Public school students

I am a teacher who absolutely hates my low life students and their low life parents. These kids all have brothers and sisters serving time in prison and their parents are all on drugs or prostitutes. Whenever you call home during the day, the parents are home, NOT working. Their kids are sprung on the world with low IQs, shitty attitudes toward school and work and other human beings. When you ask them what they want to do with their lives they think nothing of telling you about their brothers drug business or working in a strip joint as a bouncer. Their heroes are all rap stars who sing about the joys of pimping and killing people. They brag about stealing and impregnating girls even stupider than they are. Very few of their parents are married and the fathers are always out of the picture. I realize now that I am wasting my time trying to teach them as they don't value anything but sex, drugs, and working the system. They all get free lunches (paid for by you and me) but always seem to have money to buy cell phones and the latest clothes. Everything these students value I despise. I say we shut down the public education system, toss these people a couple of truckloads of crack, and walk away from them and their neighborhoods and leave them to their own devices.

Students (College) 2

You have no standards! You have no interest in learning! Furthermore, you think you know it all, so you just cheat on the quizzes! Of course no humans truly want to change, and learning changes you. You wouldn't have that, because you're narrow, judgmental, and intolerant, and you can't lose that! Do you know you all have a better car and house than I do? Do you know that I actually didn't cheat on my tests, but crammed and crammed and worked and studied and went into thousands of dollars of debt, so then I could fritter my life away looking at the drivel I'm supposed to grade? No wonder people don't give essay questions--the display of ignorance (and utter lack of writing ability) is frightening. Ah, some of you are great, really wonderful people who are inspiring to meet and know, and you remain lifelong friends. Others.... should just sign up in today's army.

High school Seniors 3

I fucking hate the seniors at my highschool. Just because they've been in the school longer than we have have makes them think that they are somehow superior to us. When your walking in the hallway, you always have to move aside for them, like they're fucking royalty. And they're allowed to cut infront of you in the lunch lines whenever they please, and its just accepted as part of the culture. And as if this isn't enough to drive a person crazy, they even have a lounge thats for senior use only. Can someone please explain to me what is so damn special about seniors?

school students 4

I haven't posted here in a LONG time.. but some SHITHEAD really pissed me off today. Those FUCKIN' LOSERS will probably be reading this later, if not now (oh yes, you know what I mean.. damn bitch thinks she's so smart). I'm talking about the bitch and that FUCKIN' GEEK that was with her behind me in the lab I'm in right now. Whether or not they are who I think they could be, they can BURN IN HELL. Fuck knows if they even attend the school and I could care less. I heard them whispering about me.. people think I never hear them.. FUCKIN' STUPID!!! I'm ALWAYS listening.. although sometimes I don't care.

Watch what you say because someday your mouth will get you in big shit someday.. if not with me, then someone else. Just a matter of time..

Regardless of how pathetic they think I am.. they NEED TO GET A LIFE!!! Regardless that I'm not employed and that they probably wondered "doesn't he have anything better to do?".. WHY DO YOU GIVE A FUCK?!? What I do is MY BUSINESS AND UP TO ME, and I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK OR WHO YOU ARE. TO ME, YOU ARE AN INSIGNIFICANT PIECE OF NO GOOD STINKING SHIT!!!!!!

I don't understand WHY people concern themselves with me.. they don't even know who I am (but people always think they know what I'm about, yet they would feel the same way when it comes to strangers who would say anything about them).  EAT SHIT AND DIE.

Lazy Grad Students 5

Why is it that some people seem to constantly skirt the rules, regulations and guidelines that bind the rest of us? Yeah it happens all the time but the two places where it irks me the most are academia and the work place. Being fortunate enough to get into a competitive graduate program at a Western research university, I assumed this kind of thing wouldn't be kosher and that people would be respected for their achievements and that the slackers and worthless halfwits would get what they deserved and be booted out according to the supposedly stern guidelines upon which we were all admitted to the program.

