Dumbest motherfuckers on Earth. It's sad that some dipshits can't get along with others because of the amount of melanin in their skin, or the shape of their eyes, etc. etc. etc. I mean, what the hell? Why do they still exist? I guess their heads are too far up their rednecked asses to realize that the year is 2003. I've realized that most of them are chickenshits, and only bash other races via the Internet. Pussies. If I were in charge, I'd put all the racists in concentration camps, not giving a shit if it was "unconstitutional" or whatever. I don't care what anyone else says, fuck racists and everyone who is sympathetic to them.

Racist scumbags 2

Just a few days ago, I went to our local shopping center to purchase a few things and browse around. Lo and behold - some little dolt about 7 or 8 years old was left in the car by his parents (while they went shopping, SHAME ON YOU!) - the child was screaming obscenities and racist comments at all the white folks passing by.

So, out of fear that this little kid was going to end up getting hurt ... I did the logical thing - I called the police. They showed up and said they were going to have a nice little chat with his parents upon their return, as well as issue a citation for leaving the child in the car unsupervised.

Stuff like this gets me WAY beyond angry. When in the hell are people going to understand that skin color has absolutely NOTHING to do with the worth of another human being? I didn't select people as the category to place this under, but things .. as racists don't even qualify as human in my book.

prejudice 3

I am angry at the people out there who are predjudice against blondes. You cannot have an opinion on peoples intelect just because they have blonde hair. Blonde is the most popular hair dye colour and you may be angry at a brunett who has dyed her hair. You can never genrolise about anything like this beacause you will hardly ever be right. I am a blonde myself and I amd a graduate of havard law school and am an acoplished barister. I have been awarded scholarships because i am intelligent and it is geneticly proven that blonde haired people have superior intelligence. Also i picked up some spelling mistakes in some of the complaints i was reading so think twice about criticising blondes and generalising about any thing! Thank you for your time.

*Note from Anger Central
No editing for spelling or grammar has been done to this posting. It appears this poster is from England, so the spelling of "colour" would be correct in this instance.

Racists 4

Why am I angry about racists? Skinheads have been bashing the Chinese in Vancouver B.C. and I'm Chinese. Canada is not a racist country though. Those people think we still deserve a head tax and invading countries that they think is "backwards". I don't think we the Chinese or other groups are a bunch of bad people or the problem here. I donate money to charities and have volunteered in a nursing home. Educated in this great country. I'm so angry at them just because they are so stupid and they are not even humans too.

*Note from Anger Central
Come on down to the Webmaster's neighborhood. Mrs. Webmaster would love to meet with you. Did we mention that Mrs. Webmaster is Chinese? You do speak Mandarin, don't you? :)

ignorant hicks 5

People who cast judgment before educating themselves on an issue! You know the type. Usually they talk just to hear themselves. For example: The 2008 Presidential Candidates. How many of you have listened to some hick spout off that Osama Barrack is a "towel head" or Muslim? He's not Muslim people! Read his biography, that is if you can read!

racist 6

I am so sick of closet racist! You know the ones who say "I'm not racist I just don't think whites and blacks should get married"! Are you F*cking kidding me! If that's not racist what is?!!?! I don't mind the skinheads and what not! I think they are morons as well but at lease you know where they stand!

*Note from Anger Central
Congratulations, you have just described the typical liberal democrat.

Ignorant Bigots 7

I can't bear to be around people who are judgmental about those they know little to nothing of. For example....

  1. Conservatives who irrationally hate all liberals. (Bill O'Reilly perhaps?)

  2. Liberals who irrationally hate all conservatives.

  3. Racist bigots of any race who hate any race and assume stereotypes about a person before seeing them.... Asians are "bad drivers" or "technological geniuses", blacks are "gangsters", Southerners are "hicks", etc., etc....

