I Am so pissed off at these skateboard kids, they think that because they spent hours learning pointless tricks it means they can act big. a few weeks ago this guy attacks one of my mates, the fight was broken up (was at a public venue) but my mate was completely kicking this shit out of him. Few hours later i hear all these goddamn try-hard-to-be-cool skaters saying about how there friend had beaten the shit outta my mate.

To all skater.
grow up.
your not tough cus ur on four wheels.
your not cool because you have a plack of wood.
your not skilled because you ride on slopes.

someone really needs to stop these guys.

Stupid Skater Kids 2

Skater kids are so fucking stupid and they need to be shot they act all tough trying to start shit bash other cliques and talk too much shit.

Kids who walk in front of traffic piss me off are these kids fucking retarded do yourself a favor if some kid tries to run in traffic run his little dumbass over the police don't care they hate skaters and so should everyone else. Skater kids also need to STAY IN SCHOOL do homework, study, stop disrupting class, stop annoying other students, and stop trying to start fights because you all can't fight you use your boards to fight with because you little pussies know you'll get the living shit beat out of you.

Don't even start fights with black people because you won't win and if you fight with your board you'll have 15 of them beating your ass. You also need to stop bullying other kids because the time will come when someone beats you to a bloody pulp and hopefully puts you out of your misery because I hope all you skaters get shot one by one.

Skater kids grow the fuck up you little immature retards no wonder everyone hates you, you can all die and burn in hell because you don't serve any purpose in this world. You have no skills to succeed in life, you drop out of school, you start fights that you can't win, you have no intelligence level, you don't even put any effort in your works other than your stupid skate skills that suck, because skater kids are nothing but human trash and should be burned to ashes.

Dumbass Skater Kids 3

Hey Skater Kids you're not cool your a bunch of uneducated dumbasses who only go to school just to start fights and show off instead of learning anything.

I was on my way home picking up something to eat and a group of dumbass skater kids was blocking traffic riding skateboards and then as I was about to get into the restaurant these dumbass skater kids try darting in front of my car and start laughing and I honk my horn yelling at these retards that I ought to run their dumbasses over and then one of the fucktards busted my tail light with their skateboard and I was enraged so I got out of my car and the little fucker tried to attack me with their skateboard but I grabbed their skateboard and threw it over the road and the little fucker said his daddy is going to make me pay for his board and I tell the dumbass skater boy that his daddy owes me a fucking taillight.

Then the wannabee tough skater kid pushes me and I push him back causing him to fall on the ground and another skater kid tried to kit me with their board before I kicked the board in the skater's face as another skater tried to punch me but I ended up kicking the living shit out of these dumbass skater kids.

I then left the scene because I didn't want to end up arrested for beating up a bunch of dumbass kids who have no respect for anyone or anything. Hey Parents do yourselves a favor and fucking discipline your fucking dumbass kids, because one of these days they are going to piss off the wrong person and if something happens to them then they fucking deserve it.

Fuck all of you dumbass skater kids.

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