Ok, this organization is starting to piss me off. One of their main headlines the other day read, "Can fish feel pain?? Click here to find out." And now I hear they are campaigning to change the name "Hamburg" to "Veggie-burg" because it advocates ham. Is this not the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard?!? These people are the most pathetic no-life group of individuals that have EVER walked the earth and all of them should go up in flames!


Did you hear about their most recent attactk!?! This is what they did. They compared eating meat to the Holocaust! They put pictures of starved animals next to pictures of starved, damn near dead, Holocaust victims. The caption read, "holocaust in a plate." These people! First the unhappy meal being passed out to children, now this! I swear they're a terroist group! Look it up on the internet guys, they've gone too far. To minimize something like that. They're offle.

Peta 3

Guess what Peta's up to now?The founder or whatever she is(Ingrid--something) decided to use her feet as a table when she dies and she wants to be grilled.I think that's the most idiotic thing in the world.I'm a vegetarian that doesn't support Peta because they're too psychotic.


what's up with that chick that changed her name to ""?!?! how fucking stupid is that?! as if she's not already getting no bootie, let's just change our name to something that no one wants to hear in bed! what does that matter, though, has anyone seen this horse-face? give me a fucking break! we all realize you have nothing better to do than to spray paint Kenny Rogers restaurants and tell us all we're brutal because we wear fur/leather coats, but get a life already! i've got better things to do than to lay down in front of a research lab on my saturday afternoons - like go to a BBQ and eat a nice juicy med-rare, bloody steak! Yeah, that's right a big slab of cow! try it sometime, you might like it!

Anti-hunters Are Morons 5

These worthless dickless wonders think their saving the goddamn world by saving a deer from a bullet. Well those dirty tick ridden vermin destroy crops, spread disease, and kill countless numbers of people on the highway. So if some dumbass worthless furball means more to you than a human life then your a dumbass.

Animals and creatures have to be slaughtered and killed as well for food. There is not enough irrigatable soil out there for us to make enough green beans to feed the world, and even if there was we'd have to compete with the dumbass animals for it. Countless families in Africa starve because big fat elephants eat all their crops and destroy their lively hood. To ignore eating animals is to ignore using the oceans and seas, which make up most of the Earth's surface. So if we are ever going to feed the starving and hungry in this world we HAVE TO EAT MEAT. So long ignorant fucks.

Peta 6

ANIIMALS ARE ANIMALS. They are dumb, they are worthless (the ones we eat and make shoes out of are anyways, other than for that), they are NOT PEOPLE.

Seriously, fighting for the rights of a fucking chicken or fish is a waste of time. All it is is group masturbation about how much they love puppies and rainbows and all living things, etc. Who gives a shit if a fish feels pain- its not even aware of its existence, it is a dumb fucking animal. Those commercials where the dogs are crying - that's just its disgusting eye snot leaking after building up for like a week.

They do not have rights because they are NOT PEOPLE. They are a lower existence, they are walking food, and they would eat us too.

*Note from Anger Central
We almost didn't post this. It really doesn't say why you are angry at PETA very well.
But, in the interests of Thanksgiving dinner we decided to let this one go up. ;)

Animal Lovers 7

I despise PETA even though I'm a vegetarian because the group is totalitarian and anti-human. Yet, they think it is fascist to be human-centric! HAHA. They are calling everyone else fascist, those smug elitist fools.
I refuse to allow anyone to impose their will onto me. I will kill, maim, experiment on, dissect, play with, shoot, stump, skin, wear, and eat animals if I want to. If we start giving random animals the same rights as human beings, where will it stop? Should we give insects the right to life? How about plants? Is it unethical to eat plants? Should we stop eating plants? Insect, animals, and plants are all alive. What about the circle of life concept. A lot of dumb earthy people like that concept. Lions eats giraffes, etc, and it is ok. But if I eat a giraffes is murder?

I would like to start an organization that terrorizes PETA.

*Note from Anger Central
Such a site exists:


Uh, yeeeah. Right now I am WAAAAAAY pissed off with Peta. ( NOT the People Eating Tasty Animals ) They have comitted what I, along with many other people, see as acts of terrorism, vandalism, and corruption of minors. For example, they have been handing out " Unhappy meals" To children. The bag features a knife wielding Ronald Mcdonald on the front. They also try to turn children against their parents with the comic called " Your mommy kills animals" On the front, there is a drawing of a lady stabbing a rabbit, and blood is splattered everywhere!!!!!! Also, Ingrid Newkirk has had at least One seeing eye dog taken away from its rightful owner!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!! THEY NEED THOSE!!!

And now, If you'll excuse me, I have to go write a petition to stop government funding for PETA. Peace.

PETA needs to be shut down 9

That's it PETa it's about time your organization of immature, childish, animal protecting, human degrading, stupidness gets shut down. PETA you are obviously the dumbest organization in the world who has nothing better to do than to make a mockery of anyone who hunts, kills animals, or does anything that involves what they consider animal cruelty; but yet these idiots have no problem with human cruelty and are always talking shit about anyone who loves to eat meat. Well guess what it's how we live to eat, you fucking retards seriously you PETA idiots need to be shut down. You all are nothing but an abomination and a cancer to the world; your protesters should be run over on the streets, and the one thing that these mentally retarded inbreds have done now made a mockery of Pokemon by making their childish parody game called Black and Blue as a mockery to a great video game, which I might add is also illegal considering Nintendo could sue these idiots . But you know what if I worked for the Government I would have PETA shut down because they are obvciously not going to stop until everyone in the world has a gun to their brainless heads and then fires. Seriously you would make fun of a man who was attacked by a wild animal because the man was being cruel to it. If anything the victim's families should sue Peta and anybody who is Anti PETA should burn Peta down and kill every single one of them one by one and we should feed all of their corpses to cannibal murderers. How do you like the taste of that PETA? It won't be long until your childish, retarded, idiotic organization gets destroyed and any of you animal right activists can all go burn in hell with PETA. Satan's going to have fun tormenting all of you PETA tards that's for sure.


I am so angry at PETA's latest publicity stunt which has to be their lowest to date. They insulted the late Steve Irwin on his birthday talking about how he was abusive to Sting Rays. First of all you retards Steve Irwin loved animals he dedicated his life around Animals, and you go and shit on him talking ill about him. PETA I hope your headquarters burns to the ground. If there is anyone who is abusive to animals it's you morons. You barbecued a Dog in Public to protest barbecues; that is disgusting; how do you fucks even sleep at night with the shit that you pull; if there is anybody who deserves to get barbecued it's the corpse of every member of PETA.

I think Trump should build a wall around PETA's Headquarters and keep them out of society period and cut their internet access off so they won't talk ill about those who are dead. Fuck PETA and I really hope karma comes their way very soon.

*Note from Anger Central
It's been years since anyone posted about PETA. In any case,
PETA hates Humans and would be happy with a nice genocide that wiped out every human on the planet, except themselves of course.
Anger Central employees receive a free membership in People Eating Tasty Animals. :)


I am so fucking pissed at PETA and their latest crave for attention by putting up a billboard by saying Cow Milk causes Autism and mocking Autism. I swear I doubt Ingrid Newkirk ever got attention growing up and she'll do anything to get it but insulting autism and making a mockery of it is crossing the line and this fucking Eco Terrorist organization needs to be shut down.

PETA are Fucking Retards and are known to kidnap and torture animals and they need to be shut down. Stupid bitch Ingrid Newkirk and her Eco Terrorists all need to be lined up against a wall and be shot at by a firing squad and it's about time PETA got destroyed.

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