  4. Muslim-haters. Some so-called "patriots" find it logical to think all Muslims are evil warmongerers who oppress women, hate America and Christians, and live in the Middle Ages. These are called "extremists". Not "All Muslims". Islam is, like most other religions based on the peoples' idea of 'morality' including Christianity, a religion of peace, tolerance, and understanding.

  5. Homophobes, particularly guy who seem to be afraid that all gay men want to hit on them. And then there are the Christians who think that being gay is a "choice". I'm not gay myself, but I know enough homosexual people to say that from what they truthfully told me, they did NOT choose to be gay, and that, due to people's lack of understanding and tolerance, if they could be straight, they'd do everything they could to be hetero.

  6. Internet idiots who rant about subjects they are completely ignorant of and insult each other, usually with an overload of foul language and terrible spelling/grammar. Please, we do NOT need to see your uneducated, uncivilized, clueless comments.

  7. People who think all issues are either black or white, no shades of gray. You either support Bush and the war, or you're a terrorist/hippie/commie.... it's possible to support the soldiers without supporting the cause of war. It's possible to disagree with Bush without being unpatriotic. After all, we still love the country and what it stands for, but not necessarily the people running it.

There are probably more kinds of ignoramuses that I could mention, but this post is already long enough.

racists 8

Im really fucking angry because this group of kids at my school think they are so fucking cool because they are bigger than me. dont get me wrong im not a little pussy but i am also not the incredible fucking hulk. im asian. so what who cares. everyone in my hick town that i live in. anyways. they always fuck with me in woodshop and my friends and im so close to grabbing a rubber mallet and dome cracking those stupid racist pigs. damn its like every day they find something to fuck with me about and i really wanna just punch them in the fucking chest and rip theyre heart out. they are gonnna grow up and be worthless farm boys who fuck turkeys because that happened before in this town and its grooooossss.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmasters wife is Chinese. The Webmaster is Caucasian. If anyone tries that racist cr** on her, The webmaster will be more then happy to explain the error of their beliefs to them....painfully.

Racism 9

Mothafuckin' racist site. Resist.com or some fuckin' bullshit. Fuckers are too busy jackin' off hitler's speeches to see what's right. And another thing, antisemeitism. Not just that straightforeward "gas em" bullshit, the subtle shit man. I heard a guy say something along the lines of "stupid jew" and it just PISSED ME THE FUCK OFF! I whipped around and looked him in the eyes and said "what the fuck is wrong with jews?". the fucker pussed out like the little shit he was and tried to make it into a joke. but I just stared at him. Fucker didn't even have the cojones to talk back or apologize. I hope i scared the living shit out of him cuz I was an inch from beating him with my chair. He ain't said shit like that since. And fuckin' gay bashers. Like they know what the fuck their talkin' about. talkin' like gays are pussies or something. I've known gays that were tough motherfuckers. I knew a gay guy that was in the military police during the berlin crisis, and was an excellent marksman. can you gimme a good reason why gays are inequal? You can't say that's what god wanted. If you believe in God he probably wouldn't have made christians if they were impure or what the fuck ever. And I have never met the child of a same sex family that was dysfunctional. hell, they were nicer than me. So if you're a racist and you think you have a valid point, you don't. shut the fuck up.

Racists 10


*Note from Anger Central
Would you like someone from Anger Central to come over and fix your caps lock key? It seems to be stuck in the ON position. Oh, Mrs. Webmaster is Chinese and speaks Mandarin not Cantonese. (The Webmaster found out that Jackie Chan's primary language is Cantonese when he bought Mrs. Webmaster one of his movies) *laugh*

Ignorant Bigots 11

I'm angry at stupid ignorant bigots that like to judge people based only on the way they look. Why the hell do they care?! They make think they're perfect in every way, shape, and form but saying nasty, disgusting, and just plain rude comments because someone else's looks don't live up to their standard, only makes them uglier on the inside. It's people like that, that are ruining society as we know it today. There shouldn't be any standard for people. Let people be themselves. Stop trying to control everyone and everything. You're not perfect, so stop expecting everyone else to be.

