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I work as an audio-visual technician at a hospital. During a slightly graphic presentation, an older woman passed out. The lecturer was a doctor and about half of the audience was nurses. When the woman fell out of her chair, people looked at me as if I had some magic bullet or whatever. The only thing I could have possibly done is call security, and WTF are they going to do? Call a doctor?? Finally, after a tense minute or two, these brilliant professionals got their act together and the doctor and a couple of nurses got the novel idea to care for the woman themselves. Yes, it made me mad, but an incident like this does not inspire confidence in medical personnel.

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I am so fucking tired of hearing doctors claim they'd never heard of this or that disease and people have to go from doctor to doctor to finally get a diagnosis. Why don't they have some sort of online system wherein they can type up symptoms and then have all the known diseases pop up. It's just ridiculous. They act as though a certain symptoms can't possibly be happening or are in the mind of the patient just because their dumbasses have never heard of the ailment. God, yet another group I've lost faith in. GAH.

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I am ANGRY at the medical community on how they treat hypothyroidism. Patients can go for YEARS without treatment. Hair falling out? "Are you stressed?" gaining weight like crazy while not wanting to eat anything "DIET... EXERCISE *blah blah blah*!"

Feel depressed for years? "Here's an anti-depressant!" "Oh, and EXERCISE!!!" "It's PMS"

Losing your memory? Brainfog? "It's just PMS!" *bangs head on desk* "Stressed?"

Feel tired ALL THE TIME? "Lose weight!" arrrghhh

Finally, when one doctor gets the smart idea (in my case I told them to test me) that you might have an actual MEDICAL ISSUE the only test they will do is a TSH test (ignoring T-3 all together). "Luckily" for me my TSH was WAAAAY to high ( It was 128. "Normal" is below 5... best is below 2).

Most doctors will ONLY give $ynthyroid and dismiss any symptoms you might have if your numbers are "in the target zone" (no matter if that same zone is under scrutiny by THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY that knows what the hell they are talking about!). I had to go through all my 20's with a dying thyroid. My doctor knew when I was a teen that it was "dying" but wouldn't do anything till the damned numbers were bad enough.

I then had to go through years of Synthroid HELL because I couldn't find a Dr. who'd let me try something different - like Armour thyroid. Armour is dessicated pig thyroid. It was prescribed for a hundred years before the synthetic stuff was invented and it has all the hormones needed (unlike the synthroid).

It takes us hypothyroid patients getting fed up with the establishment and doing our own research to find our freakin' treatment that might work on us. I'm thankful for the internet and other fed up patients! I'd be bald, crazy, fat, and, suicidal with no short term memory right now if it weren't for it.

Why the hell do we need doctors? Oh, I know, they have a prescription pad. Well, after 4 years and 5 doctors I got one who listened to my begging and put me on Armour. It took another couple of years to find a Dr. who would give me enough of it to get rid of my damned depression and other lingering, yes, THYROID related issues! Yeah, it pisses me off that I spent so many years feeling like complete crap because no one would diagnose a common medical problem!

Well, now I'm armed with information. They are going to have to take my piggy pills from my cold dead fingers. I will NOT go on synthroid. I don't give a CRAP what pill pushers say! (Don't get me started on doctors who push all the new expensive pills they get from pharmaceutical companies! Can you say patsies?! "NO, I do NOT want to try the new anti-depressant!")

Abuse of Power , I HATE DOCTORS and Hospital 4

NJ Hospital, Abuse of Power, Abuse of The HIPAA, If You are deemed a RISK, BY Risk Management,YOUR OUT! So do the Opposite of what the Book YOU" tell you. DO NOT BE A SQUEAKY WHEEL for YOUR LOVED ONE! Your screwed,if you see a problem and they know it exists,SAY A Mistake, OPPS" THEY do EVERYTHING in their power to stone wall the Loved ones. I lived this in New Brunswick NJ. In NJ you are supposed to be the NEXT of KIN if the patient is your single PARENT,and no Power of Attorney is appointed. By default I should have been allowed my father info,BUT I WAS stonewalled & all my father's 5 children were! I was desperate for him 6 MONTHS I just wanted him to have comfort and safety, HE SUFFERED 6 months till death,and I NEEVR SAid GOD BYE I WAS NOT CALLED WHEN HE DIED! IT IS criminal that MR D ,VP Hospital Operations Literally lied and said I signed a document, with HIM?Hospital and I breached that agreement!! And is why I was not allowed to visit my dad freely after ,I was told that would never happen and I would stand at his side for 16 hrs some days in the ICU!

Please don't let this happen to you, Realize this WE ARE ScREWEd once they get you,you have no control at all cost if you are perceived a RISK< RISK MANAGEMENT TRUMPS QUALITY CARE,at all cost they get rid of the RISK! MY POOR FATHER. This happened in 2006,I am still suffering,at least he is with the LORD! I witnessed non use of gloves and poor care for him,and the bleeding Hemorrhaging for 6 months he needed Blood transfusions,and IMAGINE it was your mom or dad and they refused to give you info then got rid of you. I was careful and quite,.......

I am the executor of his estate,and I purchased his records, from 3 facilities, I see that it was written that a NEEDEL COUNT WAS OFF! So missing needles during surgery? And that ACUTE LUNG INJURY< THEY CUT HIS LUNG? And why bleeding and on a ventilator,THIS DAM BULL SHIT HAS TO STOP THEY ARE GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER!

