I am sick of looking at all the fat slob bikers around my neighborhood. These guys are the biggest stereotypes there are. Do you think people are looking at you because they respect or fear you? They are looking at you because they are laughing at you! They are laughing at you because they see a fat loser in his middle ages who has never matured from a teenager. People are looking at you because of your stupid loud exhaust on your bike. Everyone sees through your passive aggressive behavior. The typical biker is some uneducated loser who has some manual labor job. He gets treated like a child all week so has to unwind by hitting the road on his hog and show off how he rejects and is too good to conform to mainstream society. You are the biggest conformists there are, trying to fit into some dumb image started by a Marlon Brando movie.

I am sick of the tough guy image. The typical fat slob biker looks like he couldnít run 100 yards without falling over. If anyone is afraid of you is because you have less to lose than responsible adults and you are more likely to instigate problems. Dumb people are more dangerous than smart people as dumb people are less predictable, donít think logically and are more likely to do something stupid. You tough guys are trying to make up for getting beat up in grade school or molested. You are homophobic because you are compensating for some insecurities. How many chicks can some fat ass stinky slob get?

Stick your American pride up your asses! Your typical biker hasnít traveled out of his own state and gets his news of the world from Easy Rider magazine. What do you know about being American or other societies? I guess being an American is the only winning group you belong to.

Bicycle Riders 2

I am angry because bicycle riders complain all the time, cars are running us over. Yet they have their little bike lanes and still ride 2 or 3 abreast. Remember the single file rule? Share the road they say. I am. Just stay in a single file. What do you expect riding around in a city jammed packed with public transportation, delivery trucks, cars?? Stay single file and you won't get hurt!!

Cyclists in the Street 3

Bicycle riders who ride in the street piss me off when:

  1. They ride in the CENTER of the lane, so cars can't pass.

  2. They ride in the street (going slow, see #1), when there is a high quality, well maintained bike path right next to the road.

  3. They want all the cars to look out for them and be courteous to them but THEY DON'T FOLLOW THE TRAFFIC RULES (Especially red lights).

  4. If I hit them (even though they have no lights at night, are in the middle of the road and have run a red light) it is still my fault in this screwed up state of mine. Hello?

  5. They are so SPECIAL. They think the rules, even of gravity and mass, don't apply to THEM. Well, my 1500 lb car will crush your 15 lb bike, no matter what the law says, so If I were you I would give the cars some space.

Bikers 4

Let's be more specific than this category. When anyone uses the term "biker", they mean Harley bikers. I am so sick of the resurgence of Harley Davidson since the 90s. It is the last gasp of the baby boomers trying to prove to themselves that they are still cool. Seriously, aren't 90% of those bikers 45 or older? First of all I don't like loud obnoxious things, so I don't care for bikes that I can literally hear a mile away. For most people who ride other types of (quieter) bikes, it something they do, but for Harley bikers, it is like a way of life. No one else who rides, or drives, any other vehicle feels the need to advertise it wherever they go. They have hats, clothing, you name it. And of course they feel the need to put HD bumper stickers on all their other vehicles. Yeah, your sticker tells me your still a badass even though you are driving your cherry red mini-van today, yeah right. There are two types of HD riders, and I don't care for either one. One is the RUBE, as they are disparaged; people who like regular middle-class lives, but ride around on their bikes on the weekends, and go to an occasional biker event (and for the men specifically, they let their facial hair grow a few days beforehand, for effect) to prove they are still badass. The other is the more serious biker, usually from a lower-middle or blue collar class. They are usually crude, vulgar, rough-neck types who drink too much. One thing that bugs me is how they pretend to be individuals and non-conformists. Oh, then why do they all dress in the same black leather outfits, and have the same scruffy facial appearance? And what about those biker festivals? I think it is pathetic for a bunch of middle-aged people to go around acting like drunken neanderthals, with the women running around exposing themselves. Why is it just because you ride a Harley, that is way you are supposed to act and think. To sum up, I don't like their look, their lifestyle--or image of a lifestyle, their attitude, or their music. I don't like their politics either; most of the those hypocritical "rebels" are really Republicans.

