This bitch has been trashing me to my employers and saying my friend has been trashing me to others. I almost destroyed a perfectly good friendship by believing her bullshit stories. I'm equally pissed because she said in front of a client that I need antidepressants. You're not a doctor so how can you make that claim? I may be miserable but that is none of anyone else's goddamn business. I may be Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, but I'm not a danger to myself or anyone else. Until the day I come to work with slit wrists, THEN you can make that claim!!! Until then, pipe down, you crackpot. Next time I get a call from my boss "asking how I'm feeling" I'm going to tell her I'm emotionally wrecked from all the pinching you do to my ass! Let this be a warning to the rest of you who would treat another human being like they're slime.

Bonnie 2

Bonnie the bitch makes me so fucking mad! This cunt is always talking about adoptees, she's like aaaah you poor thing, nobody cares about you, your own mother didn't even want you, how sad to know that you are not loved like other people ect ect. WELL FUCK THE BITCH IN THE ASS! Guess what I found out about the cunt? She was adopted & raised by her great aunt. She knew this but kept it a secret while trashing other adoptees. I hope the cocksucking bitch burns in hell for the way she made certain children cry. I heard she now has some sort of mental/nuerologic illness. Could it be karma? I like to think so.

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