Rage Against The Machine

A former Rage Against The Machine band member insulting the government over the war in Iraq? There's a surprise. Considering RATM did nothing but insist that the US government was evil and oppressive and that it should be torn down. Yet they had no problem living under it, leeching off it. I'm honestly convinced RATM was just a group of anarchist, pothead troublemakers who wanted the government to fall so they could smoke more pot and cause more trouble. Yes, being able to break into someone's house is true freedom, and the laws are horribly oppressive. God forbid a member of RATM may have to actually work someday.

Beastie Boys 2

Just something about their recent attitude towards the war ticks me off on the whole. A little background on this group- their first album featured subjects such as drinking, possible drug use, sleeping with groupies, treating women as objects, robbing people at gunpoint, and shooting hostages.

Only when thay was no longer marketable, they decide they want "world peace". They claimed to be devout Hindus, women are now to be treated with respect(despite their former attitude that women were whores to get drunk and sleep with on their first album). And now, we're bombing the "poor people" of Iraq.

I think they just want a piece of the world, if you ask me. They sing about what they think will sell, they constantly change their minds base don what's profitable, and honestly, can most people place more than 1 famous song to the Beastie Boys? Most people are probably unaware they even have 4 albums after that!

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