black trash

Ok i read a rant about "white Trash" and just to vent on my own behalf i can not stand black trash. First off i am black so most of this stuff hits home. It pisses me off that there are more blacks in jail then in college. That the U.S population has only 11% blacks but blacks account for over 68% of the crime in the U.S. I hate the fact that being in a ghetto is considered cool. This shit just pisses me off as a black man trying to make it in this hostile white world. Black people need to start acting civilize before we demand civil rights. I'm not a damn conservative black bullshitter I'm just a guy who is seeing the truth by the passing day..We blacks in America who want to do good have it stacked against us....We do not need black trash cluttering our path..that includes you Bill Cosby u fucking trashy black bitch...

*Note from Anger Central
1) This poster appears to be the same one who blasted Bill Cosby in another section of Anger Central
2) This page will deal with all sorts of trash, white, black, Martian...

Black Trash 2

I see I'm not the first person to post rant about this, but as the first author was black, I'm actually white. Putting that out there up front, so if you can't deal with a white guy bitching about black trash, then just hit the back button or avert your eyes.

What do I define as black trash? I guess there's no concrete definition, but loosely I'd say any of these assholes in baggy clothes, twisted caps and gold chains, dressing and acting like degenerate thugs. The uneducated, low-life pieces of shit who cruise around blasting rap and giving dirty looks to anyone they pass by, flashing their ill-gotten money around, fucking any stupid bitch that they get their hands on and fathering any number of unwanted and unsupported children and, in general, acting like uncivilized pieces of shit.

So what about black trash pisses me off? Probably the fact that as a white person, it's not politically correct for me to call a spade a spade and ever utter the words "black trash" in public, no matter how fitting it might be.

Take, for example, the asshole I saw pissing on the side of a grocery store instead of walking in an using the bathroom. That's what I'm talking about. The kind of dumb fuck that will wear a massive, puffy winter jacket, only to couple it with fucking jean shorts, ankle socks and sneakers. Top it off with gold chains and the piece of shit car he walked back to afterward and you get the picture. What an absolute piece of human fucking garbage. Not even a fucking dog will piss on the side of a God damned building like that, not even a fucking wild animal would do that.

And yet, if I were to utter the words "black trash" when I saw this, anyone in earshot, white, black, brown, red, olive or anything in between would figure me for a bigoted, racist asshole. The truth is though, this guy was trash; low-class, filthy, uncultured, offensive, ghetto-born, black fucking trash.

People like that should be called what they are. They're a fucking embarrassment to the human race, but especially to blacks. I honest to God sympathize with black people who just want to live a normal, decent life and have to suffer the indignity of sharing a skin color, ethnicity and ancestry with these pieces of shit, low-life thugs. To be associated in any way with black trash is, in my opinion, a hundred times worse than being associated with, say, white trash. Not that I can stand them either, but black trash? No fucking comparison.

People in this country are so fucking brainwashed and such politically correct assholes that they can't call these dirty fuckers what they really are, instead having to lump them together as "African Americans", right along with all the other civilized blacks. The truth is that these fuckers are an embarrassment to their race, to their culture and to their families.

Black trash makes me sick and I wish I could move the fuck away from this country. Every day the black trash creeps closer to the good parts of town, the graffiti moves further up town and, now, I can't even go to the grocery store without seeing some fucking piece of shit ghetto thug pissing on a God damned wall like the animal that he is. It's only going to get worse until people finally stop putting up with this bullshit and stop tolerating black trash.

Fuck all the black trash, low-life animals and their bullshit. You people are a fucking disgrace and should be ashamed of yourselves. If it wasn't for black trash, race relations would be light years ahead of where they are now. The author of the first black trash rant was right, if these pieces of shit want to bitch about having civil rights, try acting civilized and people might take you seriously. Nobody is going to give a shit about the civil rights of a fucking animal.

Trash (Black Trash) 3

I have to throw out a rant about black trash after what happened yesterday. My wife and I were in McDonald's of all fucking places, and waiting for our food. No problem, right? Enter the black trash.

Our tray with our ice cream (sundaes) was right next to the tray for this piece of shit black trash faggot with those ear lobe-stretching things, pants around his knees and hair that looked like he just woke up.

This piece of shit, knuckle dragging prick, even though he's with mommy who just paid for "dinner" at McDonald's, decided to grab one of the sundaes off our tray and put it onto his own before he walked off with it. The idiots working there saw this and did nothing and, to top it off, try to give me my tray minus one of the sundaes I paid for!!!

