I am so tired of listening to the pussy farts of non-smokers. I am a smoker & I don't have a problem respecting others by NOT smoking at work, public offices, or even at restaurants BUT when those pussies start bitching about the smoke in a liquor establishment that's taking it too far!!!! Don't those bitches realize that liquor is also a drug that can kill you??? So what is wrong with pairing cigarettes & alcohol together???? Ya know these "bitches" probably don't even drink - they probably waltz into a bar just to order a diet coke and eat the free nuts that some drunk barfed on the night before.  I really don't get it!!!! It's like the whining pussies of the world get off by making others miserable and conforming to their controlling pussy ways. WE MUST PUT A STOP TO THE MADNESS BEFORE THE PUSSIES TAKE OVER!!!!! ASK YOURSELF - DO I WANT TO BE A PUSSY?

No-Smoke Nazis 2

I'm so DAMNED ANGRY at non-smoking zealots. i mean, i can understand about not smoking around women or young children or babies etc. but when im alone, Purposely Away from everybody else so i can smoke, dont come up to me and start bitchin about it smoggin up your air. I JUST LEFT SO IT WOULDNT! so go away and wait til im done, or suck it up. Damn, i mean, i try to be considerate of these jerks, i dont even smoke in my own house cuz i dont want it to bother my pets. dont hassle me about smoking. cuz if you cant see it, smell it, or breathe it, its not gonna hurtchya, so quit yer bitchin!

and why are all these assholes doing this now? people didnt act like this back in the 20s or 50s etc. why is this going to give them asthma now since it didnt before? why cant these narrowminded pricks see smoking for all of its glamour.. with platinum cigg. holders and golden cigarette cases and cartier lighters... sure it may hurt your health a little bit. but no-one lives forever, and well... thats another reason for its luxury, its not something we need, and their are risks involved that people (like me) are willing to take. and another thing! i hate dunhill (the london store) the assholes closed down RIGHT BEFORE i came down to texas ta buy a new cigarette case from them, cuz theyre pussies and wont sell anything over the internet! damnit!

non-smokers 3

i strongly dislike hardcore non-smokers. anyone who lives in ohio has seen those dumbass "TRUTH" commercials about people taking a stand against smoking. there was one dumbass cheap commercial about a girl who was pissed because tabacco companies "fit everyone into stereotypes" somehow. stereotypes? what stereotypes? i've never seen commercials by tabacco companies bitching about how people don't smoke enough. in fact, i haven't seen any pro-tobacco commercials since this dumbass uprising.

you wanna bitch about something important? bitch about sex. about 60 kids at my school have climidia. i'll give it a while before TRUTH makes any commercials blaming cigarettes about this. i'll tell you something even more unbelieveable... there sure as hell aren't 60 kids at my school who have cancer or who have died from smoking. quit bitching! p.s... FYI: no one gives a shit about your opinion

non-smokers 4

Why don't non-smokers leave us alone? For fuck's sake I don't smoke around them and cannot smoke in any public place so STOP YOUR WHINING!! "OH but second hand smoke is worse than actual smoking". THEN WHY DON'T YOU SMOKE THEN!! I love that fucking law that you can't smoke within 30 feet of building. Yep! the smoke knows when it reaches within 30 feet to turn around and go back. What fucking difference does it make!! We half to stand in the fucking cold and have designated areas as it is so FUCK OFF!! I'm glad these assholes are gagging on second hand smoke because the stuff I'm sucking up is some fucking good!! And REFORMED smokers are the worst. They smoke four packs a day for twenty years and when they quit they go on and on about the evils of smoking. We don't come near you non-smokers so stop fucking needling us about it. Whine about something else, get a hobby, do something with your life, work those healthy lungs into a worthy cause like saving the whooping cranes or some shit. BUT LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE!!

non-smokers 5

i'm seriously pissed off at non-smoking liberals who have all the time in the world for campaigning at to save a convicted mass murderer from lethal injection or the chair but if you lite up a cigarette anywhere near them they hurl abuse at you they lecture you about cancer emphazima and other such smoke related diseases. seriously i hate to break it to these people but if every smoker in the country quit then the whole fucking place would be bankrupt and you couldnt afford to run yer SUV or yer fucking 4 wheel drive which has seen about as many country roads as yer face has seen smiles you cantankerous old bitch! i mean jesus its not like we go around looking for a bunch of non-smokers to piss off its our bodies they're our fucking lungs we'll smoke if we want to!

