what is the point? Seriously. All you do is aggravate me and cause me undue stess. Get out then. You never change the toilet paper. 'take out the garbage' and 'clean up after yourself' seem to be foreign phrases to you. I have had enough. I am not your MOTHER! If you think she did such a good job ... you can always return to her, since you have the LONGEST UMBILICAL CORD KNOWN TO MAN!, you disgust me. I have had enough. It's over. Now go run home to mommy and we will all be happy.

Lance 2

I don't think you could get much worse than being with my boyfriend. I will call him Lance A. Boil, or just Lance.

Lance and I have lived together for the past two and a half years. At first we got on all right but it quickly became apparent to me that I would pretty much have to carry the relationship if I wanted one at all. I work pretty much full time in a job that takes alot out of me while Lance sits at home, agonizing about "always being alone." I recently lost one of my handicapped clients which sent Lance into an emotional tailspin rivaled only by an f-5 tornado. This "downsizing" was through no fault of my own but now he's insisting I apply through this other agency to try and get those hours back. The agency I already work for prohibits working for competing agencies -- how would it look to them if their star employee defected to the competition?? He won't shut up about it at all and his constant harping about it is threatening to drive me crazy.

Lance hasn't contributed too much to the household besides taking me back and forth to work (I am still working on getting a driver's license) This is the one area where he truly has me by the short and curlies. Every time I get fed up with his shoddy behavior and want to leave he says "ok, walk to work then!" !!! As the main breadwinner, i need to be able to get back and forth to work -- no choice!!! I promise you things will be different when i eventually get my license!!!

Lance doesn't pay me a single cent in rent or utilities. Often times I have ended up paying his child support for him so he doesn't end up w/o a driver's license himself. I pretty much support the both of us. Rent and all utilities are paid and we have groceries although Lance blames me for the cable being shut off so now he can't watch his favorite show. Lance blames me for pretty much everything from having no money to his big toe hurting. If I spend $400 or $500 on him, that's all right -- but if I spend $30 on a CD for myself, forget it. I'm NOT telling him about the $100 I spent on myself recently -- boy would he have a fit...and anyway I don't see where that is his business!!!

The reason for my anger and seeming hostility? Lance is a verbally abusive, controlling, extremely hostile man. Any time I open up to anyone about what life is like at home and Lance finds out, I get the third degree. I'm not supposed to tell you that when he gets extremely bad, he threatens suicide and cuts his own arms. I'm not supposed to tell you he kicked one of our cats so that the poor animal became airborne. (He cried a river after I chewed him out for that one but all I could feel for him was icy contempt.) I'm not supposed to associate with any other men. I'm not supposed to have an opinion or take a course of action other than what he prescribes. Watch carefully at our friendly get togethers -- I invariably become the butt of all his and his friends' jokes. (To her credit, his best friend's girlfriend asks them what's wrong with them.) Lance tries his best to control how I spend my money, what I eat, etc. If we go to Wal Mart or the store and I go off on my own he gets very huffy and insists I need constant adult supervision (I'm a woman of 29!). If I get him a gift, and its not something he specifically wanted, then its all wrong. He does his best to humiliate me and put me in my place but I have stood firm despite his telling me "I'm making a scene". I told him last week I was sick of the manipulation crap so he better just stop with it. He very nearly drove me to the edge before -- I was seething with rage and he was crying to me on the telephone after I snapped and started to call him every name in the book. Why? Because he told me to put a close friend on "Ignore". Needless to say I disregarded that one completely. It's tragic when you seek refuge in work and household chores -- this isn't living -- this is trying not to have the living shit beaten out of you one more time.

Yes I love this man but he's a trip without luggage -- one which two ex wives decided to cancel -- he says they were b*tches -- I personally think they are smart -- I'm biding my time!!!! Watch out you screwed up sonofabitch!!!! YOU'RE GONNA GET YOURS!!

Jealousy 3

I love this guy and he says he loves me, but he isn't willing to commit to me and it makes me angry that he would hurt me this much and not seem to even notice

unfeeling partners 4

it doesnt matter what i do. its not like i have high standards. but i felt crap today and HE couldnt give a damn, still expects every thing to be done for him. I AM NOT HIS BLOODY MOTHER, grrrrr

Commitment Phobe 5

i'm angry that you can't see what is right in front of you and would rather gallavant around with ignorant, meaningless sluts than spend time with me. i hate that you ignore me when it's convenient for you, but hang out with me as if nothing ever happened if you don't have anything else to do. i can't believe that you have done this to seem so sweet but really i think you are heartless. what is wrong with you? you let your ex fuck you up so much that you are unable to have a decent relationship, and now i am afraid that you have done the same to me. your indifference is maddening.

loser boyfriends 6

This goes out to all the ladies and gay gentlemen who have ever had to deal with the romantic complications of MEN! UGH! I am SO angry at my boyfriend because he does so many things that irk me. one.. why pout? if something doesn't go your way, get over it! Two.. If i want to talk to you calmly about something that is bothering me, listen and don't get mad at me because I am mad at you! That is so immature! Three.. leave your disrespectful women jokes with the pigs who invented them. Four.. when i ask you why you did something, don't EVER say "I Dunnno" give me a half decent answer. Five.. when i get off work and i am tired, instead of asking me to go get you something to eat, offer to rub my feet! Six.. if i can't talk to other men, then you can't talk to other women! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME FEEL INFERIOR WITHOUT MY CONSENT!

Code my boyfriend 7

Im so pissed off because my bf thinks just because i have a ar i'll drive him everywhere.
well tonight we were supposed to go to a friends house out in the country he knew i wouldnt have any money for gas but he still expected me to drive him. and get this the cheap asshole had money and he never pays for gas. so needless to say i didnt get to go but surprise srprise the asshole found a way there and couldnt find me a way there. im an attractive 18 year old female i think that i could do alot better. and not to mention he got pissed at me because i couldnt drive him. well hello buddy pay for gas. i would like to know what kind of asshole treats a good hard working girl that way. well im going to break up with him when he calls me back so now im single sexy and free woohoo!!

boyfriend 8

I am angry because my boyfriend is always late. If he is supposed to meet me somewhere or pick me up from my place, he will be anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours LATE. But the worst of it is that he never even bothers to call me and let me know! A little respect would be nice! It's too much to ask.....

loser ex-boyfriend 9

I'm angry at Doug of Alexander Heights. After three years without him he could have done the right thing and left me and my daughter alone. We were happy. But no, he persisted for three years - calling up my relatives, calling here calling there trying to track me down. AND FOR WHAT! To be the biggest SOB on this earth. these are the lies he told: he loves me, he wants to marry me, he wants us to grow old together. I started getting suspicious when he told me he still goes out on "family" outings with his ex. I wanted to meet his kids - he did it behind the exes back. I wanted to meet his parents - he made excuses. OH and when we were to get married he was going to change his surname. WHY so he could have two women on the go. His ex and me. Well here's to you Doug: thanks for kicking my dog. Thanks for trying to con my parents that you were sincere. Thanks for bonking your ex and me and whoever else you prey on. Thanks for wanting to get rid of my daughter. Thanks for the mind games so you could manipulate me over and over. Thanks for the whopping lies - you are brilliant. Thanks for all the things which I'm yet to discover you gave me. Thanks for being such a wonderful human being!!

Boyfriend with Power 10

Suddenly I am with a boyfriend who does well. Normally my boyfriends and one ex-fiance have been anything but ambitious. Actually I was more ambitious than them even in high school when I worked at the local pizza joint. Now I am a small business owner in Midtown Manhattan and I have a boyfriend who is going to inherit and obtain anything he sets his mind too.

Well what about me! What am I supposed to do. Sit back and watch, I need more me time. Don't just say bye when I get out of the car say "Oh I will miss every second you are away from me, your body and kisses are on my mind at all times." The loser boys said that kind of stuff. Oh and to make it even worse he is a do-gooder! You know the type, the ones who get up on Saturdays and help out family members, drive old people to get their groceries and do lawn work for free. Well how am I supposed to respond, the nicest thing I have done lately was let a woman with a stroller get on the subway first. I can't compete with that. I need to be the center of his world and he is the center. I want to be the one who he thinks about constantly not his work. He is a sweet guy, with a loving heart and so precious. But I need more. After all who is this about . . . me!!

Boyfriend 11

All right, I had a affair with this sexy, hot guy and it was hot and heavy for a couple of months until he started going out with a girl 10 years younger than him. It didn't matter because he was still seeing me on and off during this time. Now he's back with his other girlfriend, he's still seeing me on and off. I don't mind, because I've fallen in love with this man. I'm angry because I'm at his beck and call and I shouldn't have to be but I can't help myself. He only wants sex when he sees me, that is, if he feels like seeing me. I want to forget about him, but I can't! Why are some men bastards?

Boyfriends Behaving Badly 12

Don't get me wrong, I love my bf, but last night as just something else. See, we were SUPPOSED to go out to a movie with a group of friends and so he was waiting on his mom to get back with the car so he could come over to my place. Keep in mind, this woman gets off work at 5pm. Apparently, around 6:30pm or so she calls to let him know she'll be "home in a sec". Well, round about 9 'o fucking clock I try to call to see what the FUCK is up? So I dial the number and his little sister picks up, says "just a sec, I'll go get him"...3 minutes pass. Nothing. I call back and someone picks up the phone and just lets me sit there until I hang up. This happens, oh, 10 times. When I finally DO get ahold of my bf, he's like, "oh yeah, that was my sister. She's always doing that." So 10:45pm finally rolls around and I call again...whaddayaknow? His mom JUST got home. Guess where she was? A PARTY. She KNEW he needed the car. This woman is so irresponsible, it kills me. As if that weren't enough, while my bf is apologizing for his family's rudeness/laziness, saying, "oh, yeah, let's uh do something tomorrow instead." his friend calls from the theatre...asks him to come down. The bastard actually asked me, "do you mind if I go?" What the hell good would it have done to say no, my night was already FUCKED...".....sure", I said. Unbelievable. I was so mad I was practically shaking. And THAT is why I'm MAD! Thanks everyone!

mom and son 13

My boyfriend lived with his mom up until he was 20, I moved out of my moms house when I was 16. So we are very differen't when it comes to responsibility and working. I work a full time job that pays decent, I am now looking for a second job because my boyfriend only has one small part time job for little to nothing. He sits at home all day and maybe picks up the paper for two seconds and that is looking for a job. He is slow and lazy when it comes to finding a job. So I am left paying for everything. I yell and yell at him and talk to him and write to him, I have tried every way of communicating with him so that he breaks this bad habbit and DOES SOMETHING! Nothing works! nothing. I dont know what to do but I am so angry with him I have been screaming for the last hour. I am still angry and still wanting to scream at him for another 5 hours. I dont understand how someone could be so lazy and so uncaring about what he is putting me through. oh and did I mention that it is all his moms fault. my boyfriend and his mom are exactly the same both do nothing at least she works though. Then I have to listen to her tell me how I need to make him work and I need to make him go to school and study and all that. I am not his mom and to be honest I want to tell her if she would have done her job right in the first place I wouldn't have to deal with this crap!

Unrealistic Daters 14

I'm 37 and I'm so sick of people's unrealistic expectations of each other. Guess what folks, the supermodels and captains of industry date each other, not us mere mortals!

I've tried blind dates, internet personals, etc. Both genders are equally guilty of the unrealistic expectations. Women will reject a guy because of his car or his job or his tie. How freakin' stupid. But as a woman, I have more experience w/the stupidity of men. I see guys who have a few extra pounds on them (like I do) and a receding hairline who don't want to date me because they think a supermodel's going to date them. Yeah, right.

Keep dreaming boys. In the meantime, I'm going shopping for a new personal appliance for the physical part and I figure Mr. Coffee and a dog can take care of the intellectual and companionship part.

