby. I thought for sure that she was going to be seated in the coach section, but she took the first class seat right behind me! Her disgusting baby smelled like shit and sour milk. I turned around and asked her "can you make your baby stop that please? It is hurting my ears." and she gave me maybe half a nod. So I turned back around, but two minutes later the screaming had not stopped. So I asked a flight attendant to do something about the stupid fucking baby, but all she said to her was "Please quiet your child". Then the flight attendant just walked away! Of course the woman did nothing about her better off aborted child. I just could not take it anymore. I turned back around and yelled at her "Listen lady this is first class! I payed a lot of money for this seat so if you don't shut your pain in the ass fucking baby up I will shut her up for you!" The woman completely ignored me. So I grabbed a piece of paper out of my bag, crumpled it into a ball and shoved it as hard as I could into her fucking baby's mouth. That shut the fucking baby up, but I was thrown off the plane for it. But I must say, it was so worth it! It felt so good to finally do something about these filthy fucking pain in the ass kids for myself. There needs to be laws to keep these baby fucks off of our airplanes and out of our restaurants permanently. I fucking hate them so much I get a jolly of seeing pictures of their dead mangled bodies on the internet. Keep your ugly ass babies the fuck away from me!

stupid, bratty, unappreciative kids 63

omg... i hate kids so much. they r annoying, loud, disrespectful, unappreciative, expensive, ungrateful... i could go on and on. there should be a test given to every idiot that attempts to have children, and if u dont pass.... kill the lil soon to be crotch-nugget, then the parents need to be sterilized so no future fuckers get out... i know i should not feel so hatredly bout kids but i cannot have them... SO FUCKIN GLAD TOO... i see what all my friends deal with, my boyfriend too. i hate my boyfriends kid with a passion. he is 7... lazy, stupid, has no common sense, has to be told how to do everything... even the simplest things that r done on a daily basis, like brushing his teeth... the fucker still has death breath when he is done and never remembers to wipe the left over whiteness from around his mouth after brushing.. and the lil bastard wonders y i have to give him a damn spit bath b4 i put him on the bus for school. i hope he trips over his fuckin untied shoelaces and breaks a fuckin bone... any bone, i dont care. i just despise the shit out of him. i hate even hearing him talk most of the time... cuz everything that he says relates to a fuckin video game... thats all the lil idiot is good at... go figure. he will probebly grow up and wanna be a fuckin assassin or a sniper.. and i probebly will be his first target, lol.. KIDS SUCK... they ruin relationships, deplete bank accounts with stupid toys they play with once, talk to much, ask too many pointless questions, and they know how to irritate every known nerve in the human body...

Step daughter 64

My step daughter pisses me off beyond words. She acts like shes 2, does this whinny little dadddd crap when she doesnt get her way. Shes mean to my son, shes 13 and the size of a water bufflo. She sits on her huge ass and eats and then claims shes not fat.... jenny craig would kick her out. Her parents dont have a single parenting skill between em. I dont even think the kid is his, mommy dearist cheated on him the whole time they where married. 5 years left of this brat and Im free!!!! She sent pics of her boobs to my teenagers, they said they wherent boobs more like fat rolls. My kids hate her, I hate her and the hubbys friends hate her. The hubby is a dumbass and cant see what a true pice of white trash she really is. Im waiting for it to spawn out a dozen kids and wont know who the daddy is. Shes lazy, bet she will do anything for foodstamps bc she has no work ethic. Step kids are vile and should be avoided.

*Note from Anger Central
Obviously you don't consider this kid to be family so I put this here.

Baby Pictures 65

Baby pictures are irritating and downright ugly! The people who whip out the baby pictures actually wish to examine your method of lying, because any picture of their baby or their shallow Brill-creamed chillldren is always disturbingly repulsive. Their faces and skulls are distorted--and any baby is too hairless, out of proportion, and alien-looking. They have NO unique qualities and are simply unformed and shallow. Homo sapiens babies are uglier than any other type of baby (mammal, reptile, larvae, etc.). They're pudgy like grubs, and they've got embarrassingly padded pants with their own versions of Depends. Their expressions are meaningless and dim-bulbed. They have red open lips smeared with spittle and congestion, and their noses invariably tilt upwards. Even their clothing is bad design (garish colors, humiliatingly frilled or stocky and pseudo-masculine, etc.). Once these consumers get a little personality, they're more interesting, and once they get a little less grublike, they're a little more bearable to view.