I told them their black trash asshole of a customer just stole it, apparently his 'momma' couldn't afford the $1.00 it cost to buy one for him and neither could his poor ass, so he stole it. A one fucking dollar ice cream sundae. FUCKING SERIOUSLY?!

I am sorry, but black trash has officially reached a new all-time low for me. I can't believe people are such fucking pathetic pieces of shit that they would behave worse than animals and steal a $1 ice cream at McDonald's. I mean for fuck's sake, you got a $200 phone with you, gold chains, $200 shoes on and $100 pants around your knees, how about not stealing a fucking ice cream for $1?

Oh and it gets better. He and his mother, who looked civilized at least, both left a HUGE fucking mess at their table when they finally left. Soda spilled everywhere, even on the floor. Tray not cleaned up, just left all their shit littering the entire booth and ruined it. It was at that point I realized that mommy was no better and probably didn't even care that he was eating an ice cream she didn't pay for. Fucking animals, the both of them.

And yet, if I called him a thieving piece of black shit, I'd be the racist. If I or the McDonald's staff said or did anything, we'd be the bad guys, better to let him get away with it because he's fucking black, right?

I really and sincerely hope this stupid piece of shit keeps it up. Eventually he'll steal from the wrong establishment and wind up in jail, or get a bullet in him from a homeowner that catches him trying to make off with a PlayStation. I couldn't care less which happens, but it brings me comfort to know that fucking black trash punks like this have only jail and/or early death in their future. Serves 'em right, fucking thieving black trash assholes.

Trash - Black Trash 4

I am sick and tired of the entitlement attitude of some of the black trash out there. We all see it on the news and hear about it in lawsuits, but it really hits home when you interact with some black trash on a personal level and see just how full of themselves and entitled they really think they are.

The most recent incident was a black woman that accosted me for not wanting to listen to her bullshit spiel about some crap she was selling. This woman launches into a tirade about how she didn't have both parents growing up and hence that's the reason she's poor and uneducated, she has no part in the blame for her present state.

What's more, she proceeds to inform me that I have a nice life, the kind of life she wants for herself and obviously it was because I had both parents in my life who gave me this position in the world. She literally tells me this to my face, that the only reason I have and she does not is because of having both parents and that surely everything I have was given to me. Fucking seriously.

This neanderthal couldn't wrap her mind around it, no matter how much I repeated it, that what I have is my own, I worked for it and it had nothing to do with my parents. My parents were poor, I didn't get a free ride in school because of my race, I didn't get admitted to graduate school because of my race, I didn't get hired or promoted because of my race. Why? Because I'm a white male, we don't get a fucking thing handed to us in this country, unlike certain minorities I might mention.

What really burned me was just how presumptuous she was. As if the only reason I could be successful and she could be a failure was because someone gave me something and that she wasn't given the same thing. That entire attitude, that entitlement bullshit, is what is really keeping the black trash down, but people refuse to accept that, preferring instead to bitch and whine.

If you want to make something of yourself, get a real fucking job. Stop hocking shit door to door, get an education and stop looking for a fucking handout, either from me or the government or anyone else. Stop fucking blaming people who have a life for your problems and making your racist, bigoted, naive assumptions about how we got to where we are in life. We worked harder than you did, plain and fucking simple. Get the fuck over it.

You've been a free people for how many fucking years? You get how much preferential treatment from school all the way through employment, financing and everything else? What the fuck else do you want before you'll stop bitching that you haven't been given enough: chances, opportunities, apologies, reparations, special consideration, etc.? When is it going to be enough for you to acknowledge that the only reason you haven't been successful in life is YOU?

Suck it up, grow the fuck up and stop putting your problems on everyone else. You're not not being held down by anyone, and your success or failure in this life is nobody's fault but your own.

white trash 5

This is for you, you filthy redneck trailer trash loser that had the nerve to cuss at me in front of my little sister and poor little grandma. She was taking us to the beach for my sister's birthday, and we parked next to your huge, rusty piece of crap SUV. I was bored and tired so I leaned against the side of that peeling, filthy wreck on wheels.

Suddenly I hear a burst of profanity from your filthy mouth. I turn around and see you stumbling across the parking lot with your dirty white trash wife and two brat kids, yelling at me for putting handprints on your car. You've got to be kidding. Handprints are the last thing you should be worried about with that car. It was practically held together with duct tape and super glue, suffering from some serious abuse, and the one time you decide to care about it is when you get to flip a shit and make a big swaggering scene in a parking lot to impress your nagging bitch wife and teach your two crack babies how to grow up to be dicks.