*Note from Anger Central
The webmaster met his bride to be on the internet, and he thinks she is a super duper model!! :)

my weirdo boyfriend 15

My boyfriend is a jerk sometimes. I have known him for 3 years and recently he told me he gave a bj to a guy. That is something I don't want to hear about. He tells me he is bi-sexual. This is news to me, because the 3 years I have known him he never told me that. This is really sick that he tells me he blew a guy. :(
It is personal and he shouldn't tell me gross things like that. >:(

boyfriend 16

i am so damn pissed with my boyfriend. he never trusts me but look who's the one that can't be trusted. when i was cramming for my exams he happily replaced me with another girl whom he INSISTS is juz a friend. a platonic friendship. he lied to me, telling me he's talking to a classmate when he's talking to that girl. meanwhile i neva told him a lie. yet he doesn't trust me. he accuses me of every damn thing.

after i tell him how i feel, he puts on an attitude and goes all sarcastic, saying stuff like "yes, whatever your majesty wants.", "tell me what u want and i'll scrurry along to do your bidding.". yea like WHAT THE HELL. i didn't even say i want anything from him! WHY can't he understand. GOSH. men are such JERKS!! pissing me off everyday. ARGH.

asshole that stood me up 17

I have been talking to this guy on the internet for 3 months and now he wants to meet me. SO finally today is the day we were going to finally meet in person, now he tells me he is helping his friend move. How long can that take? He never bothered to call me on his cell phone that he can't make it. I am now feeling like a fool waiting here for the asshole. He can go f**k himself!

My significant other 18

Because I can't have any privacy what so ever. if it comes into the house, it's his to do with as he wants. Tried to set up a small corner in what was supposed to be my room in the first place, but, that's his to go through and get pissed off about too, I guess.

Don 19

Listen up, you indecisive, overgrown KID, you won't be fucking with my head anymore!! I have HAD ENOUGH!!!! I'm tired of being PISSED off 24 hours a fucking day, everyday! I deserve better than your fucking head games and wishy-washy attitude!

One minute he's fine, the next he wants "out" of this relationship, AND I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE! I'm 22 years old and I think I found a fucking grey hair the other day! NO, NO, NO!! You want out, pal, YOU GOT IT!!!!

I AM SO GODDAMNED TIRED OF MEN AND THEIR INDECISION PROBLEMS!!!!! I'm tired of being the good little girlfriend who bends over backwards to kiss ass, do the laundry, cooking, and cleaning, ONLY TO BE TOSSED ASIDE LIKE A FUCKING WORN OUT SHIRT!!!!! Yes, life is NOT fair, but this is too extreme! I'm sick of being controlled, yet he can't stand it if I have a problem with his infidelity. (WHICH I KNOW ABOUT, ASSHOLE!) Ya know what the real problem is here? I'm just too fucking observant for you! I'm not going to sit around and turn a blind eye to your lies and bullshit, like the wife did! I'm gonna stand my ground and you JUST CAN'T HANDLE THAT!

Well, fuck you! Don't know what you got until it's gone, buddy. And believe me, you will be sorry. Your turn will come, and when it does, I WILL LAUGH MYSELF INTO A COMA! GO FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO TREAT LIKE A FUCKING TOY CUZ IT'S NOT ME ANYMORE!!

Donald 20

I am sick and fucking tired of headgames this loser plays, 24/7!!!! I never know what the hell is going to happen from one Goddamn minute to the next! One second the guy is fine, the next he is freezing me out, ignoring me, running off with whoever to do whatever, and to Hell with me or anything I have to say.

My feelings aren't fucking important. But if I complain about him, his feelings take top priority. Hypocrite. Fucking two-faced, double standard bastard. If I had any sense, I'd leave his sorry ass. Maybe someday I'll acquire some.

Boyfriend 21

My boyfriend I'll call him the fuzzy one well we went out for 7 1/2 months and I broke up cuz he was demanding controlling he was acting like my father! Well I broke up with him and he was still crawling back to me saying he wants me back and stuff so I thought I'd give him another chance and I started talking to one of my friends ill call her pinky and I knew she and the fuzzy one had been hanging out a lot so I asked the fuzzy one if they were going out and he told me know then I asked pinky and she told me yes! I am pissed! He told me he loved me and we hugged and kissed and said he wants to try and get back together and then goes out with her....lying to me is what hurt the most and giving me false hope so guess what he's done I will never take him back after this

a boy 22

This guy who I've liked for a year now finally became my "friend with benefits" a couple months ago. We got really close and were probably gonna go out, but he started going after a friend of minne. So after a huge fight between the 3 of us, he said he wanted to be with me. A week later, I find out that besides spending the weekend making out with me, he is planning to hook up with my friend behind my back. WHAT A JERK!

Boyfriend 23

You know what makes me angry? My boyfriend and his damn ex-wife. No matter how many times I tell his dumb ass that I hate it when he talks to her, he still does anyway. It makes me feel so insecure about myself when they talk that I just want to beat the living hell out of my poor defenseless pillow.

After he cheated on me with her, i was nice enough not to demand that he not talk to her, but come on, it has been over a damn year since then. We have all graduated college and moved three hours away....why still talk to the fat ass cow? .......AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Feel better now...thanks Anger Central.


I've been with this guy for 2 years and im not even gonna discuss all the hell he's put me through up to this point, id be here forever. The other night he was at my house and i needed to take him home because i had to work early the next day. He would not wake up. I tried and tried and tried. Finally when he wakes up a little he starts flipping out. I think he was still half asleep and thought that i was his parents which he HATES. He screams at me, i have never in my life seen him act this way. The look on his face was scary. And then he said i was worse than his mom. You have no idea how mad that made me,this is the woman who he hates with everypart of his soul and he compares me to her. I thought i was gonna kill him. I tell him GET YOUR ASS UP NOW AND LETS GO!!! So finally we make it out to the car and he slips trying to get into the car and of course this is my fault. On the way to his house i dont say a word, when we get there he tries to say some halfass lets not fight routine and i said get out i will not talk to you right now. Everytime we fight i drive insane so he usually will call me later on that night to apologize and make sure i got home ok, but there was nothing. The next day he NEVER called i mean this is insane becasue me and him are pretty much like a married couple. And then to top it all off, i get a call in the morning from his dad wondering where he is, so that means he didnt go home last night and i have yet to talk to him this morning, i think i might kill him when i talk to the lowlife. I love him with all my heart but all he does is screw up, he hardly ever has a job and when he does its crap. I pay for everything and thats not all his fault when he does have money he pays but that is hardly ever. He is always late and never does what he says he will. I always end up wondering why i am still with him and i hate that. Valentines is on monday and he was saying he was going to do something nice for me, which i doubt because the whole 2 years we've been together he has never done anything nice for me on a holiday. I could go on forever. It makes me so mad that he is capable of making me this mad, that i care so much for him and he still does the stupid shit he does, but of course afterwards he cries and cries and says if he doesnt have me he might as well die because then he wont have anything to live for, and i feel bad everytime.

my bastard boyfriend 25


boyfriends 26

i devote my time every fucking day and sit their waiting for hours just for this ass to call. when he rarely does he treats me like i'm the only girl ever but that is like never. he used to call me but now never does. i wantto talk to him but he never calls and is never home..WTF GOD DAMNIT! either just say you don't like me or talk to me..gosh!

*Note from Anger Central
May we suggest that you study the use of punctuation while sitting by the phone and waiting for calls?

asshole boyfriends 27

well i have been with this guy for two years and we now have a beautiful baby girl together. the problems always seem so small to him but they are huge to me and he ends up thinking that he is the sweetest angel ever. Tonight the asshole had friends over and he decided that he was going to go out drinking. That doesn't bother me that much what bothers me is that he is a dad and that he never takes responsibilty for it. I am stuck alone at home witht his baby while he goes out with his friends and gets drunk. his friend has his girlfriend over here tonight and all three of them just left me holding the baby and walked out to have agood time without me. He goes out with them lots and does that to me he is lucky that he has someone here to take care of her. I know that it is my responsibility though and I am not angry about that because I love her, but honestly I can't remember the last time that I went out without our daughter. and especially not out to the bar to get drunk with my friends!!

Paranoid Boyfriends 28

Have you ever sat down to try have a normal conversation with your SO - & god forbid you ask how his day was, or some other personal tidbit like - I dunno - what's your favourite colour? And you get this in reply - bellowed in your ears: "WTF is this? Interrogation time?" Yep - no shit.

One time we went to his old hometown, & I asked which high school did he go to there - b/c I was interested in his life, & he freaks out again: "More questions! Stop with the &^%$#@! Interrogation!" - I tell ya the first time he said this to me I couldn't believe it. It's not as if I fire question after question to him & never have. How the hell can you get to know someone if you don't ask the questions? When we started dating I wasn't interested in a no strings attached occasional shag & he wasn't either. He expected me to be his GF but Never to ask him any questions. Five years later he still sometimes blurts this nonsense out of his mouth - about being interrogated.
One time I was coming home from work & saw his car at a local bar. So I go in & sat beside him, thought we'd have a drink together, for a change. Do you know what the idiot accuses me of? He says "Great! Now you're stalking me." Stalking? For the love of christ we were living together! I saw his car on my route so decided to pop in to enjoy a drink with him. Well ever since that load of bullshit - I have never again gone to visit him unannounced while he's at the local pub sitting there like a loser on a saturday afternoon drinking. Screw it. I need that shit? I need to be accused of stalking him? I tell you I don't know where he gets some of these ideas of his - some of the bullshit paranoia, but the only thing I can think of - is that some of it comes from his very strange, undiagnosed OCD - bitter as lemon mixed with sour piss - mother. Sometimes I just can't be bothered to make an effort. I mean why bother? I've kind of distanced myself from him in some ways. Mostly b/c the odd thing he says to me just seems so bizarre? The 'Interrogations & Stalking' are the ones that stand out as the most bizarre to me. I just want to shout - DUDE - I'm not the enemy out to get you - I'm your GF! I mean this is how he behaves. Who the hell gets pissed off when someone takes enough interest in you to ask you about something? These are general questions I'm talking about. I've never asked about his ex gf's or details of his past sex life. Just your basic, run of the mill getting to know you questions & I get this load of total horseshit. Screw it. Next time I won't even ask how your day was. Then you won't have to hear any questions. Have fun talking to the wall ASSHAT!

*Question from Anger Central
And why are you still with this guy?

Sucky Boyfriend! 29

GRRR! This guy pisses me off! I have been dating the same guy for almost 4 years and up until a year ago, he treated me like a queen. But no, not anymore. He said he loves me but he's not in love with me (this was over a year ago) and then five minutes later he takes it back and says sorry- I love you so much that I want to be a big part of your wedding and marry you one day. That doesn't go away you know! Yet he thinks for some reason it can be forgotten. Whatever.