Advertisers want to get an instinctive reaction/revulsion from the viewer by using garish and disturbing pics of babies. We all know we're supposed to say, "Awwwwww." (Gag.)

Furnishing an honestly pleased expression when asked to view any baby pic is impossible.

Children 66

Other peoples kids fuck me right off. Cheeky, noisy, destructive bastards. I fucking hate all fucking children. The world would be a better place if people stopped breeding these vile creatures. Thank fuck I don't have any of the little arseholes.

*Note from Anger Central
You know, every once in a while we post one of these missives just to show the world what real stupidity looks like. The Webmaster almost hit the delete key when he saw it, but we prevailed upon him to include it. People need to see this one and thank the idiot for removing his line from the gene pool.

Bratty fucking shit kids 67

I can't stand unappriciative obnoxious little fuck head kids!!!I fucking hate you and wish your fucking ass did not exist!!!your a fucking mistake on you whore mothers part!!fuck you!!!

Children 68

I wish my relatives would at some point comprehend the fact that I don't want to hold their kids. I don't like children. I find them annoying, obnoxious and absolutely repulsive. However, I'm not specifically angry at kids. This is their natural state of being. I'm angry at the people who don't watch their kids. Your kid is tearing the shit out of my house, breaking my stuff, climbing on furniture and sliding around in a shitty diaper during supper time. Do something about it. I don't want to smell shit while I'm trying to eat supper, nor do I want to see your snot-nosed slobber-faced kids staring at me while I eat. I don't care if you think it's cute, I think it's disgusting, and it's my house. I don't come to your house and trash the fuck out of it, so don't let your children do that to mine.

Bratty Kids 69

I had this stupid event at school that you had to watch a couple of kids for the day and do charity work. Well, my partner and i got this little shit of a sixth grader. He constantly was running around and wouldnt listen to anybody. He acted like a f**king 3 yr old. Of course, his mother didnt do a thing about it. we went to this little sweet old lady's house to rake her yard. the minute we got there, the little demon tore around her house looking through her stuff and chasing her dog. The idiotic mother just said" hes just curious" I was thinking NO YOU IDIOT, HES JUST A RUDE OBNOXIOUS LITTLE NUGGET! He didnt even help with the chores either, he just proceded to hit my partner repeatedly with a rake. I wanted to smack that little shit back to yesterday, but i didnt because of his dumbass mother.

Spoiled kids 70

I HATE these fucking 10 year olds who have a north face, blackberry, ipod touch and uggs. Like wtf? when I was 10 i had a gameboy and a soccer ball. Now its daddy!!! buy me this or mom I want this now!!! Parents grow a fucking spine and say no. Fucking discipline them and don't be so fucking weak I feel embarrassed for you. Now I know I'm only 19 but I know if my kids talked to me the way I hear some kids talk to their parents, they'd be getting the beating of a life time...

Pre-teens and shitty kids 71

Fuck, there are so many reasons why I'm pissed.

1. I'm angry at babies. They're ugly, bald, drooling, shitting, puking, screaming fucks. There's absolutely no reason for them to be dragged into public ear-shot. If I'm eating an expensive dinner, viewing a movie, or even shopping I don't want to hear your fucking baby squealing. Other people are paying for their dining / viewing / shopping, they don't want some puke-covered screaming baby to go off in the back ground. THAT is your cue to get off your ass, pick up your waste-of-skin baby and LEAVE. You're only pissing everyone around you off. You have no idea how close I've been to turning around and snapping, "Either get your kid to shut it's mouth or get the fuck out of the theatre/restaurant/store!" in the past month.

2. Little kids can't fucking get along with each other. There's almost always fighting, bitching and crying whenever there's more than one of the little craps together in one room. How the elementary school teachers live, I will never know.

