Addicts and alcoholics in recovery

I worked in a drug rehab center for three months and it was enough to make me hate all addicts and drunks for the rest of my life. Some of these "patients" had been through the program 10-30 times and had spent had of their adult lives in rehab, all at the expense of insurance companies and taxpayers. They had been through it so much that they had an answer for everything. It was a complete waste of money because they would tell you outright that they loved being on drugs and booze and that rehab was just a place to shack up between gigs in the real world. These men and women were nasty, rude, demanding, abusive, ugly, ungrateful, and physically disgusting, They had killed people while driving and drinking/drugging and didn't have an ounce of concern about it. The counselors there were usually reformed addicts themselves and excused everything these bums did. No matter what outrageous crap these slobs pulled, you heard, "well, this is the disease acting up." Bullshit! These are freeloaders who have learned how to live in a system that excuses and rationalizes everything they do while providing such a comfy lifestyle that there is no reason to get better and get your ass to an employment office. I say we stop coddling these pigs and let them destroy themselves with booze and crack on the streets. That way, their lives will be shortened and we will be rid of them a lot quicker rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of insurance money on losers who don't want to get better. The whole recovery industry is a fraud and a scam.

Crack heads

I don't know why these people exist at all. They're nothing but a waste of time, space and money. I see them everywhere in low-income neighborhoods where drugs are sold. These people are just beyond stupid and dumb. They do anything just to get high. They sell their houses, cars, even their own kids. They even have sex with anyone and anything just to get money to support their fix. They steal from their parents or other relatives. If they don't steal, they use them or anyone they perceive as weak and gullible. They just keep at it until these walking pieces of filth get whatever they want.

Heroin Addicts 3

They are lazy selfish no self esteem leaching careless jerks who nod off when you are trying to talk to them and pass out in kitchen floor. They wander aimlessly around the house looking for god knows what as they mummble nothings to someone thats never listening and they dont even care if your listening. They waste money, they hurt the people that love them, they deny having a "PROBLEM" so they wont get help AND THE THING THAT MAKES ME REALLY ANGRY IS THAT I AM TALKING ABOUT MY DAD AND BROTHER WHO DO HEROIN TOGETHER AT OUR HOUSE LIKE IT DOESNT MAKE ME ANGRY!!

Drug addicts 4

I just joined the US Navy not too long ago and in their DEP program it has a module how the Navy does not tolerate drugs or drug addicts. (My so called BF smokes pot and the minute I go to boot camp I'm dropping his ass like a hot potato, m'kay.) So I finished that and went home to do some laundry. My freakin STBX shows up and throws a tantrum in public because the dryer didn't completely dry it. WHAT THE FUCK! The attendant was ready to call the cops, just in case there's any doubt in your mind...

Now I know why sailors don't tolerate drug addicts. Because drug abusers SUCK THE BIGGEST DONKEY COCK AND BALLS THAT YOU HAVE EVER SEEN. THEY GET MAD AND SCREAM AT YOU ABOUT NOTHING AT ALL. I'm counting the minutes until I go to boot camp. And when my time's up, buddy, YOU'RE OUT!!!

drug addictions 5

I get SO ANGRY when people say that smoking pot is harmless and it's a lot safer than drinking! First of all when you drink you should be responsible enough to have a designated driver if you go over the limit and have a few too many than all you have to worry about is getting home safely without getting into an accident and causing harm to yourself or others and that is perfectly legal. It's is ok to have a few drinks unless you are irresponsible and have deep-seated issues that you try to drown with alcohol which in turn could turn you into a raging alcoholic (The kind I grew up with and the kind I will NEVER BE)! I suggest if that is you that you, find a different approach to dealing with your problems. Please help your self the right way.

On the other hand pot is not a perfectly harmless drug WHAT-SO-EVER! I have watched someone that I love and care a great deal about turn into a very unmotivated, lazy, lethargic, un-self disciplined person, NOTHING LIKE what they used to be and he has to smoke every few hours and if he's not high he is an ASS! I also know a few other people who smoke it also. They do nothing but go to work and go home and sit and smoke and smoke themselves to brain cell-less worthless, lazy couch potatoes and then eat and go to sleep! Marijuana kills brain cells that you can't regain back. It takes away all motivation to do anything positive with your life. I've seen it over and over and I'm sick of people saying it's not as bad as other drugs! It is JUST AS BAD! Yeah maybe you won't go rob someone for money for your next bag! But it's only cause your too damn lazy to from the last joint you SMOKED!

Addicts 6

I'm going to tell you why I'm so angry at addicts. They go around smoking, injecting, and swallowing chemicals in order for them to feel good and get high. They are a bunch of worthless junkies. Some people seem to be born this way, the way they always look to get high no matter what drug (or non-drug) they use to do it. These people need to be stopped. They think they're cool and hip and rebellious because they do it, but the truth is they are miserable, worthless, sacks of vomit who need to take responsibility for their own lives including their habits and stop stealing other people's things to sell to get more drugs. They make me super angry.

