Carol, I think you are the lowest, meanest, sneakiest, most neurotic bitch I have ever met. Since day one on my job in the school system you have tried to destroy me, spread rumors, undermine me, leave out important information in your e-mails, lie like a rug, I could not believe that anyone would be so vicious when they claimed to be a christian so I ignored the stories I heard about you and put the best slant on the problems I was having at work. Well, now I know that all of those stories are true about you. Because you are miserable in your marriage and your husband is an over the hill paunchy ex-jock who barely makes a living and your kids hate you (I heard them talk to you at work as if you were an animal) don't take it out at work or on me. I'm on to you, you miserable, lying, excuse for a human being. I will never trust you and I am not going anywhere. You have had two years to get along with good, kind, cheerful me. Now that I know you are a demon from hell, I am going to every fucking interaction we have and save everything you send me. Just wait. One day, you are going to do yourself in with someone and I am going to drag out the file I am accumulating on you. I hope your ass is thrown into the gutter you vicious cunt. And you christian phoniness is enough to make me puke. Pleas, become a muslim. They would love you for a terrorist.

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