So you thought you were so important, jabbing your finger at me and running your mouth like that piece of shit car was an expensive Ferarri, swaggering in front of your two blockhead sons and your ugly trailer trash queen of a wife. Congratulations, you disgusting human turd, you've just set a wonderful example for your dirty inbred kids to grow up to be exactly like you! Go ahead and pick on a short skinny little mouse of an 18 year old, a poor old grandma and a 13 year old girl on her birthday. It takes serious balls to do that. You must have been so brave, so gutsy, to pick on THOSE kind of ruffians! If I were a 300 pound Hell's Angel leaning on your piece of shit car, you would have cried your ass all the way back to your trailer park before you raised a hand against me.

I hope you drove back to your trailer park and celebrated with a cold beer and a nice wife beating. After that you probably watched some football and then went outside to cock your leg against every tree to make sure you marked your territory well enough.

Mother of God, it's not my fault that you failed out of school, became an alcoholic at age 12, that your dick is too small, that you empty head doesn't know enough to get a decent job, that your wife is a whore, that you are just jack shit stupid and want to take it out on everything that so much as dares to breathe in your direction (as long as it's smaller that you). I honestly don't care. You just made a jackass of yourself and I laughed at your ass when you drove away in that sputtering wreck, acting like you just killed a lion with your bare hands.

From now on, I am carrying a can of mace on my key chain, so whenever I'm unfortunate enough to run into another one of you assholes, I can give you a piece of my mind and tell you how much of a worthless human turd you are, knowing I can defend myself if you come after me with fists. Dicks like you think you can say whatever you want to little women like me, because you think I'm afraid of you, and I will just back down meekly because I'm afraid of getting beaten up. Not anymore. If you don't like it when I tell you you're a white trash inbred piece of shit, and you turn red as a dog dick and come running after me to break me in half, you are getting a load of mace in your face. Then we'll see how tough you are, how much of a goddamn swaggering hero you are, for picking on someone less than half your weight.

Black Trash 6

So we're walking through looking for something only sold at Target (sigh) and this is probably the first time I've been inside one in the better part of a couple years. I should have known better than to go into a store that's billed as one-step up from Walmart for low class trailer trash.

As we round a corner into a section with board games and toys, on our way towards the front of the store, this fucking piece of black trash on his cell phone almost walks right into my wife. No apology, no 'excuse me' no nothing, just keeps yakking on his fucking phone like the oblivious, entitled fucking idiot that he is.

We went past him and started looking at some board games since we enjoy them and wanted to see if there was anything new. This absolute fucking nimrod continues to walk up and down past us while yakking on his phone loudly, even though he had nothing to do there and could have gone anywhere else. Then, the kicker, he stands right behind us and just keeps talking, not even walking around anymore. My wife and I were in the middle of a conversation and this idiot walks right up behind us and stands literally a foot away from us to continue his conversation. I could actually hear the bitch he was talking to through his phone!

My wife and I stared at this low-class piece of human fucking garbage and I was about 2 seconds away from asking him what the fuck his problem was and if he wanted to be fed his god damned phone, but he apparently took a hint and shuffled a mere three feet away to continue his pacing back and forth.

Stupid fuck was still at it when we left, if you can believe that. I cannot believe the ridiculous fucking low-class of some of this stupid thugs. Who the fuck do you think you are to walk up to two people looking at something in a store and just continue your phone conversation inches from their face?

This kind of oblivious, self-centered, egotistical, oh-so-fucking-entitled bullshit is what really pushes my buttons. Get off the phone and show some respect for other people you stupid fucking degenerate animal.

I hope this piece of human fucking debris ends up driving head first into the back of a semi while yakking on the phone to his stupid black trash bitch.

True White Trash 7

I know everybody says that rednecks are white trash and it's true but there are even worse; examples of human garbage that make even southern inbred hicks feel more classier and cleaner. I'm talking about men who have horrible and ugly tattoos, wear wife beaters out in public, sports hats that cover their bad haircuts, hideous facial hair and are ugly as fuck along with trashy, skanky women who are fat or chubby, wear cut up tops almost showing their breasts which look horrible, have ugly tattoos on them, wear fucking short shorts and flip flops, have horrible attitudes, and have the nerve to go out in public thinking their sexy when really I look at people like that and all I see our Jerry Springer and Maury guests that have no place in our society.

