The Silent Treatment 101

My supposed fiancÚ of several years of being together is giving me the silent treatment... not that this is new... but it's been a while and there is absolutely no reasoning behind it. He could at least just fricking tell me he's done ! I am furious!!!!

Boyfriend 102

My boyfriend NEVER calls me, he can go 3 weeks or more w/out even talking to me!!! I have been through so much damn shit and put up with so much damn shit of his!! He is my first love and I miscarried his baby when I was 20 and he is 12 years older than me and I love him so damn much and I feel like he could just care less about me. He might care but that's as much as I get out of him!! He has NEVER told me he's loved me! ever!!! But I left him after we lived together for 2 months and I miscarried b/c he didn't give me enough attention nor did he ever bring me anywhere! He's been hurt by so many of his ex girlfriends he thought I was just like them! So while we are broken up, he calls me on my birthday wanting me to come over. I feel so mad still at him, that I lie and tell him I'm too busy playing volleyball with my friends. He never called again and being so pissed off I didn't call him either. 3 months after his call, I get news that he wrecked his bike and could die. I go INSANE and run to see him and pray for him everyday. He makes it through and still I don't hear a word from him. I date another guy and end up completely unhappy still thinking of my first love. One day I get the courage up and go see him. We reunite, make love and I realize he's kept all of my things and he tells me he has missed me so much. Now we've been seeing each other for about 5 months, but only when he calls me. Which is usually only a day out of the week. I love him so much I am blind to this. I can't help it I run to him every time. Now I haven't heard from him in 3 damn weeks and he invited me to go on a trip to cali with him but at the last minute told me we weren't going. I feel so empty, used, and upset and he doesn't even give 2 damns b/c he still hasn't called me. I am madly in love with him and when we are apart I feel horrible. I don't know what to do. I feel like a door carpet as he walks all over me. My opinions are not respected and I want them to matter to him. They do but his exes f*ed him up so bad I get all the repercussions. I feel lost. I ask myself "does he really love me deep down inside or am I just here for him when he feels like it?" It hurts so bad I want to kill myself sometimes.

my perfect boyfriend 103

I am angry at my boyfriend because all he seem to want to do is put me down and make me feel like an ant. what's worse I am expected to hang out with his ex girlfriends family (she died of a drug overdose ) where I have to hear all the time how I look just like her and act just like her. I'm sorry but I don't want to be compared to some drug addicted tramp. the only things I know about her are horrible and god forbid I tell my boyfriend how uncomfortable I am with all that shit that I'm sick of hearing it because then I'm saying something bad about them. but they can say what they want about me. so bull shit. oh wait I'm wrong I'm the one that's bull shit right. fucking asshole. he doesn't like burnt food but last night I didn't burn the chicken so he wouldn't eat. he's fucking nuts. everything stupid he did he blames on his ex that he didn't love. fucking liar. does he think I'm gonna get mad because he loved before me?? holy fuck I was married before him our only difference is that I don't sleep with anyone. I am 28 and have only been with 2 people I get the honor of hanging out with all his little one night stands. yay!! such a great time we all have together. his son isn't even his real kid its the dead girls, which I don't mind I love him like he's mine, really ,such a great boy. but I have 2 children that I have been isolated from because he wont let me see them. he can get his boy and drop all of his paycheck on him and I cant even get my kids birthday presents. like I said its not his sons fault and I don't resent him. I do however think that he is much better off with his mother gone. five years old driving a car making his own dinner cause mom was too fucked up on drugs to take care of him. oh but don't say anything bad about her. she's such a great person. all I get to hear about is how I do everything wrong and fuck everything up. I don't cook right if he sees me cooking but I can make the same thing the next week and have it ready he'll love it perfect nuttin wrong with it. crazy piece of shit. I don't clean the right way even though I am 28 and have a successful cleaning business and pulled in 76,000 last year but he wont get his lazy ass off the couch to lift a finger. he drives an hour min. every day for work if I use more than a tank a week I'm going somewhere else. I'm not even allowed to baby-sit for his sister. I'm stupid fat (at 135lbs) cant think for myself but he cant even decide what to have for dinner for one night a month. yeah he'll get mad if I ask him to think of something. if I don't make the right dessert NOTHING ABOUT ME IS RIGHT!!! god I cant take it anymore if I ruined his life so bad then he can just leave. what he doesn't know is that I wont be here when he gets home. I'm gone. all the bull shit I've put up with my deal breaker was him telling me to go kill myself last night (my father killed himself when I was 13 I blame myself) so as far as I'm concerned he can just go overdose just like the love of his life then maybe he'll be happy. I guess I should have been a drug addict that cant even wake up to know my 5 year stole my car to be good enough for him. go to hell asshole good luck making it without me

Boyfriend 104

Why in god's name does he think its ok to sit on his ass all day long playing video games...while I bust my ass around the house.... I have said it multiple times, I have asked nicely, I have mentioned it nicely to please help around the house. He needs a dam excel spreadsheet to do anything and even now that doesn't help. SO NOW I waste my time making a list for no apparent reason, only to move the blasted thing out of the way (into a fricken neat pile he will never go thru) as I clean the god dam garage!!!

Is it immaturity? Is it just the nature to take advantage of people? Or is it plain and simple selfishness? I would hate to think its that....why in all of heaven would he even possibly be selfish with he insane? Maybe thats it? Insane would be a better alternative to thinking he actually is really the most selfish stupid prick in the world.

Ranting is supposed to make me feel better and this is not working...I am hoping this would avoid an arguments but alas...I dont think so. I have a choice to make...lay in my bed and let him break me down to being just as lazy as him in spite. Or get up clean up and get in a fight...hopefully I wont break a goddam broom over his head..but that may be a better alternative to using one of his fricken dewalt power tools to hide his body somewhere....

*Note from Anger Central
Choice number three: Leave him. Or toss him out if the dwelling is in your name. There's plenty more fish in the sea.

Who's to blame? 105

My boyfriend will NEVER EVER take the blame for ANYTHING. EVER! He gets mad at me for dumb crap that is his fault anyway and blames me and makes me feel bad and cry about all this bs.

He left during lunch at work with me--he said he was going to the bathroom. Well I wait 20 minutes and he's still not back so I decide to go back to work, on the way there I see him walking back to the workplace so I go to the bathroom and then go back myself. I get ready for work really slowly in case he's just somewhere not ready yet..

Finally I see him and he's not even halfway ready and he's mad at me.

He blames me for going back to get started for work and not waiting for him when I didn't even know where he was or what he was doing I just saw him walking back to work. He says I should have thought he was waiting somewhere (where I can't even see) and just wait for him to come out.

So he's mad at me for not just waiting somewhere looking stupid when he didn't even tell me where he was or what he was doing he just said he was going to the bathroom then didn't come back for 20 min and it's all my fault and I'm terrible and I NEVER wait for him and I ignore him. Unbelievable. No matter what, it's always my fault to him.

Insensitive clueless boyfriend 106

He is totally incapable of running his own life - he expects me to be his mother. He is seemingly sweeter and more giving that other guys, so everything thinks he's a wonderful boyfriend, but he's really totally spineless and will not take responsiblity for anything or make a decision about anything. I am expected to be his secretary, chef, housekeeper, brain. And I am starting to think he is incapable of change, even though in principle he is willing to try. Which makes me think I'm wasting my time, but I have so much of my life, energy and emotion wrapped up in this relationship, how am I supposed to just end things even if I know deep down it is best? TOO HARD!

Mr No Call 107

What is the deal with certain men and not calling? Went on a date last weekend, and it seemed to go well- went to dinner, and even had the goodnight kiss. So he tells me he'll call....And, surprise, surprise, he hasn't. He's vanished. He doesn't reply to emails. He ignores text messages. He's vamooshed.

What REALLY pisses me off is that if he wasn't interested in the first place, then why didn't he just bloody SAY SO? Why promise to call, if he has no intention of doing so? I'd far rather he said "Look, I had a good night, but I don't think it's going to work out. Hope it goes well for you", instead of promising to call, but not having any intention of doing so. Bastard!

verbally abusive boyfriend 108

ok ASSHOLE! I'm finally going to say everything I want to say even though I know you probably wont ever read this but if you do read this and you're like damn that sounds familiar, yeah this is a bout you. I'm tired of you treating me like shit. first of all, you call me stupid. why do you do that to me? you're the one that's 23 and can't read much more than your name. you act like you're speaking Spanish and I act like I think you are because I cant understand Spanish, but I know you are just making up words. you sing songs and you don't even put the right words on it. you cant drive and you know absolutely nothing about cars. do I call you stupid? NO I DON'T. I support you and I try to make you feel good about yourself. you call me fat and ugly and you say these mean things to me and it hurts and you always apologize to me but if you were really sorry you wouldn't say it. I'm glad I got to spend the past that amazing 4 months with you while your ex was in camp Shelby and I'm glad I have had the past 2 months with you and I'm really thrilled that we finally started dating and I love you more than you know but you need to stop treating me like shit because I will leave. picture your life without me . does it look good? I don't think it does. please don't drive me away. I LOVE YOU

*Note from Anger Central
Why are we posting this into boyfriends? It should be in Ex-loves. No one is worth this sort of abuse. There are plenty of fish in the sea, so we would strongly recommend tossing this one back, breaking out the dynamite and start fishing for a new one.

Tony 109

ok this is truly a winner i'm going out with THIS time, just as I finally managed to be rid of Lance A. Boil (hopefully he'll STAY gone for good this time) now I've got "Tony (Ate) The Tiger" to contend with. No problem, he's good to me, we are a good couple together and we haven't really fought yet in the 16 months we've been together because he doesn't play the selfish controlling headgames that Lance used to. But!!! I bring home two packages of Oreo's and while I'm asleep he gets into him and starts grazing like a goddamn cow. Then I break into them and low and behold over 3/4 of the cookies are GONE. Hello? Type 1 non insulin dependent diabetes ring a bell? your circulation in your lower legs has already gone to shit. Little wonder I don't bring home cookies, cakes, puddings, etc. very often. What junk I do buy (soda) rarely lasts more than a day.

Please God, before I marry this one, please let me find a trough big enough for him to strap on!!
Thanks Anger Central.

My paranoid horny abusive future husband 110

I HATE him. I don't normally cuss...but right now...I swear on my CAREER I hate you, you fucking bastard. I have so many fracking bruises from where he's hit me. It's annoying. I like wearing short skirts and now I can't as the bruises are just plain fugly. And all he wants to do is have sex. Ever. It's SO annoying. Plus, he has the nerve to accuse me of sleeping with ALL of my friends who happen to be men (not his friends, because HE doesn't HAVE any). If I ever complain about this, he tells me to stop be such a woman. ***SMILE*** Thaaaaaaanks, hon. That's just exactly what I was looking for. I'll just drop it, and you can go on hitting me and cutting me and I'll just work over time (which he ALSO complains about) to get money for the plastic surgery to hide all these damn scars. And talk about work! He's an electrician!! An electrician!! And I'm a Harvard graduate, and he tells me I'm stupid!!! I don't mean to belittle those who haven't gone to college, but I think I deserve a *little* credit, yes? "You idiot," he says. My god, I wouldn't even have agreed to marry the fool but we were high school sweethearts and now it just seems too late to do anything about it. He knows too much. Anyway...I just can't WAIT for our lovely wedding day! I'm sure I will have GREAT life with you, you lazy ass. I wish you would just die. See you next June at the church, you bastard.

*Note from Anger Central
When we first read this we thought this turd on legs was your husband. Reading through it we see you haven't made that mistake yet. This slug is an abuser. Do NOT make the mistake of marrying him. Pack your things and go. We don't know where you live or who you are, but if we did we would contact you directly and offer you assistance in moving elsewhere, or assisting you in moving this pile of duck droppings into the nearest jail.
You have a degree from Harvard? We won't go into our contempt for that former place of higher learning, but that degree is worth a lot to companies that like Ivy league schools on the resume. Take our advice. Find someone else. This puddle of liquified bovine night soil is not good enough for a male camel, never mind someone like you.

