I am angry at these vegan bastards who want to go around harassing people who eat meat. Shut the fuck up you morons! You want to talk about how someone is killing an animal and how its disgusting and cruel, well thats very hypocritical considering a plant is a living thing, and you think that just because they dont have faces, that therefore they dont feel pain? Vegans are unhealthy bastards who fill up on a bunch of shit, they dont even know how to be healthy, they use all the bad oils, they eat all the bad starches, and then want to sit around and act like they are superior some how. Vegans are for saving animals and killing humans, check out the vegan foods they are mostly shit, not designed to be healthy for the human. If you want to be vegan and save the animals go ahead, but dont you dare open your fucking stupid uneducated mouthes and tell everyone else how they should be eating, because its obvious you dont even know the basics of a proper diet!

vegans 2

what the fuck is wrong with vegans they've got problems, don't those hippie fucks know that they're starving animals by eating their plants. Get the fucking message your not doing animals a favor you're starving them I'm in Australia and i hope that all the man eating predators go for vegans like a nice hungry dingo. So vegans fuck off

vegetarians 3

i am angry at vegetarians who think they are saving animals by not eating meat. (the ones who try to jam their beliefs down your throat, the ones who dont i think are just foolish) they cant save animals by not eating meat because they are already dead. not eating them just makes the meat go to waste. (thank god it doesnt cause we eat all of it) they are not accomplishing anything and are trying to get the rest of us stop in a nazi like way. They scream at us about being murderers when animals are getting killed in giant harvesters so they can get their food. Meat is murder HAH! I say WHEAT is murder.

vegetarians 4

I don't understand vegetarians. I love to eat meat and that is what i chose in my life. I hate fish and i chose not to be a vegetarian. Those vegetarians don't know what they are missing. I love hamburgers, steak, veal, etc. :) I understand that vegetarians choose to be the way they are but what i really hate is when they force their vegetarian ways on me! >:( My cousin is a vegetarian and he doesn't force his vegetarian ways on me but i am sure there are people out there that force others to eat only vegetables. It's my body, you assholes! If i choose to feed on meat that's my business!

Vegetarians 5

I am really, really tired of vegetarians acting like they're "better people" than others. So you don't eat meat. So what! That does not make you a saint and everyone else a Satan. If you were better informed, you would know that human physiology indicates we are constructed to eat a varied diet including (some) meat. You would also know that there are many more FORMER vegetarians than CURRENT vegetarians. Failure to thrive on a vegetarian diet is a common problem. And don't start with the "You must combine proteins in a certain way blah blah blah" crap. If a vegetarian diet were natural to humans, we wouldn't have to wank around with combining other crap to get proteins that occur naturally in meat. You guys are cranks and snobs, please just shut up and get a reality check!

Vegans 6

Personally i believe that vegans are the god-incarnates of this planet. e.g.-god in the flesh. look at all they have done for us: bitched about pointless shit, made me waste my valuable time (and the safety of others on the road) by reading their dumb bumper stickers, and made me damn near starve myself by following their bullshit cause. i think the creator of veganism is comparable to jimmy jones; dont eat animal products and you will be saved. BULLSHIT

Vegetarians 7

I'm so damn angry at vegetarians that eat fish. Fish is a fucking meat. What the fuck are you on about, you bunch of idiots?:
They don't feel pain? guess what, recent studies suggest they do. Also, did you stop to think about what a FUCKING STUPID evolutionary choice it would be to not feel pain?

Add to this the fact that fish are being over farmed more than any land dwelling creature (the ocean doesn't magically replenish itself when you sweep up all the baby fish too, idiots).

sadistic vegans 8

i am so sick and tired of sadistic vegans. a father in australia gets eaten by a shark crab fishing, so some sadistic vegans make fun of it. this stuff seems to happen every time some one gets hurt or killed. you know the next time one of you veggie bastards gets killed by a falling tree or animal i hope they run you into a wood chipper and then make tofu burgers out of you. then some of you nazi vegans really could eat shit and die. have a green day.

Vegetarians/Vegans 9

I'm a vegetarian and I hate vegetarians/vegans. All they ever do is whine, complain and make out that they they're better than everybody else. SHUT UP! This is why everybody else hates us!

This is why whenever I mention that I'm vegetarian (Not for no apparent reason, but only when asked), meat eaters get defensive and tell me eating plants is murder too.

I don't care what other people choose to eat. As long as nobody's being a jerk about it (Things like going "Moooo!" while eating a steak). It's not my choice what anybody else eats.