So then- this year for New Years Eve he says- oh, I decided to work because you don't understand- $200 is important- if you give me $200 I will see you, but if not- then I am working. So, he worked! Didn't even message or call at midnight. Then, Valentines day comes around- he says, oh, I have to work. He spent 1 hour with me! Thats it! And then I had my tonsils out after that- a procedure that is no fun by the way- and he says- I will be there for you. In one week- he came over for 20 minutes to be with me after surgery! Asshole!! One month later, I had my wisdom teeth out, he knew about it since it was scheduled 4 months in advance- well three years ago I sat with him when he had his out, two years ago he sat with his friend and watched movies with her and promised that if I ever had to go through it he'd be there for me because he knew what it was like and had a hard time with it. So, the day comes- I ask if he's coming to be with me- he says, I have to work, I don't have time, shit happens. WTF?! He broke his promise and never showed! And, to make matters worse, he stood me up that week too! So, then he says he is sorry and he loves me and stupid me believes him. Grr! Then there is a huge snow storm and he is 5 minutes from my house and this was two days after my surgery- I asked if he could help me shovel since there was two feet of snow on the ground and what does he say? No, don't bother me, I am at the bar. So, my birthday just came and he says, either you wake up at 7am and spend an hour with me or you get nothing because I have to work. He can take off to go to a wedding with a friend from way back in high school- but no not for my birthday. So after all this, we get in a huge fight- we don't see each other for 5 weeks, dont call each other for 2 weeks and he tells me I dont do anything for him. This from a guy where on his first day of work I tied ballons to his truck that said I am proud of you, and I love you. He landed a job he wanted! I was proud! What did he say? Did you have to? I hate balloons. ASSHOLE! What the hell, seriously? He tells me I do nothing, I am always doing sweet things for him. For his 20th birthday I showed up at his house at midnight with balloons, cake and presents- and he lives 20 minutes away in the country where there are no lights on the roads! But he is so unappreciative of the things I do and never sees the time and effort I put into them. He just pisses me off. I broke up with him three times in two months and I dont know why but I keep taking him back because he keeps saying how much he loves me. Whats wrong with me?! I give into him so easy. Tonight I asked him when he would be calling me because he is working on a huge paper and he said "SERIOUSLY STOP I AM NOT ANSWERING ANY FUCKING QUESTIONS I SAY TO STOP YOU STOP" I dont deserve this. He constantly yells at me, he tells me my mom is a bitch who can rot in hell- he always throws me aside for the bar, he refuses to answer his phone or text message if he is with his friends- which is okay, but I was in the ER and text messaged him and he didn't even call! He said I was making up whatever I had and I would be fine so thats why he didn't call. He puts me through hell and yet I continue to forgive him. GROW THE FUCK UP AND START ACTING LIKE THE MAN AND BOYFRIEND YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE! I am a person to and i deserve to be treated like one!

Boyfriend 30

My boyfriend is such an insensitive freak! It was our end of term exams today and we had plans to celebrate. He was suppose to be at 2.30pm...but no, he went for drinks with his mates...strolled in a 8pm... I asked if we should go for dinner now.. his reply.. too early.. wait till 9... fine.. so i wait and wait.. and finally..what do you know.. 10pm rolls past, we get to town, everything has stopped serving except bloody mcdonalds!!!!we had that, went for ONE drink.. and then he's tired and wants to come back. FINE! We come back and he gets call. Now he's out with his mates again!! I saw F*ck u, u selfish insensitive pr*ck!

Unthoughtful Boyfriend 31

My boyfriend and i have been together for almost two years now. We have know each other our whole lives. We both work for the same company, Im the offfice manager and he travels for the company hiring new blood.

WE moved to a city 2hrs away from our home town, so that we could further our careers with the company. It was a quick move and i left my a couple of my really close friends behind. I work 9-5 monday threw friday, come home cook dinner, clean, ect. He works 9-6 sometimes till 7. But he gets to travel back to our home town like every other week to every two weeks for work.

My point is that he can go back when ever he wants to hang out with his friends or my boss who is also his friend and go out have fun. I don't have that option i work monday threw friday in the city from hell. On weekends when i would have a chance to go and visit them they are usually working or i have not spent any time with my boyfriend and i just want to enjoy his company on a sunday. Cause he works from 9-7 on saturday. And i am not going to drive 2 hrs on a saturday to spend a couple of hours at my home town to drive home 2hrs.

He has it so easy when he goes up he does not care what i think, he can spend the night and not have to worry about anything. Cuase he has blountly told me he does not want a guilt trip for staying in our home town. Its just not fair and he doesn't care that i just want to hang out with my friends guilt free for a weekend. Bull crapp is what it is!

unwilling boyfriend 32

he complains about driving to my house to see me. I live 20 minutes from him and his excuse is "I've driven to your house 4 times this week and gas is expensive" um. Am i not worth $3 of gas to him? Then I call my friend to talk about him and she says he's been talking to her about me and all these problems. AHHH! My best friend!!! HE is talking to HER about ME! AHHH! I want to shot him. but i love him.

My Boyfriend 33

I don't know why I put up with my boyfriend. He is so mean. I have changed everything about my life for him. I have always loved to do make-up and hair, he said that it as a low class job that anyone can do and that if I want to do it, then I don't need to be with him. I have had to take out student loans to go back to school for a job he finds more suitable. He always mentions my weight, telling me my stomach is getting bigger and that he won't marry me unless I fit into a bikini. He always makes me cry, and never feels or accepts responibility.

Boyfriend 34

My boyfriend is always tired. When we met he was energetic enough, he was soooo sweet and romantic he basically put me up on a pedestal. Now (almost 2 years into it) he lays in to, lies, manipulates and tries to tell me I'm wrong and crazy and make things up in my head and use that made up shit to yell. He says that if he does something (lust/want//stare) at another girl its because I deserve it. He will go crazy on my ass till im in tears and screaming and then blame me for fighting and yelling. He then will get on his computer for hourssssss and then wanna fuck than start another argument and get me heated up and angry AGAIN and then in the mist of my extremely frustrations and almost violent to myself behavior he goes to sleep and totally ignores ALL attempts I try to make....fuck that!

Boyfriend who has no balls! 35

My soon to be ex boyfriend has no balls! A few weeks ago we just can back from holiday where I realized the guy I loved was not the man I thought he was. He had no idea of life outside his little world he had no balls to stand up to his ex wife either that cheated on him and then deprived him seeing his two beautiful children grow up. The crazy women had a nerve to bad mouth me and send him loving texts ever since she found out her ex husband had a new partner, Worse still he didnít even stick up for me when she did her bad mouthing to him. Instead he sat like a lemon and listened. It gets worse his mother bad mouthed me too not forgetting my own family having an opinion on my relationship. So after being bad mouthed by my family, his mother, his ex wife, not having him stick up for me, verbally abusing me while under the influence of alcohol I ended the relationship just to find he too has added to the bad mouth list now he humours me when I speak to him and everyone thinks I am so insecure with his ex wife that I called it off. I cant win either way and I am so annoyed at the whole situation I do love him but pray he grows a spine soon. It gets even worse because I really do still love him but refuse to be second best to anyone, if I can love and respect him I deserve to be loved and respected too! I called himm earlier to try and sort things out but he is far to busy drinking with friends.

boyfriends ex girlfriend 36

i met the man of my dreams one year ago. i know he was, the moment i met him and i wanna spend the rest of my life loving him, but for some reason he doesnt show affection. i know he loves me back cause he often says that i'm THE ONE but when it comes to touching me, its not there...

this hurts!! his ex girlfriend and him were together for 9 years and have a son together. they speak every day(as she works for him) but apart from that i think he still loves her. maybe not in that way but they are best friends and are on very good terms. he shares everything with her and i get the cold shoulder. i want him to open up to me. talk to me, love me?...

i saw a video of them together and the way he looked at her, even after 6 years of dating. the nice things he said to her broke my heart in pieces...he used to give me compliments daily... but it stopped. after 1 year. i dont feel beautiful for him anymore.

sometimes i wonder why he stays with me... we have an amazing sex life but it seems to hurt emotionally after, as i feel intence love (from him) only during this specific time... i want him to touch me, feel me, love me in the way he did his ex!!!

cheap and dirty 37

I do love my boyfriend, i really do but he dosent pay for anythink. He moved in with my dad and i. After he finally moved out of his ex's house and hasnt once offerd anythink for rent or food. he just thinks it comes for free. When we go out I am always the one paying. I work and i work hard and what makes me even more pissed is that he works to a dam good job and earns more then me. He lies about where he has been or where he is going even down to who he is with. I know that it is finally at the end cuz my dad cant stand him nor my friends. But i still love him and thats what makes it so hard to let go.


I am angry and extremly hurt. My man drives truck for a living. I go to college. the only time he gets home and we are able to see eachother is on saturdays and sometimes if were lucky on sundays too. so we decieded to buy cell phones so we could talk to eachother, i was thinking this was a great thing we had. well i guess i was wrong. He dont want me to call him, but only once or twice a day, he doesnt want to hear about any of my problems he said cause it bothers him and its a waste of his time. I am thinking you inconciderate PRICK. i sit and listen to all of his problems, like when the load is messed up or when something breaks on the truck or about how the disbatcher has him running so much he cant sleep, or about the stupid people driving on the road. I LISTEN TO IT ALL! yet he cant take two minutes to hear me say damn i got so mad earlier cuz the dog shit on the floor. Our relationship is good when its the way he wants it cause everything has to be his way, but then when i try to comprimise he says iam being selfish! it hurts so much cause i love him...and i miss him so much when he isnt here. and i tell him and its like he dont care,,,he just kept bitching about you can only call me once or twice cause your boring. I have been crying myself to sleep for the last 6 months practically. I am so alone.

boyfriend 39

I am angry because I was in love with a guy who needed to email and chat with other females on the side just to help his insecurities and depression. Despite saying that I was the only thing he needed, he chose porn, emails, phone calls and plans to meet up with my friend, over the support and love I so foolishly gave him. While I was working hard at my job and school, he was at home sneaking around behind my back. I am angry at myself because I wasted over two years with this loser.

boyfriend 40

I get so annoyed that my boyfriend will always find the easy way out of everything. he doesn't work and rarely leaves the couch. He always complains that he feels sick (we all would if we spent 22 hours of the day laying down). He has had several interventions by friends and family and myself regarding his lazy butt, and all he can say is "I know, I know." I am basically really angry with myself because I allow myself to associate with this pathetic loser. It might be worth hanging out with a comatose boyfriend if he did really sweet things for yeah right.

My man-child boyfriend 41

I've got this boyfriend who is the sweetest guy ever -but he is so damn lazy and self-absorbed. He' a man but I've found that he wants to be taken care of like a child. We moved in together last year and within that year he got a job (previously unemployed) and five months later couldn't stop whining about how his boss was so mean to him and how hard he had to work. Although I asked him to find another job to solve his problems after much drama he ended up quitting a few months later. Fast forward to present -he's going into the fourth month without a job, without much looking and a huge wall of defense when I ask him about the search. He'll actually start to pout when I bring the subject up. It's not like we can afford his laziness -I'm wearing myself out taking on a greater number of clients in order to keep our head above water. My boyfriend had emergency mouth surgery (wisdom tooth impacted) and our dog had to be taken to the vet, I needed things done to my car, he needed a tux. for a wedding and Christmas is next month -these are no small bills and my boyfriend doesn't seem to get that were struggling. I've told him many times that I'm stressed out over bills and the extra work but his only response is, "it will all work out, don't worry it always does". Of course it works out for him -he's not breaking his back to just scrape by -before me, his mother took over his bills and his brother let him stay with him for free. God, I'm an idiot for staying with him! I guess I'm angry at him and at myself.

Boyfriend 42

He is ALWAYS late! So today we are supposed to go shopping, he has known this for weeks, I have had to organize it all seeing as he can't be bothered. So he's in Oxford for and interview and he tells me yesterday, "I will come home as soon as I wake, I won't even have any breakfast". I think "good we can go early and beat the crowds then go out for dinner as planned", I even invite a friend of his and mine to come along too. So in the morning I get a call from him at the time he is supposed to be at the station and we're supposed to meet him, turns out he's still 4 hours away in Oxford, if the problem was traffic I could understand. I then ask him "why did you leave so late?" and all he says to me is "I dunno, I just did". How dare he after all this planning I've gone through, this was my last chance to get everything before Christmas and he knows how much I needed to go. So he just leaves me to do the explaining to a friend he can't be bothered to apologize to. I can't get up there on my own and I needed his help. The funny thing is this is exactly what I would expect from him seeing as he is always late, sure he phones me but it is always at the last minute when I'm expecting him. This is the final straw now I'm raging with him and what's even worse is he's ruined dinner plans. I just feel to angry to but him any present now. How dare he have the balls to just be so blasť about it and not even apologize!

boyfriend 43

I am so mad at my boyfriend/husband - we have been together for 15 years this year and not married. He is never home - always working or off with friends and not at all concerned about how lonely I am. Women have affairs, well this is why that happens, so men should just DEAL WITH IT. How are we supposed to get through to them????? Is there something right and wrong to say and do??? I'm ready to split up while I'm young and pretty, rather than waste my good years on NOTHING!!