Carrot-I mean boyfriend on a stick 111

If my boyfriend was a woman, he'd be a Succubus from the 7th plane of Hell. As if mind fuckery wasn't enough, he also likes to turn me into his emotional tampon, he personal ATM, and psychology experiment. We have sex on his schedule, I masturbate according to a schedule he has power over, and his level of passive aggressive mind fuck expertise (which is like epic level +15) puts every woman on the face of the earth to shame.

He is the carrot in front of the damn donkey, and I'm tired of him making an ass out of me. And he will do JUST enough to keep me trudging along...being responsible for me, for him, and for us. Of course this minute morsel of "care" is only expressed after a horrific nuclear melt down, the kinds that get worse with each and every explosion.
We've been together for two years. Granted we have both been through some hard hard things in that time, but I KNOW I still enable his assholeic attitude by accepting all the blame and trying even harder.

*Note from Anger Central
And you are still with this piece of human debris because???

Boyfriend 112

Damn you. DAMN YOU. You wanna go spend $900 on lottery tickets? Do you? Fucking asshole. I ask you to take me out to dinner. What do I hear? "Let's go to McDonalds." I DON'T FUCKING LIKE MCDONALDS. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU...I...DON'T...LIKE...MCDONALDS! TAKE ME TO A NICE FUCKING PLACE TO EAT! You treated me like a god damn queen when I first met you. You did absolutely everything for me. And now I get nothing. All you want to do is control me. Leave me alone. Leave me. I don't fucking care. NO, WHY THE FUCK WOULD I GIVE YOU THE OPTION TO LEAVE ME?! NO. I'm taking control this time BABY. Your fat ass is going DOWN. I'm done with you and I'm leaving you. I hope the next girl you try to manipulate sees right through you.


My boyfriend makes me feel like crap all the time he calls me bad names and treats me like trash but at the same time does everything for me I never really have a job and he doesnt care yeah thats nice of him but at the same time he is mean he tells me to leave and get out and when I do get my stuff together he goes in the room see's its all packed and then throws it across the fuckin room and says your not fuckin leaving. what the fuck is wrong with that stupid asshole? im really tired of crying and being hurt so bad he use to treat me really good but not nomore I dont have a clue why he is so mean to me I know he doesnt cheat on me thats never been an issue one day Im gonna show his ass huh THANKS I related to alot of girls on this sight PEACE

*Note from Anger Central
This clown needs some help. Throw this one back into the water, drop your hook and go fishing for a new boyfriend. There are plenty of fish in the sea after all.

Boyfriend 114

Pete totally said it himself tonight. Twice. He really is a selfish asshole. And one suffering some serious myopia. Shocking he's been alive 20 years longer than I have (and he has the experience and wisdom to prove it) but has yet to have a successful relationship. His behavior tonight was so immature and almost pitiful. Good thing he's "okay with" being alone. Enjoy your bitchy daughters and in Demand porn, Pete. I deserve so much more than a self-important asshole with mommy issues.

He's pushing me to feel so glad when I'm finally rid of him. I'm already looking forward to the day when I meet someone else. I've worked so much harder for this relationship than he has, and the moment he claims to have realized this, he has another self-absorbed pity party that ends with him yelling at me. GROW UP. SHUT UP about your sad little issues and GET OVER YOURSELF. That'll have to be step one if anyone ever wants to date him seriously after me.

Boyfriend 115

You make me so fucking angry, you are the WORLDS biggest idiot , liar , cheat , moron and loser. You continually put me down , threaten me , call me "fat" "ugly" and "boring" and then the next day I "meant the world to you". No fucking wonder your other girlfriends before me all left you , and absolutely refuse to have anything to do with you - you're a misogynistic bastard on top of everything else. You want to have kids ? You want me to marry you one day ? Fucking go into a hole and die you bastard , I pray that you will end up old and alone, hopefully no other poor girl is silly enough to fall for your sweet talk. I'm 21 , I've been with you for one year , and it feels like 50 , you constantly control me one day and say that you "wouldn't care if I cheated on you the next" , you have some major personality malfunction , and I hope that everyone who has fallen for your nice guy act sees you for what a snake you really are. Go fuck the girl next door , sleep with your ex girlfriends , shack up with people you meet online, FUCK YOU pal , you aren't cheating on me anymore. Kiss my ass you selfish prick , you make me so angry I just want to kill you. I hope that you shack up with some poor woman REALLY soon , cause once your good looks are gone , you're SCREWED BUDDY , NO personality to fall back there. Take someone else for granted , hurt someone else's feelings , call someone else every mean name in the book.Ive had my heart broken , but its you I feel sorry for. You don't know how to treat anyone better than an animal if they are female , you're a heartless , soulless jackass. Go to Hell. And one more thing. you aren't "awesome" and definitely aren't "awesome enough for me to never forget about " , I promise I wont even remember you in a month. You'll miss what you can never have again , but you , you'll never cross my thoughts EVER , EVER AGAIN. You truly are a man whoring asshole.

Boyfriend 116

My BF is a jerk!!! I'm sitting here crying and he's mocking me. Fuck you asshole! I hate you sometimes!!

*Note from Anger Central
Time to get a new boyfriend we think.
Or tell him you're pregnant...with triplets. ;)

My Boyfriend 117

What the hell, man? Why am I not allowed to express my anger? Why do we never have sex? For fuck's sake, I am 23 years old, cute and HORNY! You should be nailing me nightly.

In addition to that, you seem to have a fucking problem with my feelings. You get mad when I cry, you get mad when I am angry, when I am happy, you tell me that I am too happy. WTF? If you wanted a robot, you should have built one.

So what if I snap at you? I get frustrated, too. You can call me all sorts of names when you are mad, but if you don't like my tone of voice, it's the end of the world. The worst part is I love you even after all of that. I am stupid.

Porno Boyfriend 118

My boyfriend comes off as the nicest bf in the world towards everyone but me. He used to be awesome but then I found out that he is fully addicted to porn. And by that I dnt mean the occasional glance i mean cant go a day without looking at naked women that arent me! Iv asked him to stop, told him I would leave him and he just gets better at hiding it. The ither day I came downstairs in my parents' house and he was wanking over porn on thier computer! WTF?! Who does that? At that point I told him to f off but he begged for another chance and I am too pathetic to let him go. This relationship has made sure that I have no self esteem, he yells at me all the time for no apparant reason. I know I shouldnt be with him but it's been 3.5 years and I dnt know how to leave him. I am just so angry all the time and I take it out on other people. How do I get myself into these situation??!!! ARG!

boyfriend 119

My live in boyfriend/father of my child always says no when i ask him to go on a date... BUT when the women he works with asks to hang out or tag along he has no problem saying yes. Not to mention he is 30 years old and they are 21. What is he gonna explain to his child why he wont go out with his family but he will leave us at home and go hang out with little girls.

my bf is an A**Hole 120

He was soooooo PERFECT all the time..UNTIL he "got too comfortable" and now he thinks im in LOVE with him and that he got me, so he treats me like sh*t!! Overnight!! I cry and he laughs at me!That F@kin A-hole piece of crap turd, I hate the living daylights out of him right now! How could such a perfect man turn so COLD overnight for no reason! Why do I bother!!?? I did nothing wrong! Im 29 years old, he is 26..he thinks Im too jealous, I think he is f-kin SHADY as S*it!!I cant take his F*kin games any longer! F- him and everything he stands for! How the hell did I allow myself to get swept off my feet by an overnight j*rkoff without a job?!! He works here and there, only has enough $$ to eat..thank G-D he doesnt ask me for no money cause he would get a big fat HELL NO!!! All i hear is promises of a better tomorrow!Well f-ck tommorrow with him!My tomorrows will be with somebody else!Ive had ENOUGH!! The last straw!We havent even been together long enough to accept being treated like dirt!I could never accept it, but especially being so soon, we should be in our honeymoon stage!! oooooooooh he gets me so mad! The mf just called and doesnt even lv a mssg, an apology! YOU OWE ME ONE u pc of sht!!!!!!!!and your GHETTO trailer-tr*sh ex had the balls to call my phone!!FU*K YOU!!!

Boyfriend 121

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! What is your problem? You are 25 years old and still live with your "Daddy" and have no education or job. On top of that all you do is smoke marijuana, you have even done crack! You treat me like shit and are constantly playing head games. I truly loved you and wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I put up with you blowing me off, standing me up, going to jail, and even hitting me. Yet, that still wasn't enough. How can you say you love that girl more than me when I am supposed to be your everything? If you have had sex with 27 women why the fuck would I even want to touch you? You get mad because I won't lose my virginity to you? Why the fuck should I? Don't you think I want that? Don't you think that I would want to share something as intimate as that with the "man" I love? I did. I wanted to be your soul mate and the ONLY woman you love, but apparently I'm not even "good enough" to do that. So guess what Pedro...FUCK YOU. 2


My boyfirnd is a pick i spend all afternoon slaving over the stove to make dinner for HIS parents even though i have been away for the last two days. all i wanted when he got home was some fucking appretiation but no thats too fucking hard for his tiny male brain!!!! why the fuck to guys think girls dont want a hug and kiss just cuz they dont if there cock isnt feeling it. FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!

Boyfriend 123

He is such a fucking lazy ass. This guy...we have known each other since grade school and had classes together in high school. After graduation we didn't talk for 2 years and then we finally started seriously dating. He is a smart guy, can do amazing things with computers from home and make REAL good money doing it. Problem is HE'S TOO FUCKING LAZY TO DO SHIT ANYMORE WITHOUT HIS FUCKING OXYCONTIN. We both decided to quit this habit for good months ago and ever since then he hasn't done SHIT. WE moved to a new apartment in a town 2 hours away from home and he is frustrating me to no end. He hasn't paid a internet/power/rent bill in over 4 months. We were on the verge of being evicted one month until my BROTHER came to the rescue and lent us the money for rent. I am in school all day while he sits at the apt. on his ass not doing shit but looking at porn and playing fucking computer games. I clean up, I cook, I clean the fucking litter box EVERY DAMN DAY, I make sure bills get paid........NOT HIM!!!!!!! I don't know what to do anymore. I don't understand relationships anymore; how can you love someone so much that you will put up with all their BULLSHIT but also hate them at the same time??? I scream at the top of my lungs til I'm blue in the face and it still does not seem to get the message across that in order to fucking LIVE you need MONEY! He had a successful website just before we moved and he used to keep up with it all the time, but since he has quit doing OC he has let it go to shit and isn't trying to do anything to make any money. He always says he's gonna "start working" on Monday. EVERY WEEKEND he says this. And EVERY WEEK he NEVER starts working. I'm just so sick of being depressed everyday worrying about how bills are going to get paid and whether or not the cats will have food or if WE will even have food to eat for the night or if I'll have gas to get to school for the week. I get so mad at him sometimes that I just want to punch him in the face. I've had to stop myself plenty of times now. I am waiting for our lease to be up in 6 months so I can leave his ass if he hasn't gotten out of his rut by then.

he just doesn't get it 124

He doesn't understand how crap he makes me feel. He says such horrible things to me but says he loves me. Why doesn't he understand that he is hurting me? Why oh why doesn't he understand that this is not acceptable behaviour? He cant control me, he cant tell me what to do and what not to, who to see and who not to. He cant do that. Why doesn't he understand that people cannot behave like that? Why cant he just accept responsibility for his actions? I would be deeply ashamed if i had left some horrible voice messages threatening them saying i was going to mess up their lives. He is a loony tune! I am angry with myself for staying with him for so long as he has worn me down, torn me to shreds and made me think I am a bad person cos i "make him this way". And i am mostly angry because i still love him and cant let him go. God I need to grow a pair!


My boyfriend is a pick i spend all afternoon slaving over the stove to make dinner for HIS parents even though i have been away for the last two days. all i wanted when he got home was some fucking appreciation but no thats too fucking hard for his tiny male brain!!!! why the fuck to guys think girls dont want a hug and kiss just cuz they dont if there cock isnt feeling it. FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!

alcoholic boyfriend 126

I am angry because I thought I found this perfect guy amidst all of the losers I have known and gotten rid of. He was nice, somewhat good looking (not a great big factor), he has ambition, he works hard, he has a good job, but he's also a great big fucked up asshole(the side I didn't see until after he moved into my fucked up falling apart house and started helping me fix it up). How dare him change so drastically from a shy quiet sweet guy into a big controlling prick.

