Victim mentality

People who go "Poor me, my ancestors were slaves/polish/etc therefore the world owes me" are about as sharp as a bowling ball. I don't want to be a victim anymore. I am a survivor! I have no use for so called victims.

Whiners 2

People bitch WAY too much. All over the Internet, there are opinions, viewpoints, editorials, rants, rambles, etc etc etc etc etc. No one gives a shit about your opinion. Teenagers are the worst, because they often bitch about stuff they don't understand. Out of all the age groups, I think kids are the best, because they hardly bitch about anything. They might be ignorant of the real world, but its better than hearing about how tough they have it as [enter biological group here]. So everyone, shut the hell up, especially all you teens that don't research things before you moan about them. And yes, I'm aware that I'm complaining right anyone that knows how to shit couldn't realize that.

Tumblr 3

Ah, Tumblr, the hotbed of social-justice warriors who are so fucking angry about every fucking thing under the sun. Yeah, that's right, I'm angry at these fuckers for being angry.

What the fuck do you Social Justice Warriors have to be angry about? You claim that everything is so fucking unfair, so fucking unjust, you claim that you've been oppressed, you claim that everything is a 'trigger' to make you flashback to some perceived tragedy or abuse you suffered in your life. Meanwhile, I'd bet less than 5% of you have actually suffered any real fucking tragedy. Most of you probably consider spilling your fucking drink or tripping over a fucking crack in the sidewalk as a goddamned tragedy.

Infact, most of you probably grew up in a standard suburban shithole, with no tragedy, nothing happening at all, you just sit on your fucking computer and find things to bitch about with no rhyme or reason behind your anger.

Why the fuck do you have to search for things to be offended about? There are plenty of genuinely awful things in this fuckin' world to be offended about, or to rally against. Meanwhile, you're bitching because you're somehow oppressed. Well, guess what? If you were truly oppressed, by your government or some imaginary 'patriarchy', you wouldn't have the liberty to fucking post about your awful 'oppression' on the damned Internet, would you?

You're not oppressed, you're not some poor victim, you've likely never suffered any real abuse or tragedy, you're just a bunch of fucking whiny cunts who look for something to be offended about. Find a real cause to support, find some real wrong or injustice in this world to fight against. Stop inventing fuckin' problems and enemies.

But I'm an oppressive male for writing this, right? I'm just another rapist pig patriarchy-extending guy who needs to check his privilege, right?

Nope, I'm speaking the fucking truth, which is something you thick-skulled cunts don't like very much. Chill the fuck out, think about how you can better the world, and go out and do it. Instead of fighting some imaginary fucking oppression, why not go to the middle-east and fight the very REAL oppression which takes place there? Oh, wait, you don't care enough to put yourself at risk or do any real work, you're just content to bitch about your imaginary enemies on the fucking Internet. Get a fucking life.

*Note from Anger Central
No one here bothers with Tumblr so we haven't been forced to deal with these losers. Perhaps the Angry Webmaster should pay them a visit and show them the Blog. We're all pretty sure that will cause their whiny heads to detonate

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