Annoying Bitches 12

I am pissed off at school because of that annoying bitches targeting at me because I'm Asian. Every tone and speak she's keep bashing me as being making fun of, she's telling me to shut up because I'm talk to much "WHERE THE FUCK FREEDOM OF SPEECH!?". Plus she never realize she's being the most biggest bitches in school and she never apologize, also she was complete an asshole. This type of people need to shoot themselves in the head and remove themselves in the free society. Those type of people are inconsiderate shit sniffing attitude problem and weak will with fills of stupidity! Those motherfucker have no meaning of free speech and freedom of society just because people do what's they want and other forcing them not to do it. Those neo-fascist scumbag having problem living in their own country why the fuck they stay here!?

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster likes Asians. He's married to one. :)

Racists 13

I hate being insulted for being an Asian.

I am Filipino and some asshole called the Philippines "Phili-penis" he should be shot

thanks for letting me vent Angry.net is awesome

*Note from Anger Central
Racists suck!

People who are prejudice about Asians 14

I really can't stand people who are prejudice, especially to Asians. Our town was named after Beijing, and it has many Asians. And they are really awesome people! I have several Asian friends and I know a lot of them. They are just like us- people. It just frustrates me, because these prejudice people are so rude, self-centered, and are too ignorant to get to know one of them.

*Note from Anger Central
Mrs. Webmaster is from China. :)

Stupid fucking racists 15

Walking home from college, casually minding my own business, two stupid ass fucking chavs start shouting HEY MATE in a mocking way, and when I ignored them, one of them started shouting JIHAD/ALLAH AKBAR etc.

I'm fucking Indian, not Arab for a start you stupid twat. I'm mostly pissed off because I didn't shout anything back at them, and kept walking - but when these things happen by surprise sometimes you don't know what to say...

I fucking hate these ignorant twats; they have no grounds to be racist, they have no qualifications and they work in some shitty job and live off of benefits, that WE pay for - they then have the audacity to say we're stealing their jobs. ARGH

*Note from Anger Central
From your writing, it sounds like you are either American, Canadian, English or Australian. You might point these morons to Gov. Jindal of Louisiana who has a good shot at being President of the United States someday...After you've finished clubbing them like baby seals of course. ;)

Bigots 16

I'm angry because I just read a whole list on this website that said "I HATE FAT PEOPLE...", saying they wish fat people would die, etc., even though the guidelines say "This is not a hate site". Yeah, obviously it is. I am so SICK of people hating on each other. "I hate this person because they're fat, I hate this person because they're gay, I hate this person because they're black..." blah effing blah GET OVER IT you dumb f*cks.   

*Note from Anger Central
You think what shows up is bad, you should see what we reject.

Too much racism 17

It seem that people are so stuck up and egocentric. Being American-Asian. I am born from a highly educated family. My father is a honest hardworking Harvard architect.

I am a Junior Olympic Fencer and I train hard. I'm very intelligent, caring, and understanding. Most of all, I'm as American as anyone can be.

I love America and this is MY country too.

Yet I still get hate comments and looks from idiots. I walked down a sidewalk on my University campus and two "white" boys, one in a dirty plaid shirt and another in a John Deere T-shit, and a girl glared/stared/smiled at me and chuckled when I passed them with my "white" girlfriend. It was a passing staring contest and it ticked me off!

While it doesn't seem to be much, imagine getting this every day and looked down upon.

It's painful.

They were freshman scum who would fail out of the school's professional accelerated program.
Regardless, despite being reasonably tall, athletic, handsome, and of wonderful character, I still get shit from jerks everywhere.

Then the other day, a 6 foot 6 inch tall sloppy looking janitor was in the elevator with my girlfriend and I. I was holding her hand and was close to her.

He had a disgusted look, rolled his eyes, chucked with conceit, and laughed.

I respect people in every profession, job, or career. But this just pisses me off.

Nasty little brats and old farts giving me shit.