Boyfriend 44

Nothing is worse than being tied to someone for financial reasons. Day after day, watching him get fatter and fatter, sitting in that recliner, yelling at everyone, bitching about life, himself, and the kids. Believe you and me, if I hit the lottery tomorrow, I'd hand him a check, hire a truck and get his fat ass out of my life. I hate that I can't afford the house without him. Oh, did I mention he's a compulsive spender? His fat ass and his fat debt and both get out!

my fiancť 45

I am so pissed at my bf/fiancť. He has been on unemployment for way too long and he doesn't want to work. Me on the other hand I manage a hotel and I work 12-16 hour shifts. I work soo much that it is sick and the things is I still have to clean up cause he seems to have no problem messing when I am at work. And another thing is he yells way too much, he has such and anger problem and he says very disrespectful things to me and it hurts me. He doesn't like to talk to me when I am work he always gets mad when I do. And he keeps taking money and sneaks out to bars while I am working and doesn't tell me about the money he took. I do love him cause he is really cuddly, cute and usually affectionate and caring, but it seems he has a anger problem he wont get help for and that he is just plain lazy and sneaky. I am on the verge of leaving him and I have been with him for 6 years. I just don't find that I am happy at all anymore, I am always mad and unhappy and I don't want to be this way anymore

boyfriend 46

I am so damn angry because my boyfriend makes me so damn angry. He isn't working. He failed a class in school last semester and has to go back this semester (did I add that he just turned 34 and doesn't have a degree). He was supposed to graduate last semester. ugh! He drinks excessively every time he goes out, to the point that I don't go out anymore because I don't want to deal with the drama. If I travel I have to worry about what he is doing and wonder if he is my boyfriend when I get back. We have known each other since grade school, kept in touch, and started seeing each other. I love him, used to be in love with him, but I just don't know anymore. We are in different places, I am getting a doctorate and own a business. He cant even finish a bachelors or get a job. He sleeps all day where ever he passes out at. Ugh! When things start to go good for us, he fucks it up. Can I say that word on here? He is my best friend and always has been, but I get so angry because he is wasting his life away and now I am a part of that life.

boyfriend 47

I have been dating this guy for about 8 months. He is a total prick!! I mean come on I work 2 jobs and go to school part-time and he has the nerve to tell me he is more busy than I am and don't have the time to come and spend time with me on my down time. I say down time because I never have any off days!! All this asshole does is run the streets, always on a hustle, and he lives to slide (ride in the car), drink with his buddies, and see who can smoke the most weed. I will not be able to take it much longer!! I am driving myself crazy over this man!!

Disrespectful boyfriend 48

I am so alone and depressed. my boyfriend has double standards. I'm not allowed to talk to other guys, but he can be best friends with any girl he wants because I'm not insecure and i don't mind that he talks to girls! GOD forbid I carry on a conversation with a human being with a penis! He says all guys are the same: they're only friends with girls to try and get with them. well what does that say about you you jealous pig! And oh lord! Makeup! If a mascara wand or a tube of lip gloss goes near my face, all hell breaks loose! he pouts and bitches about how I'm trying to impress other guys! MY LORD! I LIKE TO LOOK NICE! IS THAT SO BAD! And he can go and stay out late with his friends, but i can't even talk on the phone or go to a movie with one of my girlfriends because I'll be somewhere without him. I'm be talking to other people besides him. he can't stand that. everyday its, "did you talk to any guys today?" "did you sit by any?" like guys are some sort of demonic alien! I feel trapped and abused. He verbally abuses me. Calling me a whore and encouraging to kill myself. he is insecure and an immature asshole. i am so stressed out and i am only 17 going on 18. this can't be healthy. and if i try and tell him how i feel about his behavior, he gets really mad. he is really scary to me. i am scared to death of him. i hate myself for this. i am a smart ambitious woman. i will overcome this, if i ever gain some self respect. i am so pathetic. i pretend our relationship is perfect. but its not. i never bitch or tell him what to do or who to talk to or what to wear. i am a person who lets him live his life. i am sitting at home on a Saturday night while he is out with his friends. I'm not allowed to go out with friends. i am not to be trusted though i am one of the most trustworthy people he will ever meet. I'm an idiot. i pray to god he will change, because pathetic me can't leave him. :(

*Note from Anger Central
Get rid of this turd. He has some serious issues. In fact you may want to have him look at the quote from the Webmaster's Father:
"Marriage, (Or any relationship for that matter), is a 90/10 proposition. You give 90% and your spouse, (Or significant other), takes the other 10%" This works if both people accept this premise towards their partner. It sounds like your boyfriend has a jealousy problem.

 inconsiderate asshole 49

I met a guy a few weeks ago who seemed to be pretty cool. He showed interest in me and seemed really nice and we got along well (otherwise i wouldn't have thought twice about him, as looks-wise he isn't the kind of guy i would have normally been interested in) and so the Thursday before last, when he was stranded because of the snow, i let him stay overnight at my house because it isn't up in the mountains like his. He slept til noon the next day, i made him breakfast and drove him back to his car. Everything was cool and so we made plans to hang out the next week.

so we went out and then drove back to my house in his car because i had had a few drinks, and i am a small woman. so, we watch a movie, end up having sex (which was LAME i might add, as he sucked in bed, which would have been okay with me if he hadn't turned out to be such an ass later). so it is about 5AM and i tell him his phone is ringing. he answers it, and it is his drunk best friend, who is wandering around somewhere because he is mad at his girlfriend because she took his keys away from him. so he says he will go get him and take him home, which was understandable, but sucked all the same. he says he will call me in a hour or so and let me know if he is coming back and if he isnt coming back before morning, he will come over later that day to take me to my car. he never calls, never comes back over and the next time i see him he acts like nothing happened, and when i tell him how i felt about it, he just shrugs me apology...nothing! why the hell was i stupid enough to sleep with such a jerk!! i ended up having to walk the five miles from my house to where my car was parked, which would have been fine and good exercise, but i had gotten no sleep and had stuff to do that day that i needed my car for. all this crap, and the sex sucked. it was like sleeping with a kid in high school that didn't know what he is doing. and then he was like "wow, i've never had sex that great, i've never had a girl make me climax by riding me"..i did all the damn work and didn't get any return favors, but was gonna let it slide because i thought i was getting more later. oh well, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! now i can humiliate him by telling his friends about it hahaha! he picked the wrong girl to screw over! i am normally a very nice person, never vindictive, but the way he was so inconsiderate and then unapologetic makes me LIVID!!! arrrgh! now, i feel a lot better, THANKS for reading.

boyfriend 50

if i don't do it i feel like it doesn't get done. and if i have a bad day and fail to be sweet and loving and doting then its like he wants a pat on the head for putting up with how difficult i am. and how much porn does one person need. seriously. and i am sick of being forced into the role of drill sergeant, cop, and mom because i'm the only one who seems to notice laundry, dishes, garbage, and dogshit on the floor because i'm the only one who initiates walking them. and if i complain because there's no initiation of conversation or action on his behalf its because i 'didn't give him a chance.' how long is long enough? 'i was just going to do that.' right. and now you'll be mad and defensive with me. i can't stand it.

Jealous Boyfriends 51

I am angry, resentful, and depressed. What is it with the double-standard that men can chat up women all they want and they're just being "men", but if a woman does it, it means she's fucking around, and this and that. If she dresses up and goes somewhere alone, then she's trying to "get some" somewhere else.

I'm in a situation like that. I can't talk to or go anywhere on my own. I can't have my own friends, male in particular, and it depresses the HELL out of me! I am a prisoner of my own making, I guess, because I'm afraid of change, of leaving, of the unknown. I want to be my own person, not someone's fucking posession! And then he wonders why I have absolutely no love for him anymore. But, if I say that, he'll throw me out, and I'm screwed. Life sucks. How do I end up with these losers?

Is he cheap, selfish or dumb 52

My boyfriend of almost a year I think he is so cheap and likes himself so much. When we go to the mall it is always about him. Always asks me ďwhat do you think, this thing put me out well?"

When we go out I do pay too, if he pays for the movie ticket I pay for the dinner and vice versa. I donít have any problem with that.

This was our first Christmas together. He asked me what I would like for Christmas but I told him anything he felt like would be fine for me. I knew he was talking about buying a plasma TV. I got him a gift card for that. Two days before Christmas he asked me to go to the mall together with him so I could help him out with the last minutes shopping list that he still was not done yet. Gosh !!!! I didnít know what was coming. On our way to the mall he was keep asking me what I got him for Christmas. I ended up telling him I got you a gift card without many details I it. When we were in the mall I didnít see him looking for anything on his listÖ[He claimed he had] all was looking for something that was mainly for himself. The bombshell came when he asked me if I had with me that gift card so he could buy himself cologne. I was so pissed off and I told him just get what you want I will pay for it. And you can use the gift certificate to buy something else. Without a shame he real got himself cologne set that cost just $149.00.

Then Christmas comes all I got from him was a card and I guess at the time we were in the mall I got one top tank and he happened to pay for that. He told me he has big plans for the New Yearís Day and my birthday. My birthday is Jan 5th just after the New Year so I was like well that is okay. On the New Yearís Day I shared half of the costs we had for that day. Then my birthday comes with so much talks and lots of excuses and that he has so many plans for the Valentineís Day. I forgot to tell you that after I found that he didnít get me anything for Christmas I quickly took out the gift certificate and planned to give him on Valentine days then. I didnít want him to feel that I am buying his love. Cologne was enough let a Plasma TV be a Valentineís Day giftÖI was thinking. Valentineís day comes and all I got was a card.

Now I am starting to have mixed emotions. Is he cheap, selfish or dumb? It is not about the money that we are talking here. He makes good moneyÖI donít need anything as I always say it is all about the thoughtÖ. I need helpÖ. I am too old and feel like may be I am so picky but do I sound unreasonableÖÖÖ..Please help me.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster's situation is rather unique. Mrs. Webmaster isn't working yet so he pays for everything. This is part of marriage and was understood by the Webmaster long before he proposed. In your case we recommend sitting him down and explaining things to him, that a relationship is a two way street. It may be that he isn't thinking. If so he can correct himself with a minor word. If he gets all defensive, he's a loser and you should dump him. Signed, Anne Landers. ;)

asshole boyfriend 53

I'm so fucking angry at my ugly ass boyfriend!! He thinks that he knows it all. When I in fact know more than he does. I know what is best for our son. i feel like he wants me to fail, like he wants me to be the bad guy. He said I yelled at him when i was simply stating a fact. I cant stand him sometimes. Is it bad to want to hit someone so bad your blood boils??? I wanted to sock him in the face. THat wouldnt fly here though. I think it would break us up. I would be the one to batter him. I get so angry at him!! I feel like fucking another guy just to spite him and get back at him secretly. i'm such a bad girl. But I dont care. Does that mean that i dont love him? I'm so confused right now. I just want to go to bed and never put out again. Let's see how well you adjust to no sex you ass!! Think youre mad now....just wait until I look so f'n sexy and I want NOTHING TO DO W/ YOU!!!! I cant stand you and your fat ass. I wish i never got back with I'm stuck and unhappy. Like always....I should have broke up with you when I was I'm 26 and I regret you. It sux to be me.