Lo and behold, however, that this isn't the case at all. It seems that instead, backdoor shenanigans, behind the scenes dealings and 'office politics' run rampant. I watch people fail classes, lower their GPA *well* below the purported minimum and even drop their total credit hours below what is allowed. They even get complaints for being shitty teaching assistants, the only job they have outside of passing their classes! Despite all these transgressions, sometimes even by the same person in the same semester, their contract is renewed (for the same salary as mine) and nothing happens to them at all. There's no warning, no pay cut, no dropping of the assistantship as was claimed in the paperwork we all signed.

Why is it that slackers who can't even shave before coming to work and holding office hours (if they even show up at all) get paid just as much as me, get the same tuition discounts and employment perks, without having to do any of the hard work? Why is it that I have to take several classes at the same time to meet the department's standards while these people can drop classes and drop a third to half their workload without any consequences? They're below the minimum number of credit hours for an assistantship and nothing happens to them at all, absolutely nothing!

It really says something when the department staff claims they are unable to afford necessities like copies of the textbooks for the teaching assistants but they have no problem doling out paychecks for undeserving, lazy graduate students that can't do their job, much less meet the academic standards under which they were employed in the first place.

I hope you bastards get what you have coming when you leave graduate school, preferably in the form of a pink slip from an employer that refuses to tolerate your laziness.

Stupid Ass High School People 6

I'm tired of all of these fake ass bitches at my high school. These ol' bitch ass punks don't say shit to me...Hell, they don't even know I exist. And yet, they still expect me to help them with all of their stupid ass problems. They piss me off with their fake shit, then they wonder why I act like an asshole to them. GET A CLUE YOU FAKE ASS BITCHES!!!

Students 7

I am so damn angry because students don't give a shit and do not try on tests, even though I do all I can to make the class fun. Now, the piece of shit principal blames me for their low test scores saying I don't try hard enough to encourage them. WTF? I am so discouraged!

Students 8

Students my age are so immature! They all hate each other for no reason! Everything they say is so stupid, and hate people just because they are a spiteful pile of filth, all of them.

Unjust academic success 9

I am angry. Not just plain, boring angry, I am damn angry. Some mistook my anger for jealousy at school today when I tried to share my frustration, but I assure you, I'm not jealous, I'm angry.

Let's begin from the top. Every year at school here in Melbourne they give select seniors bursaries for so-called 'academic success'. At my school there are fairly smart people- not geniuses or child prodigies or anything but still smart- us 'nerds' at school all were pretty sure who was going to take out dux and bursaries etc. people like (not naming names) Ella, Fiona, Georgia. So today at school, during assembly the Head announces the four people who would be receiving the major bursaries from the Councillor. This came as a shock as

a) awards night isn't usually until mid November and 

b) only two people get bursaries- not four. I was sitting there expecting the usual 'shiners' to receive an award but then MASSIVE SHOCK! For privacy purposes I'm just going to call these four Anna, Bella, Chris and Diane. Let's go into depth of these characters.

I'm pretty sure when you went to school you can remember that person who was a massive suck-up to teachers and had all the personality traits of a nerd, yet isn't one. Getting Sound achievement on almost all assesment pieces except for the occasion fail. Well Anna is that girl.

Bella on the other hand was the underachieving, chain-smoking, school ditching skank (excuse the term, but it's true). She isn't a favourite in classrooms with teachers and quite frankly, I think she loathes school. Bella getting a $200 cheque for academic success was like a bad joke or something, a bad joke that the Head didn't notice.

Chris. What can be said about Chris. Let's see, he is in alot of my classes and yes, he is smart- but there are tonnes of people with a higher level of intelligence than him. He is the type of person who hates maths and science and makes sure the entire world knows of HIS pain in doing work. He has no interest in the effort the teachers have gone to to help him in these subject areas and generally gives up on the work and sulks or storms out of class. He is mildly smart as I said but no way polite or any of that jazz.

Lastly is Diane. I have nothing against Diane. She is a kind, sweet girl who is quite smart and an overall well-behaved student. Although I am left wondering why it was her to get it over practically wizz's.