I'm also sick of the stereotype that vegetarians/vegans are weak and unhealthy. Once again, it's just the few who don't know what they are doing (and are usually just following a short lived trend) that are this way. I have been vegetarian for over 10 years and am strong, fit and in perfect health.

I wish that the few idiots who are becoming vegetarian as a trend, to get attention, because animals are 'cute' or whatever other stupid reasons they have would either do it properly or not at all.

And they need to accept that it is not their choice or problem what anybody else eats. Stop being condescending pricks, it's giving the rest of us a bad name.

PS: Stop saying you're vegetarian if you eat fish or chicken. The next person that tells me this is going to cop an ear full.

vegetarians 10

I have had it with vegitarians. They are pussy softy mother fuckers who think theyre top shit cause they dont eat meat. Theyre usually doing it for attention and want to be noticed as diffrent or outsiders cause theyre not accepted by most of society and were weird losers in high school. Man kind eat meat. Who gives a fuck about a dumb ass cow. You know why people eat cows? Its because cows are dumb ass stupid animals. If a horse and a cow are sitting in a medow and you run at them with a bow and arrow the horse will run away but the dumb ass cow will sit there and get shot because its a stupid creature and he deserves to be eatten because he tastes delicious. Like just be like the rest of the human race and eat meat. Dont say it doesnt taste good or its inhumane just stfu and stop being a pussy ass fag!

Vegans 11


Vegans 12

I'm fucking sick and tired of everyone one calling me a pussy or a hippie or telling me I'm unhealthy. FUCK YOU. What I eat makes NO FUCKING DIFFERENCE to you. WHY does it matter to you that I'm vegan? I don't fucking preach at you about the way I choose to live MY life so stop fucking pretending I do. I don't give a shit if you eat ribs when we go out. I really don't. The only person that seems to have the damn problem is you.

And buying me leather shoes with a tag that says "Moo"? Really? That's funny to you? I bet it'll be really fucking funny to you when I ram those shoes up your self-righteous ass.

Honestly, the next person that calls me a hippie or a pussy is going to be torn a new hole.

Vegetarians and animal made products 13

I hate it when vegetarians moan at me for eating meat. So what? By eating me I'm actually SAVING animals from extinction because if no one ate meat, animals wouldn't be bred for me. And it's not like they are domesticated and also used for pets.

And if you are all for saving animals (which is fine!) don't preach about how great a vegetarian you are whilst wearing leather shoes. An animal suffered for those too you know!

Vegans 14

The hypocrisy is unreal. They say they love animals and yet our devout vegan neighbours have a PUREBRED dog that is contained in their house with no socialization or outside time. This is cruel!!! I may eat meat but my rescue muts are very well socialized and exercised.

Vegans are too black and white. There are many omnivores that hold similiar values about animals and the way the world is being damaged. But since vegans are so fanatical, unless you are pure vegan you are on the other side - this is not a good way to get people to accept your ideas and want to be part of the movement at all. So I find vegans kind of stupid in that sense.

Also I don't know too many vegans that are good human beings with empathy or understanding of social problems such as poverty, drug addiction, domestic violence or mental illness. Many vegans are middle to high income bracket and have nothing better to do with their time but eat organic macrobiotic veggies and judge the rest of us.

Another hypocritical thing, why do most vegans not drive hybrids? What is with the SUVs????? THEY ARE KILLING THE ENVORONMENT AND BP HAS ALOT OF ANIMAL BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS! Vegan cars should run on sunflower oil if they are honestly serious about this.

And to top it off I am 5'7", 140 lbs, very athletic (I hike mountains) and my vegan neighbour called me fat - to my face!!!! It was all I could do not to punch him in his, I could have squashed him in 10 seconds flat.

Vegetarians/Vegans (for moral reasons) 15

Hey, you worthless fucking hypocrites, did you know that every day, thousands of small animals are killed by combines during harvesting? "Oh, well at least we're not killing them intentionally." Yeah, of course not. Oh, wait, what's that? You just leave them there and don't use them for anything? Oh, so I see, you just want to kill the shit out of each and every god damned animal you see then, hmm?

Being a vegan is not a fucking religion, okay? Don't fucking criticize me because I love bacon. If you want to do that, then just fuck off and go watch some more vegetable porn, you evil piles of shitty fucking filth. Humans have been eating meat ever since they fucking started out, until you fucktards came along because apparently the animals suffer a slow and painless death. Ahahahah - no. No, no they don't. I love how you post videos of slaughterhouse footage with 'poor conditions' and 'mindless painful beating'.

