website associate

Three years ago I met a girl on an animation board and made friends with her. She and I have things in common, such as our love for animals and drawing. A few months later (back in October of 2000) we started work on a website devoted to a character that we both adore. Sounds fine and dandy, right?

Well it was, then she left all the work for me when she agreed to help me out on it! She promised to make a image for the main page, among many other things (including what sounded like a really good fan fiction which she claimed she spent nine years ago, and now I'm believing that this fiction is nonexistent as she hasn't or won't send in even the finished chapters) and conveniently dropped out of RPG plot right when things were looking good.

She is reason I hate people who are dishonest about their "promises" and the reason I no longer get my hopes up about anything lately. Although I do have a new website associate now, I still don't feel up to working on my website anymore. Thanks to her.

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