So as you can see I am angry, although I'm not sure who exactly I'm angry with. The Head for selecting these idiots out of a hat or the students who received the cheque. The fact I'm angered may not be apparent to you, the reader, but to me, bursaries and end of year awards are crucial. Especially when I was expecting myself to be at least in the running to get a bursary. The second aspect of my rant is the fact three out of four 'overnight prodigies' (excluding Diane) were gloating for the entire day about how 'they're so smart' and their 'major, top-of-school award' all this plus the fact they received a cheque and get an assembly dedicated to academic success. Seeing as though no-one sees eye-to-eye with me about this anger, I thought that posting this online would make me feel better, which is does. All the anger in me has been released. Ahhhh!

College Kids 10

As my dad is fond of saying, "You can't teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time and it annoys the pig." The idea is, there are some things people just aren't capable of.

Take college kids. They're too sheltered to pay any attention and will probably remain that way. Up until age 18 these dopes were dreaming of facebook titty shots in their twin beds, peeing on rubber sheets, which mommy and daddy washed along with their underoos. Their new babysitters are the beleaguered faculty and staff put in charge of "teaching" these urchins. Young adults? More like walking sweat sponges soaked in Axe--- so gawky they look like their head sprouted from the pimply goo that encases them. Ooooh, you got TWO laptops for Christmas? And those new Ugg boots and your bright, drapey sweater rags? GOOD FOR YOU! You hit that mall HARD over Winter Break, I can tell.

A word to the wise, kiddies. Your future boss won't tell you to put the fucking iPhone away. You just won't get promoted-- if you can get a job with all your, like, totally, uhhm, not good way you, like speak, you know? And while you may not think it's obvious that you're staring at every word write while taking notes in class, I can feel your sleep-crusted eyeballs on me and I don't like it. Also, the middle of a staircase is not the place to stop and have a conversation with three others. This goes beyond courtesy, to which you clearly feel no inclination. It's just common sense!!! And, Miz Rhinestone Encrusted Headband, the next time you or any of your little chums decide to stop on those stairs, I'mma push a bitch!!!

PS: Don't major in Anthropology unless you're Indiana Jones's illegitimate child. Ass.

Highschool Smartasses 11

Some people need to keep their dumbass to themselfs. this fucking friend of mine whos a girl, fucking told me "your heart doesn't really keep your emotions you know" i don't even know what led into her saying that. something stupid and she's like "its actually your brain, i took biology" i'm like WOAH YOUR SMART. people who think the shit they learn in fucking highschool science/math/biology is "smart" is pretty gay cause only like a fucking huge shit of population does it. so don't show off your amazing knowledge.

like this fucking conversation with a smartass:

smartass: by the way, you know that drinking warm water takes less energy then cold?
(dumbass fact to mention)

me: yeah i know, but you can drink more cold water then warm usually

smartass: No because warm waters molicules are less dense

me: your smart. pound of feathers vs pound of rocks? ever heard of that one?

smartass: yeah but a glass of feathers and a glass of rocks

me: (why do i fucking argue) if its less dense then theres less water there so you aren't really drinking more-. ok this is a stupid arguement. your just a genious nevermind...

people who just show off their extremely developed highschool brain. btw it doesn't take fucking 12 years to get highschool math, you can learn it in a fucking year if you CARE ABOUT LEARNING MATH NOT "WINNING" THE CLASS.

College kids 12

I go to (blank) college I do because I didn't have a choice. I'm a resident of the town with no money so school is free if I go there. The problem? The school actually boasts about being 'America's #1 Party School'. The students who attend this school are the laziest bunch of degenerate idiots I've ever met.

I can't walk around campus without some asshole trying to pick a fight because of the color of my skin. (I'm a person of Asian/ Black/ Cherokee/ Irish/ Jewish descent, a field day for a racist) I've never been to a party that was any fun with these people. For a good party all you have to do is clean your fucking house, put out some food, buy some booze, and put on some music. Who in the hell would ever invite people over and have a sink full of dirty dishes, smelly and OPEN bags of garbage sitting out, crud and grime all over the table? I'll tell you who: a spoiled lazy-ass rich kid who went to college only to party and doesn't know how to take care of themselves because their mommy always did it for them. I work my ass off for everything that I have, and these pint-size fucking wanna-be gangsters are driving around in cars they couldn't fix if they had a flat tire.

