I am angry at these brain dead sluts cause they are so stupid in every way. Just yesterday, this dumb bitch of a blonde was bragging about how the movie "Legally Blonde 2" was based on a true story and that it was proof of how smart blondes can be. Blondes smart?? please!!! they are the stupidest things on the planet, who probably do have the intelligence of a cucumber or a rock. I am also pissed on how blondes think they are sexier then everyone else since they are blondes, the only reason men are attracted to brain dead blondes is because they are easier to get in bed with are too stupid to know that they are being taken advantage of.

Driver on Kawanee 2

This is for the brainless blonde that was behind me this morning - I hope to GOD she eventually finds her way here to read this. Remember me? The chick in the blue Mustang? The one you almost hit? Maybe you didn't notice honeeeey, but ... Kawanee has only 2 lanes, and - it is a 2 way street. Perhaps you also failed to notice the pretty yellow flashing lights - which just happens to mean *slow down-school zone*. I slowed down, and the other drivers slowed down, you were supposed to as well. Judging from the way you zipped into ONCOMING TRAFFIC to pass everyone, you must have had something of great importance to do - oh, like shopping? Manicure? Pedicure? And then, you had the NERVE to get pissed off at ME, because I wouldn't let you back in?! Got news for you Ms. Freeze-dry brain ... we're not in Merry Ole England - so keep your happy ass on the proper side of the road. Oh, by the way ... you're not supposed to have children under the age of 12 in your front seat, yes - I noticed. One more thing and I'll close. I fail to understand how people such as that woman can even qualify for a drivers license, when they are clearly lacking sufficient brain power to even continue breathing.

Dumb Blondes 3

I am furious that people seem to associate hair colour with intelligence. Just because I was born with light hair dosn't automatically imply that half my brain is missing. Recently friends have been mocking me with more verocity than usual based on my hair colour. I'm sorry, but if putting my down based on the colour of my hair seems like a viable reason and makes you feel better about yourself, you should be locked up for gross racial discrimination. If I went around insulting asians because their skin is a different colour than mine, I'd eventually get beat up. Why should this be any different? Grow up and find a better reason to bully me with.

Stupid Blondes 4

OK I was supposed to be on holiday in ####### america on my ONLY HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR since yesterday! but guess what? I had to come back because some dumb blonde bitch couldn't be bothered to learn to drive properly meaning that when the sign said 'STOP' children crossing she didn't understand it and kept driving resulting in her nearly running over my eight year old kid!! JESUS CHRIST HOW ######' STUPID CAN YOU GET!? Anyway nw i'm in hospital looking after my son who has a broken arm from having to get out the way of some dumbass blonde bimbo. Ooh and did you know the best part-She was on her ####### mobile and didn't realise until someone banged on her window and told her. If you're reading this honey then remember BECOME A BRUNETTE,GET SOME DRIVING LESSONS AND CALL YOUR BOYFRIEND WHEN YOUR NOT DRIVING YOUR CANDY-ASS BMW DOWN THE ROAD!!!

The other girl 5

She is the girlfriend of my boyfriend's best friend. We do a lot of things as a group and this dumb blonde bitch is such and emotional vampire. She just wants more and more attention on her. IT's always about her. Drama Drama Drama. I've put up with her for 2 freakin years. I'm not denying my man his guy time cause she's a emo vampire whore. She cannot do the same unfortunately. She's such a whore too. She's cheated so many times and years ago talked about her disturbing fantasies. She's so cute and blonde. She gets guys cause she flashes her boobs to any guy that will look. She then whines later how drunk she was and didn't mean it. Whatever. She just wants attention and she doesn't care about anything else. Sometimes I think she wants my boy for herself too. She's always acting the dumb blonde in distress. I just want to claw her eyes out. I hope she ends up alone and ugly.

blondes 6

blondes piss me off to no damn end. they think their so sexxy, beautiful, all that, and they think all the guys want them. the only reason a guy would want u is cause he dosent have to try hard to get u in bed. and if u put a bunch of males in a room and have them take a iq test they score higher then they would if a female was in the room but if it was a blonde in the room their points drop hella far.

Bottle blondes 7

I'm angry at the blondes that take their hair color from a bottle and act in such a way that makes us real, natural blondes look vapid and clueless. Here's my theory - dyed, fake blonde tresses, tons of make-up, slutty clothing, nails done = high maintenence, insecure wastes of time. These women are not blondes. Their morons. Paris Hilton - fake blonde. Brittney Spears - fake blonde. Pamela Anderson - fake blonde. I could go on and on. Stop calling these people 'blondes' their natural hair color is almost always brunette. Its a slap in the face to us real blondes to be lumped in with these ridiculous, high maintenence retards. Heres a hint guys - if she's got little to no makeup on, is dressed normally (ie not like a streetwalker), and has beautiful, natural hair - you've got a confident woman on your hands. If she's covered head to toe in makeup, accessories, fake nails and hair, etc - you've got someone who is highly insecure about herself. Stay away from such women they make terrible spouses and even worse friends. Natural = someone to bring home to meet the parents. Fake = run like hell and dont look back. She likely has a vagina the size of Carlsbad Caverns and an ego to match. Oh and if you 'ladies' insist on emulating our hair color, dye your black eyebrows to match, for fucks sake. You look like Uncle Festus from the Adams family with your black hairy caterpillar brows. If you stuck to your natural hair color you'd look a hell of a lot younger and more attractive. Bleached bottle blondes....*hisses and makes the sign of the cross* you all suck donkey balls and blow loch ness monster chunks. Fake bitches from hell.

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