Non-Smokers 6

I'm so angry because these selfish idiot yuppies who think they'll live an eternal life for choosing not to smoke will eventually allow for increased anti-smoking legislation that may even affect our own homes! Stop ruining my country and my freedom, you bloody bastards! Who gives a fuck about your stupid ďclean air?Ē Ė Look around, you morons! Itís aright for you to drink yourself to death on a binge mission, but I canít go to my favourite backstreet pub that you donít even go to anyway because itís not trendy enough for you! Think of the old people Ė people who fought and died for this country, for the freedom of having choice, the people with Alzheimerís disease who donít even know what a smoking ban is, where do they go? Huh? Are you just going to watch them fucking die in the freezing cold while you bastards sip hooch in your fucking trendy oxygen bar! You really do make me want to vomit in your face.

P.S. I wanted to go live in California, away from this asshole of a country (Britain), but now I can't - because you can't even smoke outside in some places over there! What is happening to this world?! I don't even know if I want to live anymore!

*Note from Anger Central
We're all hoping that the Big One comes along and turns Nevada into beach front property. :)

i hate non smokers 7

i am so damn angry from non smokers . why dont they keep their fucked up words to themselves and leave us alone ?? . we smokers r blamed for everything , if one fucker fall down on a banana skin then blame the smokers !! , leave us the hell alone for fuck sake!! sooner or later u might die before me and when u do dont go blaming me for second hand smoke !! and u know what?? i wont be considerate anymore ! i will exhale the smoke on ur face and put the cig off in ur forehead if u dont stop bitching ,i dont give a damn about ur rights like u dont give a damn about mine !! ,go to hell all of ya maybe u wont find any smoker there !!

Non Smokers 8

What pisses me off the most is now in certain areas they are trying to pass laws where you can't even smoke on the grounds outside public areas, not even in your car. WTF!? MY car is my property!I dont have a bunch of non smokers locked inside. This just goes to prove that our rights are slowly being taken away. Next it will be sugar & caffeine. This is going too far. I didnt complain when my smoking section was moved to the Rape/Drive BY corner. From what I've seen being a non smoker turns you into a weenie. Non smokers all have breathing problems, they can't walk upstairs, especialy at hotels, they whine, are self riteous,and cannot park more than 5 feet from whatever establishment they are currently visiting. Rarely have I seen a smoker complain about these things. What I do with my body is my choice (isn't that what pro abortionists say?) So leave us Smokers the hell alone. If you don't like second hand smoke, dont hang around in it. I never saw you hanging out at the Rape/DriveBy corner before we smokers were quarentined there.

Non-Smokers 9

As a smoker I am tired of hearing about other smokers being mad at the rest of the world for not killing themselves. Look I smoke half a pack a day most days, sometimes more, and I go to college in a state that does not allow me to smoke on campus. Yet I don't care I don't give a shit I do my thing and let other people be. I am tired of hearing smokers bitch about how we are sooo persecuted or some bullshit, so fucking what get over it you have a highly destructive habit. Granted it also does a great job of relaxing the nerves, so next time someone wants to bitch take another long drag, blow some O's if you must, and just ignore the person.

