National Association To Advance Fat Acceptance. or Fat Asses I like to think. Their group wants fat people to be priviledged and protected from discrimination. They also encourage overweight people to not diet and improve their life. Makes me angry. My dad stopped smoking a few years before I was born and gained a TON of weight. Just recently he sprained his knee, nad during the surgery he began to shake badly. It turns out he has type two diabetes. He's lost weight and looks better and has more energy, BUT the type two won't go away. He can eat how he wants, but he has to be incredibly careful and he has to make sure not to take in too many calories or fat. I am pissed at NAAFA because they are encouraging a dangerous lifestyle.


I found this website through a blog associated with NAAFA (The North American Association of Fat Asses, I believe), where they were complaining that this site was encouraging people to kill fatties.

They said that if you say hurtful things against fat people anonymously, over the internet, you're more likely to just start driving down the streets, looking for fat pedestrians to smash with a baseball bat.

Little do they know, fat people tend not to be pedestrians.

Get over yourself, NAAFA, and stop thinking that you're the next "Jew" or "n*gger" or any other group that was discriminated against. Were you ever put into camps, or lynched, or even forced to use different water fountains? NO, and having to use the handicapped stall because your fat ass can't fit in a normal person's stall DOES NOT COUNT!

* Note from Anger Central
Huh? Where does it say we should start driving around and using fat people for target practice? Granted, they are hard to miss, and they are very slow moving targets, but we don't see anything here about threats or violence.


At first I thought this was a sick joke. But no. This group of fat fucks wants discrimination protection against all the fun I have in ridiculing, picking on, and heckling fat people. They call this bullying and consider it to be a hate-crime. Yeah, they throw those words around and pretend to be the next major civil rights advocacy group. They have a dream.

And why, oh why, do they try to convince us that fat people are healthy and normal contributors to society despite the mile-high pile of studies that show the opposite. It's pure bullshit propaganda. It's going to KILL people who believe it!!

The problem NAAFA will never solve is that it's normal for us to pick on fat people. It's fun, and a natural part of our nature. I mean, what's more pathetic than some fat slob riding an electric cart in WalMart full of twinkies? How can you NOT pick on them? How could anybody possibly give that lazy pig a job, rather than the hottie who will not only do the job better but also be nice to look at too?

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