Of all the greedy idiots out there, the RIAA tops 'em all. If they don't like something (i.e. Kazaa), they just use scare tactics and bully people into submission (i.e. making them pay several hundred dollars for each song). And they do this all in the name of "protacting the interists of the artists." Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for people getting their hard-earned cash, but of that money that you spend on a CD (roughly $15 - $20), the artists don't see a whole lot. If I want to support an artist, I'll go see them live! That's where most of their money comes from anyway. I don't want to go pay $15 for a CD with 1 or 2 good songs on it and watch that money go into some RIAA exec's pocket. And, by doing this, they are attacking their target audience! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, go piss off your customers.

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