3. Everything's fucking funny to them. Last I checked, a leopard isn't something to piss myself laughing over.

4. The pre-teens are coming out horribly. A few months ago, I was talking to my twelve year old cousin about her coming birthday. She said, "I really want spider bites and purple hair dye, but my mom is a fucking bitch and won't let me get them because apparently I'll look like a freak. She has like no taste!" Honestly? Fucking you're twelve, if you want to look like a middle school drop-out working at some underground CD store, ger yourself a job and move the fuck out. The "scene" kids she idolizes are late teens or early twenties, not fucking 12.

5. Think I was joking when I said middle school drop-out? I'm not. In my last year of middle school, five kids I knew stopped attending. Good luck with your life, you can't even get a job at McDonalds with your shitty education.

6. I was walking down a fairly busy street and saw a bunch of thirteen year olds standing around smoking. Really? Fucking really? Have fun dying of cancer at 27, from what my mom's told me (she's a nurse) it's a pretty terrible death.

They should just be hearded up and sent to a strict boarding school until they straighten out.

Children and their hypocrite parents 72

I really despise spoiled little brats. It gets worse all the damn time. It seems like they just have to have evrything damn thing anymore, and why, just because they are your damn kid? Kids, and I'm talking of all ages, 1-50 or more, turn their parents into what might be intelligent people into fuckin hypocrites. Whiny spoiled, shrieking, need to kicked in the ass little brats. Oh but everyone thinks their damn kid is so damn special. Kicking all objectivity to the curb. If you dont belive me just try being a step-parent or date someone with these whiny little shits. Why the hell can't people look at their dirt eating rugrats as people, full of faults like anybody else, instead of perfect damn, cute as a puppy kisses symbols of love. Makes me wanna puke. These rod spared little shits will be breeding the next generation of even more spoiled fux before you know it. It is mostly the parents fault. They count at them instead of publicly humiliating them in the store, and man these people piss me off to no end. Dr. Phil loving, oh I have to be my kids friend idiots grow their kids instead of raisining them to be respectful human beings. It is easy to see where it has led and it is only going to get worse. Wake the hell up people.

Obese babies 73

I am so angry that people let their babies get fat. I mean really fat. If you feel a baby what they need and and caress them for the rest instead of shoving food down their necks maybe we wouldn't have such a health crisis in this country. I am angry that people think it is cute to have babies eat french fries, cake, candy and pies when all they need is breast milk or formula. Don't feel the kid every time it cries, maybe the baby needs a hug. It makes me angry that people honestly think it is cute to see fat rolls on babies which is just gross.

Bratty kid at the pulls 74

So we were at a tractor pull, my husband pulls as well as a few other members of my family. we were sitting on the bleachers 4th row up and this man and his son or grandson what ever sit on the very bottom of the bleachers. The kid is maybe 3 or 4 and running wild at this event. My daughter is 6 and sitting nice and quiet (mainly because I raised her with an iron fist either she listens or we go home and she can have a nap.) Any way this bratty kid is running screaming bugging people I ignored him fine not my problem until he sees my daughter who is just tryin to cheer her grandpa on while he pulls his tractor. the kid starts climbing the rows up to us my daughter freaks out starts yelling at this sticky fingered grubby faced boy who is trying to hit her and poke her and shit I told her to sit behind me and I blocked the brat he couldnt get to her, he was yellin and screamin at me, I just loudly said who do you belong to little boy I think someone needs to take you behind the bleachers and show you some manners, at that the man the boy was with took the boy back to the bottom. then the boy started climbing back up again once the man was not paying attention. This brat almost pulled my daughter out of the stands making her miss her daddy pull our tractor. And I raised her right so she got so mad and I let her go she just started shouting "Get away from me you brat, I dont want to play your dirty," the boy swung at her and she ducked he missed and fell off the bleachers not extreamly hurt but got the wind knocked out of him my daughter yelled "thats what you get for not listening!" he bawled we all laughed, the man he was with took him away and the rest of the day was peaceful. Its pretty bad when one kid calls another kid a brat and says go away. I know I am not the nicest mom in the world but if there were more moms like me there would be less brats I assure you. My daughter knows I am strict but because I am strict and she is well behaved we have alot of fun together as a family because I dont have to worry about her acting up in public or at home.