I'm angry at the people who abuse the welfare system and abuse the charity of our nation. Those are the ones who are usually racist. I'm angry at the racists poking fun at me.

But still, you get closet racists.

I'm angry that my ex-Jewish girlfriend had to break up with me because her uncle was a racist doctor.

I don't give a shit that she was Jewish or her uncle is a doctor. My family line is highly educated and a number of them are doctors.

Honest men and women should not suffer indignities.

I train hard for my sport and I get racist shit from athletes, jocks, referees, and body builders.

Most Asians simply don't give a shit about sports! That's why people think they suck at them!

I had to break up with my Haitian-American ex-girlfriend because of the racist shit I encountered. I believe she deserves a life without experiencing the grueling pain of racism in daily activities.

Also, did you know that Asians have the least car accidents by proportion? They also pay the least on insurance. Why? They're GOOD drivers.

Good meaning- they follow rules, drive only a bit over the speed limit, and wait their turn.

I've seen people of many ethnicities bashing Asians. But the truth is generally, "Asians don't talk on our cell phones, race, drink and drive, speed, rage, or fall asleep while driving"

I wish the world was less hateful.

All I want is this world to be understanding.

*Note from Anger Central
Hi there, you are aware that Mrs. Webmaster is Chinese and a green card holder? The Webmaster is not Asian, but spends time with his wife's friends. The only thing in your posting the Webmaster might quibble about is the bit about driving. Mrs. Webmaster managed to get pulled over twice for drunk driving, but hadn't had a drop to drink. She also managed to drive her car off an embankment, down a steep hill, through a fence, narrowly missing the house at the end of the trip. (She was fine if scared) Of course, most of the Webmaster's experience with "Asian drivers" was while in Asia, specifically China. The phrase "OH MY GOD! I'm to young to die!!" comes to mind. Other then that, I welcome anyone to this country who goes through the process, and if they becomes citizens, GREAT!! Welcome to America!! :)

White racist people 18

I hate racist bastards always making fun of black people people its just a fucking skin color stupid kid thats sitting next to me. FU&CK You snd stop making fun of black people.

*Note from Anger Central
We don't have much use for racists of any color...Except as targets on a live fire range. ;)

Racism 19

Racists. How I hate those bastards. How dare anyone try to discriminate against any race, nationality, religion or ethnic group. All racists are nothing but dirty scum, thinking that they're better then others for no reason.

I myself am Irish and I've never personaly experienced racism (except on the internet), but I see it almost every day and it makes me I sick! Some bloody wankers in my country think it's perfectly ok to discriminate against English/Travellers/Polish/Nigerians ect.

Whenever I see or hear some stupid racist, be he white, black, asian or native American, all I want to do is punch him in the face and have him shipped of to a remote island where he can't bother anyone again. I hate having to live in a society where people can't look past peoples skin, country or religion.

To conclude; all racists can go stick a carrot in their feckin' arses and be raped by a polar bear.

The same goes for homophobes and sexists (male or female).

Racism and Child Haters 20

So im playing a game on a server definitely not from Singapore, and then i get some idiot saying this : "Singaporean kids are so fucking annoying."

This is just bullshit. Just because you have seen one or two Children of a certain race being annoying and loud doesn't mean you have to Exile every Single one of their race. Im in Singapore. Its Fun and Awesome. Theres not alot of crimes happening here. I mean, you dont get rape cases, murder cases every god damn minuite.

You know whats the worst thing? He doesn't even know if the child is a Singaporean. He just says "Yep, the accent tells me he is a Singaporean" Come on! Im a Singaporean but my friends tell me i sound (This is the weird part) Like An Indonesian person, An American, An Australian, A British person. (Somehow, my voice is epic.)

And to all children haters : Do you know that not ALL of the children online are annoying? I used to be one myself, Guess what? I was only flamed upon when i said i was what, 12? (I don't really remember) If i didn't, they would be happy to be with me. The age doesn't matter FFS, it just affects how they act and behave. And some people even just hate children cause of their voice! Come on! Grow up!