These people look like the type of trash who do drugs and deal them, rob houses, and probably cook up meth because judging by the looks of their ugly faces it wouldn't surprise me one bit to find stolen property and drugs with such sorry excuses for human beings. They do not belong in society they either need to be or stay in jail or prison or die because these people are nothing but deadbeat scum that makes me sick to share a skin color with such garbage, there are even some black people out there who have more class and better manners than these good for nothing lowlives.

It also angers me that fucking white trash skanks will fuck any sleazy low life white trash for their money, or to have kids and I feel sorry for any kids who have such pathetic excuses for parents like them because they'll grow up to be trash just like their parents; they will most likely drop out of school, get in fights, steal, and do drugs like their parents did and all I can say it makes me sick, I say we ought to put every one of these losers who I described in jail where they belong and let those with enough class and civility live life the way it needs to be, that is the American Dream.

Ghetto trash 8

I live in a condo and have the displeasure of having a ghetto trash family on my floor. They have been reported several times for rules violations; I was really hoping they would be evicted but so far no such luck. The family consists of a mom (who as far as I can tell doesn't work), a dad (who I guess works but doing what, I don't know) and two screaming brat kids. They are all vermin and don't deserve to live (allegedly on the taxpayer's dime, that's right, SECTION 8) in a nice building.

Music Blasting Idiot 9

You know living in the country should be peaceful, nice neighbors, smell of fresh air, and the feeling of home comfort. That is until a woman across the street brought her white trash loser son out of the mental institution and now all of a sudden the neighborhood doesn't feel safe anymore. Now I usually hear gunshots from local hunters and motorcycles going up and down the road but those things don't bother me, but when this retard blasts his down rap music for the entire neighborhood to hear, that is when I get angry. it must be nice to not have anything else better to do than to blast music all damn day when a lot of us in the neighborhood DOES NOT want to hear it, it's very rude and disruptive especially when I'm watching TV, all of a sudden I hear music coming into my house even if I shut my windows I can still hear this idiots music blasting all over the neighborhood. The only times this retard ever blasts his music is whenever his mommy isn't home because she obviously hates it when he plays his music and I really can't blame her, but also it appears that this idiot is buying drugs and smoking pot while blasting his music and to me that right there proves that this loser has no place in society; I've also seen him walking up and down the street looking for a house to rob, because he obviously looks like the type to rob a house, I say you even step one foot on my property and you'll wish you stayed in the loony bin when I put a bullet in your brainless head. Also I've even heard this piece of shit playing his music at night which leads to domestic disputes between him and his mother where the two cuss each other out, glass breaks, I mean seriously some of us are trying to sleep around here not listen to some Jerry springer taping across the street. Luckily the Sherriff lives down the road and took some action and hopefully this piece of shit gets locked up, hell I wish they would move out of this area and go live with the white trash bunch from rant number 74, because obviously they're all a bunch of white trash who have nothing better to do than to blast music to aggravate their neighbors, deal drugs, and cause drama that nobody else wants to hear. I wish we could get rid of all white trash from every neighborhood in the country because they are nothing but a pain in the ass of life.

Trashy Barefoot People 10

When I went to the Cable Company Building to pay my bill, this white trash broad with butchered up hair, ugly cut up top, hideous tattoos, and BARE FEET walked into the building and I don't understand why anybody would go out in public looking like that. her Feet were so disgusting, she looks like she hasn't trimmed her toenails since she dropped out of high school from my standpoints, the soles of her Feet were so black you would think that she was walking on tar, and her odor was so awful, she smelled like an unwashed Dog who rolls around shit and garbage. Seriously I can't believe they would actually service somebody who looks like that and is barefoot; I mean hell the least this bitch could do would be to put on some damn flip flops to at least be decent going in a public building. After the bitch left we all talked about her, and made fun of her thinking how anyone that trashy can walk into a public building barefoot just to pay her cable bill; you know if this skank has money to pay for her cable than she should at least have money to give her self a pedicure and a bath. Lord only knows if this bitch actually goes inside public bathrooms barefoot; just the thought of it sounds disgusting and for some reason I could see this bitch doing it, judging by the way she walked into a cable office. Seriously I think this skank needs to turn her life around and clean up her act but then again like Ron White always said "You can't fix stupid." I'm sure there is nothing that this twat will do to fix her own life because from the looks of her, I would say the damage is already done.

