People who don't know where their business ends.

When I was between 15 and 17 years old I had symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia and the only people I could find in situations like my own were ones on LSD which I didn't use. I finally got over it by the end of high school.

I asked my mother to send me to a practitioner and she found someone who was an idiot who only wanted to talk about my interactions at school and nothing else. This is only a symptom of a deeper problem and they're supposed to get to the root causes.

Then a whole circle of friends and relatives who I thought I could trust started feigning psychotherapy with me and they spread rumors and gave me a reputation.

They cared more about spreading gossip than they did about solving my problems. It is humiliating and degrading to have people distribute your private health information as if you'd put it in the newspaper. Any idiot can figure out it's none of their business. When it got to be five and ten and 15 years later, people were still breaking into my private space and announcing things about my private medical history in front of whoever happened to be around making comments about my, "IQ," calling me, "a pathological liar," as if I was trying to take advantage of them.

People who don't recognize psychiatric symptoms when they hear about them are idiots and they deserve to be locked up. It is insanely rude and immoral for them to think they are entitled to have someone's private medical history and to announce it in public and start attacking them. People like this deserve to be in jail.

These idiots who like to announce things about my private tragedies that I'm not even talking about are total strangers to me who are in their 20s and 30s and older.

Only an eight year old creep should ever think they are entitled to know someone's medical history and to be so conceited they think your trying to mess with them. I did not bring it up to them or ask them for their opinions. People who do this type of abuse are begging for a fight and I can't believe  they never got the shit beaten out of them.

Jumping to conclusions 2

Itís always nice to know that if you mind your own damn business you will be blamed for someone elseís inability to keep their mouth shut.

Because we all know that quiet person over there is up to no good. As soon as I leave Iím going to gossip with the first person I come across. [/sarcasm] How about instead of placing the blame on someone you hardly know and havenít bothered to get know, you start looking at your closest friends. Perhaps theyíre the ones spreading your little secrets for everyone to enjoy.

Leave me the hell out of your little drama.

Men or Women 3

What I hate about men AND women is trying to push me into "getting a woman", I don't WANT a girlfriend!!

I get all this flack like "You must hate women!" or "you must hate men" or some stupid poop like that, I don't care what peple think about it, and they seem to think I should.

I tried having relationships before and its not for me.

Why do people think I should have a girlfriend
all the time?

I want to play and edit video and skate and colour and draw I don't want a relationship.

I just wish society would leave me alone, I looked up the law and there is no law that says I have to have a dang relationship.

People who distribute private medical information 4

People who think they are entitled to have someones private therapy information or their medical history and to pass it along out in public are criminals. My medical history was distributed by my family and several other people and they like to announce things out in public and then start biccering with me. It has nothing to do with them and they deserve to be locked up.

*Note from Anger Central
This was a tough one to post. We decided to place it here under the busybodies section.

People who can't mind their own business 5

People who point me out and announce my private tragedies as if it was my main feature are conceited and self centered. You have to be totally self involved to unearth someone's private therapy information and distribute it as if it everyone had a right to know.

I can not believe people this ignorant actually exist.

There are people who are so conceited they  actually come out of nowhere and break into my private space and start fights that involve my private medical history and it has nothing to do with them and they have to be self centered for it to translate into their business.

I think people like this deserve to be locked up.

All the big mouths in this city 6

Me and my ex boyfriend were on a break while he was out of state, so why am i the cheatin ho? Everybody calling me a whore makes me so damn mad, and the guy i slept with just got back from air force training,not a bad person, but tha last thing i wanna see is his face. And he's not that pretty either. Not to mention, all the people i brought together are going out tonight and i'm stuck babysitting a 10 year old that i've been babysitting since i was 10 years old! the world is cruel, and i am angry}:(

Nosy stupid bitch 7

Just because you've managed to overcome your addiction to food doesn't make it your business to comment on everyone else's weight. It's cool if you want to tell someone he/she looks great, but EVERY TIME you see the person? Do you have NOTHING else to talk about?

Yes, I am working on losing weight (by eating healthier and exercising). Yes, I am seeking support -- but from people who have actual LIVES and don't make food and weight their only topic of conversation.

Please, get some professional help!