We used to drink together often and have a good time. I quit drinking with him because he always pisses me off and then I want to fight and argue back.

Now he drinks a lot, granted he still works but I dread his days off because he gets drunk and belligerent every time. It doesn't matter what pisses him off (usually something stupid that he doesn't even remember the next day) he takes everything out on me and my kids.

No he doesn't beat us he just screams and hollers and constantly complains. Why do people get drunk to have a good time but never end up having fun because they turn into pricks???? What's the point? if you can't control yourself and have a good time.

and to make matters worse the stupid asshole forgot how to shower. He at times goes a month without taking a bath and wonders why I don't give him any attention anymore, but when he ask I don't dare tell him in a nice way or otherwise that he stinks because it will just make him wait longer to bath.

Yes I said he lives in my house but now since he has made all of these repairs he thinks its his and won't leave. If I could afford to leave I would. Yes I said that. It would be worth it to be rid of his ass without dealing with him or his family.

Which leads to my next complaint. Everytime we fight he calls his Mom to come pick him up.

Boyfriend 127

My boyfriend is like the worst ever. When HE does something wrong, it turns out to be MY fault somehow and it's fucking annoying. He has been hanging out with his friends everyday this week, and I tried to go out to his house today. He lives forty minutes away so when I was getting ready to leave, he's like "Oh no, I already made plans don't come." Does that seem like a caring boyfriend to anyone? Maybe I'm overreacting, but he does this way too fucking much. It really hurts my feelings, and those feelings get transferred into feelings of anger and resentment. Boys suck. This is something minor, but there's a lot of other things that play into why I get so angry over things like this. He hasn't even called me like he said he would either. It's almost midnight and he hasn't called me. I know he's been online because I saw that he created a posting. How dumb is that? Anyways, I feel a little better now, but whatever. I'm still fucking pissed. I'm gonna go drink a cup of water. Ciao. :)

*Note from Anger Central
Sounds like it's time to find a new boyfriend to us. :)

selfish boring boyfriend 128

My boyfriend is a sweet guy but he doesn't get up before 3pm on the weekends. We work completely different shifts so he really should make the effort to get his ass out of bed. He doesn't give a crap about what i want, and can't deal with it at all when i confront him. He doesn't have the people skills to even reason with me, he just goes quiet. His mum thinks the sun shines from him and does EVERYTHING for him, he doesn't know what responsibility is and doesn't ever consider how a relationship is about thinking about the both of you and being flexible. He will never give me a straight answer about his plans so i find it really hard to fit around him or plan anything. We've never been on holiday together cos he just wont get his ass into gear and i am not prepared to do everything for him. Tonight i waited till midnight to hear whether we were going out tonight or not, then he calls me and doesn't even mention it, just says he's going home for a shower. Meanwhile i have let other people down to sit around waiting for him. I don't know who's the bigger fool, him or me. I really should break up with him but i'm in a strange city with no-one i know. Not that we ever do anything fun together. He's so boring. I'm always trying to get him to be spontaneous but he's like brain dead or something, just can't think for himself.

Boyfriend 129

I've been with this guy for 6 months. The first 3 were wonderful he was sweet, helpful, understanding and I was allowed to be me and have friends and have a life. Now he gets angry at me for nothing and called me a "stupid f*cking slut" and tell me f*ck you and go to hell and things like that. Everytime he's tired, stressed, sick ,upset, angry, hungry whatever he always has an excuse for why he treats me how he treats me. We went on a trip over fourth of july and he promised he'd pay for the hotel, I had to pay for it, he keeps saying he'll pay for it but here it is September and no $ for the bill, I do all the drivings ALL THE TIME he doesnt even have a car and I ahve to drive 45 minutes to an hour one way to his house. I work 2 jobs, and also run a horse stable with 5 horses and go to college online. And he has the gumption to tell me that I need to "pull my head out of my horse's ass and realize he isnt happy because he doesnt see me enough." Well I see it as I go to see him twice a week and I can never stay the night becaust I have to get up at 4 am to take care of five horses before I goto job #1. Never mind job #2 or the fax that I work 6 sometimes 7 days a week at job on e and two and have to take care of horses 7 days a week. Never mind school, or anything else. I jsut dont understand how he can be so incredibly selfish, when I'm doing everything in our relationship and also put me down and tear my heart out and then make it out like I do something to deserve that. And if I even try to stand up for myself he craps all over me and screams at me and he has pushed me down and grabbed my arms and brushed me and then told me that it was cuz he didnt want me to leave cuzhe wanted to fix things. He says mean hatefulm hurtful things and then hangs up and turns his phone off and then gives the excuse that he did it "for me" because he could tell things were getting worse and didnt want to be rude. I just dont understand. How can someone who "loves me" treat me this way? I graduated with honors with my asso. in account in June and am working on a bachelors. I take care of EVERYTHING, I volunteer for big brother big sisters, am on the board of our local equestrian center, I basically rescue, train and find homes for mistreated horses, I work 2 jobs, go to school full time, take care of everything in our relationship, volunteer for our branch of Soroptimist, help out in our soup kitchens in the colder months, etc. But somehow I'm just no good enough or even worth his kindness. I just can't take it anymore...

Boyfriend 130

I've given up so many things for my boyfriend and I still don't understand why he treats me like he does. I moved across to the country to be with him again and we went from having our own apartment to having to live with his mom because he cant be bothered to work more than 4 hours a day. He's alway hostile, angry and defensinve. But can he talk like the grown man he is? No he doesn't he resorts to name calling, calling me fat, boring and a bitch. I don't have any friends of my own out here, just him and his friends. He doesn't care, he doesnt want me to go meet people. I'm lonely out here but if I show one inkling of it, here comes the name calling and the belittling. I've been with him for two years and I love him but, Im just so tired of how he treats me.

*Note from Anger Central
Sounds like it's time for a new boyfriend!

people who don't believe me 131

Because, when I try so hard to explain myself to some people, they just don't believe me! My boyfriend thinks that my explanations are complete bullshit when they are the honest to god truth! I am not a complex or sneaky person, i tell the truth because why wouldn't I????? I want him to believe me but he is so paranoid that I'm sneaking around and doing things with other guys, but I'm not! I have never cheated on him but he thinks that I have and nothing that I do can possibly convince him otherwise! it's not easy for me to have to fix it every time he feels threatened by something I do! I already try not to do things that will make him unhappy-that's part of being a good girlfriend. But apparently I don't do half enough! I'm so angry, and he won't agree that I have any reason to be-it's always all my fault. I'm willing to take some of the blame, but not all the time and not for everything! I just want him to trust me, and he doesn't. If there's any doubt, I never get the benefit of it, if there's any ambiguity, he assumes that I'm lying. I'm guilty until proven innocent, and the irony of it is that if he asks me something, I tell him the truth.

*Note from Anger Central
This is mostly about your boy toy so we placed the rant here. And if he's that insecure, get rid of him.

Boyfriend 132

I am very angry because my boyfriend is acting in the way that gives all boyfriends a bad rep. It is NOT that hard to call, it is NOT that hard to give the smallest amount of attention, and that's ALL that it takes! A freaking text! A call to say HI! Why must he be so stupid? I've kept this feeling inside for a long time now, and even though the issue is so incredibly small, I feel that I will explode all of my anger at him any second! I am calling it quits. I deserve better! He doesn't even return the favor!

Boyfriend 133

I can't stand my boyfriend sometimes! This year I had to move away from university, but we decided to stay together and do the whole long distance deal yet he never calls! and when he does he's shit at keeping up conversation and has to go within 10 minutes. He always seems to be busy and can never talk. I'm just so sick of it! I feel like he just doesnt care so why should I? Why should I be the only one trying to keep this relationship? Even if I do love him with all my heart it's just not fair to me. Think I'm just gunna give up..

My Boyfriend - The Lying Child 134

You, Brian. Why didn't you just leave me the hell alone? I'm a six-figure blond knock out. You came on like a friggin freight train. Three and a half years, buddy. Three and a half wasted years. Listening to you moon over your deceitful, pretentious, two-timing ex. How sad you are that you, "didn't spend more time," doing the things she wanted. Regrets, regrets. You send her flowers, you send her erotic emails. It's all about the one you cannot have, while you dangle a carrot at me just to keep me interested. You are an insincere, self-important blowhard, pontificating about, "honor," and "duty," to you those are a punch line. You have no honor, no morals, no ethics. You talk a good game, you are even a decent actor. When you boil it all down, you are an empty shell driven only by your sexual needs and your all important ego. You lie, you cheat, and you lie some more. I find humor in all things. What is absolutely hilarious in this is that you seemed to forget what I do for a living. You have not typed a single keystroke, visited a website, or had a cell phone conversation in over two years that I have not seen and heard. Things changed for me when you went to Korea. In this case, a drunken blow job cost you everything, it cost you my trust. I've tried to get it back, but your wishy-washy distancing have kept me at arms length. So, you are now WAY beyond arms length. I'm cutting you loose. I'm going to get into my airplane, this morning. I'm going to taxi out, flip you, your house, your fucking perfectionist controlling commitment phobe Susan pussy whipped ass the bird and head off into the sunset. Later, flake.

my boyfriend 135

because he is constantly making me angry and i cant believe him still with him and i just wish i could get away and dump him



Fake Boyfriend 137

I am so dam angry because my man is such a fake! He pretends he's the perfect innocent boyfriend in everyone's face. He uses me to cook for him everyday. He thinks he's really slick about it. He flirts with people right in front of me. He says he loves me and gets upset when we talk about our future. He makes mean references to my weight. I'm a size 6! I am short but i'm curvy but come on a size 6 is smaller than most women I know. When he does something he always lets me knows he does it. He snores in my face at night! He plays games all day! He has not financially helped me in any way! His parents are millionaires and i'm here more broke than a homeless person. I have a car but I owe so much money and all he can say is wow I didn't know you had so much debt! He is not appreciative when I get dresses up. He doesnt notice me often, he use to call me pretty girl and now all I get is hey is there anything to eat! I can't stand it and i'm so sad and fed up! Help me, please bless me with some knowledge and help. I know im not the most perfect but I deserve someone better

Boyfriend 138

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year now. At first he was so sweet and always told me "I will never look at another girl, I dont need to". WHAT BULLSHIT. THAT WORE OFF IN 6 MONTHS. I could care less but when you start making comments on how hot a girl is on TV and how its your favorite part when the cheerleaders come on the football game AND WE ALWAYS WATCH STUPID FOOTBALL AND YOU KNOW I FUCKING HATE WATCHING IT BECAUSE ALL WE DO IS SIT AROUND AND WATCH IT EVERY WEEKEND. OH and what about ME? I cant even look in a guys direction or ill get my HEAD chewed off. ALSO YOU LIE TO ME ABOUT SMOKING POT. YOU SAID YOU QUIT YOU IDIOT AND YOU DIDNT!!!!!!!!! ALL YOU DO IS COMPLAIN ABOUT HOW YOU DON'T HAVE A JOB WELL FUCKING GO GET ONE YOU HAVE A DEGREE. DUMBASS. I WAIT ON YOU HAND AND FOOT WE HAVE SEX WHEN YOU WANT I GIVE YOU MASSAGES I COOK FOR YOU I DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU. WHEN I CRY YOU START LAUGHING OR GET MAD. GOD! YOU SIT THERE AND COMPLAIN YOU'RE IN DEBT WELL WHY? ITS BECAUSE YOURE IRRESPONSIBLE. you always say how miserable you are and you want to die well go do it!! be a man! if not i will leave you and i will be happy in my own world without you. i am not taking this shit because i dont deserve it. i swear guys that treat women badly and take advantage of them are such pussies. i want them all on an island away from us so they can all be pussies together. FUCKING ASSHOLES

Boyfriend 139

Dude. I have been dating this boyfriend for now eleven month and at first, Yeah he was an awesome boy. Always was there for me, Always on time etc.

