Who does this guy think he is? He stuck a gear train in my hair then cranked the handle. Does he seriously think that I have nothing else better to do than get a gear train out of my hair? Unfortunately he's wrong. Why can't he just leave me alone. It's been exactly the same since September. I'm sorry, but it's been 8 months of yelling at him now, why can't he just take a hint and leave me alone!!! I am so absolutely fed up with him. I'm a pretty patient person but this is outrageous. My patience is gone. I am going to end up hurting him if he doesn't just leave me alone. I don't want to, but I have had enough. That isn't respect, that is harassment, and I'm not just going to stand by anymore. I will make him stop, even if I have to stand in front of the whole class and yell at him, which is exactly what I plan to do if he does something like that one more time. I have had ENOUGH!!!

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