well to describe why im so 'damn'angry an adequate defintion of preps is required. but first lets take a look at what other people say about preps. ive done a lot of googling about this subject and most hate sites will actually cut short in my opinion what actaully constitutes one as a prep. most defintions are sexist on preps and say theyre 'abercrombie sluts' or something similar to that.

well from my experience, preps defy such stereotypes. since ive always taken an interest in preps ive spent many years studying them and ive come to one simple rock solid definiation which i think is adequate. A prep is someone who exists solely for society, gets fulfillment out of it, needs it to tell it its okay. preps are usually insecure people who need to recive orders from superiors and dont find excellence in its purest forms but rather faint shadows of it cast on the walls of 21st century america.

i used to hate preps (because deep down i craved societal recognition nd the person i really hated was myself) now i simply pity them, take for instance the grab-ass games they play, under all the bullshit and fakery of this lies an outcry for god, a spiritual nourishment they just dont get.

what makes me most angry about preps is they way they see nothing outside theyre little cliques. they are like those imprisoned in they cave in Plato's rebublic and hate those who oppose their beloved shadows of dead bourgeiose culture. the preps like their middle class 19th century counterparts assume too much about the world and castigate those who dont share their assumptions.

preps 2

i am angry at preps because they think they're so supreme and are the leaders of the school. they are arogant and talk to much and try to show off their cloths and only have boyfreinds just to show off and they make fun of everyone whose not preppy. their music sucks it's nothing but mock ups of techno especially that venga boy/whore peice of shit. they all suck balls


Okay so in my school in New Jersey there is this group of girl's who hang about together, wear the same fucking thing, constantly bitch about people and if you fall out of line? YOU GET YOUR FUCKING HEAD BIT OFF. It's different and outraging because back in Ireland there wasn't bitches like this. When I moved to America? I actually found myself cringe at these cunts thinking they were amazing, flicking their hair back and giving every other wee lad a bit. FOR FUCK SAKE. I usually don't have problems with these bitches as me being the person I am, I'm Irish and have the temper of an Irish man, once they stopped me in the corridor on the first day and made a snide comment about the Iron Maiden shirt I was wearing and I was all like "HERE WAY YOU GO FECK." I mean, WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT. IT IS SO CRINGE WORTHY. I mean, who the fuck goes around flicking their hair and winking at guys. If they where in Ireland they'd get the shit knocked clean out of them and would be total losers. I'm not a loser in my school, no one really slabbers to me cause.. apparently they're scared off me... O. LOL YEAH FUCK THEM CUNTS.

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