Since i moved, And since he started working, He became careless and its fucking pissing me the fuck off. It seriously seems like he doesn't give a shit about how i feel/do/think. He has no conversation, He became Super boring .The Distance isn't helping either. Fuck this is so lame. I even wonder if it still worth it. These days, I would leave him messages on his cellphone and etc and he takes hours to reply and never tells me when his at work or not. Like if he was doing it on purpose. Like if he was avoiding me. Deep inside i fucking know he reads them. That jerk. He used to be the perfect person till now AHHH ITS ANNOYING. I DOnt know what to fucking do with him anymore. I dont even think he still loves me. Wich makes me laugh. I'm about to go crazy. This is just dumb. I should of never get myself in this kind of situation, I just feel like im wasting my fucking time now. This always seem to happen to me. FUCK FUCK FFUCK  i could go on hours and hours and hours .


Fat people 140

I am angry because my boyfriend has gained 50 lbs in the 2 years we've been together! He is a good guy on the inside, his personality is great. But the fact is, I don't find him physically attractive anymore! Sex is now very difficult as I am very small and it's impossible for me to straddle him, but when I'm on the bottom I feel crushed. He always goes on and on about how hot I am and how he appreciates the sexy body that I've worked hard to get. I eat healthy and work out 5 days a week. But to him, it's like he takes my fitness and resulting hotness for granted and decides that since he "has" me now that means he should stop putting in any effort. I cook healthy at home, but I have found fast food and candy bar wrappers stashed under the seat in his car. I know he sneaks things all the time. Now I have never said that these things are forbidden, I just don't eat them and don't keep them in the house. I get extra irritated with the overweight and obese because at one point in my life, I WAS. Until I learned healthy eating and exercise, and that was several years ago. When we got together, he had lost a lot of weight and was working out a lot, building muscle. That was one thing we both had in common. The difference is, I've kept up my maintenance and he's decided that now that he's in a comfy relationship he's going to let himself go. That is NOT fair. I didn't fall in love with a guy who likes to eat crap and sit on the couch, I fell in love with a guy who likes the outdoors, going hiking and taking bike rides. He still likes the outdoors, but he doesn't ever do those active things anymore. I seriously think he's one of those people who only lost the weight to get a mate. Maybe he THOUGHT he was going to keep it off for life, but I think deep down inside he just wanted to get a girlfriend. Well now he has a very annoyed and pissed off, and quite frankly HURT girlfriend. I am not a shallow person, and I obviously love him for more than his looks, but come on! I think it's only fair that if your spouse or significant other stays healthy, you owe it to them to be healthy with them. I am just not attracted to fat slobs and couch potatoes. I want someone who will be able to keep up with my activity level and enjoy life with me. Also, he sweats more and has more of a weird odor now, which also makes sex very unappealing to me. Sometimes I'll just do it to get him to shut up, and it's always horrible for me. The last time we had sex I ran into the bathroom right after and cried! I cannot believe I thought that this guy was the one for me and now he's blatantly proving the opposite. I have talked to him about it and he always turns it around on me, saying that it's my issue and not his. F that! It is OUR issue as a couple if I do not enjoy life with him anymore. The outdoor activities have changed from active things to just going on a picnic or going fishing (i.e. sitting around in a boat for several hours drinking beer). If one of us is unhappy, I feel like it's the problem of the couple, not just one person. I still go out and do a lot of active things, and he now sits around on the computer probably just looking at porn since I won't do him as often. ARGH!

Boyfriend 141

Well I meet this guy about 3 months ago. Finding out how much of a jerk he is. The man lies cheats and then turns around and tells me he loves me. I have put him out of my house 4 times and last was the final one. Now I have felt sorry for him and paid his rent and bought him food. I just don't know what to say. Everytime I turn around there somebody telling about that he owes them money. Then he denies it when brought up to him. He won't stay out of the bars. Just like right now I am working and he is in the bar. I have ask him over and over to let the bar scene go. No use he still goes. I need to let him go because he is a problem.

Ex Boyfriend 142

A few years ago, my boyfriend/love of my life disappeared in to thin air! We were engaged and he said he was going down to Florida to take a Merchant Marine job and wanted me to join him when he was settled. He got the bus down and said he would call on arrival. We were SO in love (at least I thought!). I waited. I waited for days...I kept thinking 'any moment now'...I stopped leaving the house in case he called...this went on for weeks! I was beside myself!!! You can't imagine the pain! I thought he was dead, I thought of everything! I was freaking out! I cried nearly every minute of every day. Anything would set me off. I finally got a hold of his Mum who said he arrived there ok but wouldn't tell me anything else. I knew something was up. More months went by...not a word. Three years later, I get an email saying he was reason why he stopped contact! The next day, I got an email from the same account saying 'leave my husband alone!'. WTF!!! YOUR HUSBAND!? I then find out he had married some girl down in Pensacola. Years later I've found out they've adopted kids. That should have been my life you fucking asshole! You killed me inside for what you did! You broke my heart in to a million pieces and then jumped on it! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU EMAIL ME YEARS LATER!!! Why the fuck did disappear in the first place?! Did you already know this bitch you married?! I hope your dick drops off and your teeth fall out! I HATE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH! I hope you poison yourself and your own vile! I have to see a fucking shrink to help me heal because I can't keep a fucking relationship longer than a few years now because I'm subconsciously thinking they will leave me and disappear like you did! KARMA will get you!

relationship trouble 143

It really makes me furious that i've been engaged to the same man for 4 years now, we have a beautiful daughter, yet he refuses to talk about marriage! We both love each other and Im starting to feel like I was given this beautiful ring as a symbol of property not commitment! I hate to be that kind of girl but i just want to marry him and have it official and i feel like if he doesn't want to marry me now, what's gonna change. Im here, willing, in love, and i feel like I'v just become a comfort in his life, something that is there and taken for granted. There's nothing I want to do more that start our family, to make us official. I want him to be my husband, I will take such pride in calling him that. And I don't understand why he is so afraid, to feel the same!


I AM SO ANGRY BECAUSE HE HAS TO TURN AROUND TO LOOK WHEN ANYONE SPEAKS WHEN I AM TRYING TO GET A POINT ACROSS! I am asking him to look at something and yet he just gets distracted like anything people he doesn't know is his freakN problem! WELL IT ISN'T! GOOD LORD GET A LIFE CHILD! & WITH ME!

Jerk Boyfriend 145

I could write for pages on all the things he has done but the last straw (and probably the most innocent thing) is being a fucking jerk on my birthday. I have been saying for the last 3 days that I want to go to my favourite place for dinner for my birthday. Well today when I tell him about it he says, I don't remember you telling me and I don't want to go there." And I, (embarrassed trying to still sound chipper on the phone while my co-workers are around me) say, "Well maybe I'll think of something else then." And he fucking hangs up on me while I am talking. What a fucking jerk. He is so fucking selfish and childish, if everything isn't about him he doesn't like it. Fuck you, we'll see how good your birthday will be. grow the fuck up, am I not allowed one dinner? Fuck, I cook the rest of them for the other 364 days a year.

Selfish People 146

I cant believe I am back here cos am so fucking angry. This boyfriend of mine is a real asshole,infact if they had awards he would win first prize. He is a racist asshole of the century and I must be off my fucking head to still be with him. Whats worse is he is 57 years old and I am 42, I am so fucking scared that if I leave his nasty ass, he might die. Then it would be on my fucking head. He is abusive, he is nasty, we dont have a sex life as he says he is dead all over there. Not that I need his nasty ass touching me. I clean up his mess, give him advice and he is just a plain asshole thinking only of himself. He drinks and eat shit and sits in front of the sports channel all fucking weekend, and I am supposed to be behind him. Because dont drink he calls me all kinds of fucking names in Polish. I fucking hate this. Dam I dont know wha to do with this dirty fucking asshole!

boyfriend 147

I'm SOOOOO angry at my bf .....he is a BEEP BEEP...gosh are we really not allowed to swear...? but anyway hes a liar and not quite a cheater...but getting there.....i have been with this BEEP for 8 years of my frigging life...and i'm only 22....far out talk about wasting your life away....theres sooo many whorey girls out there who are homewrecking sluts!!! i hate slutty disrespectful girls...they are just fucked up !!! they should go eat shit.....okay im not that angry anymore...

boyfriend 148

ive been with him for almost a year now and its always been a long distant relationship but we try to see each other atleast 2 weekends a month but that was while we were at uni an now we are both back at our home towns and its harder so we can only see each other atleast 1 weekend a month. now i love this man to bits but god will he ever put any damn effort into his life or this fucking relationship. he doesnt seem motivated for uni and still hasnt filled out the loan forms which were supposed to be filled out a month ago and he seems to love his fucking xbox 360 more then me, we communicate mainly by texting an i havent had a single txt off him all day an he knows im goin through a stressful time but all he ever moans about is if someone has beaten him at a game score or how his life is shit an when he does finally realise how crap im feeling its like 'oh but i do love u isnt that enough' NO ITS FUCKING NOT ENOUGH! i want him to start making his own damn decisions, i want him to phone me without me having to ask him first, i want to feel like he is atleast putting some effort in this fucked up relationship. oh an past women ohoh dont get me fucking started, i found pics of his NAKED ex on his comp an all he cud say was 'he forgot they were there' and he has been constantly txt a girl he knows has a crush on him an ive told her to bk off when i read txt off her saying he still has a crush on her, and he knows i hate her yet still talks to her an she lives in the same town he does so i dont know what could be going on as mine 4 hours away from him :( stupid twat MAKE YOUR FUCKING OWN DECISIONS FOR ONCE

Boyfriend 149

So sick of believing his lies. Says he'll be home at 9 or ten, now it's 12:25 still not here. He's so fuckin full of shit! Why do I allow this man to repeatedly string me along!!! I'll tell you why - half the time he's amazing. Wonderful, loving, kind, a good friend - then - without warning - WHAMMO - instant asshole. So sick of this shit!! And then, like the fool I am, I call and whatdayaknow - he actually answered. On his way, be there in 15 minutes...blah,blah,blah. The End. (Well, not really, you KNOW I like pain.)

Boyfriend 150

We have been together for 2 years. He was a 28 yr old living with his stepmom. We met at work and hit it off. He got into a serious car wreck and we have been together ever since. He healed and we got a place together. He constantly tells how much he loves me, how great I am, I am the love of his life, there is no one else for him, blah, blah, blah. The subject of a ring got brought up on our year anniversary. He said he could not afford it then, but would get it by Christmas. Christmas came and then he would get it by valentines. That came and went and he would get it with his income tax check, which was enough for the ring. Well that came and went too. Oh he fuc... up and spent the money, it just went so fast blah blah blah, but he would get it in a few more paychecks, that came and went as well and he promised and I mean promised that he would get it on our 2nd anniversary. Well our second anniversary is fixing to be here and guess what. No ring, AGAIN. Again, he knows what he will get me for christmas..... just like last year?? just like valentines day??? Just like the second anniversary?? We went shopping around today and looked at earrings and watches, but he would not even so much as walk over to the side of the counter with the rings in it. Why have I been such a f'ing idiot to believe him. He is probably just using me because he wanted out of his stepmoms house and didn't have a car or the means to get out. Now he is contacting some of his old friends, which by the way are female, behind my back and expects me to believe that he has no intentions. Then why the FU** are you going behind my back? Why have i not met any of your friends? Has he been talking to them the whole time and I just didn't know? Are they all thinking I am stupid for not even knowing what he is doing? We cookout all the time and yet he has not invited any of these friends. But they supposedly know all aobut me. What a crock of shit!!!He recently got a second job. Supposedly its for "us". so we can move to fl. Why can't his lying ass just say, hey, it's great that we are together and I am not lonely anymore and get to have sex whenever I want, but I don't love you enough to give you a ring or to think about marriage. i would have never left the situation i was in and fuc... up my comfortable living arrangement if I would"ve known I was just gonna be a temporary fix for his loneliness......Why didn't I see this earlier?? How can he buy $200 sunglasses and get his self what he wants, but can't save up for anything I want???no he doesn't have a damn dime saved up for the ring. Not a single f***ing penny!!!!!!!So I keep asking myself, why am I staying with him? And I keep getting closer to the realization that it will be ending soon. I will not keep listening to his lies and bullshi**. I will not be his baby sitter when he is at work, I will not be a set of wheels and a place to live for him anymore. I deserve to be truly loved by someone and by God I will be!!! So F**K HIM and all his bullshit lies and excuses. He can move back in with whoever the hell he wants to and call and my space all the females he wishes and do whatever the hell his heart desires. He can be on his way to using others, because he is done using me!!!!!!!I am tired of being used for sex, companionship and a place to live. I can get someone with money if I want that and atleast be comfortable!!!!

my crush 151

he despises me because he thinks that my dog is ugly when in fact she is the cutest thing alive to me. who the fuck does he think he is( even though he is my crush, but not anymore) to judge me because of my dog? This hurts and angers me so much, i swear i can forget him. he doesnt care for anything or anybody except himself and he thinks he's all that when he's just a sloppy, loserish, lazy, asshole, and a total MUTHAFUCKING BASTARD!


ok so i really just want to talk or hang out with my damn boyfriend and im so pissed off because i feel like he puts me LAST in his "busy" life. UGH i just want to be with him and i love him so much and he says he loves me to and he loves being with me but here it is 3:09PM and last night he told me that we should hang out today. and he KNOWS that i am working 4-10 SO obviously we cant hang out anymore and he didnt even bother to text me alllllll morning. like WTF IS HE DOING.?!?!?! whats more important. and this isnt the first time that i havent come first in his life. like what the hell is the point of this relationship when hes my priority and im his option. WTF obviously this isnt going to work so i CANT wait until the next time he texts me cause im gonna flip out i dont even care. because this is ridiculous and im so mad that im actually typing my story on this random website that i found because i am so heated.

