O.K. those fuckers in the public school system they demand a union because the ensure "future generations of knowledge" demand a union when the actual future generation (students) get treated like fucking peasants I wonder why we have American flags in school because to me my school carries the exact opposite morals and basic American freedoms ( or lack of) that) it represents the exact opposite of America!

Union Slackers 2

The Union has one set of objectives: To do as little as possible for as much as possible with as many as possible! How many union guys does it take to screw in a light bulb? Most of them unless they can get overtime, then it requires all of them! They are what are known as Eye-Servants... They only work when they are being watched. Take tonight’s news in New York: "Railroad Workers taking sleeping bags to work..." they were caught on tape sleeping on the job three days after services are cut and fares are raised.... Typical... Hey Joe! We need a Union! That way we make more money and we don't have to do no WOIK! --- The absolute antithesis of productivity.. The Union is the perfect type of organization for those who either cannot compete or refuse to compete! NO VALUE ADDED COST!

Unions 3

Unions take my monthly dues and does shit for me. The fuckers preach Solidarity, Solidarity and won't even come to rescue a Member in deep doo doo with the fucking company they work for (Those fucking loosers than run the power company are another source of ass crack blisters.) the membership watches while the Union lets job after job go. Our Union cares about two things, getting that monthly dues and protecting its own ass and interests. Maybe if we adopt that good old Chineese pastime of public arena executions of the corrupt, we might just get somewhere. FUUUUUUUCK U Union and FUUUUUUUUUUUCK U company! May the fleas of 1000 camels infest your crotches and snatches hee hee hee! Am I right Webmaster? You damn straight I am. Good night.

unions 4

well congratulations you worthless fuckers, you have succeeded in bring the ford motor company to their knees, perhaps bankrupting them as well, all union bosses and members should be put against the wall and shot to death for holding companies hostage...unions should be outlawed they are as unamerican as any terrorist organization, dont believe me?...just look at the airline industry, most have gone into bankruptcy because of worthless union well off are you union members now? i am a business owner and employees have absolutely no business dictating wages or benefits, that is why they are the EMPLOYEE! you want a say in how a business is run? start your own fucking company! this is my fucking company, if you dont like the way things are run, if you dont like the wages i pay, the benefits i give?? the hours you work, GET THE FUCK OUT! and let someone in who appreciates a steady job..i was looking for an employee when you came looking for a job, and ill be looking for one after your gone...i will not be bullied, harassed intimidated or coerced into being a union shop, i will close my fucking doors and put all you fuckholes out on your asses and reopen in a right-to work state...fuck you! and your fucking demands! you dont dictate the market i sell in and you sure as fuck wont dictate the wages ill pay.

your history is murky at best!you ruined the steel industry by labor demands, you ruined the US auto industry by milking profits instead of allowing profits to go into R&D or quality so they could compete with the likes of Toyota and Honda just to name a few...American cars are shit, thanks to the losers who built them " ford the best SELLING truck in America because everyone is trying to unload a lemon",, how does it feel! how does it feel to ruin the country by forcing companies to out source because you are to damn greedy to see a future in your job , perhaps your kids job, or grand does it feel? business will continue believe me,.we will just go else where to fill YOUR job because American workers will have made a reputation for themselves..

lets summarize shall we?...American auto workers: extremely high wages, and over the top benefits...producing over priced and overrated pieces of shit automobiles, priced to reflect the wages they demand, built to reflect their true intentions..

Teacher's Unions 5

I am fucking pissed at the teacher's unions bitching and moaning and whining and crying over the idea of vouchers. I should not have to be punished because of my zip code, and neither should anyone else. In Belgium, money is tied to the student, so inefficient teachers and low-performing schools go out of business. And you know what, that's good, because it prevents monopolies.

And another thing, there are people out there who work long hours and sometimes put their lives in danger every day of the year and can be fired at any time and make very little pay. Meanwhile, these teachers get to work only 30 hours a week for only nine months of the year, the rest is spent all summer at home eating bonbons and watching All My Children, and all year, they can sleep safe knowing that if they are caught boinking a child in the middle of class, heaven and earth would have to be moved to even get them fired.