Bikers 5

I'm sick and fucking tired of these stupid ass bikers with their dumb, loud as hell pieces of shit riding through my neighborhood at 2 AM. It's fucking ridiculous and I'm sick of it.


You are so idiotic that it's laughable. Wearing your cunt crash helmets and riding on a motorcycle with decals like a flaming skull or some shit that looks like it was made for a 3 year old to put on a toy car, and with your ugly fucking biker jackets that make you look like a douche at best.

You dress like you don't have any decency and go into public places that way. I'm not an extremist left wing or any political alignment for that matter, but it's a bit bad for society when you strut into a restaurant with a bunch of impressionable kids in there and act like you own the place don't you think? I for one don't want the next fucking generation to be close minded dumbasses. I swear if I see a child that says they want to be like you when they grow up, I am going to smash that pretty little Harley over your thick fucking skull.

The noise they make is absolutely ridiculous. NOBODY thinks you're cool, especially my son who was up until 2 studying for his test tomorrow and finally got to bed, but an hour later you decided to show of your SHIT motorcycle by riding it at 70 miles per hour through the neighborhood and waking everybody up. Then my son couldn't get back to sleep and ended up failing the test because he got about an hour of rest. If I ever find out who you are you'd better hope I forgive you by then.

It happens during the day too, a normal neighborhood when all of a sudden some shit-for-brains biker goes through at highway speeds. I have a friend who was assembling some furniture in front of his house. Then a biker went through, lost control, went on the curb, and almost RAN HIM OVER, HE LITERALLY MISSED BY SLIGHTLY LESS THAN A FOOT AND THAT'S BECAUSE HE DODGED AT THE LAST SECOND.

Sick and tired of these dumbfucks. I just hope they all die already and then the adults of tomorrow know better than to replace them.

Bikers 6

I am angry at Harley Riders because they all make other motorcyclists look like ignorant morons. A harley is only good in a straight line, and most harley riders are either mid life crisis pseudo Marlon Brando/Dennis Hopper types who have small penises. Please get a life, or a Ducati.

bicyclists 7

I hate bicyclists. You are lucky if you live in a state that isn't overrun by these idiots. In my state they have blocked freeway entrances. They go through red lights. They drive in front of you even though they have their own bike lane. They sneak up on you so you always have to be afraid they will be in your blind spot. They drive without lights at night and then expect you to watch out for them. F*****g idiots!

Bikers 8

I am shocked that nobody has written in a rant about those pieces of shit in NY yet. Have you seen their faces in the media? Bunch of fucking black trash animals and admitted, repeated offending thugs!

When I first read the accounts, I said to myself, "Gee, I'm surprised nobody attacked the wife and kid too," but then I saw later that, in fact, they DID try to yank the wife and kid out of the car. Absolute fucking animals!

And to the piece of shit that got paralyzed? Yeah you had no license for a motorcycle, a suspended license and you're a known criminal riding with a bunch of known criminals and attacking motorists. Sorry bro, no sympathy here. Enjoy your wheelchair and never walking again, you earned it you piece of shit.

To the other animals, I hope you black trash pieces of human waste end up in the big house for a few years, taking it up the ass in the shower. I hear they really love the tough guys, especially the type that try to assault women and children. Hope it was worth it to stop on some innocent, scared motorist and act like a bunch of animals.

What a bunch of disgusting animals, every time I see their face in the media it makes me fucking sick. Black trash is bad enough, but black trash biker thugs? Rot in hell you fucking welfare draining, baby-daddy pieces of human waste. I hope you never ride again, and I sincerely wish the victim had run over all of you fuckers, not just the one asshole he managed to paralyze.

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