My boyfriend 153

He's a fucking idiot. Before we met he was losing everything he had. I let him move in here biggest fucking mistake of my life. We've been together six years now. Before he wasn't able to do any damage shopping wise because his credit sucked. Well my dumb ass helped him fix that so now he has a nice credit score. Guess what the douche bag did this weekend. He went to Home Depot and filled out a credit application and the fucker got approved with a $1500 limit. Our lawn mower died so he's decided to buy a new one. Fine. We need one and living paycheck to paycheck it's going to have to be a credit purchase. Our property is less than a 1/4 acre including the house. The dumbass wants to buy a 2k lawn mower!!!! A 2k lawn mower when we struggle to make ends meet every month and all I ever hear from him is bitching about how we never have any money. Who the fuck does he think he is? I really just want to choke the shit out of him right now. When I met that asshole he had nothing. I helped him clean up his mess (credit, in process of losing house, and so on) I've gotten into debt since him because he's a greedy fucktard. It's all good though I'm saving money and as everything is in my name his ass will be out on the streets once I get enough saved to kick his ass out. So to you Joey. FUCK YOU!! There is a reason you've never been married. YOUR A DICK.

boy friend 154

"I love you too." what a fucking lie. You took advantage of me because of the age difference, had your 'best friend' slander me in front of you, yet still no feeling once so ever. Apparently I'm a 'queen bitch jennaslut,' said his friend. To him I'm just a ' __ year old retard.' Yeah, I yell a lot and am pissed 80% of the time, but revenge like this is inexcusable. What the fuck did I ever do to you? Trust you? Is that hardly a crime? You annoy the living shit out of me, I tell you you're pissing me off, you keep going, I start yelling, you keep going, I keep yelling, you ignore me, I apologize, the end. Then two days later it starts all over again. I hate you more than I've ever hated anything and I hope no one ever has to be cursed with your bullshit.

Boyfriend 155

Found photos of him shagging his ex on his computer whilst I was trying to find his porn to write 'but they're not as hot as me' on the folder because he watched the stuff every day and it got to me a bit last week so i thought, i'll make a joke, clear the air. Found these photos (he hasn't gone out with his ex in 2 years) and i'm not even angry, he's the type to just forget about stuff like that but when I text him all upset he comes home and shouts at ME?! For looking through 'all his stuff' and how I'm 'just like his ex' Thats right!!!! Comparing me to the girl I've just seen with her mouth round his dick. Exactly how stupid can you get? Stupid enough that I apologized to him, that's how stupid

*Note from Anger Central
We're with your boyfriend here. You went through his stuff without his knowledge. That was bad enough. Then you waved it in front of him when he wasn't expecting it. It's one thing if he had been there while you were digging around, but this caught him completely off guard. You were in the wrong.

Betrayal 156

I've been seeing this fellow for quite some time now, and he asks me" what would you do if you caught me in bed with your younger sister? I thought it was a joke and didn't pay any mind to it.... until two weeks ago, when I found one of my twin sisters in bed with him. When I walked in he was giving her the ".... " honestly- there's no word for what I saw. They didn't even have the common decency to wait for me to get home to join them. Rotton bastards!!!!!!!! I feel so betrayed and I dont know what to do. Do i.....castrate? Orrr..... do I beat the fucking shit out of my sister?

Boyfriends 157

I realized you are a PRICK.My boyfriend is a lowlife.All he does is smoke pot,read comics,and watch tv, while i work. he also is a fucking liar.I found out he was chatting up his ex girlfriend over myspace.I found out when she started texting his phone and sending him nude pics. The dumb fucker forgot he had that shit on there i guess, because he let me look thourgh his messages and pics on his phone, stupid asshole.

*Note from Anger Central
Hmm, sounds like it's time for a new boyfriend. :)

Boyfriend 158

All he ever does is mooch off of me.HE has no job and wants to tell me how to spend my money.he also wants to tell me how to dress he says i dont dress like a girl, im so sorry i dont dress like his sluty ex girlfriends.When get home from work i dont feel like puttin on highheels and a miniskirt. im so sick of his shit.

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*Whines* I Never Get To Go 159

I've been trying to get someone to go to Catalina with me for years as I have never been. All of my friends have been and "aren't interested" in going back...including current love interest.

Guess who just called to say he is going today?

The BF.

Without me.

I'm working.

Thanks for the sensitivity dude.

What's worse? I'm pissed off that I am pissed off about it.

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Just thought we'd let you know. ;)

Boyfriend Who? 160

I am sitting here thinking about how fed up I am with this piece of crap loser. Knowing that if I was my own best friend this guy would have been gone long ago. We knew each other from childhood and have dated for 5 years. At first he seemed great than more and more into our relationship I realized I am dating (well not dating we never freaking go out EVER) a loser, lazy, uneducated, facade having, no accountability, blame me and numerous others for his shortcomings, Non-driving, no car having, crappy room-mate. YES we are room mates because we do live together however he doesn't pay bills, plays video games all the time, we dont sleep together anymore and HIS BS of nice guy mean guy is played out. I am sick of feeling bad for myself I am a good person, but according to this douche I am a bitch (because I told him he should pay bills instead of weed), I am prefect (which I know I am not but since he knows it all), I am to blame for his shortcomings. This is awful. He treats me like shit, manipulates everything in his favor, uses me for WHERE TO BEGIN a house, food, wii, a ride, free cable, free cell phone, free free free free fucking free, what or when does it come to this point ladies where we allow this to just get here. I am as much to blame if not more for putting up with this bullshit. He is not worth it he acts like a saint when other people are around then to me its breaks my belongings never his, he is selfish, childish, immature, and above all a freaking piece of shit loner and user. NEXT time I feel like putting up with this bull shit I am going to remind myself that no man is worth it. NO ONE. There are millions and millions of men, they all can't be douche bags like this late 20 something man-baby.

boyfriend 161

I hate my boyfriends lack of balls. He is 44 years old and has been married three times to wasters and drunks. He has three kids , one each, from each mother. The mothers call all day long wanting money, time, him to have the kid out of normal hours , to come to the hospital because one has a fucking paper cut, general chit chat about shit, the list goes on and on. And he always goes. He is so weak and can't see what they are doing. The man is tired, beaten down and visibly exhausted. He earns a fucking pittance and it all goes on the wives and his awful kids. I am a good earner and he looks at me as if I should bale out his revolting ex wives and offspring. As if!! I am way down the pile in all of his mess. I live in a large home in the country and he lives in a messy tip. He asks me 'how do you manage to have this' and I reply 'because I fucking worked for it'. Now he is ill and I am left looking after his vile kids by fucking bitches. When he gets better I am so off. I cannot bear to even look at his ugly face anymore I hate him so much. I have become bitter, vengeful and nasty and it is even making my face change. time to go!

boyfriend 162

Well lets start my relationship this Tuesday will be celebrating 6 years together for the last 3 years its been "why do we need to do something were together arn't we" however each day that goes by i am regretting my decision to stay. for the past 6 years i have pretty much only been a roommate here to pay the bills he can not afford, oh ya and sex but only when he wants to have it which is usually when its 3am and i have to be at work by 6am therefore im dead asleep. we may live together but all and all we are in 2 separate houses. Everything is his and nothing is mine. yet it is my responsibility not only to bust my ass to pay bills but i get to be the house B***H as well if i dont clean it its not getting done. How about the fact that he told me to get a 2nd job at bass pro shop so he can get a discount. when he took out a 2nd loan for the house did he ask me if i wanted to add my car loan oh hell no. but when i lost my good job and had to take a 30000.00 pay cut would he give me a hand in paying my loan oh no it was not his responsibility. but it is mine to help him pay for his loan and cover all of the luxgery and utility bills while he goes out and spends money on guns, his car and what ever it is that he wants. mean while i am driving a car that will not even go into gear unless its warmed up for 30 minutes.

Boyfriends 163

My boyfriend and I are living in a college dorm, and he was supposed to switch rooms with another person in the dorm tonight. Normally, I sleep in his room, but since he was switching and would have stuff everywhere I thought that it would be easier for us to sleep in my room. At around eight, I asked him if they were still moving, because it was getting kind of late and I didn't think they would get around to moving anytime soon. He said they were still doing it, and got mad at me for asking about it. So I moved the mattress pad, all of the pillows, and all of the blankets into my room and then tried to go to sleep. A little later, I got mad at him for something unrelated, and when he finally is ready to go to sleep, he comes in and says, "We aren't switching tonight, he has to do stuff in the morning. I'm going into my room, come if you want." I said that I have everything already here, that it is 2AM, and I do not want to move it all again because I have stuff to do in the morning. He gets mad and storms off. So, sleeping on a hard mattress, with no sheets, blankets, or pillows, is better than sleeping with me because sleeping in my room is "uncomfortable." I NEVER sleep in my room because I am always with him. It is just as uncomfortable for me to sleep alone in my room. My roommate is gone right now, and there is NO reason for him to be uncomfortable, he is just mad because I yelled at him. On top of that, it is exams week and I have a morning exam, so not only has he ruined my night, but he ruined my exam tomorrow. Thanks!

boyfriend 164

my boyfriend is so selfish to me. he comes across to everyone else as mr nice and cool but really he treats me like a piece of dirt...he has no job since feb 09 and not once has he gone without any of his luxuries. i work very hard and treat him every day. i am a nice person with very nice friends and family and i dont need a piece of shit like that in my life anymore. goodbye loser we're over...your loss not mine

Boyfriend 165

This isn't the typical boyfriend rant. After dating typical asshole douchebags (they're the confident ones aren't they? they pursue, and since I'm so terribly insecure, that's all I get) I finally am dating a nice guy. And while I get a little peeved whenever he refers to himself as that (I mean, come on, nice guys have humility) it's the truth: I am absolutely in love with him. And yes, I'm the immature one always thinking we're going to break up every time we have a fight. It's because I've never been in a real relationship before--he hasn't either really, so we're puttering away together. Tonight it was a simple thing: he's across the country, said he'd call everyday to talk (he's not much of a phone guy, and neither am I, but we make the effort) but we also text throughout the day. He didn't, after I asked if he could call me at a certain time because I was going to a movie. Twenty minutes go by which isn't an issue, I figure he's busy and doesn't have a chance to text back. He does, and he asks me an inane question, so I assume he didn't get my text. I ask him, he did. He forgot to call. I get upset because I'm feeling lonely--typical Christmas get-together where I find out definitively that my mom's side of the family doesn't like me. It was this awkward three hour dinner where no one would talk to me, and whenever I tried to jump in people either ignored me or gave one-word answers. I needed to talk to someone that was on my side, since my own immediate family was annoyed that I didn't 'put an effort' into socializing with my relatives. As someone shy, I thought I had put in an effort. But back to the boyfriend: I know he's spent the last two days with family, and now he finally gets to see his friends. The last time he went home, he didn't call once, because he was busy with his friends he hadn't seen in 6 months. I was actually fine with it--we had only been dating 3 months then. Now, it's been 9. Since we more or less live together and are incredibly close, I thought I was at least comparable to his friends--I don't expect to be above his best friends from college. I text him, asking him why he didn't call, he says he forgot, he's out with his friend and his friend's fiancee. I say okay, and keep pressing for details. This goes on for a few minutes. I get more and more upset because he keeps saying he's with friends, and I keep saying I want him to call me when he's done, just for a few minutes (our calls are 3 min tops--he's really not a talker) so we can figure this out. I finally call him, since text-fighting is just frustrating. He's annoyed and keeps saying "sorry, sorry, sorry--I need to go". All I want is a conversation--hi, how's your day, I love you. I say this, twice. But he responds with: now it will sound stupid if I say it. He gets more and more defensive, as I try and turn the conversation around--I hate going to bed angry--and he hangs up in the midst of a hissy fit. So yes, I'm the awful girlfriend that's overly dramatic. But why are the 'nice' one's so insane? Because my douchebag boyfriends were amazingly good at talking to me and listening--even if they were faking it, they were incredibly charming. I just need my nice boyfriend to get a clue.