Children and their hypocrite parents 75

I really despise spoiled little brats. It gets worse all the damn time. It seems like they just have to have evrything damn thing anymore, and why, just because they are your damn kid? Kids, and I'm talking of all ages, 1-50 or more, turn their parents into what might be intelligent people into fuckin hypocrites. Whiny spoiled, shrieking, need to kicked in the ass little brats. Oh but everyone thinks their damn kid is so damn special. Kicking all objectivity to the curb. If you dont belive me just try being a step-parent or date someone with these whiny little shits. Why the hell can't people look at their dirt eating rugrats as people, full of faults like anybody else, instead of perfect damn, cute as a puppy kisses symbols of love. Makes me wanna puke. These rod spared little shits will be breeding the next generation of even more spoiled fux before you know it. It is mostly the parents fault. They count at them instead of publicly humiliating them in the store, and man these people piss me off to no end. Dr. Phil loving, oh I have to be my kids friend idiots grow their kids instead of raisining them to be respectful human beings. It is easy to see where it has led and it is only going to get worse. Wake the hell up people.

18 and I hate bratty kids 76

Alright I know I may be the youngest ranting on here but man when I see most kids today uin my town they are the biggest brats I have ever seen I can't stand it when they are having a temper tantrum.

I now three girls all aged 11 and they are the most f**king littles bitches I have ever seen they think they are the queens of the school and they say stuff to me , my sister who is 17 and my friends and we just laugh at them and call them loosers. Honestly those girls smoke, have sex ( little whores) and drink alchol from their parents stash without them knowing.I work for the ring leaders mum she is a nice woman and she knows her daughter is a brat she tries her best to dicipline her but the girl is out of control.

I know not all kids are brats just some are just satans little monsters .

Destructive Children 77

My youngest son has special needs and has been on a path of destruction since I started living with my boyfriend. He has issues with impulse control and has destroyed possessions belonging to my boyfriend, not to me. I am angry because no matter what consequences you give him, he does not stop the behavior. All of the sticker charts in the world, suspending his privileges, do not stop the rotten behavior. My boyfriend has taken it in stride, but I'm afraid of what will happen to us if my son continues down this road. Nothing gets his attention and talking to him about his feeeeelings doesn't net me anything. I'm sick to death of our weekends being ruined by his mood swings, negative attitude etc and wonder how this is going to be when he is a teenager.

spoilt brats screaming 78

I am angry because mothers don't tell their spoilt brats to stop screaming. Three Brats next door scream and argue the minute they go outside. I think they're either getting MURDERED or should be! Been going on since they discovered screaming two years ago. Go for a walk to the park with my 2 dogs and there's more screaming little fuckers over there! And they have the audacity to give annoying winges directed at my dogs. I feel like saying they're a million times better than you.If I encounter them at a restaurant I NEVER go back there. People have changed, they don't value peace and quiet anymore, I want to be a hermit sometimes...or go sailing off on a yacht..

Children 79

I actually like kids. For some insane reason they love me. They even love me when I yell at them and describe all the ways I am going to make their lives utterly miserable if they do not stop grinding my gears ASAP. But you can be damn sure that these 2 (5+8 )will never darken my doorstep again. Use my furniture as a trampoline, torment my dog, swing from the curtains, break into my bar (with a locked door) and mix themselves cocktails. Hide in my attic, go through my drawers and wardrobe, pull out the stakes in my garden to have a sword fight with. Demand biscuts, Slam their fingers in a door and bleed everywhere, Piss all over the toilet floor, swing off the washing on the line and destroy over $700 worth of clothes and linen, tramp dirt all through the house, get their head stuck in the bannister and have a screaming fit about it. All within the space of 45 fricking minutes. Yeah. Don't bring them back to my place. They are also banned from every single one of their relatives houses and never get invited to any of their friends birthdays. I should have listened.