It almost leads me to believe that vegan is a cult, because it's as if you just want to recruit more and more people for your worthless piece of shit. Go fuck a tree and jump off the nearest bridge into a pit of spikes, you sheep raping mother fucking child touching dick eating ass licking baby shitting FAILURE!

Vegans 16

I don't mind vegetarians or vegans that mind their own business. But what I really hate are the ones that try to shove their beliefs down your throat and try to guilt trip you for eating meat!

Just earlier today I was having lunch at a restaurant eating a nice steak in the outdoor area when a vegan who was walking by decided to tell me what I was doing was wrong and cruel, he was also calling me a murderer like I killed the fucking cow. He then explained to me the process of slaughter, trying to deter me from eating the steak. Bitch please, I work as a chef, everyday I have to work with dead animal carcasses and debone them and shit for stock, none of that shit bothers me. When I told him that shit he went ape-shit, at this moment I told him to get fucked and go eat a dick... But then I forgot he was vegan, oh well... He probably sucks enough dicks as is.

Vegans who harass Vegan Businesses 17

After 20+ years doing positive, forward thinking and non judgmental animal rights work I took all my savings and opened an excellent vegan restaurant in an uber nazi liberal small town and not my hometown. I was a a veteran of the food biz and ran a fun , CLEAN, inexpensive street gourmet establishment. It was popular from day one BECAUSE it was nonpolitical and judgmental.

Every vegan famous international touring artists ate with us and loved the place.

Even though it was strictly vegan with every item being certified by me( a strict vegan) I was cyber harassed, harassed at the counter, my staff hassled, by vegan haters, harassed by one vegetarian group who kept trying to blackmail me for contributions, threatening me. YES A VEGAN RESTAURANT PUNISHED BY VEGANS IN A NORTHWEST US CITY.Because it was clean, non judgmental and I refused to participate in the VEGAN HATE PARTY.. I was singled out and harassed mercilessly BY VEGANS. They never let up and after 4 years I pulled up stakes and left and went back to my big city. Partial decision due to violent in-store crime in this downtown area.) I have been asked 1,000+ times to open in Chicago but will not because I will never expose my life to such viscous vegan hate. I have chosen another career but am still a strict -non judgmental-vegan.

vegans 18

I'm angry because I wish vegans I know would stop acting like it was sooo easy to become vegan when you have an eating disorder and allergies (and pretend you can't have EDs if you are allergic to some foods.)

Some of them never had eating disorders or act like since they know one person who had EDs or allergies who became vegan everyone can whenever they decide. Then they basically act like everything else you do that is good is invalidated by eating meat. I relapsed everytime I tried to go vegan, so for most people it's a progressive thing just like recovery is, which can be made longer if meat or cheese or whatever are you safe foods. It's not about willpower, goddamn. It's not because I can't that I don't care and it does not have anything to do with the conversation we had before, god, thanks for reminding me I'm a piece of shit for having EDs it greatly help with my recovery and confidence thus helping me to become vegan... NOT! What happens is, if I try becoming vegan progressively you make me feel shitty so I cut down on my calories and try to control everything, if I try to become vegan in one step I add more and more rules and relapse, if you make me feel shitty when I eat how I can normally I feel shitty about everything and back to step 1. Fuck you. It's not easy to relearn how to eat, I dare you to succeed if you were in the same situation.

Vegans 19

Fuck these assholes for treating everybody else like shit. Good for you, you decided to stop eating meat and eggs to improve your health and stop animal abuse. I'd join you, but not if you're going to tell meat eaters they should be killed, and calling people babies and morons. You guys are the most whiny, preachy people on the internet, and you call everybody else whiny. Shut the fuck up. I'm eating a chicken sandwich with cheese on it later today.

*Note from Anger Central
How to BBQ Tofu.
1. Throw Tofu into the trash.
2. BBQ thick juicy steak

Vegans 20

Aw, it's really nice to be here after being away a while!

I fucking can't stand vegans. I followed them for years thinking I was going to be more healthy and help animals being vegan. I was wrong! They can't get most of their nutrients from non meat products, so they are forced to go to vegan stores and buy pills to help them be healthy. They have no problem tearing down forests to build houses and computers, and driving vehicles blowing smoke into the atmosphere, destroying Earth's natural resources and environment! They attack humans for being murderers, when animals eat meat all the time. Fuck vegans for acting like they are smarter than everybody else, when they are not!

Thanks for letting me post this Angry staff! I love you!

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