Patrick 166

My boyfriend, Patrick, of several months lied to me - repeatedly. A little background on Patrick, he is 37 years old, mooches off of his parents for financial support (they own the condo he lives in and mom still chooses and buys his clothing and cooks for him several times a week - lunches and dinners). Did I mention that his favorite pastimes include smoking marijuana, playing disc golf and beer pong with young college kids? Additionally, Patrick cannot hold a full-time job and works two part-time jobs, one as a pizza delivery boy and another at a hardware store. Back to the lying. The first lie centered on his entertaining a 17 year old high school girl that he met working at the hardware store at his (parents) condo to play Xbox. The second lie focused on his emotional Internet affair with a slutty woman on Xbox and Myspace who posts pictures of porn star Jenna Jameson and her in her underwear next to pictures of her young children on her profile (classy, huh?). The third lie was that his relationship with a 25-year-old tramp named Erica was over (who he had an "on-again off-again" affair with for several years all while cheating on her naive boyfriend). I found out about their rekindled romance on Facebook. When confronted on his lying, he continued to look me in the eye and lie, even though I had proof. And, when I had reason to believe I may have been pregnant, he refused to console me, accompany me to the doctor, and told me to "kill it or get rid of it" even though he was raised as a "good Catholic boy". This is why I am so damn angry at Patrick.

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It sounds like it's time for a new boyfriend to us.

Boyfriend 167

my boyfriend doesn't want to grow the hell up. we are nineteen but we can still be grown up sometimes. being a house wife isn't my thing but i guess now that i have him and his traditional ways, i have to be a boring stupid housewife. so what if we don't have a house? plus it's bad enough that he has stupid friends and since he's mexican he says things that i don't understand on fucking purpose. Why is he like this? he doesn't respect me, wants me to change my whole way of life and wants his mommy to marry him. what an asshole! that's what i would say but he wouldn't listen.

angry boyfriend 168

Angry boyfriend, Thank you, you just lost your temper with me for the last time. You put me down in front of your friends for the 106th time this year tonight for no reason. you call me a stupid lazy and braindead often. you look at me like you hate me and want to kill me because i 'closed the curtains wrong'. The one week i leave you to do the cooking and cleaning, you say im slipping and lazy. you say im an embarrasment when im around your friends, but i get on with them fine, and its you they give the evil to when you talk down to me. Tonigh was the last night. Get anger management and someone who will put up with you. Bye

Boyfriend 169

I have been with you for almost a year. I was patient when you broke up with me. I was patient when you didn't take me home to meet your family for the holidays. Well, I was fucking stupid! You didn't even get me a present when I spent almost 200 dollars on thoughtful gifts for you! When I hinted that all you had to do was fill out the birthday card you got me two months ago and give it to me, you still didn't do that! I would've been happy with a fucking card! I give and give and give and you don't give me back anything in return. I KNOW you're not over your ex even though you don't have the balls to admit it to me. You're fucked up, and you've fucked me up. You've made me feel like shit. I fucking hate you.

My Ridiculously Vague Boyfriend 170

I have a really bad feeling that something terrible is going on. I have an even worse feeling that I should know about it, but you're not going to tell me. There are a few questions I've been wanting to ask for a while. Maybe they'll help: How in the hell did you "accidentally" throw away our lube? Why is it that we never have sex anymore? (And don't say it's because you "accidentally" threw away our lube; that's not fair. We stopped having sex long before that!) Why is it that, when we finally get around to having sex, it's in a position where you don't have to look at me? Your ex text messaged you on your birthday last year. You said in an unusually wishy-washy, shaky voice that you told her to fuck off. Something is up with this. If you weren't interested in her anymore, you wouldn't have answered at all. Are you over her, or have you been fucking her on the side the whole time we've been together?

And on another note, I know that you "had" to spend my birthday at a bachelor party full of strippers. I understand that ultra considerate, female-friendly "bros before hos" rule, too. But don't lie and tell me that you spent the entire evening outside. It doesn't matter if the bitch's net worth is a bag of booger sugar and a couple of food stamps. You'd let that walking syphilis factory grind on you with a vengeance. I know what you did, I know your friends are covering for you because everytime they allude to it in conversation they do so with a fucking smirk on their faces, and I'm pissed off that you're lying to me like you would a small child. I hate the "what she doesn't know can't hurt her" attitude between you and your friends, like women are dumb little animals who are just oh-so lucky to have men spoonfeeding them the false reassurances that fuel their ignorance. And that reminds me: I also resent that you encouraged me to befriend your buddy's girlfriend and then informed me that he has cheated on her in the past without telling her. I just fucking adore how I'm supposed to be in on the lie, smiling to the girl's face like nothing's wrong. How would you like it if I fucked someone else behind your back and thought to myself, "It's okay, what he doesn't know can't hurt him!" How fucking condescending can you fucking get!? And why the fuck would you tell me that your friend did that to her? Do you have any idea how that makes me feel!? Do you have any clue how difficult it makes it for me to be in the same room with her!? I feel sorry for her. Her man has made a complete fucking moron out of her. You, me and all of your friends know more about her man than she does, and you treat it like it's some kind of funny joke. That really, really pisses me off.

I'm waiting for the day I find out that you're fucking around behind my back. I'm seeing red flags everywhere. I'm just waiting on the proof. Watch out, because once you're gone, you're dead to me.



Inconsiderate, unthoughtful, boyfriend 172

My boyfriend is the most inconsiderate, the most unthoughtful, and the most insincere person on the face of the earth. Lets go back to day one, he kept a text message from some girl he was in love with before me in his phone for SIX freaking months after we started dating. It said "I LOVE YOU." I finally have the guts to bring it up and he apologizes. Apology Accepted. Then he proceeds to tell me he doesn't want me to gain anymore weight. Checks out women in front of me. Watches porn...I'm an A cup, if knowing hes watching botched up titties on some slut makes my stomach churn. I told him it hurt me, he still did it. Apology accepted. We started going to church, and the disrespect he showed me started to bother me more. He told me he would stop and didn't. I find out. He gets mad and turns it around on me for snooping. He apologizes, I apologize for snooping. Apology accepted. Shows up on my birthday empty handed then leaves ugly ass flowers and a card that my GRANDMOTHER would get me after he gets off work. Apology accepted. I lose weight, develop an eating disorder, and wind up sicker than shit. Started seeing a psychiatrist, and found out I have body dysmorphic disorder. He tells me he's sorry and that he loves me and cant live without me and wont do anything to hurt me anymore. Apology accepted. Fast forward a couple months...he starts talking to other women, gets one of their numbers, he makes out with another girl, I handled it well. Apology accepted. I'm insecure and not trusting, so i have questions. Find more porn. Because of my BDD wind up relapsing into my premedicated and pretherapied mind set, and have question and worry about things..he says sorry it will never happen again. Apology accepted. So todays my birthday, we talked last night and he told me hes poor and cant get me anything...after he spent 70 bucks on his virtual warrior in DIABLO. So i get a card. A card that says "wife." I dont even have a RING. Says he's sorry i have to be empty handed again on my birthday. So he stops by after work with a "present" fucking screen shield for an ipod. For my birthday?? spend five fucking dollars on a cheap necklace that has a fake ass heart on it. Spend 10 bucks on a shirt that says "i love my boyfriend" SHIT, buy me something that is actually a little more personal then screen shields.

I pay for EVERYTHING. I do nice things to show i care on a damn daily basis. He doesnt do shit. He never does a damn thing. He doesnt even show up on time, sometimes not even at all. Hes verbally and emotionally abusive and im not smart enough or strong enough to walk away. Gosh im the dumbest girl on the face of this asshole inhabited planet.

Boyfriend is an asshole 173

I've been with him for 3 years. Throughout these 3 years we've had our ups and our downs. I always get angry at him when his decisions don't make sense, like now, he has a sore throat and he still wants to go ktv with his friends. When I asked him if we can meet up, he told me we had better not meet in case he spreads his cold to me. WTF? So it means he can spread his cold to his friends and not to me? He can go out and have fun with his friends but not with me? This has happened so many times that I am so fucking pissed. He goes out with his friends, forgets the time, and when he eventually remembers me, it's as if it's because I'm a lesser being and therefore not allowed to attend his gatherings. Once, he went out with this bunch of friends even though they just spent 8 days together overseas till like 2am in the morning, while I was sitting there waiting for his call, which he finally remembered because I called him. Whenever we decide to have a date, he always expects me to go over to his house because he is lazy and dislikes going out. MY ASS! If he hates going out then why is he going out with his friends? He always treats me lesser than his friends and they are the world to him. He thinks picking me up is a luxury and that boyfriends should not be picking girlfriends up or sending them home. He expects me to kowtow to him just because he came to pick me up and send me home. I only called him to do so because I had a bad sprain and couldn't walk properly to take the public bus. What an ASSHOLE he is. I seriously think I am insane and incredibly stupid to still be with him.

D in OH 174

I am so damn angry because my boyfriend met this guy on the street on Saturday. They went out drinking and stayed out all night--fine; I don't want him to get a duii and friends are good. Yesterday, Sunday, was Valentine's day. Guess who dropped off flowers and then went to his new friend's (whom he had known UNDER 24 HOURS) ALL NIGHT LONG? On Valentine's day, let me reiterate. And today, Monday, after a 12 hour long shift I get home to a note on our counter saying he'll be home 'after they lay down some tracks tonight'. Forgive me for not holding my breath.

I really don't care if he goes out, but 3 nights in a row including Valentine's? I have never felt more devalued. And pissed right off.

boyfriend 175

I have always been there for him, even when he got upset over stupid things. But suddenly if I get upset and want some comfort, or if I happen to slip up and cry in front of him, maybe because I'm going through some real fucked up shit right now that would be hard for anyone to deal with and maybe I can't always control when it upsets me, suddenly we have a problem. Suddenly it's, 'oh stop your whining' and 'I can't take this anymore' and 'You never give ME advice' (bullshit) and 'I don't complain to you' (double bullshit). It kind of doesn't help that you're one of the two close friends I have so I really don't have that many people to turn to when I'm upset. And when you upset me, I have no body at all to turn to and you are killing me from the inside out. Really, you're pathetic.

My Boyfriend 176

I cannot believe I've spent money I don't have on someone who acts like he hates me so much lately. I cannot fucking take it anymore. I hate that out of your circle of friends, your sister invites everyone else's wife or girlfriend out and then doesn't invite me. I hate that on these same nights, you take off and have a guys' night with your friends. I hate that this bitch exchanges knowing glances with your mother whenever I'm around and how I'm supposed to sit there and pretend I don't notice. (These are the same knowing glances that catty high school cheerleaders give each other when in the presence of the chess club, FYI). I hate that being with you means that I have to play dumb. I hate that I still have no idea if I did anything shitty enough to deserve this kind of treatment from your family. I've been trying to figure it out and so far, nothing comes to mind. I hate that you ask me if it's okay if you break our plans to go be with your guy friends when you already see them 28348924998 times a week and I never get to see you anymore. Sometimes I just want to be forthright about it and ask you what the hell you're keeping me around for. I haven't the slightest and I would love a little insight. I am so fucking tired of giving this 110% and playing nice only to be excluded, ignored, or judged by you or the various parties in your life. Sometimes, being in this relationship hurts me more than it makes me feel good about myself. I am burned out from just about every other aspect of my life. If you want to get rid of me, please say so and don't string me along this way!!

