I'm a bridesmaid in a wedding and the maid of honor is a nightmare. She complains that me and the other member of the party aren't helping and then shoots down every idea we have. She had the nerve the other day to send me an e-mail telling me i was pathetic and lacked common sense, then she said my children aren't the center of the world.....HELLO my kids are my world.

Royal Bride 2

I am so tired of regular women marrying into the royal families of the world and wanting a normal life with a doting faithful husband. I believe religiously that these women are morons. They have married into a system, a system that has existed for centuries. In exchange for adulation and complete security and insane luxury and privilege, the only thing they have to do is wave their manicured fingers and attend basic state functions. Oh, and they do it in couture and always are protected. They live a life of pressure in a glass box, but lets face it, they will always have it better than the average women who has more stresses. And they want to make sure the kids are 'normal.' Attention Royal Brides: your kid is different; they will have duties to fulfill in exchange for a secure future. The whole point of royal etiquette and a royal upbringing is to prepare them for life in a glass box. Royal etiquette provides stability and makes sure that they are able to cope. Courtiers work damn hard at dedicating their lives to an ancient institution. Don't fuck it up. Realize that you should know beforehand what is expected, and that on occasion your husband will stray. Deal with it. You are marrying into the royal family, you are NOT in a position to make demands. Don't believe that being in love is the only thing that will sustain a marriage. That idiot Princess Diana believed that. Your husband has greater concerns than when you are stressed or if you are missing him. And don't be a snob and assume every aristocrat is trying to destroy you. That is stupid too. You need to realize that your life is permanently changed, and you need to be the one to change.

Pregnant Brides 3

Trashy, trashy, trashy! If you are far enough along in your pregnancy that you are obviously showing (and wedding dresses can hide a lot!) then it is a little late for a wedding, wouldn't you say? I know, things happen. Lots of engaged couples get an early present. Fine, good, congratulations. Go to City Hall and have a judge marry you, or move up the wedding date and get married before you show. Have your big-ass ceremony AFTER the baby arrives, for your one year anniversary. Show a *little* class and modesty. No kid wants to see a picture of his/her parent's wedding with Mom ready to pop.

The bride 4

Let's call her The Bride...

The Bride has finally pissed me off. I was invited to her wedding as her maid of honor which I happily accepted. That is, happy until I found out that in her unique little world the maid of honor has to pay for half of her expense for her fucking wedding! The groom hates me, and I'm helping pay for the wedding?!? She didn't even hint that this gross abuse of friendship was part of the deal until after I agreed.

She can't afford to have her wedding because she is helping him pay his two child supports. He only works part time. They live in a one bedroom crack-shack that she pays for. The entire apartment can fit in my living room. And for some reason I "get to help" footing the bill.

She bought her own engagement ring because her sack of shit husband to be didn't have enough credit to afford half of the damned thing. But she insisted taking pictures of the ring and sending me the photos. "Look what he bought me! Aren't you jealous?!" Really let's just call it how it is. You bought yourself the damned thing. It was way more than you could afford and this is why you can't afford the wedding.

So how will you afford it but by shitting on your friends.

Bridezillas 5

Not so much angry as just annoyed and scratching my head over girls these days who feel they have to turn their weddings into a pissing contest. I know I can't be the only one who notices this. Not only that, some women turn into complete jerks during the last month before the wedding. It's like they turn into someone completely different. So here's the thing (the angry part, if you will): My husband and I make a five hour drive on tollroads to attend (what we thought was) our friends wedding. Vacation time off our jobs, mind you, which is something you don't play around with bc we don't get a lot of it. So we get there, and the both of them completely snub us. Just ignore us the whole time. And it's not one of those 'VIP' weddings either; there were maybe fifty people there including all the bridesmaids/groomsmen and family. I tried to tell the bride congrats and how happy I was for both of them and she won't even look at me and just flounces off. When my husband went up to the groom to give him our wedding present (150 bucks cash,) he just stuck his nose up and told us that he was disappointed in us that we hadn't been able to be in the actual wedding and be there a whole week early for the whole rehearsal gambit. But he threw that 150 bucks in his pocket real quick though. I'm sorry but we both had jobs and didn't have three weeks of paid vacation to waste on your snotty ass. So we spent about 200 bucks in gas to get down there to a shitty wedding and a 150 on those two pretentious idiots. Wtf is it about weddings that turns normal people into complete assholes?? I seriously do not attend weddings anymore because most of them are complete bull.

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