You know what makes this 7th century 'religion' so dangerous to the civilized world? The terrible hold it has over its followers. They are told what to wear, what to eat, what to think - even what had they have to wipe their ass with (no kidding) - it's the left. Even more pathetic is they can only enter a room with their right foot first (again no kidding). Absolutely no criticism or questioning allowed - that rates the death penalty. You know what a good shrink would call this ? Obsessive compulsive disorder. Feeding the minds of little children with this appalling garbage is worse than child abuse. No wonder that part of the mind devoted to rational thinking gets wiped clean and they behave the way they do.

*Note from Anger Central
Cuing scream from CAIR in 5..4..3..2..1..

Islam 2

I am pissed by the fucking Muslims and their needless violence and hatred which they perpetrate agianst innocent people with no other reason than pure loathing. Muslims think they are so better than every one else and they think that they thus have the right to treat the rest of us like feces! I am pissed by the Muslims treatment of women, and how their fucked up religion says that women are less than human and deserve to be abused. I am pissed by the Muslims irrational and completly unprovoked hatred against Jews and all other faiths that don't pay lip service to their pathetic religion. I am pissed by the Muslims following the teachings of a child molestor and saying that he was the most godly man ever to exist... that is bullshit! Muslims are always talking about how they are going to kill all of us unbeleivers and rape our corpses, always blowing themselves up and murdering innocents, always mobilizing for war all the while proclaiming that "Islam is a religion of peace". They want to force their false-God on the entire world and desire the destruction of everything and everyone that does not kiss the feces encrusted ass of Allah at least five times a day. I am angry because of all this and much much more; and for those radical muslims who might be reading this, take heed; one day very soon you will all suffer for the atrocities you have commited, you will drink from the font of mankinds wrath for all the evil you have done. You are all DOOMED!!!

Muslim 3

I lived in Darwin in Australia and a Muslim man stalked my ex fiance and sexually molested her 4 year old daughter. Muslim men treat women like shit and view Western women as trash or whores only fit to be abused. This man was married also and had three sons of his won. I wonder if he molests his own children. Furthermore, they beleive that the whole world needs to be muslimised and pay allegiance to the Koran. It is espoused that Islam is a religion of beauty, peace and love however it is a religion of infanticide,war and violence. Towel heads shit me. I used to be excepting of all faiths. Not anymore.

*Note from Anger Central
We hear it's really bad Down Under due to all the "Political Correctness" going on. Your best bet is to stop electing dreamy eyed morons and put some hard nosed realists into office.

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