I am so angry that people like you weren't aborted at birth.Youre a fucking dropkick. People like you should never have been allowed to reproduce..I feel so sorry for your 3 boys, growing up living in a rundown house in a small stupid town with such a fuckwit for a Mother. Youve got the fattest thighs a great big flat wide ass, wrinkly stretchmarked belly, a face like a fucking rat, ugly ugly skin,straggly white hair, flabby fat arms, fuck you dont even have shoulders..(or eyebrows) oh yeah and the back fat...disgusting...that ugly gold top just showed off your rolls you idiot, and your hideous taste.You can try and tell yourself youve got a womanly body all you like...everyone can see youre not womanly or shapely..youre just fucking gross you dumb bitch.And dumb is right isnt it bitch? You have negative brains and negative personality.You are truly the most boring and thick person I have ever met and am ever likely to. Fuck youre not even good at anything, you cant do anything, and yes I mean ANYTHING whore.Charlotte E, the world fucking hates you, I hate you, we hate everyone a favour and just fuck off! Youre a dirty ugly useless slut and youre kids will find out what youve done one deserve every bit of the misery and loneliness that is your life. Ha fucking Ha you white trash fuckwit.Dont forget I know your secrets slut...all you have are lies!

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