dog haters

I hate dog haters. i love my dog so what business if that is yours? every date seems toneed to ask "do you sleep with your dog?" WHy do you care - you think you're gonna roll over on him some night, Asshole?? NOOOOOOOO!!!! And people who bitch that my little 5 lb dog is not on leash. Leash laws are to protect people frm being injured by animals. They werent even intended to protect the dogs (although they do). My dog has no teeth and is 5 lbs!!! He cant f--ing hurt you so shutup and quit bring such a damn control freak!! and people that go EEEWW DOG PARK in a judgmental way . . .little do you know how much goes on at the dog park - networking, flirting, matchmaking, making new friends.  I LOVE MY DOG - YOU DONT HAVE TO - but I just wont like you .

*Note from Anger Central
Mrs. Webmaster doesn't hate dogs or cats, she is terrified of them. We have no idea why.

Anti-Animal People 2

An incident occurred today about which I am damn angry. I went into my workplace, which is incidentally also where I attend school (a college campus). I brought my dog with me, which I have done numerous times before. My dog and I were not planning to stay long in the office where I work, just long enough for me to sign my time card and for anyone who wanted to see my dog to see her. I do not push her on anyone, as I do understand that some people are animal people, and some are not. As my boss is fraternizing with my pooch, that G** damn new chancellor comes walking down the hallway, and all of a sudden my boss begins to freak out, yelling for me to hide my dog, as our new chancellor is apparently not fond of animals and has thus established a new campus policy that our pets are no longer welcome on campus.

What do I think of that? I, an animal lover since birth, say, "Fuck you, chancellor."

Here's my problem: People bring children in all the time, babies, toddlers, etc., and damn it if these kids aren't more disruptive than my dog, or any dog, is! You have babies, pissing, shitting, vomiting, screaming, disrupting everything from the inside of the office out--people in classrooms during class time can hear and smell the aftermath of someone's child's "little visit to campus." Yet, my dog did none of the above-mentioned things. She was quiet, did not smell, and didn't disrupt a damn thing. So why the fuck are my dog and I thrown out a place where I pay $12,000 a year to be? Fuck this shit. I am angry about the new policy, and I will damn sure be reminded of how angry I am about it the next time I hear, see and smell somebody's child tearing around campus and wreaking fucking havoc on everything and everyone in its wake. My dog is less disruptive, as I'm betting any other fellow animal-loving student whose dog is loved as much as a child would be, is thinking as well. Leave your kids home if we have to leave ours, damn it!

Snake haters 3

I get so damn angry at people who say "the only good snake is a dead snake." These are the same people who brood about their precious Fluffy and Princess and it's okay that Fluffy and Princess growl and bite and piss and shit all over my front yard, but "EWWWW!" God forbid that I love my snakes and hug and kiss all over them. They can bring their stupid dogs in their purses into stores and parks and it's "cute", but I bring one of my babies anywhere and I get asked to leave because my 1-foot non-venomous snake is considered "dangerous"!!!! WHAT THE HELL???!!!! It makes me so fucking mad. I hate it when people walk in to my pet shop and say "Ewwww,snakes!" I tell them, "Yeah, I feel the SAME WAY about dogs and cats!" And give them a huge grin. At first they think I'm kidding, and then they see me kiss my babies and give me a horrible, dirty look. Fuck you! It's okay to love dogs and cats, but not okay to love snakes or spiders just because the majority of the population are IGNORANT ASSHOLES who have been brainwashed by Bible-Beating rednecks who are so fucking self-rightous as to REALLY believe that ALL SNAKES are EVIL????? Fuck you, yuppie scum! I hope that was your precious Fluffy-Pants I scraped off my tire this morning!!! I hate you all!

Animal Haters... 4

I can't stand the fact that there are a few people who are supposed to be my "family" that think all animals do is "eat, sleep, shit, and piss" and then you have to clean up after them. They think that animals are stupid creatures, and have no point in existence on "their" Earth. Eh~hem... THEY were here before WE were. And who's the 'stupid' one when they don't even have the brains to know that animals(i.e. DOGS) are extremely intelligent? Every time I hear my fiance or future mom~in~law say 'dogs are gross' I want to pummel her into the ground. My fiance won't "let" me bring my Chow Chow into "our" home because he thinks my Diesel will tear it apart. First, it's not "our" home if he doesn't "let" me make any decisions. Second, my dog follows me. That's all he does. He's also house~trained, which is more than I can say about my future hubby. My FH has been known to piss in the sink, shower, and in the back yard when drunk. My dog only uses the yard, which he is SUPPOSED to do! GAWD! I could go on forever about this. I don't have enough room to explain everything. I hope that, in their next lives, my fiance and MIL come back as flies.