My cold heartless boyfriend 177

I am so hurt and angry. When I met you, you chased me, swept me off my feet, spoke of undying love, of forever, of true love and marriage. Told me you didn't know love could be like this etc. Well four months later you ignore me for days, you are always busy, you treat me like shit. The only reason we spent valentine's day together was because your friend let you down on a trip you'd arranged two weeks previously, without even mentioning it to me!! Oh on top of that you cheated on me, lied to me about it and lied some more not knowing I knew at the time! Now it's been days since you have spoken to me, because I am upset about what has happened. You think the world revolves around you, you're so stuck up your own ass that you think of nothing but yourself. What your problems are, what your life is like, what stresses you, etc . YOu YOu YOu is all you think about. You don't give a shit about me. You have broken my heart and I'm so fucking stupidly loved up by your sorry ass that I haven't yet got the strength to walk away. But I will. I have survived worse than this before and got through it, i will get through this and when I do, don't you dare ever come running back to me telling me how sorry you are for losing a good woman. I have put up with enough of your shit. Oh, you don't even kiss me anymore, more like a peck on the lips, nothing loving. You never want to stay over anymore, always busy busy busy with uni work etc. Bollocks. Not too busy to go do lots with others or write to other people. I fucking hate you.

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It sounds like it's time to trade in this clunker for a new model boyfriend with up to date options.

boyfriend 178

this may sound stupid but for some reason my boyfriend would rather hang out with people he just met today rather than hang out with me we have two children together and i feel like this relationship is 95% on my side and 5% on his side im getting sick of it and want to move out but then he'll do something like buy me flowers and fudge and crap make me think "oh he really does love me" but then he goes right back to same old man being an ass caring more about his friends, brother, and dog than he cares about me or his children

Boyfriend Joe 179

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 8 yrs now. I am 39 and he is 55, I think he has forgotten how to appreciate me and takes me for granite. I am feeling hurt and rejected which turns into anger. What I'm about to say is odd for a girl but I am not like most girls in this area. I love sex, and I am the type that loves to have it numerous times through out the day if possible. I'm no sex addict just love the closeness, passion, feeling, and since my boyfriend is so good at it I crave for it even more. Lately though, I'de say the last 4 months my sex life has slowed down. My boyfriend will only give it to me once every 7 days which is not acceptable for me. I have complained and almost always it ends up in a fight. He makes up numerous excuses, like I'm tired, or let's relax first then he ends up falling asleep or he'll say "we will do it in the morning" and he never keeps his word. Lately I've been crying because I'm thinking the worse. Maybe he's cheating or not attracted to me anymore or gay? Why the sudden change? He tells me I know nothing about love but part of love is MAKING LOVE, this is how two people share it with each other. Today after waiting 5 days for it, I exploaded. He can say he tired but he can stay up half the night on his computer or on his cell phone or with his buddies but when it comes time to have sex he intentionally tries to avoid it. Now I want to make this clear. Most men don't like lazy women in the bedroom. They need to be stimulated sometimes and not do all the work. So he can not say I am lazy. For goodness sakes I even want to wake up in the morning a blow him but he pushes me away and says "I'm not awake yet." Today when we got into it, I got called crazy, immature, yelled at and he got dressed and walked out the door on me while I was crying. However, right before that he was telling me he couldn't have sex with me because he is tired but not tired enough to argue with me or get dressed and walk out the door. I can't believe that he get's so upset now when I want to have sex with him and when I don't get it I get angry. Now most men would love to have a woman like this because most women are doing exactly what my boyfriend is now doing to me. I did not get into a relationship to become a VIRGIN and once every 7 days is a JOKE! I use to cheat on men and in this relationship I never have. I sometimes question myself if maybe I should on him? He is definitly driving me to it and the sad thing about it is that he tells me he does'nt care. Now does that sound like a man who loves me? Or more like a man who could be possibly cheating on me? Whatever the real reason is I'm getting sick of it and there is no way in hell that I will be able to tolerate this much longer. We may break up over this as he said to me this morning he is going to find someone else, and I replied "so you can neglect her sexually too." How is it that my boyfriend is angry at me for wanting to love him and give him pleasure. I think he is the one who is crazy. Anyways I have not spoken to him all day and as I am typing this he is in the other room on his computer in front of the TV. I've never heard of sex causing distance between two people who supposably love eachother. This is new to me and I definitly never want to revisit this problem again with another man.

Now just before I was done typing this he came in the room and saw what I was doing. He called me a Sh=t Starter, complainer, etc. He still is being an asshole and still has no intention on making love to me tonight. Why do I want to stay with him when he puts me down half of the time, calls me names, yells at me, doesn't take me out on dates, hardly never has money, no job, rely's on his mother for everything, never let's me express my feelings, get's mad when I cry and won't have sex with me now. What am I to do, I love him deeply but don't like him and everytime I've tried leaving him I end up going back. Maybe someone else will come into my life that will appreciate me and treat me good and like having sex more then just once every 7 days?

No Joe blow for me. He is blowing me off instead..

boyfriends are agonizing! 180

This bastard chose to hang with his friends and oil Kim's effing manager when I was having a crisis. Instead of offering encouragement and help he ridiculed me and hung up on me. Its been two days and the fucker doesn't even care to call me to see if I'm OK or not. Fuck him and his idiotic friends.

boyfriend 181

When I was 2 mos. pregnant I moved across the state giving up my job, apartment, and most of my belongings to start a life with my boyfriend. He started a business and I took a position within his company. I was forced to quit because he became verbally abusive towards me at work. It was humiliating. Especially since everyone knows I am carrying his child. I had worked for him before and had never seen him act this way. Then he started bringing his anger home with him. Calling me names, throwing and breaking things and complaining that I do not have sex with him enough. All of this was for no reason! When I said hey this has got to stop or I'm leaving, he kicked me out with nowhere to go in a city where I know no one. So I drove 300 miles back home to stay with family. He begged me to come back then apologized and promised never to kick me out again. Said he loved me and couldn't live without me. So I came back. I tried to understand why he was so angry and hurtful but he continued lashing out on me. Making me feel like crap, calling me a white trash welfare recipient, and kicking me out once again. My friends drove over to help me get my stuff. Once my stuff was gone he denied kicking me out and started crying and begging me to stay. I refused to stay because he is so emotionally unstable and abusive that the stress of it is causing me to lose too much weight. Now I am 4mos. pregnant, broke, jobless, and homeless and he won't even set me up with an apartment or a little bit of money even though he can afford to. He says I need to move back in with him and he'll give me everything I ever dreamed of. Its a load of crap! I am so angry! I gave up sooo much for this man and he turned my life around for the worse. I'm having trouble finding work because people don't want to hire pregnant. My old job has already been filled. I am so hurt & absolutely terrified that I will have to go back to this POS because I cannot afford to do this by myself right now.

My Asshole Boyfriend 182

I was reading the stories of all the other girls on this site that were talking about their boyfriend being such an asshole and honestly compared to my boyfriend they are all angels. I been with my boyfriend for over 2 years and he is like the scum of the earth. I have never in my life met anyone so mean and coldhearted as him. He has no job doesn't have an education he sleeps on a couch I his mothers house and I take care of him. I do everything for him. EVERYTHING. And do you think he appreciates that NO not at all he treats me like shit he makes me feel like shit and he tells me he's not fucking around on me but most likely he is. He is constantly calling me fat and ugly and everything else in the book and choosing to hang out with his lame friends all day every day that's the only thing he does all day is hang out outside but then when he needs something or he's in trouble guess who he calls the fat ugly bitch. He's such a fucking asshole. I do care about him but I don't want to anymore I wanna show him that he needs me more than I need him that even though I'm a big girl that it doesn't mean I have to deal with his bullshit. He thinks he's so cute and fly and he's not well he's cute but he's not fly everything he has I bought when I met him he had holes in his sneakers and he always had on the same thing and now that I hooked him up now he wants to act like he's to good for me. Fuck that he's a piece of shit he doesn't want to work he doesn't want to do anything. Oh man I can't stand him he's such a jerk I wish he would just disappear off the face of the earth so many good people that die or go missing and people like him just taking up good space in the world. How can I just forget about him how can I show him he's worthless and I'm all he has please let me know I'm willing to do anything

My Boyfriend, Sex Offender Defender 183

My boyfriend and I were talking about the show To Catch a Predator, he started going off about how sorry he feels for all of those poor sex offenders because he feels that the show's approach is to entrap them. I just about blew my stack. Most of the decoys on the show are pretending to be as young as 13. 13 years old! And here's my boyfriend saying that he's okay with these lecherous, pus-filled, boil-ridden, toothless, sub-literate pieces of shit meeting up with them, bringing alcohol, drugs and weapons, and attempting to sex with them. And he feels sorry for these poor, poor predators for getting caught doing it. I hope that if I ever settle down with him and have kids, I spawn an entire litter of girls. I hope he has the experience of worrying about them appearing sexually appealing to adults at the age of 13. Honestly, I'm beginning to worry about my future prospects with this guy. I have yet to meet anyone who has ever defended the people who end up on that show. It makes me worry. And it really pisses me the fuck off! I am starting to really worry. Anyone who would defend these people probably has some of the same proclivities. It makes me sick when I think about what my boyfriend is probably hiding from me.

Boyfriend 184

I am so angry with my boyfriend He's so fucking retarded. Boyfriend asked if i can take him to his friends house. I told him to call first because i have school and i dont wanna be late. Boyfriend said they're there he don't need to call. So i dropped boyfriend off at his friends house and since his friend lived next to my cousin i went to my cousin house and we're plannin to go to school together (we decided to hang out after) until it was time to leave. Boyfriend came to me and ask if i can take him to his other friends house because the others wasnt there. Cousin said nevermind and decided to go alone since she didnt like my boyfriend I had no choice but to take him because he had nowhere else to go. Bitch is inconsiderate think the fuckin world revolves around him. I have a FUCKIN LIFE bitch always do shit last min its either i have work or school dumbbass dont give a SHIT if im late. all he fuckin care IS IF HE CAN get to his friends house and drink OKAYY.. its coo and all but danng bitch tell me ahead of time FUCKK!

My unappreciative clueless boyfriend! 185

Ok, So F...and I have been together for 3 years. At first, everything was beautiful...he was attentive, sweet, would do anything and everything for me. This was the case for 2 years, until he got out of army training and became and officer...and he started to become cold and heartless! Still, I love and accept him no matter what....cause that's love right?! So now, he can be as sweet as honey, and the next moment he can be sooooooo mean! He cheated on me with a prostitute in Germany...and spend who knows how many Euro on her...and he won't even buy me a gift!!! She is a nasty whore!!! I love him to death! What the hell!!!???

Then he calls all my friends sweety, and he doesn't call me sweet names anymore. Then when I ask him to write something nice about me on my web page...(everyone else did, and I did for him) he refuses and says he will say something negative!!! He is sooo sweet with me around my friends...but sometimes cold with me when we're alone. We were away for 5 days at a beach was a perfect place!!! And I was sooo horny!! He wouldn't touch me!! Not even give me a hug or kiss if i asked. But If he wants it, he puts a smile on his face, and is sweet with me, and gets it!

I don't know why he is soooo mean to me? When I've ignored him, he felt bad and said don't do it again. But he has done it to me. It's one sided. I don't get him....he says he loves me...some times he shows it....other times he is a complete jerk!! Why do you guys do this?!! What the hell!!!???

*Note from Anger Central
Lady, you need to reconsider this "relationship." This POS is not worth your time. There are many more, much nicer, fish in the sea.

