Redneck Hicks

These stupid ass shitheads need to be fucking exterminated seriously fucking white trash hillbilly pigs need to be shot for how stupid they are. The reason so many don't like America; because of these dumbass, truck driving, cousin fucking, Jerry Springer guests they are doing nothing but making us a laughing stock and driving down the roads in their pick up truck listening to country music which I can't stand and making fun of people when their so fucking drunk they should be the ones made fun of for how dumb they are.

Why don't you also show some manners in public places whenever us normal people want to mind our own business and you idiots start shit you, don't say excuse me whenever you need to get through; if you want through say excuse me otherwise get out of my face before I punch you in the throat. Also stop fucking burping and farting in public and laughing about it and yelling YEEHAW! Seriously this town isn't a damn rodeo and also learn to drive to or stop drinking and driving don't you dipshits know you can go to jail are you damn hicks that fucking brain dead to follow the law. Also to Trailer Trash Hick Bitches Stop sticking your nasty hooves (bare feet) out the car window nobody wants to drive and see your feet while trying to watch the road; who knows some foot lover might smell your feet and cause the most retarded carwreck ever so please keep your nasty feet in the car.

It even pisses me off how racists rednecks can be giving white folks a bad name and starting shit with black folks and people of other race and ethnic groups I mean seriously its 2008 you drunk country ass maple syrup pigs. Last thing stop yelling at people who walk buy to get off your property when there walking on the sidewalk minding their own business yeah we see near ours and we'll say the same thing.

Seriously Rednecks go to hell you are an embarassment to America and the world we would be a much fuss free world if you would grow up, lose the cowboy hats, and stop arguing late at night keeping people who half to get up in the morning from sleeping and get some fucking manners is that a little too much to ask for sheesh.

*Note from Anger Central
And you are such a paragon of tolerance and virtue? We would be very careful who you call a "Redneck". We know of several people who have PhD's and are real rocket scientists who consider themselves "Rednecks." We gather you've never been to the Huntsville Alabama area?? They have an awful lot of "Rednecks" there who are a great deal smarter then you could ever hope to be.

Rednecks-Minnesota style 2

I would like to say that once upon a time, I pictured your small, midwestern town kinda like Mayberry, or Little house on the prairie. (That is really my only experience with small towns - what I have seen on the TV) You know what I mean, a small town where you actually get to know your neighbors, and people look out for one another.

In reality, your typical small midwestern town is dirty, mean, old, dying town. It is dying, because people with kids have moved to better areas, with decent schools, and no manure smell. In the 7 years I have spent living in 2 different small towns, My opinion of them, and their small minded inhabitants, can get no lower. I have seen people move into these small towns, and move right back out after they have dealt with gossip, exclusion, and plain meanness. My friend tried to talk me out of buying a house here, telling me people were really mean. I didn't believe her! Alas, it is true! I now know why you are able to purchase a home on 8 acres for 45,000 - no one wants to live here! I decided to move back to the major city I came from, when my kid's teacher told her that "people from the cities are stupid" and you "have to explain everything to them" in front of the class. The teachers really tell the kids not to pick a book at grade level,(4th and 5th) because they have to save the books for the 6th graders. (They also swear this is the best school in the whole state -they are beyond insane)

So here is my chance to rant. I am sick of the corn chuckin' rednecks who act like hollywood stars. I am sick of the kids who tease my 12 year old daughter because she "looks like a girl". (ummm, duh!) I am sick of the smell, the run down houses, dumb emo kids, sales people who manage to STILL find our farm house. I am also sick of... NO television stations without satelite TV, COUNTRY MUSIC, deer, skunks, TICKS, bad smells, inbreeding, stupidity, and the mistaken belief that they are better than everyone else!!!

I know some people say rednecks are racist, but I don't really know. There are no other races out here. Just white people, and I think they are all German/Swedish decent. They may have intermarried a little too often, but that is just a guess. They gather at the churches for lutefisk -it's not penance, they LIKE that crap! I saw Andrew Zimmer (bizare food guy) refuse to eat it on TV. But these freaks love that crap. Seriously! Fish soaked in lye! I hope when we do move that I NEVER see another grain elevator, outhouse, etc. Ever read Sinclair Lewis's "Main street"? It does not go far enough to describe horrible MN small towns. PLUS, we hear gun shots almost every day. Sometimes, it is the farm next door shooting their cows, but sometimes you do not know where it is coming from. Worse, when you know that many hunters have been drinking before/during their hunting session. Shheeesshh!! Might as well move to Detroit. At least the gang bangers don't try to make you eat lutefisk!!!

Rednecks in Gastonia NC 3

Hey, here's a free tip. STOP listening to your beloved hic country so-called musical artists. When they tell you it's good to be a redneck, don't listen, run from them. They have your money and they don't care in the least for you or about you.

Here's another free tip. When you enter a retail merchant, don't say (in your idiotic gastonia drivel) why, i thought i'd just stop in and see what you all had. Try this. "Hi, nice store, thought I'd stop in and browse."

And, another free tip. Don't tell me you go up and down this road everyday and again, in your idiotic gaston drawl, "why, i didn't even know y'all was here" Try this. When you are out and about, look around you. Be observant.

Now, the BIG one. Don't ask me "Is that the best you can do?" How would you feel if your boss asked you the same thing as he passed your paycheck to you? If you don't want your paycheck reduced, stop trying to reduce mine. It really isn't all about you.

And, here's another. Please don't tell me you went to a gun show and you want to show me your pride and joy. Whatever made you think I'd be the least bit interested?

And, if you ask me the price of ammunition, don't exclaim in your gaston drivel that you can get it at walmart cheaper. You CAN'T get it at walmart cheaper. You're buying rejects and knockoffs. Again, it's that observation thing. Look around you.

And, if you have no intention of doing business with me, please don't assume I am here for your entertainment. Don't bother coming in if you haven't paid your electric bill.

When the merchant posts a sign on his window telling you this is the gunshop, try reading. We aren't where you buy gas.

And, finally, leave the redneck pride at home. If you don't know about something, stop attempting to impress me with your "knowledge" of the subject. I see right through you. Ask, and learn something. Makes the day profitable. Remember, I do this for a living, so, I'm kinda in the know. You know?

Southern Belles AKA Hick Barbies 4

I can't stand Southern Belles and their annoying voices and their fake plastic faces. These bitches are always trying to impress men with their stupid looks and that obnoxious accent. Anytime these hick bitches say Little Old Me I just want to go up and punch them in the throat. Stop flauting your shit around me, you're not my type, I have no interest in obnoxious overdressed, white trash Hick Barbie Bitches. Go fuck your cousin or brother.

*Note from Anger Central
We hope we selected the correct page. No one here really understood what you were ranting about.

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