I am fucking pissed lately at the younger members of the royal families. These little twits are being such assholes. THey don't want to do their damn job, marry someone who doesn't have a bastard child and drug past, and generally understand that jetting off on taxpayer money to third world shitholes to do chores for third world leeches. Granted they lead such 'oppressed' lives, you know with insane luxury and the highest social status possible. Some people want dignity and fucking prestige and mature behavior in their royal families. Some do not want former druggies and whores who can't even use contraception. Some do not want women who were previously married, or fucking feminist bitches who say "I will not tolerate infidelity" ala Mary Donaldson. Fuck you. If you are marrying into a royal family, please understand that standards are fucking different. You are entering a new type of world, and if you can't hack it, suffer. Fuck royalty since they want normality and all the perks that go with being royal. Stay in your country and don't mingle with AIDS infested natives.

Royalty 2

I'm getting sick and tired of watching royalty marry the scum of the earth. What was Haakon (Crown Prince of NOrway) thinking when he proposed to a formerly crack addicted waitress with a kid out of wedlock? What happened to marrying someone with lineage, class, and decent females? And now Prince William of Britain is possibly going to marry a girl with absolutely no career, no education beyond a piddling art degree, and no job? What is he thinking? Now I know he loves her, blah blah blah, but what happened to marrying someone of substance? Crown Princess Masako of Japan is what any Crown Princess should be. Heavily educated with a prestigious job background, multi lingual. What about standards and what not?  Half the dolts that the Crown Princes of Europe have married are utterly useless and complete jokes. These wenches with no class are supposed to represent their countries?

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