Nosey people 8

I hate people that can't seem to mind their own damn business. At work on Friday they always seeking you out asking "So you got big plans for the weekend?" Then it's Monday, here are their lame asses again, " So, what did you do this weekend?" Who fucking cares. I don't care what they did and I sure as hell Isn't going to give them a blow by blow account of my weekend. Lame asses always trying to live vicariously through somebody elses life.

Gossips 9

I'm so tired of people trying to pry into my love life (or lack there of). They're not even doing it to try to help, they're doing it so they have something to gossip about. These are the people who try to push you into marriage or having kids just so they can talk about how you're headed for divorce or your kids are going to be a wreck later. I have my reasons for not dating. It's not because I am not attracted to men so stop introducing me to lesbians! I've told you this a thousand times! What do you want me to do, get knocked up?! You'd love that wouldn't you? It would be something wet and juicy for you to talk about. I have personal reasons that I wouldn't tell you gossips...but since this is an anonymous posting I might as well say it. I have major issues that I wouldn't wish on my worse enemy let alone a boyfriend. I need to work on me and when I'm ready for a boyfriend I, not you, not your cousin, not some random ass dating service that you make a profile of me for, I will choose him. I know me better than you ever will and at the end of the day I'm the one who will have to live with the things that go on in my life. You'll just watch it like a TV show and continue to gossip.

Just leave me alone!

tracey! 10

I am so angry with this girl in my college. Angry isnt a strong word. There needs to be a stronger word! I said that in a college test, i looked at someone elses work for 1 second and couldnt figure out how he got a maths answer. He had, A levels and i didnt so i copyed his. Just part of 1 question and shes being so horrible because she failed the test and i didnt. the whole thing i did so well on, except i didnt know part of this 1 question. Now she is being very obvious on facebook saying, passed the maths test and at least i didnt cheat, and now so called friends of mine are agreeing and making it sound like i have cheated at every test! I have worked so hard at college. Im so angry i now cant sleep! its our last day at college tomorrow before we break up for christmas and if i dont see her im not going to be able to have a go at her, and more to the point i am now so angry that im not going to be able to calm down. I worked so hard for that test! 6 hours of studying the night before. I understand what i did was wrong, but not enough that she has to act like this. worst is i didnt tell the person i looked at his work, and you know he knows now! How am i going to talk to him about this, and if the tutor finds out, he is going to fail me. Im so upset! why did i have to say anything. I said it because 2 of the girls mentioned that they had been looking at eachothers to see if they had the right answers so i said, yes i did that for 1 question. How can i calm myself down, im fumming!

Needled to Death 11

I don't like being needled to death by people whom it is none of their business to try and tell me how to run my life, make my decisions for me by not only making a suggestion, but then rubbing my face in it to. There are issues and things in life that you have no control over, especially when you are dealing with issues having to do with greed and indifference on the part of people and/or lack of supply, unless you want to pay out of your nose for something. I'm not rich. Don't think that these people are adjusting any better than you just because they won't stop haggling you to death.

ableist people 12

I'm angry at ableist people because they hate "anorexic bitches". I'm anorexic. Just get this: not all anorexic people are skinny, not all skinny people are anorexic, and I'm tired of trying to get out of this! I'm way stronger than those who call me weak due to me being anorexic because of what I've experienced. I'm anorexic, but I'm a damn fucking person, I may not be totally well but I know someday I'll be, I've picked up hobbies and write for a magazine and have a daughter. Still, that kind of bullshit is what I know could push other anorexics to kill themselves or just push them more into the thing, so fuck it.

Nosy Assholes 13

I am angry about nosy-ass low-lifes minding other people's business. My dog broke her collar this morning while I was at work. When I returned home for lunch she was laying on my porch with no collar on. I went to the closest store and left her in the car because I had no way to control her. The car was running and the air conditioner was on. I went directly to the rack containing dog collars in this very tiny store and directly to the register. As I was walking to the register less than twenty seconds after entering the store I hear this fat, lazy welfare slut asking people who left their dog in the car. This fat ho had the attention of everyone in the store. This woman and her three half-breed brats were dropped off by her boyfriend in his 1983 "caddy" with chrome alloy wheels. I guess she thought everyone spent an hour in the dollar store shopping for welfare groceries or maybe she thought that everyone's car could be heard running three miles away because they don't work enough to be able to afford fixing their exhaust. Anyway this bitch starts trying to open the door of my car, at which point I stepped out the door and told her to get the fuck away from my car. The manager of the store came outside and told me that I had a dog collar from the store in my hand and so I apologized and went back in to pay for the dog collar. It was then that I saw this low-life sleaze bag's unattended gangsta spawn running all over the store and one of them shoplifting candy putting a bag of skittles in their pocket. After I went outside I see this lady calling the cops to report me for leaving my dog in my car with it running, the doors locked, and the air conditioner on. So I wait for the police to show up and after they tell her to mind her own business and that I was not doing anything wrong, I tell them that the woman has been letting her children run around unattended in a store while she was outside causing trouble and that one of them had stuck a bag of skittles in their pocket. With that I left. This is not the first time I have come across a nosy, crazy asshole, but every time I have to deal with some trouble making crazy person, it pisses me off bigtime. We ought to ship these nosy assholes, who make false reports, trying to cause trouble, to their own Island where they can eliminate one another and leave the rest of us alone.

