Toni the fucking Snake

I'm in China and there's this rich guy named Toni who Lived in a western country for 12 years so he speaks great English. Back home he has a Taiwanese wife and Child who he cheats on like no tomorrow with this airhead gold digger of a Canadian. The other night ago she's blasting her mouth off about what a slut my friend Jenny is and I tell Jenny about this and now Toni is pissed off about me telling Jenny. He's going to try to get me evicted from my home and who knows what else. This guy has power and I want to eat him alive.


TONY you are the dirtiest piece of soot that grows from the ring of my toliet. You are the Grime that flows in a toliet overflowed with shit stuck to the rim. you are dirty cream of black soot. sooty gold. you are dirty and u strach the soot from your balls to make funny little hats. you are vermin. you are the lowest peice of shit to fall from my ass. you know when you take a shit and you scream becasue of the pain when you got a large shit that is hard to squeeze out? You are my ass hole ripping.. P.S webmaster you fuckin peice of shit, how dare you take off the racist rants that is waht made your site golden.. like many good things, it gets fucked up in the end. You no good sorry sack of maggot shit.

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