meat eaters

why is it that whenever i mention i'm a vegetarian, everyone thinks i'm out to convert them? or claim to be veggies, then take a huge bite out of a fucking hamburger in front of me? news flash, shitheels: I DON'T GIVE A CHARBROILED RAT'S ASS WHAT THE FUCK you eat. you could consume a block of styrofoam covered in fucking hogfat for all i don't give a fuck, & i wouldn't care. just PLEASE, stop trying to shove your God damned ideals down my fucking throat about why i should eat something i have no desire to just because you're too stupid to realize that i have a mind of my own. honestly, i don't shove my ideals down other people's throats, why the fuck can't they pay me the same fucking courtesy?!

FUCK your meat, FUCK your so-called idealisms, & FUCK your senseless, mindless, shit-headed drivel, you sniveling TWATS!!!

anti-vegetarians 2

Anti-vegetarians really annoy me, an omnivore, because they go on about how they can't stand vegetarians pushing their beliefs on them. Everyone has the right to decide what they eat. Vegetarians that tell other what to eat ARE rude and unhelpful. But of course, saying that vegetarians are wrong is ENTIRELY justified and definitely NOT hypocritical in any way.

None of the vegetarians I have known have demanded that we stop eating meat. I have only ever seen them defending themselves from anti-vegetarians that wave meat in their faces and come up with all sorts of bullshit information that they've picked up from advertising by the meat industry.

On that note, the anti-vegetarians that go on about vegetarianism being unhealthy and impossible to live on are unbelievably ignorant. They say things like "vegetarians don't get enough protein" and "they don't get enough minerals", when protein and iron excess in western countries is more prevalent than deficiency. I learned this year in HIGH SCHOOL that you don't actually need to eat protein in such a form to have enough protein in your body, and iron and vitamin B12 are artificially added to cattle's feed so that they are in beef.

Anti-vegetarians should make sure they have a basic grasp of high school biology before they rant like bloody seven-year-olds.

*Note from Anger Central
Most people who slaughter innocent plants for food that we have run into tend to be loud, obnoxious and none to bright. Now, time for that nice steak for dinner. :)

meatatarians 3

I wish they'd get over themselves and find purpose in life and leave us vegetarians the hell alone. so the fuck what you don't like us? what are you afraid of? you can have all the god damned meat in the galaxy... now chow down your bloody fat packed inert material and rot in hell... you waste of fucking sperm!

there, now I'm going back to my euphoria that meatatarians will never achieve, already in progress.

*Note from Anger Central
Eat some Peyote did you?

vegan 4

It really, really, really pisses me off when people ask me all sorts of questions about being vegan that I never really care to answer. I'm not vegan to gloat, I'm vegan because I believe it's WRONG--period, end of story. I'm not a sideshow in a carnival to be gawked or mocked. AND I DON'T THINK I"M BETTER THAN MEAT EATERS! I've never met a vegan that did! We may at times explain why we're vegan but that is in no way an offense to you unless you are ignoring a subconscious guilt. We are passionate about something unlike most people who are passionate about stupid shit that has no real substance, like entertainment. Just think of vegans and vegetarians as die-hard fans of a sport. Does that put it into perspective?

Also, here are about four rules when coming in contact with a vegan:

People who hate vegetarians 5

I'm angry at people who are so self-centered and individualistic (i.e. Western) that they can't fathom why some people lead vegetarian lifestyles and attempt to bully, demean, and otherwise slander vegetarians.

Case in point: I'm a vegetarian. I'm a vegetarian because it's cheaper, it's healthier, and I feel better physically not eating meat. My biggest motivation is because the human species' increasing dependence on meat is destroying the planet. Globally and economically, the current rate of meat consumption isn't sustainable.

I do NOT think everyone needs to stop eating meat! I do NOT think people who eat meat are morally inferior, or inferior in any other way! All I condone is making healthy choices; healthy for yourself, and healthy for the world. If everyone cut their meat consumption, people could still enjoy meat and we'd still have a planet to live on.

I've never bullied anyone for their choice to eat meat and I think it's completely unfair that I'm sometimes bullied for my choice to abstain. I get more than enough protein as well as every daily vitamin, and I have been for over 6 years. My choices aren't hurting anyone, so why are you trying to hurt ME?

Everyone who's tried to degrade me for being a vegetarian has been a Westerner. My Chinese, Japanese, and Korean friends (none of whom are vegetarians) support my choice and have no problem cooking to suit my diet. Of course, their diets are also vegetable-based; their cultures are centered around eating grains and vegetables rather than meat. I DO have Westerner friends who are more than happy to cook especially for me (using tofu instead of meat in spaghetti, for example), but I NEVER ask for accommodations. I'm just pointing out that people from cultures who already have a lower dependency on meat are much more understanding of the whole situation.

If you hate vegetarians, please consider what you're doing. What is it helping? What are they doing wrong? Obviously, if a vegetarian tries to degrade you JUST for eating meat, you have full rights to dislike THAT PERSON and do whatever you will. But of the 100+ vegetarians I have come to known in my life, absolutely NONE of them have beliefs like that. Don't let a few stupid animal-obsessed 13-year-olds on the internet ruin your perception of a dietary choice.

vegan 6

I'm so angry because I can't stand people who bash on vegans and vegetarians. They are SELFISH uneducated fucks. How about I force you to have a shit ton of babies, inject you with artificial hormones, then beat the shit out of you until you're dead? (regardless of how dumb you are)

People against vegans 7

I'm angry at people who are so angry at vegans & vegetarians ! What the fuck guys ? You think every single vegans are the same ? I hate when people think you can't get proteins and be healthy from being vegan. I am vegan and I never forced anyone in being vegan, I never even tried to convince people to stop eatiing meat. it is MY choice, and I do believe I'm doing what's good for ME and the WORLD.

No vegans don't steal animal food, go on freaking google, or wherever ang get your facts right. Veganism IS ecological. I don't care what your diet choice is, but don't go around talking about something you don't know shit about. Wether you think it's healthy or not, I couldn't care less, I am healthy and if I wouldn't be, that would be my own freaking problem, not yours.

Now stop going around talking shit about things you know nothing about, I make my choice you made yours.

Fine, now stop acting like vegans are inferiors just because you think they think they are superiors. This is ironic and seriously ridiculous.

Meat eaters 8

Fucking meat eaters think that all veg*ns are stupid rude fucks that don't know a thing about how to eat healthy. They think that we're all cocky and pushy and don't know anything. They rant pointlessly about something that isn't even true, say that we're starving ourselves, say that we're killing veggies. Guess what? Meat isn't the only food in the world, and you also eat fucking plants. So you're still doing double damage.

Not all meat eaters are like this. But the ones that are need to stop being so ignorant and generalizing of vegans and vegetarians.

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