Partying Boyfriend 54

My boyfriend needs to get a masters paper turned in in 2 weeks to get his masters degree. Even though he's known what the deadline is for a year, he is not planning on turning it in by the deadline. Instead he's going to turn it in late and get his degree in the fall.

Even though he doesn't have time to get the paper done, he does have the time to go out all four nights of the weekend. Because I guess it's more important to him to drink now than to get a job when he graduates. He swears that it's not a big deal, that he'll get a letter from the department saying all of his coursework is done when employers ask, but if you had a choice between someone who has their degree and someone who doesn't have it yet because they couldn't get their masters paper in by the deadline, who would you choose?

This weekend he went out every night. Last weekend when I was in town visiting he had to do schoolwork saturday night and all of sunday. This is after he spends friday telling me he is scared to move to where I am, and maybe he'll have to look for jobs in other cities, and I'm not getting a marriage proposal anytime soon.

It's pretty obvious he's peeing his pants with fear about growing up. But he's 26. The growing up has already happened; the only question is when he'll accept it. I'm pissed off that I have to be the one to yell at him about this. I'm also pissed off that I just signed a lease on an apartment under the assumption he would be moving in- because I'd really really really love to lay down an ultimatum about the degree, but I can't afford it. And he's got the dog.

Whatever. He can have a good time now; karma will get him when he's alone in the apartment job hunting this summer, trying to explain to interviewers why not not turning in his masters paper in time does not mean that he's irresponsible. Or maybe I should be looking for a room mate.

Boyfriend 55

Im angry at the bloke ive been seeing - as ive recently found out im pregnant by him and after him saying to me that he was very happy at the chance of being a father, he hasnt contacted me for 4 weeks!! i have rang him but i rekon hes screening his calls! plus his last excuse that he gave me was that he was DJing (which is cash in hand so he aint really interested in gettin a daytime job and acutally earning a wage!) my response was wot would happen if I gave birth on a nite that he DJ'ed - would I have to cross my legs!!! I feel sorry for his mother though as shes missing out on her first grandchild - in a few weeks ill be having the 20wk scan and if he aint there for that then theres no chance of him being on the birth cert! I dont hate him but I think he doesnt realise what hes gonna be missing out on! he will regret it but by then its too late let him DJ instead! (hes not very good at that either!)!!

boyfriend 56

My boyfriend is such a jerk! We have been together for a year and a half. For the most part, I have had to deal with him still talking to every ex girlfriend he has had. Then he yells at me when I get insecure about the situation. He also is so defensive and selfish. I have a child and he barely even helps with my son. Whenever I voice a concern, he always blams me. If he wants to spend time with family he yells if I get the slightest bit upset. But god forbid if I do anything without him. He is so distant and SELFISH.

Fiancee 57

My fiancee gets two days off every week. All the other days, I get the apartment to myself. On the days that I am home alone, I clean, I cook, I buy groceries, I rent movies, I drive us everywhere (he's scared to drive my manual truck). On his days home, he sits on his ass, I cook, I clean, he makes messes, he shits and makes the apartment stink, he farts, he burps, he gets obnoxious, he gets stoned, he makes me drive to get the weed, he makes me set it up. If he wants to do something, I am the key to it happening. Nothing happens unless I take control of the situation. Fuck you.

Boyfriend 58

Iím so angry. Iím 17 yrs old and I'm in college and I feel like a fucking nerd. I graduated early, I took calculus, and Iím in to star trek. Iím so much of a nerd Iím like 20 lbs overweight and I have never had a boyfriend in my life. No guys have ever liked me. I donít think that Iím that bad looking. UghÖ every time some guy talks to me (even if I am not attracted to him) my fucking face gets red because Iím am so shy. Just with guys my face gets red. And For some reason my eyes get teary and people stare at me for a long time, Iím not even sad or embarrassed I think its allergies but then when my eyes get teary my face gets red because Iím embarrassed that people think Iím crying and Iím not. Thatís another thing, my face gets so fucking red, why does that happen when Iím embarrassed I hate it because I get more embarrassed and my face gets redder. Iím such a nerd. Is it possible for anyone to like someone like me, is it? I want a boyfriend so bad or at least for someone to be interested in me. I feel like a loser. I never participated at school and I used to dress like a boy and everyone thought I was a dike and Iím not. I hated my childhood and Iím glad I donít act like an idiot anymore. I used to be such a moron always trying to be cool with people, I was such a wannabe and I would make things up just to seek their approval and they were jerks and knew that I was trying to be cool and they were so mean and yet I still did things for them. I hate my middle school years. I think thatís why Iím such a nerd because I finally realized that they were users and in my fucking junior year I freakin buried myself in a book and graduated early, and now Iím going to a community college where everyone is 18 or older, and everyone has a job and everyone is living on there own. I wish I could move out but I cant because I donít have a job and no one wants to higher unless your at least 18. But the thing I hate most is that I canít get a boyfriend for the life of me. And I have to be attracted to skinny guys but no skinny guys are attracted to me because Iím overweight, not obese, just overweight. CAN THE WORLD TELL ME IF ANYBODY CAN LIKE A LOSER LIKE ME?

*Note from Anger Central
We would suggest hitting the Gym and burning of the 20 pounds. Also start watching what you eat, and if needed consult a trained and licensed dietician. (At your age you have to be careful about eating disorders) Remember, Ben&Jerry are NOT your friends.



Inconsiderate Boyfriend 60

My bf is SO MEAN amazes. Othertimes, he's so sweet and considerate. There are times when he's "busy at work" and doesnt pick up my phone calls. today, i call him around quarter to 8 on his work phone and cell answer. I was supposed to go to his place and meet him up for dinner and the nite. He doesnt pick up, so i figure that he's alread left. I didnt wanna be late, so I leave my place which is 20 minutes away. He calls..oohhh about 45mintz after I've been sitting and waiting and tells me that he's left work. I tell him that I'm at his place already. It takes him about half an hour-45mintz to get home. 930pm he gets to his place and knows full well how long i've been waiting..we go upstairs and i ask him if he wants to go watch a about lets go for dinner..WE'LL SEE. and then..he tells me that he HAS TO watch the basket ball game which is on. the game finishes at 1130pm...another hour and a half of me just sitting and waiting. During the game, i happen to fall asleep, i didnt want to bother him while he was watching the i happened to doze off. He wakes me up when the game is over and says 'did u come here just to sleep? if you want to sleep, just go home and do it.' CAN YOU BELEIVE THAT?! After all that....I WENT HOME, no dinner, no conversation...NOTHING. Isn't he just great :)

Lazy boyfriend & his nasty kids 61

I stared dating this man 4 years ago and within 2 years his daughters came to live with him. at first i thought accepting their wild, nasty, hypersexual, sneaky, lying, stealing behavior was the right thing to do because they came from a mother who sleeps around with every single man that crosser her path. i thought that with love and guidance they'd change. well how wrong was i? 4 years later, i've lost more shoes, clothes, phones than in my entire 37 years. my children have suffered tremendously becuase they have their stuff broken or stolen. like that isn't enough, these little nasty confused trashy easy whores lie about everything they do. it's time for change. i've reached the end of the rope. the monkeys' have to go... all of them... before I throw them out into the streets. i owe that much to their lazy, broke ass father. phew... i feel much better!!

My man won't GROW UP! 62

Living with my boyfriend is like living with a fucking child. We both work but he won't do anything around the house. I get upset about and and he says he'll help but never does.

Every week since we moved into our house our drains have been blocked and i have had to clean them out. Today - for the first time ever i explained this to him and he reacted like a fourteen year old does when you ask them to wash the pots. He said i was a bossy cow and refused to do it before throwing a paddy which involved throwing the garden tools around (cos i'd been doing the garden - alone of course - while he played computer games). So i have to fish around in his shit but he won't do the same for me. He's doing what I did when i was 14 to get out of doing stuff - putting up with the nagging because it's worth it not to have to do the task - and if you leave it long enough some other mug will have to do it, i.e. - ME! He obviously has no respect for me - as i didn't for my mother when i was 14.

His driving is cocky and unsafe and i really hope he gets his licence taken off him before he kills anyone. Last night we were driving home from his parents house and somebody blocked him in (not for long - just a minute) and yes - the person was an idiot for doing it, but why let your ego take over and have to get them back for it and risk your own life doing it. He let them past and then shot straight up their arse before swerving around them at rediculous speeds. Being used to this rediculous behaviour i asked calmly why he felt the need to do it and requested he not do it again. His response was "shut up" which he repeated constantly before pulling off the road and refusing to drive. We sat there in silence for a hour. What a wanker - why can't he just drive as safely as possible - does he want me to die?

I hate his childish attitude and wish he would just grow up. He's just driven off in a mood cos of the drain argument. We were supposed to be having a meal together tonight but i'm betting he'll go out and get pissed now and come home at about 4 in the morning, if at all. He always does that when we argue because he knows it upsets me. I'm sure he gets off on me calling and texting him asking him to come home. Well fuck him - i'm gonna pretend i don't care and that he can stay the fuck away as long as he likes - at least that way i won't be running around cleaning up after the lazy arrogant fucking slob. In fact - mabe i really don't care that he's gone - mabe he just dug his own grave by waking out and allowing me to not have to put up with him.

Huh, not just a wanker - a stupid wanker. Figures.

*Note from Anger Central
And the reason you're still with him is??

Boyfriend 63

I am SO damn angry because my boyfriend e-mailed a girl he "saw" while we were apart, AFTER we got back together, and asked for her phone number and said he'd like to see her while they were both out of the country in their hometown. He says there's NOTHING wrong with that because he only had "good" intentions. RIGHT. Yet here I am stuck in the U.S. and I'm to believe he never saw her even after she gave him her where abouts. Jerk.

stupid boyfriend!! 64

I have been with my boyfriend for a year and 2 months. He is such a fucking asshole to me. I'm 18, going on to 19 soon and I've never been so stressed in my life! I've never cried so much in my life either. He makes me cry all of the time. He's so inconsiderate and stubbon..always wanting things his fucking way! He dropped out of high school his senior year, has no car, no job, no money. I pay for everything. He lives about 40 minutes away and I am the one who has to drive there to see him. AND when I do get there, he is always playing this damn computer game! He hardly ever pays attention to me. When I'm at his house, most of the time it's him sitting on his ass playing that computer game and me, on his bed, watching TV. What the hell?! I could watch TV at my own house. He says he misses, he wants to see me and when I do.. you can't even get off of the damn computer. Obviously, I'm not worthy of your time, well fuck you! I'm so fed up with his crap. He's a horrible boyfriend. I need some self respect and get out of this mess.

suedo boyfriend 65

i hate him. he is so mean. he knows i am in love with him and that i worry about him when he doesn't call or email me but he still blows me off for weeks at a time and then takes me out and acts as if nothing happened. i am so much prettier than him. why cant he be nice to me. i love him. i want to be with him. and he just keeps giving me hope and then blowing me off. and he is so selfish. we only do what he wants. why do i like him.

boyfriends a prick 66

i love him to death.. but i feel like im the only one putting effort into the relationship. I take time off work, change my schedule for him. i drive him everywhere, i pay for everything. he says he loves me to death, but hes attracted to other girls. AND he doesnt TRUST ME! after he just said that! like what the hell. he doesnt let me go out with my friends, so i'm alone on a friday night while hes partying with the "boys". HE BITES ME.. so hard, i get bruises... when we are good, we're really good. we laugh, cudding, sing. its awesome. but hes just such an asshole sometimes.