Stupid Disrespectful Brats 80

Stupid kids make me so angry, especially the ones who disresoect people they don't know. I was taking my niece out swimming and these stupid fatass hicks and their retarded kids splash around the pool as loud as they can be. Than one of the little idiots called me and my Niece; Morons cause we weren't swimming. OK first of all most people don't swim in pools you little retard because they don't want their kids to swim very far. Secondly my Niece is one of the smartest kids in school and is going into 5th grade and what grade are you in you retard? Judging by how stupid you and your prents are you flunked out of Kindergarten because of how ignorant and stupid you are. Not to mention these idiots were jumping off the side into the water where there's a sign that reads "NO DIVING" and yet these dipshits are doing cannonballs off a spot where they are not supposed to dive off because the water is shallow. I hope you idiots get paralyzed for your stupidity. Also these stupid Rednecks were drinking beer in the pool along with their inbred kids along with me and my niece who are trying to enjoy a swim. Then the lttle brats were throwing rocks around and their stupid parents didn't do shit and just let them do whatever. We left a whle later for dinner pissed off because a bunch of stupid rednecks and their idiot kids. It's obvious these people are unfit to raise kids because of how loud, rude, and obnoxious they are; and they don't have the balls to discipline the little idiots too. Because one day your retarded kids will end up pissing off someone who will end up kicking the shit out of the little dumbass and don't sue that person because the little retard desrves it. Also this kids lucky his parents were with him cause I would've grabbed the retard by the neck and dunk his head in the water for dissrepeting me. To all parents if you have a loud, rude, and dissrepectful little brat' have the sense to take your belts off and whip them and make them learn what respect is. Especially to those who bring their kids with them as well.

rotten 6 year old! 81

Im so damn angry because my sister (who im currently living with) has a 6 year old son, lets just call him "Chris", my nephew. Words can not describe the anger I hold in everyday just from hearing him talk and whine and throw fits when he doesn't get something he wanted or if you just say the word "No", i dont have any children of my own but damn am I sure glad I dodged that train wreck! Anyways, ill give you an example..i came downstairs at 11:45, and remember he's "6"!!! He was sitting on the front room floor, toys everywhere, I also F&%kin hate legos, for this reason too!, he was digging threw his moms purse and i called out to him "you should be in bed", his reply " Gina! NO,IM BUSY CANT YOU TELL", LEAVE ME ALONE!" Me already stressed from working a 10 hr shift to come home and clean it and the little brat destroys it, AGAIN!!!!!!! I walk over to him and grab the bag and said " i said bedtime now, dont yell at me little boy", i grabbed him by the hand and of course him mother was sleeping on the couch, wakes up during all this to see her kid crying because he said " i twisted his arm", my sister, his mother, yells at me and says i just watched you yank on my Childs hand, leave him alone, and the little fucker starts crying and runs to his mom for sympathy, she yelled at me because her kid was new to hearing the word NO! God i haven't ever wanted to punch a child so hard in the face in my whole lifetime! I looked at her and said, " Fine!! You want me to babysit for free and let your child do whatever the hell he wants! That fine, im not gonna tell nothing now or to behave! I'll just let him destroy your house but im not cleaning up anymore after that little devil anymore! God i am so glad i dont have kids! " AND NEVER WILL!!!

*Note from Anger Central
Might we recommend that he be introduced to the "Board of Education?" It's amazing what a couple of swats will do.

Stupid kids 82

I am angry because kids are so damn stupid! They don't know a single thing about common sense, or a single thing about how the real world works! I just fucking hate kids!

children 83

I am so sick of these pukey, goofy , stupid bitch mommies out there. I'm talking about these empty headed cows who post endless pictures of their precious little crotch fruit on sites like Facebook.

I despise how they are making their spoiled little effeminate puke sons into the biggest little whiney pussies possible.Only in this rapidly degenerating world of today are these little pussy puke boys tolerated and considered oh so cute by other mommie zombies out there. These little pukes cry and whine for mommie the minute they are dropped of for a visit, I want my MOMMMIEEE!!, I want my MOMMMMIE! Don't worry you little crybaby fucker, your Oompa Loompa looking cow eyed cunt of a mother will be back in no time and you can go back to swinging off her sloppy, deflated titties in no time.

Your stupid cow of a mother has made you believe you are the cutest little result of a one night stand ever, and thus should be the center of the universe to everyone who meets your whiny little ass. The ancient Spartans would of been filled with pure disgust at the sight and sound of your sorry little ass. And these are the new crop of spoiled, pussyfied "men" being brought up by millions of dumb bitches out there.