Even the art students, who I would usually get along with, are a bunch of lazy spoiled whiners. They'll smoke $200 worth of drugs in ONE NIGHT and try to cast 'voodoo' spells on some cheating ex-boy/girlfriend, but won't do the hard work THAT I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE it takes to be a freelance artist. I used to work fucking 14 hour days just to pay rent and buy food and a shitty ass set of oil paints, and these kids are whining because their lives are so bad. Ever steal to EAT motherfuckers? It might do you some good. I could excuse it if only they were good artists, but the vast majority suck ass.

I do have a few friends, kids who know about hard work and TRUE pain, but as soon as I can I'm transferring to an art institute that I hope will offer more colleagues I can actually respect. Somehow I'm not optimistic.

exchange students 13

Meet a lot of exchange students at uni and I'm just so fucking sick of them. Note - I'm not talking about international students who come over here from their whole degree. I'm in Australia so those guys are usually Asian and most people complain about their shitty English etc, but honestly I think they are trying hard and have no big complaints.

No, I am talking about rich European or American kids who are over here for a semester or two. They are just so mindnumbingly identical - they all hang out together, live together, go to Cairns and stay in backpackers' hostels together and then complain that they don't meet any Australians!

It's fair enough if you have wobbly English to find some own-language friends to room with and go to a few classes with. But if you're a Swede staying with a Brazilian, Dutch and American, or hell if you're any sort of native English speaker, you have to admit it's just laziness to only form superficial relationships with other travellers and not really engage with the country you're in - isn't that what you put in your application essay to come over? "I want to immerse myself in another culture" not "I want to hang out with a bunch of other exchange students/backpackers drinking and doing exactly the same touristy things".

Of course it's all fine if they're not hurting anyone, but it makes me angry when they expect local students to be instant "my Australian friends for life" even though

a) you're making no effort to engage (eg help run a club you've joined instead of just expecting great experiences to be provided for you)

b) all you ever talk about is your shitty, predictable travelling 'adventures' or how different your own country is (nice in moderation or if we actually asked a question, fucking boring after the third person)

c) you're just going to leave anyway....

Students (Fraternity/Sorority) 14

I am so, so tired of Greek life on campus. Most fraternity and sorority students seem to think we hate them out of jealousy but really we're just tired of their complete self-absorbance and lack of passion for anything non-social. Everything for them is just a chance to network: class is a time not to learn but meet professors, college is a place for networking not learning, internships are for networking no learning, and so on.

At my school they pay between $12,400-32,000 of mommy and daddy's money to be in a frat for four years- more if they stay an extra year. This is fucking ridiculous. Even if my parents had that much money for me to pay for making friends I would never be audacious enough to do so, although based on the ones I've met their parents probably didn't notice the money was gone. My roommate's family owns Britannica and this other bitch I know lives in a state heritage site. That's probably how they can all afford their slutty Gucci dresses they'll only wear once or their overpriced Vans. And then they have the nerve to ask people why they shop at Old Navy. We can't all be born millionaires but I guess that's really hard for a lot of them to grasp.

Worse than their obsession with money is their obsession with networking. It's all that matters to them. Of course it's relevant to any healthy life and crucial for work but to them it's everything. They have to meet EVERYONE (even if only to talk shit on them) and they feel like their personalities will get them through life. Too bad their personalities are faker than their blond weaves. There's always this mentality of social climbing and they would totally stab their best friend just to get a VIP pass to a Brett Michaels concert or something equally worthless.

Lastly I just CANNOT handle how arrogant they are. "Work hard, play harder" is a nice idea in theory but I hardly think that getting drunk four nights a week and majoring in communications qualifies. Putting a shit ton of make up on does not make you pretty, working out nonstop will not make your face pretty, being ripped will not make you any less of a tool. You didn't earn anything, it was all handed to you on a silver plate. Your daddy went to Harvard and you're stuck at this B-List university acting like some hot shit, bitch you are a failure and need to accept that.