Angry Fat Methadonians 7

I was in line at the coffee shop around the corner about a year ago, when this fat bitch that just had her morning cup of METHADONE so she won't shoot 20 bags of heroin into her fat arms 5 times a day came barreling into me pushing me into the display case (where they display snacks) and cutting in front of me and two other people in front of me and placing HER order first! The clerk didn't notice and took her order. I said "WTF, we were here first, what's your problem?" she didn't even answer me, she barreled back out of the coffee shop making a point to push me out of the way on the way out. If she wasn't such a fat bitch I'd have knocked her on her ass but she'd probably eat me! GET A LIFE FAT ASS!

Addiction 8

Being through rehab I've seen both sides of the coin... now someone I care about and want to help accuses me of being biased when I give him the facts about his addiction. There's no rationality in addiction, there's only self-serving selfishness about everything. YOU CANNOT CONTROL IT because it controls your mind. No one can change your addiction, only you can see how much hurt you cause others. Drug addicts have no compassion, they only think they do. They pretend like they know what they're talking about, meanwhile they're deluded and stubborn. They like being weak because then they don't have to take responsibility. They think constant failure is better than trying and failing. Those that convince you they're trying to control themselves are merely giving you false hope. Don't waste your time on helping these people, they need to see for themselves how bad they make their own lives. If they can't realize the extent of their self-destruction, they're not worth knowing anyway. To that person I care about and so hope to see flourish, get out of my life. You ruin me, you try to control me, you don't even realize how horrible you can be. Get out of my mind, heart and spirit. Grow the fuck up.

guys with addictions 9

i am so tired of these relationships where men are not honest. i meet a guy , fall in love, we marry then other shoe drops. find out about 7 ex wives ,hides fact he has herpes, addicted to drugs and alcohol. bi polar. then he cheats 9 times. why cant they just begin an ass. do they always have be prince charming hidin king crazy ass. i wish that they all had to wear a sign to let use know DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON ME I AM A PIECE OF CRAP TOTALLY!


I'm so damn mad and tired of EVERYBODY in my family being an addict!!! My daughter is hooked on crack--she calls in the middle of the night and tells me "they are out to get her"...blah,blah. I'm raising her son because she's a loser drug addict!!! My 50 year old brother is constantly in and out of rehab and acting like he doesn't have a problem...nodding out while standing in the kitchen at 2Pm in the afternoon!!! Dada is a dry drunk, other brother and sister-in-laws DRUNKS! Calling me and ranting their stupid drunk talk!!! Nieces and nephews....drunks!!! AS SOON AS I CAN I AM GOING TO MOVE AWAY AND LEAVE THEM ALL IN THE DIRT. SICK OF ADDICTS!!!

People that Tan Too Much 11

I fucking hate the stupid little bitches that tan way too much. Don't they fucking know that it could cause skin cancer? or did the tanning bed permafry their already-semi-working brain? These are always the same stupid slutty bitches that buy expensive clothes, shoes, and sunglasses, and then they fucking work at part-time jobs and waste what little money they have on shit they can't afford, just to look "hot". I wish these people fucking melted away in the tanning booths...

*Note from Anger Central
They're stocking up. The new healthcare law taxes the hell out of tanning salons.

Drug addicts 12

I just saw the PIG who was evicted from our 'happy enclave' back on the property!! WTF?? She's LEGALLY blocked from coming here!! This whore broke up a marriage and infected the area with her FILTHY kids!! (Couldn't be bothered changing her kids diaper, so she put THREE of them on her, and sent her out into the yard like an animal!

I'm going to call the Police!!

Adderall 13

I am angry because a certain someone is taking my adderall, opening the capsules, pouring the amphetamine salt down their own greedy throat, and then refilling the capsules with some kind of God-knows-what powder, and thinking I won't find out.

Seriously, and what hurts the most is that this is the person I thought I could trust my life with. How can you be so selfish? I NEED my adderall just to function in school and make some decent grades. I keep having to hide it elsewhere and you always go looking for it and find it, you selfish cow. So far, I have found 6 fake adderalls in my pill bottle. I don't even have enough to last until my next appointment.

I know some of you are probably asking,"How do you know that they are tampered with?" and my answer is: You see, the amphetamine salts in adderall don't look like powder, they look like very small balls, and when you shake the pill you can clearly hear them shaking around in there. Well, this stuff that someone put in my capsules, is a powdery substance and makes no noise when you shake it. That is how I know.

