Barefoot People

When it comes down to feet it makes you feel sick right; I've been places where I've seen people walk barefoot into. Supermarkets seem to be the most common place where some barefoot idiot will walk in careless that he or she is getting germs inside there body.

Now I can understand the reason for some people who can't wear shoes cause they're poor or live out on the street. But for the rest, the nasty morons just don't care and they seem to constantly ignore the "No shoes No shirt, No service" sign on the door and for some reason I think its the other way around for them.

My 8th grade English teacher one time said that a man went into a McDonalds' bathroom barefoot. I mean who in there right mind would go into a public bathroom barefoot do they know that's where most germs are spread and who knows what nasty shit is on the floor.

Now I don't have a problem with people who wear sandals as long as they have something on their feet. People if you have any damn sense at all where some shoes if not, do not enter any public places because we don't want to see your nasty feet, or you could just put a pair of flip flops on, so that way you can show your fucking toes without grossing the rest of us out.

Barefoot People 2

This makes me angry because it seems like 90% of the population, for SOME reason, has some twisted need to be barefoot. Especially in family photos...ever see those family pics where everyone has on jeans, and is barefoot? WHY?? What is this obsession the human race seems to have with nasty fucking feet? They are EVERYWHERE....even sandals piss me off...

Boys that take their shoes off in class 3

I am so angry and grossed out that the boys in my 6th Period History Class who think it's ok to take their shoes off in class after having Gym Class. One these guys were playing Basketball in gym Class and these guys take their shoes off and their feet stink so bad It's hard for me to focus when this boy has his fucking dirty socks is plain view. It's even more gross when this one boy takes his shoes off and puts his fucking feet on the desk and the bottoms of his socks are dirty and his feet can be smelled from out in the hallway. Seriously it is so gross, take your shoes off at home, nobody wants to smell your nasty stinky feet and see your dirty socks in class.

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