And you know who pays for it? THE TAXPAYERS!!!

I went to a private therapeutic boarding school my 12th grade year. The buildings were very shoddy, so was the academics. The building I had my research writing class in was practically a one room schoolhouse. The teacher, in addition to her duties teaching class was also a dorm mother who was paid very little and was NOT unionized. She had to deal with many issues. Yet, I learned how to ACTUALLY WRITE ON A COLLEGE LEVEL ON A FRIGGIN' SHOESTRING BUDGET!!! Which is more than I could say for a lot of people who went through NJs public schools when I first came to college.

Unions 6

Unions are the weak tits in today's labor/management struggle. I have to pay over 1,000 bills a year in union dues. If I don't I end up on the shit list and my car gets messed with or my dog winds up dead. And all for what? So union management can keep themselves in their don't do shit phony baloney jobs as long as they can. Oh wait, when they finally get found out for the useless chunks of shit that they are and get voted out of office, the company will gladly hire them back into management. Yep useless as tits on a boar hog, thats whut they are!! Shit. FO rthe amount I pay in dues, I could have my savage jew of a lawyer sue the company, file so many complaints, the company would have to spend 10s of thousands of bucks to defend itself against all of the charges. Look for the Union label: "GFYS"=go fuck yourself!! I dont even want to go into the total lack of morals, ethics, scruples, integrity and intellect my company has going for it. I could fill a whole hard drive with their stupid horse shit ideas.

unions 7

Unions took my fucking money for 9 years and i get repaid by being laid off. Worthless shits, I cant say who you are, But you know.

Layoffs every year for 9 years and you don't even get to see the union rep, because he is always out of work on so called union business.



*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster was working on a post regarding unions on the Blog, but the editor went out on a wildcat strike.

union workers 9

Because they seem to think that they are entitled to whatever they want, regardless of whether their work merits it or not. Basically, they have a "big brother" who can beat you up, so you have to pay them more. They refuse to be judged / paid on their merit and work habits, electing instead to gang up on other and get by bullying or actual violence what they wouldn't stand a prayer of getting by their intelligence, hard work, and initiative.

The Union 10

I am angry at union supporters. A few months ago I read a series of posts from a democrat forum, and everybody there are the biggest assholes ever.

They think that if you aren't in the union, then you should not have the right to work, and that if you are black, then you can work without proving that you are really in the union. What a bunch of controlling racists. How can you know about a person's life just by looking at their skin color?

An online friend of mine dislikes the union because it keeps all the bad workers employed. I dislike the union because they are just as nasty and evil as the abusive corporations that existed decades ago.

union jobs 11

The union ideals are built only for slackers. My boss feels justified in giving me the work of two people (This is not an exageration) and when a higher-paying position does open up in the company, it is given to the people who have been there longest. Unions may have made sense when lawyers were in short supply and bosses screwed their workers daily, but in today's world they are only parasites sucking the spirit right out of the American work force. Think about it, have you ever seen a union job where the majority of people try to bring productivity to the job? No? I didn't think so.

unions suck 12

Unions suck the big one. All union bosses care about is collecting their dues and protecting the worthless shits in the union, which is 95% of the members.

Unions 13

I am so angry and frustrateeeeeedededed. I worked for the Albuquerque, NM City government. I have seen up to 17 employees of the same department just lounging around doing nothing. Sitting in idling vehicles at sites for hours with the windows down, air conditioning on, feet on dashboard or sprawled across the vehicle seats. Sleeping, reading or going through smut magazines.
Wolf whistling at women and school elementary students going by. Yelling profanities at young girls. I went to the superintendent of that department and was told by him, he can't make them work. I was directed to the Union which represents them and inquired. This is what I was told by the union rep with his feet on the desk drinking coffee. 'Once your clocked in, nobody cares. Work if you want to work, don't work if you don't want to.'

I quit that looser job after 15 years. It just keeps getting worse. Unions may have had a place at one time. However, now they just perpetrate lazy behavior and bad employee attitudes. It is a shame that unions are contributing to the decay of America. Instilling and allowing unfit behavior in the work place.


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