Boyfriend 67

I am so angry at my boyfriend! I broke up with him for two days and maybe i should again. He constantly makes "special" plans with me and then immediately forgets he made them and cancels. He said we'd take a trip Friday (because we'd had some problems and he wanted alone time to work on them) and the next thing I hear he's planned a poker night that night! He asks me "we're not doing anything Friday right?" Then he goes back and fourth four or five times on all the plans "lets go, let's not go. No, please go on this trip otherwise my feelings will be hurt. Actually, I have work things to do, so I can't go on the trip. Let's stay in town instead. Oh, actually my dad wants to hang out, etc." He also lets his mom call him six times a day and he picks up when I'm there and talks to her! Even if we're making out, he'll stop and have a whole conversation with her! He's 27! Hello! And he says mean things and then insists he didn't' intent them to be mean and says I'm just over-reacting. He says if I get mad, to just think of a word to remind myself that he cares and doesn't mean any harm. So the other day, he got upset with me, so I told him the word and laughed in his face. And he looked more upset and almost cried! But I'M suppose to be okay with hearing a word and instantly feeling better? He says he can't change, so I need to just not be hurt by him for us to be together. And when we did get back together, he said he was relieved to have a few days to get his house together, since normally he doesn't have time to since he sees me so much. The jerk!!!! Oh, and he said he'd "make it up to me" two weekends in a row, and on the "make up day" he bailed to go help his family because they called, and he just ditched me to go hang out with them.

possessions/ownership 68

my ignorant boyfriend doesn't think. he doesn't think about how when he chooses to undertake a huge construction project on his house that then I have to do it with him. he doesn't understand what that costs. maybe it saves him thousands of dollars, but what is it costing us? why do people get to obsessed with things they own and not just appreciate the things that are around them (i.e. the things you can't buy - like a great girlfriend who helps with this 'little project' that has been going on for over 2 years and is always 'almost done')? Does he not think about the decisions he makes? That choosing to work on this over spending time with me or just finishing it up is actually costing him? 'you don't have to do it with me'. yeah right. i want to spend my life with you. don't you get it? I wish he could get over his complex of everything being 'perfect' and just how he wants he before something bad happens.

Unaffectionate Boyfriend 69

I knew I wanted to marry him from the day we met. I thought our personalities could make a perfectly loving home and family. I was ready for him. But after all I've done to make him feel secure and loved, I am still left with an unaffectionate, unpassionate shell of a man. When his female friends are around, though, it's all hugs, kisses, "I love you, baby's and he's throwing everyone else roses. Except me. I get the leftovers. What a waste of my time!

dating a big baby boyfriend 70

i get angry when i try to express to my big baby boyfriend something i feel between us, like if something he did or said bothered me. he gets so defensive it's so hard to talk to him. he manipulates the conversation so that i feel like the big jerk for even bringing anything up. i try to be nice and tell him, hey, I'm not trying to fight, i want to talk b/c i care about you and us. but he takes it all as criticism and insult and just deflects back with hurtful comments and blocks. it makes me feel like he really doesn't even care about my feelings. i hate when he says things like, you don't even have a valid point. I THINK i have a valid point, so don't tell me if i have one or not! it's rude and inconsiderate. it's hurtful and i feel like he just cares about himself. i don't like how he says, why are you talking about this now? it's not a good time-it's my birthday, i have work to do, it's a nice Saturday afternoon why are you ruining it? why can't me wanting to talk about something just be good enough and not have to schedule it in when it's convenient for him? it's so angering!

when he's working and he's in his zone concentrating, i'm supposed to understand that his short, rude comments and how he can't even give me a quick kiss hello when i come home are because he's concentrating. fine. i have to leave him alone or he becomes more of an asshole. but funny how when it's fashion week and the night of our fashion show at work, he gets so upset that i'm not busy talking to him and making him feel special when i'm running around trying to make sure everything looks great, is in order, and i'm trying to remember a million things at once!!! what a hypocrite! he's such a big baby and needs to be coddled. he thinks he can just say and do whatever he wants. and now he's going through i-just-turned-30 crisis and is depressed. i want to be supportive but it's hard when he can be really rude and inconsiderate and finds reasons to justify his rude behavior. i can't take it!

hypocritical boyfriend 71

I'm angry because I'm constantly made to feel insecure. I'm supposed to hear constant comments about how this girl or that one is so hot. Not only that but I'm supposed to join in because I'm SO COOL. Its like WHATEVER ! I'm not here to fulfill every male disgusting lesbian fantasy. What's worse is if i get weird! Then I'm the one that's INSECURE!! I doubt if things were reversed that he would be able to deal. I also forgot to mention that he takes me to the bar to check out the hot girl he has a crush on! Or how about him wanting me to be friends with the girl he slept with by accident. How am i supposed to feel every time i see her and him together, great?! BUT HEY I GUESS I"M SUPPOSED TO BE BIGGER THAN THIS! I'm not supposed to be human and I should be perfect. How can anyone live up to these ridiculous expectations?!

cockhead boyfriends 72

i fucking hate you some times, you annoy the FUCK OUT OF ME, your so selfish, i honestly don't know why i even bother to have gotten into a relationship, especially with you! i hate them, there're nothing but BULLSHIT!! I hope you have a really shit night and that you wished you had hung out with me like You said you Fucking would, like we had organised all Week!!!! I'm so damn angry that i even bothered making TIME for you!! FUCK YOU WANKER!

asshole boyfriends 73

My boyfriend and i have been together for 3 1/2 years. the first 2 flew right by. then he cheated. i dont see why i stayed. he didnt have a job, car and i always paid for everything. everytime we fight he makes it seem as if it were my fault. he doesnt understand my feelings in short he say im too emotional. i cant stand it. i want to leave him so bad, but i cant. i guess we have grown close together. i saw this site to see how the other boyfriends compare but mine is a true asshole. he always puts me down, makes me feel as if i am 2 inches short. when i cry he say "Why are you crying fuck" i just cant do it. when i left him he called me 24/7. saying he missed me and he was gonna change. i admit he called alil but not much.i cant stand him!!

smoking 74

I have a boyfriend who has quit smoking at least 6 times since I have known him. The last stint lasted for two years, but guess what? He's smoking again. If he wants to kill himself that's fine, but I don't think I should have to go through him being an asshole when he decides to quit again. Or to be told we can't go to a movie because he can't go without a cig. for that long. He calls me weak, well have another cig. and a beer and shut up.

*Note from Anger Central
FYI, Nicotine addiction is in some ways harder to break then Heroin addiction.

my bf  75

He's the sweetest guy and the rudest guy. He's too talkative and loud..especially about the most dull subjects...he does these severly irriating impersonations of people... and screams when he does them everytime I talk to him. When he came over to meet my parents he was so loud and obnoxious. And he kept making out with me in front of them..That's not my thing's very very uncomfortable to mee. He doesn't wash his hands and has bad flatulence. arrrrg.. He's very loving and the first guy to actually buy me wonderful gifts and want to spend time moreso than others..but he's almost too clingy. He calls at least 10 times a day if not 30. I'm not a big blabber mouth myself. It's irriating and all he talks about is global warming and war. If not that then something really off subject and horribly boring. I like a little bit of a intellectual talk definately.. but I also like the reality of good times and fun in our lives. Not dull and boring rambling on all day. Plus i'm not here to take 500 fucking calls. He goes on vacation..but get this..His whole vacation is spent calling me!I need a little break damnit. I hate phones. And he doesn't get that...goes through one ear out the other kinda guy. I'm going on vacation and told him that and he'll be on another vacation also and he told me he want me to stay with him while i'm on vacation..even after fucking telling him i'll be on vacation that day!!!! Sorry my puncuation isn't perfect. I need to vent..he's the best guy i've met. But the other side of it is boredom at times..really. I need fun and exciting. He wants to blab and blab and blab his mouth off. I like quiet once in awhile but also exctiment..I can't enjoy the activites we do if he's talking through them. And he has this irriating habit of interrupting me constantly about stupid things and his wonderful impersonations and blabbing through my favorite songs.arrrrrrrg... See it's hard because he's so great to me and I really like him but then he just isn't on the other hand. And he's quite vain and boastful. But doesn't believe that I have that capability myself. Arg.. Every guy and their fucking boasting! Can it! Girls aren't impressed. Anyway i'm angry at you my bf...very..luckily i'm controlled now but fuck if he calls one more time and wakes me up at 1:00 am! arrrrg.

My lying cheating boyfriend 76

I am so damn angry because of the following scenario....and I do realize I need to leave him and I am in the process of doing so very sneaky like I am going to pick up when he is not around and just move out on him, then when he comes home SURPRISE we are no where to be found....sleazy bastard....I just want to screw him so totally over it is not even funny!! but the following is the events leading up to this rant:

Woke up this morning I went through his phone and would you guess what I found that girls number listed under the name frank and he sent her 2 text messages one of the being ďdo you work todayĒ and the second one was ďtmrĒ whatever that means. If anyone knows what that means let me know ( I think it means tomorrow) then he tried to turn it on me stating that I am snooping but what the hell am I suppose to do or think he is such a liar!! Why do I get this I have done so much and this is what I get!!!! This bastard is going to pay big time and yes I realize that revenge is not always the best but right now it is getting me through

boyfriend 77

I am so pissed off at my boyfriend!!!! I sit and look him in the eye as he rants and raves about what is bothering him...and I do my best to hear him and really think about what I did wrong. When I try to tell my side of the story, he won't listen!!! He walks around the room, looking too busy for me, and tells me that he doesn't have to listen to me. What is that???!!! I hate that I find myself in such a position of weakness. Why should I listen to him if he won't ever listen to me?


Well, I am 26 years old and still enjoying life! My boyfriend of 3.5 years in an old fart!!! I still like to go hang out with our friends and have a few drinks, do some dancing, but he would rather sit on the couch in his underwear!! YOU ARE NOT 50!! WTF! Captain NO-FUN! He doesn't exactly like it when i get dressed up to go somewhere, but shit!!! He gives me no reason to look nice for him! He doesn't like to do anything!! I guess i should lay around in my panies and watch war movies!!! So then he get pissd i I go out and have a good time! AAHH!!!

F'n Pric 79

Well tonight I called my boyfriend and asked him to come over. He told me he didn't have any gas (he had gas to drive over to his little f'n girlfriends the other nite though) so being the sweetheart I am I told him I'd go over there and asked him when he was going to be home. He told me an hour (this was at 10) so I said okay i'll be there in an hour. Meanwhile I went to Sonic. As I was about there he text me and told me he had decided to stay at his friends house a little longer and watch a movie...he was going to stay there an extra hour and a half! An I was just supposed to come home and come back later! I AM TIRED OF TAKING BACKSEAT TO EVERYONE!! This has gone on for about 5 years now on an off...and when some other girl comes along that talks to him hes "in love". These girls are ugly usually...sometimes whores...but usually just really homely. It bothers me because I am really smart, I have a good job, I am beautiful. I just dont know what to do anymore...I am afraid that if I let this keep happening I am going to hurt myself.

boyfriend 80

I am so upset at my boyfriend!! Lately, for the past week, he wont answer his phone when i call him. He calls me back hours later with some lame excuse! He used to always want to spend time with me and now he's with his friends all the time. He's in a band and supposedly they were practicing at the studio today. I passed by. It was empty. Then he tells me he went to a party. Of course he couldn't answer his phone because supposedly he couldnt hear it.. I cant tell you how angry i am. This lack of communication is driving me nuts!!! Am I crazy or should I be pissed off?? Ugg!! men!

my bastard boyfriend 81

im so angry because my boyfriend treats me like crap. and i let him.. again and again.. i sometimes feel im some sicko who likes getting hurt.. i cant understand why i am in love with someone who only hurts me. yeah the good times are great but they are too far and few between. add to it the long distance factor. he flirts with other women, makes me feel unimportant, does not care about my feelings, is insensitive and worse is inconsistent. so if he feels like he is prince fucking charming but the next day i will be all smiling when he will be like the anti christ. he switches off the phone on me when he feels like and is not traceable for the next few days... suddenly he will be back and picture this- the bastrad will have the gall to be angry with me!!!! i hate him for doing this to me. iwish i get the brains to DUMP him coz that s what he deserves. he makes me feel so shit.. i hate him i hate him...i should have done this a long time back. im just so scared i wont find anyone else it freaks me out. im so used to all this intensity.... life is crap