Money 14

The next time some older (albeit well meaning) person starts in on me about needing to learn how to budget money, I am honestly going to flip crap. I've been living on my own, paying my own damn bills for the past five years!! But yet I suppose because I'm young (23,) blonde and still hovering just above the poverty line, it's obvious all I know how to do is party with a credit card and buy shoes and shit.

News flash, y'all, this is not Beverly Hills Housewives. I work hard, live in a fucking tiny rental and live month to month so I can pay bills. Every payday I am reminded of how current administration has been humping my leg, because (surprise, surprise) over a third of my check has mysteriously vanished into the void that is 'taxes.' Contrary to popular belief, I haven't been able to go clothes shopping for over a year and don't see that changing any time soon.

I'm so fed up with people who grew up in the Reagan years thinking they can give out sound financial advice in the middle of this stupid recession where everything costs as if it was dipped in fucking gold. I swear it's like getting beat in the face with a bag of oranges. I'm sorry, but it's nothing short of infuriating having someone look down their nose at you and act like daddy's been paying all your bills. They act like you're a dead-beat if you DON'T go to college but then have to gall to lecture you about being 'debt free' at when you graduate and are suddenly up to your neck in student loans.

Listen, guy, I guess what I'm trying to say is: I respect the fact that you are a 'wise old owl' but I'm doing the damn best I can right now. And unless you want to see me take up exotic dancing to get in a better financial situation to get you off my back, you better start packing all these 'budgeting' talks up your ass. I don't need a lecture on budgeting, Washington does.

*Note from Anger Central
This post crosses several topics, so we had to make a decision. It's more about hammering on people telling this person what to do then taxes or politics and this is why we put it here.
And to the remarks regarding people who grew up in the Reagan years? That would be us. However, people making comments on your situation should first understand what your situation is.
And finally, wait until you get slammed with your Obamacare tax. You think you're just barely making it now? When that hits you, starvation or exotic dancing will be your choices.

Control freaks 15

I don't like people that need to tell others what jobs they are allowed to have, what they can and can't buy, how they can and can't dress, what they can and can't do. I do what I want. Stop taking my freedom away, and stop being an activist against freedom online. Stop trying to take away everybody's freedom of choice. We want to do what we want. Deal with it.

Ass-Talkers 16

I'm angry at ass-talkers. Maybe people were always this slack-jawed stupid and borderline worthless, but I've only gotten to live with the current breed of moron.

"What's an ass-talker?" you might ask. It's any of the self-important ignoramuses that are so sure of their half-baked, dipshit opinion that they have to let everyone else know about it. You can hear them jabber on at high speeds about any complex issue that they have a sufficient lack of knowledge about. Their favorite topics usually being other people's psyches or personalities.

Middle-aged and/or unaccomplished women are the most common ass-talkers. Having done nothing of consequence in one's life but exchange rapid, gaseous vibrations with their vapid friends, the ass-talker feels that SOMETHING must have come from their stale fart of a life, and they conclude that this something must be a keen insight into the character of other people, since a keen insight into something like, say, computer programming would require reliance on FACTS and not shallow hunches and transient emotions.

Unfortunately, the ass-talker's analysis of any given situation is no deeper than the "gurgle" or "plunk" sound that is made when I take a piss or shit, respectively. Missing the capability of precise, careful, scientific thinking and being too afraid to admit when one's wrong, the ass-talker remains at the same level of meager cognitive capability throughout his/her life, picking and wandering around the same old trash heap of worn out bromides until someone decides to dump their own trash into the pile with enough force and repetition.