It would be so relieving if the Greek community realized the world did not revolve around them but as long as they have all the money aka alumni donors I doubt that will change. Bros and Sorostitutes can go fuck themselves and I hope they all catch each others' herpes.

Idiotic Literature Classmates 15

It's absolutely infuriating to see literature students in "on level" classrooms. I really regret not taking the effort to try hard in a slightly rigorous honors literature class last year, because I have to deal with these illiterate, stupendously stupid Neanderthals that can't write a decent high school level paragraph or understand archaic English writing to save their lives. Also, this gets better. These students are also being taught in the newest, state-of-the-art school in the richest county in Georgia. Even with the thousands spent on their tutoring and their desperate parent's encouraging words of buying them a brand new showroom (sports) car if they happen to get a B+ on their report card, they still don't make the grade because they lack vigilance, proficiency, initiative, efficiency, manners, and overall intelligence.

Each day is a constant struggle for class discipline. I actually feel some sort of pity for the two teachers that try to maintain order and teach the current lesson. Before, they were polite. Now, they (unconsciously) sink to their level to "shut the hell up". If there's one thing I learned prior to any lesson taught is that the morons actually like provoking the teachers. Sure, the substitute teacher that is willing to teach the class says that they'll see success for their futures, (You might want to wipe off the lens of your third eye, Miss Psychic.) but I know better. Their behavior is not reserved to the classroom as well. They're just as unruly anywhere else.

When the class is quiet enough to be taught, they either fall asleep or have a glazed look in their eyes, if they are open. From my observations, they don't process the information that gets to them. They're too distracted by the window and its outside scenery, their cell phones, or their "need" to slip in a few more minutes of sleep. I could probably conclude that they are brain dead when they aren't speaking. When they do speak to answer a question, they don't answer or spew out some inane nonsense. Are they so conditioned by the business end of the educational system and the bowels of the internet and social media that all that comes out of their mouth is crap? I now resort to working on all of my literature schoolwork at home so that I no longer have to listen to them and fry a few brain cells in the process. I honestly cannot have even a halfway decent debate, analysis, or group assignment done with these retards. I, along with 2 other people answer all the questions and analyze the texts given to us. It's absolutely miserable.

The assignments are worse. Now that the teachers saw that the class organized into two niches (the dedicated students and the slackers), the teachers now assign group work to us in groups THEY assign. There are immediate problems that are blatantly obvious.

  1. The dedicated students cannot be grouped with slackers. Not even the best student in that class can handle the workload of at maximum 2 slacker students. (It's a 1:9 good student:slacker ratio in this class.) This leads to the good student failing assignments as a group while the slackers are wondering why they didn't get an 'A' on their assignment. This happens anyways since the teachers are somewhat desperate to try and get the slacker's grades up.

  2. The dedicated students are best left within their own niche. They are like minded in that the class is stupid and that they want a good grade, so as a group of 3 people (myself included), it's automatically known that this group scores a 98/100 or above working together. (Which is why the teachers try to split us up to try and distribute the points amongst 27 other students. It doesn't work. I have coping mechanisms, however.)

  3. This encourages cheating. The students know that this doesn't work in their best interest, so they bum off the dedicated students for answers or pay them. It shows that the teacher's strategies aren't working, but I'm beginning to realize that this is incredibly lucrative. (I'm intelligent, but I'm definitely not incorruptible.)

Well, I'm done with this class. Screw you guys and your lack of mental capacity to stop acting like an obnoxious hedonist. It's a school classroom, and you are not entitled to do whatever the hell you want. Just to show you how easy it is to excel in a class you're failing, I'm going to finish the semester curriculum in 2 weeks. (It's 2 weeks because it's not a priority.) It's a good thing I'm being placed in AP Literature next year, because I'm not dealing with these idiots again in World and Multicultural Literature.