People who hate animals 5

Yesterday, I was at an office building to pick my friend up from work (his car was at the mechanics), when I got told "Hey, no pets in here". What pissed me off so much? The pet was a fucking WHITE MOUSE IN THE CARDBOARD BOX IT CAME IN FROM THE PET STORE. If it was a dog I'd understand, but a white mouse? Really?

What I don't understand AT ALL is why pets that are well behaved and tame are worse than a screaming crying baby that the parent doesn't care about.

Lo and behold, when I challenge that, I get in response "Because babies can't help it". Wait, so animals CAN help their instinct to explore things? Last time I remembered, most babies had a PARENT to give a shit about them.

I'm no PETA member, but it just pisses me off when I see some fuck chain up their dogs to their houses, starve them, and have them stew in their shit. When I asked the owner, he replied "Oh, he's just an animal". YOU ARE TOO MOTHERFUCKER! (I called the animal cops on his ass and the dog got sent to a kennel).

I also am angry at people with the "Humans are superior to animals in every way" attitude. No, we're not. Out of the whole animal kingdom, humans are the animals with some of the shittiest eyesight, shittiest sense of smell, weakest, least able to take on the environment naturally, and overall terrible animals.

However, we ARE the most intelligent and society has saved us from extinction. Realize that and stop fucking mistreating animals, they're living beings too assholes.

People like those have no right to live, they deserve to be shot so there's more of the earth's resources for everyone else.

People who hate and abuse any animal 6

I am so angry at people who hate animals, because they don't know what they are missing.

My favorite animals are pinnipeds (true seals, sea lions, fur seals, walruses) and cats, but I try to respect every animal.

I am not a vegan, because I love to eat poultry and dairy products. I won't stop eating birds, fish, and dairy, so don't be judgmental. I just don't eat mammals. I don't hate meat eaters either; just those who eat controversial animals like seals, whales, and other rare, threatened or endangered species.

I am angry at people who HATE cats especially because they are allergic, aloof, or possibly mean (my cat is a total sweetheart and craves attention).

I am angry at Canada for allowing seal clubbing to manage the harp seal population. I am angry because some people think they are ugly and funny looking. Most species are adorable, but them being "ugly" doesn't give you the right to abuse them!

I am angry at people who are too lazy to recycle and pollute less to help the polar bears and arctic seals. I can't stand people not doing their part to help their environment and deny that global warming is a problem.

I am angry at people who abuse and neglect animals, because these people will have no problem harming another person, either.

cruelty to animals 7

I am So angry at all the people in the world who are cruel to their pets and or other animals. I am tired of hearing that to house train your puppy or kitten you have to rub their noses in their wee and pooh. FOR GODS SAKE THEY ARE BABIES they do not know they are doing wrong and to teach them takes time and patience, WOULD YOU RUB YOUR BABIES FACE IN ITS DIRTY NAPPY ? the answer should be no, and the reason is because they are too young to understand and dont yet speak your language, also why do people get dogs and cats and then spend the whole time shouting at them for different stuff ? if your dog does wrong its your own fault because its up to you to train it, no one else and you cant expect an animal to train itself because that.will revert to instinct If you take on an animal you need to put their needs before your own and if god forbid there comes a time that you cant do that DO NOT dump it DO NOT tie it up so it cant find shelter food or water and so starves to death, DO NOT shut it away where its trapped until it dies a slow painful death (all the time wondering where its owner is and what it did wrong) Please rehome it in a good home or take it to an animal shelter, dogs speak dog not english but they love you unconditionally even those who are vile to them. I am tired of hearing of dogs and cats being starved burned dumped kicked mutilated and killed by a nation that knows better but so far up their own asses they dont care what pain and suffering they cause, and DOG BREEDERS stop breeding animals for easy money , have a responsibility, dont say if someone pays alot for an animal they will look after it because its not always true, you are disgustingly adding to the problem of homelessness and cruelty in the dog world, and the government should pass a law that every pet is neutered and chipped unless you buy a licence to breed, and if that pet is found mistreated or abandoned then the owner needs to be thrown in jail and banned for life from owning animals, These are little lives, they hurt and get sick and hungry just like humans, but they forgive so easily, love unconditionally and only ask for food shelter warmth water and care, that makes them more human than the human race, so get over yourselves and stop treating them like shit stop beating on them and stop making their lives a living hell, you fucking wankstain sons of bitches bullying assoles.

Dog haters 8

So today I was sitting in front of a muslim religious guys house, chatting with a friend of mine and also with my dog who is on leash, then this guy comes out of his house to go and pray... He said: "My friend, don't sit your dog in front of my house" because he believes angels won't come by his house... So stupid....Hating animals before you pray to a god who created them? Shame on you!

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