*Note from Anger Central
Our guess? Ignorant and third generation welfare.

Stupid White Trash Cows 11

I recently watched a video that shows a fat woman on a motorized scooter at Walmart yelling at someone and calls another trashy looking Woman a bitch, the fat bitch gets out of her scooter, obviously she doesn't need the damn scooter when she can get out of it to stand up and fight someone, and that's what she and the other woman did; they got into a catfight in the middle of the Shampoo Aisle at Walmart, right in front of a 6 year old boy. Then what shocked me out of the whole scrap, was one of the women fighting was the mother of the boy, and the boy hit the woman that was fighting his mother with a bottle of Shampoo, if that wasn't bad enough, the Mother actually asked her son to punch the other woman in the face; that is some piss poor parenting right there, instructing your child to punch somebody in the face at a Walmart, I really wonder how this kid acts in School, since he has such a poor excuse of a mother, I shudder to think of this Kid's behaviour at School, and how many trips to the Principal's Office this boy takes.

Some Walmart customers that were watching, were telling the boy not to attack, and to behave himself, and then he goes and mouths off to the customers telling them "They don't tell him what to do!" Well let's see you tell that to a Cop the moment he comes to arrest your Mommy for assault and battery, as well as have a word with you, for kicking the other woman in the head, attacking her as well. This video was downright disgusting for the following reasons, Fat People taking Motorized Scooters because they're too goddamned lazy to walk the aisle, but not too lazy to get into a fight with another customer, I hope the Insurance Company sees the video, she'll be screwed for sure, not to mention the "Mother of the Year" instructing her kid to punch somebody in the face that she's fighting. Goes to show you how worthless White Trash really is, and i'm embarrassed to share a skin color with a bunch of worthless, trailer dwelling lowlives seriously people get your fucking shit together and act like fucking adults and try to set some morals and standards for your fucking kids, before they end up in jail; but i'm sure it's too late for that now.

Barefoot People 12

Look I don't care how hot it is in the summer, I would NEVER walk out in public barefoot, and it looks like the people that do that stuff is fucking trash. I was pumping my gas today and as the station I was across the pump from a car full of Trash, and before I got done, one trashy fatass kid walked out of the car and went inside the restroom. Now that is just downright disgusting, these trashy lowlives would allow there kid to go into the bathroom barefoot, yeah that's a big time parenting fail, wait until you hear your boy whine about feeling sick, because you were too goddamned lazy to tell him to put some fucking shoes on before going out, I shudder to think what their car smells like.

It also annoys me when I go to pay my bills and fucking barefoot people standing in line with their dirty ass feet and they smell like sewage, oh my God, this just goes to show you how fucking lazy people are, wearing their pajamas out in public and going out barefoot, Jesus Christ people get your fucking shit together. How fucking lazy do you half to be not to put on at least a pair of goddamn sandals if you want to show off your ugly funky feet out in public, and for the love of God Trim your Fucking Toenails.

I remember one time at a Grocery Store I went to go use the Bathroom and then out came a Barefoot Man out of the Bathroom, that alone is disgusting but then he actually started to sniff his fucking feet after walking out of the bathroom, in a fucking public supermarket no less; I was so disgusted I left the store without buying anything. Seriously it is so nasty seeing people going out in public barefoot, you get germs and diseases, and people your feet get dirty and they fucking stink; if you want to be barefoot so goddamn bad be barefoot at home, not out it fucking public, it is so goddamn unsanitary.

White Trash Walmart Shoppers 13

Dear Fatass rude ass white trash walmart shoppers, learn to fucking shut your goddamn mouths out in public before you piss somebody off, all I did was cut past your fatasses so i can get to the restroom, oh but than you're whining about people getting in your way and shit while pushing containers in your carts, how about you fat trailer dwelling heffers shut the fuck up and show some respect to other customers, you don't own the goddamn store you have no right to be a bitch to other customers just cause they're trying to get past your fat blubbery asses just to take a piss, and it's people like you are the reason why people like me prefers shopping at Target, because we don't half to deal with worthless trailer dwelling, welfare leaching, fatass pigs like you over there.

Note from Anger Central
Would you like to by a period? :)

White Trash 14

I was just getting some Alfredo Sauce and some White Trash broad was arguing with her boyfriend in the check out line about their kid's weight and keep in mind this is a Family Dollar Store and there were customers here not just me and this broad is arguing with her boyfriend over their child's weight. Seriously if I was the manager of this store I would throw their asses out; their is absolutely no sense in that kind of behavior in public. Next time keep both your mouth and legs shut and I hope this cow doesn't give birth to any more brats.

