Cell Phone Users

I won't go on and on about the dangers of driving and talking on the phone... been done to much. But for Pete's Sake, get off your damn phone when you order stuff at restaurants! I work at a place that requires me to cash, which involves asking questions about how people want THEIR food prepared. So when someone steps up, I expect them to tell me what they want and let me do my schpiel. Every once in a while, you get some annoying person having a conversation about some stupid thing on their cell phone. They stop long enough to tell me what they want (no please or thank you, mind you) and then continue with their coversation. I then have to interrupt and ask them the three follow-up questions, which are REQUIRED for me to ask. In between each, of course, the person tries to keep talking on their phone and usually doesn't hear me and makes me repeat myself. An order that should only take 30 seconds to complete has taken 2 minutes! Don't you know your holding up the whole damn line! And the worst part of it is when I have to listen to you apologize to your phone buddy that I interrupted your conversation to take YOUR FRIGGIN' ORDER. Maybe next time I'll just take your phone and stamp it under my shoe. It would be worth getting fired over.

Cell Phone Users 2

Cell phone talkers in public places are often selfish, obnox, loud-talking, self-absorbed, simple-minded idiots. The ones who don't use the hands-free device are continually cooking their brains with microwaves (this can make them even more selfish, obnox, simple-minded, etc.). And when you listen to what they're saying, they're mainly talking about their cell phone, how many minutes they have on their current deal, etc. The amount of brainless drivel they add to the airwaves is astounding. The SUV-driving cell phone users are especially dangerous, since they are driving machines that are 16 times more likely to kill the people in the other car in the event of an accident.

Cell phone talkers in grocery stores, malls, and other public places meander around and stop unexpectedly--they don't see other people trying to get around them, and they don't consider that there are actually other things going on out there besides their own brilliant, scintillating, stimulating, provocative, fascinating conversation about their cell phone minutes, girlfriend, or boyfriend. The cell phone talking drivers cut you off, then you can see them talk on their cell phone about the *hole that's honking angrily at them, who almost hit them. I bet you've seen that!

To boot, cell phone talkers always talk too loud. Men in restaurants talking on cell phones always talk too loud (about nada, nada), yet they're highly dominant and proud, according to their relaxed stance with widely parted legs. It's usually some guy with black hair dyed to match his cell phone, leaning back in his booth, gabbing and shouting into his cell phone about his minutes. These guys sometimes have the kiddies in tow, but they're not interacting at all with their own children. They're jawing and yawing into the black phone. The kids look bored and empty, and they'll probably grow up to be just like their dad.

Cell phone talkers who interrupt a real-life conversation to answer their phone deserve to be hooked up directly to the cell phone network and serve as a plasma relay.

Cell Phone Users in Library 3

I cannot stand it when some mindless idot decides to answer their phone in the middle of a quiet library and has an entire conversation. They have no respect for the others that are there studying, reading, or taking a break from the real world. They always break my damn concentration. And to add insult to injury, they always talk LOUD, so the whole fucking library can hear them! Theres a door to go outside, pick up your lazy ass and use it. No one wants to hear about what you are going to eat tonight, for all I care you can eat some Raid and die!

Cell phones 4

Drivers with cell phones really piss me off. I live right outside of Houston, TX and I couldn't begin to count all of the time that I was nearly in wrecks with dumbasses on their cell phones. They usually don't pay attention while changing lanes or drive 10 mph under the speed limit so they can dial. They need to fine every stupid bastard that can't wait until they get to their home or office to talk.

cell phone users 5

I am so sick and tired of having to wait on these asshole who can't be bothered to get off their stupid phone for longer than 90 seconds. If you are going to be an obnoxious jerkoff at least have a conversation about something halfway interesting. Telling whatever retard that is on the other end that you're doing nothing, just waiting in line at the store does not qualify as interesting or intelligent or even worth saying. Get off your phone, dumbasses!!

Stupid Bitch On Her Cell Phone 6

I Went To go get gas and some stupid bitch has her pump stuck in the car and what is she doing, instead of pumping gas she's on her cell phone.

If I worked at the gas station I would throw your trampy ass out you fucking cunt. There are other people who need gas and your holding up the station you brainless bitch, show some consideration, pump your gas, pay the money, and leave because you're a stupid bitch and whoever you are talking to on the phone can wait because there are people out there needing to get where they are going and some of them could've ended up late because of your stupidity. Grow a brain and get off the damn phone is the last thing I half to say to this brainless road bitch.

Cell Phones In The Theater 7

You dumbasses that can't be without your cell phones for a couple hours annoy the crap about of me!! Especially the ones at the theaters. If you need to know if your stock has gone up or down, or if whomever has called you I suggest you stay the fuck home and stop being a pain in the ass for those of us trying to enjoy the movie. EVerytime I go to the movies there they are the dumbass cell phone users with the bright shiny lights, checkin to see if they missed that all important message from grandma or anyone that rally gives a shit about them. You people just need to be shot simple as that!

stupid cell phone users 8

I am really sick of these idiots using their cell phones while driving! The other day I was with my father driving and this bitch comes out of nowhere gabbing on her cell phone while driving! I really hate when people do that! They are the main reason there are so many car accidents! They should have a law about driving and talking on the cell phone! I really hope they have a law like that someday!

*Note from Anger Central
Hands Free is your friend. The Webmaster bought a Bluetooth headset when he got a new cell phone. He loves the thing and uses it all the time. It's quite handy when he's working on something and needs to have his hands available whether driving or just working.

Cell phone abuse 9

You know what pisses me off? Idiots who think their conversation is the most important thing in the world and should be overheard by anyone within earshot. Like the volume of their voice is a direct reflection of their self-importance. Your stupid conversation does not contribute to your validity. No one cares. As if I give a fuck about anything in your miserable, insipid lives. Be considerate and speak softer, you ignorant assholes.

Get off the fucking phone 10

I get so pissed off seeing dumb bitches who never pay any attention to the world around them because they refuse to get off their fucking cell phones and pay attention to the world around them. I'm talking about the idiots you see on the road with their fucking phone in their ear while driving and not paying any attention at all on the road nearly causing accidents and it's obvious they can't hear me honking because they won't get the fuck off the phone; these bitches clearly think their phone conversations are more important than their drivers licences; guess what when you get yourself killed in a crash it'll be too damn late for you all because you just wouldn't get off the phone. Also another thing that pisses me off is those who go through the grocery store on their damn cell phone and not pay any attention at all to other shoppers nearly crashing into people and never bother to say excuse me and then cope an attitude with me; bitch you don't own the fucking store i'm here trying to shop for my family the least you can do is put down the goddamn phone and pay the fuck attention and do not ever get in my face telling me not to tell you what to do that it's your phone; how about I take your phone and toss it to the ground and if you want to fight me i'll knock your ass to the ground and maybe knock some fucking sense into your brainless head. Not to mention this woman who lives next door a mother of two kids and for as long as I've lived i this neighborhood I've seen her with a Cell Phone glued to her head, having arguments with her husband and not even paying any attention to her kids; I mean how the fuck do you call yourself a mother and raise kids when it seems your phone conversations are more important than your own kids. Jesus fucking Christ women get your asses off your cell phones and pay the fuck attention or pay the fucking price.

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