Step daughter blues 84

Where do I start? And please excuse my language, but this 5 yr old bitch annoys the fuck out of me!! My girlfriend treats this kid like she's god can do no wrong etc etc

I have kids from previous relationship but it's very difficult being in a relationship when the kid isn't yours. I feel everyone's pain on the subj and this is sure to break us up

Fucking bratty little bitch

Children 85

It pisses me off when parents bring their fucking children in public, and the little bastards cry, and run up and down the aisles in stores. These parents should be yelled at, and the kids should be spanked. I don't want to do my fucking shopping with kids screaming and running around. I'm so glad I don't do much of my shopping in the suburbs anymore. This never happens in the city. I'll be doing all my shopping in the city from now on because bad kids suck!

Kids With Tablets 86

Wow! I thought I was the only one who was highly disgusted with parents giving their kids tablets. First these lazy incompetent parents were babysitting their kids with the TV, and now it's tablets. I have nothing against an older, more mature, privileged person, being given a tablet. I got mine for Christmas in 2013, at 23, and have loved it ever since. But a few months back recently I heard my 4 younger siblings (who are no more than 14) are each getting their own tablet?! What the fuck are my aunt and uncle thinking?! Sometimes I think they're getting everything handed to them on a silver platter. They each got their own individual Nintendo DS's too. Grandma once made a rash senile decision getting them cell phones before age 10 (1 for the 2 boys to share, 1 for the 2 girls to share), getting the phones activated w/o even asking the parents if the kids were ready! (really stupid, Grandma...) Thankfully Dad got her to take them back. I'm also not too pleased with their high-tech homework assignments (involving typed papers, PowerPoint, podcasts) that they had to do while still in elementary school (maybe more on this rant subject later).

Does anyone remember seeing those Hopper commercials with that kangaroo mascot? I swear they make the kids look like such snotty, spoiled, undisciplined brats: 2 boys literally fighting over whose show gets recorded; a little girl throwing a tantrum on the floor because her Dad foolishly deleted her kid's program; and this next one made me facepalm: a mother frustrated by her 2 brat sons bickering in the car, and the kangaroo assures, "I got this..." and just hands them a tablet, abruptly cheering up their mood with watching their favorite shows. I roll my eyes thinking sarcastically, "That's right! Use the tablet to baby-sit your kids. Great parenting..." Pull the damn car over and do some fucking discipline you pathetic excuse for a mother!

And I agree, games on tablets/smartphones are tacky compared to real video game consoles. I think that Geico commercial was right when it asked, "Do people use their smartphones to do dumb things?" Yes, they do...

children 87

I'm trying to fucking work and my goddamn neighbor's child is wailing like a fucking dying t-rex. This stupid kid does this all the time and from the sounds of it it doesn't seem like the parent is doing anything to stop this child. In the morning when I'm trying to sleep, at night, when I'm trying to sleep. Right now, on a shitty day where I have so much fucking work to do and I'm behind and I have to focus on work, and this fucking dumb ass child starts yelling again. OMG I just want to go over there and punch both mother and child in the goddamned face. BUT I CAN'T. Why can't people control their children? I could play music, but I can't concentrate with music... oh wow it finally stopped.. but give the dumb thing 10 more minutes and it'll start up again. it's on a fucking clock

Crybaby Brat 88

I am so fucking tired of my fucking 1 and a half year old niece who has done nothing but cry and wear everyone's patience thin.

She is just like her mother all she does is throw temper tantrums, whines, and screams and it really pisses me off and makes me wish she was never born because all she does is cry and scream and make everyone miserable.

I don't understand why babies cry and it pisses me off because I DON'T FUCKNIG KNOW WHAT THIS LITTLE BITCH WANTS.

If scientists actually created a medicine for pregnant women to prevent babies from crying than maybe abortion rates would hit the ground hard and the real reason women get abortions is because they don't want to take care of a screaming child 24/7 which is what my sister should have done since she pretty much hates children and now has one so she's her responsibility now.

Sundays used to be a day of rest until my Sister got gave birth to the hellspawn and I end up having to babysit the brat and watch what she watches on tv instead of what I normally watch but back when I was growing up I watched what my parents watch babies should not be allowed to have their way.