 Black Trash 15

I am so angry at the number of black people who go around doing stupid ass shit and expect us to protest for them when they refuse to do the same for white people. News flash stop going around robbing places, committing crimes, harassing white people over your own shortcomings and maybe if you all would grow the fuck up, maybe the world wouldn't look down on you so fucking much.

Some thugs shot a boy who he thought wanted to buy his XBox from him. I find it ridiculous that people use Craigslist to prey on anyone just to rob and kill them, and most of the time it's usually black folks who are the ones committing these craigslist crimes. You must feel really proud of yourself shooting an 18 Year Old Boy who was about to finish High School. If it was a black kid that got shot you all would be rioting in the streets for justice but if it was a white kid who got shot you all would be smoking up your damn pot and laughing to yourselves like the dumbasses that you are and not lift a finger to demand any justice.I hope they arrest and lock up these stupid ass thugs and lock them up for life in prison, anyone who murders children deserves the same if not worse than how pedophiles get treated in Prison. I hope these lowlives get caught and get lynched in Prison.

Also some dumbass was talking shit and harassing me because I was drinking from a water fountain at Wal-Mart. Listen here you stupid ass mother fucker, I need to hydrate ok, mind your goddamn business, oh but you can't because your doped up brain is making you go around harassing shoppers at Wal-Mart, you also are probably the same type of person that would walk in the middle of traffic laughing to yourself. I hope your dumbass got hit by a car on the way out of Wal-Mart you stupid ass mother fucker.

Now some black woman defecated a fucking Subway Train. That is just disgusting, the fact that this stupid bitch couldn't wait until the Train to stop at a platform to find a restroom to shit in, instead decides to bare her slutty hooker looking ass and take a shit on a Subway Train with other passengers.

Now let me make this clear, this is not a racist rant ok, black people you all need to grow up, get off the fucking drugs, go to college and educate yourselves and stop acting so fucking stupid all the time, and also for the love of God stop robbing those of us who work for a living and get yourselves a fucking job and make something out of your lives.

Ghetto Trash at Popeyes 16

To any Snowflakes who are easily triggered by this rant go fuck yourselves because it seems like thse people are quick to call you racist when you find some ghetto trash broad at Popeye's throwing a goddamn fit over a Fucking Sandwich and her black ghetto ass deserves to be called the N word.

If some Ghetto Trash Bitch came in my restaurant demanding a sandwich or something that bitch would get a face full of hot sauce and a knife to her throat.

Fucking Loudmouth Ghetto Trash, you want to be treated a an equal and want respect guess what your trashy black asses haven't done a goddamn thing to earn any respect without you all dealing drugs, prostituting, robbing places, and acting like loudmouth bitches at Popeye's over a fucking sandwich. Fuck all of you loudmouth black women I hope you choke on your sandwich and die you worthless waste of human life.

Stupid Ghetto Woman Nearly Ran Me Over 17

I was at my Late Mother's House getting Mail and checking out some things as I was approaching my car some stupid bitch nearly ran me over and threatened to fight me and I told her if she laid a hand on me i'll call the damn Police. It's bullshit that you can't even go to your late mother's house to get mail and check out things because some lowlife Ghetto Trash with cocaine up their brains harassing you when you're just trying to get to your car and nearly hit you. Her Daughter at least was trying to be the voice of reason but I wish my husband had come because he would NOT have put up with their bullshit. Damn lowlife Ghetto Trash I wish a Nuclear Bomb would destroy all Ghetto Neighborhoods in every town in the Country it would eliminate all crime and to anybody who defends a group like Black Lives Matter; you won't be defending them the next time some lowlife doped up ghetto queen nearly kills you or harasses you at your dead mother's home and could care liess if a white child was shot because White Lives in fact no other lives matter besides themselves. Fucking Ghetto Trash and they are the reason why so many people have left this town and went other places and it's about damn time the Government did their damn job. These lowlives will be the reason my Mother's House won't even sell because of all of the Ghetto Trash lowlives that walk up and down the streets. I really wish I got that bitch's licence plate but I was so pissed off I couldn't, I hope that stupid bitch pisses the wrong person off and beats the shit out of he stupid ass or gets her dumbass into a car wreck; if anyone is more deserving of being called the N Word it's that stupid lowlife bitch.

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