P.S. the Truth commercials are great.

non-smokers 10

Yeah thats right, I smoke because I am a inconsiderate arse..... I dont give a shit about others or their air quality, i dont think outside my irrational need to kill myself while handing my money over to tabacco companies....... after all they lied about the cancer and other deadly chemicals and diseases it caused so I am going to justify that with anger toward people who actually dont want to be a fool to someone elses scam/habit.

Screw you common sense.... screw you sticky clothes, bad breath, stained hands and stained teeth, screw you minority smokers who live older than the average smoker who us smokers use to justify smoking...... I never asked to be born, I never asked to be happy, all I want is my immediate cravings satisfied while I create annoyance and health risks to others....and yes that includes my family/kids I smoke around.

I just want to drink and smoke a cigarette in peace, I dont have the IQ to realise that drinking isnt quite the same as smoking, cause hey alcohol doesnt poison stacks of cubic metres of air around me......

I am so cool, I also throw my butt on the ground.... hey screw my kids, they can have a shit environment, bad health and crap waterways.... we all want to look at scummy butts left all over the place.... after all its someone elses problem hey...

oh and also screw the victims of bushfires from my tossing lit cigarettes out of my car window....

Non Smokers 11

Ok, you don't smoke, fine but don't ask for a non smoking room at a hotel if YOU are going to have friends over that smoke! One cigarette stinks the damn room up and it takes forever to get the smell out. By the way cigars and pot both contribute to second hand smoke and stink the room up too. Standing in the door doesn't help it just blows it back in. If your going to be healthy at least have some common fucking sense about it and stop pissing those of us off that have to put up with the whining, bitching, and complaining from the next person that checks into that room.

Smoking 12

I found this website trying to find a way to fight the irriatiablity... ought right anger I get every time I try to quit smoking. Instead I found an entire section bitching about smokers and when I men bitching I mean they sounded out right violent. Whenever I hear someone bitch about smokers that way instead of making me want to quit, it makes me want to light up and blow it in their face. I understand anti-smokers, but when you talk about killing people and hoping they die it goes beyond anti-smoking. You are the kind of person that thinks everything is a personal attack on you. The guy that cut you off did it on purpose because they have something against you and only you. You people make me sick, and your worse than cigarettes or any kind of virus. Instead of offering advice or words of encouragement to help people quit smoking you just bitch and bitch and bitch or wish for their DEATH. Their death, really? It has been three days since I smoke but I always tried to be a curtious smoker and try to smoke away from everyone else, but sometimes no matter how far away your try get from someone if your still in there eye sight then they some how can magically smell your smoke from the length of a football field. I test this theory with an electronic cigarette that had no smell. Not only was I at least 50 yards away, but it wasn't a real cigarette and I got cussed because he could smell my smoke that wasn't really smoke from at least 50 yards away. Just because he saw me smoking. You people are the real cancer. In fact forget it I'm to buy me a pack right now and I'm through being nice about where I light up. In fact as long as I'm not breaking the law, I plan on smoking when and where ever the fuck I want. In fact if any one comes to me and bitches about it I'll politely tell them to go fuck themselves after I blow the smoke in their face. You hate me well your people are the type of assholes that hate everything and everybody but other people just as self rightous as you. And nobody likes people at least I don't. Tell you what you leave me alone I'll leave your alone, but know this your the reason I started smoking again. I looked for help all I found was a bunch of bitches. And yes I know I had a lot of typos but I was pissed and in a hurry. Piss off you bitter fuckers.

non smokers irritate me 13

I am pissed right off at all these stupid new anti smoking laws in australia! i have had enough, they have taken it too far. No smoking at bus stops, no smoking in public places or even no smoking in the open mall. They have taken it way too far this time. They are too busy brainwashing everyone that smoking is the only thing in the world that causes cancer. When in fact, the food we eat and the soft drinks & energy drinks are probably just as bad, if not worse for you than smoking. At the end of the day, we should be able to smoke, eat and drink whatever the f*** we want! Because reality is we are all going to die one day... do its up to you to pick your poison!!!

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