Racists 21

I really hate these people that consider themselves "civilized" just because they live in first world countries. Not because you don't beat someone up or call them names doesn't mean you're not a stupid racist. It's enough treating people of a race that's not yours rudely. As if we were monkeys from a zoo rasied up by gorillas. YOU are people that are proud to be atheists, I'm no fan of any religion but maybe that's what you need to be more human at least. You call yourselves better or good people. YOU ARE NOT if you treat people differently depending on their race. As I said before NOT because you don't beat them upto death and use the same facilities means you're not racist. Not because you don't call them names out loud but inside think how low selves they are means you're not racist. YOU fucking are even if you don't admit it. It's enough to see your face or expression. Hope a piece of shit of enormous proportions fall upon you and your race because I do admit I'm racist towards YOUR people.

Klansmen 21

I hate the KKK. They are so racist, closed- minded, hypocritical, and just plain cruel. They hate anyone who is not a conservative Christian "Aryan" male , and will kill to get their bigoted message across! Whenever I see one on a talk show, they always change their opinion, and will never listen to what any normal human being has to say. Up yours, KKK!!!

*Note from Anger Central
Hello! They're the Klan! Of course they won't listen to you or anyone else that has more than 2 functioning brain cells. The Klan is made up of scum. About all they're good for is moving targets on a live fire range.

Racists Sep 2012 22

Are you freakin kiddin' me! I am SOOO sick on this BULL! I now BELIEVE it will NEVER EVER STOP:

A few days ago Gabby, 16 year old Black Gold Medal winner told OPRAH that while training KIDS HER OWN AGE would say 'Gabby is our slave, have her clean it up.' DAY AFTER DAY!

A few days ago a Black female employee of CNN was at a Republic Convention and 2 white women who WORK FOR THE REPUBLICAN convention started taking peanuts out of their purses and THROWING THEM AT THE BLACK CCN EMPLOYEE SAYING 'this is how we feed the other animals at the zoo'. They were 'FIRED' but you KNOW they got another job IMMEDIATELY!

Recently a Dutch Magazine called singer Rihanna 'A NIGGER BITCH'!

Recently a Hispanic Magazine (remember Mitt Romney is Hispanic) cropped a photo of First Lady Michelle Obama in a scarf, half naked and called her A SLAVE!


I HATE this world. What's so sad and mind boggling to me is that many Whites AROUND THE GLOBE hold these same racial views who were not even involved with U.S. Slavery and Civil Rights shit but obviously they were holding their own types of SLAVERY in their own countries.


*Note from Anger Central
We heard about that incident at the RNC Convention. We were under the impression that it wasn't so much race as it was considering the people working for CNN to be nothing more than trained monkey's for Obama. Not the brightest thing that they ever did. We also hadn't heard they were fired, but that's what should have happened. Now our friends at the DNC convention have gone totally off the deep end. They came up with a video saying that we all belonged to the government. In other words, every single person in the United States was the property of the federal government in general and Obama in particular. So much for the 13 amendment.

Skinheads 23

It makes me angry seeing a bunch of low life bald headed white men who have nothing else better to do that to go around talking shit about anyone they don't know, wanting to fight anyone they come accross, but yet when someone wants to fight them they decide to take the pussies way out by jumping someone from behind or by running like a little bitch when they can't win a fight with someone who would kill them. These people are racist, live on welfare, they refuse to work, ride bicycles and don't care if they cause traffic; really maybe you will if someone hits the gas and runs your white trash self over and then hit's the reverse and turns you into roadkill. I say these creepy, baldheaded, tattooed, ugly faced, freaks try to act hard pussied need to be locked up and get raped in prison they serve no purpose in the world and there are alot of white people in the world who are embarassed to share a skin color with these low lives. One of these days we're going to catch you skinheaded freaks we ought to shove knives and stab your bald heads until the tip of the blade pierces your brains and we enjoy watching you suffer for the way you worthless white trash retards behave. So as a message to all the next time you see some bald headed man with tattoos and a try to be hard attitude put a bullet in his bald head. I say these fucking skinheaded pricks deserve capital punishment for their stupidity, ignorance, and behavior.