Cheating Boyfriend 82

I am so f'n pissed at my boyfriend!! We made plans to spend the weekend together. I tried calling him all day Saturday and got no answer. Then, around midnight, while I was out having a beer with a girl friend he finally calls me. He gives me some lame excuse about being out riding 4 wheelers all day/night! Of course, seeing as he was playing in the mud all day he couldn't carry his phone with him. Well, I could tell he was drunk, and he said that he was on his way home. I asked how long it would be and he said 45 minutes. He asked if I could meet him at his house. Well, I was still upset about not being able to reach him all day, so I told him that although I did want to see him, it would be a little bit because I wasn't ready to leave the bar yet. He said that was cool and he'd call me when he got home. After about an hour I tried calling him to tell him I was on my way over to his house. Of course, he didn't answer. So, seeing as he already asked me to come by his house, I figured I'd go by there, even though I couldn't reach him. I pull up to see his truck in the driveway, along with his parent's vehicles. I knock on the door, and mind you it's almost 1:30am. His dad answers and I ask if my BF is there and his dad says he was upstairs. So, with my cell phone and car keys in hand I be-bop upstairs, get to his bedroom and his door is closed. (He almost always leaves it open) I open the door, and to turn on the lamp, I have to have my back to the bed. Well, I turn on the lamp and turn around only to find another woman in his bed!!! He was completely naked, and she was half naked. I can not begin to explain the thoughts running through my head. I wanted to kill someone! I tried waking him, but he was so drunk, nothing worked. I even slapped him as hard as I could across his lying, cheating, no good, ugly face!! Well, he woke up for about 2 seconds, sat straight up in bed and said, "What's goin' on?!" Then fell back down, snoring. I was LIVID!!! The wh*re lying next to him actually opened her eyes, looked at me, closed her eyes, and turned over. Can you believe that sh*t??!! Needless to say, it took all I had to gather my thoughts and walk out of that room. I was so crushed. I yelled, kicked, screamed, and cussed the whole way home. He was so clueless the next day. Didn't even remember me coming over. The little satisfaction I had from slapping him, was wiped out due to his not remembering it. When I asked why he did it, he simply stated, "It was just a booty call." If I had a gun, I would have blew his balls off!! Then he said he was scared to tell me about his "Life Style" and how he liked to "Swing". Sadly, I had to inform him that what he did, was not considered swinging, but was indeed CHEATING!! After all of that, not one time did he ever say the words, I'm sorry. I'm so angry at myself for ever falling for this prick, but how in the H*LL was I supposed to know he liked to "SWING"?!?!?

My Boyfriend 83

My boyfriend seems to have the shortest fuse in history. I don't even know anymore what will set him off. He complains bitterly about everything I do, and when I threaten to leave, his whole attitude switches and he begs me to stay. I have tons of little notes from him on which he's written an apology and a promise to be better if I'll just stay. Sometimes I think he's the worst thing I've ever done to myself.

boyfriend/ex boyfriend 84

I get so angry sometimes, but usually this just makes me sad. My bf of five years, last year I found out he had cheated; so we broke up and moved apart, only to get back together shortly after. I went through a mental breakdown, failed out of the semester at school, had major anxiety attacks, nightmares, flashbacks, I couldnt stop thinking about it for a year.

Now, we are still together, sometimes things are ok when I am able to forget. But mostly it's all I can think of. Especially if I meet someone with her name, or you don't pick up the phone (which you do all the time on purpose), or you disappear I go through it all over again.  What kind of life is this, I'm constantly haunted by it; I try so hard to forget, take up other hobbies, anything. I've lost 36 pounds now , no appetite since THAT day. I can't take much more, of the constant thoughts and panic, I can't even afford to lose anymore weight I'm already sick.

I know we're trying to work it out, but not really; I'm the only one trying. I'm really most angry at myself, for being so attatched and stupid that I can't just let go of him. I'm human, why is he so inhumane? Then I think about how dramatic I'm being complaining about the little things with him when their are people going through REAL problems much worst.

But im still human, maybe just a weaker one since THAT day. He knows this, so why does he still do things that just make me feel like im about to lose my mind and like my heart is breaking; literally that crushing feeling in the chest. I'm so mad at myself for letting this and him ruin my grades, my health, my sanity. Since that day last year I look like I've aged 5.

WHY why why is he so cruel; how can he be. How can any human being be so hurtful to another. Watching the news lately with the school shootings I keep asking this. I know theres different levels of severity; but I just cant deal with all this 'inhumanity' anymore. Has he, and them become so numb that they can't empathize anymore? or have I, since i keep allowing this to coninue? How can I be numb if I'm in so much pain? What kind of relationship is this, where the hurt is so bad I need to medicate myself into a state of acceptance? what the fuk is WRONG with me!

I'm the same as all the other 6 billion people on this earth; so why should my feelings and situation be so damn unique and special? I know I can't be the only one, right? No, I wouldn't wish this on anyone else, but I do wish someone who's successfully come out of this craziness can show me how; or at least advise.

Unforgivin 85

My boyfriend drives me nuts!! We work for the same company, and they had decided to close 1 day for a day cruise. My boyfriend had to work at his other job, so I decided not to go. I didnt want to hang out with the office chicks by my self. Turns out his job cxld that morn and he hopped on the cruise w/out me!!!!! He didnt even call. I feel like nothing. We have been together a year, and he regarded me like I was ok to be forgotten. I dont care that he just spent 350 bucks to come with me to visit family, I dont think I can get over this!!!


This has been the one night stand that turned into a crappy 15mo. relationship. First I am angry at the fact that he has the arrogance and audacity to treat me, someone who he cares about (although he can't speak it) with so much disrespect. From flaking two weekends in a row but expecting that i hang out with him and his buddies for the night (we live an hour apart) to the big boom when after 6 months notice to my brothers wedding, he flakes yet again. He was supposed to be my ride to the wedding that was 4 hours away. I had to drop serious cash to reserve the hotel room and rental car for a week. And for some reason he still couldn't understand my perspective, why I yelled, fucking screamed and felt like i was going crazy. I broke up with him, cut ties, but that only lasted a short time. Now, I am angry at me because I allowed him access to where he did/does not deserve. You cant change your spots. Recently, I planned a concert event, obtained tickets and the fucker couldn't even tell me that he was yet again gonna be a no-show. A lousy fucking text. Is that all he thinks Im worth? I am angry that I still can see the good that he could procure yet how long am i supposed to wait around for him to comprehend that you just dont treat your partner that way? No calling. A text, maybe. And somehow the internet has subverted regular human contact with this guy to me. Its dawning on me. Im a smarty, holding two degrees and working an advance medical field and somehow I let this asshole have power over me. I allow this asshole to make me cry, stress, bend over backwards for shift changes so i can accommodate his fun time, buy dinner because he drove up, and lose sleep over him because my feelings are hurt and yet it's okay for him to er..uh...patronize me and say "let's not act like we're in 9th grade." Right. Motherfuckingasshole.

Tom 87

Only 17 when I met you...never tasted alcohol...never had sex. I was so innocent. You were a 26 yr old 'bad boy' of course I was going to fall in love. You were 'sexy' and 'dangerous', I felt like a rebel! Fast forward 7yrs...I gave up everything for you. I was patient waiting for you to want me, waiting for you to change. Almost three years we've lived together and you've worked for MAYBE 6 months. The way you look at me...the way you talk to me is so mean. So hateful. I feel so degraded and empty but still I stick around and wait for you to change. I just don't realize why I'm not good enough...why you can't just love me. Why I'm not worth that much. I hate you!

boyfriends 88

I love my boyfriend to death. He is a really sweet person and I know he loves me very much. When I'm sad he cheers me up and will do anything for me. EXCEPT he is the laziest person I have ever met!! He is 21 years old, soon to be 22 and doesn't work and hasn't finished highschool. He still lives at home with mommy and daddy. I still live at home, except I go to school full time and have a job. I pay for EVERYTHING! If we go out to the movies, I pay. If we go out for dinner, I pay. If he needs money for poker, I pay. I have paid for his phone bill so many times I can't remember, and I paid for him to start school!! I finally told him that if he doesn't get a job soon I wont be with him. I don't think he believes me though. But I'm leaving him, and telling him when he gets a job and figures his life out to call me. GRRRR

tosser boyfriend 89

grr. i am so angry at my boyfriend. together for just over two years now, he cheats on me on new years eve!! ha ha the night you're meant to bring in with the one you love the most... the thing is, he did it last new years eve too!! cheated on me once and i forgave him, a year goes on and he does it again. stupid skanky sluts with skirts above their constantly pounded asses. sick bitches are almost as sick as him. i am angry, but now i feel better.. thanks

Immature Boyfriend 90

My boyfriend thinks he is the best friggen boyfriend known to mindkind. The truth of it all is simply that he the worst and most disgraceable a hole. He is an immature, controlling, manipulating, self conscious freak! He tries to make me jealous of other girls by frequently talking about them, hanging with them, and when I'm at his house he instant messages chicks right in front of me! hello I'm your girlfriend you sh**head! He takes great pleasure in making me feel like I'm an inch and a half tall, and when I get back at him he gets all pouty and angry at me. Not to mention last week, when he skated for a good 15-20 minutes with two chicks at the skating rink, leavin me all by my self. Of course, he asked for my permission to skate for 2 MINUTES with them, just because they were his friends and he wanted them to show him how to do something on the ice. Now me, trying to prove to him that I'm not a completely jealous a hole, said yeah sure they're ur friends right? Wrong. He made sure I was by myself for 15 minutes while he hung with them and skated in front of them. I was so hurt and angry that I wanted to puke and then cry. And not to mention, when we do skate together, he doesn't skate with me anyways because he's got a speed problem and he NEEDS to go fast. So most of the time anyways im by myself. But no. This was the icing on the cake, i wanted to punch him in the face and then walk out. he treats me like sh** sometimes and i can't take it anymore. Ok so this is what i did to fix him, i told him that saturday i would not be around i would be at a party about 2 hours away. Boy did this make him mad! he thought about it for days and each day told me that he doesn't want me to go. i insisted that im going but just to shut him up said i will have to ask my mom if we're really going. Now all the while Im laughing to myself because no im not going anywhere but he needs to know i have a life that doesn't always have him in it. Well, what does he do? he tells me dryly "no offence, but im kinda happy that i get to skate fast this weekend without having to worry about you" What? you just friggen told me that you don't want me to go to the party, and that you want me there with you! So to wrap it all up, im tired of the mindgames, the immaturity, the selfishness, the controlling ways, and the manipulation that he so frequently puts on me. i deserve better and he deserves worse.

boyfriends 91

I have a boyfriend who I use to really like, I thought he was nice. But that was all a misconception. I recently broke my foot, first the asshole doesn't pick me up because it's "too far" so I have to limp my way with a freshly fractured foot and flag down a cab, then a couple days later the dickhead wont even go to the hospital with me, not because he's too busy and not even that he has to sleep but because he would rather get stoned and watch tv. He doesn't even pick me up from work, I had to convince him to come get me, he did it once and he made it sounds like he's god gift and i owe him because he picked me up once. Today I phoned him to tell him that there was something wrong with my results and he basically said, "I don't want to talk right now, I'm watching hockey". and then he said "I hope your not gonna act the way you did before at the hospital when you wanted me to come down. I hate him, he's selfish and self absorbed. This all happened in the past last week, I just had my sweet boyfriend turn into a completer asshole.

