Mealy Mouthed Mormons

Attention All Mormons! Stay away from my house. Go directly to hell. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.00 Every time these same-suited, tag wearing shit heads come around, they want me to read from their extra bible. What's wrong with the old bible? I have not even had time to read the old bible, let alone spend any more of my time reading this book of Mormon bible. They are usually polite and ask if there is anything they can help me out with like raking leaves and cleaning up the yard. That part is ok, but I always say no because I don't want to be obligated to them. One time recently, they came around right as I was getting out of my car on a Sunday. They asked me if I was coming home from church. I said no I was coming home from work. They got all sad and said people should not work on Sunday as it is God's day. I wanted to kick the little shit right off his bike and toss him into the road. Then when he needs an ambulance, I could tell him I don't think I should call one because the ambulance drivers would have to work on Sunday. They should just stay out where they come from (and they are never from around here, always from Utah or some point west). I am so pissed off at these self-righteous shit heads I feel like taking a leak right in front of them the next time they show up.

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