Another question may be "How do you know it wasn't a mistake of the pharmacy?" and my answer to that is: Whenever I get my prescription, I always pour the pills out onto the carpet and count them since my pharmacy is known for not giving the entire amount prescribed. I also examine them to make sure they're not broken or anything, and I would've noticed right off the bat if there was some fucking powder in any of them.

Honestly, am I going to have to get a fucking lock box and wear the key around my fucking neck? I guess I am, because I don't know any other way to protect my medication, keyword here being MY. I have severe ADD, do you not understand that? It is damn near impossible for me to function without my adderall, trust me, I've tried my best to concentrate without it and it doesn't work. It's not something I'm proud of; having to depend on medication just to function from day to day. But I have to have it if I'm to pass my classes, pay attention to the road when I'm driving, etc. I just don't know why you would blatantly take something away from me that you know I need....

*Note from Anger Central
May we suggest documenting everything and then calling the police? This looks like a felony, probably a federal one.

Druggies and Drunks 14

These people piss me off so damn much. It's not enough to fuck up their own damn lives, they now have to slip alcohol and drugs in innocent people's food and drink.

Can't be mature enough to keep your destructive lifestyle to yourselves you lowlifes? No person wants to hear your taunts about being clean and sober. Get a job!

Druggies 15

I am sick of FUCKING Druggies, they are lazy, smelly, scum of the earth low lifes who don't work and scab off our taxes. I think they should be put on an island somewhere and the island should be a missile testing site. The dumb-ass druggies would be so slow from all that brain damage that they wouldn't be able to escape the bombs. They whine about their rights, but I've got news for them. YOU DON'T DESERVE RIGHTS MOTHERFUCKERS!

Heroin pills and lies go hand and hand 16

It's not just the heroin it's the pill popping and the lies about every little him everything was always my fault. Not an ambitious person, always trying to get stuff for free, depended upon me for EVERYTHING...said he would help me/us out especially when I got the apartment for us, but never did like he was suppose to...claimed he was a man ha! lied to me my family, this time he didn't steal from me that i know of...popped pills you name it he popped it...he acted like smoking weed was doing heroin meaning that he just couldnt say no! when that ran out he ran to the dope....i tell people this and will always say this...if it was just the drug problem i get it i'm not a stranger to it, i'd help him, but it's the lying before, lying about things he did, didn't do..i was losing my mind thinking that i was the one going psycho because he led me to believe i was overreacting. I hate the complete disregard of any type of responsibility especially when he was caught and still denied it. I wish i had someone to talk to about this damn. He did all of this and if it wasn't for me getting him help he would of killed himself that night overdosing on this crap...he gets to go to rehab ONCE again and i'm left here trying to survive in the "real world" when everything including the goverment is taking care of him.. Who's suppose to help me when I was the one attacked and victimized. I'm not playing the victim card here I literally feel like I've just come out of a WAR and i'm shell shocked...he doesn't even care! so why do I still wonder how he is doing? and why do I still want to talk to him. Why cant i just say screw you for doing all of this to me and ruining not only your own life but mine and what we have tried to build together. This is why I am so angry. When u think your on the same page with someone and then just as fast as a blink of an eye you realize that your not even reading the same book. TRUE STORY.

food pushers 17

I have this one friend, Becky, who ALWAYS tries to get me to eat junk food. I don't want to eat fucking junk food. Go to hell, Becky. I don't know if she does it on purpose because she wants me to be fatter than her so she can feel better about herself, or what? She's not even fat. I think she's beautiful. She's just insecure, and it bugs the shit out of me. My dad's girlfriend is a fuckin bitch. She has been so nice to me lately, and I wasn't sure why. She hasn't been nice to me in the past twelve years. But now, she is pretending to care about my life, actually acting nice, and making all kinds of desserts. She is trying to make me SO FAT. My dad just invited me over for pizza, and I'm SURE she's the one who chose pizza. Well, jokes on you, because I didn't go. Who would do that to me? I know she hates me because I'm bisexual, and because I have ADHD and asperger's. So she's trying to make me fat and miserable. I am just so sick of people trying to make me fat. Even at work, if I don't eat something they'll say to me specifically, come try a piece. What? You think I don't know what you're doing? Why don't you focus on losing weight, instead of focusing on making me fat? If you're unhappy, leave me the fuck out of it. I'm going to lose weight. Not because I feel bad about myself or I want to be skinny to fit some image that the media has shown me as "beautiful". I want to lose weight to show all you jerks that you can't MAKE me eat junk food.

Drug Addicts 18

I'm tired of drug addicts. They screw up their own lives and then want society to bail them out, only so they can do it again. They have no humility, they think they are better than everyone else with their out of control egos.

They are just a drain on society with thei delusions of grandeur. There is no reason to try to help them as they do not appreciate it.



Fuck, we meet, we have some things in common, we laugh, etc. Through a process of elimination I finally figure OUT YOU DONT WANT A FUCKING THING TO DO WITH ME JUST CAUSE I DONT SMOKE REEFER!