AND THEY SENT A BILL for over 200k, and for what? FILTH,DADS BED SORES STARTED IN THE FIRST WEEKS HE laid in diarrhea, all over sheets,I JUST WANTED PEACE for him THIS BASTARDS only worry about the risk of the numbers and the lies being known...IT'S SO HARD TO PROOVE when you LIVE IN NJ and even the attorney took $7,500.00 from me,told me he will take the case and all I need to pay was that 7500,for experts,and then months later he sends a retainer for me responsible for 50k!

After having dads records for months and emailing me ,in his words he was taking the case and he cashed that check!

I HATE THIS DAM BLODDY EVIL VILE corrupt state. DR. A-DR.S-DR D and the nurses and respiratory and all those liars ,this state your screwed no matter where you turn even your life is at risk,One Dr. of mine is sitting in JAIL,another did a Heart-Cath while I was wide awake,and promised I wouldn't know anything, I screamed to stop,and the gallbladder surgery ,after mine,MY IV CAME OUT WHEN I WAS DEMANDED TO MOVE OVER ON OTHER TABLE and I said I can't ITLL PULL OUT! and BAM...NO PAIN MEDICATION directly out of OR and a ORGAN REMOVED<I SHOULD SUE THAT ASS HOLE HOSPITAL! I AM SO FEARFUL FOR ANY MEdical procedure again,I have a TUMMOR ON MY SPINE and a LUNG CYST..ILL DIE BEFORE I LET An NJ DOCTOR TOUCH me again and THAT VP OF HOSPITAL OPERATIONS<(security guard ass hole bastard......Should be tortured like my dad was and let his baby girl stand by and be told nada and then gotten rid of by HIDING BEHIND THE HIPAA!


" NATIONAL PRACTITIONERS DATA BANK"! Please and understand, all the facts about the mistakes,the MRSA the oops,deaths,screw ups all the INFO IS IN THAT WEB SITE and WE ARE NOT ALLOWED ACCESS! and I nor you can make a Informed discussion nor CAN WE GIVE INFORMED CONSENT

ITS ALL, BS EDUCATE YOURSELF BEFORE ITS TOO LATE if we don't fight BACK WE ARE ALL SCREWED forget the PUBLIC INS ISSUES....THIS IS BIGGER THAN IT ALL! PLEASE IT'S A FUCKING UN EQUALLY YOLKED SYSTEM and you are a low piece of shit to those physicians and Facilities.......HIDE BEHIND things and do what ever you want and get amnesty! I AM MY FATHERS DAUGHTER DEAD OR ALIVE!

THEY KILLED US BOTH......a huge chunk of me is gone forever,Please help do something about this EDUCATE YOUR SELF. LAC a local NJ ARTIST

Medical Community - Doctors 5

I'm lucky that I'm not a chronically sick person because I have yet to find a doctor that isn't a total piece of shit. My last doctor refused to look at me or diagnose me after I came in with weird symptoms; he literally said "Let's prescribe something and we'll see if it works, and if it doesn't, just come back and we'll keep trying something else until it fixes the problem." Luckily I'd self-diagnosed using the internet, so I told him to just write me a prescription for what I thought it was and we'll start with that (which ended up working).

The whole visit was such bullshit; one, I don't care to be a fucking guinea pig for you to pump full of chemicals, two, I'm paying you for your "expertise" and that fact that I have to TELL YOU what I think I'm sick with to avoid dealing with the side effects of whatever random chemical cocktail you feel like assigning is ludicrous, and three it's obvious that you're just trying to falsely write as many prescriptions as you can so you can pull a sweet bonus from whatever pharmaceutical company has you in its pocket. And then I had to pay the doctor for that useless fucking visit in which I told him what he needed to do; thanks a lot.

Group Home 6

I am angry at the residents and staff of my group home.

Where do I start? Oh I know I'll start with the director; SS

SS is a pathological liar. She'll talk about you behind your back to the other staff. When she isn't doing this she's at home with her crotch droppings, dog, and weird husband.

Next we have LN. LN has just discovered the joys of being pregnant. She is a bitch and gets catty with SS and KN.

KN is LN's sister in law and has a crotch dropping of her own. She only works 4 days a week. she is a big bitch that STANDS over you to make sure you wash dishes or do your chores.

SH is a bitchy woman. Just because you were married to the Hart family of Martha's Vineyard and have four offspring doesn't make you hot shit. I've met your son, he's a big doper.

RD, oh RD you're the clinician of our home and you always talk about your fucking Tibetan Spaniels and how you feed them canned green beans. You're a douche who doesn't tip while he's out and you brag about it.

Now on to the residents

BT- Holy shit. Talk about disrespecting people. You get in my face and say "fuck you" all the time. You talk about how you hit someone that just came out of a coma across the face for them waking up and freaking out. You charge me five dollars to use your phone as a hotspot.

JBS- You know what JBS? you steal my food out of my cabinet again and I'll knock your ass into the future. I came home from being in town and you're sitting on the couch eating from my gallon tub of neapolitan ice cream. Fuck you!

BV- I know you're a Wampanoag from Aquinnah, but please stop putting on guilt. You act like you're ten in a 30 year old's body.

LM- You're strange. You're like a dwarf. You speak gutturally and you always have to use the phone to call Cove Club or Woodward House. Guess what? The never liked you.

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