My Boyfriend Needs to Grow Up 92

My boyfriend says he loves me and wants to marry me, and says he will ask me in 2 years. I believe him, and I feel the same way. However, he has A LOT of growing up to do before that. I'm angry because he has NO CLUE!! His MOMMY wants control of the relationship, yet he accuses me of wanting to gain control. He says I'm changing, that I'm serious, and i was never like that before. According to him, I was always fun-loving and spontaneous, and I'm not anymore. Well, DUH, in the past few months I've had to grow up a lot--my father had a heart attack, he's fine thank God, but he's getting older and needs more help even though he doesn't admit it, my mom and sister still need me, I've graduated college, thought I was going to the school of my dreams for grad school but now I'm not anymore, I got a new full time job, and I have to think about grad school for next semester. just a lot of stuff to deal with. I've been through stuff in the past that has seasoned me in life so to speak, and so I feel more mature for my age than a lot of people. He doesn't understand when I tell him there need to be boundaries, and that his family needs to respect us as adults in a relationship, and he needs to stick up for me if they upset me. This happened a few days ago and he accused me of "making a scene", I was pissed because he didn't even make sure I was ok after I went in the house while his mothers cousins were being nasty to me. Then I've been home sick for the past 2 days and he calls me from work to ask me if i would go to a video store by me to get the latest video game that came out...i would NEVER even THINK about asking him to do anything like that if he were home sick!! HE HAS NO CLUE and I HOPE TO GOD he grows the EFF up before he plans to marry me because this is not happening. I feel like he'd rather date his friends and family than me, and I told him that but he denies it and says its not true. I say, fine, maybe u should find a new girlfriend who's fun and lets you do whatever the hell you want, but he cries...meanwhile, i let him do WHATEVER the hell he wants. I never complain when he hangs out with his friends or has to go to marathon family outings. He claims i get mad because i want him "all to myself" and I'm trying to "tear him away" from his family and that i put him in "awkward positions". you know what? CUT THE FREAKIN UMBILICAL CORD!!! ITS TIME TO WAKE UP!! We've been together for almost 2 years, its not like we've only been going out for a month anymore!!! UGHGHGHG!! GROW UP YOU MOMMAS BOY BABY BOYFRIEND!!

Boyfriend is lost 93

I have been going out with my boyfriend for three years now, before that we were friends for a long time. We decided to get into a relationship because we had the best of both worlds... a good solid friendship that could turn into the best of relationships. I was duped. He has no sense of self, is a co-dependant bastard and can't fucking think for himself at all! I am sick of having to talk him up and be the strength that he can't find in himself. I don't know where he put his balls, but they're definately not between his legs anymore. If I ask him for his opinion on anything, he says "I dunno, what do you think?" Find your spine, boy! What the crap! And while you're looking for your spine, try hunting down some honesty! Don't fucking lie to me! (To make matters worse, he lies like a fucking child... you know, the kind of thing that any fucking moron could tell he's lying about... the caught with your hand in the cookie jar kind of lie.) I AM NOT A MORON! You are fucking ridiculous and I'm sick of your shit! I have told you time and time again that I deserve to be respected and will NOT tollerate this kind of petty bullshit.

He's so afraid to end up alone that he just pushes me out the door. That's pretty fucking ass backwards if you ask me. Dumb ass. If he wants me to be there, which I was willing to do, then he should treat me as I deserve... and treat himself the same way. He is disrespectful to both of us and has no idea how to change. GROW THE FUCK UP! this is not highschool! This is life, Mother FUCKER! Get your fucking head out of your ass and be a man! A man has confidence. Loves himself. Respects himself and the woman he is with. Is honerable and true to himself. Is compassionate and caring. TELLS THE TRUTH. I can't take this shit anymore. Figure it out for your fucking self. I'm done.

Boyfriend-Jerk 94

My boyfriend is a JERK sometimes. He treat me really nice sometimes but other times he is really mean to me and beats me up physically and mentally. He usually will step on my shoes to hurt me while we are walking. He lies to me all the time about stupid stuff that he shouldn't lie about. He cheated on me when we first met and maybe multiple of times but I don't know for sure. He doesn't treat me respect and is a "beggars can't be choosers" kind of person.

To the girl that found out your guy gave a blowjob. What is his name? Is he hot? Send him our way, we can have some fun with him. If he is not hot than you can keep his bi-sexual ass.

Back to my boyfriend who is a JERK of HELL. You don't want him as a boyfriend. Yeah he plays with your hair and can suck cock good but it isn't worth the heartache. My jerk boyfriend really hurts me and I don't know why. We have been together for 5.5 years. So I get confused of what he wants and why we are together sometimes? He can be a real jerk!!!!!!!, or is a Jerk!!!!


well my boyfriend is such an ashole. he doesn't cheat on me or anything, but he's so insecure, jealous, and controlling sometimes. EVERY SINGLE TIME I come home or calls him, the response he gives me is somewhat like this ----> "So did u have fun talking to other boys?, OR "see any good boys u like?" OR "did u look at any boys?" OR ANYTHING with boys in it. he so god damn insecure, wtf do u think asshole? hell no i havent been talking to other boys. god! sometimes he gets mad if me and my BROTHER (thats right, brother) play fight with each other, or talk to each other. I pay for everything, this cheap SOB hardly pays for anything, and when he does, he complains about it. He LOVES to brag about how much he makes, but I dont see a F'ing penny from his cheap ass. I've been with this ass for 2 years now, we just got engaged (im suprised he even bought me a ring), but he seriously needs to treat me better. I've let him borrow $127.00 from me, and he complained about how much he had to pay me back. CHEAP AS HELL... its seriously sad...he makes me so god damn angry, somtimes i feel like i want to leave him, and i think he knows this, but I love him so much and we talk about having kids together and everything. (plus he is so god damn good at making love its ridiculous). the worse part about this is my WHOLE family LOVES him, they cant shut up about him. They think he's so perfect and always asks for him to come around and everything. (i find it so crazy becuase me and my family are white and he's black.) (not to be racist) but i cant stand his ass i swear to god. he drives me F****ing crazy! every f'ing hour of the day.

asshole boyfriend!! 96

He makes me so sad and mad at times! most of the time that is! We have been together 6 months and he is a fucking asshole! he never EVER does what he say he'll do, never shows me ANY love( have to ASK FOR A KISS!!!), never does anything for me, hasn't spent a SINGLE PENNY on me for 4 months, pressured me into an abortion, NEVER calls me, NEVER TRIES TO MAKE ME HAPPY!!!!!!! OH, and everytime i try to talk to him about it he either walks away or starts getting mad at ME!! i hate him i hate him!


My boyfriend is a lazy son of a bitch. Ever since we got an abortion a year ago he has done nothing to turn around and prove to me that he will ever be worth a shit as a father. Every time I bring up topics he doesn't want to discuss he yells at me at the top of his lungs or crawls into bed like a little baby. He refuses to find a job and says he is "trying" when all he does is sit on the fucking computer all day long playing video games. I am so tired of him and tired of who he is turning out to be. I am older then him and not by many years but I feel like his fucking mother or worse. I think even his parents have kind of given up on him. I need to find a way out of here...

my 'boyfriend' 98

But, we have been fighting EVEN more than usual (which in itself is saOH MY GOD. he is such a hypocrite. our favourite band are doing a gig, and some girl managed to get him tickets so they could both go. Thats all fine and well, don't think i'm worried about that..

we have been fighting EVEN more than usual (which in itself is saying alot) and he's been stressing about how i'm different when i'm around my friends and on the phone to him (btw..i'm lucky if i get to go out with my friends once in like 4 months). He says i have put a quarter of what he has into our relationship and i owe him(which is among some of the nicer things he says during arguments)and if he asks me to go home while i'm out with friends he deserves that. He is soo aggressive. He gets angry at the slightest thing, and no matter what i do to try and calm him down or make up for my everyday actions..he just gets worse. So after the damage has been done, and i have..lets say..'payed' for what i've done..i have to apologise. Again. I don't understand how he can hurt me like he does. He gets incredibly jealous, and i really mean that. If i so much as talk to or look at another boy, or girl for that matter..he goes off on one of his mass stresses. God forbid any boy that comes to comfort me after me and my boyfriend have been fighting.

I was with him earlier, and whereas i usually feel completely happy, safe and at home when i go to see him, i felt nothing. I reeally was just going through the motions. At the moment i feel extremely used and pathetic..Not all that sure what to do.
Wish i was brave enough to tell him how i felt.. God. There are hundreds of things i could tell you about him. I'm just not gunna. What a twat. :(

Ambivalent boyfriend 99

I have been duped by my boyfriend so many times I've lost count. He is such a manipulator. Of course it makes it worse that I have to work with him at the same school-we are both teachers. He thinks he is such a man of character--Mr. "I am such a great role model for kids." For two years I have been with him. We did everything together. He told me he loved me and that we would get married. WHen I brought up the the subject, he was like, "Whoa!! Slow down. I never said I loved you and where did you get the idea that I loved you?" I have been gaslighted!! I have saved every love poem and card he had ever sent me and now he tells me that he loves doing things with me, but he isn't sure if he loves me or if he even knows what love is. I am over 40 and I vowed that I would never fall in love again after my divorce 8 years ago. And HERE I AM AGAIN. Who's fault is that? MINE!! He still is in constant contact with his ex-wife (they have no kids together and he claims that she is an alcoholic)-we broke up one month ago and he has already been to her house. Gee, I wonder what they did there? She is still in love with him. He told me that after 11 years of marriage to her, he can't just stop caring about her. This man is such a loser and I feel like a bigger loser because I love(d) him. My heart is broken and that makes me mad because I know that he isn't wasting anytime thinking about me. I was even so panicky two days ago that I went crying to him. I told him that I was so lonely. BUT I DIDN"T SLEEP WITH HIM!! one point for me. Venting on this website has been very therapeutic. Thanks so much.

My boyfriend 100

Don't get me wrong. I love my BF and he's the best possible guy for me. I guess we're just at the part of the relationship where we notice each other's little flaws. Here are his:

He's prissy and persnickety about housekeeping. Now, look, dude. YOU have an undemanding job and shitloads of time off accumulated which you can basically take whenever you feel like it. You also make about twice as much money as I do. You knew from the very beginning that I am not exactly the domestic type of woman. You knew that for 2 and 1/2 years before you asked me to move in with you. If you don't like my housekeeping, you can either do it yourself or hire a cleaning service. I think Merry Maids is listed in the Yellow Pages.

I know part of it is that I have about 3 times as much stuff as we have space for, and I don't always clear up the clutter fast enough to suit him. Well, I repeat: YOU have an undemanding job and shitloads of time off accumulated which you can basically take whenever you feel like it. If you want me to be as anal about clutter as you are, then go to my workplace and explain this to my bosses. Ask them to insist that I work a 32-hour workweek with the same salary and benefits that I now get. An extra day off every week is the only way I'll have time to do everything he wants me to do.

When I get home in the evening, I'M TIRED. I get up at the ass-crack of dawn, I work w/o stopping all day, I STILL don't get everything done that I need to get done, I work late about 3 nights a week, and when I get home I want to veg out. That's it. That's all I want to do. If you want everything put away neatly in perfect order, then marry me and make me a housewife, because a less-than-40-hour workweek is the ONLY way I'll have time to be Suzy Homemaker.

Also, he's a picky eater and never wants me to try any new recipes. I get bored eating the same old things all the time. He doesn't like this, he doesn't like that....

He also doesn't like going to my family events (although lately I'm sick and tired of having to drive hundreds of miles to my own family events), and he never wants to go away overnight for more than one night because he doesn't like leaving our cats for that long. Fuck. We might as well have had human kids, if he's going to be that obsessive about cats.

I wonder if he just doesn't like traveling and going places in general? That's a shame, because one of the best cures for my cranky moods is a change of scene that lasts longer than 24 hours.

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