All the shit we DO have in common, I get dropped fromm you, you disappear, suddenly dont reply to texts, stop coming by my desk CAUSE SOMEHOW YOU HAVE REALIZED I DONT SMOKE WEED??

And then you lazy doped up shit head ass men who try to get with me, saying you're reliable and dependable then I FIND OUT YOU SHITHEAD DONT WANT A JOB CAUSE YOU WOULD HAVE TO STOP SMOKING WEED TO PASS DRUG TEST AND ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO GET OUTA BED FOR WORK! I FUCKING HATE YOU.

How the hell do you put such a funky smelling ILLEGAL item so high on your list of things to do that you wander aimlessly and engage in all kinds of bullshit just to end up getting a blunt from 'friends' or hoes??




Addicts AND their "supporters." 20

I absolutely FUCKING HATE addicts. Contrary to popular belief, alot of these pigs *don't* have a "troubled childhood" or a "void they need to fill." They actively *choose* to do it because, in the end, nothing bad will happen to them because they "have a disease." Nobody will call them out when they rob the old lady down the street, bully their mothers/fathers, or work a system that bleeding hearts have bended into their favor.

No matter how many bogus "treatments" they get, they'll still do drugs, alcohol, etc, so they can come back. Many of these "rehab centers" are basically fancy hotels! Nice locations, good workers, COLLEGES, the works. Why? Because that AA quack decided that choosing a high over everything else was a "disease" that taxpayers should pay for and family members have to accommodate.

Why should family members have to look the other way when Bob drunkenly beats his daughter? Why should the public have to step aside and let Susy rob a bank? Oh, right! They have a "disease," and therefore aren't accountable for ANY of the heinous crimes they commit against society. Silly me, for a second I thought these wastes of skin should be held responsible for anything!

I *DO* know there's a tiny fraction out there that's genuinely "addicted" and care about how their actions hurt others. But more often than not, I see these scumbags run amok and trash others' lives.

And in the end, all they have to do is "make amends."


To these quacks and wishy-washy enablers that let this shit slide, you *BEST* burn with them! You have such a fetish for these creatures, always there to coddle and protect them even when they're obviously in the wrong. I'm pretty fucking surprised alot of you haven't dropped your pants yet. The reason "addiction" is still rampant isn't because there's more drugs, poverty or anything. It's because society's starting to REWARD them for being animals, and people like *you* are to blame!

Basically, this pity-the-perp mentality HAS to stop, or these vermin will drag society down with them.


I know that there are 2 different types of stoners. There are the ones who smoke a little a day and then there are the ones who smoke all day everyday. The ones that smoke all day piss me the fuck off. They tend to be self-centered and careless about everything. They also think that they are perfect and better then everyone else.

drug dealers/druggies 22

I married a nice man 14years ago now he's strug-out on drugs, now he's a back-stabber, spreads rumors, sneaks around, tells lies, hidden cell phone, hidden money, can't have a normal conversation, can't believe anything he saids, promised I'd never have to live this way!!!junkies come to the house when I'm gone, meet him at all the stores we go to, laugh at me because I don't use, I'm tired of being their joke, my house is rotting down around my ears, my sex life sucks, I hate drug dealers they deal bombs that blow up families with a laugh and a smile and are happy about destorying my family just another thing for them to party about, I'd like to deal the same destruction to your life you've caused in my.

*Note from Anger Central
We were going to put this under Husbands, but you specified junkies. Frankly, this marriage is over. Leave now and start a new life away from this loser. He isn't worth your time any longer.

Drugs, specifically heroin 23

I one hundred percent agree with everything that everyone else has said and would just like to add that heroin is a filthy, demonic substance that only the most worthless, selfish low lives would even CONSIDER using. It is a life ruining drug that effects not only the user him/her self but EVERYONE around him/her as well, and ALL PEOPLE in general who have to share the planet with these waste of space pathetic parasites called "addicts". My stbx husband is a worthless junkie who lies, steals and lives completely at the expense of other people and family members including myself and my parents.

He has been to rehab and jail and I can't even begin to tell you how many times he has promised to stop. Never going to happen. He has also wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on "getting high" while I have to pick change off the floor just to pay for my kids' lunch. He has humiliated me and my kids, who now have to grow up without a father, and my daughters, who will probably never even be able to marry a decent man because no one wants to marry the daughter of a trashy junkie with no dignity.

He yells at my kids for anything under the sun, including something so stupid as a bad grade on their report cards, meanwhile he is an unemployed drain on humanity, and they probably can't even concentrate in school because they are so STRESSED OUT having a worthless bum for a father. If anyone is wondering why I am still married to this creep, it is a complicated story that I will not get into now, but GOD WILLING it will end as soon as possible!

Good riddance!!!

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