Instead of having Sunday Dinners, watching Football, or reading Newspapers I half to babysit my Sister's bratty infant for over 12 Hours the only good thing about it is she only works 3 days Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays but my God it's exhausting she does nothing but cry and scream, never wants anything you get her, and i don't know whst this brat wants and it angers me so much because babies do nothing but wear my patience thin to the point I start spanking them and they should be, because if you don't discipline them now they will get much worse when they grow up.

She cries anytime someone goes to the bathroom or leaves the room thinking she's been abandoned like GROW THE FUCK UP you brat and stop trying to control everyone's lives in the house no one is leaving you just because they leave the room I mean my God this little brat is going to half to get used to being by herself whether she likes it or not because people can't be around you all the fucking time.

This brat has serious patience issues and it wears mine thin because she does nothing but whine whenever anyone goes to the bathroom hell someone might be sick and throwing up and yet this brat cares only about herself with her crying and screaming. You can't even make her anything to eat without her whining.

During Last Year's Winter Storm when we had no power she threw nothing but fits everytime we used our phones to call anyone or to go out to refuel the generator and look I CAN'T HELP IT IF THERE IS NO POWER NOW SHUT THE HELL UP YOU BRAT.

She cries and screams whenever she meets new people like family members who see her for the first time and she starts crying and screaming like enough is enough this brat seriously needs her ass busted because she needs to get used to being around new people instead of throwing tantrums every time one of her uncles or aunts or cousins says hello to her. She especially needs to get over that when she goes to school in a few years because that behavior won't be tolerated.

Her father is a deadbeat who's hardly around and is never around to raise her, spends more money on his marijuana and food rather than his daughter and it's ridiculous she has to be someone else's burden.

If you didn't want kids than don't have sex plain and simple because your children shouldn't be someone else's burden all because you don't want to do your part as a parent and if you don't want them don't breed them plain and simple.

Lying Children 89

It pisses me off how Kids get thier fucking way and it's all because of how spineless dults are nowadays for not disciplinig them by taking a belt to them now look what they are doing.

You have kids who falsely accuse adults of pedophilia all because the idiot child feels like the adult wronged him. For example a child got bad grades in school and accuses his or her teacher of sexual assault to get him fired or a child gets grounded and accuses his or her parents of being pedophiles.

Kids should be required to take lie detector tests anytime they accuse an adult of sexual misconduct and if they are caught lying that child should be tried as an adult and be sent to either Boot Camp or to a Beyond Scared Straight Program and let's see these brats last a day in the real world because they will by crying to go home to their moms and dads after accusing them of pedophilia all because they couldn't get their way.

Also there are minors who make TikTok videos claiming they were groomed but these minors also posted videos of themselves on TikTok dancing in their underwear without any shame whatsoever. Did this dumbass kid not think that posting a video of himself dancing in his underwear wouldn't be seen by pretty much anyone in fact both his Teachers and Principal should see what this brat is doing on TikTok and he should be expelled from school in a heartbeat. Yeah make a video saying you were once groomed when you have videos of yourself dancing in your underwear pretty much putting your dirty socks in your mouth and that you are a complete hypocrite looking for attention and now you're on your way to Boot Camp.

It also pisses me of when Kids go online and accuse anyone of being pedophiles and groomers just for making mature art. Why the fuck are you even looking at mature art in the first place and there's a reason it's "Mature Art" because it's meant to be viewed by anyone over the age of 18. I swear kids really are so goddamn stupid to actually accuse an artist of drawing sexual art and say they are going to report them to the FBI. Hey retards the FBI isn't going to arrest some artist who drew characters in a mature style and unless it's a picture of real children really being sexualized than that does call for an investigation by the FBI but if you are going to report them just for drawing a picture than Kid you need to be arrested and sent to Juvenile Hall for wasting their time and falsely accusing someone for something that's not a crime.

Parents please discipline your children better, instead of taking their phones and internet away; take a belt and bust their asses with it. Also Teachers need to start being more strict with Children and their education because if Kids put as much effort into their school work like they do browsing the Internet looking to start problems with adults; than maybe a lot of these dumbass kids would behave themselves a lot better and avoid some sites that they have no business being on in the first place instead of lying al lthe time just to get their fucking way.

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