Stupid Bitch 24

Some stupid black woman goes and bullies a young man over his fucking hair at a university yet acts like she's the real victim; let me tell you something you stupid ignorant bitch, you try that on me and i'll punch you right in your ugly face, one look at your ugly ass Bozo The Clown like Hair . Also don't act like you think Blacks were the ones who thought of Dreadlocks and criticize somebody over their hairstyle you racist cunt, you all didn't invent dreadlocks, it were Indians and Vikings who first used Dreadlocks so stop with the whole racism and being nothing more than an ignorant SJW and defending your actions, I hope this college expels this bitch and she gets the fucking shit beaten out of her in the middle of an alley; better yet I hope this stupid bitch gets fucking mutilated for being a massive waste of skin, so fuck you bitch and I can't wait for Karma to come after you, you worthless bitch.

*Note from Anger Central
We placed this here because the antagonist in the video, (Yes we saw it), is the one who is a racist.

Racists and the alt right 25

Racists fucking piss me off, especially those from the alt right political group. They believe that cops should treat everybody poorly because they are trouble making criminals, black, rapists, murderers, and other awful things. I am a white man who has both been pulled over, and had to call the cops on people before. The cops are always assholes when they should be more polite, especially when they expect respect back. Cops should treat people respectfully, but the alt right are racists, and assume that everybody is a "nigger" and deserves abuse, according to their own words. I can't stand these racist fools, and they constantly call people cucks and niggers for not agreeing with their shitty opinions. I have no respect for these people, and I have no respect for the police. The hypocrisy is that even though the alt right assumes everybody is a violent criminal, they support cop brutality and support cops that shoot and taser people over minor situations. No wonder the rest of the world looks at the United States like we're retarded! I never trust the police and will ever call the police unless somebody has been murdered. Fuck them and fuck the alt right!

*Note from Anger Central
We're guessing you're a Hillary supporter? The only real racists we've ever encountered are on the Liberal Progressive side of the political spectrum. As to this "Alt-Right" stuff? We never heard of it until this election cycle. (Although it does appear to have been around a few years) It sounds like yet another insult for the "Alt-Left" to hurl now that their usual ones have started to be ignored.

Stupid idiots hate Armenians 26

These damn Americans think they are so fucking cool hating on my people like this? You are nothing! Nothing compared to an Armenian we've been through shit and back and all we want is just a little acknowledgement for our country and people think they can just say shit. Now listen you little white trash hoes you calling us ugly how about all that incest you have that makes my look like a deformed little shit! Not trying to sound all high and mighty but Armenians are the best people you will ever meet so you can all take you white trash hate and shove it up your ass ok!

*Note from Anger Central
Why would anyone, outside of Turkey, hate Armenians? Most people in the United States have never heard of Armenia or the genocide that took place a century ago.

White Supremacist Trash 27

It really enrages me how a bunch of low life white trash decides to protest in Charlotesville just to get in the way of normal life to prove that these lowlives don't belong in society. What really angers me is the lowlife that ran over a group of counter protesters who were telling the trash to get off the street, most likely some skinhead prick that committed the crime, I say whoever sees the same car and got their licence plate, I say ram your car into theirs find the prick that did this and fucking SKIN HIM THE FUCK ALIVE, and to all of the white trash supremacist trash in Virginia, I say you are all about to be walking deadmen and all of you deserve to die very violent deaths.

*Note from Anger Central
As of this posting, 8/13/17, there is a lot of misinformation out there. As of now, the reports we've heard are that the first car hit a second car which was pushed into the crowd.
The local police don't know yet if this was an accident or intentional. Check your news feeds in 72 hours.
When this mess started, prior to the car incident, we were hoping both sides would get arrested. They're just two sides of the same totalitarian coin.

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