My Third Grade Class 16

This past School year has been nothing but hell, teaching Third Grade is an absolute nightmare, and the reason why is because of my disrespectful students. This one girl is absolutely the most disrespectful child I have ever seen, and I will list everything she has done to piss me off this whole year. I told her that I had to take care of other students and she decides to pout, you're in third grade not Kindergarten don't pout when you can't get your way; than she was talking during a lesson, and she began to backtalk me, and I told her to come over to my desk so I can punish her and then she starts walking very slowly over to my desk as the other students began to giggle and I was starting to lose my patience, so I yelled at her to "SIT DOWN, what's the matter with you, walking like a Turtle." During an assignment we did on the Projector, the Question was "This Boy is our __ Student." Her answer was Night, Night is a time of day, we don't have night students, that's for people who go to College and takes Night School, and then she starts mocking me, and I wrote her up for that. Then during the One Hundredth Day of School, we did a contest on who can circle a hundred things in a hundred seconds; I count by 5's because I know how to count between 5's in my head, and the girl, interrupts me during my count by yelling "STOP WOMAN!" and that pissed me off, and I sent her straight to the Office.

Than there's this one young man, who's very rude, he gets in fights, when I confronted him about his behavior he told me not to spit in his face. I am the teacher and you do not talk to me in that tone ever again; he one time slammed a lunch tray on the rack and broke it in two; now that is destruction of school property, than I caught him and a couple other students licking Kool-Aid Powder in class and I yelled "YOU BROUGHT KOOL-AID TO SCHOOL!" Wrote the mall up for that; than the thing that shocked me the most. After I sent the same girl from before to the Office for telling me to kiss her butt because I told her to be quiet; Three students and one from the class across the hall; we're dancing in the hall way, in their underwear, when I came back, I sent all of the mto the Office for their behavior.

I don't think I can take it anymore teaching third Grade, especially seeing the way they behaved this year, I want to switch School districts or something but God only knows if the Students there are any worse than they are here. I wish I could've talked to their parents and ask why they behave the way they do, if anything I reached my breaking point this year, and with that being said, I hope I can find something better before it's too late, I hope this summer lasts a good long while, so I can enjoy my time off and not feel stressed, disrespected, and humiliated by out of control students.

Dastardly Students 17

I have been a Science Teacher for over twenty years, and every year my students drive me to drink; it's like they don't want to learn Science they want to make noises, talk about fights, and make my life miserable as can be. You won't believe all of the foolishness I half to deal with when it comes to the students no matter what Class Period it is, they all drive me crazy. First there's my fifth period students, and they get on my nerves so much, they constantly make noises, talk excessively, one young man does nothing in class, I don't understand why he even comes to school, then there's the Three Stooges at the front of the class. They constantly make noises like animal sounds, they bang on the desks, one time out in the hall they made so much noise, that I thought a fight broke out; two of them were yelling and screaming loud enough to be heard all the way down to the Office where i sent them both, and they were Wrestling in my Class almost thrashing the entire Class with their Horsing around.

I can also tell you some of the stuff they do that really makes me angry, for some reason everybody in the School called me "Mr. Skittles" I hate that name, and if you call me that, I will send you straight to the Office. Do I look like some kind of candy to you, i'm a Science Teacher, now why don't you study about physics and spend less time acting like children. Also I can tell you the type of language I've heard in my class, from students dropping F bombs, one calling another Young Man a "Freakin Queer" I don't want to hear that type of language this is a School, do you all kiss your mothers with moths that dirty.

Let's not forget the damages These Students have done to my class, one Young Man, Fell through a broken patch on the floor and going through the floor. Then one times some numskull in a Gorilla Suit came outside when I was on Outside Activity Duty, and started to chase me all over the School grounds. Than I believe the same numskull actually Jumped through the floor in a Gorilla Suit to chase me all over the School.I think i'm going to retire because I don't think I can take another year with these students of mine, not to mention the time one of them dumped water on me and after that I reached my breaking point; don't come to my class to disrupt, you come to learn Science and that's it.

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