I hate you people. I really do. I don't need to hear your opinion. Your opinion is not desired. Your opinion is not good. What your opinion IS, however, is replicated and repeated ad nauseam by other ass-talkers, you unoriginal twat.

Every tick of the clock that I'm around you shouldn't be filled with an idiot's analysis of yours, especially if I DON'T FUCKING KNOW YOU and YOU DON'T KNOW ME.

Mind your own business.

Shut the fuck up.

Grammar Nazis 17

I hate grammar Nazis these people are so triggered over punctuation and shit that if you make one mistake they act psychotic. Yeah you all aren't so smart if you want to use childish insults and attacks because the stupid ones I see are you all going around attacking people over their grammar. I bet you Polar Express Nerds wouldn't say that to someone who was 6 feet tall and goes to the gym because you would get the fuck beaten out of you. These losers need to have their fingers broken and their heads rammed into their computer screens because these morons have no lives and it's pathetic that they can't have intelligent conversations without pointing out "Oh your Grammar SUX, I hate you, I hope you die." Let's see you say that to my face and I would beat the living fuck out of you and make sure you never use a computer ever again. So to all of you loser grammartards out there go kill yourselves before somebody else you end up pissing off kill you

*Note from Anger Central
We corrected several spelling errors, punctuation mistakes and spacing issues.
The Angry English Major :)

Bitter Karen Employee 18

To the bitch thatís bitching about dressing up for Halloween why donít you grow up, people do enjoy Halloween stop being bitter Karen just because you never got any candy when you went out Trick or Treating all because you wouldnít wear a mask. If youíre not going to participate in Halloween than fine but donít come on this site, bitching about it, Grow the fuck up, Karen. I hope your fucking house gets egged this Halloween you stupid bitch.

Karens 19

I am so pissed off at these stupid entitled white bitches who act like the whole world has to revolve around them.

Some bitch tries taking my package by claiming it's hers and wants to pretend I hit her guess what I will hit you because you stupid bitches have been holding a vendetta all because you never became Prom Queen but that doesn't give any of you spoiled entitled bitches a right to fucking harass people just because you think you can do whatever the fuck you want without consequences.

Well guess what not to me if any of you stupid bitches tried that shit on me I would beat the hell out of you and slam your brainless heads on the concrete and kick you in the fucking head that is if you don't already have enough brain damage.

Some bitch in New York harasses scaters and people with pets and if I was there I would yell leave those kids alone you stupid Karen Bitch and believe me I would call them bitches a Stupid Karen Bitch to their face just before I punch them in theirs's and beat the holy fuck out of them just like I would do to that bitch in New York as well as grab her by her hair and slam her head against concrete and bust her wide open before throwing her into an oncoming car and her dumbass would deserve it.

To all of you Male Karens AKA Dicks if some dumbass tried to show me his kick in Walmart while i'm trying to shop in peace I would grab his leg show him my kick and knock his stupid ass on the ground and proceed to beat the living fuck out of his stupid ass.

Hey Karens please do the entire Human Race a favor. Either Grow up or Get Fucked Up? It's your choice.

*Note from Anger Central
Do you know what they call a group of Karens?
A Home Owners Association. :D

Karen at Dollar General 20

Hey Karens acting like entitled bitches is the real reason unemployment is at an all time high because no one wants yo deal with you spoiled entitled cunts.

Some Bitch was cussing out Dollar General Employees all because a Store Policy wouldn't accept her checks and this cunt was holding up the line.

Bitch finally left. and as it was my turn to get checked out Karen comes back still cussing and I was getting pissed that this bitch just won't leave.

She says no one cares about me and it pissed me off especially since there are kids here and I yelled at this dumbass Karen to shut the fuck up and get the fuck out of here you stupid Karen Bitch.

Karen gets out her phone and threatens to call the Police on me but the Dollar General Employees warned Karen that is she doesn't leave than there going to call the Police on her.

Karen finally leaves knowing she can't win a losing battle and as I left Dollar General I drove past Karen and opened my window and told her to go eat shit and gave her the finger and her house which is a trailer is disgusting and looks like a hoarder house with meth labs in every room.

It won't surprise me in the least bit if her house burns down.

*Note from Anger Central
We find this...questionable

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