My Boyfriend 186

He is very selfish/self-absorbed!!! It seems like he can never be wrong about anything. Even when proven wrong he won't admit it. God forbid that I'm actually right. He doesn't really care about my feelings, or how I feel about things or what I think. He just wants things his way and no other way. But let him tell it, he's not controlling. I am trying my best to be a good girlfriend but I don't even know if it's worth it anymore. He could probably care less if I leave or stay. What's sad is that I don't have any where else to go. Y do men have to be such assholes all the time? I know I dont deserve this kind of treatment. I know I have done some wrong in our relationship. I just want him to act like we in this together other than when he wants something done for him self.

boyfriend 187

i am a 23 year old beautiful young woman in a "relationship" with a 35 yr old porn addicted, lying, stubborn, hypocritical, egotistical, self centered asshole!! we've been arguing for the past 3 days because he doesn't wanna hear my fucking mouth and i should drop the fact that he lied to my face for 20 mins and treated me like a fucking idiot... doesn't work that way buddy! so now hes mad at me cuz im mad at him!!

*Note from Anger Central
Hello 23 year old beautiful woman. Sound to us that you need a new boyfriend. Might we suggest trading up from that dirtbag Taliban wannabe?

sister's boyfriend 188

My sister's boyfriend is the biggest leech in the world. He works three days a week, doesn't spend a dime for food. He let's me and my sister do everything around the house. He hasn't lifted a finger to help with the yard work. He spends every free minute on his laptop, looking up and chatting to other women and gambling. He wants to look like he is some GD business man. He is not. He just moves cars around town for some rent-a-car company. He spits in the trash can. He won't even change the toilet paper roll. Doesn't put the seat down. He used to wipe his ass with washcloths and throw them in a bucket. My sister would have to take them downstairs to wash. Yes I know that it's up to her to get rid of him, but the family can't understand why she keeps him around. He wants everything placed in his hand. "HEY BABE! WHERE'S MY MAIL?" HEY BABE! WHERE'S MY SOCKS?" HEY BABE! THIS DINNER'S SO GOOD, I THINK I'LL STAY ANOTHER YEAR." He just says the dumbest things. He has to tell you he's going to take a shit, and while in the bathroom, he makes the most godawful noises. If I had time to write a book, he could fill it with super stupid actions.

boyfriend 189

i am so angry with my currnt boyfriend and all my ex's, all they want is for you to run after them all the fucking time. my current bf just swears at me when i want to talk over the phone, never wants to hear what i have to say, he cheats on me, and doesnt even try to deny it hes a fucking twat. ahhhhh i cant stand stupid ignorant guys. what kind of boyfriend insults their girlfiends about there nationality. piece of crap. i wish i could leve his sorry arse. go find some other idiot to put up with your childish needs

Abusive boyfriend #2... Oh lucky me. 190

Here I go again. I swear I'm blessed. I spent 5 years with my last abusive boyfriend and he raped and beat me. You'd think I'd learn by now. When I met this new guy I thought he was wonderful, he was my first relationship after the guy that abused me for 5 years. He was older.. with two children. I thought they got better as they age.. at least with children. I expected a decent guy.. and he was for the past 2 years.. for the most part. He's 28 and I'm 20 and he still thinks it's strange.. and its been two years. Last month my kitty went into heart failure and I'm really close with my cat, I just moved away far from my family and friends and he's just all I have. My "boyfriend" and I have a long distance relationship and I asked him to come up to see me... I don't drive and I've taken the bus to see him a bunch of times. He's come up to see me once. So I asked him to come up here and just be with me for a little bit... an hour, just anything.

He has plently of people to watch his children (he has a huge family) and instead of coming to see me, he ignored me for the next two weeks. Now he's cursing at me and telling me that I bring out the worst in him! How does this make sense! The last thing I said to him was that I need him here. He hasn't told me he loved me in over two weeks and now I can never reach him. I checked my phone log and he picked up three of my phone calls since may. It's the beginning of July.

I feel horrible, I can't stop crying and he thinks this is amusing. How do I find these guys!! I think this is worse than the last one because I actually love this guy. I thought they got better as they got older. Oh and I'm premed, this guy won't even hear me out about going to school, I wish he'd just listen to what I have to say. I can't believe I'm here again. I don't know if I should leave him, I know I really don't want to. My kitty has heart disease and I'm taking summer classes, I need his support but every time I talk to him (he decides to answer my texts) he makes me cry, then he laughs.

Friend/Boyfriend 191

I met this guy about 6 months ago and when we met he had just moved out of his house and was divorcing his wife because he hated her and blah blah blah. We dated for a month or two (not real serious) then kind of just became FWB and I only saw him once every couple of weeks. I saw him two days ago and nothing had changed then today I get a text from him, not a phone call a fucking text saying him and his wife were going to go to counseling and try again. And when I asked him what changed (last I heard they were arguing about everything and he couldn't stand her bitchiness) his exact words were "That's just the way we have always been". And he tells me about how ever since high school they've been on and off again. Holy shit high school was 10 years ago! If you can't decide if you love her enough to stay with her for longer than a mmonth/year or two then don't fucking be with her! It's really not that fucking hard! And sure as hell don't drag people into it saying "I'm never going back to her" That's just a fucking boldfaced lie. You knew you were going to end up with her again you just wanted a fucking break for a few months. Decide once and for all if you want to be with her or not because this whole going back and forth thing isn't good for your two daughters. They're going to grow up screwed the fuck up with you guys always changing your fucking minds.

Whatever if/when things fall apart again (how sad is it that I don't know whether to say if or when?) I'm not going to be around anymore.

Stupid Boys 192

I am so mad at my ex boyfriend. When we first started going out my friends all told me that he liked me sooo much and he has for a while. I was so happy to be with him, because I liked him for a long time before we started dating. It was a short relationship, but long enough to make my feelings much stronger than before.

So then, that motherfucker comes up to my locker between class and dumps me just like that. I later found out the reason, which was really very stupid and not something you would break up with a girl for. Oh yeah I can tell he liked me a lot.

My favorite part is that exactly one week later, while I was still broken-hearted over him, he gets another girlfriend. And later that day, since we ride the same bus home, he has the balls to talk to me like normal? I'm sorry (well, not really), but I am a big-time grudge-holder, and dumping me puts you on my shit list, so, Douchebag, DO NOT SPEAK TO ME!!

On a happier note, his new girlfriend is quite unattractive, and many people dislike her. This makes it much more fun when my friends and I trash talk her. So to my dumbass ex, congratulations! And while I'm at it, I hope you and her both go to hell.

My boyfriend's dad 193

You stupid-ass motherfucker! How DARE you! My boyfriend JUST graduated from high school and what do you do? You fucking KICK HIM OUT OF THE HOUSE! WHAT THE FUCK, ASSHOLE?! He now has no way to support himself, no one to live with without having to pay rent, which in turn, means HE CAN'T GO TO COLLEGE NOW YOU DUMB FUCKER. Now, he's going to end up being a fucking DEADBEAT like you, with no life ahead of him! What the hell kind of father even DOES that kind of shit? You don't kick your son out of your house because you're jealous of him! You just DON'T DO IT! And when I ride past your house on my bike rides, don't you DARE say hello to me. I'll run you over with my mountain bike, you and your pathetic little dog too!

fat boyfriend 194

I am at my PC right now, doing business, when my boyfriend, who never does ANYTHING but (omg he just farted for the millionth time IN MY DIRECTION!) goes to work and sits on his ass and read books and nods off in a prison watch tower 8 hours a day, and comes home, eats and lays on the sofa until bedtime.

In the beginning of the relationship, he wasn't that bad...we had some fun...but I thought he was just stressed and tight on cash (he's 37 with 5 kids). Well, he lost his place and I let him move in with me. Well then I got laid off and the house was too small, so i got a bigger apartment and let him be with me there.

ONE YEAR LATER......his boxes are STILL piled up against the wall, he eats nonstop. Today, he ate a Big Mac meal, a chicken sandwich, and two apple pies. 3 hours later, while Im still quite full after eating my small fries and 89 cent cheeseburger, he had the nerve to ask me what for dinner?!!!!

All he does is EAT EAT EAT! NOM NOM NOM!!!! Then lays around doing NOTHING in his saggy underwear with his pimply fat inner thighs exposed, farting like an elephant, stinking up my house to high heaven! Then he'll take his daily shit, which smells like death took a jog through my living room, and then brags about how creamy it is!

I go to the gym everyday, I swim everyday, I walk even though I have a car. This fucker complains he is always tired!

I never ever seen him actually SIT on the sofa...just lies there with his fat extended gut hanging over it...and I cannot help but look in disgust.

I want out. He can have this place, Ill go get my own.

Even my mom looks at me and says, 'Girl, what the hella re you thinking!? You can do so much better than that fat slob!'

You know, fat lazy fucks like him (male and female alike) always complain they can't get a partner because they are fat and nobody wants to love them for who they really are....but every fat fuck Ive known is a lazy, constantly grazing, filthy slob! Like, who the fuck wants to be with that!

We don't have sex, we go NOWHERE...I just turned 30 and I'm still a young chick and this is what I have to deal with? Going nowhere, doing nothing, constantly having to hear, 'rub my feet, make me dinner, wash my back, scratch my back, look at the zit, and constantly have to breathe in his farting!!!!!

omg this man makes me SICK!

boyfriend and his mother 195


boyfriend 196

he pisses me off too. i could write him a four page letter.. a four page letter and what he write back contains four words. when i talk to him on the phone he gives me one word answers. like really? you know what he barley even calls me. what a jerk. like what was the point of asking me out in the first place... to take up air? its like what ever though really it is.

A JERK!!!! 197

Wow. I'm actually allowing myself the luxury of anger at someone who completely mistreated me for a change instead of being a complacent DOORMAT. Go figure.

I know it was just as much my fault, hell we were both drunk, etc. etc. ad nauseaum. Still, it annoys me that I went to bed with you at all. Especially because you never had the common courtesy of replying to my messages afterwards. Except when it suited you. Apparently I am not the only chick you have pulled this with. And what was this business of "oh yea I had three chicks tell me they loved me, two of them were married." I may have been drunk, but I don't believe for one moment that those words ever escaped my lips.

Please, I'm not retarded!! I know your really in your late 50's, not 49 as you'd have us all believe. I'm not a complete idiot. You on the other hand are a complete wanker for expecting me to buy that shit.

You act like you miss me and hell you even had me almost believing you loved me. Almost. Can't believe I almost fell for that one. I knew i was going to get hurt but I did it anyway. STUPID ME. And you kept blowing me off and blowing me off. well time to put on my big girl panties and do what needs to be done. RICK, YOUR AN ASS. Little wonder you are still single. Later.


boyfriend 198

im mad cuz the father of my child, which im still with, goes out all the time to chill with his single dirty dick friends, he rather be this his friends then with his famiky, hes 27byears old n hes acting like hes 21, im sAd depress n miserable by myself idk wut to do anymore, im not a revengeful bitch but im so lost n i dnt knw wut to do, im so hurt lost n alone

boyfriend 199

My fucking pathetic ass brother and boyfriend said that they were going fishing tonight but thats not it. My bastardly annoying mischevious faggotass brother called and asked for some girl numbers so I thought to myself why does he need those fucking numbers? Apperently their some fucking sluts and I know that my boyfriend and brother are hanging out with them at this moment. I am really angry and paranoid and I might go insane over these fucking idiots who are not home yet. I mean like wtf? What kind of fucking brother does that to his own sister... Geez retard dont go being a fucking two face with me because I bet when your lousy drunk ass comes home I know you're going to lie to me being a phony lepard. I hate you're stinking guts you mother fuckers son of a bytches putones. You better not try to fucking lie in my face bastard. I am suuuuper angry grrr.. at my boyfriend and my bastard brother. Gosh I have to wait for there stupidasses to come home till like 4 in the morning. Well fuck these ASSHOLES!!!!


FOr fucks sake what is the fucking point? My boyfriend is so fucking high maintenance and anything i say is like a fucking bomb waiting to explode. Can't talk about anything important. Can't talk about anything ridiculous cos he's so fucking serious all of the time!!!ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH What os the fucking point of having a relationship if you can't go one fucking week without arguing!!!!!!!!!!! Just wanna punch something cos he obviously doesn't give a shit. It's always me running to him and I CANNOT BE ARSED WITH IT ANYMORE!!!

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